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Chapter 18

Neal led the rush to the front door to greet the guests. With all the boy power available, unloading the car took next to no time and everyone was back inside. Neal made the introductions. The Gregorys were wide-eyed at the number of boys present. Even more amazing was that most of them were Tom's. When Neal was finished, he took the twins, Danny and Donny, and headed up to the boys' suite.

Neal showed them to the room he had picked out for them. Danny tossed his pack on the chair and flopped down on the queen size bed. "Oh man this is nice."

Donny looked around the room, "Ah, only one bed?"

"Chill bro, we've slept in the same bed before." Danny said.

"Not since we were little," Donny replied.

"Yeah, a year and a half ago." Danny returned.

Before Donny could reply, Neal said, "Hey no big deal, you can have the next room. I'll go get some sheets for the bed. I thought you guys shared a room. Sorry."

Danny said, "We do, but dork head insisted on twin beds."

Donny glared at Danny but didn't say anymore.

Neal went and got clean sheets and Todd and Adam went to help him. In the room alone Todd said, "Neal, what's with those two? Donny got a problem? What is he going to think about us?"

"I don't know. I'm as surprised as you by that. I guess I'm just used to us all being so close. Just be careful and don't make a big deal about it. I'll try to talk to Dad tomorrow and see what he thinks."

They all agreed and soon everyone was in bed and asleep.


Downstairs the adults were relaxing in the family room. "So, John, you managed a little vacation?" Tom asked.

"Sure did, this time of year my project is real slow since the kids are all involved with Christmas and visiting family. I've got this project called Safe Place where the department has rented an old gym and we provide a place for kids after school where they are safe until their parents are through work. The kids can play or work on homework. I started out helping with the homework and then a couple other officers would come in off duty and now the older kids have started helping the younger ones. The crime rate has dropped and vice has assigned an officer to us now because we are getting a lot of good information from the kids and have been able to shut down several crack houses we didn't even know existed." John was obviously excited about his program.

Linda said, "That sounds like a fantastic program. How did you ever think of that?"

John blushed, "Well to be honest, Tom and Neal gave me the idea. After meeting him last summer, Becky and I talked a lot about how rare it was to find a man willing go all out to help a kid. We then talked about what we could do. Well, we decided on Safe Place and I mentioned it to my Chief because I wanted to change my shift so I could be there. He was interested and with the department's support we were able to get started on a much bigger scale."

Becky added, "I've even been a consultant for them because of my work with social services and Master's Degree in child Psychology."

Tom said, "How long are you planning to stay, Dr. Lisa Billings is stopping by to see the boys in a couple of days."

Becky's eyes got big, "THE Dr. Lisa Billings?"

Tom grinned back, "Yup, the one and only. The boys call her Aunt Lisa."

"Aunt Lisa? Oh my, that will take a bit to get used to. Unfortunately, we were going to rest tomorrow then be off to deliver Dee then return for a day then head home." Becky said.

"Okay, well, I wish you could stay longer but this summer please come and spend some time. If the boys are Scouts they could come and go to summer camp with my tribe." Tom said.

"Donny has been after us to join, but Danny has been negative about it. Maybe I'll talk to them again." John said.

Leo added, "It's a great program, when done right. We have a really super Troop here and all the boys have a great time."

The conversation then drifted to other things and about midnight the adults all went off to bed.


Danny was having trouble sleeping and finally got up and and went out to the common room in the suite. He saw the games and put one in that he was familiar with and then with the sound muted, he lost himself in the game. That was where Patrick found him about a half hour later. Pat had been restless and woke up seeing a flickering light and went to investigate.

Pat sat down on the other end of the couch and startled Danny. "Jeez, you scared the crap out of me." Danny whispered.

Pat said, "Sorry, better go change your boxers, then."

They both giggled.

"Sorry, I don't remember your name." Danny said.

"I'm Pat or Patrick if my sister is around, or as Neal says 'Pat, boobless'." That of course led to the whole story of how Neal discovered the other Pat was a girl. (See Haven Chapter 22 if you forgot: Dude! you got BOOBS!” Now Neal blushed. “You're a girl!)

Danny felt like he had found a real friend, they talked about school and boy stuff and Pat mentioned Scouts.

Danny just mumbled something and Pat asked him to repeat it.

"I can't be a Scout."

"Why not? You're parents won't let you?" Pat asked.

"No, I think Dad would like us to join. But..." Danny trailed off and blushed.

Pat suddenly realized the problem, He reached over and hugged Danny, "It's okay, Danny, I'm gay too and they let me in. As long as you don't go making a big deal out of it, how would they know?"

Danny began sobbing and making a wet spot on Pat's t-shirt. "How, how, did you know? I never told nobody."

"I don't know; it just seemed to fit. I didn't think I could join either. Look tomorrow you talk with Andy; he's the older guy, he'll tell you all about it." Pat added.

"Oh that would be so kewl. When did you know?" Danny asked.

"Well, Mr. Richards asked my Dad if I would want to join and..."

Danny poked Pat, "No, silly, when did you know you were gay?"

Pat thought about that, "I don't know really, I just always felt different and other boys really excited me. Neal says I shouldn't be so sure yet, that all boys like boys better until like age sixteen or something, but that just doesn't seem right for me. I've messed around with a couple of guys and, man, it is great."

"Really? You've done stuff? Oh, man you are so lucky." Danny said.

Pat looked at his new friend curiously, "You haven't done anything? Man, you got a twin brother."

"Yeah, a twin that is afraid of dicks." Danny took a deep breath, "One morning about a year and a half ago we woke up and he was cuddled up behind me and his morning boner was right in the crack of my ass. Man it felt so good. I was all boned up too and pushed back against him. Well he woke up cussing and jumped out of bed like he was on fire and the next thing I knew we were off to buy twin beds for our room. He won't even change clothes in the same room with me now. I really don't understand him anymore."

Pat comforted Danny for awhile then the boys headed off to bed. In separate rooms they dreamed of each other.


Andy was up early the next morning and after getting Jimmy moving to the shower he went to wake up the others. At Donny's room the door was partly open so he pushed and Donny was right in the middle of taking care of his morning 'problem'. Donny grabbed the sheet to cover himself but Andy just ignored it. "Hey Donny, breakfast in twenty minutes so finish up and get moving."

"I wasn't..."

"It's cool, man. We all do it. Nice one too." Andy commented and was gone.

Donny hurried to catch Andy before he went down to Breakfast, "Ah, look, ah, please don't tell."

Andy just smiled, "Hey, there's nothing to tell. It's a normal thing to do. As a matter of fact that's about my second most favorite thing to do with it."

"Huh, please just don't tell, I ain't gay."

"Ah, Donny, jerking off ain't gay. Everybody jerks off. I'll bet our Dads jerk off sometimes and they sure aren't gay." Andy looked at the worried kid. "Don't worry, I won't tell. Just you and me better have a little talk later. I think you need a big brother talk about a few things."

Donny scowled but nodded.

After breakfast all the kids bundled up and went out to the stables to visit the horses. The dogs went along too. Danny was the center of attention of the dogs and Donny was completely ignored. Monty, Travis, Mitch and Tym all noted the strange behavior of their dogs. In the stable, Mr. Frank was cleaning the hoof of one of the ponies. Danny and Donny were a bit scared by the large animals but when Mr. Frank was done, he got them to pat the pony and they both thought this was pretty cool. Mr. Frank put a saddle on her and helped each boy in turn get on and walk about the stable. "You two are doing fine. If you want, after lunch, come back and I'll work with you and let you ride a bit."

"Wow," Donny said, "That would be so cool. Nobody at school gets to ride horses."

After a while the kids drifted off in smaller groups. Jimmy and Andy went back inside, Monty and Patty went for a walk around the front of the house, Neal, Patrick, Danny and Donny walked towards the gym. The twins were impressed with the facilities. Donny said, "Too bad we didn't bring our swim suits."

Patrick said, "As long as my sister isn't around we could go skinny dipping."

Donny said back with a derisive tone, "Oh, that is sooooooo gay."

Neal and Pat looked at each other then Neal said, "Said like someone who has never done it."

Danny laughed and Donny scowled.

Neal then said, "Don't worry Donny we have lots of spare suits that should fit you. We'll come for a swim. We need to get an adult or Andy to come with us for safety."

Danny said, "Let's go back and play the PS2 for awhile."

Pat agreed.

Neal said to Donny, "We got a Wii for Christmas, want to try it out."

"Oh, wow, kewl, let's go." Donny said excitedly.

After lunch Donny and Danny were anxious to go back to the stable and a have a riding lesson. Mitch and Travis went along with them.

"So do you guys talk like silently too?" Travis asked.

"That doesn't really happen." Donny said.

Danny poked his brother, "They just said they do it."

"No, I read this article in the library that said it couldn't be proven to happen." Donny insisted.

Travis took the challenge, "Okay, Mitch you go on with Danny." When those two had moved off, Travis told Donny, "Okay ask me a question only Danny will know the answer to."

Donny thought for a minute then asked, "What color was the stuffed animal Danny slept with when he was little."

Travis giggled, "He slept with a little blue dog, he says you had a Barney."

Donny blushed, he had loved that toy. But that was when he was a baby, "Well, I'm not a baby anymore."

"So do you have another question? Or do you believe Mitch and I can talk to each other." Travis asked, taking Donny's hand. Suddenly Travis let go and looked seriously at Donny, "Dude, you need to deal with that. Have you told anybody?"

Donny paled, "Shit, Dude, you gotta promise not to tell. Danny don't even know."

"I can't make you, but Mrs. Thomp....ah, my mom, can probably help you and tomorrow Aunt Lisa is coming by and you could tell her. She's a psyco-ologist, she can help lots and can't tell nobody anything unless you tell her to." Travis told Donny.

"Just don't say nothin', okay?" Donny pleaded.

"I'll think on it." Travis replied, looking Donny in the eyes as they reached the door to the stable.

Mr. Frank had all six ponies in the ring. His two boys; Ben who was Danny and Donny's age and Nate who was Travis and Mitch's age. Mr. Frank had saddled two of the ponies and called Donny and Danny over to start going through riding safety. The other four boys went and got their tack and began saddling their mounts. Ben and Nate, who had been riding for years were seated and ready first. Mitch and Travis were standing looking at their ponies. Ben then realized that they didn't have a clue.

Ben dismounted and showed them what to do. Mitch picked it up pretty quickly and it took Travis a little longer but Ben checked everything closely and when he turned, his father was watching him. "Ben, that was a great job. I was wondering if you would even notice that. I'm proud of you, son."

Ben's grin was brighter than the forth of July fireworks display. Mr. Frank then went over how to properly mount a horse and had the boys mount. After an hour of working in the small arena he allowed then outside in the paddock, for another half hour. Then he called them in and began teaching them how to cool down the ponies, curry their coats and feed them. Ben and Nate had been active in showing and helping them along.

When they were finished, Mr. Frank told them, "You boys did real well today. Now you will probably be sore in the morning, come back after breakfast and I'll get you all fixed up."

The boys went back inside and Martha happened to be in the kitchen and caught them. "Whew, you four stink! Up stairs and a shower or bath, and hurry it's almost dinner time. Double up but don't play, save that for later."

Mitch and Travis in unison, "No play? Aunt Martha, thats no fun."

Martha laughed and shooed them out of the kitchen.

Donny was very quiet on the way up to the room while Danny was talking and joking with Mitch and Travis. They split off at their rooms Danny asked Donny when they were alone, "Want to shower together?"

"Are you crazy? No way! That's just so gay." Donny said and went into his room.

Danny went to his room and didn't let the tears escape until he stepped into the shower.

Donny stood in his shower crying. It was so hard to push his brother away. He had to protect him, but it hurt so bad. Maybe someday the pain would stop.

Later at dinner, Donny sat with Neal and Danny sat with Patrick. Donny and Danny didn't say anything to each other the entire night.

Early the next morning John, Becky and Dee were up and got an early start on their trip. They had gotten Danny and Donny up to say good bye. After they left, Tom asked to talk with them. "Well, boys, I hope you are having a good time."

They both assured him they were.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that. It was good seeing you and your folks again. I hope you can feel at home here. If you have any problems just let me know and I'll see what I can do to get it straightened out." Tom told the boys.

"Okay, Mr. Richards." Danny answered.

"Oh please, not Mr. Richards, How about Uncle Tommy? I'd much prefer that."

"Kewl, Uncle Tommy" Danny said then he and Donny left.

Soon everyone was gathering for breakfast. It was the usual buffet with eggs, bacon, sausage links, French toast, fruit and several juices. The boys had gone through the line and then the adults. Danny and Donny happened to be sitting right across from Todd and Adam. At one point Todd leaned over and whispered something to Adam who then took Todd's hand and held it on the table between them.

Something inside Donny snapped, "Oh my God, you two are acting like fagots! Holding hands like boyfriends!"

Silence fell.

Danny elbowed his brother, then in a low voice said, "Donny, cool it. We're guests and that was just rude."

"What? Are you a fag, too?" Donny said snidely, then stood knocking over his chair and stormed out of the dining room.

"Gee, that went well." Travis said to the silent room.

"Hey Danny, I think you brother might be just a tiny bit homophobic." Neal said.

Danny bust into tears.

Patrick quickly went to Danny and gave him a shoulder to cry on. "Smooth move Neal. Danny's gay."

"Well, damn, how was I supposed to know?" Neal said.

Daddy Doc said to Tom, "We need to get that boy's Gaydar fixed."

Tom rolled his eyes, "You handle things here, I think I'd better go find our guest and have a little talk." Tom got up and left the room.

Travis followed while everyone else was focused on Danny.

Todd said, "Well, we weren't acting gay, for Pete's sake, we are gay."

"Is this like that School Board guy?" Moe asked.

"No, he was a jerk and had nothing to base his opinion on. Donny is coming from somewhere else." Neal said.

"What are we going to do? I don't like anybody picking on my brothers." David said.

Linda cleared her throat, "Boys, I've seen a lot of cases with abused kids and if I'm not mistaken, we have one here. I would recommend that you don't push things with Donny but give us some time to work things out with him. Danny, are you alright?"

"I guess...it hurts, you know?"


Tom found Donny in his room, curled into a ball on his bed crying. Tom sat down on the bed and touched Donny's Back.

The boy flinched like he had been hit. "Noooooo!" Donny sobbed.

Tom withdrew his hand and sat waiting.

Finally Donny looked up at Tom, "You going to beat me?"

"No." Tom said and waited.

"He said I'd get beat up." Donny sobbed.

"Not by me. Whoever 'he' is, was wrong wasn't he. Can you tell me who 'he' is and why you would get beat up? Nobody here will beat you up."

"I can't." he sobbed.

At that, Travis walked into the room, "Oh yes you can! You have to tell. Uncle Tommy can help and you have to tell."

Donny glared at Travis, "You promised not to tell."

"No, I didn't. I promised to think about it, and I haven't told, yet, but you need to tell now or I will." Travis had his feet planted firmly ready for a fight.

"Donny, I don't know what has happened, but it must have been pretty bad and you are certainly coming apart because of it. I'll listen and then we can figure out what to do." Tom said in his kindest most understanding voice.

"You'll tell Dad." Donny cried.

"Yeah, I might, if I thought that was the best thing to do." Tom agreed.

"Dude, you gotta tell. Uncle Tommy is the best, he'll make sure you are always safe. You aught to hear what he's done for the guys living here." Travis said.

"But not fags." Donny sobbed.

Travis and Tom looked at each other and started laughing.

Donny stopped crying and looked at the kid and man like they were out of their minds.

Tom finally regained his composure, "Donny, is that what you are so afraid of? That someone will think you are homosexual?"

"Duh," Donny muttered and nodded his head.

"Donny, listen to me, please. Being gay is not a terrible thing. It isn't the easiest thing in the world, and the idea that it is a choice we make is ridiculous. Who would choose to be persecuted like that? And around here what you are doesn't matter; it's who you are that matters."

"But what if I'm really a queer?" Donny asked.

"Well, so?" Tom asked.

"Huh? I mean..."

Travis stepped forward and stood there until Donny looked up. "It doesn't matter. Most of the guys here are gay or at least sexually abused. The place is called Haven, but to the guys living here, it is a safe haven from the hate and abuse they were living outside of here. Please trust me and tell Uncle Tommy what was done to you. He can help, really he can."

"He said bad things would happen to my family if I told anyone." Donny said.

"He'll never know you told, till it's too late for him to do anything." Tom promised.

Donny took a deep breath. "It started in June two summers ago. We had gone to Safe Place with Dad and this off-duty cop was there and he..."

As he told his story Tom opened his arms and Donny crawled into his embrace. Travis sat on Tom's other side and held Donny's hand. It took a good fifteen minutes for Donny to relate the events in all their perverted detail. By the time he was done, Travis was in tears and Tom was madder than hell. The idea that a police officer could do something like that and to another policeman's son. Well, he was certainly only thinking with his little head and not the one on his shoulders.

When Donny was finished, he sighed then asked, "So what you going to do now?"

Tom didn't release Donny, "I'm going to support you and love you. I am going to be with you as much as you'll allow me to be. Right now we need to decide what we are going to do."

"No. We can't do nothin'," Donny said.

"Sure we can. We just got to figure out what it is we need to do and what to do first." Tom said. "I think the first thing we'll do is sit here and let you recover. I'm just going to hold you and love you. Is that okay?"

"Uh huh, yeah this is nice." Donny began to relax.

After a couple of minutes Tom said, "Now, there are some things I need to tell you. First, and most important, You have done NOTHING wrong, not one single thing." Donny started to say something and Tom put his finger to his lips to stop him. "Even though you enjoyed some parts of it, especially in the beginning, it wasn't...your...fault. You were in a place that is meant to be a safe place for all kids, and that policeman made it an unsafe place. He is the one who did wrong."

Donny was looking at Tom with wide eyes. Travis shifted and hugged Donny, "He's right. You got to tell, so that bad policeman is stopped from hurting another kid."

The three shared a nice long hug. Travis then said, "Now first thing you got to do is go find Adam and Todd and tell them you're sorry, and then the others. You really made an ass of yourself at breakfast."

Donny gave that 'do I gotta' look then the resigned look.

"Well let's go get that done then we can face the rest." Travis helped Donny get up and they left to find Adam and Todd.

Tom sat there until he was sure they were gone, "'Philip', you heard that; can you put surveillance on that cop in the Safe Place?"

'Working on it now. I shall have all videos ready when you ask.' 'Philip' responded.

"If you get anything, send it directly to the Chief. I want this guy behind bars and out of uniform for good."

'With pleasure, sir.'

When everyone gathered for lunch, Travis, Donny Todd and Adam were absent. Tom was a little worried until he heard them coming down the hall acting like old friends. They entered together, giggling and poking each other. Donny walked over to the table and stood between Tom and Lee. He took a deep breath and spoke to the whole group, "I want to apologize to everyone for the way I behaved this morning. I have been told I made an ass of myself and I must agree. Sorry, adults, for the language but it fits. I have apologized to Adam and Todd and explained why I acted that way. Please accept my apology and I may explain more later. But first I need to talk with my brother and try to mend some really big mistakes I've made. Thanks Travis for making me face things and thanks Uncle Tommy for what you've done so far."

Before Donny could move, the kids crowded around him patting his back and saying encouraging things. The only one that didn't come was Danny, who just sat looking at his brother wondering what was going on.

After lunch Donny rushed to get to Danny but Danny disappeared too quickly. Travis caught up with Donny, "Don't worry he's with Mitch and Patrick. He needs some time to get ready for your confession and you probably need some time too."

"Yeah, I pretty much slammed some doors right in his face. I didn't explain anything. He probably hates me."

"No way. He's your brother, he loves you, he may not like you much, but he loves you." Travis said.

"If you say so. I think I need some alone time." Donny finally said.

"Okay, if you need someone to talk to I'll be around." Travis said as Donny walked off.

Max was right there next to Travis as usual, "Max, go with Donny and keep him company, Okay?"

Max licked Travis's hand and then followed Donny up to his room.

Donny didn't join Mitch, Travis and Danny for the riding lesson that afternoon. After the lesson, Danny asked Travis what was going on with his brother.

"He has had something bad happen to him, and he has been hiding it and it has had him very afraid. He'll tell you about it now, so try to listen and understand. He knows now that he has been handling it all wrong and he wants to make it right with you." Travis explained.

"Damn, it's that Officer Faurleigh, he was kind of creepy and always wanted Donny to help with something by themselves. I tried to tell Dad and he didn't see it. I should have tried harder, it's my fault."

Mitch and Travis in unison said, "No, it's not. It's that cop's fault. If we have learned anything from Dr. Lisa; it's that we're kids and the adults are the ones that are supposed to protect us. When they don't, it's their fault not ours."

"Come on guys, we got to get our shower before dinner." Danny said.

"Right, want to join us?" Mitch asked.

Danny smiled, "That would be so cool, you really wouldn't mind?"

"If we minded we wouldn't have asked." Travis said.

"But what about..." Danny started.

Mitch put his hand on Danny's arm, "We're just taking a shower and getting a look-see we aren't going to be doing anything. Okay?"

"Oh, ah, sure." Danny said.

Dinner conversation was very subdued and no one lingered afterwards. Donny stayed by himself until bedtime. After everyone had settled down for the night, he went next door and knocked on Danny's door.

"Come in," Danny said.

Donny opened the door, "You sure?"

"Yeah, bro, come in and close the door." Danny said.

"I got some stuff to tell you and would really like it if you could hear me out before you ask questions." Donny started.

Danny cut him off, "I think I got most of it figured out. So you don't have to say all of it. It was that Faurleigh guy wasn't it?"

Donny burst into tears, nodding his head. Danny pulled his brother into a hug and then helped him into bed where they cuddled for the first time in a year and a half. "Donny, is that why you wouldn't sleep with me anymore?"

"Yeah. He made me a queer and I didn't want to make you one too." Donny said.

"Dude, he didn't make you gay. How could he do that?" Danny asked.

"Well he did stuff that felt really good, and I wanted him to do more. I did stuff to him too and liked some of that too." Donny said. "Then that morning I woke up and my stiffie was in your butt crack and it felt sooo gooood! Well, I couldn't let that happen again."

"God, sometimes you are such an idiot. Did you ever think I might have liked that?" Danny asked.

"You did?"

"Yes! I wanted to have us play with our dicks. I had just discovered dry orgasms and wanted to show you. I figured if it was so good by myself, it would be even better with somebody I loved. I had heard about a lot of stuff and wanted to try it with you."


"Yeah, guy stuff, jacking, sucking each other, 69, maybe even...you know doing it. But you went and threw your fit and we were in single beds and I had to jack in the shower by myself or wait until you were asleep. Jeez, Donny, you're my twin bro, I wanted to learn that stuff with you."

"You do?"

"Yes dufus," Donny hugged Danny and the boys fell asleep hugging each other like they used to do.

Author's Note:

Well that was exciting. Donny has a lot to deal with and so do his parents when they get back from their trip. I sure hope 'Philip' can get some video on that Faurleigh character that is good enough to nail his perverted butt to the wall, but not getting another kid hurt.

At least Tom isn't going to have to adopt these two. The return of John and Becky should be very interesting. I can just imagine how John is going to go ballistic and with Tom's backing, Look Out!

Travis did a wonderful job and I am very proud of how well he understood and helped Donny through the worst part of the day. Well keep reading and enjoy.

Str8mayb AKA Evil Author and Master of Misdirection

Editor's Notes:

This is another example of the incredible ability of Str8mayb to wrap his mind around the way a kid thinks and the ability of kids to share their love for each other and help someone that is hurting. All of The kids in Str8mayb's stories have the ability to care about others even when it would seem that their own situations would make it difficult or impossible for that to happen. Indeed, once Danny and Donny's parents come back, The brown adrenalin is going to hit the fan. I would not want to be in Faurleigh's shoes. "I couldn't live like that." That man is not going to be one little bit happy with what is going to happen to him; I can promise you that.

We will all have to wait for the next chapter before we find out what happens next, but I can tell you this. As has been stated many times before, "Sometimes bad things happen so that good things can happen."

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

Communication, Communication, Communication lots of problems in life can be solved by that one powerful word. Unfortunately a lot of children's problems are also caused by another powerful and much smaller word and that word is FEAR. Adults and even other children use fear to make children do things they normally wouldn't do. It is very important that parents make sure their children no who to tell or where to go for safety when adults do or say things to them that are not right. I hope that Danny and Donny can resolve Donny's issues. I would not want to get either Neal or David pissed at me and now I have to add Travis to that list. When those boys call someone FAMILY they mean it!

Til we fly again,

TSL for 'Goos' who is busy writing.