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Chapter 23

Aunt Martha and Nick joined Mrs. Johnson in the kitchen and prepared a wonderful breakfast feast for the whole crew so they would be fully charged for their morning encounter at the courthouse. Oliver arrived in time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a big stack of Blueberry Pancakes with real-honest-to-God Maple Syrup from Vermont.

Tom did a quick head count and came up with 122, 61 heads, and 122 arms and an equal number of legs, "Leo, how are we getting 61 kids and then the adults to the court house and have any hope of keeping order? I really didn't want this to be a circus, I wanted to make a point and correct what is obviously a terrible wrong."

Leo hugged Tom, "Don't worry, Love, First of all, it is the other side that is turning this into a circus, and I bet the Judge knows that. This isn't going to help their cause one bit. She obviously didn't know what was happening here and almost anyone in the county knows. She thought she was going to throw us off balance by subpoenaing all minors living in Haven Manor; well we will see just who is off balance. Now let's find the Ringmaster and get these clowns loaded in the Volkswagen Bug."

They gave Andy the okay and he began herding the boys to the bus. All the boys except eight went on the big Phoenix Foundation bus, the others loaded into the stretch van with Tom and Leo. The rest of the adults went in Alice's van. In the stretch van, Neal and Adam and Todd were sitting right behind Tom and Leo where they talked about just what was going to happen and things they should watch out for. Behind them, Brian, Arty and Howie and in the back were David and Tym.

The boys on the bus were very quiet. Those who had been in a courtroom before were very nervous. They had not had a good experience and a result of that visit had been ending up in Juvy. Even though the reason had been explained, they still had a natural distrust in 'The System' that had abused them so badly once before. Travis went around and reassured them that they were now under the protection of Uncle Tommy, his Mom and the Phoenix Foundation and they may not believe it, but no one could mess with them and get away with it anymore.

When they pulled up to the courthouse, there was a crowd of reporters on the steps. Flashes from their cameras looked like the fireworks on New Years. Andy took charge and had the boys get off the bus in Squad order with the Squad Leader in front. Once off the bus, they were to form a double line and follow the Squad Leader up the steps and into the courthouse. Although some of the boys were scared, they followed and all of them made it into the courthouse without incident.

Fred Clemets was waiting inside for them. "The Courtroom has been changed to the main room right down the hall. Andy, please take them down there and seat them in the second row on back."

Andy led the boys and two girls down the hall and into the Main Courtroom. It was empty, so getting seated wasn't a problem. Tom, Leo and their group followed and there were many more flashes and several rude reporters' questions. These were ignored and they 'ran the gauntlet' and made it inside. Adam was nearly in tears. Tom stopped and hugged him, "You'll make it through this. Hang in there, Son."

"No Uncle Tommy, it's the flashes, they really hurt and I didn't bring my dark sunglasses." Adam said.

"I figured you might forget those." Dr. Kelly Deforest stepped up from where he had been waiting, and handed Adam a pair of the dark amber glasses.

Adam hugged the Doctor. "Thank you! How come you are here?"

"Well, I got this little message on my laptop that said I might want to be here. It said one of my favorite patients might need my help today. There was a plane ticket to Pittsburgh and a Limo to here. All expenses paid. How could I resist an offer like that." Dr. Deforest said.

Tom held out his hand, "Welcome to the circus, Doc."

"I'm a Doctor not a clown." he replied in a very good Dr. McCoy voice.

Neal piped up, "I'm not so sure, you are wearing a cartoon tie."

"All the better to strangle you with."

"Yikes, not in the courthouse!" Neal replied.

Tom laughed, "Watch it Neal, justifiable homicide."


Fred interrupted, "Come on folks, let's get to the courtroom."

Fred led the way and he, Tom, Leo, Neal and Adam sat at the front table the rest of the adults sat in the row behind. The defendants entered and took seats at their table. Merry Pason looked out over the gallery and saw a sea of children. She grew red with rage, 'what were Clemets and Richards trying to pull.'

At 9:00 sharp, the bailiff entered and tried to hide a snicker {or was it a Milky Way?}, He called the court to order and the judge entered.

Before he could even sit down, Merry Pason said, "Your Honor, I object!"

Judge Clements sat and looked at the standing attorney, "Miss Pason, the only thing that has happened so far is my walking into the courtroom. Is that what you object to?"

"No, Your Honor, I object to Mr. Clemets attempt to be funny by filling the court with children." She said.

Fred stood, "Your Honor, I believe it was Miss Pason that subpoenaed all the minors living in Haven Manor. My clients have merely complied with that court order."

The Judge looked back at Miss Pason.

"There aren't that many children living there. There would have to be like 50 bedrooms there." She said.

At that moment, Jim Gorden, Tom's Administrative Assistant, and Sheriff Eric Henry entered the courtroom. Jim spoke up, "If it pleases the court, there are actually 105 bedrooms in Haven Manor, if that bit of information is helpful."

Merry turned and said, "Who the f... Who are you?"

"My name is James Gorden, I am Mr. Richards' Administrative Assistant, and it is my job to know such things." Jim took a seat next to Nick in the first row.

"Objection overruled." The Judge rapped his gavel.

The Bailiff read the charges and Merry Pason stood, "Your honor, I move to have the charges dismissed on First Amendment grounds of freedom of speech."

Trying not to laugh, the judge looked at Fred, "Mr. Clemets."

"Your, Honor, Our charges are for Slander and Libel which are clearly defined; and false statements, knowingly and maliciously made, are not protected by the First Amendment," so said Fred.

"Motion denied."

"I then move for dismissal on failure to prove the malicious nature of the so called slander and libel," Merry tried again.

"I believe that is the purpose of this trial, and it is more than a bit premature to make such a motion before any evidence is presented. Motion denied."

"Mr. Clemets, call your first witness."

"Thank You, Your Honor, I would like to call Mr. Thomas Richards."

"Objection Your Honor! He is the boy's father."

"You object to him being the boy's father?"

"No how can he testify on their behalf?"

"You will have the opportunity to impeach the witness. Mr. Richards please take the stand."

Tom was sworn in and took his seat. Fred asked, "First of all, I would like to put one question to rest once and for all. Mr. Richards at the time of the incident, were the two youths involved, gay?"

Tom kept a straight face, "They are eleven years old, even if they think they are, it is too early to say."

"Objection Your Honor, Mr. Richards is not a child psychiatrist. Maybe if we had Dr. Lisa Billings here to testify..."

A voice from the back of the courtroom, "I am here, and I'm willing to testify."

Merry Pason spun around, "Who the hell are you?"

"I am Dr. Lisa Billings, the two boys in question are my patients, I will be willing to testify in general terms, so long as it does not breech 'Doctor Patient Confidentiality'. Hello Judge, good to see you again."

"Hi Lisa, you are looking well. Is the statement just made by Mr. Richards true?"

"Oh yes indeed. In many cases, true orientation is not established until age sixteen and an individual may be confused about their true orientation for many years after that. I will state for the record that any declaration of sexual orientation of or even by a child under the age of sixteen is conjecture and can by no means be considered true fact."


"What now, Miss Pason?"

"Your Honor, Dr. Billings is not on the plaintiff's witness list."

Fred started to speak, but the judge beat him to the punch. "Overruled. Miss Pason, you are the one who called the good doctor by name."

Turning back to Tom, Fred asked, "So Mr. Richards, since sexual orientation is in a doubtful state, why are you pressing these charges?"

"Well, there is the matter of the term the School Board President, Mr. Fastaff used. I feel that the term is an indication of the hateful nature of his comment. He not only used that term in the public forum of the School Board Hearing, but also several times in the newspaper interview. I can guarantee that to the Homosexual Community the word 'faggot' is every bit as offensive as the word 'nigger' is to the Black Community."

Tom sat back as Miss Pason once again stood, "Objection, Your Honor."

"Okay, Miss Pason, what do you object to?"

"He used the 'N-word', Your Honor."

"Bailiff, do you, as a black American, find the word 'nigger' offensive?"

"Yes, Your Honor, I most certainly do."

"Objection overruled."

"Objection, Your Honor."

"What now, Ms. Pason?" Judge Clements asked.

"Your Honor, It is totally inappropriate to have minor children in the room while such language is being used and discussed." Ms. Pason stated.

"Mr. Clemets?" the Judge asked.

"Your honor, These boys are the center of this case. Since the defendants are the ones that used this language and made these accusations, we feel they have the right to face their accusers here in a court of law."

"Overruled, Ms. Pason."

It took the better part of an hour for Tom to tell what he had observed that day at the schools. Miss Pason objected to just about every other sentence and was overruled every time. Finally Fred was done and it was Miss Pason's Turn to cross-examine. "Mr. Richards, is it true you have obtained the custody of five minor boys for your own sexual pleasure?"


"Then how many have you obtained for that purpose?"


"But the records show you now have adopted five boys."


"And you expect the court to believe that you do this for non sexual reasons?"

"Yes." Tom maintained an outer calm and he didn't let his anger and outrage show. His earlier experience in the Grand Jury was good preparation.

"Your honor, the witness is being unresponsive."

"Miss Pason, he has answered every single question you asked, even the ones that were way out of line. If you pursue this line of questioning, you may be asking for some charges of your own. Objection overruled."

"Mr. Richards, is it true you have taken the boys you are responsible for out of school?"


"I have records here that show they have not attended a single day since the incident."


"Then, Please tell us how they can attend school without attending." Miss Pason had a very smug expression.

"Home School."


"All my children and those of a good number of others whose parents have withdrawn them and have enrolled them in a state approved Home School," Tom said, matter of factly.

Merry Pason looked like she had just been dowsed with a bucket of ice cold water. "How many?"

Jim scribbled a number on his pad and held it for Tom to see, "Well at last count, before the Christmas Break, there were eighty three students. Now we will be adding the forty one new boys from The Phoenix House, and my two new foster sons..."

"Just what are you trying to pull? Trying to grandstand here?"

"Well no, I didn't bring it up. I'm just trying to provide a safe place for my children to attend school. I have seen that the environment provided by Mr. Sooker and Mr. Fastaff is not safe, so I have done what I feel I must, to protect my children. I happen to take being a father very seriously. If the rest of the county feels the same way, then good for them and I will help protect those children as well."

Fred stood "I would like to call Sean Jenkins." (The first of the bullies to apologize to Adam and Neal)

"Objection Your Honor. He is one of my witnesses."

"You will have the opportunity to cross, and even recall, if you so desire. Overruled." Judge Clements was thoroughly enjoying this case.

By the time this witness had told exactly what had happened, and what his punishment had been from the principal, Miss Pason had objected so many times Tom had lost count. At least she didn't try to cross examine.

Finally Fred called Adam. He told his story. On cross examination, Miss Pason pounced, "So you claim that when you lost your glasses your couldn't see well enough to flee. You seem to be doing quite well today without your glasses."

"I have my contact lenses, now."

"So why were you not wearing them on that day?"

"I hadn't seen Dr. Deforest, yet."

"And we are to believe this mythical Doctor performed a miracle?"

"Objection, Your honor!" Came from the second row.

The Judge looked at the man with the Tasmanian Devil tie. "Wait, let me guess. You are the mythical Dr. Deforest."

"Yes, your honor. Well, I'm not mythical and I'm not licensed in this State, so I suppose I'm Just Mr. Deforest."

"I object to any testimony by this man. He is obviously not an expert witness."

"Mr. Deforest, where are you licensed?"

"In the Commonwealth of Virginia, Your Honor."

"And where did you examine this witness?"

"In my private practice in Tidewater Virginia, where I am licensed."

"How is it that you saw him there?"

"A classmate of mine recommended me, and Mr. Richards made an appointment. I saw Adam and prescribed special lenses that provide an artificial pupil to limit glare and to correct his high hyperopia."

"Could you possibly explain to the court exactly how Adam would have been seeing at the time if the incident."

"Well, Your Honor, with standard correction, Adam is legally blind, furthermore, without significant tinting in his glasses lenses, glare would be painful and he would have difficulty even keeping his eyes open. Given the harsh florescent lighting in the schools, I would imagine he was rendered completely blind when his glasses were knocked off his face."

"Your Honor, I had objected," Merry Pason whined.

"Yes and Dr. Deforest has clarified his status as an expert witness to the satisfaction of this court. Objection overruled."

Merry turned back to Adam, "So you're gay."

"I don' know, maybe." Adam replied.

Fred stood to object.

Judge Clements said, "Miss Pason, we covered the gay issue earlier, and the plaintiff explained that, that was not the issue. The fact that your client unjustly accused these boys of being homosexuals is more of a hate crime and does not belong here in a civil court. I do notice that the District Attorney is here and taking notes. I strongly advise that you drop the issue and try defending your clients against the things they are charged with in THIS court."

"No, further questions."

"Very well, since it is almost noon, we will break for lunch. Court will reconvene at two o'clock. In the past three hours, Miss Pason, you have objected 68 times and entered eight motions for dismissal, all of which you have lost. I will caution the defense that the courts patience is at its end and if this nonsense continues it WILL damage your case." The gavel fell and the Judge swept out of the courtroom.

Fred Clemets led Tom, Leo, Neal and Adam out of the courthouse and to the little restaurant across the street. The waitress recognized Tom from the last time he had been in and the generous tip he had left for her. She escorted them to a booth in the back for privacy and hurried off to get their drink order. (The others loaded on the bus and stretch van and headed to the mall food court.)

"Uncle Fred, when is something going to really happen?" Neal asked.

"Well, believe it or not, we made a great deal of headway this morning." Mr. Clemets said.

Adam yawned.

Fred smiled, "Yes, Adam, it did seem boring, but the defense is pissing off the Judge. That, in my opinion, is a very good thing for us. It also means they don't have a good defense, and are hoping for some loophole to escape through. I hope I have done my job properly and sealed up all the loopholes. I've known this Judge for many years and the defense would have been better off with Judge Kelper. You see, my father's law firm was Clements, Clemets and Clemons. Before being appointed to the State Supreme Court, he was the senior partner. He has known me since I was a baby. Ms. Pason obviously didn't do her homework very well."

Fred paused his explanations while everyone placed their orders. When the waitress left, he continued, "This afternoon, I will call Neal to testify as to the activities in the boys' restroom. The other side is going to try to get you to admit you met there for sexual activity. I guess she was too flustered this morning to try it."

Adam paled which was a good trick. "I didn't even know Neal, and he didn't come in until the other guy was hitting me and had broken my glasses."

Fred smiled, "That's right Adam, and you said that over and over, each time she asked you." Fred looked at the two boys, "Remember what else we talked about, next I will recall your Dad to testify to the Board meeting. The reporter should be the next witness and with a little stupidity on the defense's part, the tape will be entered into evidence."

Leo laughed, "No problem then. There has been no lack of stupidity so far. I can't believe she blundered into Dr. Lisa and Dr. Deforest. Absolutely amazing."

The waitress brought the lunch and the boys ate like they were starved. At 2:00, everyone was back in the courtroom. Fred called Neal. Miss Pason didn't object as Neal told his story.

When he was finished, she began her cross examination. "So Neal, why did you go to that bathroom at that time?"

"Duh, I had to pee and it was the closest bathroom to my Math class."

"Are you telling me you didn't go there to have sex?"

"Jeez, I had to pee. I sure don't look for sex at school, that's stupid."

"Your honor, permission to treat the witness as hostile."

"So far he has been answering your questions quite well. I'm not sure why Mr. Clemets isn't objecting, but Neal seems to be doing quite well. Permission denied."

"So Neal, how long had you and Adam had a relationship when all this allegedly took place?"

"Jeez, what is wrong with you? I had seen Adam at school, I mean he is kind of hard to miss, but he wasn't in any of my classes and I had never spoken to him before that day."

"How about last year; were you in classes with him last year?"

"Jeez, don't you know nothin'? I was in Juvy in Chicago last year."

"Any witnesses to that?"

Brian and about twenty of the Phoenix boys raised their hands.

"Your Honor," Merry whined.

"What, you are the one who subpoenaed them. Would you like to call a few now?"

"Not at this time. So Neal, why would you try to stop three Eighth Graders from picking on a kid you didn't even know? What are you some kind of Boy Scout or something?" she asked with contempt.

"Yes Ma'am. I just made First Class."

The Judge joined the others in laughter. He looked at Neal and showed him his Eagle Scout ring. Neal grinned.

Miss Pason finally realized she was losing on this one, so she cut her losses and dismissed Neal. [Her one brain cell kicked in ?]

Fred then called Sheriff Henry. After he was sworn in and before Fred could ask his first question Merry objected.

"On what grounds?" the Judge asked.

"The Sheriff wasn't present during the alleged altercation."

Fred injected, "Sheriff Henry was the Investigating Officer and the officer that responded to the call."

"Objection, the Sheriff is an elected position in this county and requires no police training."

The judge rolled his eyes, "Eric, for the record, what did you do before being elected as Sheriff?"

"I was a Captain in the State Police Special Investigations Unit."

"Do you have training in collecting evidence?"

"Yes sir, I have attended the courses offered in this state, the FBI course in Quantico Virginia, and I have taught the course in this state for the last eight years and in a few other states as well."

"Miss Pason, I believe he is qualified as an expert witness, and as an investigator of this crime."

"My clients were not involved in this alleged crime."

"Oh, God, Miss Pason, give us a break." At these words from the judge she sat back down.

"So Sheriff, what did you find when you arrived on the scene?"

The scene was described and the evidence such as the hand prints where Adam had been slapped that were too large to have been from Neal which was the original contention of the Eighth Graders and believed by the principal. How the principal refused to accept the evidence, and how he unjustly suspended the victim and rescuer for a greater length of time than the perpetrators.

Miss Pason rose to the occasion, "Sheriff, If these 'Crimes' were so bad, how come you didn't have the boys arrested?"

"Miss Pason, did you even read my report? At the request of the victims, two of the perps were given community service and released to their Parents pending approval by the Juvenile Court. The Ringleader refused to apologize or show the least bit of remorse, because he was sure his uncles the Principal and School Board President could bail him out. He quickly found out that they had no influence in state court and he is serving the next two years in the State Maximum Security Juvenile Detention Center."

She stared at him. "You really did it?"

"Yes Ma'am, he was given every chance and refused. I hope he survives."

"Why didn't you inform the Principal, Mr. Sooker, of your findings."

"I did at that time. He chose to ignore the facts, and proceeded on his own."

"He claims you did not inform him."

"I'm sure he does."

"And just how do we resolve the issue? It seems to be his word against yours. Too bad you don't have a recording." She said with a smug smile.

"Well, actually, I do."


"I recommend in my course that Officers carry a mini recorder to record what they say and hear during the investigation, because it makes writing the reports much easier and can also verify that a suspect was read his Miranda Rights at the time of arrest."

"Shit," she muttered under her breath and dejectedly sat down with severely slumped shoulders.

Fred stood back up, "Sheriff, do you have this recording with you today."

"Of course."

"If it pleases the court, could we hear this recording?"

The Judge replied, "It would very much please this court."

After listening to the tape, Principal Sooker was hanging his head and wondering how long he was going to be in jail.

Fred said, "That completes our case against Principal Sooker; I would like to continue with the case against Mr. Fastaff."

Merry started to object, but sat back down. [Her brain cell is still working :)]

Fred then recalled Tom to the stand. "Would you please tell us about the School Board Meeting?"

Tom gave a quick but complete accounting of the meeting. Fred then asked who else could verify the proceedings that night. Tom ran down those he could remember attending, saving Valerie Creslane, the reporter, for last.

"No further Questions at this time." Fred said and sat.

"So you want us to believe that my client said such a ridiculous statement during a Public Meeting? Surely you don't think he is that stupid." Miss Pason said.

Tom looked at her. "Well...Yes, I do, because he did."

"Your honor, Once again we are in a he said, he said situation. This time there isn't a recording."

Tom smiled broadly, "Yes, there is, now that YOU mention it."

The Judge started laughing, "Oh, Miss Pason, caught twice in the same day. This really isn't your day. Shall we skip to the chase. Who made the recording, wait, let me guess, the reporter, yes perfect. Shall we have a listen?"

Miss Creslane was sworn in and the tape played. Fred rested his case. Principal Sooker was near tears, but the School Board President was furious. He obviously wanted to testify and she was trying to prevent it. Finally, she said, "Your honor, my client Mr. Fastaff, against his attorney's advice, wishes to take the stand in his own defense."

"First good advice you've given all day. Alright Mr. Fastaff, you may take the stand." He advanced, took the oath and turned and sat down. Several rows back in the gallery, Travis stood, and shouted, "It's him!" pointing at the School Board President.

All eyes in the courtroom were on Travis.

Judge Clements said, "Young man, please explain you outburst or sit down and remain quiet."

The Judge was quite surprised when Travis didn't sit but replied loudly, "That is the other God Damn Son of a bitch that fucked me every Thursday night."

"Objection!" Ms Pason cried.

"Why aren't you burned up you little shit?" Fastaff yelled back. "Dummesel had you burned up twice. You should be a little fucking pile of ash. Why didn't you die?!?!"

Judge Clements said, "Mr Fastaff, you are under oath and I would advise you to remain silent. I'm sure Mr. Franklin Phurtor, the DA will be using anything you say here, against you."

"Oh who gives a fuck now anyway. You were a good fuck kid but not worth all this."

Jason shot to his feet, "Shut up you sick pervert, You think you're so high and mighty! Well you are just a sick bastard. What you did on your last trip to Juvy, well Aaron has AIDS, Asshole, and if there is a God now you do too!"

Andy managed to grab Jason as he lunged towards the pervert, and finally got him back in his seat.

"Bailiff, place this man under arrest for contempt of this court, until such time as Frank Phurtor can have more serious charges filed. Dr. Turnman we will need an AIDS Test ASAP on the suspect." Soon the Bailiff had the man cuffed. "Don't remove him just yet. Miss Pason, do you have any further witnesses?"

"No, Your Honor."

"Good. This court finds both defendants guilty. This being a civil case, I can't sentence jail time which I truly would like to do. However, I can and will find the following. William Sooker, you shall make amends to the minors involved to the tune of one hundred thousand dollars each to be placed in a trust fund, available for their college education, upon graduation from high school or at age twenty five, if they should choose not to attend college. You have until January 31 to make this happen, or to show this court what steps you are making to see that it is being done. I am also making sure Mr. Phurtor and the remaining School Board has a copy of this proceeding."

"Mr. Walter Fastaff, You sir, are absolutely reprehensible. It is the finding of this court that you will liquidate all your assets and place them in a trust to pay each of these young men fifty thousand dollars a year, until they reach the age of thirty. At that time, any remaining funds shall be donated to the Phoenix Foundation, to support needy children. I am so pleased that neither of you has children. I just wish it were in my power to deliver more than monetary judgments in this case."

"Miss Pason, your level of incompetence has rarely been seen in my or any other courtroom. I will be sending a transcript of this trial to the Bar. I believe a first year law student could have done a much better job, as a matter of fact I bet most of these boys could have too."

"Court is adjourned!" and the gavel sounded and the Judge left in a great show of flowing robes.

Then Adam and Neal hugged each other. The Bailiff led Walter Fastaff off to the lockup. Miss Pason nearly ran out of the courtroom. William Sooker remained at the table with tears of relief running down his cheeks, he wasn't going to jail.

By the time the boys were back at Haven, another party seemed to be in order. Tom called the local Pizza delivery and ordered 30 pizzas. Because it was a school night, the party ended at 9:00.

When all was quiet, and Tom and Leo had some quiet time before sleeping, Leo said, "You did good today."

"It was Fred, really. He organized it all. I hope that is a wakeup call for the powers that be in the county. As long as I'm here, things are going to be done right and a kid should always be safe."

"That's my Tom. I love you."

They drifted off to sleep.


Haven Book 2

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