Chapter 10

Maybe not so surprisingly, but all five of the very tired boys slept the whole night through, hardly any stirring was done by any of them, and they all slept in until almost ten the next morning. James and Nathan were the first to wake up, and they just cuddled in bed for a while, not even talking, just enjoying the closeness. Mitchel and Isaac did the exact same thing when they woke up, which was probably only ten minutes after the other two. Michael woke last, and he just laid there thinking and smiling happily. He felt like he had a family again, or really, for the first time, because ever since the age of ten when he started feeling that he was gay for sure, he knew he did not have a family, except the two very same boys that were next door. Almost impossibly, but all five of them got up at the exact same time and all stepped into the hall at the same moment.

“Oh, good morning everyone. How was your sleep?” James asked, shocked.

“Really good.” They all smiled.

“Good. Now, it's Sunday, there's to be no arguments, but we're all getting dressed and calling the grandparents and telling them to meet us at the restaurant in their hotel for their nearly famous breakfast buffet, be damned with the calories.” James said.

“Good.” They all said, all of them desiring a good hearty and fattening breakfast.

“Then what's everyone waiting for.” James grinned, and they all turned into their bedrooms to get dressed.

They all stripped off their soggy diapers, cleaned, creamed and diapered themselves, or partners, and then got dressed in some nice comfortable clothes. They all met back in the hall within just a couple seconds of each other, and then Nathan was asked to call, so he did, and they said that sounded like a very good idea to them as well, so said they would go down right away and reserve a table. The boys all hopped in the van, Michael took his own car, and they headed there.

“Good morning boys. You all look a lot better, not so tired. How are you feeling?” Grandma asked far too chipper the boys thought.

“Thanks, I think I speak for us all when I say we do feel better, and we all had a great sleep. Sounds like you guys did too.”

“Good, and we did. You actually woke us up when you called, well, we were already waking up anyway, so don't worry about it. I can't remember the last time we slept so late though, and we got here last night almost right away and went straight to sleep.” Grandpa smiled.

“Oh, that's good. We'd only just waken up ourselves as well, glad we didn't really wake you up though.”

“Ah, who cares, it's far better to spend time with loved ones than to sleep the day away anyway.” Grandma smiled.

“For sure. Now come on, we've been waiting here for almost five minutes waiting for you boys to show up, and the smells have been driving us mad, so let's eat.” Grandpa grinned.

Well, no one waited for a second request, they all bolted for the food lines and loaded up at least one plate near to indecent, and then they all went back and ate every crumb. The adults were satisfied with just the one plate, but all three boys went for another, but only a half full this time. The adults waited for the boys to finish that before they all headed back up to get some dessert, because they all felt that they deserved it.

“Wow, so good. I've never been here before, that was amazing.” Michael said.

“At twenty bucks a pop for breakfast, it's expensive to be sure, but it's well worth it as a rare treat.” James smiled.

“Yikes, I had no idea it was that expensive.”

“Yeah, it is, but don't worry.”

“I wasn't worried, I have more than enough money for that, so we're all good.”

“You honestly think you'll get out of here paying for it. Hah, it'll be a fight between Grandpa and Dad as to who gets to pay the bill, once again.” Mitchel laughed.

“Well, for once, neither of them are paying, because I am.” Michael said, and then hopped out of his seat to find their waitress so that he could pay the bill. Both Grandpa and James laughed, the others shook their heads.

“You didn't have to pay for that, I would've.” James said when Michael made it back to the table.

“You're right, I didn't have to, but then you didn't really have to help me out so much either, but you did. It's the least I could do to at least start saying thanks, but I doubt I'd ever be able to enough for what all you and everyone else did for me.” Michael smiled warmly.

“Hey, what are family for?” James smiled warmly right back.

“Until recently, I thought they were only there to dump you when they should have reassured you, hurt you and make you feel like shit instead of hug you. No, you're way better than any family I've ever known.” Michael said, crying again.

“I suppose you have a point there.” James said, hugging the young man again.

“Thanks.” Michael smiled, wiping the tears from his eyes once again.

“No problem, any time. At least though we should never have to worry about that ever happening again. They might be able to vandalize the outside, and you might have to paint lots, but they'll never be able to do anything else.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Do you guys wanna come back to Michael's store with us and pick up all the toys that we forgot to grab last night when we left?” James asked the grandparents.

“Sure, why not, then we can go drop them all off to the others.”

“Just what we were thinking.” James smiled.

“Once we get to the store, I think I'm gonna stay and wait for the last shipment and open up today.” Michael said.

“Sounds good to us. By the way, think you can get good diaper shirts that would fit all of us?” James asked.

“Sure, I'm pretty sure I can find something somewhere for you guys.” He smiled.

“Cool, just let us know when they're in then and we'll come buy some.” James said, and although Michael was thinking there was no way he was going to charge them for anything, he was smart enough to keep his mouth closed.

“Will do.” Is all he said.

They all headed out and to the store, and when they got there, Mitchel went in with his brother and grabbed all the bags, while the others waited in the van. Michael waved to everyone, and then they pulled out.

“Daddy, thanks so much for doing that for Michael. I know he appreciates it far more than he can say. We all really do think you're the best, you know that right?” Mitchel said once he was all buckled up and they were on their way.

“Well, the feeling's mutual, you know that right?”

“Thanks.” All the boys said.

Grandma and Grandpa directed James to the two places that he needed to go that he did not already know about, and directed himself to the two that he did know, and grandma went in and dropped off each care package to each couple, all of them thanking her.

“So, what now?” James asked once the last delivery was made.

“Well, I for one would have no complaints about just going home and having a relaxing day in.” Nathan suggested.

“And we might just head back to the hotel and do the same thing, maybe spend a couple hours in the day spa there. What say you grandma, want a manicure and pedicure?” Grandpa smiled warmly to his bride.

“Sure, that sounds real nice actually.” Grandma smiled.

“Great, so if you wouldn't mind dropping us off at the hotel would be great please.” Grandpa asked.

“Will do.” James smiled, and a few minutes later they were dropped off with goodbyes all around.

“Well boys, just us for the rest of the day now. Should we stop and grab a movie or two, or just go home and watch TV and relax in other ways?” James asked once they were on their way home.

“I want to go swimming and relax a bit, maybe watch TV for a while, we could watch a movie I suppose, but I kinda wanna sit back and write some today, so maybe not. Also, tonight we're definitely going to bed early.” Nathan said.

“I don't feel like watching a movie, I just wanna go home.” Mitchel said.

“Me too.” Isaac said.

“Okay. I wouldn't mind getting some writing done as well. What are you two gonna do while we write for a bit?” James asked.

“Who knows, doesn't much matter though. I'm sure we can find something to do, but I agree with Nathan, we're definitely going to bed early tonight.” Mitchel answered.

“Sounds good.” James smiled, having to agree himself as well.

Within a few minutes they were back home, and as soon as they were, they decided to head right to the pool to go for a nice swim and relax some. They all rinsed off as soon as they arrived, then jumped in the pool and swam for a while, before slipping into the hot tub for a bit, and then the sauna for a while longer. They jumped back into the pool for another dip until they all decided that they were ready to get out. They spent only an hour in there, but they all felt better for it.

“Well guys, I think I'm gonna go sit and get some writing done, after getting nice and thickly diapered of course.” James smiled to the boys once they were finished their shower to get nice and clean.

“Me too.” Nathan said.

The two of them headed their own way, while Mitchel and Isaac headed to living room to cuddle up and watch TV. Of course all four of them stopping in their bedrooms first to get nice and thickly diapered. Both James and Nathan ended up staying on their computers for a good long time, writing away madly, so when the time came for them to start thinking about dinner, Mitchel and Isaac got up and did it themselves. Once it was ready, the other two were called, and then because they did not come, Isaac went and actually retrieved them from their computers.

“Get anything done guys?” Mitchel asked once they finally made it.

“Sure.” They both answered.

“Cool. So, what are you both writing then?”

“Murder mystery.” They both said, and then looked to each other and laughed.

“Cool, can't wait to read them.” Isaac said.

“So, Nathan, are you gonna give your grandparents a copy of what you've written so far?” James asked.

“I don't know, are you gonna call your publisher and ask him if there's ever been any interest in having your books made into movies?” Nathan asked.

“Well, that's hardly the same, but I'll make you a deal. If you give your books to your grandparents, and they too believe that you should get yours published, and we send them in, then I'll do it as well.” James conceded, knowing he would have to give in order to get.

“Okay, fine, we can do it, but I still don't think they're good enough.”

“Yeah, well neither do I think mine are, but clearly there are those that like what I write.” James pointed out.

“Good point.” Nathan smiled.

“Well, I for one have no idea why either of you'd think what you write isn't good, you're great.” Mitchel said.

“Thanks.” They both said.

They sat down then to eat dinner and talked happily all throughout their meal. Mitchel and Isaac said that they would get the cleanup if the other two wanted to go continue writing, and both took off right away without saying anything further. The two of them just laughed. Almost three hours later, Mitchel and Isaac decided that it was definitely close enough to bedtime, of course they had no plans to go to sleep any time soon, but that was beside the point. They informed both James and Nathan about their plans to go to bed, and Nathan ended up hopping up to go get his man.

“Okay Baby, time for bed. And I think it's time we both got rid of our useless virginity tonight, I don't want mine any more.” Nathan grinned cheekily, although it was bordering on hungrily as well.

“Okay.” James said brightly, stopping what he was doing mid sentence and saving it. He hopped up and they headed to their bedroom.

“Okay Baby, lay down on the bed, I want to try something.” Nathan whispered once they were in their bedroom.

“Okay. Just remember, if it hurts, stop, don't force yourself just because of what you want.”

“I know, don't worry.” Nathan smiled warmly.

James laid down on his back, still wearing his wet diaper, and Nathan crawled up after grabbing the lube and laid almost right on top of James. He started their foreplay with just kissing tenderly and deeply for at least five minutes, before he broke that kiss, and started kissing his way down James' body. Stopping at every area that he knew of that drove James crazy, Nathan slowly worked his way down, kissing, nibbling, licking and sucking all along. Eventually he reached James' very wet and tented diaper, it was very erotic Nathan thought, and he wanted what was inside so bad.

At the same time, Nathan poked two holes in two diapers, one in the front of James', one in the rear of his. Then he fished James' painfully hard erection out the hole, and then as he was lubing his own back passage, he started sucking on James while he was sticking out the diaper. This was something that they had definitely never done before, but James loved it, it just looked so hot, he was watching Nathan as he worked, or at least he was trying to, but Nathan was doing things to him that were causing his vision to flash steadily.

All of a sudden, almost five minutes after starting, James could hold it no more, and came copiously inside Nathan's talented sucking mouth. Nathan had felt it happening, and did nothing to impede it from doing so, he wanted his first treat in his mouth, and then the second was going somewhere far more pleasurable, or at least Nathan sure hoped it was going to be, but he was certain that it was going to be far better than that even.

While James was still coming down from his orgasmic high, Nathan finished fingering himself, preparing himself, so he crawled up his mans body, until he was poised properly to finally truly have his man. Slowly Nathan lowered himself, and just as James came down fully and realized what was about to happen, Nathan had already lowered himself almost fully. With just a deep contented sigh, Nathan was fully filled finally, and it felt so good.

“Oh god Baby, you're so big and so hot, oh god, you feel sooooooooo goooooood inside me. Make love to me Baby.” Nathan sighed deeply, pulling himself up ever so slightly, so that only about half of James was now buried inside him, and there he stopped.

Nathan wanted James to thrust up and into him, it would feel so good he felt, and it would be incredible for James' abs as well.

“Oh god Baby, you feel so amazing inside. It's so tight and so hot, are you sure it doesn't hurt?” James asked, but he already knew, he would be able to see it in Nathan's face if it hurt any at all, and it sure looked like bliss to the power of infinity on Nathan's face. Nathan would of course claim that that was not close enough to how he felt. He was certain that feeling this good was not actually allowed by nature.

“Oh god no, nothing, and I do mean nothing's ever felt this good.” Nathan sighed out deeper still, sounding as if he were fully through puberty and with a mans voice it came out so deeply.

“Same here.” James moaned out, and then did as Nathan requested.

Slowly thrusting himself up, he buried himself all the way inside his baby, then he stayed there for a second to enjoy Nathan's incredible heat enveloping him once again, but then he pulled himself down as much as he could and reversed once again to bury himself. He kept this up for at best ten minutes, filling Nathan fully and holding there for just a few seconds, and then pulling out and thrusting back in. Both could feel that James was once again going to cum, and although Nathan was hard and pulsing, even though neither of them had touched his diapered dick, he was not yet close to cumming.

As soon as Nathan felt that James was going to cum soon, he slammed himself down fully, preventing James from moving any at all, and then did something that caused quite the large amount of pain in James. Nathan pinched both his nipples quite viciously, and with a bellow, James' orgasm faded slightly.

“Ouch, what the fuck was that for?” James nearly screeched.

“Sorry, didn't want you to cum yet, just feels too good.” Nathan grinned.

“Don't do that again, I was just about to cum, fuck, I need to cum.” James whined.

“I will if you try and cum in me before I'm ready to. I want us to cum together huge.” Nathan grinned evilly.

“Do that again and I'll turn you over and just do it anyway.” James grinned, he had backed away more now and knew what Nathan was doing.

“Oh no you won't. Now, let's do it Baby, together.” Nathan smiled and rose back up again, so as to let James take over thrusting again.

This time James was going just a little faster, but still it was quite slow, and they were enjoying themselves both immensely. This time though James got smart, and knew that if he wanted Nathan to cum when he was ready to, that he was going to have to take matters into his own hands. So, on that vane, James started rubbing Nathan's hot diapered bulge gently as he made love to his incredible little bum.

“Oh yeah, now that's what I'm talking about.” Nathan sighed deeply once again.

“Mmm yeah, this is what I've been missing my entire life.” James moaned out lowly.

“Me too.”

Not even a minute later was all they could take, they were both so high, so close, so hot, so ready, and with another near full on scream, they both came at the exact same time. James filling his baby fully, just as they wanted and needed it to be, and Nathan filling the front of his diaper with just a little more wetness.

“Wow, I never thought it'd be that good.” Nathan sighed deeply, he had crashed down after the orgasm ended, and it took almost five minutes for him to come down enough for him to even say that. James though was still panting and gasping deeply.

“Me neither.” James said at least two minutes later.

“Now it's your turn Baby, you get to lose your virginity now as well.” Nathan smiled largely.

“Okay.” James said, his strength fully renewed, not wishing to wait another second for that blissful time.

“Goody.” Nathan grinned and hopped off his lover and laid down on his back, ready and waiting for their next go round.

James smiled warmly at his baby, and then started the foreplay all over again once more. He kissed Nathan deeply and tenderly for about five minutes, and then spent at least twice that much time kissing, licking, nibbling and petting his way down, until his face was also buried in Nathan's diaper. At the same time, same as Nathan had done, James poked two new holes in their diapers in the correct places for their fun times ahead.

After pulling Nathan out his diaper, James started sucking him and fingering himself, he wanted to fully pay Nathan back, and Nathan was more than just a little okay by this, in fact he was downright pleased with the idea. It took maybe five minutes for them to both be ready, and with that of course came Nathan's cum, which James happily and greedily sucked up and cherished.

James crawled up his babies hot little body, until he too was poised in position, and then he too sank down fully on Nathan's hot young erection as he was just coming down from his previous orgasm. They both moaned lowly all the way, but sadly, far too soon, James was fully impaled.

“Wow, you feel so good inside me, so right. You're so hot and hard, and you even feel nice and big inside me.”

“Yeah, and you feel so hot and tight on me as well.” Nathan sighed deeply.

James raised himself back up, so that Nathan could do all the work, same as Nathan had done to him, but Nathan was having none of it, he wanted James to do it all once again.

“Unh unh, ride me Baby.” Nathan grunted.

“Why, I want you to thrust inside me, same as you made me do to you.”

“Just cuz.” Nathan grunted again, he was trying very hard not to do the thrusting, but he wanted James to do this, he wanted for James to get the best exercise imaginable.

“Fine.” James said, finally having all he could take, wanting and needing to feel Nathan slipping in and out of his willing passage.

So, with a nice soft steady rhythm, James starting rising and lowering, rising his hot baby lover, and they were both moaning and sighing deeply. Nathan, who knew that neither of them would be able to go for too much longer, knew that he was going to have to work James' next orgasm out of him, so started rubbing his hot diapered erection, which was still poking out the front of his very ruined diaper now.

“Oh god.” James moaned, having all this happening to him was almost too much for his mind to handle.

Everything just felt too good, but there was no way he wanted it to stop either. All of a sudden, even though James' mind was very sex clouded at the moment, he realized exactly why Nathan was not doing anything. His muscles had been burning very hotly during their first session, but now they were approaching melt down, and he knew that Nathan was making him get his daily exercise in a way that was surely going to cause him to lose at least five pounds, in just one night. Even though he was burning up, his every muscle was protesting, he felt that he was not going to be able to keep going, he forced himself to. The burning was actually making his impending orgasm actually feel ten times better. Everything felt so much more vivid, so much, well more.

And then James had all he could take, he exploded like he had never exploded before, the first three shots painted Nathan's face, and then the rest dribbled out onto his belly, while Nathan exploded as well six hot baby shots right inside James. As James came crashing down, he physically came crashing down as well, but managed to keep just enough control to roll to the side so as to not crush his baby. How he managed to stay awake, James was not even sure, but he did. Granted, he was not entirely with it at the moment either though.

“Wow, now that was incredible.” Nathan sighed out several minutes later.

“Oh yeah.” James grunted almost a minute later.

“Thanks so much Baby, I knew it was gonna be good, but that was way better than that. Now, let me get up and get our nice thick baby diapers, because we're gonna pass out very soon, and we wouldn't want to pee pee our bed, now would we.” Nathan whispered.

“Unh unh.” James groaned. He had never felt this worn out after an hour of hard swimming or working out. But he felt amazing as well.

Nathan came back a few seconds later with their diapers, wipes and cream, and when he made it to the bed, he also grabbed their butt plugs from the bedside table. He got James to move into diaper change position, and he gently cleaned creamed, plugged and then nice and thickly diapered. James only grunted lightly as the nice big butt plug was inserted into his willing ass. They then traded places and James did the exact same thing for Nathan, knowing full well that he wanted and needed his plug as well. Once they were both nice and thickly diapered, they curled up and kissed tenderly for a few seconds before whispering goodnight, I love you to each other. Seconds later, they were both sound asleep.

Mitchel and Isaac, when they made it to their bedroom, had an almost exact same night, except they each came in each others hot baby bums twice and not in each others mouths. They also plugged and diapered each other up nice and proper before whispering their goodnight and I love you to each other.

“Good morning Baby, how'd you sleep last night?” Nathan asked softly as James finally came to.

“I don't remember waking up, dreaming, or moving even once.” James sighed.

“Me neither. Should we get up and get some breakfast?”

“For sure. For some strange reason, I'm really hungry this morning.”

“Gee, I wonder why huh?” Nathan grinned evilly.

“I was too tired last night after our love making, but why'd you make me do all the work?”

“How are your muscles feeling this morning?” Nathan grinned.

“Burning like crazy.”

“Then you have your answer.”

“That's what I thought. I realize sex is the best exercise there is, but honestly, it felt like I was gonna die there near the end.”

“Nah, you wouldn't have died, don't worry. And until you're satisfied by how you look, I won't do any of the work, we're gonna get an hour of exercise every morning, just like normal, and at least as much every night from now on too, because I so want and need that every night.” Nathan grinned evilly.

“Oh god, you really are trying to kill me.” James gasped.

“Nah, just give you all the exercise you can handle. Besides, if you have to go, can you think of a better way to do so?” Nathan grinned cheekily this time.

“No, can't say as I can come to think of it.” James grinned as well.

“Exactly, now, let's go get the others and get some breakfast before our good workout.”

“You honestly think I'm still doing a workout today, my muscles still feel as if they're burning up?” James asked in shock.

“Yes, I do, and you will too, don't worry. You'll be fine.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“I'm gonna die.”

“No you won't. Besides, have you noticed anything out of the ordinary lately?”

“No, what?” James asked curiously.

“Few things actually. First, when I diaper you now, your tapes are almost overlapping, they used to be at least four inches away from each other. Second, you're pants are starting to slip off you. Third, you're keeping up to us far better than you used to. Fourth, everyone can see that you've lost weight, it's really starting to show in your face. Fifth, when was the last time you used either your inhaler or your sleep machine? Trust me, you're doing very well, and you're starting to look great. Sure, you still have more weight to go before you're back down to a healthy weight, but I'm here to help you out. I must admit though, I'll miss you being so cuddly like a big teddy bear, but a smaller leaner teddy bear will last me lots longer, and you'll still cuddle me just as much anyway.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Oh.” Was all that James could say to any of that.

“Exactly. In fact, I think when we go buy diapers next, which will be in a week or so, we'll have to get you the next smaller size, and you're gonna need new pants soon, so that your pants don't fall down and expose that hot baby diapered bum to everyone. I'd rather only we here got to see that beautiful sight.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“It doesn't feel like I've lost weight.” James said softly.

“Only because you never look at yourself in the mirror. Don't think I don't notice when we're in the bathroom together that you refuse to even look at yourself. You're not ready yet, but soon we're gonna fix that. You're far too hard on yourself, you're your own worst enemy. And here I thought I was bad before we met.” Nathan smiled.

“Yeah, but you don't go through what we did and not get damaged by it. I lived through it a lot longer than you did.”

“Maybe, but at least you still had a loving family, 'til they all died, and you were already in your late teens, I lived with it my whole life. Anyway, that's beside the point, like I said, we're not gonna worry about that now. All we need to do now is get up and go get breakfast.”

James went to say something further, but Nathan shook his head no, signaling to James that he was to make no further comments, and James knew that given that Nathan seemed to be doing a good job thus far, that he might as well let his beautiful baby boyfriend continue doing so. Finally he relented and they got out of bed, stopping at Isaac and Mitchel's bedroom and calling through the door that they were going o go make breakfast and to meet them there.

“So, were those sounds we heard last night the sounds of two baby boys losing their virginity?” Mitchel asked when they walked in the kitchen a few minutes later.

“Oh yeah.” Nathan grinned.

“And how was it?” Isaac asked.

“Incredible, way better than that even, way better than I ever imagined.”

“Now you know why we still risked getting together.” Mitchel smiled.

“Oh, I knew it was gonna be good, but how good, we're only just beginning to realize.”

“Mmmhmm.” The others all sighed.

A few minutes later breakfast was all ready and waiting to be eaten, and as hungry as they all were, the wait was not long. In fact, it probably took less time to make their morning oatmeal than it took to consume all of it, and there had been almost twice as much as was needed for the four of them. Now satisfied, they all cleaned up the mess and headed down to the pool to get started on their exercises.

“If we really have to work out, can we at least do so in the pool so that I can keep cool, I honestly do still feel as if I'm burning up?” James asked once they were done their shower to rinse off.

“Sure.” All the boys said, so they all jumped in the pool and Nathan led them all through a rather grueling water aerobics set, making them push hard for an entire hour.

Panting and gasping, James finally said he had nothing left, and other than doing a light cool down, he let the boys do some diving, of course giving them all many pointers. Half an hour after that, the boys were done, so they all hopped in the shower once again, this time to clean up fully.

“So, what are we gonna do today guys?” Nathan asked.

“Why don't you call your grandparents and see if they have any plans, and then maybe let's hit the games house, since it appears to be a bit of a miserable day outside. We can all play lots of games and even play mini golf or whatever.” James suggested, they had not done that before.

“Sure, be right back.” Nathan smiled and tore off to grab his phone to do just that.

The others, instead of waiting there, headed into the house as well, all figuring that they should probably go get diapered and dressed for the day to come regardless of what they did. Nathan saw them coming up the stairs as he was talking on the phone, so as soon as he was done, he knew to go straight to their bedroom instead, so he did.

“So, what'd they have to say?” James asked.

“They said it sounded like fun, so I told them that we'd pick them up on our way past. Hope you don't mind?”

“Not at all. No point in wasting the extra fuel and have them drive as well when we can all easily fit in our one vehicle.”

“Cool. Well Baby, let's get diapered and dressed.” Nathan smiled warmly.

They did so, and a few minutes later met Mitchel and Isaac in the hall, they were told that it was a go, so they headed out and went to pick up the grandparents, who were once again waiting for them by the door. As soon as they saw them, they hopped in the van and they headed out.

When they arrived, both Grandpa and James went and bought a whole bunch of tokens and then split them up amongst themselves, and they all tore off for the games section, where they all had lots of fun playing all the games and whatnot up there. Almost an hour later they were all out of money and it was decided that they would go play a round of mini golf, so they went and paid for that and played, having a great deal of fun doing so. This was to be Nathan's first time doing so, but he did quite well, not great by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad for his first time either.

“So, what would you guys like to do now?” James asked once it was determined that they were done there, having played all the good games already.

“How about lunch?” Grandma asked.

“Okay, lunch first, but what about after that?”

“Who knows. We could always hit the museum or something.” Grandpa said.

“Actually, you know, I've never been there, is it any good?”

“Never been either, so why not check it out.” Grandma shrugged.

“Sounds good to me.” James shrugged as well.

“Me too.” The boys all said.

“Okay, then let's go for some lunch.” Grandma smiled, so they headed out.

They all headed out to the van and then to a nearby restaurant that James knew of that served good food.

“Can I at least have a burger today?” James asked once they were seated. “This place has great burgers.” He pointed out.

“Sure, as long as you have salad instead of fries.”

“Okay, fine. Can it be a Caesar salad?”

“I suppose so, in fact I might have the same thing, I like the same thing.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Good.” James smiled.

The others just chuckled. A few minutes later they were ordering, and then several minutes later they were eating. They all enjoyed their meal a great deal, but soon it was done, and once again, James and Grandpa split the bill between them and left a good tip. They headed out next to the cities only museum, and although quite large, none of them had ever been there before.

“That was really interesting. There were tonnes of really neat things there, and lots of cool things about our very own city I never knew about.” Nathan said once they were heading out. They had spent a good three hours wandering around looking at everything and talking to each other, having a good time.

“Yeah.” All the others agreed.

“So, should we head home for the rest of the day then?”

“Sure.” The boys all said.

“Except us, we're gonna head back to the hotel, but we have bad news guys.”

“Oh no, what?” Nathan asked.

“Tomorrow's gonna be our last day here, we have to head home the day after tomorrow, our flight leaves at eight am.” Grandma answered.

“Yeah, I have another meeting the day after, so we have to cut our trip short a day or two, but we've had a really good time together, so I think we'll be fine for now.” Grandpa smiled warmly.

“Oh, well we all knew that you guys had to be leaving in a couple days anyway, so I guess that's fine. We'll spend the whole day at home tomorrow and we'll make a nice big dinner for all of us then.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“That sounds nice.” Grandma smiled as well.

From the museum, they headed to the hotel, where Grandpa and Grandma hopped out, waving at the boys as they pulled away.

“You should hit the grocery store Baby, so that we can get something for tomorrow nights dinner.” Nathan said as soon as they were on their way.

“Okay. Did you have anything special in mind?”

“Could we have a nice big turkey dinner and everything?” Nathan asked hopefully.

“Sounds like a great idea to me.” James smiled.

“Me too.” The boys all said.

They headed to the grocery store, and even though they did not have fresh turkeys available, they did have frozen, so they went with one of those. They then loaded up on everything that they would also need, including all the fixings to make a couple nice big pumpkin pies, because that sounded heavenly to them all, except Nathan who had never actually had it. As soon as they were done there, they headed home. Once there, they all got more comfortable, then changed their soggy diapers, because they were all in desperate need of it.

“I just remembered, I have to call a painter and a sign maker for Michael.” James said once they were in the living room.

“You think anyone will be open still?”

“Sign makers, probably not, but painters would probably still answer their phones, but I'll do it in the morning instead, let them have their evenings to themselves.” James laughed, having not thought of that.

“So, what should we do now then?” Nathan asked.

“It'll be time for dinner soon, and then I think I just wanna sit back and relax with my babies and watch a movie.” James smiled warmly, grabbing said babies all in a hug.

“Okay. Why not just grab an early dinner now then and watch a couple movies and have snacks during the second one?” Nathan suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” All three of the others said as one, and then they headed to the kitchen to make an early light dinner.

For the rest of the night, they sat back and relaxed, watched two movies, had snacks and drinks, cuddled up to their boyfriends, and just had a nice relaxing night in. When they went to bed, both couples played around, but not much, unless you want to call sucking each other while jacking a nice big dildo in each other not much. All four of them fired off two good rounds of cum, and all four of them enjoyed their goodnight treat. After kissing and cuddling for a few minutes, and whispering goodnight, I love you to their boyfriends, they all fell fast asleep and had a nice peaceful sleep.

“Good morning boys, how was your sleep last night?” James asked Mitchel and Isaac as they came scampering in their bedroom for their morning cuddles. It was seeming to become a ritual.

“Good. And you guys?” Isaac asked, still yawning.

“Really good. Just a few minutes of cuddles guys, and then it's up and at em for our morning exercises.” Nathan said softly.

“Okay.” All three said as one.

A few minutes later they were all ready to get up, so they headed to the kitchen to make and eat breakfast, and then once done there, they headed to the pool house for their morning exercises. They spent a good hour on the workout equipment this morning, all of them pushing hard, but the boys of course still having to make James push himself. He then hopped in the pool for a cool down, while the boys went and started diving and having fun. Almost forty five minutes later, they all hopped into the hot tub and relaxed and soothed their aching muscles.

“So, have you two noticed anything different about James lately?” Nathan asked after a few minutes of relaxing and no talking.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, I have.” Mitchel answered.

“Me too.” Isaac added.

“Like what?”

“Well, when he's in just a diaper, his diapers are looking to be too big, in fact, the tapes seem to over lap.” Isaac started.

“Yeah, and his pants are looking like they're gonna fall off if he doesn't wear a belt now.” Mitchel added.

“Yeah, and have you noticed his face, how much thinner it's already starting to look?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, we have. And he's even started to really tone up a lot, his legs are looking great and his arms are almost as good.” Mitchel continued.

“All we need is a bit more ab work and his tummy will start to look great. It's gonna take a while to work out the loose skin, but it's already started to fade a bit.” Isaac also continued.

“Yeah, just what I was thinking. And I'm gonna start him on nightly ab work, we started the night before last, but we didn't do any ab crunches last night, but we sure will tonight.” Nathan grinned.

“Oh, I hope you're really pushing him HARD to work his abs.” Mitchel grinned, knowing exactly what Nathan was referring to, and even in the hot water, you could clearly see James blush.

“Oh, I wasn't doing any of the pushing, but I sure did make him push hard alright. I told him that we were gonna make him look as good as possible, not that he doesn't already, he just doesn't see it, at least not yet.” Nathan grinned hugely.

“Good. Enjoy Daddy, you deserve it.” Mitchel smiled warmly.

“Thanks boys.” James whispered.

“He's still having such a hard time with his image, but we'll all start working him on that soon.” Nathan said.

“Yeah, we know, and you can count on us to help as much as we can.” Isaac smiled.

“Thanks. Well guys, let's get out of here and go get nice and thickly diapered shall we?” Nathan smiled brightly, so they all nodded and hopped out.

They went and had a good shower, and then headed inside to get diapered nice and thick for the day. As soon as they were, James headed to the office to call around and see who he could find to do for Michael all that he needed. He called four different painters before he found one that he liked and that would be able to do the work pretty much right away, because there was still graffiti on the outside of the building. He arranged for him to go directly to Michael for colors, but that the bill was to be sent to himself. He then did the same thing with the sign maker, but only called two before he found one he liked, and made the same arrangements.

“Well boys, it's all done. Nathan, are you gonna give your grandma and grandpa copies of your books today?”

“Yeah, I already have them all scanned and saved to a CD for them to take home.” Nathan sighed.

“Good Baby. I bet they call in no more than a week, probably after getting no sleep at all, and telling you to publish them. We'll of course send in your oldest one first and have it done, and then six months later send in the next and so on and so forth.”

“If that happens, you'll keep your end of the deal too right?” Nathan asked.

“Yes Baby, I will, just for you. There's no one else on the planet except you three that I'd do it for.” James smiled, and he meant it too.

“Good. Everyone deserves to see your books made into movies.”

“What about yours though Nathan, will you allow them to be made into movies as well?” Mitchel asked curiously.

“In a few years maybe, don't know.” Nathan shrugged, still not thinking that it'd happen.

“Okay.” He smiled.

“Well Babies, let's get the turkey all prepared and started, it's pretty big, so it'll take a good while to cook.” James smiled.

“Okay. I wonder when Grandma and Grandpa are gonna arrive?” Nathan asked, then the doorbell rang, causing all four of them to laugh.

Nathan ran and hid behind the door and opened it, after looking through the glass to make sure it was them.

“Hi, it's funny, I just said I wondered when you guys would arrive, and no sooner had I finished saying it when the doorbell rang.” Nathan said as soon as they were in fully and the door closed.

“Always happy to shock you Baby boy.” Grandma smiled warmly, patting said baby boys cute baby diapered bum.

“Thanks.” Nathan smiled, and led the grandparents upstairs.

“Good morning guys, how are you today?” James asked as the grandparents were led into the kitchen.

“Good, and you guys?” Grandma asked.

“Great. So, excited to be heading home tomorrow?” James asked, knowing that the answer was likely to be no.

“Actually no. Really, even still, this is our home, we only live there.” Grandpa laughed.

“That's what I thought you'd say. We were just about to prepare a turkey to go into the oven, and then we're gonna get some pies going.”

“Mmm, sounds good. I guess if you have to leave when you don't want to, that's the type of meal to have.” Grandpa smiled brightly.

“We thought as much as well.” James laughed.

Grandma helped James and Nathan in the kitchen, while Grandpa, Mitchel and Isaac went and grabbed some cards and the cribbage board and started playing cards. When the other three were finished in the kitchen for the time being, they came and joined in on the games, and they all had fun for the next several hours, just sitting there talking and having fun, playing games. They only played a couple rounds of any given game before they would trade off and play something else. They all had a light snack for lunch a little early, and then when dinner was finally ready, they all sat back and enjoyed their feast, all of them enjoying it a great deal.

“Well, now that everything's cleaned up, let's go kick back and watch a movie before you guys have to be going.” James suggested.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

They all headed downstairs and the final movie in their collection that none of them had yet to see was put in and everything turned on to earth shattering. They all enjoyed the movie together.

“Well boys, I guess this is it 'til the next time we make it out this way. Now, we're gonna need some seriously big hugs to get us through 'til then.” Grandma said, tears already starting to come down.

All three boys started crying right away, and even James was feeling a little misty eyed. It had been a long time since he had anyone like a parent, so it was almost as hard for him as it was clearly for the boys. All three boys went and gave both Grandma and Grandpa big hugs and kisses goodbye.

“Here, I have this for you as well.” Nathan said, he had ran up and grabbed the CD.

“Is this what I think it is?” Grandma asked.

“It's the disc that has all my stories saved to it. I just scanned them, so it's still in my handwriting, but it's pretty easy to read. Please don't share these with anyone though.”

“Well, except the friends.” Grandpa said.

“No, not even them please.” Nathan asked.

“But, they want to read them as well.” Grandma said.

“I know, but not yet please? This is already hard enough as it is, and I didn't want James or the others to read them as it was.” Nathan asked.

“Okay, fine.” Grandpa smiled warmly, thinking that he was so much like his grandma in that aspect that it was not even funny.

“Thanks. Bye guys, I really want to tell you just to stay, but I know you have to be getting back home, and I guess you have to start working again soon too huh Grandma?”

“Yeah, only a few weeks left. Same for you boys though, you'll have to get ready to go back to school as well pretty soon.”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“You're still going to school.” Both Grandma and James said at the same time.

“Of course I am, just maybe not back to the high school. I just don't know if I can go through with it any more. Not now that I'm happy.”

“Oh. Well, I could always send you boys to a private school, maybe an all boys school if there's one close by.” James suggested.

“Or we could do home schooling.” Mitchel suggested, thinking that that sounded like a great idea.

“I like that idea bast.” Nathan said and Isaac nodded his head.

“We'll see about it. You boys still need to get out and be with other kids too though you know.”

“We know.”

“Well boys, we really should be heading out, we want to get to bed early, because we leave pretty early tomorrow morning, but we'll call as soon as we make it home, okay.” Grandma smiled warmly.

“Okay, see you soon then, okay.” Nathan said, crying once again and giving them another big hug.

“Okay, will do. I don't know if we'll make it out again before the end of summer, but if we can, then we will, and we'll certainly be coming home for Christmas.” Grandma smiled, large tears dropping now.

“Okay, that sounds great.” The boys all said.

A few minutes later, more tears and goodbyes passing around, the grandparents were gone.

“Well boys, it was a great visit, and I know we're all very happy that they came, but now life has to get back into the norm for us all.” James said to the boys, wiping a couple stray tears away.

“Yeah, doesn't mean we have to like it any. They're the only blood relatives I have left, and they're the only grandparents that you or Mitchel and Isaac have, even if you're adopted by them.” Nathan smiled sadly.

“No, but they'll be back for Christmas at the latest, and they might still make it back out for a few days or even a week before the end of summer. I'm also willing to bet that even if your grandma makes it to the end of the year before retiring, that she won't be able to stay any longer than that, knowing now that you need them. Granted, I think they need you and the rest of us more now. Well Babies, I say it's close enough to bedtime.”

“I think you're right, but bed sounds good, if by bed you don't mean to sleep.”

“Of course not.” James grinned.

“Goody.” Nathan grinned.

“I think I speak for both of us when I say goody as well.” Isaac grinned brightly.

“Good. Well, goodnight Babies, have a good sleep, and an even better time making yourselves more than tired enough to sleep, because I have a feeling that we're all gonna be getting really tired tonight.” James smiled.

“Definitely.” All three boys said together.

They all headed to their bedrooms, where they all got down to some serious loving.

Nathan laid down on the bed and beckoned James to him. He came alright, well not that way, but it was close, because the look that Nathan gave to him said that he would soon be cumming, and probably very quickly. James laid over his prone lover, pressing their lips together in a kiss that had they been wearing socks, might very well have blown them clear off.

Nathan, seeming to be more than just a little horny this evening was not going to wait for too much, so started working to make love to his baby right away. He started by poking a hole in the front of his diaper and working his erection out, and then poked a hole in the seat of James' diaper and started fingering the hole buried inside.

“Grab the lube please?” Nathan broke the kiss for a second and asked his lover.

James, without even breaking the kiss that was reintroduced, reached to the bedside table and grabbed the requested item and passed it to Nathan, who took it and worked above James' back to lube his fingers. Once he had all the lube he needed, Nathan inserted his hand back inside James' diaper, and started fingering James even more now, now that he was nice and slippery, so that it would feel far better.

James started moaning into the kiss almost right away, and at most two minutes of the preparation was all that he could take before he wanted something more, something better buried inside him. Reaching down to make sure that Nathan was good and hard, knowing of course that he would be, but he also just wanted to feel Nathan's hot hardness pulse in his hand. He took his young lovers meat and moved it so that it was aimed right at the hole in his diaper, and then just as Nathan was pulling his fingers out, James was getting himself lined up perfectly so that Nathan could slip deep inside him.

They both moaned lowly, still having not broken the kiss for more than the second that it had taken Nathan to ask for the lube. Not stopping until he could not go down any further, James sank down on his baby's boner, and they both loved every second of it. Knowing of course that Nathan was not going to do any of the actual work, James started on a slow gentle motion, barely pulling out any at all before sitting back down fully.

They were both far too close though, and no matter how slow and gentle James went to prolong the blissful feelings, it was inevitable that they could not hold on for long. Instead of stopping though, James just kept right on going. He did pause for a few seconds as the main waves eased off and he could continue, but otherwise he hardly even stopped.

Nathan was of course more than good with this, and was hoping that James would not care to stop any time soon. He felt that he had at least four to five good cums in him, and hoped that James did as well. Even if he did not, Nathan thought that it would be a lot of fun to make him cum that many times anyway.

This time, now that the main pressure had been released, they were able to last a considerable amount of time more than they had for their first orgasm of the night. Still, it did not last anywhere near as long as they had hoped that it might, but they lasted about seven or eight minutes, both of them cumming once again.

“Wow. Roll over Baby, I need you in me now?” Nathan broke the kiss and gasped.

“Okay.” James said, and then they rolled, and reattached their lips, so that they could continue their soft and tender kisses.

As they kissed, James this time took the honors of getting them both prepared for their next round of fun. He poked the holes in their diapers in quick order, and then grabbed the lube and generously lubed up Nathan's willing little bum. Nathan only let James prepare his hot hole for a couple minutes before he was ready and wanting to sink down on his lover. So, he grabbed James' erection and moved so that he was in line, and as the nice big piece of hard meat was lined up, he started sitting down, at the same time that James was pulling his fingers out.

With a deep contented sigh, Nathan sat himself slowly and surely all the way, until he swallowed all of James as deep inside himself as he possibly could. It took a few seconds for the momentary bout of discomfort to pass, there was still some, especially on a quick insertion, but as soon as he was ready, he got himself into position and stopped. Once again he poised himself so that James could thrust up and into him.

With a grunt, James started thrusting up and into Nathan's willing bum. He had known that Nathan had felt some pain, but knew that he had also known what he was doing, and that he truly wanted it. He also knew that the pain would last only a few seconds now. Even he himself had had some slight discomfort at first, so he had not been worried. Using a moderate pace, James thrusted himself up and into Nathan, and then let himself fall back down, extracting himself almost fully, before reversing direction and redoing it all over again.

Almost ten minutes was all it took, and because James was stroking Nathan as he was thrusting, Nathan was even higher than James was. As soon as Nathan started cumming though, James was squeezed almost impossibly and caused him to explode as well. James collapsed down, panting and gasping for breath, and even though Nathan was as well, he was still ready to go at least once more before their night was done.

On that note, Nathan was working his hot ass muscles to massage James' erection, keeping him hard and horny. As soon as James came down enough to realize what Nathan was doing to him, he looked up in a pleading fashion, begging wordlessly to let it be over, but before he even knew what was happening, he was already thrusting again. Nathan just grinned and stopped his anal wall massage, letting James take over completely and thrust into him.

Nathan leaned back down and pressed his lips back to James' and started kissing him tenderly, and slower this time they climbed to their peaks. For almost fifteen minutes they lasted like this, James taking long slow smooth strokes, truly making love to his baby now, but soon they could hold it no longer. With a large groan they both exploded, their longest and most satisfying orgasm of the night.

“Oh god Baby, pull off, I can't go any more?” James gasped a few seconds later.

“Okay.” Nathan said, knowing that James' half hard dick in his ass would no longer be able to provide either of them any more pleasure.

“Wow, that was amazing. I can't believe what you do to me, and I can't believe how tired and sore I am now.” James said, still panting, trying to get his breath back.

“No more than what you do to and for me Baby. I love you.” Nathan said so tenderly it almost caused James to cry, again.

“Thanks Baby. I love you so much more than words could ever say. We better get ourselves nice and thickly diapered though, because I'm gonna fall asleep very soon I think.”

“Yeah.” Nathan said and then hopped up and grabbed all the supplies, grabbing a couple nice big butt plugs as well, just because.

Nathan plugged and diapered James first, putting a slightly larger plug than James was used to, so he understandably grunted a bit as it slipped in with a pop. Once James was all done, Nathan laid down, awaiting his turn. The plug that he had grabbed for himself was also a fair bit larger than he was used to. So, he too grunted a bit as the larger plug slipped inside his bum as well.

“Goodnight Baby, I love you.” James whispered a few minutes later, they were kissing and cuddling gently after getting diapered.

“Goodnight, I love you too Baby, have a good sleep.” Nathan whispered back.

And sleep well they did too, all curled up to each other, cuddling all night long.