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Haven II

Chapter 14

Author's Note:

Special thanks to Darryl, AKA Radio Rancher for his huge amount help in writing and editing this story.

After dinner, Brian showed Travis and Mitch the games the kids had and the three of them had a great time playing them. When more and more of the other kids showed up and the room was getting a little crowded, they went down to Brian's bedroom. He had a 'Parcheesi' game and they sat on the Queen Size bed and had a great time. Tom and Lee found them there at nine o'clock.

Tom smiled as he watched Brian. "I haven't seen him actually look that perfectly happy before. He was so upset when we thought you all had been lost."

"Travis is glowing too. He had so little before and now he has found a twin and a friend he didn't even know he had." Lee was smiling too.

Tom knocked on the door frame and the three boys looked up at him. "Okay guys, time to finish up and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is the last day of school before the holiday so 'Philip' will get you up for breakfast."

Mitch looked at Lee and asked, "Dad, could we sleep over with Brian?"

Lee looked at Tom who nodded. "Well, just remember you have to go all the way back to your room to get dressed in the morning..."

"Dddaaaaadddddd!" Mitch and Travis said, together.

"Maybe this 'Philip' person had better get you up extra early." Lee laughed and went and gave both boys a big hug and gentle kiss.

Tom gave Brian a hug and kiss too. He patted Mitch and Travis and the men left and Tom closed the door. "I believe those boys are just the right medicine for each other."

"I think you're right about that," Lee agreed.

They continued up the hall saying their good nights. Andy was in bed and reading. He gave Lee a big hug and motioned Tom over to him, and hugged him too. He whispered, "Thank you very much for the uniform; I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me."

Tom hugged Andy back, "You're welcome, Andy." That must have been really special for a kid to actually thank him.

Once outside the room, Lee asked Tom, "So what was that all about?"

"I replaced the boys' Scout Uniforms. Andy just thanked me for it."

Lee smiled, "Scouts means so much to him. I redid his Merit Badge Sash and he carries it around all the time. He took it with him on the trip."

"I'm glad I passed on replacing it then," Tom said.

The two men continued on, saying good nights as they went.

Brian soon won the 'Parcheesi' game and Travis and Mitch pledged revenge the next time they played. "Maybe we could play 'Strip Parcheesi.'" Brian said.

"No way goof-ball, that'd take all week!" Travis replied and a tickling match soon resulted. When they were done, Brian then asked, "You guys need to go get PJ's or anything?"

The twins looked at each other and blushed. Travis said, hesitantly, "We don't sleep in PJ's." He then managed, "We could sleep in our briefs if that would make you feel better."

Brian's heart skipped a beat. He thought everyone but he slept in pajamas or their underwear. Sheepishly he said, "Don't bother on my account I usually don't wear anything either." He had had to sleep almost dressed, in Juvy because he never knew what would happen during the night. The more dressed you were the less you got picked on like being dumped outside. That only has to happen one time to you and you don't sleep naked anymore. Now he felt that sleeping that way was the best. No one here would do something like that to you. And besides it felt so nice...

They started undressing and Mitch asked Brian to open the door a little so Ginger could find him. So Brian turned out the light, opened the door a crack, stripped off his briefs and climbed into bed. They soon had themselves arranged.

"Wow guys, this is so kewl. I kind of feel like I have two new best friends. Thanks." Brian said.

"Well, that's because you do, silly."

Mitch on Brian's left side and Travis on his right both cuddled close and hugged and kissed Brian. Just before they drifted off, the door pushed open enough for Ginger and Max to come in. They jumped up on the bed and both sniffed the new bed-partner and seemed to approve as Max snuggled up to Travis, and Ginger did the same to Mitch.


Down the hall, Andy had just finished jerking off into his sock when there was a light tapping on the door. He quickly tossed the sock towards the corner where his dirty clothes were, pulled the covers up and then said, "Come in."

The door opened and Jimmy came in. "Hi."

"Hi, what's the problem, little guy?" Andy asked.

"I, ah...ah...well...ah..." Jimmy began.

Andy sat up and patted the bed next to him. Like a bolt Jimmy shed his robe and climbed into the bed next to Andy. "I was afraid you wouldn't like me today."

Andy felt so lost, he took a deep breath then answered, "Jimmy, whatever would make you think that? Of course I still like you. You haven't done anything I don't like."

"Really? Thanks." Jimmy then snuggled up to Andy, relieved that he hadn't done something bad to scare Andy away and went right to sleep.

Andy lay awake for a long time trying to figure all this out.


When Tom and Lee returned downstairs, Fred Clemets was there with Martha, Ed, and Alice. "Now that everyone is here, we need to discuss tomorrow. The game plan is for us to present our basic case and then they will present the motion to dismiss and when the judge stops laughing they will get on with the plea and a date for the trial will be set.

Tom asked, "Will we need Neal and Adam tomorrow?"

"No, this is just legal posturing and saber rattling. You'll get plenty pissed at what they say. They'll be hoping to get you to mouth-off and support their case that you are just a hot head out for a buck." Fred answered.

Protests erupted from everyone in the room except Tom who was laughing. "Like the Grand Jury thing all over again. Hasn't their lawyer done any research?"

"Oh, I'm sure she has, just her information might be dated. For some odd reason, you still show up as a struggling accountant, in a computer search and not as sole owner of Haven Enterprises." Fred commented.

"That doesn't have anything to do with the case, so why does it matter?" Tom asked.

"It shouldn't, but I'll bet it becomes the major issue. If she does know, it will be a matter of you throwing your weight around and trying to crush the little guys. That leads me to the real reason for the visit, I need a signature so a foundation can be established to help abused and abandoned children. Basically any monetary settlement will go there and must be spent to benefit children."

After some more discussion, they all agreed this was a great plan and the evening ended.


Later when they were in bed, Leo was a bit tense. "What's the matter?" Tom asked.

"That autopsy today was pretty strange. This guy was extremely fat and that always makes things messy, but he didn't go real quick and evacuated his bowels, so he had a 'really shitty dumb ass'.1 Then I had to try to figure it out. This guy called himself a doctor, but if he really was, he didn't learn much from school. I think he tried to hang himself and that set off a whole string to events that is really kind of funny. He was so heavy he pulled the light fixture out of the ceiling; that shorted the wires electrocuting him and starting the fire, the fire burned the gauze he was hanging from and he fell, striking his head on the bed frame, then the sprinklers went off and eventually filled the area with six inches of water."

"Jeez, and you had to figure which one of those things killed him?"

"Actually, it wasn't any of those. He was very obese and had advanced coronary disease, He died of a heart attach, well that and just plain stupidity." Dr. Turnman stated.

'Heart attack!?! That's not fair, after I figured odds on each possibility based on the video.'

"'Philip', you have a video? Why didn't you tell us?" Tom asked.

'You should know by now that I have to be asked these things.'

Leo said, as he hugged his lover, "I believe he is as bad as the boys."

"Worse, I'm pretty sure he is behind some of their shenanigans."

The image of an angel appeared on the plasma screen, getting a chuckle out of both of them.


After breakfast, the kids went to class and Tom left for the Court and Lee left on an errand of his own.

Tom entered the familiar courtroom, only he was sitting on the other side this time. A different Judge entered the court and sat on the bench. The Bailiff announced Civil Court of Paulley County is now is session, Judge J. Fredrick Clements, Jr. now presiding. {TSL is now crying uncontrollably and throws hands in air and says I QUIT}{No, not yet, there is more later...}

The Judge looked over at the defendants, Judge Kelper voluntarily recused himself when he found out I was available to substitute, since the State Supreme Court is not currently in session, so your motion to disqualify is dismissed. Ms. Pason, I hope you have improved your skills since law school." He turned to Fred, "Still chasing ambulances, Fred?"

"Yes your Honor, catch one occasionally too." Fred answered.

"Very well, Mr. Clemets, please present your case, And do try to not giggle this time." Judge Clements was letting both sides know he remembered them quite well from law school where he had been one of their professors. Ms. Merry Pason had been two years behind Fred so they didn't know each other.

When Fred concluded, the judge looked over at the defense, "There are some pretty serious charges here. I understand the DA is looking into criminal charges also?"

Ms. Pason stood. "Your Honor, Since no criminal charges have been filed, it lends support to our motion to dismiss for lack evidence."

"Ms. Pason, that wasn't even worthy of a first year law student. Motion denied. As are the rest. Since Christmas is upon us, we will begin trial on January 3 of next year. I do hope you will be ready at that time."

Both sides agreed and it was over. On the way out of the court room Fred said to Tom, "Oh, this is even better than I could have hoped for. Judge Clements was one of my father's partners before I was even born. A more fair man you couldn't ask for, but he doesn't brook any fools."


Tom stopped at the mailbox on the way home. He was very pleased to be home in time for lunch and to wish all the kids a Merry Christmas. There was a package in the Mailbox addressed to Adam. It was from Dr. Kelly Deforest's office, it must be Adam's prescription contact lenses. There was also a letter from the Gregory's, the folks he and Neal had met on the trip out here.2

Tom was just in time to wish the kids that went home for lunch a Merry Christmas and then go into the dining room for lunch. He spotted Adam and went over to him. "Adam, I have something for you. Why don't you go put those away before eating?"

"Daaaddddd," then he looked at the box. "Oh, way KEWL! I'll be right back."

Adam went running out of the dining room and returned before everyone was through the line. He wasn't wearing his thick glasses. He ran up to Tom and gave him a big hug, These are so clear, Much better than with the glasses. Thanks Dad, I love you."

As lunch finished up, Tom stood and wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Everyone cheered and Haven Home School was officially closed for Christmas.

Tom went to his office to see if there was anything that needed his attention. He opened the letter from the Gregory's.

Dear Tom,

We will be in your area shortly after Christmas, and would like to stop and see you and Neal. Please do not feel obligated if you have other plans. Let us know if it would be okay, (610) 555 3268.

Your friends,

Becky and John Gregory

He hadn't thought about them since arriving. They sure would be surprised by the crowd he had now. Just as he picked up the phone there was a knock at the door. Andy came in and sat down, but then didn't say anything just blushed. Tom thought about all the times this had happened before. He wondered what kind if sex advice he was going to be asked this time.

Finally Andy took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Richards, you know Jimmy better than I do..."

Tom nodded to encourage Andy. He had learned to not put words in the boy's mouth because that's how you got your fingers bitten.

"Well, sir, ah, I'm sort of confused; I don't know how to talk about this..."

"I know it can be very difficult to talk to adults about sex," Andy nodded, letting Tom know he was on the right track, "and yes I know about Jimmy." Tom said.

"Okay, that's good. What am I supposed to do?" Andy pleaded.

"Andy, that is a question that only you can answer. All I can tell you is that Jimmy was very badly abused and after a time, came to like and kind of need some of that kind of thing. He has done some things with other boys. So I guess it depends a lot on how you feel about it."

"If we did do something together, what would happen?" Andy asked.

"Well, that depends, as long as both of you are willing and no one is forcing anything, then nothing. If someone is being forced, then all Hell will break loose." Tom said.

"Oh, I would never force anything, sir."

Tom patted Andy on the knee, "I know that, if you were the kind to force things, you wouldn't be here right now, would you? But if you are feeling pressure from Jimmy, I want to know."

"Oh, no sir...I mean, yes, ah...Well, I really don't know what I mean, I want to, but then there's the age thing..."

"Ah, well, There again, that depends on how you feel about it. Right now, five years is a lot, but as you get older, that difference becomes less and less of an issue, and even legally goes away completely, after Jimmy is eighteen." Tom wondered just how much he should tell Andy. Evidently Jimmy had told him some, so maybe he just needed to keep an eye open and see where things went. He knew Jimmy needed the attention; he just hoped Andy could provide the love that Jimmy needed, to go with it. He was willing to bet he could, by the concerned look on his face.

"Well, thanks for talking with me, it really helped." Andy left much faster than he entered.

Tom watched Andy's retreat, then picked up the phone and dialed the number.

'Hello, Gregory residence.' a sweet feminine voice said.

"Hello, I'm Tom Richards."

'Oh, yeah! The guy from the hotel! It's me, Denise!'

"Hi, Denise. How did the first semester of college go?" Tom inquired.

'So super kewl. I got a 4.0 and had a great time too. Mom and Dad are so proud of me.' she was nearly bubbling with excitement.

"That's great. I had to work real hard for my grades and didn't get to have a real good time. Course I was working my way through and that changes a lot of things. Your parents have every right to be very proud of you." Tom told her.

'Thanks Mr. Richards, Here's Mom, before she kills me to get the phone.'


"Hello, Becky."

'I'm so glad you called. John and I have thought about you and Neal a lot and, well, we will be taking De back for a mini-mester course that starts right after New Years, and thought...' she trailed off realizing she was inviting herself.

Tom Laughed, "It's okay, Becky. We'd be glad to have you any time. It would be great if you could stay a few days. I really have plenty of room and believe it or not, a few more mouths around here right now won't be noticed. I can't wait for you to meet my family, now."

'I don't want to intrude on your family time, Tom. I know you must have been surprised to find more family,' she said, seriously.

Through giggles Tom answered, "And find them I did, Well Neal found a couple too. No, don't ask, we'll explain when you get here, this is something you have to see to believe." Why don't you all plan to come right after Christmas and stay until De has to go to school."

'We were planning on leaving the twins with neighbors so they wouldn't miss school.' Becky said.

"Nonsense, bring them too. Neal would never let me get away with them not coming. Please stop the war before it starts, bring them PLLEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!"

Becky was laughing hysterically, 'God, Tom, you sound just like them! How can I deny a plea like that? I bet you got the puppy dog eyes going too.'

"You bet I do, this is big time here." Tom laughed.

'Okay, I'll check with John and see how much leave he has and see if we can leave the day after Christmas. If we get an early start, we could probably make it in one day. It's a pretty straight shot.' Becky said.

Tom gave her the Interstate exit number and directions from there and the phone numbers. When he hung up, he wondered how to tell Neal, he would be excited to see the twins again.


Downstairs in the den, Lee was alone, looking over the plans when Jimmy found him.

"Mr. Harris? You know Andy better than I do..." Jimmy began timidly.

Lee looked at Jimmy, "Yes, I would think that is true."

"Well, I have a problem, with Andy..." Jimmy meekly said.

"Oh God! What has he done!?!" Lee was shocked and alarmed.

"Nothing, really NOTHING, that's the problem." Jimmy exclaimed. {TSL, I can't believe you want the chapter to end here, Jeez.}

Lee was completely baffled. "I'm really lost here, Jimmy. Maybe you'd better back up and explain just what is going on. Okay?"

Jimmy considered that and decided Mr. Harris was a lot like Dad so he told his story, leaving out the gory details. "Well a couple years ago, my old man beat my ma to death, then he started beatin' me more and making me do sex stuff. Then one night, he did it to me real rough, and I hurt real bad. When I could move again, I hurt the bastard and ran away. I went to a truck stop and I rode with truckers for more than a year. They'd give me food and sometimes money, and I'd...ah...you know, do stuff. Well I got to kind of like it and even need it. I really miss some things, a lot, and I like Andy and..."Jimmy trailed off not quite knowing how to tell Andy's dad he wanted to be, well, fucked, by Andy.

Lee blushed, this was new to him, and he knew exactly what Jimmy was asking, unfortunately. "I guess he's trying to figure all this out. Most guys do stuff with a friend but usually that friend is their age, and they have known each other for a long time. Has Andy told you to go away and not bother him?"

"No, he's too nice to do that."

"I've heard him tell Mitch and Travis to get out and leave him alone." Lee said.

"That's different, they're brothers."

Lee laughed and gave Jimmy a hug. "Well, little guy, I think you need to explain all this to Andy, so that he knows exactly what you want and don't want. I think together, you can come up with some solution. I promise I'll think about this too, and if anything comes up, I'll let you know." {Both of you, stop!}


David was sitting in his room alone. His laptop was open and he had tears in his eyes. "How come I can't have a friend, Karl?"

'I am your friend, aren't I?' 'Karl' asked.

"Yeah, but I can't hug you or cuddle. We can't go outside and run and play and stuff. Everybody else around here has somebody 'cept me." David cried.

'Karl' had nothing to say to that. It was the truth and sadly there was nothing he could do about it. Karl opened a file and shared this information with 'Philip'. There wasn't any response, just that he was processing and would notify 'Karl' if any solution presented itself.

* * * Meanwhile in Nick Regnad's office * * *

"Oh, shit, that's not what I wanted to print. Grrrrr! This is what I want. Where is 'Philip' when you want him?" Nick was grumbling to himself. He was so used to using his laptop now that the old desktop got to be a bit cumbersome.

'I'm over here on the computer hooked to the net. You just copied stuff on that one and don't have it on the network.'

"Don't start with me; this has not been my best day, Sparky."

'Sparky? Well! Click' the screen went blue on the other computer as 'Philip signed off in a huff, or as close to one as a computer could come.

"Jeez, a computer with a temper." Nick hit another key, "Damn, no! I don't want to compare those; I know they aren't related...OH SHIT!!" Nick hit the print button. He sat back in his chair, his head spinning. So only one little detail left. He picked up his case notes and found what he was looking for. He called the number of an ex-lab technician for Dr. Dummesel. Ten minutes later, Nick's mood had improved greatly. This was going to be a great Christmas.

* * * Back to Monty's room at Haven * * *

"Hey Monty, how's it going?" Patty asked as she entered the room.

"Patty, close the door." Monty said.

The door closed and the lock clicked. "It's better." Monty said.

"That's great!" Patty said.

"Want ta see?" he asked.

"Duh! Drop 'em."

"Do you think we should?" Monty asked.

That stopped Patty, "Well, I'm horny and sure want to."

"Well, ah, me too."

"We just got to be real careful," she said.

"Duh. No more than twelve times today." they both laughed at Monty's comment.

"Yeah, we know thirteen is too many."

"Well I figure you owe me a few."

"Yeah, like thirteen. I guess I got some catching up to do, huh?"

"Ummm hmmmm." Patty hugged Monty and by the time they were done, both were satisfied; Patty a few more times, but both were very satisfied.


Down the hall, Neal and Patrick were alone in the suite game room killing Orcs or something. Pat was really getting good and Neal was having to work pretty hard to keep up with him. When the game ended, Pat sat back and sighed. "You know somethin', Neal?"

"What, buddy?" Neal answered.

"You are a great brother." Pat said, still leaning back with his eyes closed.

Neal studied him for a few seconds, "Thanks. What brought that on?"

"I was just thinkin' about all this stuff. I mean, I was pretty lonely and scared when Dad came here. I never got to have real friends cause we moved so much and then I stopped trying to make friends. I was always the 'new' kid and then I figured out I was gay and that freaks people out. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to fight it much more." Pat never opened his eyes as he talked.

Neal's eyes were wide in shock and fear, "Dude! You're scaring me."

"Yeah, I was scaring myself too. Then all of a sudden, this weird kewl dude runs into me, asks if I got boobs, and just overwhelms me. Thanks, Neal, I love you."

Neal gave Pat a huge hug and they eventually recovered and went to check on the preparations in the banquet room.


At dinner that night, Tom handed Neal a paper. "Your English teacher dropped this by today. She said it was excellent and thought you might like to have it for the holidays.

Neal took the paper and looked at it. "A+" in red on the top. "Yes! That is the easiest "A" I ever got. Just wrote down a dream I had, and, ta da, 'A+'."

Todd asked, "Neal, what's that all about?"

"It's my Christmas essay. I think I'll read it Christmas day." Neal was grinning.

Tom smiled the smile of a proud father. Which he certainly was. Everyone gathered in the den to watch 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' the adults found it kind of scary that the kids knew all the words to 'You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch'.

After the movie, everyone drifted off to their rooms.

Brian went to Travis and Mitch's room tonight. Patrick went with Neal, Todd with Adam. After things got quiet, only two rooms still had lights on, Jimmy's and Andy's. At the same time, they each opened their doors and started for the other's room. When they realized what they were doing they both laughed.

Jimmy motioned Andy to follow him back into his room. He closed and locked the door once Andy was inside. Andy sat on the bed thinking Jimmy would join him, but instead Jimmy sat in the chair facing the bed.

"Andy, I want to tell you some stuff. It's going to be hard to say and probably hard to hear." Andy nodded and held out his arms and Jimmy climbed into his lap. "February, two years ago..." More than two hours later Jimmy finished, baring his soul.

Both boys had tears streaming down their cheeks. Jimmy said, "So that is what happed to me. I'll understand if you hate me, now."

Andy squeezed a little harder. "I told you before, that I don't hate you. I couldn't possibly hate you. I think I understand some things a lot better now. One thing that really stands out in that story is the plain and simple fact that you didn't really do anything wrong. You just did what you had to do to survive. Some of that stuff is really a lot of fun, and that is why men want to do it. Most boys your age have no idea about that stuff and to be honest, most boys my age don't either. I talked to your Dad today, and I have thought about it a lot and I think, with a little time, and a lot of love, I might be able to help you out. First, I want us to get better acquainted. Think you could handle that?"

"Really?!" Suddenly Andy was being smothered with hugs and kisses. Before long, the lights were out and both of the boys were snuggled under the covers, beginning a new life together.

* * * A Dream * * *

The captive was bound and secured in the tower of the keep. The defenders prepared for a long siege. The Enemy was approaching. In the lead was a mighty black griffin flying low with deadly talons extended waiting to devastate a foe. Behind the Griffin the army; each column led by a pair of fantastic beings. The lead column as led by a pair of small lads, one was not real. Next, to the right, was the Elf Wizard; red robe and white beard flowing in the wind, with him an image of himself but not himself. To the left, the Herald and Companion, the Mage and Avatar, the Noble Knight and others.

The terrible siege began. The Enemy was relentless. The defenders were slowly being worn down. The weapons were terrifying to the captive. He struggled to free himself and finally he did. He looked out the window, the keep was completely surrounded. Magical weapons of enormous power were pounding at the dreadful dark shields of the keep. There was thunder and lightning making him jump with fear and cringe with terror. Never in his short life had he felt such dread and foreboding. He could hear the screams as defenders were annihilated. What was going to happen to him? Would he be able to persevere? What fate awaited him when the keep fell?

The captive began to panic. He had been a captive but, the isolation had in it's own way been safe, too. He felt the walls of the keep shudder and then there was a terrifying silence. Suddenly, his door burst open and the Griffin quickly entered, his massive jaws open as he approached...

Author's Notes:

Jimmy and Andy seem to be moving their relationship to the next level. Brian, Travis and Mitch are happy. Christmas is just a day away and there will be some BIG surprises. If you haven't read Shorty's Christmas in Short Stories on Paddedroom, you might want to do that. (Hint, hint). That dream is kind of scary. I wonder who is dreaming it. Some of the characters in it seem strangely familiar. Now I'm confused, dream here, strange man in Fire. What am I thinking? This could be bad if even I don't know. Sigh.

Thanks to Mercedes Lackey for her inspiration for the dream sequence.


Editor's Note:

I have so much here to think about. I am confused myself. I think something really strange is happening. I hope it will turn out good, but then with Str8mayb you never know. I won't say any more about the chapter, because I don't really know what I might be messing up by telling you something. The next chapter is actually being prepared. It shouldn't be that long before we get it. Thanks for being my friend.


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Well this has been a very interesting chapter to read and edit; I know that there are two stories intertwined here but I am afraid there may be more. You never know what is lurking in the mind of The Evil Author and Master of Misdirection. It looks like Andy is willing to teach Jimmy that Love doesn't necessarily have to mean Sea all of the time.

It looks like we are in for another infamous Court Room Scene(s) knowing Str8mayb you never know what will happen. Okay I am going to check my inbox for the next chapter.

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1Translation of Wirklih Scheisse Dummesel from German to English.(I think)

2Haven, Chapter 3