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Chapter 3 – The Trip

Tuesday started delightfully. Neal was spooned to my back. After doing my morning routine Neal followed. We fixed breakfast, and I started going through things to get ready to move. Neal asked if I had boxes so I could pack as I went through things. I looked at him, and blushed, “Hey, smart ass, when did you get so smart.” After the tickle attack, we went out in search of boxes. There was a storage facility about two miles from my apartment, and I bought enough boxes to fill the van.

By dinnertime, I realized I didn’t really have a whole lot of stuff to show for my 27 years. I had basically packed everything I was taking, except my clothes, and Neal didn’t have anything. After eating and washing up the dishes, I went across the hall to Mrs. Sanchez. I told her that I didn’t need a lot of my stuff, and she was welcome to it. She could use or sell anything I left. She was dumbstruck. I told her I would be leaving in the morning, and she could come over anytime. I gave her my extra key.

Neal and I carried the boxes down, and packed the van. I told him we would get on the road the next day. We would do some sight seeing, and enjoy the trip. He was agreeable. Before going to bed, we packed up our clothes, except for those we were wearing tomorrow. When I came back from taking the last trash bag out, Neal looked at me and busted out laughing. I was stunned, he was absolutely adorable when he was happy. I waited for him to recover, and just totally enjoyed watching him. Finally, he was gasping for breath and managed to say something that sounded to me like shit.

Now I’m not a prude, or even so naïve as think ten-year-old boys don’t know cuss words, but it really struck me as out of character for Neal to say ‘shit,’ out of nowhere. Maybe he had an accident. No he wouldn’t be laughing his fool head off, and at this range, I would smell it. So I just looked at him. He looked up at me and began laughing all over again. He took me by the hand and pulled me to the bedroom door, and pointed. The bed was stripped, all the sheets had been washed, and were now packed up for Maria. Now I see what was so funny, sheets. I laughed too.

What the hell, we were packed. “Well, how about we leave and clear the city before stopping at a hotel? We can start our adventure tonight.”

Neal’s eyes lit up. “Kewl! Let’s go.”

So our trip started. About an hour down the road, the exit said there were several big name hotels. In no time we were checked in. I couldn’t resist, as soon as the door closed, I rushed over to the bed, and pulled the bedspread back, “Look Neal, sheets!” I made it sound like a great discovery. I was really hamming it up for him. I was rewarded with a laugh and wide grin.

“That looks good on you,” I said.

Neal looked down at his clothes and back at me with a puzzled look.

“The happy face. Tonight is the first you have laughed and smiled.” I said, as I gave him a big hug.

“I haven’t been happy for a long time. And the last two weeks I’ve been pretty much scared.” Neal hugged me back.

“You’re safe now. No one will hurt you now, without going through me, and that wont be easy, I promise.” I pledged to him.

We stood there embracing for awhile. Then Neal was looking around the room. “Hey, no TV?”

I guess he had never been a class hotel. I opened the cabinet, and there was a nice 27-inch set, with remote control. I clicked it on, and we soon found a movie he wanted to see, and decided to watch from bed.

I stripped, and got in bed, and Neal did the same. It didn’t take long and he was zonked. I turned off the TV and turned out the light.

I woke up to the bed moving, and realized Neal was making a dash for the bathroom. That wasn’t a bad idea, and I was right behind him. After the pause that refreshes, we decided that we might as well start our day. I turned on the shower, and we both got in. Neal’s bruises had started to heal, and had faded a great deal in the past couple of days. That made me consider just how bad they were originally. It made me wish I could get a hold of those older boys. Well, maybe it was a good thing I couldn’t. Now I thought about Brian. I had never seen him, and I was worried about his safety, and wanted him protected.

It was only seven o’clock when we checked out. I decided to do breakfast at the Denny’s we passed, before getting to the hotel. They sure didn’t make any profit on Neal’s breakfast buffet; bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, and pancakes. Three times, once was plenty for me. I had coffee, Neal had milk, orange juice and a coke. I was glad we were traveling the interstate so rest-stops were never more than a hour away, we would need every one of them before all that liquid got back out of Neal.

By lunch Neal was getting bored, just sitting, so I pulled off at an exit that listed a nice hotel. As I hoped, they had a nice pool. We stopped in the shop, and bought matching swim suits. (Don’t panic, not Speedos. No way am I going there.) Twenty minutes later we were by the pool. I made use of the diving board, and was enjoying myself. I then noticed Neal was staying in the shallow end. Then it hit me, he didn’t know how to swim, Duh.

I swam down to him. He was watching my every move. I said to him, “You want to learn?” I tried real hard to be completely matter of fact. No pressure no embarrassment.

He nodded. For the next half-hour we worked on the basics. I don’t know why everyone always starts with the crawl. I think it is one of the hardest strokes to do. I worked on floating, and the basic breast stroke, and backstroke. These were lifesavers to my thinking. You could do both of those strokes for a long time, and they will get you out of deep water, or to the edge of the pool.

Neal was a natural, and in half an hour he could cross the pool. I was so proud of my boy. He was having a great time. We had been the only ones in the pool, but now a couple with two boys about Neal's age and an older girl came and joined us. I decided to get out for a while. I sat where I could keep a close eye on Neal. The couple sat nearby, and we began a conversation. They introduced themselves as Becky and John. We talked about the nice weather and their trip for their daughter's college open house. I told them we were relocating across state.

Becky gasped. She stiffened in her chair, “What happened to your son?”

“He was in a group home, and badly abused, I just got him a few days ago, and am trying to protect him. My lawyer is working on things. He looks pretty good now, you should have seen those bruises three days ago.” I wasn’t really thinking about how another parent might react to that.

Becky looked at Neal, and John watched her, then me. “You know, Tom, this kind of sounds funny. I think you need to tell us more. See I’m a cop, and Becky was a family crisis counselor, before the kids. We can’t let something like this go without being sure.”

Now, I realized this could get real sticky. I decided my best course was tell them the story. “I wish more people cared. I must admit that two weeks ago I wouldn’t have gotten involved. I think I need to start over with the story, and give you the details. Maybe, when I’m done, you can give me some advice.”

I told them all that had happened. John looked at me and said, “That is either the most amazing story, or the biggest load of shit I have ever heard.”

“John! Watch the language. Tom, I really want to believe you, but I can’t risk the child.” Becky explained.

“Whoa, now, hold on. Look I understand your positions. Just consider, if I am telling the truth, and you call the police, and Child Protective Services, what does that do to Neal. He gets his life ripped apart again, maybe even sent back to where he was. Frankly, I don’t think he could survive that, at least not mentally.” I tried to think how to prove my case. Then I had an idea. “John, I’ll give you my lawyer’s phone number, and you go call. He can verify most of the facts. I know he can’t give out information, but he should be able to confirm the facts you give him, to clear his client, right? Come up to my room, and I’ll get his number for you.”

John smiled, but it didn’t show in his eyes, “Nice try. You give me the name of some buddy and he agrees with everything I say.”

“Huh?” I was appalled, he would think I would do such a thing. Then I realized he didn’t know me from Adam. “I’m sure Mr. Clemets is listed. Why not call information for his number?”

Then fear totally consumed me, Neal was following the other boys off the diving board. “Neal! Stop!” I jumped and ran to the pool, my yell was to late, he had jumped. If he was trying for a belly-flop he scored a 10. I didn’t wait to see if he recovered, I dove in and reached him, before he regained the surface. A few strong strokes, and I got him to the ladder, his eyes were open, and he was moaning. “Oh, man, that had to hurt,” I said to him.

“Yeah. Can we go in now?” He said.

I could tell by his voice he was hurting, and trying not to cry.

I set him on the edge of the pool, and climbed out. I picked him up and started into the hotel. John offered to carry our other stuff. Once in the room, John said his good byes and left. Neal’s chest and stomach were a bright pink from the belly flop. I joined him in a shower, and got all the chlorine rinsed off. His chest and stomach weren’t glowing anymore, but he may have burned a little, on his shoulders. I told him to just put on his jeans, and I would be back with some lotion for his shoulders.

When I returned with some aloe, with benzocaine, John was waiting outside the door. “Hi Tom, Neal wouldn’t let me in. He said you should be back in a minute, so I waited.” John appeared to be blushing and I couldn’t figure it out. “I, ah, I need to apologize. I didn’t believe a word you told us. I was about to call you in, when Betty said I should try to contact that lawyer first. Mr. Clemets made it perfectly clear that you were as innocent as could be and I really didn’t want to pursue this matter, because I would be stirring up a hornets nest, the size of Pennsylvania.”

I was shocked that I had forgotten about that whole conversation, because Neal had hurt himself. “I really don’t know what to say. To be completely honest, when Neal got hurt, I was totally focused on that, and, well, forgot about it. I guess I’m grateful you both are so concerned. A little of that by some other folks, would have prevented Neal a lot of grief. Look, how about you all join us for dinner. Let’s meet in the lobby at six o’clock.”

John smiled and it was in his eyes this time, “Sure, that would be nice. The boys were concerned that Neal got hurt. Especially when you dove in to rescue him before any of the rest of us even realized there was a problem. That, by the way, really made me think about your story. An abuser wouldn’t react like that.”

“Okay, see you at six. My little man has sunburn on his shoulders and is waiting for this.” I held up the bag.

John shook my hand, and walked away.

Neal opened the door, as I turned back around. I was suddenly in the strongest hug of my life. “I was so scared, Dad. He sounded just like the attendants at Juvy, and then he said it was okay to open the door ‘cause he was a police officer. I thought the place had found me.” Tears were running down his cheeks, as he gasped out the words.

I tossed the bag onto a bed, so both hands were empty. I picked Neal up and moved out of the hall, and into the room, and sat on the easy chair, holding my boy. “It’s okay now. You did just the right thing. Any time someone you don’t know wants to get in, you should keep the door locked, and call for help.”

He just kept crying. I figured he needed the release, this was the first time he had really let go. I just hugged him, and thought about these past few days. In the past ten days I’d been fired, evicted, become a millionaire and a Dad. Then it hit me, ‘Dad, he called me Dad!’

When Neal had finally cried himself out, it was time to get ready for dinner. “Neal, we need to get dressed for dinner, but first we need to talk about something.”

He looked up at me questioningly.

“You called me, ‘Dad’.” I stated.

His eyes got big and he said, “I’m sorry.”

“Whoa. Please don’t be sorry. I am very flattered that you did. I didn’t mind. As a matter of fact I liked it. I would like to adopt you, and really be your Dad. I just don’t want you to think I want you to forget your real father. He should always be very special to you.” I explained.

“You don’t mind? I think about you as my Dad now. I’ve wanted to call you that for several days, but was afraid that would scare you off, and you'd dump me. I really want to stay with you, Dad.” He grinned when he said it this time.

“Okay, son, let’s get some lotion on those shoulders, and get ready for dinner. We are having dinner with that family we met at the pool.” While we dressed I explained what had happened with John. Neal was glad he called Mr. Clemets, not the police. He told me how cool (Excuse me, Kewl) Donny and Danny were. “They’re, like, twins, but not look-a-likes. They are ten too. They are so kewl.”

By the time we were ready to go, I knew in lots of detail why the twins were so kewl, and their sister was a ‘dorky’ nerd. When we got to the lobby Becky, John and the kids were waiting. They started in to the café style restaurant. “Wait folks,” I said. “We need to go this way.” I indicated the more elegant dinning room.”

John whispered to me, “Tom, I’m sorry but I can’t afford to feed my crew in there.”

I grinned back, “I’m not asking you to. I invited you, I’m paying, and trust me, I can afford it.”

“Tom, I don’t know why you are doing this after the way I treated you.” John said.

We entered and I asked for a table for 7. It took a few minutes to set it up, but on a Wednesday night, in the off season we were the only diners. The menu was pretty and the entrees were written in French, but the prices were pure American dollars. The Gregorys were pretty much lost, and Neal was too. I did have some high school French. I asked Becky what they would like, and translated as best as I could. It was kind of fun. We finally decided to order 7 different dinners and we would all sample each. By the time we had finished, everyone was having a really great time. We parted as new friends, I exchanged addresses with the Gregorys and we were off to our room.

Neal needed some more lotion, before we climbed into bed. He assumed his position on my right side, and I fell asleep with his head on my shoulder, and my arm wrapped around and across his back. I had a strange dream, of Neal and a bunch of other boys, playing soccer on a huge grass field, and all of them were calling me Dad. I didn’t know if that was the most pleasant dream I had ever had, or the scariest.

Thursday morning, Neal’s shoulders were pleasantly tanned. I packed away the lotion. We enjoyed the breakfast bar, and just before we hit the road, the Gregorys came in. We stayed and visited some more, while they ate. I really wished they were going to be closer, but maybe they could visit if this estate was anything like Mr. Clements said.

We were on the road by 9:00, and I had a destination in mind, It was a huge amusement park that rivaled Disney, and was the best in several days drive. Neal made a comment when he saw some of the signs. I had to pull his chain some, and made some very ‘adult’ comment, about the silliness of wasting money, in such a place. Neal was pretty disappointed, but didn’t say anything. Now I felt like a real heal, because he just sulked. I was hoping for some whining and begging, so I could really tease him. I guess it was to early for that.

I waited for the last possible moment to take the exit. Neal wasn’t even paying attention. Now how was I going to enjoy this if he didn’t notice. Well, I could see how long it took for him to figure it out. I pulled into a nice looking motel. Neal looked at the clock on the radio.

“Are we stopping now? It’s only 10:30.” He observed.

“Yeah, there are some sights I want to see near here. I thought we could check in, and spend the day sightseeing.” I replied.

“Okay, if you want.” He was not real enthusiastic.

I got out and checked us in, then came back out and drove off. I handed Neal a bunch of pamphlets, with different tourist spots, and in the middle was one for the Park. “So where do you want to go? There is a quilt museum here, and a pretzel factory that has tours.”

I glanced at him, and he was looking at me like I had an extra head or two on my shoulders, He decided he'd better look through the brochures, before I picked out a place. He stopped on the Amusement Park, I could see the gears working. He was trying to figure out how to suggest it after the comment I had made earlier. Now watching that little mind work, was worth the trouble. He was thinking so hard about this, he really wasn’t looking at where we were going.

“Ah, Dad, ah, I was, ah, I thought maybe, ah…”

I had pulled into the parking lot, and stopped to turn and look at him. “Just what were you thinking, son.”

“Well, spending money at the Amusement Park isn’t silly to a kid.” He said bravely.

“How about a twenty seven year old kid?” I asked.

“Huh?” he replied.

I pointed out the window behind him. He turned, froze for a few seconds, then released his seatbelt, and launched himself at me. “You are a mean Dad,” he said, hugging me. “Thanks, Dad! Come on let’s go.”

This was a terrific time to go. The crowd was small, so lines were reasonable. We rode all the rides, and Neal wanted to do the two big ones a second time. The shows were well done, with plenty of kid content, but enough for the adults too. I was glad I had the digital camera, cause I took lots of pictures. This is a day that both Neal and I will always remember. It was late by the time we got back to the motel. A quick shower and we were both ready to go to sleep.

Friday morning when I woke up, it was as usual my bladder telling me to move. Neal was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching cartoons with the sound down low. I got out of bed, and went into the bathroom. I shaved and showered. After getting dressed I got Neal moving. When he was dressed, I asked what he wanted to do today. As I had thought, he replied, returning to the park would be great. I grinned and showed him I had bought a three-day pass, for both of us. After the hugs and bounces, we left to find some breakfast. I took a bunch of digital pictures of my boy having a great time. I didn’t ride all the rides today, just the really good ones. We did more of the shows today, and did the I-MAX last. We were both really taken by the effects there. We left the park, and went to a nice restaurant for dinner. I had to explain the different types of steak, and let Neal order for himself, He was so proud of himself for ordering. When the bill came, I explained tipping and had him figure it out. It took him a few tries, but he finally got it.

When we were back in our room, we got ready for bed. Neal snuggled up to me and said, “Thanks for everything, Dad.”

“I’m glad to be able to. I sure have enjoyed the trip so far. Do you want to go back tomorrow?” I asked.

Neal was real quiet.

“Had enough rides, too?” I said taking him off the hook.

“Kind of, but I know you paid a lot for the passes, so we can go back to get our money’s worth.” He replied.

I gave him a hug. “We already saved by going two days. I think we did all there was there. I don’t want to go back, so I think we should figure out where we want to go tomorrow. We aren’t expected at the estate, until Monday, so we have two more days. Let’s sleep on it and look at the maps and tour books tomorrow morning.

Saturday morning over breakfast, we studied the map and tour books, and Neal took a trip to the lobby and pulled some brochures of attractions that looked interesting to him. We were about a seven hour drive away from our final destination and had three days before we were expected. Neal kept looking at a brochure of a working Mennonite farm that was open to the public. He asked several questions about them and why they used horses. I told him that I really didn’t know, but we could go find out. I looked in the tour book, and there was a campground that had a few cabins. I used my cell, and had reservations for tonight. This site was only about an hour and a half away. I looked for some stops along the way. Once I found a couple, we set out.

Neal was surprised when I pulled off at a factory. He looked around curiously. He followed, as I got out. I went in the door that said tours. Inside we could smell something cooking. Neal took in the pictures on the wall, pretzels. We were the only ones there. A young man about eighteen came out to meet us. He was dressed in white overalls and a white cap.

“Hello, my name is Roger. My Granddad started this company, back in 1934. He started with just a bakery selling bread, but after World War II he started pretzels, and they became his most profitable item. When Dad took over he modernized the plant, and it is devoted exclusively to gourmet pretzels. Come and we’ll get you dressed for the tour.”

Soon Neal and I were dressed like Roger, except our hats were red, with a company logo on the front. We got to see how about eight different kinds of pretzels are made, from sticks to twisted, thick to thin. The smell was delicious.

At the end of the tour, we took off the overalls, and Roger told us the baseball caps were ours to keep. We exited by a different door, into the shop. Needless to say, after walking around the plant smelling cooking pretzels, we made several purchases. We loaded back in the van, and were off again. At lunch time, I stopped at the Shu-Fly-Pie Restaurant that claimed food as good as at a barn rais’n.

We had to wait to be seated, as the place was packed. There were long tables that sat about twenty people, (ten on a side). We were seated and the food began. Platters of fried chicken, Southern fried steaks, pork chops, huge bowls of beans, corn, cabbage, beets and mashed potatoes. I thought Neal was going to explode, he ate some of everything. I laughed at him when they started with the deserts, Three different pies, homemade ice-cream, and four different cakes. I had a piece of german chocolate cake, to die for, and Neal sampled two pies, and the ice-cream.

I wondered if I would need a front-end loader to get him into the van. As soon as he got in, he released his belt, and the snap on his jeans, and sighed. We started out again, and Neal dozed off. He woke up when I turned off the paved road, onto a gravel lane that led to the campground. By the time we reached the office, Neal was wide-awake. After checking in, and checking out our cabin, we decided to hike one of their trails. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well kept the trail was. Trees along the path had signs on posts next to them, telling the kind of tree. We returned to the central area, and I saw the lady who checked us in, and asked her where a good place to eat was. She smiled and gave us directions to her sister’s restaurant, about three miles away.

The food was simple but there was plenty of it, and it was very good. Neal and I sat out in front of the cabin, watching the sun set.

“I never just watched nature before, Dad. It feels kind of soothing. I hope there is a place near our new house where we can do this. Do you think we can do a trail through the woods? How about camping, can we go camping sometime?”

“Whoa, I don’t know any more about our new place than you do, but I hope the answer is yes to all those questions.” After watching the stars and mosquitoes come out, we retreated to our cabin. I was surprised at how late it was, so we decided to go to bed. I was almost asleep when Neal got a bit restless. I waited to see what was going on. Suddenly I realized, he was playing with himself. I played opossum (well most of me did). He stiffened and shuddered then relaxed, as his dry orgasm passed. He then snuggled back up to me. He gasped as my very hard member came in contact with his very soft ass.

I couldn’t help it, I giggled and wrapped my arms around him. He tensed up, “Relax, and go on to sleep, Son.” I whispered to him.

“But,” he began.

“Shhh,” and I drifted off.

I drifted out of sleep into consciousness. I became aware of light and coolness. I opened my eyes, and I was lying there uncovered, and Neal was watching my morning wood, pulse with my heart beat. As I lay there he leaned closer to examine my equipment. When he was real close he sniffed it a couple of times. His hand on his own dick was rocking the bed. He gently touched the head of my dick. It twitched and he pulled back quickly and waited to see if I woke up. I wasn’t going to move. He slowly returned his hand to my dick. He was exploring and experimenting. I was initially surprised he was doing this, but then realized he had had a lot of things forced on him, and very little experience, exploring on his own. I was able to hold out for a few more minutes, then my bladder was screaming, so I began shifting and Neal quickly pulled the covers up and pretended sleep. I got up and went into the bathroom, to start my day.

After a nice shower, I was ready to face the day. Neal was up and dressed, when I came out. I didn’t say anything about his explorations. We went down the road and found a Denny’s. After inflicting serious damage to the buffet, we were ready to continue our adventure.

“Ah, Dad?” Neal said as we headed for the farm.

“Yeah, buddy?”

“It’s closed Sunday.” He said holding up the brochure.

“Oh. Well I guess we will just have to find something else. We could just go on to the estate and be early.” I suggested.

“How about we stop at a hotel with a pool? I’d like to try swimming again.” He said.

“Good plan. I’ll head for the interstate and then we’ll look for a nice place.”

End Note:

I was pretty scared there for awhile. John and Becky seemed to turn on Tom; I’m glad it worked out. I wanted to meet Donnie and Danny, but Neal wouldn’t let me and then he gave me his evil little grin. I think he knows something I don’t.

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