"Can I play winner?"
I turned to see the source of the early adolescent voice. There stood a skinny brown-haired boy, maybe 12 years old. He was wearing only a bathing suit, and there was a nice definition to his smooth developing chest. Sporting a pair of sunglasses atop his wavy hair and sandals covering part of his feet. I'd guess a height of 5 feet. He had a sly grin.
"Sure thing," I managed to respond. "We're almost finished." I was with family for the holidays at a resort in Punta Cana. There was a ping-pong table near one of the swimming pools, and I was playing my brother-in-law. The score was 20-18 in my favor, and now I had extra motivation to win the next point. And with laser-sharp focus, I nailed it.
Now I could stare at the boy without arousing suspicion. What a hot bod. I felt my manhood pulse. Fuck. I ran over to my nearby lounge chair to grab a shirt to help conceal by groin area. We played a few games and quickly fell into a comfortable banter, teasing each other about bad shots, etc. I found out his name was Mark, he was 13, and in 8th grade. He was seriously into tennis, and even though ping-pong was just a fun hobby, he had brought his own paddles and some balls.
His mom walked up to let Mark know that they had to get going so he could get dressed and grab a snack before his tennis lesson. She thanked me for playing with him, and said he'd been pretty bored the past couple of days since they had arrived. I offered to play tennis with him, but didn't push to make a definite plan. I couldn't come across too eager. As much as it pained me, I had to leave it to fate that we would hopefully run into each other again the next day.
That night I lay in bed with images of the shirtless young teen running through my mind. As I fantasized about his smooth body and what glorious sights remained hidden under his swim trunks, it didn't take long for me to explode all over myself and drift off to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning hard as a rock, I couldn't get Mark out of my mind. He made me so damn horny. God I hoped to run into him again today. After eating breakfast I went back to my new favorite spot near the ping-pong table. I half-heartedly tried to read my book, but really I was keeping an eye out for Mark. And it didn't hurt that there were plenty of other half-naked boys to watch as well. I was in a trance drooling over a 14-year-old blond boy adjusting his crotch, when I heard a "Hello. Hello?" right next to me. It was Mark's mom. Score. I hope she didn't notice what I was looking it.
"Hi there. Beautiful day, huh?" I replied as I sat up a bit in my chair.
"Indeed it is. We love it here. It's our third straight year coming back."
"I can see why. This is my first time. By the way, do you know if Mark would want to play some tennis today? I've been looking for a partner since no one in my family plays." That last part was a lie. 
"I'm not sure about today because he seems to have pulled something in his leg during his lesson yesterday evening. Right now he's headed over to the Spa to see if a massage will help him out."
"Oh that sucks that he got hurt. I'm sure he'll bounce back quickly. Well, if something changes, I should be back here this afternoon. Or you can leave a message for me at the front desk." I needed to get rid of her quickly. I wanted to go see if I could get a glimpse of Mark at the Spa. "I need to go meet my sister soon, I'll see you later!"
"Sounds good, bye-bye."
I started to gather my things, and as soon as Mark's mom was out of view, I broke into a jog towards the Spa.
Five minutes later I was at the entrance to the Spa. I walked into the lobby. There were two middle-aged women at the desk making a big fuss over something. I took the opportunity to slip by the desk toward the area where it looked like the massage rooms were. I could see into the first room on the left side of the hallway because the door was half open. There was Mark! He was lying on his back wearing only his swim trunks, and there was some kind of light green substance all over his face. His eyes were closed. A plan started to formulate in my head. I took at look at some of the other rooms. The last room on the right side at the end of the hallway seemed to be getting some renovations. All the furniture was covered with white sheets. Perfect. Now my plan was complete.
I went back to the front desk just as the two ladies were walking away. "Excuse me," I said to the young woman at the desk."
"Yes, how will I be help you?" English was clearly not her first language.
"I believe my son is here for a massage, but it turns out we don't have time, and I need to grab him."
"No problem, sir. I go get him for you."
Just then the two ladies came marching back to the desk. The stars were aligned for me today.
I told the woman working at the desk that I would find my son myself since she had other customers to attend to. She looked disappointed, but nodded her head and said "Thank you, sir."
I quietly entered Mark's room, and stood behind where his head was just in case he opened his eyes. I didn't want him to see me or recognize me. With a disguised, accented voice said, "Hello, Mr. Mark. I am sorry but we need to change your room because the electricity is having a problem. Please leave your eyes closed so that you don't disturb the mask, and I will lead you to your new room."
"OK," he said.
I helped him stand up, quickly grabbed a towel and a bottle of what looked like massage oil, and led him down the hallway with a hand on his shoulder. His skin was so creamy and smooth, and I immediately popped an erection. He smelled a little sweaty (it was over 90 degrees) and that just made me even harder. I just wish his bathing suit wasn't so fucking baggy. Well, I'd have to use my imagination for now. But not for long. I could tell he was limping a little bit.
After we entered the new room (the room currently under renovation, of course) and I had closed the door, I told him to stand there for a moment, while I lifted the sheet off of the massage table. "OK, now I will help you back onto the table, Mr. Mark. This time I will need you to be faced down, and I will help guide your head to the hole in the table so we don't mess up your mask."
Once I got him settled in, I asked him what brought him to the Spa that day.
"It's my fucking leg," he replied. "Oops, sorry about the language."
I certainly didn't care. There was something about a young teenaged boy using dirty language that turned me on. OK fine, everything about a young teenaged boy turned me on. "No worries, Mr. Mark. Tell me more about the leg."
"I must have pulled something while playing tennis yesterday. I thought it would have gone away by the morning, but it's still really bothering me. I'm hoping a massage can help things."
"You've come to the right place, Mr. Mark."
"Can you please call me just 'Mark'?"
"OK, Mark. Let's get started. Can you please show me the place on your leg that hurts the most?"
He pointed pretty high up on his right leg, and lifted up the back of his swim trunks in the process. Oh, his legs were beautiful. There was a light spattering of hairs on the lower half of his legs. Clearly he had started puberty. The upper half of the leg that I could now see was as smooth and creamy as the rest of this delicious 13-year-old specimen.
"OK, Mark. In order to do the best job possible, it would be better for you to slip off the trunks. Don't worry, I'll put a towel over you. Is that OK?"
"You're the boss."
I chuckled, "Thanks Mark. You can go ahead and slip your trunks down, and I'll take care of the rest."
He awkwardly moved his hands under body to untie the strings and start the process of pulling down his suit. Once he got it started, I took the liberty of helping him get them off his legs completely, and I quickly put a towel over his backside. I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable and chance cutting this adventure short. Of course I got a glimpse of his bright white butt. It was glorious. Oh how I wanted to get my face down in there.
I did bring my face to his swim trunks and breathed in deeply. They were damp and I couldn't smell much. I licked the inside of the crotch area just for fun. Couldn't taste anything.
"What are you doing?" Mark asked. He couldn't see me of course.
"Just getting the oil ready, Mark." At that point, I poured a liberal amount of oil on my hands and rubbed them together. I placed my hands on the back of his right leg and started massaging his calf area. If I wasn't fully boned up before, I sure was now.
*End of Chapter 1*
This is my first attempt writing a story. Let me know what you think!