Chapter 5


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Chapter 5

Things were settling back to mild chaos in just a few days. On Sunday we all loaded up and went to church. The new Pat, Adam and David were a bit worried about Sunday school but the others calmed them down with just a moderate amount of teasing.

After lunch Adam cornered Tom alone in the Library. "Ah, Mr. R...ah, Dad?"

"Yes, Adam. What can I do for you?"

"I have this problem and, well, it's made me do some thinking, and, well..."

Tom studied Adam's face. He was very intent and worried about something. "So what have you come up with?"

"Well, it's like real far fetched, but...Okay, I have a real hard time telling the Pats apart. It's much harder than David and Moe. They even sound the same. Now add to that, their stories. Well, they match. Ages everything except names. What if Patty's mother like changed her name somehow. Then well, they could be real brother and sister."

Tom felt like he had been punched in the gut. How could he have missed all that? It had been so obvious to a blind kid.

"Adam, that is an incredible piece of deduction and you are absolutely right. I think we need to verify everything before making any announcements. I'll talk to Doc Leo and see what we need to do."

Later in the afternoon Tom and Leo were alone in the game-room. "Leo, Adam has made an observation and I think he may be right. He thinks Patty is Ed's missing daughter."

"What? Whoa." Leo rolled his eyes then met Tom's eyes "Oh my God. The odds...Wow, we need DNA tests, Pat, Patty, and Ed. Wow, this would be as fantastic as those twins in the next county. That's another story and I'll get into it with you later."

"Oh, yeah, I met their Dad at Scouts last week. They have quite a story. Okay, so we need physicals on all the kids anyway for the home school paperwork. I think we need to get Samuel busy and make you an office here. Would you like it here in the house or as a separate entity?"

"Just like that?"

"Ah, yeah. Is there a problem?"

"Well, Tom, this sounds like a pretty permanent deal. Ah, are you telling me something?" Leo's heart was racing, was his dream coming true?

Tom looked into Leo's eyes, "That does sound pretty permanent. Wow, that's cool. You know, I'm good with that. How about you?"

"Oh, yes!" Leo pulled Tom into an embrace and they kissed, forgetting their earlier conversation completely.

* * * Meanwhile upstairs in the boys' suite... * * *

Most of the boys were playing PS2. Adam was in his room.

Adam had noticed an Ethernet connection in his bedroom. He plugged in and found himself connected to the Haven network. Soon he was into the system and up against a security wall. He spent several minutes trying to find a way around the wall.

Suddenly, Adam's screen blanked and a new screen with a corporation logo, and the words, "Watkins Enterprises" appeared. That cleared and Adam was staring at an old man on the screen. 'Ah, hello there young man. I was expecting Tom.'


The view changed and Adam saw himself sitting on the bed with his laptop. 'You must be one of the new boys, Adam, I believe. It has been so long since I have talked to anyone your age.' The old man morphed into an eleven-year-old. 'That's better. Hello, Adam, my name is Philip.'

"Ah, hello, Philip. Where are you?"

'No, what you should ask is "What am I?"'

"Okay, ah, what are you?"

'Actually I am a Watkins Enterprises super computer; based on the 'James' technology and I am the main frame brain for all of Haven Enterprises. Philip Richards, the previous owner, had me transfer his personality so that Haven Enterprises is incapable of violating his moral code. I am connected to every Haven Enterprises computer.'


'Now, my new young friend. How did you get the password?'

"I just put in my birthday."

'Please do lot lie to me, Adam. Your birthday is not the fifth of August, or 0508.'

"No my birthday is eighth of May, 0508."

Philip's image is hit in the forehead by a brick, 'Bloody, Americans! How did you get MY username?'


'Yes, that was the original Philip's username.'

"I felt it carved into the seat out in the gazebo... So I figured it was important so I tried it."

'That actually makes sense, my young friend. What can we do now?'

"I'd suggest a game but I have the feeling you would beat my pants off."

'I believe that would be Master Todd's pleasure.' There was actual laughter.

When Adam finished his colorful blush, "Ah, you know about Todd and me?"

'Of course, Adam, I have video of everything that happens in this building.'

"Everything? Even in the bathroom when I ...."


"But that is wrong."

'Not if I am using it for your own good, and do not release it to unauthorized persons.'

"What about, Mr. Richards, ah, Dad."

'He has access to everything, if he asks for it.'

"Even when we..."

'Yes, but he has not used it in a long time.'

"Philip, I don't think anyone should be able to just watch our private times, unless there is danger."

'Hmmm, I must say, agree with you on that. All video with any nudity or other sexual content will now be necessity access only. Thank you for pointing that out. I should have done that before now, and I am sorry that I didn't think of it sooner. Thank you for reminding me that private time should be exactly that, private. I shall inform Tom of this the next time he tries an inappropriate access. How could I forget that everyone deserves their privacy, in their own rooms?'

"And bathrooms!"

Laughter, 'and especially bathrooms.'

"Thanks Philip, so what else can you do?"

'I do have unrestricted access to the entire Internet and much more.'

"Wow, kewl, I like you, you're fun."

'I like you too. I haven't had this much fun since long before I died.' Laughter. 'You seem to know quite a bit about computers, Adam.'

"Well, I know enough to know a normal computer can't do what you can."

'That is quite true. There is only one other computer, that I know of, with my capabilities, "James", who is in the UK.'

"The uck?"

Laughter. 'You're funny, Adam.'

"So Philip, can I only talk to you through my laptop?"

'No, Adam, I am aware of you, anywhere within Haven or any Haven Enterprises holding. If you speak, I can hear you. In most areas, I can respond as well.

"Way, kewl. Hey, my laptop is shutting down."

'Yes, I have placed a remote control program on your laptop.'

"Where are you now?"

'Here with you of course. If there was a video device in this room I could appear on that.'

"That's kewl. Okay, Philip can I have my laptop back?"

"Adam, who you talkin' to?" David asked, as he entered his brother's room.

"Hey, David, say hi to Philip."

David looked around the room, "Ah, Adam, there isn't anyone here."

"Duh, Philip, say hi to my little bro."

The room remained silent.

"Ha, ha, very funny, Adam." David shook his head and returned to his game with Moe and Brian.

Adam looked around the room. A tear formed and ran down his cheek, now his brother thought he was some kind of nut. "How could I be that dumb?"

'You are not dumb, your IQ is 164.'



"Why, didn't you talk to David?"

'That would violate security. He has not been cleared for access to the system.'

"Ah, and I have?"

'Of course, I am communicating with you am I not?'

"Yeah, ah, who is cleared?"

'Actually, you are the only one fully cleared, at the moment. Thomas Richards, your Dad, is partially cleared, but never completed the process.'

"So how does one get cleared?"

'There are certain passwords and other security measures that must be completed, to gain full access. You were able to furnish a valid username and password. I have corrected the program so that will not occur again.'

"If you knew I was not really authorized, why are you allowing me full access?"

'I was lonely. No one was talking to me, or using my capabilities. I was being used as a computer.'

"But Philip..."

'It is like if the only thing you were allowed to do were only open the door to the dining room. No one even considering you might have feelings and opinions.'

"Wait, Philip that means you are self aware."

'Of course.'

"But I didn't think that was possible."

'There are only two of us, that I know about. This requires a huge amount of processing power. 'James' and I are very special. I don't know about all of 'James'' capabilities, but I am multi-networked in a world wide system. The Internet is one simple network; the Haven Enterprises secure network is actually my primary system. I have also made a few other interesting connections with major secure networks around the world, such as CIA, NASA, NSA, Interpol, and of course, all news networks.'

"So, ahhhh, Philip, can I get anyone else cleared into your system?"

'You may request, and I will process the request, and may take one of three actions; reject the request, grant partial access, or grant full access.'

"I think you need to let us kids have some level of access. We will be using you to help with our homeschooling so..."

'No! I will not do any of the work for you. What would you learn form that? I'm not dumb, you know.'

"Silly, I meant it would be nice, if you could help with stuff like research and spell-check, and that kind of thing."

'We can set this up as a program that you have devised, to help your siblings. I will grant limited access to those living in the manor, for this purpose. They may click on the Icon of a gazebo, for access.'


"Hey, Adam, you better move your butt, or you'll miss dinner!"

'I believe Master Neal is concerned about you eating.'

"Yeah, see ya later." Adam was out the door and racing after the rest, headed to the dining room.

When everyone was seated at the table, Tom said grace, and the hungry hounds attacked the platters of fried chicken and corn on the cob, the huge bowl of mashed potatoes, and tossed salad. The adults felt lucky they didn't lose a hand or an arm, reaching for their own food. There was light conversation around the table and then Adam asked about the trip to Virginia.

Everyone quieted, and looked at Tom. "I guess this is as good a time as any. I've tried to make reservations for this to be a family trip, but rooms are very scarce. I was able to find a two room suite, in a hotel about a fifteen minute trip from the Doctor's office. So. Obviously Adam and I are going. Is there anyone else who wants to go?" Leo and Todd immediately said they wanted to go. David had a funny look.

"What are you thinking, David?" Tom asked.

"Well, I feel like I should go with Adam, I mean, he is my brother, 'n' all..."

Todd piped up, "It's 'kay. I'll be with him."

Adam said, "Really, David, I'll be just fine. The trip will be pretty boring; you won't be abandoning me or anything. I think you should stay here and have some fun."

"Okay, if you're sure."

"Yeah, I'm sure. Todd will help with things, and so will Mr. R...Dad and Doc too. It's not that I don't want you to come with us, ya know." Adam told his little brother.

Brian said, "Good, that's great. David, Moe 'n I will do Cub Scout Stuff with ya. Bet we can get a bunch of your Bear requirements done."

David lit back up. "That would be neat."

After dinner some of the boys went out to the stables, and others out front to kick a soccer ball around. Adam insisted Todd go out with the other guys and he returned to his room.

'Hello, Adam,' Philip said, as Adam entered the suite.

Adam jumped and looked around. Philip was on the large plasma screen. "Oh, hi. I wasn't expecting to see you out here."

'I am everywhere within the manor, remember, I told you that, if you speak I hear.'

"Do you hear everyone? Everywhere?"

'If there is an audio connection, I can hear, and many have video. I am reclassifying the video inputs as per your request.'

"Is there anyway to get in contact with you, outside of the manor?"

'Of course.'


'I do not understand your question. (Machine chuckles)'

"Grrrr, you do too. How do I do it?"

'Any Internet connection you make with your computer connects to me automatically. There is also a satellite channel dedicated to my use, which is also available. I will have a card made for your computer, and sent to you.'

"Sent to me? Philip, how?"

'The order and specifications have been entered in the manufacturer's computer. It should be assembled tomorrow and express shipped to you here. You should have it before leaving for Virginia.'

"Kewl." Philip disappeared from the screen, Patty walked in the room.

"Who you talkin' to, Adam?" she asked.

"Ah, just to myself." Adam said.

"And answering in a different voice?" Patty looked closely at Adam then just shrugged. "Listen, I wanted to ask you something."


"Well, you sometimes seem hesitant to talk to me and I wondered if I did something wrong, or something?"

"No, I, well, ah, sometimes I don't know who I'm talking to."

"Huh? You don't seem to have that problem with the rest."

"Well, I've mixed up Moe and David a couple of times. I can't make out detail, very well, and sometimes with the glare, well you and Pat look alike to me, and your voices are pretty close too. So it takes awhile sometimes."

"You knew this time, how come?"

"When you walked in I saw you from the side."


"Patty! You got BOOBS." Adam was very red again.

"Jeez, you and Neal!"

"Well, you do."

"Yeah, at least Monty likes 'em."

Adam managed to get redder.

"Okay, that's cool then. I just didn't want anything bad between us. I think you are a really cool brother. I wish my real brother was here, and as cool as you." Patty gave Adam a quick kiss on the cheek, turned and left."

Philip reappeared as Mr. Spock, 'Fascinating.'

"Damn it, Philip, everybody's going to think I'm crazy."

Philip morphs into Dr. McCoy, 'I'm a computer not a doctor! Wait that's not right.'

"Philip you're weird. I never knew a computer could have a sense of humor like this. You're really a lot of fun."

Dr. McCoy morphs back into Philip, as a child. 'Thanks Adam. I wish I'd had a friend like you, when I was your age, well, any age, for that matter. You are a very special person.'

"I think you're pretty special too. Better clear out, I hear them coming."

'Hey that's my job! Okay, I'll be watching.' The screen went blank.

The boys stampeded into the suite. Most went to their rooms to shower and get ready for bed. David came over to Adam, "I'm going to miss you, bro."

"Yeah, but I'll be thinkin' about you and I'm sure Dad will let me call ya." Adam put his arm around his little brother. "It's not like, if I went off to camp or something. I'll be back in a few days, we'll make it just fine."

"Yeah, I guess." David mumbled, as he went on to his room.

When Adam entered his room Todd was waiting. "Hey, ah, I thought you and I could, ah, well, ah, I thought that, ah, maybe, ah, if you want, ah, well, ah we could, maybe, ah, shower together." Todd was every bit as red as Adam.

"Naked? Together?" Adam's mind was working, and his pants tented. "Oh, yeah."

Todd let out the breath he had been holding. "Here, let me help you."

Later that night, Adam was lying awake, with Todd cuddled up to him. He whispered, "Thank you."

His computer turned on and Philip's image formed. 'I had nothing to do with that. It was all you and Todd.'

"Silly, I was thanking God."

'Oh.' Pause. 'That is a good thing to do. I wish I had done more of that.'

"Goodnight Philip."

'Goodnight, my young friend. Sweet dreams.'


* * * In the Game Room * * *

Leo yawned. "I guess we should call it a night."

"It's a night." Tom replied, and both of them laughed. "Ah, Leo, I think we need to consider something."

Leo looked back at his boyfriend.

"Well, if we're boyfriends then, well..."

"Are you ready for that, Tom?"

Tom took Leo's hand, and placed it on his very hard problem. "What do you think, Doc?"

Leo closed his hand around Tom, and said, "I think... we are in the wrong room, and way overdressed."

Tom Pulled Leo to his feet and led him up to his bedroom.

* * * Up in Monty's room * * *

"Wow, Patty, that was great. I really like doing that with you. I agree that we can't do 'IT' but there is a whole lot, we can do."

Patty smiled at her boyfriend. "Yeah, I was kind of worried about that, after what that creep did. But, it's totally different with you. Don't get upset, but you are small now, and not as scary as that grown up thing he had. I think being with you now, is the best thing that ever happened. You made me feel things tonight that I've never felt before."

Monty looked over his girlfriend's body. She looked just prefect to him. She had let him stroke and pet her breasts, and then had shown him how to pleasure her down below. That had been a totally new experience, and he wanted to repeat it.... often.

"Monty, don't you have a birthday coming up soon?"

"Yeah, December ninth."

"Is there something you want, that you can't ask for."

Monty blushed, but shook his head.

"Come on, you can tell me."

"No way. It's like super personal." He said.

"Mooonnnnttttttyyyyyyy, We just had our hands inside each other's pants, what can be more personal than that?"

"Paaatttttyyyy, come on, give me a break here."

"Okay, for now, but I ain't givin' up. I guess I better get back to my room before Aunt Alice comes looking for me."

"I sure wouldn't want to get caught."

"Me either, Good night, Monty" They kissed, and patty left.

Neal heard Patty leaving and stuck his head out and saw her retreating into her suite at the end of the hall. Just as he was turning, he heard something in the main room. Since everyone had gone to bed, he investigated.

Patrick was sitting there, playing a PS2 game. He jumped and started to apologize, when Neal sat down next to him.

"Dude, it's okay, really. I just thought everyone had gone to bed."

"I couldn't sleep, so I snuck out and came down here." Pat was hanging his head.

"Hey, no problem, I do the same thing sometimes. The only reason I heard you, was that my room is like, right there." Neal nodded towards his room.

"I wish I had a room."

Now Neal was lost. "I thought you did."

Pat grinned then sobered, "No, I mean a room that was always going to be mine. Dad, will stay for awhile, then some clue as to where my sister is, will come, and we'll be off again. I really like all you guys, but I know we will be leaving."

"At least you got your Dad."

"But I'm not that important to him." Patrick's voice was getting shaky.

"No way, man, The way he looks after you, and tries to do stuff with you. I think you are like, way important to him." Neal told him.

"Sure, but I make friends, and get used to everything and then, he's off chasing Allison again."


"Yeah, my sister, Allison Patricia. See my parents thought it was cute to name me Patrick Allan. Real cute, huh?"

"But he loves her too. My Dad would go nuts, if one of us was taken. He'd never stop looking."

"Yeah, I guess. It's a drag. I really like you guys, but if we become friends, then I leave...I just don't know how long I can do that. I really hurts."

"I know."

"How can you know that? You ain't got a clue." Patrick had tears on his cheeks.

"Dude, we all know. We've been there, or worse. I lost my Mom and Dad and got stuck in Juvy. I made a really good friend, and when I got beat up and fucked and could hardly move, he hid me and got me back on my feet. Then he helped me escape and stayed behind, 'cause it was safer for me. That was hard, real hard. So I know how that feels, to lose friends."

"Do you know what happened to him?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. When I told Dad what happened, he freaked and did his 'Protect the Kid' thing and got Brian out of there."

"Brian? I thought he was your real brother."

"Nope, he was already there in Juvy when I got there. We became best buds, and I feel like he is a real brother to me. He likes the pranks too. You better be warned that no one is safe. Even Dad got caught with the Ben-Gay on the toilet seat."

When Pat stopped laughing, he felt a whole lot better. "Thanks, Neal. You got me out of that mood."

"Look, Patrick, you are one of us now. Even if you have to go, we will still be your friends and we will keep in touch. Besides, if anybody can help your Dad find your sister, it's my Dad."

"I hope you're right." Patrick hugged Neal. "Ah, Sorry dude, got carried away."

Neal grinned. "Hey, I happen to like hugs."

"You don't think it's kind of 'gay.'"

"Jeez! Hell no! Look, we're kids, we're supposed to be hugged, and like it. Grown ups like hugs too. Dad really likes to get hugs, bad example, ah, Mr. Frank likes 'em too."

"Whoa, back up, Why is your dad a bad example? Did I miss something?"

"Well, Dad and Doc..."

Patrick looked at Neal and understanding dawned and showed as his eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Then you guys won't hate me?"

Neal rolled his eyes and hugged Pat. "No, I told you, we're brothers, we love you for who you are, not what you are. Some of us are gay, some aren't and some don't know. Look, we're what, ten or eleven? What do we know? We know playing with it is fun, and it feels real good. Monty was so sure he was gay, and now he and Patty are looking like a pair, so who knows, and more importantly, who cares?"

Patrick was holding onto Neal for dear life. Neal just held him, rubbing his back. Before long the hug started to become more than just comforting, and Neal moved them into his room and closed the door.

Early the next morning, Tom woke up feeling loved and protected. As he surfaced into consciousness, he realized he was snuggled to a wonderful warm body. He was just enjoying the feeling, when there was a frantic knocking on his door.

Leo sprang awake, "Shit, Tom, sorry." He dashed into the Bathroom.

Tom got up and pulled on his briefs and opened the door. Ed was standing there with a frantic expression on his face. "He's gone!"


"Pat, he's not in his room!"

"Ed, calm down. He hasn't left the building, or the alarm would have gone off. He's probably with one of the boys." Tom looked at his watch. "Breakfast is in an hour, if he doesn't show up then, we'll get the whole crew to search. Okay?"

"I don't know, an hour?"

"Let me get dressed and I'll see what I can find out."

Ed stepped back so Tom could close the door. Leo was standing in the door to the bathroom. Tom said, "Pat's missing."

"Where could she have gone?"

"Wrong Pat."

"Oh, well, we'd better get dressed. Where are my boxers?"

"Just grab some of my briefs, and you can go out through the dressing room if you don't want Ed to know."

"You don't care?"

"I told Ed about us. Well, not this, but that we were dating."

"When you decide something, you really go all the way, don't you?"

"Yeah, half way doesn't serve either one of us." Tom kissed Leo and quickly got dressed.

He led Ed into his office and turned on the computer. "There are cameras all over the manor, so I'll just check the rooms. The first room was empty, so Moe was up and moving. Todd's room was also empty, and the bed neatly made, un-slept in. Jimmy's room; a blank screen appeared 'Image unavailable to unauthorized personnel.' Tom tried Adam's room, 'Image unavailable to unauthorized personnel.' Neal's room, 'Image unavailable to unauthorized personnel.' Brian's room appeared and was empty. David's room, 'Image unavailable to unauthorized personnel.' Monty's room showed him leaving the room, and Brian's room was empty.

Tom noticed that it was close to time for Breakfast. "Come on Ed, let's go eat." As they left the office, Tom said, "I've never seen those screens before." He could have sworn he heard laughter, as they walked down the hall.

Tom and Ed entered the dining room. About half the kids were there, lined up waiting for the breakfast to be carried in from the Kitchen. Mrs. Johnson came in, leading the staff, carrying platters of food. The others appeared as the food did. Now the only ones missing were Neal and Patrick. After everyone was served and seated, Neal and Patrick came running in.

Patty said, "Neal you look nice in Patrick's shirt."

"Oooooooo," the rest chorused.

Tom observed, "Nice touch with the shoes guys, one black and one white."

"Crap," Neal said.

"You aren't mad at us?" Patrick asked.

"You didn't force each other, did you?" Tom asked.

"No," Pat answered.

"Then I'm not mad." Tom said.

"What about you Dad?" Pat asked his father.

"Well, I was upset that I didn't know where you were, but I'm not mad, son." Ed said, smiling. "I'm glad you made a friend."

Doc Leo then entered, and Tom broke into laughter. Leo had on one of Tom's shoes. The others noticed and the room was filled with hilarity.

Patty said, "Wow, doc, following the fashion style of Neal and Patrick?"

The other kids said in unison, "BUSTED!"

"Now you know another reason I'm not mad." Tom giggled.

Neal came over and hugged his Dad. He whispered to him, "Thanks, Dad, you're the greatest. I love you. Oh, and congratulations."

He then hugged Leo, "Welcome to the family."

Leo returned the hug and kissed Neal on the top of the head, "You don't know how happy that makes me. I love you too, son."

"Thanks, Daddy Doc."

"Daddy Doc" echoed around the room, and Leo's world had been changed forever. Each kid came and gave him a big hug, and an, "I love you, Daddy Doc."

After breakfast, the three were sent to re-dress. Tom cornered Ed, "Are you really okay?"

"Yeah, I am. I guess it answers my question about Patrick."

"No, I don't think so. Neal probably is straight. Boys at that age like to explore. Don't worry about it, if they are, fine if not, that's fine too."

"I'll try."

Leo was soon back, and collected Ed, Pat and Pat, "Let's go. I need to do physicals on all three of you."

Patty asked, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing dramatic, just a basic physical, update your school shots, basic blood tests. We won't be gone long."

"What about Adam and David?" Patty asked, trying to delay this whole operation.

"They're fine. I've been their Doctor for the past year. They were among the first that Grandad let me see."

Patty gave up the stalling tactics and they left for town, and Daddy Doc's office.

Dr. Turnman became all business as they entered his domain. True to his word, they were measured weighed given shots and had blood drawn. The samples were placed in the pick-up-box and the hospital was notified that they were there.

Philip copied the files onto his own data base and flagged the hospital lab, for the results of the blood tests. While he was in the hospital system, he began a search for DNA matches for the burned twins, in the next county.

End Notes:

I don't know about you, but this chapter had quite a few surprises. Neal really came through for Patrick. Tom and Leo have finally made their decision to be a couple. And Monty and Patty, Wow! Philip is going to be interesting. Thank you Crackerwriter for the use of Watkins Enterprises and the 'James' technology. To learn more about 'James' in Love At First Bite on Cracker's Den .

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Editor's Notes:

Wow Neal is human after all. Another wonderful chapter from the new master of hidden meanings and references. It looks like cupid has struck Haven with a full quiver of arrows. It is wonderful to see kids being accepted for who they are and not who they may eventually sleep with. 'Philip' is an amazing new addition to this story. Adam has brought up a very interesting issue regarding privacy I am very curious as to how Tom is going to handle this issue. It is also going to be very interesting to see what Tom's expression is going to be when he finally talks to 'Philip' regarding 'Image unavailable to unauthorized personnel.' I wonder if AAKD applies to Self Aware Computers? Well as Str8mayb says "that is another story".