Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

I actually woke up ten minutes before the alarm. My dreams were certainly sweet and the proof was on the sheets. I jumped out of bed, took a wonderful hot shower and dressed in the clothes Jim had set out for me. There was some time before breakfast, so I reviewed the search, patched together about five minutes for the judge then copied the complete motion detector camera footage, for the record. It took 3 DVDs. I was laughing, as I packed them and my five minute show in my briefcase. I particularly liked the clip of the tough sergeant, sniffing Moe's briefs, from the hamper. (Note to self: All new underwear for the boys.)

Mrs. Johnson eyed me strangely as I came to breakfast whistling in my gray three piece suit. I gave her a hug, “Today's the big day, Mrs. Johnson. With a little luck, we'll have the boys back tonight.”

That would be wonderful, sir. I'll be sure to fix plenty for dinner.” She had a smile as wide as could be.

Another thing, Mrs. Johnson, Dr. Turnman will be staying here for some time. His house has burned and he will be coming tonight or tomorrow.” I informed her.

Just another adult, no problem sir. James told me to expect the young lady and I'll have a nice room ready for her too.” She left with a definite lift to her step that had been missing since the boys had gone.

After eating like one of my boys, I called Fred and told him I was on my way. Jim, also in a suit, met me at the front door. When we opened the door, I was surprised to see six State Police Cruisers with lights, waiting to transport me. Jim and I joined Capt. Henry, who was dressed in civilian clothes in my van, and were escorted down the drive to the road. Two County Mountie cars quickly cleared the end of the drive. We laughed, seeing their plan to keep me out of court fail.

As we approached the court house, there was a line of Deputies across the courthouse steps. Capt. Henry laughed, “I can't believe he tried this. I actually told the judge he wasn't that stupid. I guess you can overestimate your opponent.” He picked up a little hand walkie-talkie, “This is tweety bird, Wyle ordered from Acme at the courthouse.”

What followed was beautiful to see. Four black panel trucks emerged from side streets, and converged on the Deputies. The doors flew open and SWAT teams poured out. The Back of their black jackets had pretty yellow letters, FBI, ATF, DEA, and my personal favorite USN/SEAL. There was enough fire power there to have given Custer a positive edge at Little Big Horn. The Deputies were disarmed and in custody in less than twenty seconds. Capt. Henry was grinning ear to ear, “Damn, but I love it, when a plan comes together!”

Jim said in a wonder filled voice, “How in the world did you pull that off?”

Capt. Henry replied, “I've worked with the DEA and FBI SWAT teams, I called to see if they wanted to run a training exercise, when the ATF and Seal reserve units heard, they wanted to play too. I've got the National Guard anti terrorist unit out back.”

We were laughing when we walked up the stairs into the Courthouse. We walked in as Sheriff Fastaff was talking to someone at the door to the Judge's Chamber. He froze, obviously surprised. He pointed at me and said, “How did you get in here? You were supposed to be arrested outside!”

I saw the man standing in the doorway watching, cock his head slightly and suppress a smile. I replied, “I wouldn't know anything about that. I was served papers by your office Sheriff, to be present for a hearing at nine o'clock this morning, therefore I am here. I am, after all a law abiding citizen.” The man in the door went back in and closed the door. Fred came in and led us up to the front table. Sheriff Fastaff and Mr. Brown, the DA, sat at the other table.

I noticed Jim had brought his lap top. A few more people came in. I recognized the reporter, the Deputy from the library, and of course Sergeant 'sniffer.'

At precisely nine o'clock, the man I saw in the doorway entered, wearing his black robes. The Bailiff said, “All rise, the court of Judge James Kendall is now in session. Judge, these are the cases involving Thomas Richards, the state, county, District Attorney Brown, Sheriff Fastaff and Deputy Sergeant Miller.”

Judge Kendall sat, “Be seated. Mr. Brown, do you want begin?”

Thank you your honor. I will prove without a doubt that Mr. Richards...”

Cut the crap Sam. Save it for somebody who cares.” the judge cut him off. “Now you filed eight very serious charges. Let’s start with the first indictment, the forged adoption of one Neal Huxley Richards.”

Yes, Your Honor, basically there is no family or general Judge in this great state by the name on the adoption papers.” DA Brown stated.

Charge Dismissed. Sam, that is signed by my father's law partner, who is currently sitting on the State Supreme Court. I hope you have a better case for the rest of this. Indictment 2, Abduction of a minor from a public rest stop.”

Well, your honor, the records show...” he began.

Objection. Your honor, I would like to know what records?” Fred said.

The Judge looked at the DA. The DA looked at the Sheriff. The Sheriff glared at Fred. Fred looked about as innocent as the cat that ate the canary and had feathers sticking out of his mouth.

Judge Kendall looked back to Fred, “What do you know that I should?”

Well, Your Honor, there are only three places that information is recorded. The social services records, which are privileged. Then there are Dr. Turnman's records, which are covered by doctor patient confidentiality, lastly the court records, which you yourself ordered sealed. The Social Service Records are still in the custody of the Director, Mrs. Linda Thompson. The Doctor happened to have those records with him Saturday when his office was ransacked, and his house burned to the ground. He assures me the records have not been out of his custody.” Fred smiled politely and sat.

Objection, unsubstantiated claims.” The DA said.

This is bull shit,” a young and very familiar voice said.

Sorry, your Honor,” Jim said. “I didn't know the speakers were on.”

And you are?” the Judge asked.

James, sir, I’m Mr. Richard’s personal secretary.” Jim said.


Ah, Master Neal, sir.” Jim said not daring to look my way.

Under my breath I was muttering about tanning a certain backside, well actually two, one a lot older than the other.

Am I to assume this is a two way hookup?” the Judge wanted to know.

Why, yes sir, it is.” Jim's sweet innocence almost made me sick.

May I?” The judge held out his hand to the laptop. Jim carried it over to the bench.

The Judge set it down, plugged in the power and adjusted the screen and built in camera. He obviously had used this kind of thing before. “Good morning young man. I am Judge Kendall. Are you Neal Richards?”

Yes sir. I'm sorry for what I said sir.” Neal responded.

Objection!” the DA cried.

To an apology? Overruled.”

Objection, to this witness testifying.”

Sustained. Neal, do you swear to tell the truth?” The judge said.

Scout's honor.” Neal stated.

Witness has been duly sworn. Now, Neal, exactly what did you consider Bull Shit?” The Judge asked.

Judge! You shouldn't say words like that, sir. But like all this cr... stuff. It's so bogus. My dad has done everything he can to save and protect us. He wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody.” Neal said loud and clear.

The DA jumped up, “Wouldn't hurt anybody?! He shot and killed a man to get access to his son!”

Jeez. Hey Todd, your up.”


Hi, you must be Todd Gunther.”

Yes sir. I'll tell the truth too, sir, Scout's honor.” Todd said.

You have something to say, son?” Judge Kendall asked.


Sam, sit down and shut up. This is my hearing and I'll let witnesses testify who I find relevant.”

But your Honor, I've not had a chance to talk to these boys.” the DA whined.

Well let me know if you think they are lying.” The Judge returned to the computer. “Go ahead, Todd.”

Well, sir, it's my old man, uh sorry, my father who was shot. He was shooting into the house and Uncle Tom stopped him. The world is better without that son of... sorry sir, without him.” You could feel the emotion in Todd's voice. I wished I could hold him and comfort him.

The Judge was watching me and I tried to calm myself. He nodded and said to Todd, “Tell me about it, son.”

He was mean. He stalked Monty and got him thrown out of foster home after foster home. And he killed a man, I know 'cause I saw with my own eyes. An' he'd a kilt me too if he knew I was one too.” Todd was breathing hard, but he got it out. I was so proud of him.

Your honor, I'd like to ask this boy some questions,” the DA said.

Proceed carefully, very carefully.” the Judge warned. I thought the DA missed the warning.

What didn't your father know?” the DA demanded.

That I'm a homosexual.” Todd said without a bit of hesitation or a hint of shame. What ran through my mind, 'A Scout is Brave.'

So, have you ever slept with Mr. Richards?” the DA asked.

I wished I could have seen the screen but only the Judge could and he was trying to suppress a smile. I wondered how many kids the Judge had raised.

Sure. We all have. Kids sleep with parents when they are scared and upset. If you think Uncle Tom did anything like sex stuff, you're sick and dead ass wrong. Ouch. Sorry Judge, sir. Another thing Mr. Richards didn't do that to get me. He had already saved my Mom, sister and me. We were already at Haven.” Todd held his voice steady, but I could tell he was just barely holding it together.

Mr. Brown, this is the shooting that the governor of our State commended Mr. Richards for? Is this the one that broke open the hate murder serial killings, involving two County Deputies? Is that the one?” The Judge was obviously not very pleased.

Ah, yes, Your Honor.” The DA almost whimpered.

I thought so. What's next? Sexual assault or how about stealing the boy to prevent religious ceremonies? Sam, do you really think I would sign these adoptions on the say so of some case worker? I've read the reports, and checked the facts. I even read this weeks 'Valley Herald.' Now I'm trying to decide if you are just stupid, or a co-conspirator in this plot. So far, all I've found out is you don't have any facts.” The Judge paused long enough to take a breath.

The DA jumped in, “I had enough for the Grand Jury to indict on all eight charges.”

Sure, if you actually had any evidence, not empty innuendo.” The judge looked at the Sheriff. “Do you have any evidence that was not illegally obtained by our Sheriff?”

Surely, Your Honor, the suspicion that Mr. Richards has been having frequent sex with these abused boys deserves investigation.” The DA said.

Your Honor!” I turned and Dr. Billings was standing near the back of the courtroom. “May I speak as a friend of the Court?”

Sheriff Fastaff blurted out, “Just who the fuck is that bitch.” The DA just about passed out, as the Judge turned his angry gaze at, first the Sheriff, then the DA, and back to the Sheriff.

Sheriff Fastaff, language like that will land you in jail for contempt,” the Judge warned. He turned back to Lisa, “You may approach the Bench.”


Lisa walked to the front. She looked every inch the professional. “Thank you, Your Honor. I am Dr. Lisa Billings. I am a child psychologist. I have interviewed the parties in question.”

Objection!” From the DA.

No way, the brats aren't even in this country,” from the Sheriff.

The boys were interviewed over the Internet, like they are being questioned now. I have spent hours with each one.” Hours I thought, No wonder they were never answering when I called. “I can, as an expert witness, testify that any, so called, sexual contact when seen in context was totally within sound psychological practice. These boys are very fragile and if Mr. Richards had rejected their normal curiosity and refused to answer their perfectly normal questions, they would have assumed they were being rejected and this, I can assure you, would have been devastating.”

The DA jumped up, “Then Doctor you admit that you are aware of sexual contact.”

No, I do not. The incidents that took place were normal; however they usually take place between boys of similar age. It speaks volumes to say that these boys as abused as they have been, turned to Mr. Richards as a completely trusted friend and Father figure, they did not have. If Mr. Richards had continued and pursued these activities, then we could discuss sexual misconduct. I can say that before evaluating the boys, I was quite upset by the situations, however I am now sure beyond any doubt that ANY other action may have caused irreparable harm.”

Objection! What kind of evidence do we have that this person is an expert?” the DA tried.

Fred was immediately on his feet, Jim was handing him two books, I assumed they were the ones I had ordered and forgotten. “Your honor, Dr. Billings has written two text books that are used throughout the United States, and her picture is on the back to verify this is her. She also has published numerous articles in various journals. She has testified in child abuse cases nationwide as an expert witness.”

The Judge looked at the DA, “Satisfied Sam?”

Objection withdrawn.”

Okay, Thank you Doctor. Sounds like a good father.” the Judge said.

In my expert opinion, he is.” Lisa turned and gave me a blinding smile.

Then the Sheriff stood, “Your Honor, this slime bag has sent the children out of the country and without proper papers. The boys have not even applied for passports.”

The judge looked at me and raised an eye brow.

The Boys are safely hidden, right on Haven, Your honor.” I replied.

That's a lie. We searched every inch of that place, and the boys were not there.” The Sheriff claimed.

They certainly did and caused upwards of one hundred thousand dollars in damage. It will take weeks for the staff to set things right!” Jim said furiously.

I grinned producing the DVD and handed it to the Judge. “Here are five minutes of highlights of the search for the boys. I have the complete search but it took 3 DVDs.”

The Judge handed the DVD to the Bailiff who put it in the player and the big screen came to life. The DA was stunned, the Sheriff smiled each time property was needlessly damaged or destroyed. There was an 'Oh My God!” from the back when the Sergeant took a sniff of Moe's briefs. The Judge signaled the Bailiff to stop the DVD.

The courtroom was absolutely silent. Finally the judge turned back to the computer. “Neal, the Sheriff seems to be looking for you. Can you tell me where you are?”

No, sir, not exactly, we are still on the Haven property, but I couldn't tell you where exactly.” Neal said.

The little piss-ant is lying. Look I e-mailed the people holding them, and this is their reply. You can tell they're lying, just read this.” The Sheriff held up a paper, which the Bailiff took to the Judge. “I tell you they are in Tasmania, where ever, the Hell, that is.”

One of the islands South of Australia.” The Judge looked at the paper and began laughing. “Sheriff, do you have any idea what this means?” He was writing something on the paper.

The Sheriff didn't answer but I think he was finally seeing that his plan for revenge had gone South in a BIG way.

The Judge passed the e-mail to Fred, who handed it to me.

To: Tasmanianduo@xxxxxxxx.net

From: Sheriff_Fastaff@XXXXXX.gov.us.XX.XXXX

You have in your custody five American minors who are there illegally.

You must return them immediately or face charges of kidnapping in your country.

Contact me at once.

To: Sheriff_Fastaff@XXXXXX.gov.us.XX.XXXX

From: Tasmanianduo@xxxxxxxx.net

G'Day Constable Fastaff.

Upon receipt of your recent e-mail, we are slightly GOBSMACKED at your accusation. My partner and I just returned from the Out Back where we attended our monthly CORROBOREE, and we haven't even unloaded our FERAL. N-E-Way.

I can assure you Constable FRECKLE that there is no one here other than my Mate and I, our Clyde's n' Cob's, and possibly a JUMBUCK or two. We have no knowledge of any illegal JOEY'S in these parts. Are you sure you don't have a GUTFUL OF PISS and are just acting like a FIGJAM?

My mate and I are TALL POPPIES and not your common SWAGMAN. And we both take offense that anyone would or could, make accusations such as yours. If you wish to discuses this issue further. We will speak with our Barrister and set up a TEE UP for you.

And further more. We take it as an affront that you make these claims without proof, you WHACKER!

G'Day Constable!

Well actually the Judge has penciled in some translation.

G'Day Constable Fastaff.

Upon receipt of your recent email, we are slightly GOBSMACKED {Surprised, astounded} at your accusation. My partner and I just returned from the Out Back {Australia's Interior} where we attended our monthly CORROBOREE, {Aboriginal Dance Festival} and we haven't even un-loaded our FERAL. {Over done SUV with whip aerials and Kangaroo Bars, large tyres. The total testosterone buggy.} N-E-Way.

I can assure you Constable FRECKLE {Anus} that there is no one here other than my Mate and I, our Clyde's n' Cob's, and possibly a JUMBUCK or two. {Sheep} We have no knowledge of and illegal JOEY'S {Baby Kangaroo's} in these parts. Are you sure you don't have a GUTFUL OF PISS {Drunk} and are just acting like a FIGJAM? {Fuck, I am Good. Just Ask Me.}{Nickname for one who is FULL of themselves}

My mate and I are TALL POPPIES {successful people} and not your common SWAGMAN. {tramp} And we both take offense that anyone would or could, make accusations such as yours. If you wish to discuss this issue further. We will speak with our Barrister and set up a TEE UP {set up an appointment} for you.

And further more. We take it as an affront that you make these claims without proof, you WHACKER! {Someone who talks drivel. An idiot}

G'Day Constable!

Let's see we have covered all but one charge, Neal is Mohammad there? Put him on please.” The judge said. Then, “Hello, Mohammad, I'm Judge Kendall.”

Hello sir. Call me Moe, please.” Moe sounded good. I could hear the fear in his voice but he was being so brave. I hoped one of the older boys was holding his hand.

Okay, Moe. Can you tell me how you came to be with Mr. Richards?” the Judge asked.

There was a pause and I heard Neal's voice, “Just tell him exactly what happened.”

Then Moe stated. “I thought my father wanted to cut off my peen-s, oh yeah, penis. I was real scared and ran away. My father disowned me and I couldn't go back. I got to the mall and was going to try getting some money by doing things to men in the restroom. I called my friend and he said wait. Then he came to get me and brought Dad. Dad tried to get my father to take me back. Dad explained what was supposed to happen, they was just cuttin' off a little bit of it I didn't really need. My father would not listen and signed the papers, so Dad could make me his son.”

Thank you Moe, that helps us out a whole lot.” The judge said.

It's the truth, Webelos' honor.” I could just see him holding up the two fingers in the Cub Scout Sign.

Mr. Brown, anything further?” the Judge asked.

The DA just shook his head.

Mr. Clements, Mr. Richards, I would like to apologize for your inconvenience, in this matter. I remember reading a decision of a similar case from California a few years ago. The Judge there could have dismissed the charges, but that leaves the door open to reopen the case at a later time. I am appalled that our District Attorney would consider even presenting such a case in my court. I therefore rule Mr. Thomas Richards Not Guilty of each and every charge. I had better not see any other acts, legal or otherwise,” he stared at the Sheriff, “in relation to Mr. Richards, and the sons he has legally adopted.”

He looked back at the computer, “Neal, you're back again. Take the headphones off and turn the speakers on.” Pause. “Boys, you are very lucky to have found your Dad. Please come home. Your dad misses you.”

The door to the Judges Chamber burst open and my five boys came charging out, and I was buried in hugs and kisses, and they were all talking at once. I couldn't see, because of all the tears filling and overflowing my eyes. When things settled down, I looked up and standing by the door to the Judges Chambers were Nick, Matt, Todd and Patty. Behind them, in the door, were Linda, Frank and Dr. Turnman.

This court is adjourned until two o'clock when we will consider the charges against the Sheriff. Bailiff, please see that the Sheriff is placed in custody, I consider him a great flight risk.” The gavel fell and he walked towards his chambers. “Hey, Sis, they did good just like you said.” He hugged Linda, and the two of them entered his chambers.

The rest of the boys joined us and Todd gave me such a hug as I've only ever gotten from Neal. “I was so 'fraid I was gonna lose you.”

I hugged him back. I looked up at my boys, “You've got a lot of explaining to do but I am so glad to see you.”

There were the sounds of a scuffle and a loud report of a pistol. The Sheriff slowly sank to the ground a growing red bloom spreading across his stomach. The Judge emerged to see what happened.

Sam Brown, the DA, said, “He was resisting arrest, and pulled his weapon. The Bailiff was trying to restrain him.” He sank back in his chair.

Sis, call 911.” The Judge told Linda.

Nick and Matt sprang into action, after the Bailiff removed the weapon, beginning First Aid. Matt was applying pressure to the wound and Nick was checking for a pulse then started CPR. . Neal kept everyone else back and made sure the way was clear for the EMTS who soon arrived. They took over and soon had the Sheriff taken away. I told Matt and Nick to go wash up, then we were getting out of here.

As we were finally leaving, I noticed Dr, Turnman standing all alone. “Doc, come on let's get some food in these boys.” He joined us in a flash, with a big grin. I really liked that grin. “Leo, I want you to consider yourself a member of this crew.” He put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a quick squeeze. Boy I could get used to that!

Neal didn't miss a thing. I figured there was a good talk coming. I wish I could figure if he approved or disapproved.

When we got to the little restaurant we went to after the Grand Jury, the waitress we had before showed us to a private room in the back. Judge Kendall and Linda were there.

Judge Kendall came over to me and held out his hand. I shook it. “Tom, you are one of the finest men I have ever met. Obviously in light of these events, there will be no session this afternoon. Go home and hug your sons. That Neal is quite a lad. He organized this today. He and the others spent the night at my house and I have had an ear full. I understand the boys have a colorful name for our Ex-sheriff, and I kind of like it.

The Boys took over one table and the adults the other. The adults ordered and the boys about tripled that. Judge Kendall was Linda's little brother and he had gotten wind of the plan to snatch records and set up the whole suspension thing and alerted the Doctor, but unfortunately a little to late. So Linda wasn't really suspended at all.

He also assured me that the evidence against the Sheriff was mounting and that a search this morning during court, found the copies of the sealed files, in the trunk of the Sheriff's car. I told him about the evidence I had and he just said, “Well If old Fat Ass survives, we will take him for a nice ride that will leave him penniless and spending quite a few years with his good buddies in the State Penitentiary. If he dies we should sue the estate.

After the food machines finished demolishing the food, we prepared to leave. Since the boys were all here, it took a few minutes to sort out who wanted to ride with whom. Neal said he was riding with the Doctor and would help him get his things from the Hotel. I just assumed they had talked in the Judges chambers. The rest of them crowded into the van. They let Patty have the front seat, next to me. I would have liked to talk to her, but the boys were all trying to tell me about everything at once. I picked up something about a Snipe hunt, being lost, skinny dipping, and Montana. I finally gave up and just drove.

* * * In Doctor Turnman's car * * *

Dr. Turnman: I'm a little surprised you didn't want to ride with your Dad.

Neal: I wanted to talk to you.

Dr. T.: About what?

Neal: Dad.

Dr. T.: What about your dad?

Neal: Well are you going to be his boyfriend?

Dr. T.: Normally, that kind of personal question would be none of you business. But in this case, you do have a right to know. I would like that very much, but your dad wants to go real slow and make sure everything will work out. His first concern is you boys and I understand that. As a matter of fact I feel the same way, even though I don't know you guys that well. I was very impressed with how you handled everything today and the way you behaved last night was awesome.

Neal: Don't tell Dad everything about last night.

Dr. T.: If he asks me point blank I will not lie. I think he knows all that anyway. It was very brave of you to tell all that to the Judge, not knowing if he would understand.

Neal: I trust Mrs. Thompson and she said I should tell him, so I did. I didn't realize until today they were brother and sister.

Dr. T.: I think you may have even gotten Monty and Jimmy thinking about some things. It will be interesting, watching you boys grow into men. I hope you will let me.

Neal: Are you kidding? If I get all the brothers I want you will have a full time job right at home.

When the vehicles pulled up, Neal sprang out and ran up to me. After a huge hug, all of us went in. Ah, the house was a home again.


Things settled quickly and the rest of the summer passed. Brian was brought up to grade level and Jimmy too. Neal actually tested on the seventh grade level but he insisted on sixth to be with Jimmy and he didn't want to be so much younger than his classmates. Monty and Todd were excited about seventh grade together.

Patty's father was proving elusive. Every lead the private investigator followed lead to a dead end. On the positive side, her mother and step father pleaded guilty and were currently serving 8 to 25 years, so she would be an adult before they saw the light of day. Then they were declared unfit parents where Patty became a ward of the state and placed in temporary custody with Alice Gunther.

End Note:

Special thanks to my special my Tasmanian Scout friends for their help with the e-mail. Let me make it perfectly clear, to those of you who know them, they do not use such language and I had to just about beg on bended knee to get this much out of them. (Well that's our story and I'm sticking to it.) The case the Judge cited is from Dark Star's 'Out Of The Past,' thanks DS.

Well loyal readers, this ends book one. No happily ever after because Haven book two has begun, so wait patiently. Ha ha ha. There are many more things that need to be dealt with and Neal, the boys (and Pat) are up to the challenge. Tom has only got half that soccer team. By the way, if they were playing soccer wouldn't that mean two teams?

Write me at str8mayb@paddedroom.us Thank you for reading.

Editor's Note;

I know there was a reason to end book one here, but, I would like to see you return to the situation at some time in the future and tie up the loose ends with sheriff fat ass.

Tell us if he is dead or in jail etc. just something quick would be fine. Bring us up to date.

I loved it by the way.

The Tasmanian guys were terrific.

I love learning new words. “FIGJAM”.



Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

Well, I am glad the Trial is finally over unfortunately it also brings Book One of this wonderful story to an end. I can not wait until Book Two arrives for me to review. Str8mayb has done a wonderful job with his characters and in showing that Boy Scouts are still good people.