Chapter 3

“Mmmm, good morning Baby.” James said this morning as he came awake to find Nathan laying there petting his chest.

“Good morning Baby, how did you sleep?” Nathan smiled warmly after reaching in for a nice morning kiss.

“Good, but waking up was way better.” James smiled brightly.

“Good. Come on Baby, it's time to get up and go get some breakfast and then go do our morning workout.”

“Do we haveta, I'm so sore still?”

“Yes, we haveta, now come on Baby, we'll get out of our nice thick soggy baby diapers after we eat.”

“Fine.” James sighed.

They crawled their soggy bums out of bed and headed to the kitchen and had some breakfast. Nathan cut up a large plate full of fresh fruit and they each had some yogurt to go with it. James said it was not all that filling, so Nathan got him more fruit, and before too long, they were headed back to their bedroom to change out of their soggy diapers and into their swim wear.

When they got to the pool, Nathan started James on another grueling hour of hard swimming, he was pushing just a little harder this time, making James keep up to him, changing strokes every few minutes. As they went, James slowed down more and more, and he was getting so tired, but he did last better than he had the previous couple days, if only just ever so slightly.

Once James nearly collapsed, Nathan headed up to the board with a warning to James to do a nice cool down while he worked on the diving board. As James was cooling down lightly, he was giving Nathan more pointers on how to improve. He still had not progressed from what he had already known, James had told him it is important to first master the basics before moving on to the more difficult things. Nathan was patient though, so this did not bother him, because he did know it already, and was not ready to do more yet.

Finally Nathan felt that he was done, so they moved to the hot tub, removing the cover, and then slipping into its hot soothing waters to rest and relax, as well as soothe their aching muscles.

“Well Baby, should we hop out and get started on our day?” James asked about twenty minutes after climbing in the tub. They had hardly even spoken the entire time in there, and prior to that, all their speaking had been exercise or dive related.

“Yeah, let's do it. Do you know any good family lawyers?”

“I don't know any lawyers, at all. They're not exactly my favorite people on the planet, as you may have noticed from a couple of my books.”

“True, good point.” Nathan laughed, because he did know that.

“Yeah. We'll just have to call around and see who's available and go from there.”

“Okay.” Nathan smiled.

They headed into the house and had a shower and then got diapered and dressed, getting ready for the day ahead of them. They went and grabbed the phone book and phone and started looking to see if they could find someone that could help them. There were three family lawyers listed in the book, but one had a picture of himself, and James vetoed that one right away, he just did not look friendly. Another he did not like the way the ad in the book was done, it sounded sleazy, so they figured try the third. Because this was Nathan's game though, James made him call and make the arrangements to go see him. As luck would have it, he had an opening first thing that morning, so told him to come right away. They headed out and got to the office right away. When they made it there, James was glad they had chosen him, he at least looked and sounded friendly.

“So, how can I help you gentlemen today?” He asked once they were all seated.

“Not me, this is all Nathan, so please only speak to him, I'm only here for support and to pay for your services.” James said.

“Not entirely true, because he's also the friend that I plan to be signed over to, and my parents agreed to it as being best.” Nathan said, and then told the entire sordid story of his life, such as it was.

“Okay, it seems pretty cut and dry, and you say your parents signed you over uncontested and unassisted?”

“That's correct, and they even await your arrival in order to notarize the entire thing as being legal, that they agree that it's better that I stay with James. Will I have to go through all the standard doctor and judge visits as well do you think? My research was unable to find all that out for sure, only that I might have to.” Nathan asked curiously.

“Well, everything of course goes to a judge to sign off on, that much is certain, but as to whether or not you have to go see him, that depends. In most cases that I've dealt with though, as long as the parents agree to the entire thing and the person who's to receive the child has no criminal records, then it's pretty much just done. The courts are too overloaded right now to worry about such things. The doctors report though is mandatory, so you'll have to go see one and have a full physical done.”

“Okay, I expected that. For what reason is that anyway? There's so many conflicting reports, such as sexual abuse, making sure I'm healthy, all that sort of crap. But really, if I was being sexually abused by someone, would I be wanting to be adopted by him, and what difference does it make if I have a disease, and what if I'd already been sexually active with a boy, not that I have or anything, how would that affect it?”

“You're a very curious young man, aren't you?”

“Yes. I read every law book pertaining to this issue in preparation for this day, it was only a matter of time before my parents went too far and I decided it was for the best. I knew I had to wait 'til I was thirteen at the youngest, or end up being forced into foster care, but now that I'm thirteen, they do deem it somewhat my choice as to where I go, but even still, they can sometimes cause problems. But in a case like this, I don't see any need for social services to even be called, do you?”

“I took you for a smart one. There's so few kids that would want to divorce their parents, and your reason is just as good as any. Sadly though more need to do so. As for social services, as long as the judge agrees, they'll never even know what happened, and I never see any reason to inform them.”

“As for your questions as to the doctors report, mainly they're looking for sexual abuse, I can say that pointedly, because I have a feeling you're too smart to not already know exactly what I'm talking about. And I also have a feeling that even if you were having sex, you'd be able to bypass that with the judge with relative ease, wouldn't you?” He grinned.

“You're right, but I'm not sexually active, and I don't plan to be for some time yet.” Nathan said out loud, but in his head was thinking until at least the court issues are dealt with.

“Good for you. Now, as for fees, I bill at three hundred an hour for any work that I have to do. Today's consultation is free, and then anything thereafter you pay for. I foresee only two to three hours tops that I might have to spend on the case, and that's really only if the judge requires anything. Otherwise you'll be billed my two hour minimum.”

“The fees are fine, and we can accept all that no problem. Now, is there anything you need from us?” Nathan asked.

“Not from you, now all I need is James' information and signature at least ten times, and then I get to notarize that, and then I get to go talk to your parents and notarize their signatures legally. By the way, where'd you get the document giving James temporary legal guardianship?”

“From all the reading that I'd done, I'd learned what needed to be on there, so I wrote it out myself and printed it at the library where I spent most of my time when I wasn't with James, mostly to avoid going home as much as possible.”

“Incredible. I couldn't have done it better myself. You should seriously think of becoming a lawyer.”

“No thanks, no insult intended, but I really don't even like lawyers all that much. There's just too many of the bad ones that are running this world into the ground, and I couldn't be grouped with them.”

“Alas, I understand your feelings all too well. I too feel the same way of some of my brethren, so I do as much good as I can to counteract it. Sadly though, I still get lumped in with all those lawyers all the time. I could probably tell you more good lawyer jokes than most can though.” He grinned.

“That's good. Here's all the information you need.” James smiled, he actually liked this guy.

It took only a few minutes for James to give all his information and sign where all he needed to, and then the lawyer notarized it all nice and legal like, and only ten minutes later they were on their way.

“Well Baby, looks like your plans are going as you envisioned.” James said once they were in the car.

“Yep. Except of course when I planned all this, I figured I was gonna have to give myself up to foster care, but I was gonna do it, it was starting to get pretty bad.”

“Well, I'm glad that you didn't have to do that, even if I'm still not entirely convinced that this is the best idea. Granted, I couldn't see myself being a father to anyone else.” James smiled.

“You're still trying to think only with your head, but your heart's telling you the truth, and the heart never lies. Remember that, you wrote it.”

“Yes, you brat. It just figures I'd end up falling for probably the only thirteen year old in the world that has my books memorized.” James laughed.

“Yeah, but who else could you love so much as someone who knows exactly how you think, and furthermore, thinks the same way.” Nathan pointed out.

“Very true. By the way, did you remember to grab the things that you've written so that I can look over them?”

“Yep, I was hoping you'd still do that for me. I don't think they're very good, at least not yet. They still need some work, that's where I'm hoping a true professional can help.”

“Remember, I'm not a professional, I'm just a writer. The real magic of what makes my writing look so polished is at the publishers. I'm doing better, and my head publisher said that my last book was almost flawless, but it still took a month to go over fully.”

“Yeah, but you're a writer, and that's what I need. I don't care about the technicalities of the writing itself, more what's written. I can catch most of the errors, in fact I bet if I edited your books, your publishers wouldn't have to do half the work.”

“Oh. You're that good in English?”

“My teacher said I was the only student that she'd ever given an honest hundred percent on an essay, because she was unable to find any errors. After reading it though, I managed to find two that I missed, and showed her, and she said that only made me even better, because she hadn't caught them and she was trying really hard. She hated giving hundred percent to anyone. She's real tough, but really good. Most of the kids hate her, but I think she's a great teacher.”

“Sounds like she's a great teacher, one who pushes her students to really strive to do their best. Sadly most of the kids won't realize that for many years to come.”

“She told us that on our first day in her class, that we'd all hate her, because she was a hard assed bitch, but that she only accepted the best into her class. It's the advanced literature course, and she expected all of us to push ourselves to do the best we possibly could, and even challenged us to do so, to see how close to a hundred percent we could get, because she had never had the chance to give one yet.”

“But you finally made her give one, very good. So, what should we do now then?”

“The pool guy's coming today to install all the new stuff into the pool to get that all ready right, and then the deliveries for all the furniture and electronics are the following two days, so that only gives us two more days to pack all that we'll be taking with us, and you should probably at least call for a truck, because it's stupid to do so many trips in your car, even if it's a hybrid, when a bigger truck, even though it uses more fuel in one shot, will certainly use less in the long run.”

“Very good observation, and to tell you the truth, I hadn't even planned that far in advance. I'm not exactly a plans type of guy, I kinda just go with the flow and do things as they pop up. We can go to a moving place and reserve a truck for in three days then, so that everything's done and ready for us, and all we have to do is move in, as well we'll grab all the boxes and packing things we need. Should we have someone do the moving for us?”

“No, I think we're more than capable of it. We won't be moving all that much stuff, so we can take care of it.” Nathan said indignantly.

“Yeah, I suppose you're right.” James sighed, but was grinning as well.

They turned toward a moving place and headed there. Once there they made all the arrangements and grabbed the boxes that they thought they might be needing, and then headed back to the house. When they arrived, they took everything into the house, stripped down to just their soggy diapers, and then got to work.

Two hours later they stopped for lunch and ate, and then got right back to it. James never realized how much stuff he had that he actually wanted to keep, but the boxes just kept adding up and up, and before too long, just as dinner time was rolling around in fact, they had run out of boxes, when James had figured they had bought twice as much as he needed.

“Well, we certainly got a lot done.” James said once they surveyed the damage.

“Yeah, but now we need to go get more boxes, but that'll have to wait 'til tomorrow now.”

“No worries, I think I'm about ready to sit down and have some dinner and then cuddle up to my baby and watch TV for the rest of the night.” James smiled warmly.

“I could live with that.” Nathan smiled right back.

And that was exactly what they did too. Once bed time rolled around, they went and changed each others diapers, crawled into bed, kissed and cuddled for a bit, before curling up together and falling fast asleep.

They woke the following morning at almost the same time, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before Nathan dragged James out of bed to get breakfast and do their morning workout. As soon as that was done and they were all cleaned, diapered and dressed for the day, they headed to the moving place to get another load of boxes. As soon as they made it back to the house, they continued their work, until almost an hour later the phone disturbed them.

“Hello.” James answered.

“Hi James, this is Bob, how's it going?” James' pool guy asked.

“Good, and you?”

“Good. Sorry about not calling you when I was done yesterday, but it went late and I didn't want to disturb your evening. None of the parts arrived 'til almost noon, so I ended up getting a really late start, but I got it all done for you, I've tested everything, and it all looks good.”

“Oh, that's too bad that it went so late for you. Just send me the bill as per usual and I'll send you your check. Was there anything further to report though on the pool?”

“Yeah. The control system for the pool and hot tub was a little weak in its features, so I upgraded you to the same one you use now, so that'll make it easier for you to control everything, it'll all be the same as you're used to, and better too.”

“Oh, excellent, thanks. Everything is working good now though?”

“Yep. I just got back from there a few minutes ago to retest the systems for full functionality, and everything's working perfectly. The hot tub and pool heaters were turned off, of course to save electricity, but they're on now and heating up. The hot tub should be ready by tonight I figure, and while still a bit on the cool side, the pool is ready now.”

“Excellent, great work as always. I'll call if I have any issues, otherwise please come by on the same schedule as before for cleaning and maintenance.”

“Will do. How about the pool at your current house?”

“I'll be selling the house, so it won't be in use, but come by a couple times to make sure it's still good and clean, we don't want it going green.”

“Okay, just make sure and let me know when you sell the house, so that I know to stop billing you for it.”

“Will do, but I'll let the new people know who to call for the pool maintenance, since you already know everything there is to know about it.”

“That would be appreciated. Well, have a good day, talk to you later.”

“Thanks, and you too, have a good day.”

“Thanks, and you too.” He said and they hung up.

As soon as James hung up, he explained to Nathan what all had been said, and Nathan was good with that. Not even ten minutes after hanging up the phone, it rang again, this time it was for Nathan. It was the lawyer.

“Hello.” Nathan said once the phone was passed to him, James telling him who it was.

“Hi Nathan. Couple things for you. I need for you to go a doctor by the name of Murdoch, he's in the medical services building on the same street as the hospital, in fact I think it's right next door, that's who the judge wants you to see. You need to be there for one this afternoon. Then the judge wants to see you at three tomorrow afternoon so that he has time to go over the doctors report and to talk to you. James will need to be there with you, but you'll likely be interviewed separately and then probably together.”

“Oh, okay. That shouldn't be a problem. I'm surprised that we were able to get in that quickly, I figured it'd take at least weeks before we even got to talk to a judge, if not longer.”

“Yeah well, this is an old friend of mine, and he's doing this as a favor to me, rushing you in and through like this, because I know you want it done as quickly as possible.”

“Oh, thanks, it's much appreciated.”

“I know. I'll be there tomorrow afternoon with you, because you have to have representation with you, so I'll see you tomorrow as well.”

“Great, thanks a lot.” Nathan smiled.

“You're welcome.” He said and hung up.

Nathan told James what all was happening there, and he was happy with that as well. And then not ten minutes later the phone rang again, they had not even had a chance to continue their packing up. This time it was the furniture place wanting to do their delivery, so they needed access to the house. James said they would meet them at the house, and then give them full access to everything.

They headed out right away and unlocked the house. It was only ten minutes later that the delivery guys arrived. James informed them as to where the master suite was to go, and then to set the other three bedroom sets up in whichever rooms they wanted. He also told them what was living room and what was media room, and then the rest was self explanatory. He then told them that they had to go, and to call when done and just lock the door behind them, they were good with that.

It was now time to go get some lunch, because they did not have a lot of time left before they had to go to the doctors office, so they went to a restaurant nearby that had good healthy food, and they went in and ate. James was almost about to order a burger when Nathan gave a slight cough, so he changed it to a salad instead with a grin to Nathan. After lunch, they headed to the doctors office.

“I guess you'll have to wait out here.” Nathan said once his name was called, James went to get up with him, but the nurse shook her head at him, saying he was not allowed. “Don't worry, I'll be fine.” Nathan smiled.

“Okay, try not to have any fun.” James laughed.

“Yeah right. I've never been to a doctor before, but I can't imagine it's too terribly much fun.”

“Really.” James said.

“Nope. Never needed to.”

“Better tell him that then.”

“I will.” Nathan said and then was gone.

Once inside, Nathan was greeted by the doctor, who then started asking a whole host of questions about his medical history, so on and so forth. And then he got down to the physical examination, and for the most part it was fine, but even Nathan was a bit embarrassed when the doctor had him bend over so that he could check out his little anus. At least he had felt that wearing a diaper would not be good, so had not, because neither felt the need to explain that one, so he had changed out of his diaper and diaper shirt in the car quickly and just went without underwear. Finally the doctor was finished with his full examination and congratulated Nathan on appearing to be completely and fully healthy, but suggested that he go get a regular doctor and have him do a blood test, and maybe go get all his inoculations. Nathan said he would and that was it, he was pretty much free to go.

“So, how'd it go?” James asked once they were in the car.

“Bit boring actually. He asked a whole bunch of questions, like do I ever get odd rashes, coughs, runny noses, headaches, and all sorts of other things, and then he had me strip down to my underwear, which of course I wasn't wearing, and then he started poking and prodding me everywhere. When he stuck his finger up my butt though, now that was a surprise, I wasn't exactly expecting him to do that. Even him grabbing my nuts and having me turn my head and cough wasn't that bad, except I did kinda get a bit hard, especially when he was checking out my dick. He never said a thing, just moved on, I'm guessing it's pretty normal.”

“Yeah, that sounds about like a full physical alright, and yes, I imagine he's made a fair few boys hard. Did you like him sticking his finger up your butt?” James grinned.

“Actually no, he wasn't exactly gentle, and he's a stranger. Now, when it's time for you to do the same thing to me, I know you'll be a lot more gentle, and I know you, so I won't be highly uncomfortable. He never even told me what he was going to do, just did it. You'd think that the guy would warn a person about that sort of thing instead of telling you to roll over on your side and then ramming his finger up your ass. At least he spread some lube on first, and I guess he didn't really ram it in, but he certainly didn't take his time either.”

“There's more than likely a good reason he didn't tell you at first, to save you from tensing up, but I don't exactly agree with that. Half the doctors that gave me a prostate exam did the same thing, the other half told me.”

“Whatever, it's done. He did suggest that I get a family doctor and have him run a full blood test and to go get all my shots. What would I need shots for though?”

“To help prevent certain diseases and stuff.”

“Oh, is it needed?”

“Depends on who you ask really. I haven't had mine, my parents didn't believe in them, said they weren't good for a person, but then a distant cousin of mine did have a serious reaction to one of them and ended up severely mentally handicapped from it. Of course the government denied anything, saying it couldn't have been the shots, but the fact of the matter was that before the shots he was a perfectly normal one year old boy, and then after the shot he ended up in the hospital for a month, and when he was released, he had nearly no real mental activity, he was almost totally in a vegetative state. In a sad way, it's really better that he didn't live that long, only a few more years.”

“Oh. Then I'm not getting my shots either.” Nathan said vehemently.

“I don't blame you, and it's your choice completely.”

“Thanks. So, what are we doing now?”

“Heading back to the house to continue our work I suppose.”

“Okay, because as soon as we get there I need you to diaper me up, I have to go pee.”

“Okay Baby.” James smiled warmly and they continued their way to their temporary home.

As soon as they made it there, James took Nathan up to their bedroom and stripped and diapered him nice and thick. They then traded places so that Nathan could change James' diaper, since he was getting more than ready for a change as well. Soon they were both in just nice thick dry diapers and ready to get back to work.

For the rest of the day they worked while talking and laughing. Just about the time they were finishing, they received the call from the furniture guys saying that they were finished and that they had locked up the house behind them and to enjoy. It had taken a great deal of time James noted, figuring the furniture must have been real heavy and in many pieces, which had caused them to take a long time.

After dinner, the two of them curled up on the couch after changing each others diapers, and watched TV for the rest of the night, and then went to bed. The next morning was about the same as they seemed to be, they got up, had breakfast and then went for their morning workout, and then went and got cleaned, dried, diapered and dressed for the day. They had their appointment with the judge after lunch, and they had all their packing that they could do all done, so they had their morning free.

“So, what should we do Baby?” James asked.

“No idea. What would you like to do?”

“No clue, that's the reason I was asking you. I feel like going out though.”

“We only have a few hours before the appointment with the judge though, so it can't take too long. You wanna just go wander around the mall or something then?”

“Sure, may as well I suppose, and see if we can find anything we want to add to the new house.”

“Okay, that sounds like a plan.” Nathan smiled, so that was what they did.

They headed to the mall and looked around for the next few hours, having a good time and buying more than a few things to go in the new house. They stopped for a slightly early lunch and then went and loaded everything into the car and headed out to their appointment, stopping on the way to unlock the new house, so that the electronics could be delivered, since they had been called a few minutes before needing to go. They made it to the judges office a few minutes early.

“Hi guys. Nervous?” Their lawyer asked as soon as they came into sight.

“No, not really, because the judge would have to be insanely stupid to not allow this, so I know it'll happen.” Nathan said confidently.

“You're right, but I'm glad you're confident of your situation, it makes it easier.” He smiled.

They all waited together a few minutes more for the judge to be free, and then they were all called in. At first he just wanted to meet the two of them together and talk for a few minutes, but then he asked James to step out into the hall once again for a few minutes so that he could ask Nathan a few questions. James did so no problem. As soon as the door was closed, the judge started.

“I can tell you love him, and that's the reason you chose him to adopt you, but I have to ask, is it sexual?”

“No your honor, it isn't, and I believe that the doctors reports you have there show that as well.” Nathan answered softly, looking right at the judge.

“Well, they certainly show that you've never been invaded in any way, but we both know there's more to it than just that. You aren't being abused and or coerced in any way into doing this?”

“No, not in any way shape or form. In fact, James still doesn't think this is a good idea. He never saw himself as the parental type, he never wanted kids, but he does love me. He agreed to it though mostly because it's what I wanted, and he didn't want to see me put into foster care, as well as he could tell how bad it was getting with my parents. As for any type of sex, trust me, it's not gonna happen, he'd never hurt me. He believes that to be the ultimate betrayal of trust and wouldn't do that to me.”

“But you want it, don't you?”

“In some ways yes, I suppose I do, I am gay, and I do love him, but he told me that as my father figure that that just couldn't happen, and that I needed to find myself a boyfriend my own age. I'm not even sure he's gay though, but one thing's for certain, he doesn't want me in that way.”

“Thanks for being honest, I would've called you on it, because I was already pretty certain of that.”

“Honesty never hurts, and I'll warn you of this as well. You can't take me away from James, because if you do, I'll go above your head, I'll do whatever it takes. I want James to take me because I know he loves me, I love him, he'd never hurt me, he'd never do anything to me that was bad. He'll take care of me, give me what I need and make sure I'm happy. I've never had that a day in my life with my parents, the only time I enjoyed life at all was when I was with James, plain and simple. I also know that unless you have some very serious reasons as to why I shouldn't stay with James, that I'm allowed to choose who I live with, because I'm old enough to make that decision on my own. I don't think though that we should even have to go to court, but I guess I can see why it might be necessary.”

“You're a very blunt young man, aren't you?” The judge laughed.

“Only when I have to be. In school almost no one ever hears me speak, and I never talk to adults in any way other than friendly terms, but sometimes you have to let known your intentions and what you'll do if you don't get your own way, and I will get my way here as well.”

“Yes, yes you will. I'm going to sign off on this, mostly because I believe that you two do deserve to be together. So, here you go.” The judge said, signing the final paper and handing it to Nathan.

“Thanks Sir, I truly do appreciate it.” Nathan smiled happily.

“I know. Now go out there and relieve the pressure your new dad must be feeling.” He smiled. Nathan did not wait for anything further, just did that. He whipped open the door, waving the paper as he saw James.

“He signed off on it, you're my daddy now.” Nathan said happily, and then slammed into James and hugged him fiercely.

“Oh Nathan, I'm so happy.” James said, a few tears leaking out of him as well, because Nathan was full out crying now.

The judge and lawyer smiled and then closed the door so that they could talk, and a few minutes later James and Nathan headed out. On autopilot it seemed they made it home, and before they knew it they were in their bedroom, stripping each other of all their clothes, leaving them in just their soggy diapers.

“This is it Baby, are you ready to celebrate?” Nathan asked softly.

“No Baby, not yet.” James said softly.

“Oh don't worry, we're not gonna fill each others bums yet, but we're gonna lay down and rub each other at least a couple times, and maybe later we can suck each other. I've always wanted to taste someone elses cum. I don't make lots yet though, just a tiny bit.”

“Given the fact that you're still almost completely hairless, and you haven't hit your growth spurt, I'm surprised you can at all.” James said in shock.

“Yeah, I can, but not lots. Now come on Baby, lay down, I want to kiss and stroke each other for a bit.”

“Okay.” James whispered, wondering if this was really a good idea. Sure, they both wanted it, needed it, but was it a good idea still kept running through his head.

They ended up laying on the bed together, lips locked together in a deep tender kiss. For the life of him, James had no idea how they ended up like that, but as Nathan started petting the front of his diaper, he felt compelled to do the same thing, so started rubbing the front of Nathan's diaper as well. It did not take long for their first orgasms to escape them, in fact it was only a few minutes at most, yet neither was inside the others diaper yet.

“Wow.” James sighed, breaking the kiss for only a moment.

“Yeah, no one's ever done that to me before, it was awesome.”

“Same.” James sighed again.

“Really, you've never had sex at all before?”

“No, never. I'm as much a virgin as you are.” James said softly.

“Wow. I didn't think there were any adults that had never had sex before, but that's good, we get to learn together.” Nathan said, and then locked their lips together once again.

This time when they started stroking each other, they slipped their hands inside each others diapers, grasping each others hot hardness buried inside and stroking gently. They were moaning and sighing deeply into each others mouths as they kissed and fondled each other. It was very hot, it was very tender, it was very loving. This time they lasted almost five minutes before they came again, and they each collected the others cum on their fingers, and as they released their kiss, they both had their hands there, ready to taste each other for the first time. They both sighed even deeper still as they tasted each other for the first time.

“I love you so much my little baby boy.” James said so tenderly that it made Nathan nearly melt.

“And I love you so much my big baby boy.” Nathan said back just as tenderly, making James melt as well.

“Oh Baby, I could lay like this forever with you, but we should probably get up and go do something other than lay here all day long.” James sighed.

“Yeah. Come on, we should change our soggy baby diapers first and then go do something.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Okay. So, I guess tomorrow's moving day then, are you excited?”

“Yeah, let's get out of this dump and into a really nice house.”

“Wow, you have odd standards, at least to most people.” James laughed.

“Yeah, but you don't really like it either, it's too big and grand.”

“That's true.” James smiled.

They changed each others diapers quickly and then went and played on their computers for a bit, James admitting that he should at least do some more writing, so Nathan just played on the notebook that James had bought for him. Once dinner time rolled around, they stopped and went and made and ate dinner, and then after cleaning up, they curled up on the couch and watched a movie until bedtime.

Amazingly enough, at least James thought so, but Nathan did not ask to play around as they changed each others diapers, they just laid down after getting changed and kissed and cuddled for a bit before falling fast asleep.

The next morning they did not vary the routine that Nathan had set for them in the least. They still got up and had breakfast and then went and did their one hour swim workout and then a further half an hour for diving practice for Nathan, then they went in and got cleaned up, dried off and diapered for the day.

“Okay Baby, now that we're all set to go, I guess we go get the moving truck, or should we finish packing the last few things from the kitchen first?”

“I say get the truck first and load it up, and then finish the last few things in the kitchen, since most of it's cold stuff anyway, and we're gonna need to stop for lunch probably before we're done.”

“Good point. Do you want to stay here and pack up the few things though that can be packed while I go get the truck, or do you want to come with me?”

“I want to go with you, just to be near to you, but really, I could just stay here and get more work done, and it's not like you'll be gone long.”

“No, I won't be gone long. You go ahead and get packing then and I'll be back in a few minutes Baby.” James smiled warmly.

A few minutes later James was gone and Nathan got started on packing up the last of the stuff from their bedroom, making sure to leave their diaper bag fully stocked, for just in case. By the time James made it back, Nathan was almost done the bedroom, so he helped to finish it off before they moved to the kitchen to get what they could there. There was only about two boxes of stuff left that they could pack yet, so that was done in real quick order, so they started the long arduous chore of packing it all out to the truck. It was just a small three tonne truck, and given that there was to be no furniture in it, they both knew that they were going to have a lot of space for everything, and would be very surprised if they even filled a quarter of it.

It took a good solid three hours for the two of them to load up everything into the truck, James getting slower and slower as he went, getting extremely tired, and wishing that they had not done their morning exercises that morning. Nathan kept pushing him though, making sure he was keeping up a good sweat, telling him that it was good for him to do this, and that he was tired too, but they had too much work to do to quit now.

Finally they stopped for lunch and a much needed diaper change, then packed up the very last of the kitchen and loaded it as well. They each did two full passes through the house to make sure that they had not forgotten anything that they wanted, but admitted that it really did not matter, since they could come back at any time to get it if they did miss something anyway.

“Well Baby, we're on our way. Are you nervous, excited?” James asked with a big grin on his face.

“We're moving five minutes away, I don't think it's that big a deal. I am happy though to be moving to a much more comfortable and small house. Not that I actually lived here all that long mind you.” Nathan laughed.

“I know.” James smiled. “Okay, come on, let's get going Baby.”

They hopped in the truck and were on their way. Of course it was only a few minutes away, so they made it there quickly and James backed the truck up into position, and then they headed inside to check everything out.

“Wow, it's incredible with all the furniture in here now.” Nathan said in awe once they looked around for a few minutes.

“I couldn't agree more.” James said.

“Well, we better get to work then and get especially the cold stuff put away right away.” Nathan said.

“Yeah, I know.” James said, so they headed out and grabbed what they needed right away and got it put away.

With that done, now they had to bring everything into the house, and this was going to take a while. Because they had marked every box as to what was in it, they only had to bring it in and put it in the correct room. It took almost four hours for them to complete the task, and since it had taken so long, they were both very hungry and very tired.

“Baby, there's no way I'm cooking tonight, so let's take the truck back and then go get something to eat, and we're going out for steak and pasta, and don't give me anything about a diet.” James said.

“Actually, that sounds like a good idea, and once in a while you should have that too, just keep it low and eat lots of other good stuff and you'll be fine.” Nathan smiled warmly.


They locked up the house and headed to the moving place to take the truck back, and then hopped in the car and headed to a great pasta steak house that James knew of, but had never been to before. Once there and seated, they ordered their drinks and starters, and then sat back to enjoy a great meal. They started on soup and salad, and they were good, but then their steaks and pasta dishes came, and that was amazing. James had taken an eight ounce prime rib with baked lasagna, whereas Nathan went with the six ounce porter house and baked lasagna. Both thought that the meal was really good, but were much too full for dessert, which probably was not a bad thing.

“Wow, that was awesome, but now I seriously want to just sit back and relax in the hot tub for a while. Care to join me?” Nathan asked once they were all finished.

“Definitely. Let's go Baby.” James said, leaving enough to cover the bill and a generous tip on the table.

They headed home, and as they walked in the door from the garage, they started stripping, and by the time they got to the pool house, they were naked, their diapers having been the last of course.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, now that's nice.” Nathan sighed as they slipped into the hot bubbling water of the perfectly heated hot tub.

“Yeah, and this is actually a nicer hot tub than the old one was.” James sighed back.


There they stayed for a good half an hour, just relaxing. Finally they hopped out of the hot tub and headed to the showers and washed each other off nicely, and then dried each other and went in and diapered each other nice and thick.

“Wow, am I ever tired.” Nathan yawned once they were diapered.

“Me too. It's still a bit early, but do you just want to go to bed now Baby?”

“Yeah, I think that'd be a really good idea.” Nathan smiled warmly.

So that was what they did. They crawled into bed and before too long, they were sound asleep. They had only kissed and cuddled for a few seconds really.

“Good morning Baby.” James sighed, waking up to find Nathan petting his chest lovingly.

“Good morning Baby. How did you sleep last night?”

“Excellent. This new mattress is like sleeping on a cloud.”

“Yeah, it's amazingly soft, but getting to cuddle up to you makes it even better yet.”

“Same. Well come on Baby, breakfast and then workout, same as usual.”

“Sorry, not this morning, I'm too sore.”

“Unh unh, we're going for our workout, even if we have to take it a little slower and easier. You're getting better, and I know you can already feel the difference, so no taking breaks unless you're sick, and you're not sick, so come on, breakfast and then pool.” Nathan said firmly.

“Fine.” James sighed.

They crawled out of bed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, and then as soon as they were done, headed to the pool for their morning routine. One hour of swimming and then half an hour of diving. They both did move a little slower than Nathan had been pushing them lately, but they were both still quite tired.

“Okay Baby, I definitely need the hot tub again, so let's go.” James said.

“You'll hear no complaints from me.” Nathan smiled, and they headed to the hot tub to soak their weary bones.

They sat in the hot tub once again for about half an hour before hopping out and going in to get all nice and clean and dressed for the day. They were dressed only in their diapers and some cotton sweat pants for working in, and got to work on putting more things away. They worked all day, getting almost all of it put away, leaving the rest for the next day once they called dinner time.

“Baby, it's time to go to bed.” Nathan said softly, shortly after they finished dinner.

“You're not tired though, are you?” James half asked, half stated.

“No, but we're gonna be, real soon.” Nathan grinned.

“That's what I thought.”

“We're gonna try sucking tonight, I've wanted to do that to you for so long now.” Nathan said seductively.

“I've wanted to do that to you since we met.” James said, painfully hard.

“Same.” Nathan said before grabbing James' hand and leading him to their bedroom for the night.

“Lay down Baby.” Nathan whispered once they were there.

“Okay.” James said, letting Nathan take control of the situation.

He laid down and Nathan crawled in after him, positioning himself so that they were head to dick, and James now knew how they were going to learn about sucking dick. Nathan was first to pull down the front of James' diaper, and James followed suit, so that their erections were both pointed out the top of their diapers.

Not taking the time to really play, Nathan was too excited to be getting to suck James, so just went forth and sucked James in as far as he could, and then started bobbing up and down. James gasped at first at the amazing feelings, never before had he felt anything of the sort, in fact he was so engulfed in the feelings that he forgot that he was supposed to be sucking Nathan at the same time.

Finally James caught on to what he was supposed to be doing, and sucked Nathan down in one shot, causing Nathan to gasp and let go of James for a few moments as he swam deliriously in the feelings. A few moments later, he sucked James back in, and then they were sucking each other at the same time. Both enjoying it a great deal.

Their first cum, their first in several days it felt, took only a few minutes more to cum, and they both exploded at the same time. This time they enjoyed the loads from their boyfriends straight from the source, and they both sighed.

Without saying anything though, Nathan started sucking again, which in turn caused James to start sucking as well. Three more orgasms they spewed into each others greedily sucking mouths before they were too tired to continue on, and even though they were very tired, they were very happy. They changed each others soggy diapers, so that they could last through the night, and then kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before passing out for the night, having a great sex induced sleep.