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Chapter 13

Note to readers: This chapter contains characters from another story, 'FIRE' which is also written by me and posted on this website. I am trying to keep the continuity of both stories and to explain the events enough in each story so that it is not required to read both. However, the story will be richer if you are following both.


Neal, Patrick and Jimmy gave Andy a quick tour on the way to his room. Once there, Neal showed him the private bathroom and told him that breakfast was at seven every morning. Neal and Pat left, but Jimmy held back. Andy noticed him still standing there. "You're Jimmy, right?"

A huge smile brightened Jimmy's face. "Wow, you remembered."

Andy grinned, "I've always been able to remember names pretty well. I've seen you guys at Scouts. It is really nice of your Dad to let us stay here. I just realized something; I've been pretty lucky, I've been homeless twice this year, and found really neat people each time."

"Yeah, I got away from my old man and was hitching around for a year, then Neal and Dad found me and brought me here to live." Jimmy said.

"You hitched for a year? Damn, how'd you do that? I mean you had to buy food and...Oh, man, I'm sorry." Andy realized what Jimmy had been forced to do for that year on the road.

"It's okay, Andy, everybody here knows and it doesn't bother them or me." Jimmy said.

"Wow, that is amazing. I mean they took you in and knew about that. I mean if my first Dad knew I did anything with a guy, he would have had a fit and who knows what he would have done." Andy said.

"Yeah, my real old man used to beat the shit out of me, and after he killed my Mom, he made me do stuff to him. I got even with the bastard, though." Jimmy said.

"Your father did stuff to you? What did you do?" Andy asked.

"Well, he made me suck him a lot, then one night he beat me up, and then fucked me." Jimmy said, matter of factly.

"Jeez, man I...What did you do to get even?"

"I'm gettin' ta that. After I woke up, I packed a few things and went in and crushed the bastard’s nuts, then ran like hell. The Arkansas Murder Detective said they had to cut his balls off and the prisoners were fucking him but good."

"Wow. Remind me not to mess with you."

"I might not mind."


"Never mind. We got you some clothes and stuff, in the dresser and closet. Dad said to let him know if you need anything special and he will see to it. My room is right next door, if you want anything." Jimmy managed to say in one breath.

Andy looked in a couple of drawers then opened the closet door. There was a brand new Scout uniform. "You guys did that? Oh, man." He went and opened his suitcase. "Look, I hid this cause they would have made fun of me." Andy's merit badge sash unrolled from his hand. "Dad got all the badges and sewed them on straight and everything, now you guys replaced my uniform, again. Man." Andy sat on the bed and cried.

Jimmy went and hugged Andy, "It's okay. You've been through so much. I'm happy you can be with us for awhile."

Andy hugged Jimmy back. Somehow he felt it was right. Just then Max bounded into the room and jumped onto the bed. He licked both boys before they could release each other. Jimmy giggled, "I think he likes me."

Andy thought he felt approval from Max, weird, but there nonetheless.

Jack then bounced in and up on the bed and did a lick attack on Andy. Monty, who was walking carefully, so as to not cause too much movement of a certain body part, stuck his head in the door, "Jack! Off, Andy!"

Jimmy didn't realize that he said, aloud, "God, I'd love too."

Andy heard that but was to busy trying to dodge Jack's rapid fire tongue to make any response.

Once Monty picked up Jack, Andy recovered. "You're Monty, right?"

"Oh, God! Yes, I did it thirteen times and no I didn't use lube." Monty walked out without another word.

"What? Did what thirteen times? Lube? Jimmy, what is he talking about?" Andy asked.

"Well for his Thirteenth Birthday a week ago Saturday, Patty helped him jack off thirteen times." Jimmy explained.

"Patty, a girl? Crap! What did her parents do? What did your Dad do?" Andy wanted to know.



"Well, they got 'The Talk.' 'Philip' made all of us listen, said we should learn something." Jimmy said.

"Did you?"

"Yeah, some new words and that we had better not get caught pregnant. Like there's any chance of that."

"Sure. Wow! You guys have got it so good here!" Andy said.

"Yeah, and now you get to share it too." Jimmy gave Andy a quick hug and left.

Down the hall, the twins were unpacking and Brian was helping. Travis had packed all his birthday presents Brian really liked the statue. They put it on top of the dresser so it could be seen from anywhere in the room. The three boys hit it off great and Mitch was kind of surprised he didn't feel at all jealous of Brian. He just was happy that Travis had a friend.

The plane model kit Travis unpacked caught Brian's eye. "Hey I've seen this plane; Mr. Frank has a model of it in his office out in the stable. F4U Corsair, best fighter plane in World War II. This is cool. When you get it done you'll have to show Mr. Frank."

"Who is Mr. Frank?" The twins said in unison.

Brian giggled, "You guys are funny. Mr. Frank is the Stable Master. He takes care of the horses and gives us riding lessons. He is also our Physical Education teacher for home school."

Mitch said, "Oh, cool. Dad said we were going to start doing school here with you guys. This is so cool."

Neal stuck his head into the room, “Guys, ice cream and cookies in the dining room!"

There was a stampede to the dining room. Once everyone was seated and digging, in Tom stood, getting everyone's attention. "I want to welcome our guests. You only get guest status when you first arrive. Tomorrow, you are on your own." There were jeers and "DAAADDDD"s and he waited for quiet again.

"Andy, Mitch and Travis, tomorrow is a school day and we will get you started. School is right after breakfast at eight o'clock. We do it quite differently here. Classes run until noon then lunch then there is study time where the teachers are available if you need help, or you can study together. At three, school is officially over and the rest of the day is yours. Dinner is at six o'clock and we expect clean faces and hands at the table." Tom explained.

Doc leaned over to Lee and whispered, "We expect it, but seldom get it."

"Dad, don't they have to follow 'The Rules'?" Neal asked.

"Good point, Neal." Tom made an imaginary mark for Neal. "Why don't you tell them, since you remembered?"

"Sure. Keep your stuff reasonably neat and clean, help with chores; go to school and most important of all, never lie.” Neal beamed. "See I do remember them."

Dr. Leo said, rolling his eyes, "Yes, if you would only obey them."

Andy then asked, "So, ah, what happens if you break a rule?"

Monty answered, "Well, it's kind of like Scouts. First you got to apologize, then make it right, then try again, the right way."

"Also like Scouts, we don't expect you to be perfect, just to honestly do your best." Tom explained. "An honest mistake is easily forgiven; a lie breaks the trust and takes a long time to rebuild."

"Love, and understanding are what we believe in. Help each other always and try to never hurt, even in a joke. If you have a question, ask. We will never get angry at you for asking a question." Leo added.

Neal told a couple of stories on himself and how after putting Ben-Gay on some toilet seats, he had to clean every toilet in Haven, All 219 of them.

Everyone laughed. When they were through, Tom told them he expected them in bed in about an hour. All the kids went back to their suite, some to their rooms and some to play games in the common room.

The adults drifted off too. Tom and Leo said their good nights and headed for some alone time together. Lee and Linda found a cozy corner in the den and Martha and Nick went to the game room. "Martha? I was so devastated when I thought I had lost you. I don't ever want to have that feeling again. I can only think of one way to insure that doesn't happen again." Nick got on one knee in front of her and opened a small box; he offered her a simple solitaire diamond ring, "Martha, would you do me the honor of being my wife?"

Martha stared at the ring and the beautiful man who was offering it. "Oh, Nicky, Nicky, Nicky." Tears came to her eyes and she realized she didn't want a life without him in it. She held out her finger and Nick slipped the ring on it.

It certainly wasn't a "two bit ring from a Cracker Back Jox."

Later that night, Andy woke up, he heard a noise. He listened real close and it sounded like Jimmy was crying. He got up and pulled on his cargo shorts and strapped on his foot. He carefully moved out of his room, next door. Sure enough, those were sobs. He tried the door and it was open. He went in and sat on the bed and gently rubbed Jimmy's back.

Jimmy froze in mid sob, then turned slowly to see who had caught him crying like a baby. "Andy." Jimmy was crushed. He had wanted to impress Andy, he tried to seduce him and had all but thrown himself naked at his feet. Then he had been rejected, and now this. He started crying all over again.

Andy reached down and pulled Jimmy to him in a warm hug. He rocked him back and forth until he settled down and regained his composure. "Hey little guy, It's going to be okay. You want to talk about it?"

"You won't understand," Jimmy sobbed. It wouldn't be okay, it was all screwed up, he was all screwed up. How could he confess his feelings to this big guy? Andy hadn't followed up on any of his invitations. Now this wonderful boy-man was holding him and caring for him. He didn't understand, he just wished he could stay like this and that Andy really cared for him, he knew it was a dream that just couldn't come true.

Andy just held him for a long time, until Jimmy's sobs quieted. "If I don't understand, you could explain it."

Jimmy's heart fell; well he might as well just say it and get it over with. "I'm just a worthless faggot." He started the sobs again and never looked up. If Andy hadn't been holding him he would have curled himself into a ball.

"That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." Andy told him calmly.

"But, you...I mean...you didn't...oh crap." Jimmy felt like the world was turning up-side-down.

"Jimmy, I'm lost here, and I don't even have a compass. Want to give me a hint I can understand? Please." Andy asked.

"You hate me now, don't you?" Jimmy asked, dejectedly. A great guy like Andy would hate fags.

"No. Why would I hate you? We just met tonight, really, other than seeing each other at Scouts." Andy said.

"Did Matt tell you?" Jimmy's heart was breaking thinking Matt had told about him, all the Scouts probably knew he sucked dicks and liked being fucked. He'd never go to another meeting; he couldn't face them if they knew.

"Matt? Matt Little? He hasn't said anything. What could he say bad about you?" Andy asked.

"Oh shit." Matt hadn't told. So now what to do? "I can't tell you, Andy." Jimmy felt tears start again.

"Okay. How about I go lock the door and then sleep here. Would that help?" Andy offered.

"Really? Yeah, would you?" Maybe Andy would do stuff. Jimmy really wanted to play. It had been quite awhile since he had a nice big cock to play with. He and Neal would do stuff and that was great but Neal was still little like he was and couldn't shoot yet. It just wasn't the same. Andy was old and he could probably shoot quarts, at least he hoped so.

In answer, Andy got up, clicked the lock and came back to the bed. He sat on the bed and removed his foot then got under the covers.

"You sleep in your pants?" Jimmy asked, disappointed.

"Well, not usually, but I don't have any underwear on." Andy admitted.

"So? Neither do I" Jimmy said. His wood popping up.



"Nothing?" Andy kind of squeaked.

"Yup." Jimmy replied. Suddenly feeling very aware of his nakedness and liking it.

Andy felt his wood return with a vengeance, and it really wasn't comfortable in the coarse confines covering his cute crotch, causing cramps in his cock he couldn't conceal completely. Cautiously circumventing certain catastrophe he covertly cradled his concealed cargo causing considerable consternation when he was unable to completely correct the concern. {Cripes! Coming up with a continuing cascade of continuous cute c-words crapped-out.} (Congratulations, I couldn't have come close to coming up with the capacious continuing crate of captivating conversation consisting of carefully concocted c- words, myself)

"Andy? Why don't you cast off those cargoes completely then come ‘ere and get comfy."

"Cripes" Andy said quickly removing the offending garment. Then he lay back down with the covers tenting quite dramatically.

In the dim light Jimmy was checking it out. It was even better than he had hoped, Andy was hard, that was a good sign and judging by the height of the tent he was pretty big too. "Oh man, Andy. That sure looks nice."

"Jimmy," Andy whined.

"Well it does, and I've seen a lot of 'em." Jimmy shifted closer, remembering a parade of cocks that he had indeed seen and experienced. Andy's looked about perfect to him. "Course if I could touch it I could tell better."

"Oh God, Jimmy. What am I supposed to do? I mean I'm like sixteen and you're eleven. We shouldn't, should we?" Andy was really confused by logical thoughts and raging hormones and a very demanding pole.

"It's okay as long as neither one of us forces the other to do anything." Jimmy said. He was almost drooling and his little butt was feeling very empty right now. Relief was just inches away...

"I wouldn't force you to do anything." Andy said, and turned to face Jimmy.

Jimmy moved into Andy's arms and cuddled close. He felt his boner against Andy's warm stomach and he felt Andy's hot hardness against his thigh. Jimmy's heart beat faster, "You going to do me?" There was a pleading chord in that question.

"No, It's not that I don't want to, you can tell that, but we just met, and I just don't feel that now is the right time." Andy gave Jimmy a hug and kissed his forehead.

Jimmy tightened his hug, 'Not the right time!? Oh God, I'm going to explode!' he thought. Slowly the words sank in, he wanted to, but the time wasn't right. Maybe Andy really did care, and about more than just getting off in Jimmy's mouth or ass. Could this be real? Jimmy then relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

At six twelve, a buzz sounded, like an alarm clock, or a huge bumble bee, and woke the boys. They were soon aware that wet dreams had them kind of stuck on each other, so to speak. Andy kissed Jimmy and then Jimmy kissed Andy. Reluctantly, Andy got up grabbing his cargo pants and putting on his foot and then slipped back to his room. Jimmy had watched every move and had feelings he had never had before not even with Matt last summer. Andy had just, like, loved him. In the bathroom he saw the wet and dry cum covering his stomach, tool and thighs, it sure seemed like an awfully large amount. He couldn't resist and tasted it. There was a different taste to the stuff on his belly and his thighs. Hmmmm. He didn't understand his tears as he took a shower and got ready for the day.

At breakfast, Lee noticed Martha was unusually quiet. At first, he thought maybe she was unhappy because someone else was cooking. But what about scrambled eggs, bacon and toast could you be unhappy with? Then as he watched, she stared at her plate, no, not her plate, her hand, and the diamond ring on it. "What?!"

Everyone turned and looked at Lee.

"Sorry. Martha, is that..."

"Yes! Nick proposed last night and I said, yes!" Martha showed everyone her ring. Alice, Linda and Pat (with boobs) were all making a big deal about it. The boys looked on, thinking, 'girls!'

After breakfast, the kids went to 'school' Tom was up in his office when Jim came in, "Morning Tom, Fred just came in the gate."

"I'll go down and let him in." Tom got up and went to the front door. As he passed the 'school' rooms he could tell the kids were pretty wound up for the holidays. He wondered if having any kind of classes was really worthwhile.

Fred was all bundled up when he came in. "It's all of sixteen degrees out there, and windy."

Tom smiled, "I wouldn't know, I've been inside and toasty warm."

"You should be ashamed of yourself" Fred said.

"But I'm not." Tom led the way back to his office.

Fred observed as they passed the library, "Remember the 'Good Old Days when we met in there?"

"Oh yeah, search warrants, Sergeant Sniffer...Yeah, I remember." Tom said.

Fred laughed. When they got into Tom's office Fred closed the door. "We have decisions to make; Principal Sooker wants to split his hearing and trial away from the Chairman of the Board of Education. That would mean we'd have to present the evidence twice."

"I can see where Sooker would want to put distance between himself and Fastaff, but is there an advantage for us?" Tom asked.

"Not really, We have a better chance of burying them both together. Separately, Sooker will get off easier, because he can make the School Board the bad guys for setting such an unreasonable policy." Fred explained.

"When I think about how he acted that day, I really want to see him...well out of the school at the very minimum." Tom said.

"Okay, I think we can stop that, but now the bad news, Fastaff's attorney has petitioned to have the judge recused, she is citing how he handled the sheriff and since this case involves the sheriff's first cousin and third cousin..." Fred told his friend.

"Are there any branches on that family tree?" Tom observed.

"Not many. The Sookers were old money, but the last couple of generations have pretty much blown it all. Now our friend William has only the money he earns. Unfortunately, he's still an asshole." Fred said.

"If he wasn't, I'd let him off the hook, but I want to see him brought down. To leave him where he can damage more kids is just not acceptable." Tom told his friend.

Fred took out a paper, "Sooker's insurance is offering one hundred thousand dollars to settle out of court."

Tom countered with, "Ten million per boy, and Sooker's signed resignation from the school system."

Fred laughed saying, "The insurance cap is a million."

Tom just grinned. "'Philip' told me that, so I think it is fair."

"Who is 'Philip'?" Fred asked.

The screen on Tom's computer came to life and 'Philip' introduced himself.

They all agreed on the counter offer and that they really wanted the last part, Sooker's resignation.

"Well, we're on the same track there." Fred was interrupted by a knock on the door. Sheriff Eric Henry entered, carrying a small metal suitcase.

Hey Tom, Fred. I just spoke with Leo; we need him in an official capacity. The Jail burned last night and our 'suspect' did not survive. It appears he was trying to commit suicide, and managed to burn down my nice comfortable Jail. No one else was being held so he was the only fatality."

"I suppose that's good. Have you told Lee? He should be around somewhere."

"Yeah, he and Linda were with Leo."

Tom smiled, "Well, I guess that saves the State the cost of a trial. What's in the case?" He pointed to the suitcase.

"You're not going to believe this. Look what we found in Sergeant Shifly's old office.” Eric held up the aluminum attaché case.

What is it, Eric?”

(Wait for it)

(It's worth it.)

(Trust me.)

Eric opened the case and used, boys' underwear spilled onto the table, “It's his BRIEF CASE.” [TSL says it is about time it only took a year for this joke ;)]

The adults laughed. Tom filled Eric in on the school board case. They discussed the pros and cons of each possible course of action. When they had decided what to do, it was almost lunch time. Eric declined the invite to stay but Fred was glad to accept. The Dining room was full, since a good number of the students and teachers stayed for lunch, rather than going home.

Tom noticed that Lee was sitting at the table the teachers had claimed as their own. All the teachers were listening to something he said. There wasn't room at that table for Tom and Fred so they sat at the head of the 'family' table. The kids left about three spaces empty between them and the adults.

"We must smell; they won't get close to us." Fred remarked.

"That's not a bad thing." Tom said, smiling.

"It looks like they are planning something." Fred observed.

"Probably, but ignorance is bliss, and I feel blissful today." Tom replied.

"You may feel differently tomorrow; Neal seems to be the ringleader."

"Honest, Fred, I don't want to know. 'Philip' says he is keeping an eye on them. My life is in his hands." Tom said.

"Yeah, right. Tom, computers don't have hands."

"Fred, you are ruining my appetite."

After Lunch, Fred left to file his motions to the court for the upcoming trial.

Tom found Lee, Linda and Martha in the den. The rest of the house seemed unnaturally quiet. "Sure is quiet around here." Tom commented.

The twins and the little guys, David and Moe, I think went upstairs and the rest disappeared towards the other section of the house." Lee told Tom.

Tom asked, "'Phillip', are you watching them?"

'Of course, sir. They are no trouble at all.'

To the other adults he said, "I was going to run over to the mall and do my last minute shopping, would any of you like to come along?"

Linda said she had better get back to her office. Martha and Lee agreed to come along.

At five o'clock, Moe, David and the twins joined the rest of the kids in the banquet room. They had set up the tables like they did at thanksgiving. The big tree there had what looked like one hundred presents below it. There was a name on each present. The kids were putting name cards around at each place at the table.

At six o'clock, 'Philip' told them to get washed up as the adults were on the way home and dinner would be in just a few more minutes.

On the road outside Haven Manor, a car and van approached. The car suddenly slammed on its brakes and the van just narrowly missed rear-ending it.

Tom threw the van into park, and jumped out running up to the car. The driver got out and stood there in shock. "Leo! What the Hell is the matter?" Tom nearly screamed at his lover.

Leo raised his hand and pointed at Haven Manor, "Look...At...The...Hoooouuuuussssseeeee!"

Lee and Martha had joined them.

"Oh, My God!" they said, in unison.

Haven Manor looked like the biggest whore house in Texas (or Pennsylvania, as the case may be).

There was a menorah in each window filled with all red flashing lights.

Tom mumbled, "I had no idea it would look like that."

Leo looked at Tom then back at the house, "How did you find so many menorahs and all those red lights."

"A store at the mall had the menorahs and they found the bulbs and I just thought they would be white."

"Was this Moe's idea?" Leo asked.

"Yes, he was so excited. He'll be crushed if we just go in and unplug them all." Tom said.

Martha said, "We just have to have a bunch burn out and replace them with anything but red."

Leo said, "I'm going down to the hardware and buy every non red light they have. I'll be a little late for dinner." Leo got back in his car and sped away.

Tom, Lee and Martha got back in the van and were soon home. 'Thomas, don't you dare scold that child,' 'Philip' said as they entered the foyer.

"I wouldn't dream of it. He did that out of love for Leo. I am so proud of him for thinking of that. And if it wasn't for the red lights, it would have been the perfect present." Tom told 'Philip'.

'I'm glad the cameras have such high resolution even in dim lighting, the looks on your faces were priceless.'

"How could you let him do that?"

'He was so excited, and I just couldn't burst his bubble of happiness. Besides, I always wanted to work in a whore house.'

Lee and Martha laughed.

Tom said, "Well now we go praise Moe on a job well done."

Lee giggled, "Okay, we just have to keep a straight face."

"You better!" Martha said poking Lee in the ribs.

When they entered the dining room all the kids were waiting.

Tom said, "Daddy Doc will be along soon. Moe that is quite an impressive display. I'm sure Daddy Doc will be surprised when he sees it."

Martha poked him in the ribs, and then added, "Very touching to do something like that. I hardly know you and I am overwhelmed with the love that shows."

The Twins piped up in unison, "We helped."

Lee praised, "Wow that is very touching. I'm proud of you guys too."

David raised his hand, "Me, too! I helped!"

"Well, I'm glad you did, too." Tom told the excited David. Tom thought how these Boys just soaked up even the slightest praise. He was certainly happy to supply it.

The others were looking on, totally lost. Lee noticed the blank looks, "It seems that Moe here planned a surprise for Dr. Turnman. Haven Manor has a fully lighted menorah in every front window."

Andy still looked blank, "A what?"

Jimmy poked him, "A menorah, it's a Jewish candle holder they use for Hanukkah."

Andy wasn't enlightened, "What's Hanukkah?"

Martha stepped into the conversation, "Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday and Dr. Turnman is Jewish so Moe made this surprise for him."

"Oh, okay. I never knew a Jew before." Andy said.

Lee said, "Didn't know a Muslim either."

"A Muslim? Who?" Andy asked.

"Me." Moe told him.

"Way kewl." Andy said and went back to eating.

When Daddy Doc arrived he went right to Moe and gave him a big hug. "That is one impressive surprise. I could see it as I came down the road. Thank you, Moe. It means the world to me that you would do that."

Moe blushed, "I had help. David, Mitch and Travis, oh, and Dad bought them, of course."

"Thanks guys, that is really neat. But Moe it was your idea and I really love it." Daddy Doc hugged his little buddy.

After dinner Daddy Doc went in search of Moe. He found him in his room reading a thick book. Knocking on the open door he asked to come in.

Moe looked up, "Oh sure, come in." Moe put a book mark in the book and closed it.

"I want to talk to you about the menorahs." Daddy doc began.

Moe grinned then noticed how serious Daddy Doc was. "I did something wrong? I'm sorry I didn't mean to."

"Whoa! You did nothing wrong. I love it. There are just a couple of things you don't understand and I want to clear that up. Okay?"

"Ah, sure." Moe agreed.

"Okay, there are nine candles on the menorah. One is to light the other candles and represents the eternal light of the temple. Then there is a candle added each night to represent the days of the miracle. So tonight is the fifth night..."

"I get it, so that top one should be on and five of the others. And tomorrow night six of the others." Moe said.

"Yes, that's right. So tomorrow, leave two of them unscrewed. The other thing is we need more color. The tradition is all white or various colors. The all red also has a meaning that isn't very nice, so I got a bunch of different colored bulbs for you. I want your present to me to be perfect since it came from a perfect love." Daddy Doc had tears in his eyes as he hugged Moe. They shared several minutes in that embrace.

When they recovered, Daddy Doc noticed the book Moe had been looking at was a Bible. "So, what were you reading?"

"Well, I was looking for Hanukkah and wasn't having any luck." Moe lamented.

"Well, that's because it isn't in there. It can be found in what we call the Talmud. I think I have an English translation somewhere at my Grand Dad's house. I'm going to bring him here for the big Christmas feast, and I'll bring it back too."

"Your Grand Dad is still alive?"

"He's eighty six and going strong. He lives in Pleasant Oaks the assisted living home. He loves it there; three meals cooked for him every day and no worries about repairs and such." Leo said.

"Wow, I'd like to meet him. I never had a Grandfather."

"Well you can certainly share mine. Doctor Saul Turnman sure loves all his Grandkids and I know he'll love you too."


Author's Notes:

Well that wraps up another chapter. Life sure is interesting with so many boys around. We know what the boys were doing all day but to find out about Lee and Martha read Chapter 13 of FIRE. Moe's surprise was certainly that. I hope my explanation of the menorah is correct. I remembered that from one of my Jewish friends when I was growing up. {Yes, that long ago.}

We are moving closer to Christmas and there are some real gifts in store.

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