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Chapter 7

The next day passed without major incidents. As the end of the week approached the boys, Neal and Jimmy, were getting excited about meeting Samuel’s brothers, and going to select the stuff for their rooms. Wednesday afternoon Samuel dropped by to see if tomorrow would be good to go into town. We agreed to get an early start. I returned to my suite, and played with the camera monitors, looking for the three imps. I found them about an hour later, in Neal’s room. I felt kind of guilty because the boys didn’t know about the cameras, but I turned up the volume anyway.

Monty – You guys don’t understand. I won’t be here very long. As soon as it sinks in that I’m gay, he’s going to kick me out.

Neal – No way. He knew up front that those guys made me suck their dicks, and I kind of liked it, but ran away when they started fucking me. He adopted me, he can’t send me away.

Jimmy – Yeah, he and Neal found me naked, and totally fucked. I had sperm all over me, leaking out my ass, and he’s trying to adopt me.

Monty – What is with him? He make you do him?

Neal – Oh God no! I sucked him when he was asleep, and he gave me a lecture about not asking if it was okay. He really means what he tells us. I’m going to follow his rules, the best I can.

Monty – Wow, so you guys gay too?

Jimmy – No.

Neal – Don’t know.

Monty – But you guys done a lot more than me.

Neal – Jeez, Monty, we’re boys. We ain’t old enough to like girls, so how would we know if we’re gay?

I clicked off the system, and wondered where Neal got so smart. I started looking through some papers Jim had for me, when he knocked on the door. I waved him in. “What’s up?”

There is a detective asking to see you. I have him waiting in the library.”

Thanks, Jim. That room sure is busy.”

Like never before, sir, ah Tom.”

I’m on my way.”

The man waiting for me in the library was the Hollywood perfect detective, in a plain black suit, white shirt and blue striped tie. He showed me his badge, Arkansas State Police, Homicide Detective. “I’m Jay Debois. I’m here to confirm that Fredrick James Gordan, Jr. is alive and well. We have his father in custody and pending charges of murder of his son, and/or child abuse.”

Yes he is here. He has been living on the road, selling himself for food, and rides for more than a year. I found him a few days ago, and am trying to protect him from further harm. Have you talked with Mrs. Thompson, and Mr. Clemets?” I asked.

Yes I’ve been in contact with each of them. Your lawyer has filed a suit preventing us from extraditing the boy back to Arkansas. I want to interview him to decide where we go from here,” he said.

I’ll talk to him, but he is scared to death, I mean that literally, that he will have to return to his father. He has told me some of the story. He was certain his father beat his mother to death. He was beaten and sexually abused, too. He admitted to trying to hurt his father then running.”

The detective smiled. “Actually he crushed his old man’s nuts. The doctor’s couldn’t save them, and had to remove them. While he was drugged, he talked about beating the ‘little bastard’ to death, just like he did his ‘bitch’. Well that was enough for the coroner to re-examine the wife’s case, and he ruled murder, and the DA has a conviction. There is no way Jr. will go back to dad, at least for 25 to life.”

That’s good news. I’ll have Jim bring you something to drink, iced tea, coffee, soda?”

Iced tea would be fine.”

Jim was waiting right outside the door. I’m sure he heard every word. “I’ll get the tea,” he said confirming my suspicions. I guess I’ll find out how confidential he can be.

The boys were still in Neal’s room. I knocked on the open door, and all three looked up from the card game, poker by the looks of it. I almost laughed at the three guilty looks. “High stakes?” I asked. By the blank response I figured it was just for fun. “I hate to interrupt, but I need Jimmy for a little while.”

Jimmy looked at me funny, then got up and came over to me. “You two carry on. Jimmy and I have some talking to do. We’ll be in the library, if you need us.”

As we walked away Jimmy said, “You want to do me in the library?”

I stopped. “Is that what you want?”

If that’s what it takes to stay.”

I crouched down, so I was looking directly into his eyes. “Jimmy, I want you to relax, and try to understand, I will never demand that, as a price for staying here. You know I am trying to adopt you, if that is what you want. That means I can’t kick you out. It does not mean I can make you do that with me. Good lord, son, you have done more of that in the past year than most people do in a lifetime. It should be pleasurable not a task to buy you something. If you want my trust and love, I’m willing to give those freely and it would be nice to have them returned.”

I don’t know how.”

I know, don’t worry about that right now, it will come with time. Right now I need to know if you are up to talking to a State Trooper from Arkansas about what your father did.” I said.

I should have kept running. They are going to send me back aren’t they?”

No. I wouldn’t let them. Besides, they locked him up for murdering your mother and just need to know if more charges are necessary for you.”

They’re going to charge me?” his voice squeaked in terror.

No, no. Him.” I pulled him to me in a hug and held him till he calmed down and stopped shaking.

Will you stay with me?” he whispered when he had recovered.

Absolutely.” I picked him up and carried him to the library. Outside the door I set him on his feet and quickly wiped a tear off his cheek. “Ready?”

No, but let’s get it over-with.” He bravely opened the door and led the way in.

Detective Dubois was sitting in a chair facing the door. I signaled him to stay seated. “Jimmy, this is Detective Dubois from the Arkansas State Police. He wants to talk to you.”

Hi, Jimmy. I am so very glad to meet you. I’m here as a friend. I know you probably are scared, but we know you haven’t done anything wrong.” He said.

Jimmy pressed closer to me. I sat down and pulled him up in my lap. I could tell he was scared, and thought I might know why. “Don’t worry, Jimmy, they know what you did to him, and actually that not only saved your life, it gave them the information to convict him for murder.” Jimmy stared at me, as this sunk in, then turned back to the Detective.

As a matter of fact, the DA was able to use what you did, to build a case for a second set of charges. We were sure about child abuse, and were afraid there was your murder too. That’s why I’m here. I needed to know without a doubt, that you are alive and well. Now we need to know how to proceed.”

Huh?” Well, who expects brilliance from a ten-year-old.

I guess the big question is what does Jimmy have to do?” I asked.

Well we would have to have another trial, and Jimmy would have to testify. Quite frankly, if he were my son, I wouldn’t allow that. The lawyer will try to make him look guilty, and I gather from the information Mrs. Thompson shared that wouldn’t be tough. Also I doubt you father will ever get out of prison. He’s in for 25 to life. He’s known as a child abuser, and since you were successful in your parting gift he is no longer enjoying sex in any form. And son, he is getting plenty; the other inmates are not gentle with child molesters.”

Jimmy absorbed this information. I was surprised that the detective was actually advising not pursuing more criminal charges. “So, what happens if we do nothing?” I asked.

He will be eligible for parole, in 25 years, if he has a good record. He’ll be in his late 50’s. The Child abuse, and rape charges have no statute of limitations in Arkansas, so the charges could be brought at that time. I would recommend an affidavit be filed, with the DA to produce at any future Parole hearing, so that the board can save the citizens the cost of a trial by not releasing the son of a b----“

Bitch,” Jimmy finished for him.

That will also provide more evidence for the courts to rule him an unfit parent, and clear the way for the adoption. These things can get pretty nasty. The faster we can get these loose ends tied down, the sooner you can get back to a normal life.” The detective waited while we digested this.

How long are you going to be here?” I asked.

I’ve been cleared for a week.” He replied.

I have about 30 empty guest rooms” I started.

Fifty eight, sir.” Jim interrupted from the doorway.

You are welcome to any of them if you would like. I think Jimmy and I need a little time to think. Tomorrow we have plans to go into town for the day. I’ll contact Mr. Clements, and we’ll get the paperwork done on Friday, so you can get home for the weekend or relax here if you would prefer.”

Thank you for the offer. I think the department would be glad to not pay my hotel and gas bill. I’ll try to stay out of your way.” He said.

No problem. Dinner is at seven. Jim, who is waiting just outside the door, will show you to your room, and we’ll see you at seven.” I shook his hand and he left with Jim.

I continued to sit with Jimmy in my lap. He was still as a statue. After several minutes he turned slowly and looked at me. “I’m safe, now?”

Yes. He can’t hurt you anymore. By the way, you really did crush his balls, they had to remove them. Please don’t get that angry with me.” I said.

He looked horrified. “No, never, I, I, …”

I hugged him tight and laughed, “I know that silly. I was joking, sorry.”

Okay. Can I ask you something in private?” he said when I released him.


Well, Monty, thinks he’s gay. And I think he is kind of cute and well, . . .” his voice trailed off.

You want to know how I will react?” he nodded his head. “I’ve told you before, as long as both of you want to it’s okay.”

What if I wanted to do some things with you? Not because I feel I have to, but because I want to.” He asked.

Depends on just what it is you want to do, when and where. We talk about it and if it’s okay with both of us we do it.” I repeated my rule again.

I want to suck you off. I want to feel you filling my mouth and throat. I want to taste your cum.” He spoke quickly and just above a whisper.

Wow,” I said. My dick had popped to attention and I’m sure his little butt could feel it. “That obviously agrees with my dick, but I think I need some time to consider this. There is someone else who has expressed some interest in the same thing.”

Neal could join us too. I bet he has a real cute little prick, just like mine.” He was starting to squirm around and my dick was loving it.

You need to think about your feelings for Monty, and how will he feel if you do me and he finds out. How would you feel if you found out he was doing me, or Neal? I guess what I’m saying is there is a lot more to consider than how good a cock tastes, or how much fun and power you have, making a guy shoot his cream on your tongue. If you care about the other person, then there are a whole lot of feelings to sort through. This involves a lot more than you and me having a little fun.”

Oh, man, I never thought of all that stuff. I sure don’t want to hurt Monty’s feelings, or Neal’s either, or your’s. Why does this have to get so complicated.” He moaned.

Let’s think about this, and talk again in a few days. Deal?”


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Chapter 8

Dinner that night was very interesting. Neal and Monty were totally fascinated by our guest. They asked all the questions boys ask cops. Detective Dubois was in his element and was enjoying entertaining them. Jimmy, on the other-hand, was watching Monty closely. The more excited Monty got, the more excited Jimmy got, and he rubbed his crotch more and more, as dinner went on. I finally got his attention and signaled for him to get his hand on the table. He blushed at being caught, but complied.

After dinner, the boys disappeared outside, and my guest and I went and watched a baseball game in the lounge. (Jim corrected me when I called it a game room.) After the game, we said our goodnights, and headed to our rooms. I went to check on the boys, and they were all in Jimmy’s room, in their pj's. I said good night and reminded them of the big day tomorrow. They said goodnight to each other also.

I was reading in bed an hour later, when I heard a soft knock. I looked up and Neal was standing in the doorway. I waved him in, and he climbed up on the bed. “Can I?” he whispered.

I knew what he was asking, as his little stiffy was sticking out of the fly of his pj's. “You really like that don’t you?”

Uh, huh, you’re so big, and taste so good. You don’t make me hurt. I really had fun that other time, and keep thinking about it. I want to do it again; I want to make you feel good too.” He was almost panting with excitement.

Wow, two offers in one day! “We need to think this through. How would you feel if someone else wanted to do that to me too? What if one of the other boys wanted to do it with you?”

They do? Wow. I kind of want to see Jimmy naked again, and I think about Monty too. He is small but older. Do you think he can shoot stuff? I’d like to taste his sometime. Do you think he would let me?” Neal was overwhelmed.

I know Jimmy is interested in you, Monty and me. I don’t know how Monty feels. How would you have felt if you came here and one of them was with me?” I watched as he paled. “Look, I really would love to have you do that, it felt so wonderful. You gave me the best blowjob I have ever had. My dick is as hard as yours is right now. I think we need to settle some of these matters, before things get too complicated.”

I saw a movement in the doorway, and glanced in time to see Monty duck out of sight. “Monty, come on in.” Monty entered, dragging Jimmy with him. “Well the gangs all here. Come on up boys we’ll have us a talk.”

Neal scooted up to my right side, and Jimmy to my left, and that left poor Monty facing me directly. “How much did you two hear?”

Neal made so much noise we followed him. We heard most everything, except what he whispered to you.” Jimmy announced. Neal turned red and Monty nodded.

Okay, Neal, you should know I had this conversation with Jimmy, this afternoon. So we all know how you two feel, what about you Monty?” I asked.

Me?” he squeaked.

Okay, one step at a time. Would you like to do sex stuff with Jimmy and Neal?” I began.

Ugh, well, some maybe.” He admitted shyly.

Cool,” Jimmy said.

Me too,” Neal replied.

What would you like to do?”

Do I gotta say?”

No, but if we are going to figure this out, we need to know what each person wants.”

Jimmy - Yeah, I want to see yours, and feel it, and find out if you got hair.

Neal - I want to suck it.

Jimmy - I want to feel a dick in my ass again.

Monty - Oh, God! I want to see all of yours, and touch them, and I don’t know what else to do.

Jimmy and Neal - We’ll teach you.

I took control. “Whoa! Hold on guys. We have to decide if you just want sex or do you want more?”

More?” all three chorused.

Yes, a lot more. We need some rules.

  1. We don’t talk about this stuff with anybody else, without clearing it with those involved.

  2. Nobody forces another to do anything.

  3. No means no and stop means stop.

  4. Don’t do anything if anybody gets hurt, physically or emotionally.

  5. If you’re upset, talk to someone.”

I hoped that pretty much covered all the ground.

Dad?” Neal began, “What if we don’t know if someone will have their feeling hurt?”

Monty piped in, “Then don’t do it until you find out.”

That’s right, Monty.” I praised. “Now I think we better all get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. Good night boys, I love you.”

Neal gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and scooted off the bed, and ran back to his room. Jimmy said good night and followed Neal. Monty sat frozen in place with an unreadable expression on his face. “What’s wrong, Monty?”

You shouldn’t do that, it hurts.” The quiver in his voice betrayed how close to tears he was.

I’m sorry you’re hurt, I didn’t mean to hurt you. What did I do? I honestly don’t know.” I said.

You said that like you meant me, too.”

I thought back over the last few minutes, for my offense. Then it hit me. “Oh, I see. Well there is a small thing for you to consider. I did mean you too.” He looked stunned, then disbelief showed in his eyes. “Don’t say anything yet. I was going to talk to you after you were more settled in, but this can’t wait. I have talked to Mrs. Thompson, and told her to clear the paperwork so I can adopt you. This all depends on your wishes. I want you to know that you belong here, that you won't be sent away. I’ll admit that you have touched my heart, like Neal and Jimmy. I want all three of you to be my sons.” The next second he had launched himself at me and wrapped his arms around my neck, and hugged me tight. I felt his silent tear splash on my neck. I held and soothed him for awhile, and soon realized he had fallen asleep. I reached over and turned out the light and soon joined him in blissful sleep.

I woke up before the alarm went off, and Monty was curled into a ball pressing his butt into my stomach. I gently began stroking his back, and he slowly woke up. He suddenly realized he was not in his own bed but mine.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” I held my finger to his lips to quiet him.

I haven’t slept so well in ages.” I said.

Me either.” He stated.

Then no problem. Now, unfortunately, it is time to get up. You run on back to your room, and get ready for today. You have to pick out stuff for your room. Yes, this trip is for you too.” He gave an excited yell, and was off at a run. I hurried into the bathroom for my morning piss and quick shower.

The boys were very excited at breakfast, and told each other exactly what they wanted for their rooms. Detective Dubois told me he was going into Philadelphia for a few days, and would be returning Monday, if that was acceptable. Then as we were finishing, Samuel and his two brothers arrived, and we were on our way. Samuel wanted to take his truck and trailer, to be able to haul the furniture home. I had my three, and Stephen (Samuel’s littlest brother) in the van. Samuel and Tyrone were in the truck. The boys were having a great time, and I was enjoying their banter.

Thirty minutes later we were at the furniture store. Samuel had said the furniture would define the rooms. We started with the desks. Neal and Jimmy tried several and both picked the same one. Monty just stood back by Stephen, like they weren’t allowed to participate. I went over and put my hands on their shoulders. “Stephen, could you help us out, by picking out a set for another room, and maybe help Monty with his room.”

Stephen went into action, and pulled Monty into it too. Monty picked out a very formal business desk, and Stephen ended up with the same one the other two did. Monty suddenly realized his desk was a lot more expensive, and apologized and said the other desk would be fine. I told the sales lady we wanted three of those and one of those, and two of the folding tables, and eight folding chairs. Then I pointed the boys to office chairs for their desks. Again, 3 and 1. Now an easy chair and here are four different picks. The bedrooms - dresser and beds. Neal wanted something with lots of room and decided to keep the Queen with plain headboard that was in his room, and found a matching dresser. Jimmy decided on bunk beds, so he could have a buddy sleepover (I filed that away for the future). Stephen thought that was cool, and picked out a different bunk-bed and dresser. Monty stood, looking a double bed with a brass headboard, he then lay on it and asked if it was okay. I said sure; now pick out a dresser for your clothes. He selected a very plain inexpensive dresser. I passed the order on to the salesclerk, except I substituted a walnut dresser, for Monty. He gasped as it was the most expensive one on the floor. “I’m sorry, son, but the one you picked wouldn’t go well with the other items you picked.” He just stared at me.

It was a close squeeze, but everything except the mattresses fit in the trailer. If Neal had gotten a bed too, we would have been in trouble. The double went on the roof of the van, and the bunk-beds in the truck. We were then off to the building supply. Somehow, we managed to pick out paints, and Samuel ordered the supplies and lumber he would need, and it was to be delivered on Monday. We found a nice Italian restaurant, and had 3 pizzas for lunch. I sat with Samuel and Tyrone. Tyrone was a very smart kid. He was hoping to go to law school, after college. He had a great personality, and I enjoyed talking with him. When we were finished eating, I told Samuel that I had some other shopping to do, and Stephen was welcome if he and Tyrone wanted to go unload the truck and trailer. They said their good byes, and threatened Stephen to be good, and were on their way.

I paid the bill, and loaded four stuffed lads in the van. Next stop was Best-Buy. One large screen plasma TV, DVD player, PS2 and 3 games apiece, I got a few things recommended by Jim, to make my life easier. This gear filled the rear compartment. Last stop Old Navy. Neal just got a couple of T-shirts. For Jimmy and Monty, I heaped the counter with everything. I realized I didn’t have underwear, and asked the clerk. She said no problem, and called down to the other end of the mall and said Sears had the sizes we needed and would have it ready for us by the time we left. Jimmy wanted boxers and Monty plain tightie whities. We arrived back at the van, and had to work to get all the stuff in.

What a day. I don’t know how I made it back home. Samuel and Tyrone were waiting for us, and amazed at the amount of goodies in the van. An hour later the furniture and electronics were stored in rooms near the boy’s suite. It was getting late, and Samuel and his brothers had to go. I had purchased the three brothers matching shirts, and presented them as they were preparing to leave for the day.

After dinner, the boys went to their suite and watched TV. They had been good all day, and were tired. I worked through some papers Jim had left for me. I was feeling a little tired, and checked the boys on the monitor, Neal and Jimmy were in their rooms, getting ready for bed, and Monty’s room was empty but the door to his bathroom was closed, and I could hear the shower when I turned up the volume. I found the book I was reading, and stripped and climbed into bed.

Ten minutes later, a soft knock on the door. I wonder which imp was first tonight.

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