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CHAPTER 5 – Truth or Consequences

After the Doctor left, I had some time to explore my new home. I found the master suite; it had my bags in it, and was bigger than my whole apartment had been. There was a king-size water bed, Huge Projection TV, sofa, chairs, and the bathroom was fantastic. There was a Jacuzzi, over sized shower, two sinks, and the toilet had a separate space with TV and phone. My late uncle certainly liked luxury.

I then went looking for the boy’s rooms. They were located on the third floor at the far end of the long wing. I Picked up Neal’s duffel bag, and headed back towards my suite. I had gotten about a quarter of the way there, when, one of the staff (I later found out was called a footman, but I still am not sure why) saw me, and about had a fit, saying I had no business carrying the bag and took it from my shocked finger, and waited for me to lead the way. “What is your name?” I asked him.

James, sir.” Was his formal reply. The effect would have been better if he had a British accent, but he was definitely American.

Well, James, the boys are to be considered like my real sons. I want them to always have access to me, any time they want. I’m moving them to rooms near mine. Where would you suggest?”

Well, Sir, there are rooms adjoining yours, that are meant for family.”

Sounds like the room for them, lets go look.” There was a seven-room suite I hadn’t found. The main room had an entrance from my sitting room, and from the main hall. Then there was a hallway with three rooms off each side. Each bedroom had a queen size bed, TV, and luxury bath. “These are very nice, but we need to make some changes. Who do I need to speak to?”

That would be Samuel, sir.”

Please let him know I would like to talk to him after dinner. For now, put the bag in the first room.” I then went in search of my boys. I found them wrestling in the mud, with a couple of other boys. One was about their age, and the other a bit younger, when they saw me, they froze. The two new boys began pleading for forgiveness, for getting the others so dirty. I held up my hand and got instant quiet.

First question, were you boys fighting or playing?”

Neal spoke up, “Well, Dad, you see these two said we were to goody, goody to get dirty, and then they threw some mud at us, and then of course, we had to throw it back.”

Okay, I got the picture. Now all four of you, follow me.” The four muddy boys fell in line behind me. I led them to the stable, where I had seen a hose. I picked it up and washed off the worst of the mud. Of course, the boys were not being still, or quiet. I knew I had company, when they stopped squealing and running. I shut off the water and turned.

There was the Stablemaster, the other boys’ father. “You two are in deep trouble. What have you done to the boss’s boys? And on the first day! You ain’t going to be able to sit for a week!” He yelled getting red faced.

I was franticly trying to remember his name. It came to me just in time to say, “Don’t worry, Frank, my two are just as guilty. With that I blasted the three older boys again. Taken by surprise, they all yelped and tried to evade the jet of water. The younger boy was turned and laughing at the other three. Frank, then put his hand over mine, and directed the blast right on the little one's butt. That got all six of us laughing. It was a great tension reliever.

When we stopped laughing, I said to Frank, “I think these four, need to do some restitution for the damage they have done to their clothes, the quality of my mud, and of course to the water necessary to wash off the mud.” The boys’ eyes got bigger and bigger. “What time do they need to be here tomorrow morning to muck some stalls?”

Frank grinned, “About 5:00 should do it so they can get breakfast at 7:30. And after breakfast, there are some horses that need exercise, and I think a few hours in the saddle will be good for them, both horse and boy.”

Sounds good to me. 5:00 it is then.” I said.

The four boys were clamoring, “We get to ride horses? Really ride a horse, one of these horses? I don’t know how to ride. Can we pick what horse?”

Frank answered, “Well, I’ll pick the horse for each of you, depending on how good a job you do on the stalls. I’ll also make sure you know what to do on horseback. We’ll start you out easy no bronc-bustin’ tomorrow.”

Now come back with me, Neal and Joey, I’ll show you where your rooms are. You both need a bath, and clean DRY clothes.”

The boys followed me back, and the staff we passed gave them horrified looks. I could tell that having boys was going to make big changes in the household. The boys were awe-struck by their suite of rooms. I told them not to get too attached to them, because I was making some changes.

Right before dinner, I got a call from the lawyer, A Mrs. Linda Thompson, would be stopping by around 8:00, to meet the boys, and me. She was the county social services agent, and the one in charge of Child Protective Services. I agreed that this was a good thing, especially after some of the comments made by the doctor.

Dinner was a very formal affair. I was uncomfortable with all the silver laid out at my place, and I knew the boys were lost. We got through it, and Mrs. Johnson brought in the desert. “Mrs. Johnson, that was an excellent meal. I hope that you don’t have to prepare that much every night.”

As a matter of fact. Sir, I wanted to ask what you would like to eat tomorrow?” she asked.

Pizza, scetti, hot dogs, Happy Meal!” was the boys instant answer.

I chuckled, and Mrs. Johnson looked lost. “Think you could produce a pizza for lunch, and maybe steak and fries for dinner?”

Well certainly, sir, but we are capable of much more, and the pastry chef will be here tomorrow.”

Great, let him have a go at deserts. I certainly don’t want you to think we haven’t enjoyed your food, it’s just boys are simply eating machines, and they crave boy food. How about we do nice formal meals Tuesday and Thursday, and the rest we keep real simple.”

That will be fine, sir. Thank you.” At least she was smiling when she left.

The butler arrived, and announced that a Mrs. Thompson had arrived. I told him to wait here about 10 minutes then bring the boys to the library. I got up and found Mrs. Thompson waiting in the foyer. “Mrs. Thompson, I’m Tom Richards. It’s very nice of you to come by tonight.” We shook hands, and entered the library. “As you may know, I just arrived today, my life has made some major changes, and to be honest my head is still spinning.”

Mr. Clemets, indicated there are special circumstances that I need to be aware of. He told me both boys have been abused, and that you have rescued them.” She informed me.

Yes, that is quite right. Neal ran away from a state facility, that he had been sent to by mistake. I ran into him at a bus station. He was out of money, hungry and about to be picked up by a pimp. Mr. Clemets did some great lawyering, and I signed adoption papers today. Joey hasn’t told me everything yet, but he was beaten unconscious several times, by his father and woke up one morning to find his mother was dead, from ‘a fall down the steps’. He took off, and has survived by selling himself to truckers, for some time, maybe a year or more. He would like to be adopted too, and if there is any way, I would like that too.” That was the best summation I could do in such a short time. “The doctor today said he suspected Joey had one or more STDs, and that Neal might too. I’m glad you will have a heads up on that.”

Yes, indeed, I’ll be ready for the report, and will be able to save a lot of grief about proving the situation, if it is already in the files. Will I be able to talk to the boys?” she asked.

I heard them approaching, “Be careful what you wish for.” The door opened, and both boys made a bee-line for me. Both managed to climb into my lap. I was glad I was in a large sturdy chair. “This is Neal,” I said indicating which one, “and this is Joey.”

Nice to meet you boys. I hope we can be friends.” The boys eyed her with suspicion, and leaned back on me. “Mr. Richards has told me what has happened to you. The Doctor may have to file a report, which could have had me making you leave here until it was straightened out. But now I know, so that can be avoided. Can I come by tomorrow, and talk to you?”

They nodded. I spoke up, “The afternoon would be best. They are getting their first horseback riding lesson, in the morning.”

Would three o’clock suit?” she asked.

That would be fine,” I replied. She left shortly after that. When the boys and I left the library James was waiting.

Samuel, has arrived, sir. He awaits you in the family suite.” James then led the way upstairs, to meet Samuel.

When we entered the suite, there was a large black man in his mid twenties standing in the middle of the room. He was obviously dressed up for the occasion, his collar was buttoned and at least a size too small for his muscular neck, and the tie looked out of place. In general he looked very uncomfortable.

You wished to see me, sir?” he asked.

Yes, I did. I would like to make some changes in these rooms. I’d like this to be a real family room, large screen TV, video games, DVD, the works, and some comfortable furniture for the boys to lounge on, sturdy stuff, and each boy can pick a room, and help decide what goes in it. I do not want TVs in there, but a stereo is okay, a study desk, dresser, and bed and whatever else fits for them. They can pick the furniture and paint if they want.”

Sir, I think I know what you want. Can I take the boys into the city one day to shop for furniture? I think that is where we need to start. Also can we move walls and such if we want?” There was the light of challenge in Samuel’s eyes.

Sure, Whatever will work best. Just keep in mind that these two will be the ones using it the most, and it has to stand up to the abuse.” I teased my boys.

I’ve got four younger brothers, so I know how tough they can be on stuff,” he replied.

Neal perked up, “How old are your brothers?”

Samuel looked down at Neal and then crouched down so he could talk on his level. (I liked this man and he had a job with me as long as he wanted it.) “Well, let’s see Jerome is 22 and lives in California, he’s in the Navy. Tyrone is 18 and he will be attending State, in the fall, if he gets a good summer job, William is 14 and spending the summer with our grandparents in Virginia. And last is Stephen, he’s ten.”

Dad, can Stephen come with Mr. Samuel and we can all help?” Neal asked.

Samuel looked at me in surprise, “Mr. Richard’s, I…”

I cut him off by holding up my hand. “Sam, look it is fine with me. But don’t let the boys get in your way. If Tyrone is willing to work for his brother, I’ll pay him carpenter wages, for the summer.” I knew that would be a lot of money for a summer job. If Sam was an indication of the other brothers, I would get my money’s worth.

Wow, Mr. Richards, that would be fantastic. I’m almost finished with the remodel in the barn. I can start on Friday, or Thursday, if I can start Tyrone tomorrow.”

I’ll have the boys ready Thursday morning. We’ll all go in the van. I’ll bring the checkbook, and we’ll have a great time. Bring Tyrone, and Stephen.” Neal and Joey both hugged me, and whooped when I said that.

I left the boys to watch some TV, and told them I’d be back in about an hour to put them to bed. I went through to my suite, and decided to see what my control panel did. I quickly found that there were video monitors, all over the estate. There were also a series of monitors within the mansion itself. Most of them were easily viewed; however, there were a series I could not access. I tried a different menu item, and was asked for my password or name. I typed in ‘tom’ and was asked my last name. Then date of birth. Then the plasma screen came on. It was my great uncle. “Hello Tom. I hope you are able to put all this to good use. I was definitely an eccentric. I have been following your life, since you were little. I believe you are the right person for this empire. As you learn more and more about this estate, and the holdings around the world, remember that you owe me nothing, and do with these resources what you feel in your heart is right. Now, if you will hit the letter of the first letter of the name of the first person you had a sexual relationship with, we can continue. Hint, you were in the sixth grade.”

I just about fell out of the chair. I didn’t think anyone other than Roger knew about our explorations. I hit 'r' and sure enough for the next 15 minutes, I got a crash course in covert surveillance, and set new passwords for the entire system. When done, I clicked several menus, and had my boys on the plasma screen. They were really having a great time, but it was time to try to get them to sleep.

I cleared the screen, and went into their apartment. “It’s time for you two to go to bed. Remember you have an early appointment, with the stable-master.”

Awe, Dad,” Neal whined.

Joey started to protest, but got betrayed by a yawn. To my great surprise, the protest ended, and the boys went to their rooms. I tucked each into bed. Neal asked if I would leave a light on, and the door to my suite open.

I spent some time monitoring the boys. Then I decided I had a long day too. Tomorrow would start early. I set the alarm, climbed into my great uncles king size waterbed and floated off to sleep.

I snapped awake. I looked at the clock, 1:23. Then I heard it again, whimpering. I hurried into the boy’s suite and followed the sound to Joey. He was curled into a tight ball, moaning and shaking. If I hadn’t already lost my heart to this little guy, I would have now.

I sat on the edge of his bed and softly stroked his back. I murmured soft words of comfort, and he slowly relaxed and quieted. Then I noticed his eyes open, and he stated at me for a long time, then said, “You want me now?”

I knew what he meant, “Not like that, Joey. I only want you to be safe, and happy.”

What’s in it for you? What do I have to do? I’ll do it. I like you and this place so far.”

Well, the only thing I can think of right now, is for you to try to trust me. I want to protect you like I can protect Neal, now. When you can, I need more information about you. Please don’t wait too long, the State knows you are here, and at some point will either make it permanent, or come and take you for another foster home.” I had decided that I would always be honest with the boys.

Joey’s eyes got big, and tears started, even though he was trying hard not to cry. “I can’t. You’ll call the cops on me, and hate me.” He sobbed for several minutes.

When he regained some composure, I said, “I already figured I didn’t have the whole story. I figured you have been on the road at least a year, not a few months. You said you liked the name Joey, I figured that wasn’t your name, either.” His face started to cloud up again. I put my finger to his lips to silence him. “Don’t worry about my 'no lie' rule right now. I wouldn’t expect you to tell all, to a total stranger, and that is what I was, and still am, pretty much. I want to help, when you feel safe talking to me.”

My name is really Fredrick James Gordan, Jr. Most I told you was true. Only I didn’t run when Mom was killed. After her funeral, my old man started making me suck him, since Mom wasn’t around to screw. Then he did it to me. Later that night, when I recovered from the beating and fucking, I went into his room and tried to crush his nuts, then I ran. The rest is true. I left Fort Smith in April, of last year, you were right it has been more than a year.”

What name do you want to be called?” I asked, keeping my voice calm.

He heaved a sigh of relief, “Before I ran most folks called me Jimmy. My old man was Fred,” He explained.

Jimmy, sounds good to me. Now was that the Fort Smith in Arkansas?” I asked.

Yeah, you going to make me go back?” he asked.

Only if that is the only way to protect you, and get custody. I’ll call Mr. Clemets in the morning, and get the process started. I guess I better let Mrs. Thompson know too. We’ll have to find out what is going on, and what we have to do from here. Try not to worry. I promise to keep you informed on what is happening. Think you can go back to sleep? Remember the horse stalls await you in the morning.” Jimmy groaned at my reminder but laid back and was soon back to sleep.

End Notes:

Ouch! Don’t piss that kid off. That hurt just to write. I hope he really did crush them. I wonder if the boys have any idea what mucking a stall is? What a rude surprise at 5:00 AM.

Editor's notes;

Well I know what it means. I grew up on a farm. Don't start. I hated it.

I have told this story before, so you might as well know it too.

One day, I was out in the barnyard shoveling cow shit. I had been cleaning the barn and there was a hell of a lot of shit that was being shoveled into a huge pile that eventually would end up in the spreader and spread all over the place. God, it smelled like shit for some reason. Anyway there I was with a shovel in my hands and I leaned over to get a good big shovel full so I could get it done faster.

Hey you are getting ahead of me aren't you? Well that damn barnyard was slicker than snot on a doorknob. And, you guessed it, I slipped and fell..............wait for it.............face first in the big pile of stinking poo.

Both of my parents were watching me, and, do you know they stood there laughing at me and pointing and laughing and giggling and laughing and laughing. Do you have any idea how bad I smelled?

It was not, and I repeat, not one bit funny. Well it is now when I think back on it.

Let's just say that farming is not my favorite way of life.

Give me commas any day.


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