He Brought His Own Balls
Chapter 4
Dinner with my family was fun. And the food was delicious. I had been very hungry, and the three-course meal hit the spot. It was taking forever though. I looked at the time on my cell phone, and it was 9:45. Some members of my family were still finishing dessert and drinking coffee. I didn't want to be rude and leave my family, but I also could not be late for Mark. At 9:55, we got up from the table. My sister asked if I wanted to come back to their room to hang out and have some more drinks. I gave my best fake yawn and told her that I was really tired. 
I was jogging towards the Kid Zone building when I almost slammed into Mark's mom.
"Hi Owen. You in a rush?"
"No, no, I'm just getting some exercise. I like running around the resort when it's quiet out. Sorry about almost bumping into you!"
"I don't want to hold you up, but I have a question. All throughout our dinner tonight, Mark kept talking about you. He's really enjoying spending time with you. He's interested in playing tennis tomorrow. Are you available?"
"Yes, I am. Nothing planned at all right now."
"Great. Let me give you Mark's cell phone number, and you guys can sort out what time."
"Sounds good." I entered his number into my phone, and we said good-night.
A few minutes later I arrived behind the Kid Zone building. I squatted down and looked through a couple of slats of the fence, and I could see Mark pacing back and forth near the ping-pong table. I sent him a text (anonymous since he didn't yet have my number in his phone) that said "Young man. This area is not open at night. You are trespassing." I watched as Mark pulled out his phone, read the text, and his head shot up with a panicked look on his face. He swirled around making a few circles, and right as he put his hand on the gate to leave the Kid Zone backyard area, I opened the gate myself.
"Owen! Shit! I think someone knows I'm here. I just got a text..."
"It was me. I was playing a joke on you."
"But how'd you get my..."
"Your mom just gave it to me. I ran into her, and she gave me your number so we could plan out a time to play tennis tomorrow."
"You suck. I almost wet my shorts."
"Sorry buddy." I took a moment to take in the sight that was tonight's version of Mark. He had dressed up a bit. He was wearing a red polo shirt with the top two buttons undone, so I could see a nice amount of smooth chest skin. His hair was spiked up a bit. He was wearing his usual sandals. And he had on khaki shorts that were way too small for him. He must have grown out of them. His waist was so skinny that I could see how he was able to button them, but they hugged his thighs tightly, and it left very little to the imagination in the crotch area. I swear I could see an entire outline of his teen cock. And what looked like his testicles. Right then he adjusted himself. He was cute, hot, and sexy, all at the same time. I walked to the far side of the ping-pong table to hide my growing erection.
"Hey where does your mom think you are right now?"
"She thinks I'm in my room going to bed."
"Naughty boy."
"That's me," Mark giggled.
"Ready to play?" I grabbed a paddle from the table. "Oh crap. There aren't any ping-pong balls."
"That's OK. I brought my own balls!" He reached a hand into each pocket and pulled out two ping-pong balls. So what I had seen in his shorts were not his boy balls. They were ping-pong balls in his pockets. He had brought his own balls.
"You brought your own balls!" I purposely stared right at his groin area. "I can see that." It was obvious I was making a sexual joke. "Dude your shorts are so tight."
"I know, I can hardly move in them. I'm not sure I can even play ping-pong without ripping them."
"How about just taking them off?"
"What? Really?"
"Sure, why not. No one's here but us."
"Are you sure?"
I acted nonchalant as Mark reached to unbutton his shorts. He pulled the zipper down and then slipped off his shorts. He was wearing light blue boxer briefs, and I could see the clear outlines of all his boy bits. He was definitely getting chubbed up at this point.
We started hitting the ball around, and then things were getting intense as we played several games. We were very evenly matched. After he made a terrible shot at one point, I teased him, "Oh, that's embarrasing."
He gave me the finger and mouthed "Fuck you."
"You wish." I swear I could see him blush.
I was making him run back and forth by hitting the ball to the far left and the far right repeatedly. I could see his 13-year-old package bobbing around, and now he was clearly erect.
Right then we heard someone unlocking the door that connected the Kid Zone building to the backyard. 
"Shh. Come here!" I whispered. Mark grabbed his shorts and followed me towards the playground that was adjacent to the ping-pong table.
We hopped into a very small tunnel that was part of the playground right as a tall man walked through the door and said, "Hello? Is someone here?" The ping-pong ball rolled off the table and started bouncing on the concrete.
Honestly, we probably didn't need to hide. What kind of trouble would we have gotten into? We could have just said we didn't realize we weren't allowed here at night. Who reads all the signs anyway? But it was more fun to hide with Mark in a tight space. The way we were positioned, Mark was basically in my arms sitting on me. I wonder if he realized that was my hard cock pressed up against his back. I had one hand on his shoulder. I looked down at his creamy thighs and his boxer briefs. It was hard to resist grabbing a hold of his teenaged package right there and then. Instead I pinched the inside of his thigh. Mark let out a stifled giggle and whispered, "Stop, I can't control how loud I am when you do that!"
I did it again. Another giggle, louder this time. The man turned towards the playground. "Hello? Who's there?"
"What the hell are you doing?" Mark whispered. "You're gonna get us caught." I didn't say anything. We froze silently in our position for several minutes. Part of me was really uncomfortable, but another part of me wanted to stay like this forever. The man finally gave up and walked back through the building, locking the door behind him. I guess he didn't really care about finding us.
We squeezed out of the tunnel and stood back up. Mark adjusted himself again, and sadly started to put his shorts back on. He whispered, "I was so scared we were gonna get caught. That was so exciting. My heart is beating so fast. I wish my teachers were more like you. They're so old, boring, and ugly. You're young, fun, and..." He trailed off.
"Handsome?" I offered.
"Um, you're really hot," he said slowly and quietly. "...for a guy," he added.
"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself...for a guy."
"So...what do you want to do now?" I asked.
"You still want to hang out more?"
"Yeah, sure, it's not even midnight yet. The night is young."
"Um, I dunno. What do you wanna do?"
"Well, I have some playing cards in my room. Wanna play some poker?"
"I love poker. Let's go."
"OK, meet me outside my room in 10 minutes. My room is 4113." I gotta do something on the way.
On my way to back to the lodging area, I stopped at one of the bars and got a couple of rum and cokes.
I handed one to Mark as I walked up outside my room door. "Hold this." I unlocked the door, and we stepped inside. He tried to hand me back the drink. "No, it's for you, if you want it. Rum and coke."
"I've never had alcohol before."
"It's just one drink. Not a big deal. But you don't have to." I reached for the glass back.
"No, I'll try it." He took a tentative sip. His cute little face scrunched up for a second. "Wow, that tastes funny. But I like it." He smiled. His smile melts me.
"The cards are in here. Come on." I led him into the bedroom area, grabbed the deck from my backpack, and hopped up onto the bed. Mark followed suit.
"Um, my shorts are really uncomfortable. Do you mind if I take them off again?"
"Make yourself at home." He wiggled them off.
We played a couple of rounds of poker, and then Mark announced that he needed to go take a piss. While he was in the bathroom, I took the opportunity to refill our drinks from the minibar supply.
When Mark returned from the toilet, he nearly downed the whole refill I handed him before hopping back onto the bed. "Ouch!" he screamed out suddenly. Another cramp.
"Lie down, buddy. I got this." As I massaged his calf area, strangely I couldn't feel the cramped muscle like I did earlier at the pool. Could he be faking it? Either way, my hands were back on my hot teenager, and I was in heaven. After a few minutes I said, "Is it gone buddy?" His eyes were closed, and he managed to say in a quiet voice, "Yeah, but please don't stop. It feels really good." He didn't have to tell me twice.
I ran my hands under his shirt and caressed his chest. As my hands rubbed over his nipples a few times, they became hard. I look the liberty of taking his shirt off, and he didn't even flinch. In fact, he was letting out small moans and whimpers. I felt every part of his arms. They were skinny, but I could feel his developing biceps. I rubbed under his arm in his armpit area. There were a few hairs under each arm. I put my head close to his body and breathed in. I could sense a lingering shampoo smell coming from his hair, and that was mixed with a slight sweaty smell due to our ping-pong escapades. I ran my hands through his sexy hair.
My hands moved back down to his lower half, and I massaged both of his legs some more. When I got to his feet, he let out his trademark giggle. I could tell that he was hard again. There was no hiding that. And he didn't seem to want to. After playing with each of his individual toes, I slowly moved my hands up his legs again toward his boxer briefs. The tips of my fingers went underneath the fabric ever so slightly, and I paused. Mark moaned, "Don't stop...feels so good." I let my hands go completely underneath his briefs, one on each side. I was caressing his upper thighs, but I purposely stayed away from his penis and balls for now. I moved my hands around to his butt. He lifted up a little to give me better access. And I took the opportunity to slip off his boxer briefs altogether. He moved his legs to get out of them.
With one hand I started scratching his cute rectangular patch of pubic hair, and with my other hand I lightly brushed over his inner thighs. This drove him wild, and he started slightly thrashing around. Still avoiding his boy-cock, for the first time I put his delicious-looking balls in my hand. (Not the ping-pong balls.) They were so soft and smooth in my hands. As I caressed them, Mark's moans got louder and he spread his legs apart. While one hand was still playing with his pubes, I let the other hand travel towards his boy-pussy. Though hairless, it was completely sweaty, and I lightly moved my finger over and around his hole.
Mark's cock looked huge and was literally throbbing. He suddenly reached for it with his hand and started jerking it furiously.
"No, no, big guy," I growled as I removed his hand and replaced it with both of mine. I started going up and down slowly. 
"Oh my fucking god," groaned Mark. "Harder."
I tightened my grip on his 13-year-old glory and started pumping a little faster. I let one hand drop to the base of his cock, rubbing it softly, while my other hand went towards his mushroom tip and twisted back and forth. Once again Mark writhed around.
"Fucking hell!" he let out between breaths.
Now I went back to a more traditional jacking of his cock with one hand, while my other hand, wet with his teenage pre-cum, snuck back between his ass cheeks.
"Put a finger in!" he almost screamed at me. Without hesitation, I pushed my index finger past the threshold and started pumping it in and out using the same rhythm my other hand was using on his throbbing dick. His asshole gripped my finger tightly. I was about to try adding a second finger when Mark called out, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum..." I wasn't sure how he had even lasted this long. I had a feeling there was going to be quite a display in a few seconds. 
"Ahhhhhh fuuuuuuck!!" His first spurt kind of dribbled out the top of his dick rather than shooting, but the second landed in the center of his chest. The third and fourth both reached his neck, and then the fifth landed directly on his upper lip. What a sight to behold. Three final squirts landed on his pubes. Mark was breathing so heavy, as if he had just sprinted a mile.
I leaned down toward Mark's chest and stuck out my tongue, lapping up his cum from his chest and neck, and then moving to his upper lip. This was ten times better than any dessert offered at the restaurant earlier tonight. Mark stuck out his tongue, and we hungrily sucked on each other's tongues for the next few minutes. Jolts of electricity were shooting through my body, and my cock was practically tearing a hole in my pants. It could wait. I was having too much fun pleasuring my little hottie. I looked down and saw there was a huge wet spot on the front of my pants. Oh well! I licked down his chest, taking a quick pit-stop at his nipples, and lapped up the remaining cum on his pubes and around the base of his cock. Then, for what was likely young Mark's first time, I popped his almost-limp penis in my mouth. Within seconds, he boned right back up to full mast. It hadn't even been five minutes since he blew his load, and he was ready to go again!? I sucked down as hard as I could.
There was a knock at the door.
*End of Chpater 4*
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