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He Brought His Own Balls
Chapter 2
As my hands climbed higher up the milky leg of the young teen, Mark started to let out a few soft moans of pleasure. I guess we both were enjoying this moment. After massaging the upper part of his leg for a minute or two, I decided to give the injured area a break, and gave some attention to his other leg. After that, I got some more oil and moved on to his back and shoulders. His moaning became a little louder. This emboldened me to move my hands underneath the towel-covered area, and massage his cute round cheeks. I purposely allowed the towel to bunch up a bit to get a better view. I could see the back of his cute little balls now. How daring could I get? I "accidentally" brushed his boy balls with a few fingers, and I could feel him jump a tiny bit. "Sorry, Mark," I said. He responded with a deep moan that seemed to confirm he had no problem with any part of what was going on.
My next "accident" was to allow the towel to fall off his body altogether. Oops! ;) He didn't even seem to notice. I now had a complete view of his naked body. At least the back side of it. It took my breath away. I continued to massage his teenaged ass, and as I pulled his cheeks apart, I got my first glimpse of his treasured hole. It was completely hairless and puckered up tight. As I continued to move my hands over his body, I became more daring and moved my fingers closer and closer to his boy hole. Mark's moans continued to get more intense.
It was at this point that he started grinding his groin into the massage table and one of his hands moved underneath his body. I had a flashback to when I was 11 or 12 years old and used this method of early masturbation. In my mind, I had two choices at this point. Both were a risk, but I was all in at this point. Should I turn him on his side and take over the pleasuring of his teen cock, or should I see what would happen if my fingers crept even futher toward his hole?
I decided on the former. There was a greater chance of spooking him if I started playing with his hole, especially if he had never done so himself. "Mark, let me help you out with that," I said in a soft voice as I turned him on his side, facing away from me. I looked over the side of his body and got my first look at his beautiful 13-year-old cock. It was pointing out at a 45 degree angle from his body, and looked to be about 6 inches. Pretty good size for a boy that age. He had a small patch of hair above, and that's exactly where I put my hands, as I started to massage his front side. For about 30 seconds -- which probably seemed like an eternity to Mark -- I avoided touching his penis, as my oiled hands caressed his developing chest. But as much as I would have liked to draw this out, it wouldn't be fair to Mark to not return to his cock, since I had interrupted his masturbatory session.
As I grabbed onto his boy pole with my left hand, get let out an "Oooh, fuck yes." OK, we're good here. I used my right hand to continue to rub his chest, as my left pumped his dick at a good pace.
When I stopped pumping for a moment, he immediately groaned, "Don't stop. It feels so good." I had him now. 
"Mark, you're such a big boy," I whispered. "You are so hot and sexy." I started pumping even faster.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck. Ohhh..." He was getting a bit loud at this point. I hope people outside the room couldn't hear. But I was too much in heaven to really care. I was so rock hard at this point, I could feel the precum soaking my shorts. Speaking of precum, Mark was producing some of his own. Another indication of where he was in his puberty journey. I wanted to taste it. I moved my right hand above his pubic area, and with a flat hand started rubbing the top of his cock in circles. This seemed to drive him wild. He was writhing his body around. "Oh god, fuck, I'm gonna cum." I pulled my right hand away, which was now coated with some of his pre-liquid and brought it to my mouth. I licked my hand. It was sweet and salty, and made me crave his full load. 
As I pumped his boyhood some more with my left hand, it seemed to grow even thicker and harder. I think he was about to blow. And blow he did. "Oooooh fuck! Ahhh!" he almost screamed, as he exploded all over my hand and his chest. 8 ropes of milky white cum. I immediately scooped up as much as I could with my right hand and slurped it into my mouth. Damn that was good boy spunk. 
I continued to pump his cock with my left hand. He was still hard. He started to squirm, which let me know how sensitive his dick was getting at this point, but that just turned me on, and I kept going for another 20 seconds or so. Then I gave him some relief. I turned him back to his stomach, licked off my left hand, and then wiped both my hands off on the towel. 
Then I heard very soft snoring sounds. He was so fucking cute. 
This was my chance to get out of there without him knowing it was me. But first I really needed to unload. I pulled my shorts down enough to release my 7 inches, and as I stared his lovely 13-year-old backside moving up and down with his soft breathing, it took me literally less than a minute to shoot my load...all over his back. Now the boy was sweaty, oily, and cummy. And the combination of smells was lovely.
I slipped out the door.
My obsession over Mark was only growing exponentially, and now I needed to see where Mark was headed next. I waited outside the Spa on a nearby bench area that was pretty much hidden by trees. After 20 minutes, I saw Mark emerge from the Spa and start walking down the main path back towards the hotel rooms and main pool. I followed him but kept a good distance so he wouldn't detect my presence. But I was still close enough to see a glistening area on his bare back where I had shot my load less than half an hour ago. That made me smile. I guess he didn't notice it and it just blended in with the feeling of the oil on his body.
He made a turn for one of the low-rise hotel buildings. Sweet, I was gonna find out where his room was. He went up one flight of steps, and I followed. I watched from a distance as he took out a keycard and swiped himself into a room towards the end of the hallway. After he went inside and the door closed, I quickly ran over to check out what room number he was. Another plan was already starting to develop in my horny brain...
*End of Chapter 2*
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