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Monty entered, when I said to come in. He looked so much better than just last week, when he arrived. Now his hair was wet, but neatly brushed and he was in clean pj's. “Can we talk?” he asked.

Sure, hop up and make yourself comfortable.” I set my book on the nightstand, and rearranged the pillows so I was sitting up. He sat cross-legged facing me.

Neal and Jimmy and me, talked. We decided we needed to try things with each other, and see if there was any special feeling between any of us. We drew names, and Neal and Jimmy are together tonight. That is cool with me, because they know more than me, and I got a bunch of questions. You said I could talk to you so here I am.”

I’m very impressed. I think you boys are trying to think all this through. So what is the first thing you want to know about?” I asked.

I don’t understand why I’m different.” He started.

How are you different?” I asked.

He blushed and pointed to his lap.

How do you know you're different?”

Todd and I got to look at each other real good before his daddy caught us. He said I was different from any boy he had ever seen. Then I saw Neal yesterday and he was just like Todd.” Monty was staring at the bed between us, and I was just barely able to hear him.

I think I know. Neal is circumcised, I am too. Have you seen Jimmy?” He shook his head no. “Well, I think he is like you. Want to show me, so I can be sure?” Wordlessly he shifted and pulled his pj bottoms and briefs down. I saw a beautiful half-hard uncircumcised penis. His foreskin was plentiful, covering the head completely. He had small dark patch of pubic hair above his penis, and had yet to have any other hair. I suddenly wondered if his underarms had hair. His small bush was darker than the hair on his head, no sun bleaching. As I watched, it was getting hard. Soon it was a very respectable 3 ½ inches, and his foreskin was pulling back, revealing the crown of his head, and his piss-slit. My own dick was stretching out too.

See?” he said.

I decided a little show and tell was needed, so I threw off the covers, so he could see my rising hard-on.

Wow, yours is huge! And you have lots of hair. Oh man! Can I touch it?”

Not yet. Pull your foreskin back. Good. Now compare our boners.” He looked back and forth between out dicks. “See, the only difference is when I was born, my parents had the extra skin cut off my penis, and yours didn’t. Some religions believe that doing that marks the boy for God; many parents in this country have it done so the boy will look like daddy, and to prevent hygiene problems. It takes more effort on your part to clean your glans or head of your penis, than it takes Neal or me.”

Then I’m not that different.” He sighed relieved.

No, not at all. Everything looks very normal to me. What else did you want to know?” I asked.

What kind of sex things do boys do together?” This kid was so cute. Here he had been labeled a ‘fag’, and been through hell for it, and he didn’t have a clue as to what was involved in a gay relationship.

Well there are several things. I guess mutual masturbation is the first thing. Do you know what that is?” He stared at me and shook his head. “How about jacking off?” His blush indicated he knew about that. “Do you cum?” I got a blank look. “Shoot white stuff; get a really intense good feeling?”

I get scared and stop when I get all tense and shaky.”

Oh man you poor kid. If you keep doing it then you’ll shoot your sperm and have a really great feeling. With another boy you each rub the other until you both cum.” I thought maybe I should get a sex 101 text book. Beside I was sure horny at this point; my dick wanted some attention and wanted it now.

Okay, I’ll try.” He scooted around and his small hand was suddenly on my dick and he was rubbing it. Although it felt good it wasn’t going to get me off like that. I corrected his technique and demonstrated on him. Soon we were jacking each other nicely. I noted his breathing increasing and his hand was moving faster and faster on my dick and even slipped off a couple of times, ouch. I explained pre-cum when he noticed his hand, and my hard-on were getting wet. Then he tensed up and moaned and groaned, and then spurts of white spunk shot out of his prick, and actually splashed on his face, the second landed on his chest, and the rest was close to his penis. Seeing and feeling his boy cum, sent me over the edge, and I shot my load all over my stomach and crotch.

Wow! That was the best. I never felt that before except in a dream. This stuff is real slippery isn’t it?” He was sliding his hand around my stomach, rubbing the cum in. He then lifted his hand and sniffed the cum on his fingers. I was frozen watching him. Would he? His tongue slipped out and he sampled a bit. “Weird, kind of slippery and salty and something.”

I grinned at him. “Yeah, some people like it and some don’t. Kind of like grapefruit.”

I don’t like that, bitter, yuck.” Monty said. He took another taste. “I should really like this cause I’m gay, right?”

Beats me? I like some people's and not others. When I was your age there were four boys in the neighborhood. One of them did a whole lot with me, and the others would do some. I liked my friends but his brother’s was really great, but the other kid was awful. He was usually kind of dirty and smelly too. We were kind of glad when he got a girl, and didn’t hang around with us anymore. Do you not like nine? It’s okay if you don’t.”

It’s different. I don’t dislike it anyway. I guess I would let you do that in my mouth if you wanted.” He looked at me trying to judge my response.

I gave him a nice big hug. “Wait right there for a minute, I’ll be right back.” I got up and went into the bathroom and returned with a warm wet washcloth. I re-entered just in time to see him pick up some of his cum and lick it off his finger.

He looked up and blushed, “Is that wrong?”

Nope. You want me to clean you up or are you enjoying doing it yourself?” He turned about five shades of red, and kind of laid back. I took that to mean for me to clean him off. When done, I tossed the washcloth into the bathroom, and got back into bed. I clicked off the light and pulled Monty into a nice spoon hug.

Monty, I want you to listen to a few things. When it comes to sex things, there are no right and wrong things if it is okay with both partners. If you want to do something, you need to let the other person know, and see if they want to do it too. There is a real big question in my mind about your sexuality. You do not seem to act like a gay boy. You were labeled by a homophobic bigot, who saw normal behavior of two nine year-old boys, and has made your life a living hell ever since.” Monty was crying silently on my shoulder.

Now, another thing you need to know, I have Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Clements working on making you my son.” His arm tightened around me and he began sobbing. “You need to know that this is where you belong, and is your home. You have every right in the world to be here. I will be your Dad. I will fight to protect you, and you can bring any problem to me. I love you, Monty. I don’t know what has happened to me, but you boys have captured a piece of my heart, and I’ve never been happier about anything in my life.”

He finally quieted, and I thought he was asleep until he whispered, “Can I please be a Richards if you adopt me.”

I smiled, “Yes, Oglethorpe Richards, or maybe Oglethorpe Archibald Richards, we could call you OAR.”

He giggled, “Very funny, I’d like to be Monty Thomas Richards.”

Well he blindsided me with that one, and my tears joined his. I managed to squeeze out, “I’d be honored.”

We hugged for a while, and then he made a dash for the bathroom. I heard the 12 year-old Niagara Falls imitation, the flush and he came back and stood indecisively, looking at my bed and the door. I lifted up the covers, inviting him back, and he covered the distance at Mach II, and was snuggled against me again.

Dad? I don’t understand.”

What, son?”

I’m not gay? I did stuff and I even got a boner looking at you, and after that you said…”

It can get really confusing. At your age, so many things are changing. A few years ago you got curious about another boy.”

No, he wanted to see mine. Then he felt it, and played with it, and it got hard. He then showed me his, and it was already stiff. He told me to feel it, and that was when his old man opened the door.” He sobbed.

I began gently rubbing his back. “I kind of thought that was how things happened. He was the curious one now I want you to just think about what happened. You went along, but it wasn’t even your idea. Now as time passes, you may find that girls really do interest you, and that is fine, but if you find that boys really interest you, that is fine too. I love you because of who you are in your heart. Something like being gay or straight will never affect that.”

Hmmmm.” He cuddled and drifted off to sleep.

Wow, I was in love with three boys. My heart soared as I joined Monty Thomas Richards in dreamland.

Suddenly my world was shifting and my body was covered with squirming giggling boys. Neal and Jimmy were attacking Monty and me, and my water bed was helping, by sloshing around like the Atlantic Ocean. Our only advantage was we were under the covers, that didn’t last very long, and soon all four of us were in a tangled mass. I tickled the foot in my face and Jimmy giggled, “Good morning Jimmy. I then slapped the butt on my chest and Neal squeaked, “Good morning Neal.” I saw Monty’s head pop up, and grinned at him, “Good morning, Ollie.”

And so began our day.

The remodeling was progressing, by the end of the week, the walls were done, and now it was the painting. They all went to work. I went to my office, where James was waiting for me with today’s schedule. I worked for about an hour, when Jim buzzed and said I had a call. I thought it might be Fred Clements.

Hello,” I said.

You need to know something about that boy you got.” An angry man’s voice said.

Good morning Mr. Gunther. I have been waiting for your call.” There was a stunned silence, so I continued. Which boy are you referring to? Oh, how silly you only are interested in the one who can prove your boy is homosexual. Oh yes and that you take advantage of nine-year-olds and look at them naked, even your own son.”

How dare you talk to me like that!” He began, but I cut him off.

Because I am correct. Besides, if you had checked into who you were talking to, you would realize you are one stupid son of a bitch.” I waited to see how he reacted to that. It wasn’t a long wait.

Stupid, am I. Well I got that little faggot out of my house, and have been trying to get him out of the county. I ain’t stoppin’ till I do.”

How very interesting; how will you do that? Scare me with your homophobic drivel? Threaten to expose him, and me?”

Exactly, I’ll expose you as a faggot lovin’ queer. I hate your kind; you think you are so much better than everyone. You aught to be shot dead and left for the buzzards.”

Thank you Mr. Gunther. Now I will tell you what is going to happen. You will make plans to leave this area. I would recommend at least 500 miles. You have just confessed to a hate crime, harassment, threatened murder, and child abuse. I will be keeping very close tabs on you. One wrong move, and your job may be phased out, then your wife’s. She would hate to lose her Job, at the plant. It will be hard to find a replacement. How is she going to react to the choice of staying with you, and losing Todd, or getting a promotion, a company car, and a college scholarship for Todd and Genny?”

You better check you position very well. If you decide to stay, you'd better be willing to be a nice honest citizen, or I will have you removed from our lives. You go find out who you are talking to. Ask your boss who signs his paycheck.” I smiled at the silence, yes, indeed, the sound of silence, beautiful.

Good day sir.” I hung up the phone. I then typed a few commands into the computer, and a CD was ejected with the conversation on it. I had two more copies burned.

I then buzzed Jim. “I’ll be going out for lunch.”

Yes, sir.”

I went into the boy’s suite, and they were ‘helping’. I think more paint was on them than the walls. Samuel was directing and doing the cut and trim. I told them I was going out, and should be back by dinner.

Twenty minutes later, I pulled into the plant. I was met inside by security. “May I help you?”

Yes, I need to see Mr. Williams.” I replied.

Do you have an appointment?”

Please tell him Tom Richards, the new owner, is here to see him.” I smiled, as I saw his change in attitude. I followed him into the office. He talked to a woman who picked up the phone, and began talking. I watched this woman; she looked stressed, and had a trace of gray.

Mr. Williams emerged from his office. He was in his mid fifties. The shock on his face intensified, when he realized his new boss was not twenty years older but twenty years younger. He quickly offered his hand. “It is so nice to meet you, Mr. Richards. Please come into my office.”

Once seated in his nicely furnished office, I began, “I need some help on a very delicate problem, Mr. Williams.” He nodded, not at all sure where this was going. “With the amount of work coming through, I’m surprised you have only one secretary.”

Mrs. Gunther is very efficient.” He defended.

Oh, yes, no doubt. I think she has been doing a very good job. As a matter of fact, I would like to increase her role. She has a very complete working knowledge of this entire operation. I was thinking that as your Administrative Assistant, she would bring more efficiency to your whole organization.”

Mr. Williams began to look a bit uncomfortable. “Ah, Mr. Richards. I tried something like that a couple of years ago and she wouldn’t hear of it. Her husband evidently stopped her.”

I am aware of the situation. I didn’t know you had tried, but at least I am relieved you are receptive to the idea. You see her husband is trying to interfere with a very important project of mine, and he may have to be dealt with harshly. I want to be sure; Mrs. Gunther and the two kids are safe and protected. I don’t want them hurt anymore, because he is an ass.”

Mr. Williams nodded. “How can I help?”

Actually, you already have. Now I would like to take Mrs. Gunther to lunch, and make her an offer. I’m pretty sure when we return, you will have your Administrative Assistant, and will need to add on some office space, and hire some more staff. I’ll have my contractor, Samuel, come by in a couple of days, and get things started.” I stood and shook his hand.

I left his office and stopped at Mrs. Gunther’s desk. “Hello, Mrs. Gunther. I have some business, I need your advice on, and would you be free for lunch?”

She was about to protest, when Mr. Williams joined in, “Go on, I can manage. Besides, This will be a good thing.”

Having no excuse, she gathered up her purse, and joined me. She was impressed that I was driving a van, not some flashy car. I asked her where a nice place for lunch was, and she directed me. We got a booth and ordered.

Mr. Richards, I am very curious about this meeting.” She said.

Well, there are several things I would like to do, but I need direction from you, as to how I can proceed. I guess this problem goes back three years, to a boy you were a foster parent for.” I began.

Oh my God, Hubert.” She gasped.

Yes. Did you know you husband has been stalking him, and getting him thrown out of every foster home he has been sent to since?” her gasp of shock was sufficient answer. “I didn’t think so. Now the young man is with me. Your husband just called me. Now I am not going to desert the boy. Your husband has made some threats, and those I will not ignore. My concern is for you, Todd and Genny.”

She was staring at me, wide eyed. “Now you need to decide where you stand. I have several options, I can use your husbands threats and have your home declared unsafe, and have the children removed,”

Oh, no, please no. Mr. Richards, not my children, please.”

Believe me, I am thinking of the children’s welfare, above all, yours and mine. I fear for Todd. From what I know, he might be gay, and when your husband figures that out, I am afraid he may hurt the boy. If you wish, I can make you independent and you can then protect the children.” I explained.

Even a divorce won’t work. He doesn’t make enough to pay support, and I don’t make enough to support them by myself.” She was close to tears.

Our lunches arrived, and looked very good. Mrs. Gunther just stared at her’s.

That leads to the next point. Mr. Williams needs an administrative assistant. The job pays quite well. You also get the use of a company vehicle, perhaps a minivan? There are several other perks I will throw in.” I took a bite of my Big Bubba (a half pound lean burger with all the fixin’s).

After eating a couple of her fries she asked, “How well does it pay?”

I think a base salary of fifty thousand a year, with a bonus based on company profits, that would be another twenty to thirty, judging by past numbers.” I tried to be very matter-of-fact about it. Her mouth dropped open, and she stared at me. I took another bite of burger. She gulped some iced tea. “Now I want to know how do I handle your husband?”

She thought a few moments, then a smile spread across her lips, and her eyes lit up. “With that income, I can take care of Todd and Genny.” She giggled. “I want to divorce the bastard.”

I grinned at her, “From my short conversation, and a bit of research, I believe you are making a sound decision.” I reached into my jacket pocket, and handed her papers Mr. Clemets had done, Divorce papers.

After reading them, she began eating. Between bites, “Way too nice to him.”

The object was to get him out of the picture, before he can get a piece of your good fortune. If he wants to think about it, hand him this set.” I handed her another set of papers.

Mr. Richards, these are commitment papers.”

Indeed. Mr. Clemets is quite clever. He has convinced a judge, that someone hounding a small boy is not stable. The Todd Gunther Independence Foundation will pay the bill.”

She looked stunned, “The TTTToooddddd ….”

I grinned, “Yeah, cool huh? I thought that was a real nice touch of irony. The TGIF has been set up for the purpose of seeing to the best interests of children, in particular Todd and Genny. This would fall into that category, as well as their College Tuition.”

Mrs. Gunther looked at me and began to quietly cry. I knew these were tears of joy. The waitress approached, with concern showing. I mouthed ‘good news’ and the waitress smiled and retreated.

After several minutes, she pulled herself back together. I had more, but let her finish her meal. As the situation had really sunk in, she smiled wider and wider.

When we finished, I left a $100 on the table, and we returned to the van. I drove to the car dealership. We looked at several minivans, and Mrs. Gunther was stunned when I chose the van with all the extras. I asked how long before it would be ready for delivery. The salesman said by the end of the day. I said great, and wrote a check for the van. Now it was his turn to be stunned. I was having such a good time.

On the way back to the plant, I told her. “Now for some final advice. Call the kids and have them pack for a trip. Have them put in anything that is special to them. Go home in your car, and load the kids stuff in the trunk. When your husband gets home, serve him the papers, them get in the car and go pick up the van. If he follows you don’t get the van. Come straight to Haven Farm, we’ll get the van later. I’ll be waiting for you. We have lots of room. School is out, so that won’t be a problem. You can stay with us until the situation with your husband is settled.”

I don’t know how to thank you.” She said, as we pulled into the plant parking lot.

Just get away from the ‘Bastard’ protect the kids, and then be happy.”

She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

End Note:

How will Monty react to Todd? How are all these boys going to get along? Is Tom totally insane? To find out the answers to these questions you have to keep reading.

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Editor's Note;

Looks like Tom has a good head on his shoulders. I think Tom and Jimmy may be soul mates. They each seem to have taken some rotten bastard and grabbed them by the balls, and squeezed till it really hurt.


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