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He Brought His Own Balls
Chapter 3
After grabbing a quick bite from one of the lunch buffets, I returned to my usual area by the ping-pong table and pool. Didn't want to miss my chance for any more interaction with Mark or his family.
I should probably tell you a little bit about me. My name is Owen Davis, and I'm 24 years old. I'm pretty fit, standing at 5'10'' and weighing in at 150. Light brown hair, blue-green eyes. Already mentioned my 7-inch cock. I'm in my 2nd year as a middle school science teacher in Florida, within an hour of Orlando. And as if it weren't obvious already, I like boys. Not little boys. Teenagers. I love their energy, their mischief, not to mention their bodies. And how horny they are.
I lay there taking in the sun and actually reading a bit of book for once. I had worked out quite a sweat and was about to cool off in the pool when none other than Mark walked up to me.
"Hey man," he squeaked out in his 8th grade voice.
"Sup Mark?"
"Wanna play some more ping-pong?"
"Yeah, sure." I didn't want to seem too eager. "But I was just about to take a dip and since the table is occupied right now, you wanna grab a swim first?"
As we started to walk toward the pool, I noticed that he hadn't showered after his Spa adventure. I could smell every ounce of his teen boy aroma, and I could see my crusted load still on his back! I couldn't resist saying something...
"Dude, you have something on your back."
"Oh, it must be the oil from my massage. I screwed up my leg playing tennis and went to the Spa. They gave me a full massage for free. Gotta love this resort." He suddenly got distant look on his face and a funny smile, and I had to guess he was daydreaming about the orgasm he had on the massage table.
"That sucks about your leg. Your mom told me that. Did the massage help? By the way, I don't think whatever is on your back is oil. It looks a little bit white and crusty."
"Um, I really don't know. But yeah, the massage was great actually." More funny smiliing on his face. "But I think my leg is still too sore for tennis right now. Ping-pong should fine for now. I can test out how bad it still is."
"That's cool." I honestly didn't know if he knew what was on his back or not. He probably would have already washed it off if he had known. I whispered, "It looks like dried cum."
He got bright red in the face and in a small shaky voice said, "Er, I don't think so. I have no idea how that would have gotten there."
Even though we were about to get in the pool, I licked my finger and said, "Here, I'll get it off for you." Any excuse to touch his smooth body.
"Thanks, man."
"Count of 3, we just jump in. 1, 2, 3...."
We both hit the cool water at the same time. I had brought goggles for just this purpose, and I stayed under the water for a little longer than Mark to get some more surreptitious looks of Mark up close and personal. One look at his kicking teenaged legs, and I was growing hard again.
Mark was a good swimmer, and that made for a pretty even match as we chased each other around the pool. Soon enough things were getting more physical. I would dunk his head under water, and then he would attempt to do the same to me. Of course I was loving all of the opportunities to put my hands on his glistening skin, and he didn't seem to mind. At one point I could swear my goggle-eyes showed me quite the tent in his bathing suit. Maybe he was getting aroused from our horseplay? Maybe it was my over-active imagination. I wonder if I could get away with copping a feel. So far he didn't seem to shy away from the physical contact with me. And of course he allowed his male massage therapist to jerk him off!
I brushed my hand across his front side. He was definitely hard. "Oops, sorry buddy."
"Uh, no worries, Owen," he answered nervously. He was probably wondering if I felt his erection.
"Looks like the table is available. Wanna play our game now?"
"Ow, ow, ow, fuck!"
"What's wrong?"
"I got a frickin' charley horse."
"You're in luck!"
"I'm an expert when it comes to getting rid of leg cramps." I actually had no better idea than the next guy. "Come on, I'll help you out." I helped him hobble over to a lounge chair. He lay down, and I sat beside him. I started massaging his calf. Two massages in one day! 
"I think it went away, thanks so much!" Total luck.
I lay down in the chair next to Mark's. "Hey Mark, do you mind if I ask you a question?"
No response.
"Earth to Mark." I poked him in the side, and he let out a high-pitch giggle. "Nice laugh, dude," I teased.
"I'm really ticklish." He was gonna regret telling me that.
"Good to know, my friend," I answered in a maniacal voice.
Just then Mark's mom appeared. My question would have to wait until later. "Hi boys," she said. "Sorry to break up the fun, but Mark needs to get ready for dinner now. We have a 6:00 reservation. That's in 45 minutes."
"I don't need that much time to get ready, mom. Can't I stay out here a little longer?"
"5 minutes, and then go get a shower and get dressed. Goodbye, Owen. Have a nice evening."
"Thanks, you too!" She walked off.
"I still want to play some more ping-pong," Mark said.
"That might have to wait until tomorrow since they take the table down soon."
"There's another table behind the Kid Zone."
"I think Kid Zone will be locked up."
"Yeah, but I happen to know you can reach over the gate and unlock the fence behind the building."
"You naughty boy... Well, I have an 8:00 dinner with my family, so I'm not actually available until 10:00. That's probably past your bedtime," I teased.
"Shut up. No it's not. I'll meet you behind Kid Zone at 10." And he left. I think I literally drooled a little bit watching him walk away. That boys needs a tighter bathing suit, though.
45 minutes later I watched from a distance as Mark walked out of his hotel building toward the main restaurant area. I went to the front desk, and told them I lost my key to room 2269. He asked my name, and after replying with Mark's first and last name, the man working at the desk simply made me a "new" key. I'd be angry about how easy it was to get a key to a room that wasn't even mine, but at that moment I was pretty much the opposite of angry.
My heart was pumping a mile a minute as I stuck the keycard into the slot. The light turned green, and I was in. Holy shit, what the hell am I doing?
I quickly determined that this was Mark's room alone. It was small room with a single bed. Not even a couch. There were clothes everywhere. Typical 13-year-old. I found a pair of boxers lying on his bed, put them up to my face, and breathed in deeply. I almost came in my pants right there. I lay down on the bed and felt something hard under the pillow. It was an iPad. Please don't let there be a passcode. Please, please, please. I pressed the button, and..."Passcode required." Shit. My first attempt was typing in the numbers that correspond to M-A-R-K on the keypad. And it worked! Silly boy. I opened up the internet brower. He had two tabs open: ESPN and Nike. Then I clicked on the Private browser. There was a google image search page open that simply said "hot guys." Whoa. Holy shit! Are you kidding me? I was grinning ear to ear. After the massage in the Spa, I wasn't sure whether he went along with it because he was horny enough to not care who was touching him, or if there was anything deeper. Now I may have had my answer.
Next I clicked on his Photos app. There were a bunch of selfies. My eye went to one that was shirtless. Then I noticed it was actually a video. I tapped to play it. There was some fumbling around, and then the shot settled in to a view of Mark lying on the bed, wearing just a pair of boxers. Oh yeah, his boxers. I brought them to my face again. And I realized that I was lying down in the exact place where this video was taken. I couldn't believe what happened next in the video, but Mark moves his hand down under the waistband of his boxers and clearly starts rubbing himself. This goes on for a bit, and then he starts to moan. Meanwhile, I decide to mirror his actions and put my hand down my swimsuit. Then Mark takes his teen cock out on the video. Holy shit, is this really happening? I take off my suit, and I have one hand stroking my throbbing dick, while my other hand is stuffing Mark's boxers in my face. The iPad is propped up on the bed. Mark then slips off his boxers completely. His eyes are closed and he is moaning even louder. This was the most erotic thing I've ever seen in my life.
I should have gotten used to being surprised by this point, but I was still caught off guard when Mark throws his legs up over his head. Fuck, he was flexible. (I wonder how he really pulled a muscle yesterday. Was it actually playing tennis?) Then Mark sucks on the middle finger of his left hand for a moment and moves it towards his completely closed hole, of which I now had a perfect view. He rubs it around the area for a few seconds and then slowly sticks it right into his hole, letting out a high-pitched groan at the same time. Now the boy is rapidly jerking his 6-inch cock with one hand and fingering himself with the other. I can see sweat glistening on every inch of his body.
By this point, I've continued to mirror what Mark is doing, and I'm fingering my own hole while wanking my cock, going at the exact same rhythm as Mark on the video. I can hear in his voice that he must be getting close, which puts me to the brink as well. And then we both explode at the same time. Mark lets out a little scream along with a sizeable load, one shot of which lands right on his chin. I wish I could lick that off of him. 
It took me a few minutes to catch my breath. I then used Mark's boxers to wipe myself off, and emailed myself Mark's video. After deleting the message from his Sent box, I put the iPad back under the pillow, put my suit back on, and slipped out the door of his room.
Time for a shower and a nice innocent dinner with my family. I was already looking forward to my 10 o'clock date.
*End of Chapter 3*