Chapter 2

“Mmm, good morning.” Nathan sighed deeply when he finally woke up the following morning. He had been laying there asleep for the last half an hour as James lay beside him, petting his chest lovingly.

“Good morning to you gorgeous.” James smiled warmly, reaching down for a good morning kiss.

“Mmm, what a way to wake up. I don't think I've ever slept so well in my life, but waking up to feeling you petting my chest, then getting a good morning kiss was a million times better yet.” Nathan sighed deeply.

“Yeah, I slept way better than normal too getting to sleep next to you. I never woke up once, which is rare for me, especially considering I didn't wear my sleep mask. You're so cuddly, you just stayed curled right into me all night long.” James smiled warmly, reaching down for another kiss.

“That's good, I'm glad you slept better, because so did I. I usually wake up at least once to go pee in the night, but I didn't wake up at all last night. I sure did pee my diaper more though.” Nathan smiled warmly, because he had reached down to feel it, but James had already done that before Nathan had waken up, so he had known it already.

“Good for you. Before you know it, you'll be just a little baby again. That's what you want too, isn't it?” James asked softly.

“Yeah, I want to be your little baby boy, and you can be mine. We'll be little baby boyfriends.”

“I'd like that.” James smiled.

“Good. Let's go get breakfast, and then we can go for a nice swim and workout and test out the hot tub to see if it's heated up yet.”

“I can go for most of that, but I think I hurt too much to work out this morning.”

“Come on Baby, you'll live, and if you're a good baby, I'll give you a nice back massage afterward.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Okay.” James found himself saying without even realizing it.

They hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen and Nathan asked where the oatmeal was, so that they could have that for breakfast with some fresh fruit. James said he would get it, and together they got breakfast ready and ate. It was not nearly as much as what James had been used to eating for breakfast, but it was good, and good for them too.

“Okay Baby, let's go get changed. Do you have a Speedo as well?”

“Yeah, I have one that I bought a few years ago, but it's too tight and it looks ridiculous on me, so I've never worn it.”

“Well, that was how many pounds ago you said, so it should fit better now, and I don't think it'd look bad. Come on, let's go.”

“I don't think I can see you naked yet Baby.” James warned.

“You'll be fine. There'll be no touching this morning, that'll be for later, we're gonna go slow and learn more about each other before we do anything like that, but I want you to diaper me and I want to diaper you too, so you'll have to get used to it, and I want to see you too, besides, who cares if we cum.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Okay.” James said softly.

They headed up to the bedroom and standing at most three feet from each other, looking at each other, they each started removing the tapes holding their diapers on, and at the same time a few seconds later they were down to just their smiles. Neither of them came when they saw each other, but they were both hard and dripping.

“Wow, you're gorgeous.” They both said at the same time.

“No I'm not.” James tried. “My dick's too small and my stomach too big.”

“No it's not. You look to be at least seven inches long, I'm only five, and who cares if your stomach's big, I still love you, and you're still gorgeous to me.” Nathan whispered, he knew he was going to have a hard time with James' self confidence.

“Yeah, but you're only thirteen and you're almost as big as I am.” James said softly.

“True, but you're above average from what I hear, because that's six, and I'm not likely to grow to be any larger than you.”

“Hard to say.”

“Maybe, but your balls are way larger than mine are too.” Nathan pointed out.

“Yeah, but you're still young. You don't have any hair yet I see, it looks really hot.”

“Yeah, it hasn't started growing in yet, at least really. I do have a few.” Nathan said, grabbing them and ripping them out, showing James that he had had them.

“Ouch, why'd you do that?”

“You think I look hot all bare like this, so that's how I'll stay. Wearing diapers though I think it'd be better to stay as bare as possible, which is probably the reason that you too trim yours almost all the way down I see, and your balls are totally shaved.”

“I actually use hair removers for that.”

“Cool, I'll use that too then when I need to, because I don't want any pubes at all.”

“That'll be your choice.”

“Thanks. Well, we better get into our Speedos before one of us does something we won't regret in a few hours once we stumble from the room severely worn out.” Nathan grinned.

“Yeah, you're right, we better.” James had to laugh, because he was thinking the exact same thing, and neither of their erections were going down in the least.

Nathan headed back to the other bedroom where his Speedo still was, while James went and grabbed his from his dresser, and they both got into them right away when they got them. Nathan was back a minute later.

“You don't fit in your Speedo when you're hard.” James pointed out.

“Neither do you, but they fit you well otherwise.”

“Yeah, they fit a lot better than the last time I tried them on, but I still think they look ridiculous.” James pouted.

“I guess it depends on your definition of ridiculous then, because I don't.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” James said softly.

“Come on, let's go swimming.” Nathan said happily, grabbing James' hand and leading the way to the pool, almost getting lost on the way, but making it there without any help.

When they made it to the pool, Nathan said they were gonna swim together today, and for James to try and keep up, so that was what they did. There was no way that James could keep up to Nathan though, so Nathan had to constantly slow down to allow James to keep up. The longer they went, the slower they had to go, but Nathan did not let James stop until one full hour had passed, and they had gone through every style of swimming that they knew at least three times.

“Oh god, so sore.” James moaned once they stopped.

“Yeah, it feels good, doesn't it. Just think, soon you'll be able to keep right up with me.” Nathan smiled brightly.

“I doubt that very seriously.”

“I don't. Now stay here and cool down some and help me with my diving again please?” Nathan asked, already swimming away.

“Okay.” James called back after Nathan's retreating back.

For the next half an hour Nathan worked up on the diving board, James telling how to do things better, and he was learning quickly, really taking it all in and getting better as he went.

“There we go, how do you feel now?” Nathan asked after finishing his last dive and swimming out to James.

“Like I was ran over by a bus.” James answered honestly.

“That's good. If it doesn't hurt, you didn't do enough. Let's go test out the hot tub and hope it's working fully now, because I for one could use it, I'm starting to get sore.”

“You're just getting sore. Hello mister never exercises over here, I'm dying.” James asked incredulously.

“Then I'd think you'd already be on your way to the hot tub, praying to the hot tub gods that it's fully heated and ready to go.” Nathan grinned.

“Good point, outta my way boy.” James grinned, picking Nathan up and throwing him aside playfully.

“That's the spirit.” Nathan laughed when he came up.

They went to the hot tub and James lifted the lid and a cloud of steam met him, so that at least meant it was warm, hopefully it was hot. When they slipped in, they felt that it could not be any more perfect if they had wanted it to be. They both sighed deeply as they laid back in the hot relaxing water. It took not even thirty seconds for Nathan to make it over to James to sit on his lap, or more lay on top of him, because he was currently in one of the loungers.

“Now this is the life. A nice workout and then getting to curl up with your man in a nice hot tub.” Nathan sighed deeply.

“Yeah, other than the workout part. How can you like it so much?”

“It feels good, and soon it will to you too. Working out to make yourself look and feel better is the best way to make yourself feel good that I know of. I know you don't believe me, yet, but soon you will, I promise. Oh and by the way, throw away your scale, it's useless, measure how much weight you've lost by how good you feel, nothing more, nothing less.” Nathan smiled warmly to his man, turning around and giving him a quick kiss, then turning back and laying back down again.

“You certainly have a unique way of looking at life, and I'm already better for knowing you.”

“Thanks. To tell you the truth though, I read a lot, like at least two books a week, so I've learned all that from what I've read.”

“What all do you read then, because it's certainly not just books like mine?”

“Anything and everything almost. I know everything there is to know about sex, both straight and gay, I know all about the human physiology and mind, I know tonnes of really cool science things, I love astrology and astronomy, as long as it's interesting to me, I read it.”

“You're definitely an odd child. So many kids would hate reading all that, but I think it's great.” James said, kissing Nathan on the top of his head.

“Thanks. I guess that's why we like each other so much, we're both odd, aren't we?”

“That we are Baby, that we are.” James sighed and laid down fully again and relaxed. For twenty minutes they said nothing further, just enjoyed the feelings around them.

“We better get out Baby, before we both fall asleep and wake up in a box of raisin bran cereal.” James sighed.

“You're funny.” Nathan giggled.

“I try.” James smiled, getting the response that he had obviously wanted, he loved hearing Nathan laugh.

They climbed out of the hot tub, grabbed their towels and dried off as they headed toward the bedroom. When they made it there, James was encouraged to lay down on the bed, while Nathan went and grabbed both their diapers, and came back. He pulled James' Speedo off and slipped one of his diapers underneath him, and then taped it up nice and snug.

“There you go Baby, all set.” Nathan smiled warmly when he was done.

“Thanks Baby, now your turn, lay down.” James said.

Nathan laid down and James removed his Speedo and then proceeded to diaper him just as lovingly as he had just been diapered moments before, and before too long, he was nice and thickly diapered once again. The funny thing though was that neither of them were at all hard.

“There you go Baby, all set. What would you like to do now?”

“Don't know, don't care. Anything with you is okay with me.” Nathan sighed.

“Well, then let's go shopping and stop at the Realtors office at some point to see if everything's cleared.”

“We just went shopping yesterday though.”

“Yes, and while that's true, there's more that we need. I'm buying a new house, and I'm not moving this stuff with me, I'm buying all new stuff and selling what little furniture is here with the place. The only things I'm taking are my clothes and computer, and maybe the linens and things, and most of the kitchen stuff, because the rest just won't go with the new house. We should also get you another Speedo or two, and I think my baby boy wants a couple more gymnastics outfits, unless I'm much mistaken.”

“No, you're not mistaken, I do want more. As for the rest, sure, why not, let's go then. I take it you'll have everything delivered and set up at the new place then?”


“Cool. Let's get dressed then and head out.” Nathan smiled, not at all worried about going out in a diaper, albeit clothed as well.

“Okay.” James smiled and they helped each other to get dressed, and before too long they were headed out once again.

They hit the mall first and went back to the same store as the day before for the Speedos and gymnast outfits, they bought one more Speedo and four more outfits, because the one they had bought the day before fit perfectly, in fact, Nathan had loved how it felt when James helped him into it.

From the mall they headed to a high end furniture store that Nathan had never been in before. It was very nice to say the least, but the prices were outrageous, at least he thought so.

“Why are the prices so high here. You could go to Wal-Mart and buy a table and chairs for a couple hundred dollars, but that one we just passed was over three thousand?” Nathan asked curiously.

“What do you think the ones at Wal-Mart are made of?” James asked pointedly.

“Don't know, don't care, but they're cheap.”

“Exactly, there's no telling what's in them, they're made cheap, and they're cheap crap that'll look worse than crap in only a few months. Everything here is expertly hand made by real people, not machines built for speed, everything here is made out of real wood, hard and expensive wood. No, what you get here will cost you thirty times more, but it'll last a hundred times longer, or more. They still make this stuff the same way the antique furniture was made, and look how long it's lasted. Trust me, there's a huge difference. Even if I didn't have the money, I'd still rather buy this than that crap. I might not buy the biggest highest end one here, but you can still get some in the five hundred price range, they just won't be as nice looking.”

“Okay, I can see your point there.” Nathan nodded.

“Like look at this table, it's absolutely stunning, but it's not stained, that's the woods natural color, I think this one's blood wood, you can tell from the deep red color with streaks of brown through it. Actually, I think this is the one I want, I've always loved this wood, and it's so hard that almost nothing can damage it.”

“Very true, in fact the artisan who made this table complained that he had to sharpen his tools every ten minutes to make it.” A salesman snuck up behind them and said.

“Of that I have little doubt. I see you're asking fifty five hundred for the set, how much for this one if you add in two more chairs for a total of six, make sure it has at least one leaf, delivery, oh and we'll be buying pretty much all the furniture for our new house here as well, and I won't be buying the cheap stuff.” James asked simply.

“I think we could go fifty five for the works then if you're getting a lot.” He smiled, liking the two guys already.

“Then I think we're gonna get along just fine. Let us look around for a bit and we'll let you know when we're ready to choose everything.”

“You got it.” He smiled, giving them his name, so that they knew who to call.

“Oh, he's gay, and he liked you. He likes em big and cuddly too.” Nathan teased.

“And here I thought he only had eyes for you, but then, who wouldn't.” James teased right back and they both started giggling.

They looked around the store for almost an hour, searching for everything that they would be needing. They had first found a matching side bar for the table, a small curio cabinet to go with them, and a nice mirror as well. That was it for the dining room, so they headed for the master bedroom stuff first. There they chose a beautiful walnut set with a king sized bed, huge dresser and dressing table, end tables and a matching entertainment armoire. For the other three bedrooms they got all the same things, except they all got queen sized beds, one in cherry, one in maple, and one in purple heart, all in their natural colours with just a simple clear coat finish, but the best there was. For the living room they chose a couch and love seat that had walnut accents and was covered in the softest light brown, but not tan leather they had ever felt. It was soft as a baby's bum they giggled. They chose a walnut coffee and end table set to go with it, and a couple nice stands that would incorporate their entertainment system, once they went and found that. For what was to become their theatre room though they chose a home theatre seating system that was very nice, in the same leather, but black, they took four of those. They went with zebra wood end tables throughout, but no coffee tables, and also chose a couple stands for in there as well, also in zebra wood.

“Okay, I think we're ready now.” James said once they found their salesman.

“Excellent. What all did you choose then?” He asked curiously, not knowing his entire months sales were about to be met in one fell swoop.

James and Nathan took him throughout the store, showing him what all they wanted, and he kept writing and writing, trying not to piss his pants, because as they were going, he was adding it up in his head. By the time they were finished, they were well over seventy thousand dollars, and James just paid for it and asked for it to all be delivered to their new house in two days time, and that it would all need to be set up and all garbage removed. Of course they said yes to all that, in fact they did not even charge for it.

“Wow, we spent a lot of money in there. I doubt my parents trailer cost even that much.”

“I doubt you're wrong. For the first time in so long, it feels good to just go out and buy nice things to make my house nice, and all that is nice, very simple, yet a little elegant worked in there as well, true artwork in furniture form. They get all their stuff from local woodworkers and leather workers, nothing there is made outside this very city, or surrounding area, and that's why I like that place. I've bought a few things from there in the past, but I regret not buying all the furniture from them when I bought the house.”

“It's definitely artwork for sure, I can see that now that you showed me all that, and all the detail work that was hand carved, no wonder some of that stuff was so expensive.”

“Yeah, exactly. Now, electronics shopping.”

“Cool, I love electronics stores, but I've never bought anything in my life.”

“Then you're gonna love this.” James grinned as they headed toward the best electronics store in the city, they only carried the best of the best, the biggest of the biggest. It was expensive and it was worth every penny of it.

When they walked in, Nathan nearly fainted, it was everything he had ever loved in one store. Seconds after walking in they were greeted by a lady who offered to help with anything they desired, and of course they told her that at the moment they were only looking, but that she would be called as soon as they were ready to place their order. They looked for more than half an hour at everything before calling the lady over and telling her what all they wanted.

They asked for four of their best forty two inch plasma screens, one sixty inch, and then the piece de resistance, the biggest 3D plasma screen they had in stock. That was it for TV's, then they moved to audio. For the bedrooms they chose a fairly simple, yet still surprisingly expensive all in one system, plus a satellite receiver. For the living room they went with a good surround system and higher end media players and satellite receiver, but for the theatre room, James went all out and chose the one that said theatre standard sound system, and at twelve thousand dollars just for it alone, it was the most expensive piece of equipment in the entire place, but it was guaranteed to blow your mind, if not your ear drums. Not that they would ever have it that loud, but sound is the most important factor of any theatre experience, and they were going to experience it alright. The nearly twenty speakers though that they needed to make it sound perfect nearly set them back that much again, but that was okay, at least James thought so, but poor Nathan was almost hyper ventilating.

Then they hit the computer section, where James went with a nice home automation system with security features, a new computer system for himself, as well as a new notebook computer for Nathan, although Nathan did not realize it was his yet. Then there was the touch screen computer and TV all in one system that would go into the kitchen and be networked with everything else throughout the house and would control nearly everything. And just for good measure, James even bought an Ipod for each of them.

The sales lady was thinking the same thing the guy at the furniture place was thinking, if this guy is for real and all this goes through, I'm gonna make my monthly sales goal in one sale. Well, she found out that he was for real, because when they went to ring it all in, he paid for it with no hesitation or problem and arranged for delivery and setup for in three days time, to allow the furniture people to do their stuff first. She was more than happy to arrange everything, and once again, by the time all was said and done, they ate the shipping and setup fees, which for this order would have been a couple thousand dollars easily.

“Well baby boy, I can't tell you the last time I spent over two hundred thousand dollars in one day and at only two stores, but I think our work here is done. Shall we go home?” James asked giddily once they were in the car.

“Have you ever?”

“Nope, hence the reason I can't tell you the last time, silly.” James laughed.

“That's what I thought. Sure, let's go back to the house and kick back and relax for the rest of the day, and have lunch once we get there.”

“Good idea, I'm starving. You haven't been feeding me enough.” James whined.

“Oh quit your whining, you're eating enough, just not as much as you're used to.” Nathan said, sticking his tongue out.

“You know, I don't ever remember agreeing to your being my personal trainer.”

“That's okay, you're getting old, your memory's bound to get a bit hazy every now and then.” Nathan said with a perfectly straight face.

“You know, if I weren't driving, I'd probably pull you over my knee and paddle that cute little baby bum of yours for that comment you little stinker.” James said, trying his hardest not to laugh, but he was failing miserably. When James let go, so did Nathan, and they both laughed almost all the way home.

As they were walking in the house, they were shedding their clothes, until they were down to only their soggy diapers and headed to the kitchen. Once there, they made and ate lunch, all without hardly talking.

“Weren't we supposed to go to the Realtors office as well?” Nathan asked once they were finished.

“Yep, so I guess it's diaper changes and then head back out huh!”

“Guess so.” Nathan smiled, grabbing James' hand as they went and led him to their bedroom. Once there they changed each others diapers, and this time they were nice and hard, and even though they both wanted to do something, anything, neither did.

They headed out, picking their clothes up on their way out, getting dressed in reverse order as to how they undressed on the way in. It was quite comical really. They made it to the Realtors office a short time later, and had to wait only a few moments for their Realtor to be available, and when he was, he waved them in.

“Ah, good timing. That was my guy at the bank saying everything cleared no problem. It's officially all yours to do with as you please. Here's your keys, the lock box and sign were removed this morning, and all things on our end have been done. Enjoy.”

“Excellent, thanks a lot. I'll hopefully come talk to you in a week or so to list the big house.”

“That'd be most appreciated.” He smiled, and after all the necessary pleasantries were taken care of, the guys headed back home for the night.

Once again, they stripped on their way into the house until they were down to just their diapers once again.

“I just have to call my pool guy and arrange for him to go check out the new pool and everything tomorrow and upgrade it all if necessary.” James said once they were fully in the house.

“Okay, don't let me stop you Baby.” Nathan smiled.

James took the few minutes to call his pool guy and explain what was happening and what he wanted for him to do. He was okay with that and said he would go in a few minutes to the new house and check it all out and go from there. James said he would leave the key on his front porch for him, so that he could just pick it up and run, no real stopping. He was okay with that, he was somewhat used to it from James, he rarely ever saw the man who gave him so much work. James did as he said he would, and then went and cuddled up to Nathan and watched TV for a couple hours, until the ringing of the phone startled them.

It was the pool guy calling back, he informed James of everything that he needed to do in order to upgrade it, and asked James if he wanted to upgrade the pool and hot tub heaters to the newer higher efficiency ones at the same time, because they were quite old and not very reliable or efficient any more. Of course James said go for it, and bill him as usual. The guy said he would have it done by end of day the following day. James never asked how he could do such things so fast, he did not really care, only that he got the job done, it was always perfect, and he never went over budget. These were the reasons why James had employed him for so long.

“I suppose we should think about dinner pretty quick here, huh Baby?” James said after he hung up the phone and explained to Nathan what was happening.

“Yeah, I could go for a bit of dinner I suppose. Then sadly, as much as I really don't want to, I think I'd better go home. I don't want to make the parents too happy by not coming home at all.” Nathan said sadly.

“I suppose it probably would be a good idea. Are you gonna take some diapers home with you?”

“You bet I am, and you bet I'll be here first thing in the morning as well.”

“I thought so. Come on gorgeous, let's go get some dinner going.” James smiled.

They went to the kitchen and made and ate their dinner, talking happily as they did so. Almost an hour after dinner, Nathan sadly admitted that he should be going. James offered to drive him, or even walk him, but Nathan refused, saying that he was fine to go alone, but thanked James none the less. Nathan left the house after giving his man a nice tender kiss and a long cuddle.

As soon as Nathan left, James burst into tears, it hurt so much to let his baby go, he did not want to now, but he must, and he knew it. Nathan too had tears in his eyes, he knew what he had to do, but he did not have to like it. He wanted nothing more than to turn around and go back and stay with James, never leaving his mans side again, but to leave his parents would not be right, no matter how they felt about each other.

Bored to tears after Nathan left, because sitting on the couch without Nathan there to cuddle with him felt wrong, James went to his computer and did something he had not had the energy to do in the last few months, he started a new book.

Nathan walked all the way home with a happy spring in his step, his tears had dried, he had a new purpose in life, and all was good in his world. That is until he walked in the door to both his parents standing there, looking at him as if he had two heads or something.

“What?” He asked snottily.

“Don't give us that.” His mother growled.

“What, the same tone you use on me all the time?”

“Don't talk to us that way you ungrateful little shit.” His father said this time.

“Why, and what do you want now?”

“Because we're your parents and we said so. We were just wondering who was coming in the house.” His mother answered back in the same tone that Nathan had started with.

“While it may be true that you did in fact give birth to me, I have never, nor will I ever consider you anything more than that, and certainly never my parents.”

“After all we've done for you.” His father said.

“What, what have you done for me? Nearly starved me to death, mentally and verbally abused me my entire life, yeah, those are real good things to do to kids.”

“If you don't like how you've been treated here so much, why not just leave?” His mother asked, sounding even more snotty now.

“I would, but then you'd be happy, and if I'm miserable, I want you to be as well.” Nathan grinned.

“Some days I don't know why we kept you?” His father said.

“Yeah, why is that anyway, I'd really like to know?” Nathan asked, sounding more than a little amused.

“It's none of your business.” His mother nearly shouted.

“Ah, I see, it wasn't your choice to keep me. You would've aborted me, gave me up for adoption, or just killed me after I was born. Someone or something is making you care for me. So, what is it?” Nathan asked curiously.

“Never mind, just go to your room.”

“No, tell me now or I go to the police with everything. Trust me, with as much evidence as I have, you probably won't get out of jail for a long time.”

“What evidence?” His father asked, almost panicking, he knew that one more brush with the law would put him inside indefinitely.

“Like I'd tell you that, are you stupid. If I told you, then you'd make me give it to you, then where would I be.”

“Um, you are stupid, in case you haven't noticed.” His mother snarled.

“Yeah, there is that. Hey mom, read any good books lately, oh yeah, you dropped out of school in grade four and can't read properly, can you?” Nathan taunted.

“Why you little.....”

“Oh shut up. In case you haven't noticed, I'm no longer the scared little eight year old boy I once was. I've grown up and I've learned a few things along the way, that you're nothing to me, you don't scare me any more, and no matter what, you'll never be as smart as I am.” Nathan grinned.

“Oh, I could make you scared boy.” His mother growled, and to most, they might be frightened.

“Oh really, and add physical abuse to the charges. I thought you were at least smart enough to not leave physical traces of your abuse to me.”

“I really should do it, but I am smarter than that.” His mom growled, backing down a bit.

“Good, I hoped you'd be smart enough. Now, the answer, why'd you keep me when you clearly didn't want to?”

“We were forced to by her parents.” His dad said, sounding broken.

“I've never met them, why'd they want you to keep me?”

“To prove to them that we were worthy of inheriting their money when they died. Your mom dropped out of school and became, well you don't want or need to know that, and I came along and they didn't approve of me at all. Then we found out we were pregnant, and somehow they found out and told us that we had to grow up, and that this was our last chance, that if we screwed up, we'd get nothing at all, we had to raise you on our own with no help from anyone.” His dad answered, slumped down.

“Well, I have a few ideas what mom was, and probably still is, same for you too actually, but I don't care. How can I contact my grandparents?”

“You can't.” His mother screeched.

“Oh, can't I? Care to rethink that one?”

“Oh for crying out loud Irene, he has us over the barrel already, just answer him.”

“No, he'll call them, then that's it, we're done for, we'll never get a penny.”

“You think the money's gonna do us any good if the brat gets us thrown in jail, I can't have any more strikes remember, and you're right up there with me. Once more and that's it, no matter the reason either, remember what the judge said, just tell him.” His father pleaded.

“Fine.” She said and grabbed her purse and threw an address book to him.

“Thanks. Now, I have a document in my room that I was gonna force you to sign if the abuse got worse, having you sign me over to foster care or someone else. I think I'm sick of the shit you've been heaping on me, I found a boy that makes me happy, and his dad says I can move in with them, so you're gonna sign me over nice and quiet like, and when the lawyer comes here, you're gonna act like it was all my idea, that none of us was happy with the situation, which we aren't, so it won't even be lying. You're gonna act saddened that I'm leaving, but understanding that it's my choice and right to live where I like, because I'm thirteen. If you do all this, and do it so that I never have to go to court, of which neither of you wants any more than I do, when I call my grandparents, I'll tell them that it was a mutual agreement that I just couldn't live with you any more. I'll tell them I'm gay, that you guys weren't comfortable with that fact, of which I happen to know you're not, which just happens to add to the list of many things you dislike about me. Can you agree to all that?” Nathan asked softly.

“Yes.” They both answered.

“Good. Give me a minute to go get the paper, and while you guys are reading it and signing it, I'll pack up what little stuff I care to take with me and go, and if we're all lucky, we'll never see each other ever again.” Nathan said calmly.

Divorcing his parents was about the easiest thing he had ever had to do. He did not even wait for a response from them, he just turned and went to his bedroom to do as he said he would. Once they had the paper, he headed back and grabbed the few things he wanted to keep, threw them into his back pack, and then headed back out to the living room. His parents said nothing, just handed a signed paper back to him. He never said goodbye, they never said goodbye, he just verified the signatures were on the paper, and turned and walked out into the night, although it was still somewhat light out.

The walk back to James' house he was almost the happiest he had ever been in his life. Now all he had to do was get James to see how this was perfect for them, even though he knew that James would be understandably scared by the prospect of his young boyfriend moving in with him permanently.

The problem was that about half way to James' house, he was met up by two boys that he had went to school with his entire life. They were two of the biggest bullies in the school, and his personal tormenters ever since grade two. One was just slightly younger than him and the other just slightly older. They both grinned evilly when they saw who it was and came forth.

“Oh, good evening boys, how's your night going?” Nathan asked happily when they got to him.

“Huh.” They both said thickly.

“I was trying to be kind, I said hi. It wasn't that difficult.” Nathan said in amusement.

“Whatever, how's the little gay baby boy tonight.” The bigger one asked menacingly.

“Great, thanks for asking.” Nathan smiled, not allowing the bullies to torment him when he was so happy.

“What, no crying and running away?” The other one asked.

“Nah, I'm tired of running away from you guys, you can't hurt me with your stupid words, in other words you're too stupid to keep them to yourselves.”

“You calling us stupid?” The other one asked.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I am. You're so stupid in fact that you think that making fun of others for their differences or their disabilities is fun. At this rate, you'll never learn, so, have a good night, I wish to be on my way.” Nathan said happily, but the other two were furious.

“Oh no you don't, you're not going anywhere.” The bigger of the two growled.

“And you're gonna stop me?” Nathan asked icily.

“Yeah, we are.”

“No, actually you're not. I've let you bully me for all these years because I was too scared to do anything about it, but now I'm not. If you even think of trying anything with me, I'll hurt you far more than you can hurt me any more.”

“Oh, you think you can fight both of us all by yourself?” The other one asked.

“No, I don't believe in fighting unless necessary, but if you force me to, I won't stop hitting, no matter how much you hit me.”

“Then how do you plan to hurt us, because there's no way that you can hurt us?”

“Do you honestly believe that to hurt someone means you have to hit them?” Nathan asked them as if he were asking a pair of five year olds, or less.

“Uh, yeah, stupid.” The older one said.

“Really. What do you think calling me and all those other kids names was. I hate to tell you this, but you guys hurt me far more with your words than you ever did with your fists, although I dare say you tried hard to make that worse, but still words hurt more.”

“What, now you're gonna call us names, do you think we'll let you do that, or that it'll bother us?”

“No, I'm not gonna call you names, I'm gonna do far worse than that.” Nathan said pleasantly.

“Then what?” The younger asked this time.

“Let's just say me and my camera know a little bit about you two that you probably don't want others to know. Like how close you really are. You're not just best friends, you've been boyfriends for at least the last year, maybe more.” Nathan grinned evilly.

“How, how did you get pictures of us?” The younger squealed in panic.

“I'm glad you didn't deny it, and as for how, well now you think I'd tell you that. You gave me plenty of opportunity, and I have plenty of pictures as well. They say a picture says a thousand words, well, those pictures say a lot more than that, and all bad to your image if you ever fuck with me again, not even one bad word, ever, or I spread them around the school yard in a heartbeat. Even if it gets me expelled for doing it, and I'll admit to doing it if asked, just because of what you did to me, but what I can do to you you'll never live down either. Just remember, it was you guys that have tormented me since grade two, and I won't feel bad for ruining your so called bad ass reputation in a second if you give me the chance. If you even look at me wrong I might just do it.” Nathan smiled serenely.

“You wouldn't, would you?” The older one asked in a deathly voice.

“Would you do it to me?”


“Exactly, only you two did it instantly without provocation or cause, you did it just because you're mean spirited assholes who think their shit don't stink. Well, guess what, you stink worse than shit. Now, goodnight to you two, and remember my warning. Oh, and it's gonna be your new job to keep my back clear at school, you're going to actively prevent me from being bullied or taunted, even now that I have to wear diapers full time.”

“Please don't make us do that, we'll be slaughtered if we help you out.”

“And you'll be slaughtered if you don't. Which one's worse, saying you decided that you were really wrong and want to prevent me from being tortured any more and maybe start looking like good people, or do you want the pictures spread?” Nathan asked calmly.

“You know, we could just beat the shit out of you now and prevent it from ever happening.” The older of the two said.

“Yeah, and what would that get you, because in order to stop it from happening, you'd have to kill me, but I guarantee that if you fight me, I'm not going down so easily, I'll have more than enough of your DNA on me to prove without a shadow of a doubt who killed me, and I might even take one of you with me, and believe me, I will if I have to. Also, that was a threat, and come the first day of school, those pictures get spread around. I warned you, I consider threatening just as bad as bullying, so now you're going down, just like you took me down.” Nathan smiled and turned to walk away.

“Wait, please don't go. We're sorry. Please, just don't spread those pictures, we'll do anything you say, you'll never have to see us again, but you'll know we're there.” The younger one said, actually crying now.

“Give me one, just one good reason why I should do it, after I warned you both, after I told you what I'd do?”

“B...b...because, well, we're assholes, we don't know any better. We're living a lie. We've been boyfriends since we were nine years old, but we have to hide it so much, because my dad hates fags so much that he kicked my older brother out when he was twelve for being a fairy fagot, if he finds out I am too, I'm toast. His dad hates gays almost as much, and told him that if he was gay, because he asked if he was when we were just about twelve, that he'd send him to some place down south that cures gays. Please, don't do that, because if you rat us out at school, our parents will find out, from the other kids, and we'll be worse than dead, just please, don't do that to us.”

“You guys seriously need to get away from home, living like that's poisonous, it'll kill you, but I promise I won't do it, if you keep your promise. If you don't, then I have no qualms about ruining your life as bad as you did mine. And don't doubt for even a second that I won't, or that you did it to me, because you did.” Nathan warned, and then turned once again to leave.

“Wait, don't go yet.” The younger one said.

“What now?” Nathan sighed.

“You really have to wear diapers now, full time? Why?”

“You remember how bad my bladder was when I was younger, well it never got better, I just learned better ways to manage, and now I can't hold it any more. The past few months it was getting so bad that I had to go to the bathroom every half an hour. A few days ago it stopped working altogether, so now I have no choice but to wear diapers or wet my pants. Why do you want to know?”

“Just curious is all, if we have to protect you, then we should know it.” He answered just a little too quickly.

“Ah, I see. Just a second.” Nathan said and set down his pack. He dug through it for a second before finding the grocery bag in there that had six of his diapers in it, and then handed it over.

“What's this?” The older asked, taking the bag.

“It's a surprise, don't open it 'til you get home.” Nathan said softly.

“Oh, okay.”

“Can I go now, I want to get home?”

“I guess so, but you live in the trailer park, you're heading the wrong way for that, in fact you're heading away from it!” The older boy said.

“I did, but I finally got sick of my parents and I officially divorced them tonight, I'm going to live with a friend instead, if he'll have me.”

“Oh. Would he take us too?” The younger one asked, almost hopefully.

“No, probably not. I won't even ask, because to tell you the truth, right now, I can't even stand either of you, and right now, you don't deserve it, in my eyes anyway.” Nathan said softly.

“We understand, and for what it's worth, we're sorry.”

“I accept, but sadly it's really not worth all that much, but it was at least a start.”

“Where are you gonna be living?” The older one asked.

“Right now I'm not gonna tell you that, because I don't want you to know. If however you give me your phone numbers, in a few days I might call you and tell you. You both need a lot of time to think and decide which path your lives lie on, and until that happens, I can't in any way be a friend of yours.”

“I wish I knew what you meant by that.”

“It'll take a couple days, but you'll figure it out.” Nathan said simply.

“Here's our numbers.” The younger one said, handing Nathan a piece of paper with the information on it. He had scribbled it out quickly.

“Thanks. Now, I am going, I really want to go, so have a good night.” Nathan smiled and headed off.

This night just kept getting better and better, Nathan thought and grinned as he renewed his trek toward his boyfriends house. It had felt good to knock the two boys down several pegs, and his lie had worked perfectly. He had no idea if they were gay or not with a hundred percent certainty, but he had held his suspicions for the last year, and he certainly had no pictures, but he knew that he needed to say that to get their attention and hold it. Maybe one day he would tell them that he had no pictures, that he had lied, but figured he probably would not.

Finally some half an hour later, Nathan was on James' doorstep, ringing the doorbell after knocking for a minute had not worked. It took a few moments for James to make it there, because at first he did not even realize the doorbell had rung, even with as loud and annoying as it was, because he was so concentrated on writing that it had not registered. And then he had to run and grab his robe and throw it on before he could go to the door to find who the hell wanted what at this time of night. He whipped open the door, intending to give his current tormentor a piece of his mind. The quip died instantly on his lips the second he saw Nathan standing there with a huge smile.

“Baby, what are you doing back here?”

“I'm coming home, to stay. Come Baby, let's go lay down and cuddle and I'll tell you all about my night.”

“Huh, what?” James said in shock.

Nathan said nothing, just grabbed James' hand and led him to the living room after closing and locking the door again. Once there, he told James the entire tale of all that had transpired, both at his old house and on the street with his ex bullies. To say James was shocked would be a incredible understatement. It took a few minutes after Nathan had finished talking for James to process all that Nathan had said, so he finally started to speak.

“Oh Nathan. I love you so much, but living together, are you sure that's a good idea? I know it'd be so nice, but legally, I'm not sure it can happen. And what if the wrong people start asking questions?”

“I know it's a great idea, it's the best there ever was. Legally, I had my parents sever my relationship with them, and when I see a lawyer tomorrow, he or she will help me out. Because I'm not sixteen yet, but more than old enough to choose where I live, I'll tell them that I choose my best friend and father figure, you, to do so, and then you sign those documents, and that's pretty much it. We'll have to go for an interview and I'll have to go see a doctor probably, but once that's all done, we're home free. No one will ask any questions, because we'll legally be father and son, and if anyone says anything differently, then they better have damn good proof, because I'll charge them with slander so fast it'll make their head spin.”

“Yeah, but what if someone accuses us of having sex?”

“Then we'll deal with it. Right now it wouldn't matter, because I've never had any sex at all, so it'd be easy to say it's not true, and no one could say any different, unless they have some seriously good proof. If however once we do start, well then, again unless they have very good proof, I'll never admit it's with you, I'll say I have a boyfriend and we enjoy that. They can't test me without my consent, unless the court orders it, but until that happens, they can't touch me, in which case I'll actually go out and find any boy or man I can to fuck my brains out, so that they'll have too much evidence, and nothing of you will be left in me by then. I wouldn't enjoy that, at least not emotionally, but I'll do it if I have to.”

“You have this all thought out, don't you? How did you even learn any of this, how to evade it?” James asked curiously, once again in shock by his young lover.

“I spend a lot of time reading remember, and law books have been a big part of that, even though I hate the law, but I'd suspected what I wanted for a while now, so I read up on it. Trust me, the law's on our side in some cases if we don't lose our heads.” Nathan grinned.

“Yeah, but any accusation is enough to have me branded for life, no matter what.”

“I know, and that'll be the hardest thing to clear, but if we have to, we will, and we'll do it together, as father and son.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“I guess we both knew I'd say yes anyway, there's no way I'd let you go to foster care. So I guess we have to go find a lawyer tomorrow then.”

“Yep. Now, let's go to bed Baby, I'm getting tired.”

“Okay, how's your diaper, do you need a change?”

“No, my diaper's good, it should be fine 'til morning.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Me too.”

They headed to bed, stripped down to just their diapers, and crawled in. Once there, they kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, and then went to sleep. James had already taken his night time pills before Nathan had arrived, and tonight he remembered his breathing machine. They slept peacefully, curled into each other all night long.