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Chapter 19

Danny woke up and felt so wonderful. He was cuddled up close behind his brother again. He hadn't felt this good in the last year and a half. His morning wood was comfortably nestled into his brother's backside. Even through their briefs and pjs, it felt wonderful. He realized when his brother woke up because he tensed and started to pull away. Danny said softly, "Don't, please. It's okay. It's me. Stay like this. Isn't this nice and comfortable? I've missed this so much."

Donny relaxed. "Thanks, Danny. I was scared when I woke up and felt...well you know."

"Oh yeah, I know," giggle, giggle. "I bet your's is as hard as mine."

"Probably, I got to pee."

"Me too. Let's go."

Ginger had pushed her head in through the partially open door, and watched the boys run to their bathroom, holding each other's hands. Her tail was wagging and if dogs could smile then Ginger had one a mile wide. She backed out and headed down the hall, her tail was still wagging happily.

And so started the day for the reunited twins.


Breakfast was much more like normal. Everyone was greatly relieved to see Danny and Donny enter the dining room together. They were even in matching outfits something they hadn't done in a long time. Travis and Patrick gave them hugs and then everyone got down to the serious business of demolishing the food set out for breakfast.

When the food was gone, Tom got everyone's attention. "I would like to let you all know that when classes begin Monday, you will have a new principal. Mr. Harris has agreed to take on the job and help in the design of a new state of the art school. With any luck, the new school will be ready for students by next fall."

Ed asked, "Can it be built that fast? I thought schools usually took a couple of years to get built."

Leo grinned, "That's public schools, you're thinking of; lowest bidder, contracts, and lots of red tape. This is gonna be real simple, we are paying top dollar for first class service. Each contract has a deadline and daily penalties for late work. No over budget allowances, under any circumstances. They are being paid for up front, period."

"Wow, who has been doing all this. I haven't seen any of it across my desk." Ed commented.

Tom grinned, "Well, to be honest, 'Philip', Samuel and Shorty have been busy beavers. Companies are being given a trial run, so to speak, on the 'Harris House' and then, when that is completed, work will begin shortly on the school. It turns out Haven Enterprises already owned the property where the school will be built, and we will proceed as soon as possible. I think almost every child in the county wants to attend our school and we just don't have room here."

Everyone congratulated Lee and his boys and Andy griped about not being able to get away with anything now. Lee came right back with, "You couldn't before either." That got laughter from everyone.


Later when Tom was in his office, his printer started and Philip came on screen. 'Hello, Tom. I have here some papers that I need you to sign. I have been working on a surprise for Brian, Neal and Travis. I need you to sign the papers that have Brian and Neal's names on them, and if you could get Lee to sign the ones for Travis I would greatly appreciate it.'

"'Philip', these look like real estate contracts. What are you up to? And just what is this Phoenix Youth Foundation?" Tom demanded.

Dixie is heard, softly whistling in the background.


The volume increased.

"You expect me to sign as the boys' guardian without an explanation?"

The music changed to the Mission Impossible Theme.

"You will explain this."

'Yes, I will.'


'At the appropriate time.'

"I'm not signing..."

'You're not leaving..." The click of the door locking was as clear as a bell.

"That's not fair!"

'No it's not, but it is quite effective.'

"I'm only signing because I know you wouldn't do anything that would hurt the boys."

'Wise of you, sir." The door unlocked when Tom had signed all the papers. 'Mr. Harris is just down the hall with Mr. Regnad and Master Adam.'

When Tom left his office, his lover, Dr. Leo Turnman was stalking down the hall. "Leo, what's the matter with you?"

"Somebody took my stethoscope." he growled, menacingly.

"Why? What on earth would they do with that? Play doctor?" Tom grinned.

Leo didn't find that particularity funny and continued scowling.

"Oh, lighten up, Doc. I'll buy you a couple of dozen."

"That's not the point. It's the one I had in Med School."

"I thought you didn't use it anymore because it hurt you ears."


"Oh, boy!"

"Whoever stole it should have asked. I think I'll start giving booster shots."

"Now, love, calm down. There is probably a simple explanation."

"I don't want an explanation..."

"Well, we can't hang 'em."

"More's the pity..."

"Leo? Who pissed on your cereal this morning?"

"The asshole who stole my stethoscope!"

"Please calm down. It was most likely one of the kids that wanted to hear something."

"Like what?"

"How should I know? Maybe wanted to hear an orgasm, magnify a fart. Who knows how a kid thinks?"

"You can't hear an orgasm."

"How do you know?"

That got a nice blush out of the angry doctor.

"Leo, really? Oh my God! What a mental picture!"

"It's not that funny."

"Yes it is!" Tom had to stop walking down the hall he was laughing so hard. Leo stood there glaring at him.

When tom recovered they continued to the room where Lee, Nick, Adam and Todd were working on opening locked boxes found in Lee's basement. When they opened the door, the first thing they saw was Adam handing an old beat up stethoscope to Nick.

Dr. Turnman exploded, "Adam! I'm so disappointed in you! Taking things without permission!"

Nick stepped between the angry doctor and shocked boy. "Leo, stop. You don't know..."

"Don't you start, I just saw him with it in his hands. Took it right out of my desk drawer!"

Adam began crying and shrinking away from the angry man he had called his dad.

Tom put a hand on Leo's shoulder. "Please calm down; you are way over the line here."

Leo started to say something, but Nick beat him too it. "Shut up, Doc. I'm sorry you are so upset. But you obviously didn't look at your desk; because there is a note there saying the stethoscope was borrowed to help us up here."

"Maybe, he forgot the note, but that is no excuse for him to go through my stuff."

"He didn't."

"Then how come he had it when I came in here?"

Nick pushed Leo back out into the hall, "You are angry with the wrong thief. I took the fucking stethoscope, you big ape. I had seen it in that drawer and thought it was old and beat up and better to use it, than the good one. I left a note on your desk. Now I apologize for not asking you first, but you were at the hospital doing rounds and I really didn't think you would mind. I was wrong, but you had better cool off right now, you've now got a scared little boy in there that YOU have falsely accused, and I know that what you said to him, and the venom in your voice shocked him to the core. He thinks the world of you and you didn't even give him a chance. In fact, you didn't let anyone explain, and just went off like a big fucking firecracker. Well, Mr fancy pants Doctor, you go cool your ass off and then come back and make peace with Adam." If looks could have killed Leo would have been very dead. Nick was more pissed at Leo than he ever was at Sgt. Bradshaw. (That's Lieutenant Bradshaw.)

"You took it?" Leo squeaked.

"Yes, I took it. I had seen it in that drawer, and I thought it might help Adam hear the tumblers on the box locks. Turns out he does better without it. He says it hurts his ears too much." Nick replied, starting to calm down himself.

"Oh God, what have I done? I need to apologize. I'm sorry about this, but my dad gave me that when I was accepted to Med School. It's really a cheap model, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me." Doc explained.

Nick gave Leo a little hug. "Okay Doc, but don't tell me, tell your son in there. He feels like he has had one of his parents turn on him. I would imagine he is devastated right now."

With that, they re-entered the room Adam was crying his heart out, curled into a ball in Tom's lap. Todd was rubbing his back trying to comfort him. When Todd saw them come in, he stood up straight and stomped over to them. "Daddy Doc, look at Adam. How could you treat him like that? Adam is the best one of all of us, and would be the last one to ever do something like that, and you should have known that. You'd better apologize to him, and make it right, and do it now, or else."

Tom started to say something but Leo shook his head stopping him. "Todd, I know, you are absolutely correct. I lost my temper because something very dear to me was missing. I have no real excuse, and am very sorry for the way I behaved. I need to have a talk with Adam now, if you will allow me."

Todd said, still scowling at his second Dad, "You'd better ask HIM if HE will let you, not me."

Leo walked over and held out his arms. Tom stood and passed the crying boy over to his life partner. Tom whispered, "Don't screw this up, Love."

Leo sat back down where Tom had been and just held Adam tenderly. The other adults left, pulling a reluctant Todd with them.

"I'm so very sorry Adam, I really blew it huh? I wasn't thinking; I was just reacting, and you got caught in that. Nick set me straight, I shouldn't have been so upset, but I was, and then I saw you holding it. I jumped to the wrong conclusion." Leo was stroking Adam's back.

"God, that was really scary, I felt like that bully was back, and I was going to get hit again." Adam sobbed.

"Oh Adam, honey, I'd never hit you. I will make you this solemn promise, I might get angry, sometimes, but I won't hit. I never have, and I never will. In this case, though, I shouldn't have been angry, and I certainly shouldn't have been angry at you. Can you forgive me?" Leo was nearly crying himself.

"I don't know; what you did was bad, Daddy Doc, real bad. Don't you love me anymore?" Adam whimpered.

Now the tears were flowing down Leo's cheeks, "Oh God, Son, I know I was wrong! I'm so sorry. You see, that old stethoscope was the one Dad gave me when I was accepted into Med School. It really isn't a very good one, but I really love it cause my Dad gave it to me. I had hoped to give it to my son one day. Could I give it to you?"

"It hurt my ears." Adam said.

Leo giggled, "Yeah, it does that, but I still loved it."

"You really want me to have it?"

"I would be very honored if you would accept it as my son." Leo picked it up off the table and handed it to Adam.

Adam started crying again as he accepted the old beat-up stethoscope.

* Out in the Stable *

"Donny, you have picked that right up. You are a natural." Mr. Frank had the twins, both pairs, trotting around the paddock. "Okay, boys, that's great, you need to cool down the ponies now."

Donny was beaming from the praise Mr. Frank had given him. Travis walked his pony next to Donny, "You seem to be doing better today."

"Oh yeah, Danny finally let me talk to him last night. I didn't realize how much I was hurting him. And all for nothing really, I tried to stay away from him cause I didn't want to make him gay, and he was already. I really messed up big time." Donny said, sadly.

Travis smacked his older friend on the arm, "The point is, now what do you do about it. You have made a really good start and we all are very proud of you. I want you to know we care about you and we will help in any way we can. Just don't be afraid to ask us."

Donny gave Travis a hug. "Thanks Travis, you are pretty cool for a little guy."

"Hey, I'm only two years younger than you." Travis replied indignantly.

Donny sobered, "Just don't let nobody make you do stuff you don't want to."

Travis got very serious, "Donny, I've been there. I was forced to do stuff by four men, and often in the same night, for almost two years. No one will ever make me do that again."

Donny looked shocked. "How can you deal with that?"

Travis replied thoughtfully, "I've had a whole lot of help. Max found me and brought me to Dad and Mitch. I didn't know I had a twin and neither did he. Well at first I couldn't get near Dad and he was very understanding and Dr. Lisa came and she helped me see that I wasn't to blame and neither was Dad. It hasn't been easy, and I still get a little scared around men I don't know but I'm getting better."

"Damn! I had no idea." Donny said.

"That's a good thing." Travis smiled and they finished walking their ponies to cool them down. "Let's go finish up with the ponies and go get a shower before lunch."

"Another shower?"

"Yeah, we smell like horse, and unless we want to eat with the horses we got to shower." Travis explained.

"Oh, well, for food..."

Soon the four boys were headed back to the house.


At lunch, Danny asked, "Uncle Tommy, when are Mommy and Daddy coming back?"

Tom swallowed and took a sip of his water, "Well they were hoping to drop off your sister last night, and then be able to have a romantic evening and then get on the road this morning. If they got started by nine they should be back here about three. But it is quite possible they will be later, they might sleep in and there is a weather front coming from that direction and that might slow them down or they might even have to stop for another night."

Donny piped up, "I want them to get here soon, while I still am brave enough to talk about this."

"Don't worry, Donny, I'll be there with you." Tom reassured him.

"Thanks Uncle Tommy. When is the shrink coming?"

"Donny, she is a psychologist, her name is Dr. Lisa Billings, or as the boys call her Dr. Lisa. I don't think she would like being called a shrink." Tom corrected.

Donny lowered his head.

"The Shrink is right here." a woman's voice said from the doorway.

"Aunt Lisa!" the kids shouted and went for hugs.

Poor Donny, realizing she had heard him, just started to cry.

Tom went to him, "Donny, it's okay. She doesn't mind, really. She really likes kids and won't hold it against you. Me on the other hand..."

"I can't do anything right!" he cried.

Travis said, "Dr. Lisa, that's Donny, he needs to talk to you real bad. I'll come too, so he feels it's okay."

Lisa Billings, world renowned child psychologist, walked over to Donny and knelt down, "Hi Donny. Travis tells me that we need to talk."

Donny responding to the soft kind voice and nearly fell into her arms.

"It's Okay, Donny. Let's go someplace quiet. You want Travis or Mr. Richards to come?"

"No, please." he managed to croak out, between sobs.

Dr. Lisa and Donny made their way out of the Dining Room leaving the others wondering what was going to happen.


A little more than an hour later, Donny came out of the Family Room and went in search of the other kids. Lisa went to look for Tom and found him in his office. "Tom, can we talk?"

"Sure Lisa. What can I do for you?"

"Donny said you already knew about what had happened." Lisa settled in a chair. "He said it was okay for me to talk to you about this, since his parents weren't here. To be honest, I was surprised to see a boy here who still had loving parents. You're slipping Tom."

"Thought I'd branch out, try something different for a change." Tom joked.

"Well, we have a reportable situation here and it involves a policeman in a jurisdiction I know nothing about. I really don't know who to trust on this one." Lisa explained.

"Well, John will be back later today and we can get his input." Tom suggested.

"It might be a little iffy legally, since he is the victim's father." Lisa cautioned.

'Philip' joined the conversation, 'Contact with the local chief of police has already been made, and appropriate action has been initiated. I have sent a forty seven minute video clip to them, from yesterday that should be enough to insure Officer Farleigh spends a good long time with an interesting inmate known as Big Bad Bubba. I have the housing already arranged as soon as he is sentenced. Big Bad Bubba is the mean little (as in age not endowment) brother of Big Bubba, who is currently entertaining ex-sheriff Fat-Ass and Sgt. Sniffer.'

Tom laughed at that. "Good job 'Philip'!"

'Thank you.'

Dr. Lisa brought the conversation back to Donny. "How long will Donny and Danny be staying here?"

"Well, as far as I know, they won't be leaving until the weekend." Tom said.

"Good, that will give me some time to work with Donny and I think I need to talk to Danny also; and of course to their parents when they arrive. These kinds of things leave deep scars unless they can work it out. We have been very lucky so far with your boys." Lisa said. "Well I'd guess I'd better go start my chats with the other house apes."

Tom grinned, "Good luck tracking them down."

"I have my ways, and Martha promised a few dozen cookies..."

"Where do I get in line?" Tom grinned.

"Cabot Cove, Maine." Lisa said, with an evil smile.

Lisa left Tom's office looking for Martha.

As Tom settled into his chair again 'Philip' appeared on this computer screen. 'Tom, I need to have a few words with you.'

"Okay 'Philip', what is it?"

'Well, it concerns those papers you and Lee signed for me this morning.'

"I had wondered when you were going to come clean on that."

'Fred Clemets insisted that I keep you informed, or he was going to halt everything, and I just can't allow that to happen.'

"Now that is quite clear...NOT!"

'Well, it concerns a wish that Master Brian and Master Travis made just before Christmas that I have been pursuing. You see it involves a certain Juvenile detention facility and an Estate Sale for back taxes and a group of homeless children.'

"Now, you are starting to worry me, 'Philip'."

'Well, sir, a new corporation has bought these properties, and well... the boys own the corporation.'

"WHAT!?! Just when did the boys form a corporation?"

'Well, they didn't, I did, in their names, and with you, Lee, Linda, Shorty, and Leo on the board of directors.'

"Who is CEO? Neal?"

'Oh, good Lord no. There isn't a CEO as of yet. It needs to be someone very special. I recommend that Shorty take the job for the time being, until a permanent CEO can be found.'

"Shorty is kind of old for the job, isn't he?"

'Well I did say temporarily.'

"Okay, so what is the purpose of this corporation?"

'To help abandoned children rebuild their lives.'

"That sounds like a good thing. What is this corporation called?"

'The estate is called Phoenix Manor, so I filed the corporation as 'The Phoenix Youth Foundation'.'

"I like that, 'Philip'. I hate to admit it, but I approve of this project, so far."


Out in the old orchard, Monty and Patty were watching David and Tym playing catch with Walter. (Okay everyone; get ready for a real head shaker. You see, when I first saw that sentence, it put a very interesting picture in my mind. I am going to see if, by chance, I can put that picture out there in such a way that your heads do the same flip that mine did. Here goes; Tim [That's Tym!] picks up Walter and throws him to Monty, and Monty catches him and throws him back to Tym. There did that do it for you?) [It sure did it for me :)] It was funny to see the huge dog running and playing with the two small boys. It was getting colder and clouds were moving in from the west.

"I bet it's really going to snow today." Patty said.

"Yeah, the TV weather guy said we should get four to six inches. That should be great for making snowmen, and snow balls." Monty replied.

"That should be a lot of fun. I hope the twins' rents get back soon." Patty said.

"Yeah, poor Donny needs them pretty bad. I think he is worried they won't believe him or will hate him. Poor, guy, I remember how it feels waiting to be rejected. At least he is here and we won't ever reject him." Monty said.

The first flakes of snow began to fall. Monty yelled to the boys, "Hey Guys! It's snowin'! Come on in, before you get too cold or wet."

"Okay, Monty, we will!"


Patty giggled as Walter had answered too. She and Monty started back to the house. "Monty, let's go bring in some wood for a fire."

"Oh that would be nice. Let's go."

Patty and Monty just stacked wood outside the door to the family room but didn't go inside when they saw Dr. Lisa talking with Todd and Adam through the window.

"So how did you guys feel when Donny said those things?

"I got scared." Adam said. "I always do, when somebody gets angry with me. I don't like getting' hit an' stuff."

"Nobody's goin' to hit you no more." Todd said forcefully. "I was upset cause Adam was, and I was really confused about it too. I guess cause Dad lets us be ourselves and everybody here loves us, it was pretty unexpected."

"So how do you feel about Donny?" The doctor asked.

Adam answered first, "I feel sorry for him. Now that we know what is going on, we want to help him deal with it. He's been so afraid of so much and now it's over and he has to deal with it. Danny is really helping him too and of course Travis."

"Travis? What has Travis done?" Dr. Lisa asked.

"Oh, he found out before, when he touched Donny. You know how he just knows things about you when he touches you? Anyway, he stood by Donny and helped him tell Uncle Tommy everything. Travis was really cool." Todd explained.

"I knew he could do that with Mitch, but didn't know he could with others." Dr. Lisa made some notes.

"Oh, he blocks it most of the time, but sometimes if we are real excited or real worried, he picks it up, especially if he touches you. It's weird but kewl too." Adam explained.

"Can Mitch do that too?" Dr. Lisa asked.

"I don't think so," Adam said. "He picks up from Travis, but I don't think he can read anybody else."

"So Travis knew but he couldn't tell because he promised not to?" Dr. Lisa summarized.

Todd giggled, "No, ma'am, see he didn't promise, he just said he would think about it. We learned in Scouts that sometimes you have to tell if someone's safety is in danger. But he didn't tell. He made Donny tell."

"Wow, you guys are pretty smart." Dr. Lisa smiled at them.

"Well, Travis and Neal are pretty smart. The rest of us are smart enough to pay attention to them," Adam sagely replied.


Donny and Danny were in the suite main room playing the PS2 and looking out the window to see their parents return. "Oh, look, Donny, it's started to snow. I hope Mom and Dad get here soon."

"I hope so too. I'm kind of scared about telling them."

"You ain't the one who should be worrying, Faurleigh should be worried. Dad is going to take care of him, that's for sure."

"Oh man, Danny, this whole thing is such a mess."

"Donny, remember what Uncle Tommy said, 'it's not your fault.' That's true you know. I'll keep reminding you of that. I love you Bro, and don't ever forget that either."

The brothers shared a nice hug and then went back to battling each other on the PS2.


David, Tym and a very cold and wet Walter came into the kitchen, huffing and puffing and shedding as much of the cold, wet snow as they could, about an hour after the snow had begun to fall. Mrs. Johnson halted them just inside the door. Two large beach towels were deployed, and ten minutes later, Walter was allowed to go into the house. He followed his boy (Tym) up to his bedroom where David and Tym stripped completely, and climbed into a nice warm shower. Walter tried to join them, but they managed to get the bathroom door closed and locked (They had to lock it, because Walter could turn knobs with his mouth and open doors. Before he figured out how to do it gently, he managed to put a few dents in a few doorknobs. He had embarrassed more than one resident of Haven Manor and had even cold nosed Daddy Doc on the butt one morning.)

In the shower, David checked out Tym. "Hey, you're uncut. Kewl."

Tym looked at David questionably.

"You know your dick has the thingy still on it. See mine was cut off when I was a baby." David said, pointing to his own personal joystick.

Tym looked and David's head was exposed while his was covered by his foreskin. "I thought your's was pulled back like when it's hard, like this." Tym pulled his back, exposing the head.

"Nope, mine is always like this."

"Can you get hard? Does it hurt?"

"Sure I can, and no, it sure don't hurt. See it's getting hard now." David said, showing Tym his hardening dick.

"Mine too. See the skin pulling back. Aaaahhhhh. That feels good. Wow they look the same now." Tym was fascinated in watching David get hard.

The two boys washed up and remained hard the whole time. David finally said, "Can I feel your's?"

Tym looked confused, "Isn't that dirty?"

David giggled, "Don't be silly. How could it be? You just washed it."

Tym giggled back. "Okay, but I get to touch your's too."

David and Tym explored and cemented their friendship before leaving the shower and dressing for dinner.


Just before dinner, Donny and Danny were staring out the foyer window looking for the headlights of their parents' car. The snow was really coming down hard, and it had already accumulated two to three inches. Tom saw them there, just staring out the window into the darkness.

"Hey, guys." Tom said, gently.

They both jumped, startled. Danny recovered first, "Hi Uncle Tommy. We were just lookin' for Mommy and Daddy."

Tom smiled, "That's kinda what I thought. I was just watching the weather station and the storm is even worse than they expected. My guess is that your parents have stopped somewhere, and will call us to let us know when they get an idea when they can continue."

Donny asked, "You think everything is alright? I got a really nervous feeling in my stomach."

"I haven't heard any bad news, so I would guess everything is fine. Your dad is a cop and he has lots of training and experience driving in bad weather. Maybe you're just hungry, it's almost dinner time, you know." Tom told him.

"Come on, Bro, let's go get washed up." Donny was led off by Danny to do just that.

Everyone gathered in the Dining Room, Dr. Lisa was staying the night, because of the storm and was off duty so she was Aunt Lisa to the kids, now. Dinner went smoothly, and everyone seemed quite happy tonight. Danny was a bit worried, but he seemed to be dealing with it pretty well because he had everyone's support.

Tom did notice though, that Donny really didn't eat much dinner. And he skipped the devil's food cake altogether. When everyone was excused, he went back to the foyer and stared out the window again. Tom joined him and noticed that there was a lot more snow than before dinner. "I don't think they are going to make it back here tonight, Son. There is a large area they'll be going through that doesn't have good cell phone reception and there are a lot of reports of utility outages all over the state, so try not to worry. I'm sure they will let us know something as soon as they can."

Donny turned and hugged Tom, "I'm really scared, Uncle Tommy. I can't shake the feeling that something really bad has happened. Can you stay with me?"

"Sure thing, Son. How about we join the others in the family room and enjoy the fire and watch a movie or two? Later I see if we can make some popcorn."

"I might miss them..."

"Don't worry about that. 'Philip' will alert us as soon as they reach the gate. Won't you 'Philip'?"

'Yes, Tom, and Donny, I certainly will.'

"Come on, Donny, You'll feel better with everyone else around, and it will help the time pass."

Tom settled on the love seat next to Leo and pulled Donny up into his lap, giving him a huge warm hug, and rubbing his back. Linda and Lee were cuddled together on one end of the sofa and Nick and Martha were on the other end. Ed and Alice were sharing a large overstuffed chair and the kids were scattered around on the floor in their various pairings. The movie that they had decided to watch was called 'Dragon Heart' and everyone thought that they needed 'Goos' to come straighten things out.

When the movie was over, Donny hugged Tom, climbed off his lap and made a bathroom run. On the way back, he checked out front again. The snow was really deep now; it looked like almost a foot had fallen. Donny walked dejectedly back to the family room. "It's really bad out there. I guess there's no way they are going to make it back tonight."

Danny got up off the floor and went over and hugged his brother.

Tom's cell phone rang and he got it out and opened it, "Donny, it's your dad."

"Hello John."

"Oh, Officer Perry, Where is John?"

"Oh, my God! Are there any survivors?!?!"

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Yup, that's exactly where I'm leaving it. I think the Cliff Hanger Police will be on my trail again for this one. I wonder if they are international? Does Canada extradite Evil Authors? How about Tasmania?

Poor Donny, he thought something was wrong so it seems he was absolutely correct. Maybe he and Travis share a talent. And exactly what is 'Philip' up to with this Phoenix thing. He knows something and isn't telling us. This sounds like quite a blizzard; I hope they can get dug out in time to help John and Becky. Surely I'm not mean enough to kill them off just so the twins can join the gang in Haven. Of course Patrick and Danny seemed to be getting along pretty well. It would be such a shame to split them up.

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Another Chapter will follow eventually... (Evil Laughter)


Editor's Notes:

I really don't know what I am going to do with that EVIL author of mine. I threatened to turn him over my knee and spank him and he got this strange look in his eyes. Somehow I am afraid, that wasn't exactly a threat. I will think of something to use as a punishment. It will be something he won't enjoy. I will ask his boss and his children and see if they know anything the he really hates so I can use it to punish him. Does this turn of events mean that Danny and Donny will be orphans and will be in need of a home? I know that Str8mayb is Evil, but he wouldn't kill off the parents of two wonderful kids just to move the plot along would he? I mean, I know that TSL killed three people in one chapter, and they were people that were nice and lovable too. I think TSL was trying to get in good with Str8mayb. That was In Dragon Earl Chapter Three or Chapter Four; I can't remember which one it was. If you haven't already read it I recommend it very highly. In case you don't know that is the story that stars 'Goos'. He is a very nice Dragon. Don't worry; he has very good control over his fire. He only uses it on bad people. Hmmmmm, Str8mayb had better watch out for a bit if heat, although he didn't roast TSL for dispensing with three well loved characters in one chapter, so maybe Str8mayb is safe.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

Str8mayb you are an Evil Man how could you do such a thing as leave it there? I really like the way all of the kids have rallied around Danny and Donny, they are going to need a lot of help to rebuild their relationship. I do hope that Donny's premonition isn't as bad as it seems.

Dear RR, Str8mayb is the villain here not me 'Goos' and I are just innocent bystanders here. And although I did do the nefarious deed you have accused me of I had no choice I wrote myself into a corner. However, they aren't gone from the story completely are they? Remember "Potters Village" Chapter One!

Now Str8mayb I have contacted the Cliffhanger Police and they are on the lookout for you and they have requested help from 'Goos' and a few other friends of ours. You will not get away.

If you have knowledge of the whereabouts of Mr. Evil Author Str8mayb please contact the Cliffhanger Police at this address Cliffhanger Police

Til we fly again,

TSL and 'Goos'