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Chapter 4 – Look What I Found

We stopped when we reached the interstate and had about 3 hours left on the trip. We were a little early to register, so we had lunch in the restaurant. We then got checked in and changed for the pool. This time I checked Neal’s bruises, healed thankfully. We went out and I reviewed his lesson and then he wanted to learn diving. We worked on diving off the edge, then to the board. He did really well, and I eventually was able to relax. We stayed at the pool for a couple of hours. We returned to the room, watched Animal Planet, and then went to dinner. I stopped and got a couple of microwave popcorns, to pop in the room’s microwave, and rented Narnia, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe DVD. I thought it was pretty cool for a motel to have DVDs in the room TVs.

After a really good movie and both bags of popcorn, I said it was time to go to bed, Neal stripped naked, and climbed into bed. I guessed he still needed to bond. When I got into bed, he scooted right up to me and said, “You’re circumscribed too.”

Yeah, it's circumcised. I remember when I found out the difference. I was about your age, and my best friend and I went swimming at the Y, and I saw him, and he was uncircumcised. I was about half freaked out. When we got home, I asked him what was wrong with our dicks. We decided to compare, and we were both hard and looked pretty much the same. I explained what I saw and he was fascinated that I didn’t have the extra skin. That all started a very exciting few years of pleasure and exploration.”

Wow, you did stuff when you were a kid too?”

Of course, that’s how we learn about our bodies. How can we please anyone else if we don’t know what pleases us? Now go to sleep.” His breathing quickly settled into a sleeping rhythm, and I fell asleep some time later, reliving those great days in Jr. High, playing around with Roger.

I was dreaming about Roger sucking my dick. I could feel his tongue tracing circles around the head of my dick, man he was hitting all the good spots. Where did he learn to suck like this, he never did it like this. Roger just stuck my 3½ inches in his mouth and sucked like a lolly pop. My eyes popped open. It wasn’t Roger, it was Neal. Man this boy could really suck. ‘Oh Neal, I’m getting close, better stop or I’m going to cum n your mouth.”

He stopped and looked at me, “Is that Bad? They said drinking it would make me get hair and stuff sooner.”

It’s not bad, if you want to, but it won’t make things happen any sooner.” I confessed, wishing I could just continue the lie, and get him to finish me off.

Okay, It’s one of the things I liked doing.” With that he bent back over, and started sucking again. About thirty seconds later he was swallowing pulse after pulse of my hot sperm. When I was done, he withdrew and wiped a few drops that escaped from the corners of his mouth. “Wow, that was a lot. Yours tastes different too, not as bitter as the others.”

We need to have some ground rules. It’s not that I didn’t really enjoy what you just did, but in the future, you need to be sure what you want to do is okay with the other person. Never force anything on anyone, and don’t let anyone force anything on you. Okay?” I held my breath, hoping I hadn’t been too stern.

That’s fair. I’ll ask next time, before I suck your stiffy.” He looked past me to the clock, its 5:00 why don’t we get going? I want to see this farm place you’ve been talking about.”

So at dawn we were heading down the interstate again. About an hour after leaving, Neal stated, “I got to pee.”

And so it was that we stopped at the nearly deserted rest stop. I was surprised at how few cars there were on the interstate, this early in the morning, and only a couple of cars in the parking lot, and all the trucks gone. Neal and I went into the men’s room, and took care of business. When we left, Neal ran ahead of me and cut through the picnic area. There he froze, and waved his arms at me. I could tell something was wrong, so I ran towards him. I could hardly believe my eyes, there was a boy about Neal’s age, naked and obviously raped. He wasn’t moving, but was breathing. I bent down by him, and let my old Boy Scout training take over. No broken bones, some bad scratches and bruises, some duct tape on his wrists and ankles, where he had been attached to one of the tables, and my guess is raped repeatedly. As I was checking him out, Neal was asking over and over if he was okay. Just as I was getting ready to go call 911, the boy opened his eyes. I said to him, “You’re safe now, I going to call 911 for help.”

He grabbed my hand with surprising strength, “No, please no. That will bring cops. They will make me go back; I’d rather do this again. Just leave me, I’ll be okay.”

Both Neal and I said “No,” at the same time.

Neal said, “It’s okay. We’ll take care of you. I’ll go get some clothes. Okay?” He was looking at me, and I nodded and he was off.

I said to the boy, “You are in pretty bad shape. Who ever did this was pretty rough. You could have internal injuries. I think you should see a doctor.”

He shook his head. “All they did was rough me up a little, and then fuck me. I’ve had bigger cocks up my ass than theirs. I’m just sorry they stole my old clothes. I can suck some dick in the restroom, and make enough to be on the road again. There is always a trucker willing to trade some blowjobs and ass fucks for a ride, some food and clothes. No sweat, I’ve been doing this for five months now, I know the routine.”

Neal arrived back with a change of clothes, and a towel to wipe off the dirt and cum, on the boy. He looked much better when he was dressed. “I’m Neal, and this is Mr. Richards. He is real cool, and you can come with us if you want, Can’t he Dad?”

If that is what he wants. Would you come with us, get some food, and we’ll talk about what to do,” I offered.

Two exits further on was a Denny’s. Both boys heaped up their plates with bacon, sausage, and pancakes. I told them to take it easy; they could come back for seconds. We had a booth in the back, and the booths on either side were empty. The boys downed their food and went back for a refill. I was done by the time they returned and sipped my coffee. “Let me start with the ground rules.”

Neal jumped in with his mouth half full, “Keep your stuff reasonably neat, and clean. Help with chores like laundry and cooking and dish washing, go to school and most important of all, never lie.”

I think I should add don’t talk with your mouth full,” Neal managed to grin and look sheepish at the same time.

I can’t go to school.” The boy stated.

Okay, that will be a problem we have to work out. We don’t have to solve that one today; school doesn’t start until September, so we have three months to figure it out. What about the other rules?” I asked.

No problem, I ain’t got no stuff to keep neat, and I’ll do most anything for food and a place to sleep.”

Let me get one thing straight right now. You do NOT have to do things like you were doing, to stay.”

I really don’t mind. I know how horny men get. I’ve gotten used to it, it doesn’t even hurt that bad anymore.”

Dad is serious; He won't even let me suck him unless I ask if I can first.” I almost choked on my coffee when Neal said that. The boy laughed and shook his head.

Okay, Mr. Richards, I go for a ride for awhile, but I may walk anytime I want.” He said.

Good. Now, what do we call you?”

I answer to most anything, I like the name Joey.”

Great! Joey, you and Neal go wash the syrup off your hand so the van doesn’t get all sticky and I’ll pay the bill.”

Inside the bathroom, Joey checked that it was empty. “Is this guy for real, or just a pervert?”

His answer came as a small fist right to the nose. “Don’t you say bad things about Mr. Richards. You can walk out of here right now, but if you stay then you better be nice.”

Jeeezz Loouuuissee, you about broke my nose. I guess you answered my question. Am I bleeding?”

Nope, but I didn’t hit you hard. Wash your hands and let’s go.”

Several minutes later the two boys came out the bathroom giggling, and poking at one another. However one look and it was easy to see Joey was going to have a real nice black eye. I waited until we were back on the road. “What happened?”

There was silence. “I want to know and remember don’t lie to me.”

I did it,” they chorused together.

Well that cleared that right up. Neal, What did you do?” I asked

Punched Joey right in the nose.” He replied.

Yeah, I figured that already. Joey what did you do?” I persisted.

I said something I shouldn’t have and Neal made it real clear.” Joey confessed.

Want to tell me what was said?”

NO!” was their reply. I decided to let it go.

We were about fifteen minutes down the road, and the boys got quiet and then Neal was climbing up front in the co-pilot seat. “He fell asleep, Dad. He’s going to be okay, isn’t he?”

I hope so. He must be in pretty big trouble, to be living like he is, and to be so afraid of the police.” I let my concern show in my voice.

I found him, Dad. I have to help him.” Neal was so serious.

Yes you found him, and we are going to help him as much as we can. He doesn’t trust anyone, and has a pretty big secret. Just remember we can only help as much as he will allow.” I glanced in the rear view mirror and smiled at my black-eyed angle. Oh, No, Not Again. A quick survey of feelings, I would defend this one just like Neal. Okay, Richards, better start a to-do-list.

Neal was enjoying the scenery; the countryside was now nice rolling hills, green fields of corn, wheat and soybeans. The woods were hardwood and pine. I was going to love living here.

We arrived at the farm about 10:00 that morning. It was about 10 miles from the interstate and there were no other houses near by. There was a large iron gate, a large sign reading ‘HAVEN MANOR’ and, lucky for us, it was open. The gravel drive seemed to go on forever (I later measured it as ½ mile). The drive was lined with trees. I almost wrecked the van when the house came into view. It was larger than the motel we stayed in last night. It was three stories, had pillars, and a beautiful porch, and went on and on. Behind the mansion was a barn, and several other buildings, and beyond those; what appeared to be a small neighborhood.

As I sat there staring, the front door opened and a stream of people filed out. I opened the door and met the first man. He was about my age, and in a nice 3-piece suit. “Mr. Richards? I’m Fred Clemets. I hope your trip wasn’t too bad. We thought you might be here today, so I came out to meet you.” We shook hands. His grip was firm and friendly. I thought I could be a friend with this man.

I’ve got more work for you if you want it.” Neal and Joey climbed out of the van. I introduced them and then we approached the group standing expectantly, waiting to meet us. I now had a house staff, a stable staff, a farming staff, and gardeners. I’ll never be able to remember all those names. Soon everyone went back to work. Neal and Joey went with the Stable-master, who promised to introduce them to the horses and his son that was their age.

Fred and I went inside, and he led the way to ‘my office’. I doubt Bill Gates has a nicer office. We were on the second floor in a corner, with a view of the rolling hills that were my farm. There was a flat screen monitor on the desk, and a plasma screen that seemed to cover a wall. There were gadgets all over the place, and a control panel behind the desk that looked like something from NASA. It was going to take me forever to learn all this stuff.

Fred let all of this sink in, then said, “I’ve been working on the task you called about. It seems that the boy is an orphan. He was placed in a juvenile housing facility. The one he was sent to seems to be mostly, for sexually deviant youth. I could not find any reason he was placed there. He disappeared; a couple of weeks ago. The director nearly panicked when I showed up asking questions. It seems that they suspect foul play, and are trying to keep it out of the news. I informed him that the boy was safe, but there would be a lot of press involved in his return. The poor guy almost passed out, and begged to know what he could do to minimize that.” Fred then produced some papers. “Sign these, and the boy is legally your son. I’ve never seen so many corners cut in my life, but it’s all legal and iron-clad.”

I signed the places he had marked. “That’s great work. Now I have Joey to deal with.” I explained the situation and my concern for his safety.

Mr. Richards, as your lawyer, I must advise you to call in the police. However, as a local, the county cops are pretty much jerks, and could really mess up something like this. I think we should call in a friend of mine that works in social services, and get some papers filed to protect you from charges. Please be careful with this kid. I also recommend we get Dr. Turnman out here to check out both boys.”

Okay, that all sounds like good advice. I’ll leave it in your hands. When I get more out of Joey, I’ll let you know. Now what do I need to know about this place?”

An hour later Fred left, and my head was spinning. I had no idea what most of the things he tried to explain to me meant, except that I was beyond rich. As I was learning what the control panel controlled, my phone rang. I picked up the receiver and the housekeeper told me lunch was ready and did I wish the young men to join me, or should they be fed separately. I caught myself before I exploded, “Mrs. Johnson, wouldn’t you like to eat your meals with your family?”

Yes sir, I do.” She replied.

Then, yes I want them with me.” I left the office, and found my way to the dinning room. Two very excited boys shortly joined me. It seems I had horses and puppies and cows and puppies and a big hayloft and puppies. The table would seat about twenty people. I moved the two places up to the head of the table. And we sat down. Lunch was served in courses, and honestly I’m not sure what we ate, but it was very good. The staff was trying to impress the new owner. Somehow, I needed to let them know, I had very simple tastes.

The boys quieted once food appeared. Now was my chance to get a few words in. “I’ve got some bad news for you two,” I started and regretted my words, when I saw their faces. “Not that bad. I need for all three of us to get checked out by a doctor, and we need to get some shots, like tetanus shots so we can stay here and not get sick.”

I don’t like shots,” Neal stated. Joey nodded agreement.

Hey, they’re not on my list of fun to do things either. But you guys really need to be checked out, and all your shots up to date, now’s as good a time as any. Besides you have to have them to get into school anyway. After what you two have been through, a little needle doesn’t scare you does it?” I teased them.

Now I have some news. Neal, you no longer have to worry about going back to Juvy. My lawyer has taken care of everything. You are now my adopted son. I signed the papers before lunch.” I watched Neal for his reaction.

He just stared for a few seconds, then his mouth moved like he was trying to talk then he let out a yell, and jumped up, knocking his chair over, and jumped up and down and ran over and jumped into my lap, and gave me a big hug. “How could you do that so fast?”

Well, when I got your dirty clothes out of your backpack that first night, there was a letter with your name and address on it. When I was down in the laundry room, I called my lawyer, and asked him to find out what he could, and that I wanted to protect you from further harm. He checked it out and found that the system really messed up, and should never have sent you where it did. Everyone involved wanted to keep things quiet. So they could get everything done, or have a press conference to explain what had happened to you, and why you were missing a week before anyone sounded an alarm. The paperwork got done.”

He hugged me again, and turned to Joey, “See, he’s really great. You should tell him your story. I bet he’ll help you too.”

Would you Mr. Richards?” Joey asked.

As long as you tell me the truth, I’ll do what I can. I think you’re a nice kid.” I smiled my most friendly smile.

Okay, but I don’t want anybody else to know, okay?”

I may have to tell Mr. Clemets, my lawyer, but other than that, I won’t tell anybody, unless you say so. Deal?”

Deal.” Before he could say anything else, Mrs. Johnson entered, carrying a tray with three huge banana splits, with the works. The boys were in love with this woman, and she beamed back at them.

Mrs. Johnson, This has been a great meal. Thank you for all the trouble you have gone to, to make us welcome.” She smiled and did a little curtsy. “Now, Mrs. Johnson, all the formality isn’t necessary. I’m a pretty regular guy, and just found myself with two boys. We may be outnumbered.”

Mrs. Johnson laughed and left.

As the boys were finishing their treat, the butler announced that the doctor had arrived. It was so cute to see both boys freeze, and then look at each other. I said as I got up, “You two finish up here and I’ll go see the Doctor first.”

I was expecting an ‘old country doctor’, but Dr. Turnman was a young man, also about my age so he couldn’t be to long out of Med. School. The butler suggested that the library might be the best room for us to use. Once inside, I explained my concerns. “Doc, these two boys are very lucky to be alive. In different ways, they have both been severely sexually abused. Joey was gang-raped just last night, and left in a rest area, where I found him. Neal was abused by older teens, in a state facility, for several months, before running away. I need to know if they are physically okay, do they have any STDs, and they need vaccinations to be up to date.”

I thought this was such a quite area. I worried that there would never be any challenges in such a rural practice. So here we go with a couple of tough cases my second week in grand-dads practice. Okay, let’s get started, which boy do you want me to see first?”

Thanks, Doc. I’ll send Joey in first. He’s a run-a-way, and been living by selling himself to truckers for a while, maybe a even a year. Be as patient as you can with him.” I shook the doctor's hand, and returned to the boys.

Are you ready to meet you doom?” I asked, in a deep scary voice. Both boys laughed at me. “Joey you go first, and then we’ll talk. Follow the butler.” Joey meekly left the room.

Neal came over to me, and hugged me. “If I’m adopted now, that means you really are my father?”

Yes, that’s right, son.” I replied.

What’s my name now?” he naturally wanted to know.

How does Abercromby Archibald Richards sound?” I replied straight faced.

His eyes widened, jaw dropped.

I couldn’t hold it, and burst out laughing. His face, when he realized he had been had, broke me up all over again.

You’re mean.” He scowled, breaking me up all over again. “It’s not funny!”

Of course it was. I finally got control, mostly because Neal stayed quiet, and I didn’t look at him. “Neal Huxley Richards.”

Now I had a lap full of hugging boy. He finally released my neck, and sat back. He grinned and then we talked about all the neat stuff he had seen outside. When Joey finally returned, I sent Neal off with instructions to go back outside and wait for Joey and Me.

I took Joey back to my office, which he thought was wicked. I found some paper that I could take notes on. “Well Joey, how do you want to handle this? You want to tell the story or would it be better if I asked Questions?”

I guess I’ll start and you ask questions if you need to.” He stared into space for a few seconds, then looked at his feet and began. “My bastard of an old man used to get off beating the shit out of Mom and me. Then one night, after he beat me until I was unconscious he killed Mom, beat her to death, and then threw her down the steps of our apartment building. The stupid cops bought his story, and didn’t do a damn thing. The next morning, when I found out what the bastard had done, I packed some clothes and took the money Mom had hidden, and got out of there, before he could kill me too.” Joey had clenched his fists as he relived this event in his young life. I went to the bus stop, and rode to the end of the line. There were some woods, and I went into them. On the other side of the woods was a truck stop. I was at the edge of the woods, and a trucker saw me, and asked if I needed a ride. I took him up on it, and I rode with him for a week. He taught me to suck dick. He sold me to another trucker, and so on. Some wanted to suck my dick, or play with it, but mostly they wanted my mouth and to play with my butt. Just before Christmas, I was with two guys. The older guy had a long thin dick, and while I was sucking off the other guy, he greased up and fucked me. It hurt real bad, when he shoved it in, but after awhile it was okay. After he fucked me, the other guy did too. That hurt the whole time and my ass leaked cum and blood, for hours. I tried to leave them at the next stop, but the old guy caught me, and spanked me, telling the other truckers that I was his grandson and he caught me trying to shoplift, and had to whip my ass. Man his spanking was nothing compared to what my fucking father did. They took turns making me suck and fuck for another two days, then let me go.”

Joey was shaking, and tears were running down his cheeks. “Why did they have to do that so rough, the first time? The next guy loved to cuddle. He would jerk me off while he got sucked, and when he fucked me. He went slow and let my ass stretch to fit his cock. He even got me to fuck his ass. Not many drivers would do that. When he fucked me, I started enjoying the feeling of power I had, over the guy doing me. By Easter I had learned to squeeze my ass, and the men really liked that. I found I did best with lone drivers or pairs with an old and young guy. I only got in trouble like you found me in, two other times.”

I got up and walked over to him, and knelt down so I was at his eye level. I waited for him to settle and look up at me. “You will never have to do anything like that again. I will do what I can to protect you.”

He searched my eyes, I felt like he was looking into my soul. “Do you think you could ever be my dad?”

The longing in his eyes would break a stone heart. I reached out and gave him a hug and said, “If you would have me, I’d be honored.” We cried on each other’s shoulder for a good while.

Just as we got ourselves back together, a knock sounded on the door. I told Joey to go find Neal outside, and as he ran out the door the Doctor came in. “Those are two very lucky boys. Joey has been sexually abused to the point of physical damage to his anus. There is quite a bit of scarring, but there are no serious tears at the present. I have prescribed some antibiotics for him to ward off an infection, and start treatment of the STDs I suspect. I took a blood sample, to check for sure. I’ll warn you that if they test positive, Child services and the CDC are notified, so you need to be prepared for dealing with them. They do not always wait for facts, before rushing in and pulling kids out, and throwing them into group homes, for ‘protection’, which I think you agree would be disastrous to these two. Neal has a lot of bruising, but no serious damage. He has a slight tear scar on his anus, but they are well healed now. I put him on the antibiotic too, just in case. Look, Mr. Richards, I have to ask you a couple of questions. I’m not judging, but need to know, for medical reasons, Have you had any sexual activity with these boys?”

None whatsoever, with Joey. I only met him this morning. Neal, I met a week or so ago, and just legally adopted him this morning, I’ll tell you all about that in a minute, but the first night he was in my apartment, there was a thunderstorm, and he climbed into my bed for comfort, in the middle of the night. He found that I slept in the nude, and in the morning, asked a bunch of questions about my morning erection. I answered as best I could, and he told me some of what he had been through at the State Facility. He joined me in the middle of the night, the next night and since then, just goes to bed with me. When I woke up this morning, he was licking my erection. I have told him to never do anything like that again, without the other person’s permission.”

Oh, well, okay. I don’t think you will need the antibiotics, but just to be safe, I would like to get a blood sample. I’ll call you when I get the results, and try to give you as much lead time on Child Protective Services as I can.”

Thanks Doc. My lawyer was already making contact, so that will hopefully help. Now, how much do I owe you for your visit today?” He named a fee that seemed awfully low to me, so I wrote a check for twice the amount, and gave it to him, with many thanks.

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