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Chapter 17

The captive was dragged out of his tower room. In the great hall, he was brought before the conquerors. They stood and stared at him; not a sound could be heard. Finally, one small page came forward, drew his dagger and...

David woke up instantly when Tym screamed in his ear. He shook his new friend and woke him up. "Tym, wake up! You are having a nightmare!"

Tym opened his eyes and The Page was right there. He began to struggle but was too wrapped up in the sheet. David just put his arms around the struggling boy and whispered, "It's okay. It's just me, David, remember? You're safe now."

Then Walter was there licking both boys. Tym woke fully and remembered where he was and what all had happened. "I'm sorry, David. I was real scared. It was that dream again. I was brought before this like army and then you came forward and took out this knife and..."

David hugged him again, "Silly, I was cutting the ropes that were tied around your wrists."

"Oh, I thought you were...Wait, how'd you know what I was dreamin'?" Tym said, in a wary voice.

"'Cause, I was havin' the same dream, silly. Remember Travis, all dressed in white with the white horse?" David asked.

"Yeah," Tym admitted cautiously.

"Well the white horse is Max." David said.

Tym just looked at his new friend, "Does this happen to you guys a lot?"

"Well, no, not to me, anyway. But Travis and Mitch talk about them a lot. This is the second time for me, with this dream. It went a little further this time." David said.

"Sorry about waking you up." Tym said.

"It's okay. Lets go back to sleep." David said, and the two boys cuddled together and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Andy quietly returned to his room. He had heard Tym's scream and came to investigate. In his room, Jimmy was sitting up waiting for him to return. "Just a bad dream, everything is fine now."

Jimmy took a calming breath, "Andy, can we talk?"

Andy looked over at the clock, 5:12, glowed in large red numbers. He sat on the bed and took off his prosthetic foot. "Sure, little buddy. You can always talk to me."

"You know about all the stuff I did before coming here?" Jimmy asked.

"Kind'a. Your dad told me some, but no details or anything."

"Well, I guess, well..." Jimmy ran out of courage and just stopped.

Andy settled into bed and pulled Jimmy into a comfortable hug. "Jimmy, I've been doing a lot of thinking. I know you want some things and I think I want them too, I mean thinking about it makes me harder than granite." Jimmy groaned and buried his head in Andy's shoulder. "Yeah, exactly. It's just that, well, I'm new at this and I'm not sure I'm ready for all that."

A muffled, "Really?" came from Jimmy.

"Yeah, really."

"I thought older guys wanted more...I mean when I was on the road, the young guys would do me three or four times a session and do that three times a day."

Now it was Andy's turn to groan. "Ah, well, T M I." Andy calmed himself, "I guess we need to set some ground rules for each other. What is the thing you want the most?"

Jimmy thought for a minute, then whined, "Just one thing?"

"Yeah, if we did one thing, what would you want?"

"A blow job, I guess."

Andy choked, then in a squeaky voice he croaked, "You want me to suck your dick?"

Jimmy lost it and started giggling, "Nooooooo, I wwant ttooo ssuucckkkk yyoouuurrrr'ssss."

Andy nearly shot off right then at the thought of Jimmy sucking him. "Oh..." Andy swallowed, "You sure?"

"Yeah, I really miss doing that." His mind raced over all the things he liked, "Oh, yeah!" Jimmy was extremely excited.

"What do I have to do?" Andy asked cautiously.

"Nothin'." Jimmy said, and disappeared under the sheets.

It didn't take long and Andy was recovering from the most fantastic experience he had ever had. Jimmy cuddled up and kissed Andy on the lips and said, "Thank you, Andy."

Andy hugged Jimmy, "I really don't know what to say. That was the most extraordinary thing I've ever had done to me."

Jimmy hugged Andy again and smiling, drifted back to sleep. Andy lay there thinking about the situation he was in. How did this fit in with who he was? His emotions were in a turmoil; he should feel guilty because he just did sex stuff with a much younger boy, he felt great about what he had just done, his real father would have condemned him for what he just did; his new dad and Jimmy's dad were understanding and, like, accepting of this, most of all Jimmy did it on his own and really seemed to love it. Love it? Or love him?

How was Andy feeling about Jimmy? He liked him, for sure. He really cared about him. He wanted what was best for him. There was something else he didn't recognize, some feeling he hadn't had before. It had something to do with Jimmy being younger. Andy liked younger boys. He was a Den Chief which meant he worked with boys in the Cub Scouts, teaching them things. He didn't have this feeling for them. He loved his new brothers, Mitch and Travis, but he didn't have this feeling for them either. Whatever this was, Andy knew it was special and that somehow his life had just changed forever.


Patrick woke up alone in his own bed. Neal hadn't stayed last night. They had some fun, then Neal kissed him on the forehead and left. What had he done wrong? Neal was ten and a half and a little young to be in the sixth grade, but he was smart. Last night Neal had ruled that Pat now officially had three pubes (he'd be eleven in March) and Neal had his first dark hair.

Neal didn't always stay all night, but last night was Christmas. Pat had wanted things to be special and he had hinted at wanting to be Boyfriends. Neal had, as usual, sidestepped the issue. Pat decided, once his tears had dried, that Neal was a good brother and he would always love him, but they just didn't quite see things the same way. Maybe this next year would bring that special someone into his life.


Tom woke slowly in a most pleasant state. [Pennsylvania?] He was spooned behind Leo, nice, warm and secure. It felt so right. So calm and peaceful. Calm? Like calm before the storm? He sure hoped not.

Later, at breakfast, all the kids were talking about how kewl their new computers were. Adam was asked a whole bunch of questions about how to do different things; he finally got everyone's attention. "All of you have a state of the art computer and it is linked to 'Philip' the AI we all know and love. If there is something you want to do, ask 'Philip'."

Todd spoke up, "Right! How do we ask?"

Adam rolled his eyes dislodging his right contact and had to blink several times to get it back in place. "Ask, as in say, ''Philip', how do I do so and so."

'That depends on whether you mean to use a needle or plow.' {Jeez, sew a button or sow seeds...DUH!}

Some of the younger kids frowned, obviously not getting it, but the adults and older kids laughed.

Adam retorted, "Very punny, 'Philip'."

Todd grinned evilly, "Alright! That could work."

Adam grinned back, "I'll warn you now, some sites are blocked due to their content."

David asked, "What about 'Goos'?"

'Never fear, David, The Dragon Earl Universe is open to you.'

"Good, I was worried just worried about Just'." {Str8mayb grins at TSL}


After breakfast, Neal went to select the rooms for the guests. He chose the empty room next to Mitch and Travis' for Donny and Danny. He put Dee in the room next to Patty, and Mr. And Mrs. Gregory had the room on the other side of Aunt Alice and Uncle Ed. Having all these married folks there was a bit strange and sudden, too. By lunch the rooms were spotless and ready. All the kids were free to do what ever they wanted.

Tom and Leo had asked Ed, Alice, Lee and Linda to join them in Tom's office after breakfast. Tom started off, "As parents, we have a challenge before us, and I think we need to have a unified logical plan."

Linda rolled her eyes, "Oh, God, Tom! What have they done now?"

"Easy, Dear," Lee said.

Dr. Turnman took up the explanation about Patty and Monty and Andy and Jimmy. Alice and Ed frowned, Linda scowled and Lee held his expression as neutral as he could. When the doctor had finished, Lee started the discussion, "So? What's the concern with Andy and Jimmy?"

Linda smacked his arm.

"Ouch! Hey that hurt!"

"What's the concern?!?! Andy is sixteen and Jimmy is ten!" Linda shouted at her spouse of twenty four hours.

"He'll be eleven in a few months..." Lee defended himself from another smack.

"And Andy will be seventeen a couple months after that!" Linda pointed out loudly.

Tom looked at Leo, "Gee, this is going well, isn't it?"

"Better we get all this out before confronting the kids." Leo said, giving Tom's hand a squeeze.

Ed now jumped into it with, "Well, your BOYS won't get PREGNANT!!!"

Leo leaned back, "Here we go."

For the next five minutes Tom and Leo sat quietly while the other four went at each other. Finally, as the tempers cooled, Tom cleared his throat and all eyes focused on him. "Okay, now that we got all of that out of our systems, we need to discuss what we are going to do."

Linda said, "We put a stop to it immediately."

Lee patted her knee, "Honey, that won't do anything but hurt the boys. Andy is the pursued, here. He is not the aggressor and what about Jimmy what would that do to him?"

"Well, well...What do you think we should do?" Her question was directed more at Tom than Lee.

Ed chimed in, "Yeah, Tom, it's your boy that is trying to get my girl pregnant!"

Alice tried to calm Ed, "Now part of this is my fault. I told the doc to give her the pill, if she asked. I would rather she not have sex, but if she is going to, I don't want her pregnant so young. It can really ruin her life, I know that for sure."

"But she is only thirteen!" Ed cried.

Leo pointed out, "So is Monty."

"What does that have to do with anything?!" Ed exclaimed.

"Everything and nothing." Tom said quietly. "Look, we have a very unusual set of circumstances here. If the other partner in either case was the aggressor, we would all know exactly what to do. However, we have two kids that have been used as sex toys and they are seeking to regain themselves. So far, they are acting very responsibly. Andy came and talked to me about Jimmy. He has some very deep and tender feelings for him and if I don't miss my guess he is very close to being in love with him, if he isn't already."

Lee interjected, "Jimmy, came and talked to me. I think you are right about those two. Jimmy told me about his experiences and that would have destroyed most kids his age, but he has held it together and now he actually thinks he has a future. He just doesn't think he deserves it."

Alice asked, "How could he not think he deserves it?"

Leo answered, "The same way Patty doesn't think she deserves it either. Don't let that front she puts up fool you. She is one scared little girl. Her mother and stepfather mistreated her, used her ruthlessly with no concern for her feelings. She was a weapon used against Ed. She was told over and over she was worthless except as a sex object and punching bag. Now she is surrounded by this huge loving family and she just doesn't believe it's real, or that it will last. She has reached out and made a real connection with Monty and he with her. Frankly, I am certain that they are good for each other. They are convincing each other that they are valuable human beings, at least to each other. We need to be very careful how we handle this, or we will destroy them."

Linda had tears in her eyes, "You're right, of course, Leo. Besides, if we prohibit them that will just make them want it that much more."

"So, what do you suggest we do?" Lee asked.

Tom smiled, "Leo and I talked about this a lot last night. We think we should all meet with the kids and let them know we understand, that we really love and trust them, and then let them know what we would like to see happen."

Leo elbowed Tom. "Well not see, definitely NOT SEE."

All the adults laughed at that and they spent some more time discussing how the meeting should go. By the time they had calmed down and decided on their strategy, it was lunch time.

The only thing different at lunch was that Patrick sat next to his Dad and not with Neal. Ed questioned, "Pat, are you okay?"

"Ah, yeah, Dad."

"Well, it's nice to have you sit here; it's just that you haven't in a while." Ed commented.


Ed started to say something but thought better of it. Something was happening here, [what it is ain't exactly clear] and he realized if he pushed too much it could ruin it, whatever it was. Some of the things they had discussed earlier might apply here too. So, instead of pushing as he usually did, Ed just gave his son a hug and said, "Thanks, son."

"Huh?" Pat now turned and looked at his Dad.

"What?" Ed replied, innocently.

"You're not going to demand answers?" Pat asked.

Ed sighed, he deserved that, he realized he had always been pretty tough and rough with Patrick. "No, Son. I'd like to hear about it, but it's up to you to tell me, or not. I know in the past I've been a little pushy..." The look on Pat's face told him a lot, "That bad, huh? Sorry. So anyway, from now on, I'm going to try to be more like the father I should have always been."

"But you were lookin' for Allison, I mean Patty, and that was more important than me," Patrick said.

"No, Son, that is where you are wrong, and so was I. It wasn't more important, and I was very wrong to think it was. You are just as important and I was wrong to treat you the way I did. I hope you can forgive me, someday. I love you, Son."

Pat stared at his father; those were the words he had always wanted to hear him say. He hugged his dad and tears were flowing down his cheeks and he managed to climb into his dad's lap, lunch completely forgotten.

Although no one heard the conversation between Ed and Patrick, they all knew it was important and nobody made any comments. After eating, the kids all returned to their suite, except Patrick, who asked to talk to his dad in private. They went into the deserted family room.

Ed sat on the sofa and Pat sat next to him and stared at the fire in the fireplace. Finally he began, "Neal isn't my boyfriend. I thought we would be, but he isn't ready for that, and I am."

Ed tried to stay relaxed and not say or do anything that Pat would take as a negative. He gave his son a little hug and waited to see if there was more.

"When we talked about this stuff before, you were pretty kewl. I mean about the gay thing and... well I'm gay, Dad, for sure." Pat waited.

Ed took a deep breath, "Okay."

Pat looked at his Dad, "Aren't you going to ask if I'm sure or try to talk me out of it? Even Neal did that."

"Pat, you sounded pretty sure about it to me. Yeah, I might think you're kind of young to know that, but if you know... well, then you know. I want you to be as happy as you can be. Being gay can be a hard way to live. I love you and will support you as much as I can and as much as you will let me."

"Hey wait a minute! Who are you? And what did you do with my father?" Pat gave his Dad a big hug and held him tight. "Thanks, Daddy, I love you."

They sat there for several minutes, then Pat gave his Dad a quick kiss and went off to find the other kids.

At About two o'clock, Adam remembered what Mr. Frank had said yesterday at the end of the sleigh ride. "Hey, everybody! Mr. Frank said he had some presents for us. Let's go see what he has." That got most of them moving except Andy, Mitch and Travis.

Todd noticed first, "You guys, too. Come on."

It wasn't long and everyone was bundled up and headed for the Barn. The four dogs went along too. Max and Walter were becoming pals but Ginger was the undisputed leader of the pack. Once inside the stable, Walter went exploring and meeting the equestrian residents.

Mr. Frank greeted the kids, "Well hello, I think what you all are looking for is in the tack room. Ben and Nathan have been going nuts in there waiting for you guys to get here."

Sure enough, when they opened the tack room, Nathan and Ben nearly attacked them. There was a large stack of boxes with names written on them. Each boy (or girl) had a box, even Andy, Mitch, Travis, and Tym. Inside each box was a saddle, bridle, saddle pad, halter, curry brush, a set of chaps and riding helmet. Most of the helmets were designed to look like cowboy hats. Adam had a very special set, Darth Vader. It was a custom made set, to provide him complete coverage so he could ride in the daylight without getting burned, and the visor had two different darkness's of sun filters, a 40% transmittance and a 2% transmittance, the chaps were a part of the costume.

Needless to say, everyone had to try on their equipment. David and Todd helped Adam into his, and noticed that it was designed with growth in mind, very cool. When Adam stepped out of the Tack room Max, Ginger and Walter barked, but Jack wasn't fooled at all and came running up to his owner's love for a nice scratch. When he was rewarded then the other dogs came over for their loving.

When Adam finally got outside in the bright sunny afternoon he pulled down the 2% shade and although it made all the snow 'yellow snow' [Hmmm?] he could see comfortably. He and Todd went for a walk around the area. "I can't believe how good it feels to be able to walk around in the sun and with snow on the ground. I couldn't even open my eyes coming out here now I feel almost normal."

Todd hugged Adam, "Well, Darth, I'd kiss you but your helmet is in the way."

"Save it for later when we get in the dark, side." Adam did the heavy breathing thing like Darth Vader.

Todd laughed and they headed back into the barn. Adam went up to Mr. Frank and hugged the stuffing out of him. "Thank you, this is great! I was actually comfortable outside!"

Frank patted Adam's back and returned the hug. Then I guess those calls to Dr. Deforest were worth it.

Frank then called for everyone's attention. "Now the door back there leads to the new Private Tack Room. Each of you has an assigned place in there for your saddle and other gear. I expect it to be maintained, and I will check it out periodically to make sure. Your helmets and chaps may be stored there or you can keep them with you, that is up to you. Once the ground clears, you can go riding outside the corral."

The kids began transferring their tack to the new room. Each place had a wooden sign with their name on it. Samuel had been busy in here. Each saddle was put up just as they had been taught.

Andy, Mitch, Travis and Tym helped transfer the gear until Mr. Frank called them into his office. "Okay boys, I understand you will be staying here for awhile and then will be attending the school here even after you move back home."

Andy answered, "Yes sir."

"Good. Now have any of you had any experience riding?" Frank asked.

Andy paled as his motorcycle accident flashed before his eyes. Travis saw the transformation and took Andy's hand, "Horses, Andy, he means riding horses."

Andy took a couple of deep breaths and regained his composure. "No, sir."

Mitch and Travis agreed. Tym just stood there wide eyed and quiet.

"Okay, I'll get you in the beginner's class and when you complete that if you want to continue, I'll see you get outfitted like the bunch out there. The gear I gave you is used and I'll get you new at that point."

"Deal," they chorused.

As they were leaving, Travis spotted the model plane on Mr. Frank's Desk. "Wow, a Corsair, just like my model, Kewl. Brian said you had one."

Mr. Frank saw the wonder in the boy's eyes. "Yeah, that was a Christmas present to my father when he was little. It got broken by a bully and the bully had to give him his present, these horses. Dad loved those horses and decided to be a horse trainer instead of a fighter pilot. So all in all, things turned out good. Do you want to borrow that while you do your model?"

"Could I? Really? Oh, thank you Mr. McNeil." Travis said.

"You boys can call me Mr. Frank like everybody else. When you say Mr. McNeil, I want to look for my dad." Frank smiled and handed Travis the cast metal plane model with the props broken off.

Travis took the plane and held it like it was a lost treasure. "Thank you, Mr. Frank. I'll take real good care of it. I want to paint mine to look just like this."

Travis took the model right up to his room and placed it on the dresser next to the statue of the Herald and Companion.

When dessert was almost finished, Tom said, "After the table is cleared; Patty, Monty, Andy and Jimmy, would you please come to the library. This is private business and 'Philip' will stop us if anyone tries to eavesdrop on us. So the rest of you make yourselves scarce."

There was a loud chorus of OOOOOOOOOOOOOO's from the other kids.

"Don't get your hopes up no one's in trouble." Tom told them.

When the four kids entered the library, Tom and Leo had brought two tables together and had the chairs arranged two on three sides and four on the other side. Tom and Leo sat facing the four youths and with Linda and Lee sitting nearest Andy and Alice and Ed sitting closest to Patty.

Tom began the meeting, "First, let me reassure you that you are not in any kind of trouble. We are not angry in any way. We are concerned and want you to be aware of our feelings and concerns."

All four kids took a deep breath and nodded.

"Both couples of you are in a similar situation. One of you has been severely abused and the other is relatively innocent. In both cases the aggressor, so to speak, is the one that was abused. This puts us in a very unusual situation as parents. On the one hand, we would like our children to be innocent and protected; on the other hand, we want them to feel loved and be happy. However, in your situations we can't have both. We understand the need that Patty and Jimmy have to feel love and to reclaim themselves from the abusers they have previously experienced. On the other hand, Monty and Andy are a bit overwhelmed by the situation they find themselves in. We, the parents, want to reach a set of guidelines that you can follow, that will meet your needs and assure us that you are safe. I'll shut up now and let you respond. Please be honest, we are not going to go ballistic, I promise." Tom said, looking at Ed when he made his last comment.

Jimmy spoke first, "Andy can't do anything to me that hasn't been done before."

Andy said, "Jimmy, I don't want to do anything to you."

Jimmy looked at him in shock and tears began to run down his cheeks.

"Stop. Hear me out. I don't want to do it TO you I want to do it WITH you. I care about you and it is more important to me that you feel good than that I do. I can get my jollies all by myself. If you are doing it and enjoying it then my pleasure is like, quadrupled. This morning was absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, but only because you wanted to do it and enjoyed doing it." Andy hugged a wide eyed Jimmy, and the adults all blushed. "I hope you can understand that."

Jimmy hugged Andy back and was sobbing into his chest.

Linda wiped her eyes, "That was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I'm wondering if we are really the adults here. I think my new son has put us all to shame."

Ed was the next to put his two cents worth in. "Monty and Patty, Alice and I have some concerns that the parents of the other couple don't have. I have come to understand the situation, but there is the risk of pregnancy here to consider. I know you can use the pill; I do not want to know if you are, that is up to you. Even the pill is not fool proof, taken properly it is 95% effective which means five of every one hundred girls using it become pregnant anyway. Condoms used by the boys are only 90% effective due to breakage and defects. You two are really special and we do not want to see your lives hindered by a baby at your age. We had our children way too young and we love you, but we both wished we had been a bit older before starting our families. We definitely would have been with different partners... I think I'm making a mess of this..." Ed trailed off dejectedly.

Patty got up and went to him, giving him a gentle hug, "No Daddy, you did just fine. I know now, how much you really do love me. I really need to find out some things, I need to reclaim myself, on my own terms. Monty really cares for me and he is the first person I have ever been able to talk about things with. I just can't talk to you or Mama Alice about some of this, it's just too personal. We will be careful and maybe I don't need to do everything right yet."

Monty sighed with relief.

Patty looked at him, "I think we need to talk some more."

Monty answered, "Yeah, we do."

Quiet descended on the room. Leo finally said, "Okay, now we know about where we all are on this. I think you kids know any of us are willing to talk to you or we can have a group meeting if that is more comfortable for you. I would like for the four of you to sit and share feelings and ideas with each other. I think you can help each other through the tough times you will surely have."

The adults all sighed and got up and left the four kids sitting there. When they were alone, Monty groaned, "Shit, how are we supposed to act when the 'rents know!"

"Yeah, this is really weird." Jimmy agreed.

Andy said, "You know that last thing the Doc said, about us four talking, was a damn good idea. I bet Monty feels as lost and overwhelmed as I do."

"Damn straight! I mean I really want to do the stuff Patty wants, but it like scares the shit out of me too." Monty said.

"It scares you?" Patty said. "I thought you would be all excited to get a chance to, you know..."

Andy answered, "I'm sure he is, just like I am, but we feel like we have to do it right and that is a big responsibility and well we don't even know how. I mean that is scary as Hell. I guess you two need to be patient with us and help us learn what to do. Go slow. We have a lot to learn."

Jimmy hugged Andy, "Deal. Nice and slow. Slow and steady." He had one hand on Andy's thigh stroking softly and having the desired effect.

"Jimmy stop that. I don't want to go have to change my pants." Andy said.

Monty and Patty giggled and the four broke up after promising to meet again in a couple of days to see how things were going.

All the family was gathered in the family room and Shorty was telling about finding a boy on the streets and saving his life. Shorty's Christmas

Shorty was a natural story teller and he held their attention and the time passed rather quickly.

At nine o'clock, Tom's cell phone rang. "Hello."

"John! Where are you?"

"Wow, you made great time. I'll open the gate."

"Yeah, sure is fancy. See you in a few minutes."

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