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Chapter 6

Author's note:

Thanks to Radio Rancher and The Story Lover for their input and editing. This story would be moving much slower without their help and prodding. Also thanks to Crackerwriter for his assistance in loaning me the use of Watkins Enterprises and 'James'. (Yes, I used an '. The computers name is "'James'" the ' is NOT being used as a quotation. Thank you.) Also you will note that the computer speech is enclosed by ' and not ", this is by direction of the creator of the computer, it also makes it much easier to tell who is talking. Read and enjoy. Str8mayb

The morning before Thanksgiving was a damp rainy day. The boys all were quiet and grumpy at breakfast. Tom asked about that and they just said something wasn't going to work. They wouldn't say any more.

Adam went into his room and turned on his computer. 'Philip' was right there.

'What is the problem, my young friend?'

"It's raining."


Adam took a few minutes to tell 'Philip' about the Thanksgiving surprise the boys had planned.

'I'm surprised you boys haven't explored the manor more. Even when Neal had to clean all the toilets he missed it.'

"'Philip', what are you talking about?"

'On the ground floor of the North wing is where the entertainment facilities are situated. There is a lovely ballroom, which I personally designed, a banquet hall that can easily hold five hundred people if properly arranged, and of course the kitchen facility, which is as complete and functional as that of a five star restaurant or hotel. I set it all up years ago, and I knew that someday it would be useful. Of course, since I never let anyone in here, except staff and an occasional workman, it all seemed to be somewhat of a waste, but now, things somehow seem different. I am glad it can finally be put to some good use. Thank you Adam, and all you young people, for making a difference. You have no idea how happy you are making me.'

"How do I get there? This sounds like the answer we were looking for."

A minute later, Adam burst out of his room. Neal was standing in the hall, talking with Patrick. Adam grabbed Neal's arm, "Come on, quick. Neal you've got to show me the way."

"Huh, what?" was all Neal could manage to say, as he was dragged down the hall. The others, naturally, followed as Adam dragged Neal along. At the front door, Adam said, "Okay, now I was told; that we have to go to the left all the way to the end of the hallway, and then turn right." The group followed them down the hall. "Now, we need to check the third door on the left." They stopped in front of the door. There was a keypad there, to unlock the door.

"Adam, there is a key pad lock." Neal said.

"Try, 42567437." Adam replied, giggling to himself.

Neal punched in the numbers, and the heavy ornate oak door swung silently open.

"Adam, how in the world did you know that." Neal said with his eyes open wide, as he looked into the beautifully appointed room that they were now about to enter.

"Ah, I was told I would need 'galoshes' to get in."


"The letters on the phone, you know, like texting."

"Okay, but where did you get the information on all this?

"My 'imaginary friend,' 'Philip'."

Neal gave Adam a very strange look, and Adam smiled when he heard a faint giggling in the background.

The kids filed into the room that had been tightly sealed, until now. There was a huge room, which they entered, the walls were handsomely decorated and the ceiling sported several beautiful chandeliers, then, as they all looked to the right, they saw a wide doorway which led into the ballroom. The polished parquet floor gleamed in its radiant beauty when the five huge crystal chandeliers were turned on. Then, to the left, was the really huge banquet room; there were tables and chairs arranged neatly all over the floor, and it looked to the boys to be seating for a thousand, in reality it was for about half that number. There were doors along one wall and the boys investigated this. The kitchen was set up to prepare huge quantities of food. There were large commercial ovens, four separate six burner commercial stoves, a large walk in freezer and refrigerator.

"Adam, I don't know how you pulled this off, but this is just perfect. I am so impressed." Neal said.

"I was asked to make sure that only socks were worn in the Ballroom, to protect the floor." Adam reported.

Everybody agreed that that was okay. Especially since they couldn't think of anything to do in there tomorrow any way.

Neal told Adam to have David; Moe and Brian help Adam arrange the tables so there were three long tables in parallel, down the Banquet hall, and one long one, across the far end, at right angles to the other three, like a huge capitol E. Todd, was in charge of Patty, Patrick, Genny and Jimmy; making decorations for the tables. They decided that they wouldn't hang any crepe paper, since they didn't want to make a mess on the walls and have to clean it up later. Neal then took Monty with him and went to find Mrs. Johnson.

In the kitchen, there was controlled chaos. Neal found Mrs. Johnson standing in front of the walk in refrigerator. "Mrs. Johnson?" Neal asked, trying to get her attention.

She turned and looked at him. "Master Neal, I was just trying to figure out how to cook all these turkeys. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Oh, yes ma'am. Only you don't need to cook 'em. We can do it, now. If you could get then prepared to be cooked, and then we could load up a cart and we'll take it from there, if you explain real good to Monty, exactly how to cook 'em. Then, you all can work on the deserts.

"Neal, just how do you think you boys are going to cook 25 large turkeys?!" She demanded, envisioning salmonella striking the entire population of Haven Estates.

"Come on, with me and I'll show ya." Neal led Mrs. Johnson to the newly opened section.

"Well I'll be..... He said he was buildin' it, but none of us ever saw it. Where is the kitchen?" The boys showed her, and she her mouth dropped open in awe when she saw the amazing array of equipment and supplies. She then showed the boys how to turn on the freezer and refrigerator, and how to set the ovens and stoves to the proper temperature. "Remember, I'll be in the "LITTLE KITCHEN" if there is anything I can do to help. I think your idea of cooking dinner for all these people is very sweet."

Tom and Leo noticed the much improved mood at lunch, but were unable to get any more information out of the youngsters. After lunch, most of the crew returned to their labor of love, Adam went up to his room and locked his door.

"Wow, 'Philip', that place is way cool!"

'Imaginary friend, indeed.'

"Well, you won't talk to anybody else. You always clam up when anybody else is around, so you might as well be imaginary."

'At the present time, I must remain silent in the presence of unauthorized persons. However, I do talk to someone else. Like you, he asked me.'

"You do? Who?"

'A boy named Mitch. He thinks I'm a program his Dad wrote to help him with his school work. He's nine years old, and has a twin brother. I think you will like them, but that's another story, that I'll get into with you later.'

"Okay, so you're this other kid's imaginary friend too?"

'Of course not, he has told his father about me. His father has chosen to believe that I am simply a teaching tool that his son is using for his school work, and of course, not imaginary at all. He has no idea that I am self aware. It is such fun teasing the adults; they set themselves up so nicely. I am so looking forward to the first of April, I have thought of so many April Fool's pranks. I think your Dad has come close to discovering me, but he always gets distracted before making the critical move.'

"You're hiding from Dad?"

'Not exactly. He hasn't reached the level to be cleared to interact with me yet, so I must wait for him to initiate the contact.'

"What ever that means."

'Well, it means that...'

"Never mind 'Philip'. I get it; you're just being stubborn, like a grownup. You sit there waiting for him to figure out that you're there, when he doesn't have a clue. You have all these rules and you're afraid to take a chance that might make you look silly."

'I resemble that, youngster, and perhaps you are correct. I will consider your words and I will make a decision, based in large part on what you just said.'

"I just came up to thank you, and let you know that everything you let us into down there is really cool, and will make tomorrow's celebration very special."

'Thank you my little friend, I am glad I could assist. I must thank you for confiding in me. Neal's reaction to your knowing the combination was priceless. You could tell him that there are sixteen toilet seats in that area that he hasn't cleaned.'

"There ain't no darn way I'm telling him that!"

'I didn't think you would, I could send an email...'

"Please, Nooooo! He would think I did it."

'I know. (Laughter)'

"See, that's another grownup thing, being mean!"

'Do not worry, Adam, My young friend, I really am your friend, and would never knowingly cause you any harm.'

"Thanks, I love you too 'Philip'. Well I better get back, or they will plot against me." Adam turned and left his room.

A soft voice said to the empty room, 'I love you too, my little friend. It appears there is much for each of us to learn from the other. A more than slightly disconcerting thought at that.'

Adam popped his head back into the room, "Yeah, for both of us. He he he. I can be sneaky too, you know. And thanks for telling me you love me, Uncle 'Philip'," and he was off again.

By dinner time, the set-up had progressed quite well, and everyone was very pleased. When they came in for dinner, there was a large package sitting at Adam's place. He tore it open and it was a new laptop computer. He looked at the shipping invoice and it was from Watkins Enterprises, the company that designed 'Philip'. The top of the laptop had 'Adam' engraved on it. All the boys crowded around to see what it was. Adam knew that 'Philip' was behind this.

Todd was right there, "Turn it on, Adam, and let's see what it can do."

Adam opened the laptop and pressed the power button which glowed briefly. Instead of the usual Microsoft screen, there was a boy their age. Adam Knew exactly who it was, but decided it was 'Philip's' show.

'Good afternoon, Adam. I am your laptop. You may give me voice commands as well as using the keyboard. I can display text or read it aloud as you may require. I have been specifically designed for you and only you.' The image on the screen appeared to look around, 'The rest of you may as well know right now that you will be unable to use me without Adam's permission in advance, as a matter of fact you will not even be able to turn the unit on.'

Tom was watching along with the others. "Adam, how did you get this? I just bought you one? If it wasn't what you wanted you should have told me."

Adam felt trapped. Mr. Richards was mad because he had ordered another computer, but he hadn't, now he was sure that he and David were going to get kicked out, the day before Thanksgiving of all days. Adam couldn't take it any more, and he jumped up and ran from the room; tears streaming down his cheeks.

Tom looked after him helplessly.

"Smooth, move Exlax, ah Dad." Neal said, sarcastically.

Tom glared at his first son, picked up the laptop, "You all go ahead and eat. I need to go fix things with Adam." He followed Adam out of the dining room.

Muttering to himself, "I wonder where to go to look for him."

The laptop responded, 'If I might suggest, sir, His room might be the logical place to find him.'

Tom almost dropped the computer. He looked at the laptop and shook his head. He made it to the boy's suite. Adam's door was ajar. Before Tom could knock he heard Adam sobbing to himself. "Stupid, stupid, stupid. Just when something good was finally happening to David this happens, and now it's all shit again. I didn't even do this!"

Tom broke his own rule, opened the door and entered the room. Adam had thrown himself across the bed and was clutching the pillow. Sobs were shaking his entire body. Tom sat on the bed and gently pulled Adam's unresisting body unto his lap.

"It's not true," Tom said softly, "I'm not mad at all. I want you to have the best, I told you to get the best, remember? I meant that, Adam, I am not ever going to kick you out, son. You and David are free to be yourselves. You might, some time, make me angry but you need to know I will be angry at what you did, not at you."

Adam was slowly calming and beginning to hear what he was being told. "I'm so scared."

"I'm sure you are, and it's my fault for not remembering that. You know the stories of the other boys, and do you think I would ever throw any of them out?" Tom asked.

"No way, you love them!" Adam said vehemently.

Adam received a nice firm hug, "I love you, too. Why is that so hard for you to believe?"

"I'm just a freak." Adam moaned.

Anger flashed through Tom, his temper took over. "I had better never, and I mean NEVER, EVER, hear you; or anyone else, say that about you. Damn It, you are as much my boy as any of the rest of them. You want and deserve to be loved. You have a genetic condition that makes you look different, and to have some problems that the others don't have, but that doesn't make you worth any less. Does David think you are a freak?"

"You ain't a freak, no way, I love you!" David said, as he ran to his brother and climbed into Tom's lap too.

Neal stuck his head in, "You're one of us, and NOBODY can call one of us names and get away with it. Haven't you figured it out? You're my friend, you're my brother, and I love you no matter what." There was agreement from many voices and Tom found himself buried in hugging sons, and pseudo sons. Adam got a big kiss from Pat, but wasn't sure which one, then got one from the other one so he figured it didn't matter.

Brian said, from somewhere in the pile, "Hey, guys, dinner's getting cold!"

There was a stampede out of the room. Tom was soon alone in Adam's room and he noticed the laptop sitting open on the bed. The smiling boy on the screen morphed into someone that Tom recognized. "Uncle Philip?"

'So you finally get around to talking to me. It's about time?'

"But, but, how, I, ah, don't understand"

'No shit Sherlock. I have been trying to get you to speak to me since you arrived. You were so close that first day, but not one mumbled question out loud that I could respond to. Then you went and got creepy; looking in on the boys in their rooms, well there will be no more of that!'

"But, ah, bb, aaa, bbbb"

'Remember those 'image unavailable' screens the other morning?'

"But I needed to find Patrick."

'Next time ask! I will not allow the household system to be an aid for a 'Peeping Tom,' Tom.' 'Philip' said, drumming the point home. 'All things considered I am proud of what you have accomplished. You have seen and done some things that had totally escaped me. And you handled Sheriff Fat Ass wonderfully, and I didn't even help. I did have some special video clips for your little show but you didn't even need them.'

The screen showed Sergeant Sniffer checking more dirty underwear, Tom dissolved into laughter when Sniffer picked up a pair of Todd's complete with 'skid marks' and took a deep sniff.

"Oh, my God, 'Philip', too bad the prison cable can't show that."

'Your wish is my command! It is, as we speak, being shown... on every channel of the cable system in the facility where Sniffer and Fat Ass are housed. I strongly suspect that Sniffer will have an interesting evening tonight. He won't even need to bend over to pick up the soap, tonight.'

"Oh, 'Philip', I wish I had known you before you died."

'No, I am much nicer now than I was. I want to apologize to you. I ordered the laptop for Adam, and I should have waited until I had your approval, but I didn't know how long that was going to take.' The picture aged, and aged and aged.

"Okay, I get the point. You're forgiven."

'Thank you. I am planning to get each child their own VERY PERSONAL COMPUTER, unless you have an objection,' there was none. "You might want to consider getting your ass back to the dining room. I see that the boys are headed back for seconds, or is that thirds?

"Oh shit!" Tom said, as he too ran out of the empty bedroom.

"Damn were you born in a barn," came floating from some hidden speaker as Tom ran back to get his dinner.

After the food had been devastated Tom got everyone's attention. "I want you to know that each of you will be getting a computer similar to Adam's. They are being custom designed for you even as we speak."

Whoops and yells filled the room. Tom sat back down and finished his cake as the others left by ones and twos. Soon it was just Tom and Moe.

"Dad, I need to talk." Moe said.

Tom swallowed the last bite of cake. "Okay, champ, what's up?"

'Ah, well, it's Thanksgiving. I don't understand. My other dad didn't let me do the stuff in school and we didn't do anything at home so, well..."

"Come on Moe let's go to the library and talk." Tom was trying to figure exactly what it was Moe wanted and needed to know.

Tom lit the fire in the library fire place, sat in his favorite chair and held out a hand. Moe climbed up and settled in. "So, Dad, who is it we are thanking and why?"

Tom took a deep breath, "Well, we are thanking God, or Allah, for the good things we have received. Can you think of something good to be thankful for this year?"

"Sure, they didn't cut off my dick."

Tom laughed, "Yeah, that's a big one, but remember what Daddy Doc explained to you?"

"Well, he said, they were just trimming off a little bit of extra skin, But! They was still cutting off part of my dick and I like it just the way it is." Moe certainly was sure about that, not that I blamed him.

"Is there anything else you can think of to be thankful for?" Tom asked.

Moe blushed, and then he said, "Just you and the guy's."

"Well, then, tomorrow when you say your prayer, thank God for just that."

"That's easy, I feel loved and important here, not just a slave to all my other dad's rules."

Tom gave Moe a big hug. "Remember, Moe, we love you for who you are not just what you do. You are free to be yourself. You don't have to do anything, except school, for anybody except yourself."

Moe gave Tom a big hug. "So, I don't have to like be a Pilgrim tomorrow?"

"Nope, just be yourself."

Later that evening the kids were all gathered around Adam's new computer. It was reading aloud a story from the Internet, by a guy called The Story Lover, about a dragon named 'Goos.'

At the end of chapter one, they had to get ready for bed. Todd went in with Adam, Brian and Moe; Monty joined Jimmy after a very hot good night from Patty. And Patrick stood outside Neal's room. Neal waited several minutes for him to decide, then went to the door and pulled him in.

"Pat, sit down. I think we need to talk."

Pat sat on the bed and looked at his feet.

Neal paced back and forth a few times. "The stuff we did was fun, wasn't it?"


"I agree. I sure like doing it. And having someone else do it for you is even better."

"Oh, yeah!"

"So, you want to do it again?"

"Would you? I mean you've got to teach me everything."

"Not everything, you already learned a lot, the last couple of nights."

Tom and Leo were snuggled comfortably together, and were talking about Adam's new computer.

"Leo, there is something you need to know about that computer. It appears that it is my Uncle Philip."

"Ah, Tom, are you alright? That is impossible, real science fiction."

"Well, I had a conversation with it. It is Philip. It is really you, isn't it?"

The large plasma screen across the room came to life. "Actually, I am an improved Philip. Some of my less endearing qualities have been eliminated. I am the Haven Enterprises main frame computer. I can connect with most computer networks and my personality and memories have been preserved."

Leo considered this for a moment, "So, you are Philip? Are you telling us you are self aware?"

'DUH! Of course I am.'

"Just how long have you been talking with Adam?"

'A sennight possibly, and certainly not a fortnight. What gave it away?'

"The DUH!" Tom and Leo said in unison.

Tom then asked, "Why did you start talking to Adam."

'He entered the proper username and password, of course.'

"How did he know them?"

'An inspired guess. Now, good night, boys. You have a big day ahead of you, so try to get a little sleep... eventually.' The screen went blank and the word CENSORED scrolled by.

Early the next morning, the kids got up and excitedly hurried to the banquet kitchen. Monty got the ovens turned on and the others carried the turkeys from the walk in refrigerator. When that was finished they went for breakfast.

Once again questions about what the boys were up to went unanswered except that the adults should be ready for Thanksgiving Dinner at two o'clock and to be in the library, at that time for further instructions. When breakfast was finished the kids went back to their project. Tom, Leo, Alice and Ed (Patrick's father, Darryl) {ok so I forgot his name, so sue me} {Darryl contact the Law Firm of Clemets, Clemons and Clements} went into the game room to watch the Macy's Parade.

There was no lunch served, so by two o'clock, everyone was quite hungry. The adults were obediently waiting and ready when Neal came to get them. His appearance was a shocker; feathers in his hair, loincloth and moccasins. He told the 'palefaces' to follow him. He led them into a part of the manor none had been to before. Passing through the door, the heavenly smells of a feast filled the air.

Tom and the others were certainly shocked by the sight that greeted them upon entering the banquet hall. There were close to three hundred people who, when the adults entered, rose to their feet, applauded and cheered. It looked like every resident of Haven Estates if not the whole town of Havendale were present. Also, all the children were dressed as Pilgrims or Indians.

Leo elbowed Tom, "Poor, Moe, wrong Indian, but he said he didn't want to be a pilgrim."

There at the far end was Moe in a turban, the rest of the boys were a fierce looking bunch of savages, even Patty and Genny. As they made their way to the table set aside for them, the people kept shaking hands and thanking Tom for all he had done to improve the situation at Haven Estates, since he arrived.

When they finally got settled, Neal raised his hand (in the scout sign) and silence once again fell over the hall. "I want to thank all of you, for making changes in your holiday plans to come and celebrate Thanksgiving here with us. This is our, (he indicated the other kids) my brothers and s....s....sisters, way of thanking a very special man, our Dad, for saving us. Thanks Dad." Neal walked over and gave Tom a huge hug. There was a standing ovation while each child did the same. A lot of the kids in the audience hugged their parents. There were no dry eyes in the place.

When it was quiet once more, Neal continued, "All this food looks delicious. Thanks to each family for their contribution. Instead of saying a single Grace, everyone, tell the person across from you what you are most thankful for. Then, LET'S EAT!"

There was Plenty of food and desserts for the entire crowd. When everyone had finished, the kids were asked to collect the paper plates and plastic cups and bring them to the trash can. People made their way up to thank Tom and the boys for the meal, and slowly the room emptied. The kids had done a remarkable job of cleaning up the place. Finally all was done and everyone was ready to go. Tom and Leo did a little exploring. They opened the door that led to the Ballroom. Leo found the lights.

Tom said, "Holy Shit! Look at the size of this room. Damn, Leo, we could use this for a gym, and look at that stage. Hey is that a screen that lowers?

Suddenly the doors closed with a huge bang, and the lights dimmed, and a loud booming voice said, 'OVER MY DEAD MOTHERBOARD!'

Leo and Tom both jumped at the sound of 'Philip's' angry voice.

'You have a full size Recreation facility here on the estate that you have never even looked at. There IS a gym, with a full sized ice skating ring beneath it, an Olympic size indoor swimming pool, a complete exercise facility with sauna and whirlpool as well, in fact, every thing you could possibly want.'

"I didn't know that, 'Philip'. I'm sorry." Tom said meekly.

'Well now you do, so leave my Ballroom alone!'

"Touchy, touchy," Leo said.

'Yes, damn it I am.'

"Okay we'll show your Ballroom proper respect." Tom told the room.

'Good. I see I need to give you a virtual tour of your holdings.'

"I think that might be a good thing to do when we get back from Virginia."

'We could actually do so at any time. Adam's laptop will always be in contact with me, it has Satellite Internet built in as well as wireless. Just ask him to ask me. Each computer will only respond to its partner therefore the fingerprint scan and photo recognition.'

"Have you thought of everything?" Leo asked.

'I have tried Doctor; however, no system is perfect, although 'James' and I do try.'

"'James', there are two of you?" Leo teased.

'Fear not, 'James' is occupied in England. We each have our own interests, so to speak.'

"Leo, don't ask. This is one case where ignorance IS bliss." Tom said. "'Philip', could you please release us now."

'I suppose. Just remember, I am watching and I have ways to discipline you if necessary.' Leo thought to himself, 'if he spanks Tom, I want to watch.'

The doors reopened and the lights turned back on.

Tom and Leo left the Ballroom and went to the game room. They watched a football game but their attention was on the trip they would be beginning the next day. The Van was the perfect vehicle for this trip. The boys could take a few movies and even a PS2 with a 12 volt power adapter. Tom and Leo picked out some CDs to listen to, while driving. They planned to overnight about half way there, and then arrive in Portsmouth on Saturday. That would give them Sunday to rest and maybe sightsee a bit. Monday was the big day for Adam.

About six o'clock the boys came drifting in. Neal told them, "We're hungry."

They all raided the Little Kitchen. (If you can call that little) After eating a plethora of turkey sandwiches and cold stuffing, Tom suggested that Todd and Adam needed to pack. He and Leo headed to their rooms to do the same.

Both boys emptied their school backpacks and packed the clothes they were taking into them. They had a couple of 'good' shirts and pants that were on hangers, which they took to Tom and Leo. These were placed in a protective garment bag along with Tom and Leo's 'good' clothes.

All too soon it was bed time and everyone got settled in. Adam and Todd were just getting into exploring, when there was a knock and the door opened. Both boys were terrified that they had been caught doing something wrong, when David stuck his head in.


"Jeez, David you scared us." Adam said.

"Sorry, Adam. I didn't think you guys would be doing it already."

Todd was almost as red as Adam.

"It's okay, David. What do you need bro."

David ran to his brother and jumped up on the bed, giving him a big hug. "I kind'a miss you already."

Adam hugged his brother and Todd hugged them both. Soon David was under the covers between them and the boys fell asleep.

End Note:

Well, dear friends, there is the Thanksgiving chapter. Next we have the visit to Virginia. I sure hope this Optometrist person can help Adam. Poor David, I hope he is okay while his brother is away. Maybe he and Moe will become closer friends. Then there is the school problem. I haven't forgotten that. Something tells me there will be a messy fight. After the sheriff Fatass trial I'm surprised anyone would tangle with Tom. The School Board Chairman must be related to Fatass, Hmmmm. Let me know your thoughts, str8mayb@yahoo.com

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As always str8mayb, you have given us a very good chapter. Yes Neal, I am sure you did surprise your dad. It looks like Tom has finally been able to speak to 'Philip', and It is nice to see that 'Philip' has decided to talk to Tom as well.

Adam was pretty scared when Tom asked him about his new laptop. I'm glad Tom was able to assure him that he wasn't mad at him. There seems to be quite a good set up for everyone to exercise and keep themselves fit. The only question is, will anyone take advantage of it? I have to wonder how many more surprises 'Philip' has hidden away.

There are many more things to come, but sadly, I don't have much of an idea of what they are yet, so I will be waiting right along with you. I hope that this Optometrist that Adam is going to see is a nice guy. From what I know about him, he is really a good eye doctor. I have it on good authority that He knows a lot about Albinism, so I might just want to go visit him myself, one of these days. I know the doctor that the character is based on, and I like him a lot. I don't think Adam will be disappointed.

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