Chapter 5

“Mmm, good morning my baby, my love.” James sighed the next morning when he woke up to find Nathan sucking on his morning erection.

“Morning.” He mumbled back, and then a second later James could take it no more and blasted off in his boyfriends mouth.

“Mmm, what a way to wake up.” James sighed a few minutes later.

“Yeah, I agree, you were especially tasty this morning.”

“And I want to taste you now.” James said, and the practically attacked Nathan, pinning him to the bed and pulling down the front of his diaper and latched on right away, sucking Nathan with everything he had.

Nathan had been close too, so only lasted a few seconds until he too unloaded in his boyfriends mouth. It took a few minutes for him to come back down, but as soon as he did, James was there to kiss him deeply.

“I love you so much.” Nathan whispered softly once the kiss ended.

“And I love you that much and so much more.” James smiled back.

“Thanks Baby. Come on, breakfast and then to our workout.”

“Do we haveta?” James whined.

“What have I told you about whining Baby, you'll make it harder on yourself.” Nathan grinned.

“I know, I know.” James sighed and they got up.

They went and did their normal routine, and before they knew it, they were getting dressed and ready for the rest of the day.

“What would you like to do today Baby?” James asked once they were all dressed and ready for the day.

“Not too sure. Let's wait 'til Mitchel and Isaac get here though to see what they want to do, they'll probably be here before too long.”

“Okay Baby, that sounds good to me.”

The wait was not long, because on their way to the kitchen, where they were going to get a drink, the doorbell rang, so Nathan went and let the guys in.

“Good morning Mitchel and Isaac, how are you today?” Nathan asked as soon as he opened the door.

“Not too bad I guess.” Mitchel said.

“About the same.” Isaac added.

“What's the matter?” Nathan asked as he closed the door, but they stayed in the entry way.

“We think our parents are going to talk to us tonight and tell us something we don't really want to hear. They both told us this morning before leaving for work that we were to be home for dinner, that we were all having dinner together and we were gong to talk. The way they said talk though, I'm sure we won't get much say in the matter.” Isaac answered.

“Well, like I said yesterday, if something happens and you have to, run for it, come here, don't say goodbye, don't take the time to collect your things, if they try and do anything, fight if you have to and run for it.” Nathan said softly.

“We remember. What if we just write letters and explain to them that we don't care to talk to them about who and what we are, telling that we are in fact gay baby boys, that we ran away and just come live here.” Mitchel suggested.

“No, not yet. You need to get their point of view first, if you have to, then do it, for all you know, maybe that's not what they're planning on talking about. More than likely it is, but you never know.” Nathan said softly.

“But, what if they restrain us, what if they do something to us, what if they separate us and send us away?” Mitchel asked, tears coming to his eyes.

“Well, if tomorrow morning you don't arrive here, then we'll send the police to your parents places to find out where you are, we'll tell them everything that we know, and let them deal with your parents. Don't worry, we won't let them do anything bad to you?” Nathan said softly.

“What if they just decide that we're not worth anything and just kill us? What if we're really useless to them and do something horrible like that?”

“If they wanted to do that, do you think they'd ask you to be home for dinner so that you could talk. No, they'd have already done it, and didn't your parents have the same talk with your older brother before they kicked him out Mitchel?”

“Yeah, they did. I wasn't in the room, I was told to go to my room, I never heard anything at all, not even any screaming or yelling, all I heard was my brother crying when he went to his room, and by the time I worked up the courage to go find out why he was crying, he was already gone, he just packed up his things and left. I asked my parents where he was, and they said he was a dirty fag and that they kicked him out of the house, because he refused to be straight and refused help to be a real person.”

“See, they told you exactly what they're going to be talking to you guys about tonight. They're gonna ask you point blank tonight if you're gay, and this time you won't be able to deny it, they already know, they know something unequivocal now, and you will have to answer. They're gonna tell you that they're gonna send you somewhere to get you cured, and you're gonna tell them that there's nothing wrong with you at all that needs to be cured, and furthermore, you can't cure gay, it's who and what you are, no more, no less. Then they're likely gonna tell you that you're no longer welcome in their homes and that you're to pack your things and go. If that's the case, then do so and come here and we'll go from there. I still can't say if James and I'll be able to take you in, but we'll figure it all out at that time if and when it becomes necessary. However, with all that being said, don't tell James any of this yet, he won't be able to say yes 'til he's actually faced with the problem, but 'til then he'll say no. I know him far better than he cares to admit, and he will say yes, I think, but it might take a few days. Oh, and I'll print out the forms I made for you guys to have your parents sign you out of their care and into someone elses, we just won't fill a name in that blank yet.”

“Thanks Nathan, we can't possibly tell you how much this means to us.” Mitchel said, crying.

“I know. Now dry your eyes guys, I don't want James to see you like this, it'll raise his suspicions. We'll just say we were down here trying to figure out what to do today, which by the way, what would you like to do?”

“No clue.” Isaac answered as they were both drying their teary eyes.

“Same here. We'll just go upstairs and tell James that we have no idea either.” Nathan smiled warmly.

Once the two boys were presentable again, they headed upstairs to find James. He was in the kitchen making a pot of tea for them all to enjoy.

“Ah, there you are boys, what were you up to?” James asked.

“We were just talking at the door, trying to figure out what we wanted to do today, but none of us knows either. The guys have to be home by about four today though.” Nathan answered.

“Okay, let's just spend the day in then and go swimming and watch a movie or two.” James suggested.

“Okay, everyone out to the pool and strip them.” Nathan said, and before James could say anything more, the boys all bolted, stripping as they went.

As James followed them to the pool, he found all their clothes, until just before he went through the door to the pool, he found all three of their soggy diapers. He now knew all three boys were naked and that he was supposed to be as well. He just stripped right there as well until his diaper joined the other three, and then headed out to the pool.

“I wondered if you'd have the courage to come out naked as well. I'm proud.” Nathan smiled warmly to his baby.

“Yeah, well you didn't give me too much choice, did you?” James smiled shyly. The other two boys were looking at him hungrily, that was the best way for James to describe the looks.

“Well, you could have gone and put your shorts or Speedo on, but I'm glad you didn't, they're only for working out, naked is for fun.” Nathan smiled brightly.

“Yeah, I thought about it, but it looks as if I better stay away from the other two, it looks like they might rape me.” James chuckled, and then Nathan looked to his friends as they realized they were staring.

“Hey, quit mentally raping my boyfriend you two.” Nathan laughed, smacking both of them.

“Sorry, we've never seen an adult naked before.” Isaac apologized.

“And from the looks of it, you enjoyed the view.” Nathan grinned.

“Yeah.” They both breathed out.

“I know, he's gorgeous, ain't he.” Nathan smiled brightly.


“Am not, I'm too fat.” James said self consciously, softly.

“So what if you're fat, you're still good looking, and you're not that fat, and from the sounds of it, Nathan's trying to help you out with that already, so don't worry about it so much.” Isaac said softly as James was slipping into the water.

“Thanks, but I really am that fat, there's really no denying that. As of my last weighing, I was more than two hundred pounds overweight, that's big, and my doctor's been telling me for years to lose weight, that I'm obese.”

“While that might be true, physically, you're still good looking, and you're beautiful on the inside, where it really truly counts.” Mitchel said this time, smiling warmly.

“Thanks. Come on boys, let's play.” James said, trying to stop the uncomfortable conversation.

The boys all said nothing further on that vain, knowing that James was so hard on himself that it was going to take a lot of time and effort on all their parts to help him, but they knew he was going to help them just as much, it was going to be a win win situation, as soon as James saw it that way.

For two hours they swam and played in the pool before hopping out and into the hot tub to relax. After that they got out and cleaned up and dried off, got into their nice thick diapers, and then headed into the house to watch a movie before lunch. Once lunch was all done, they all went and watched another movie and then played a game before Mitchel and Isaac said that they had to be going, so they went and changed each others diapers, got dressed, and then headed out.

Nathan and James made and ate dinner shortly after, Nathan wondering how the talk with the boys' parents was going, wondering when or if the boys were going to show up. In fact, he was so zoned out as he was thinking about this, that James often had to repeat a question to the far away boy, and when he asked, Nathan lied, saying he had some ideas rolling around in his head for the story he had been working on. Knowing how that was, James let it be, not thinking anything more, because he often had the same problem.

It was only a little after seven when the doorbell rang, and Nathan ran to get it, knowing exactly who it was. James got up as well, but Nathan waved him back, and when he got to the door, he opened it to find a smiling pair of boys, they were not crying as he had suspected they might be.

“Hi guys. How'd it go?” Nathan asked as soon as he had the door closed.

“Can we all go sit and we'll tell you all about it?” Mitchel asked.

“Sure.” Nathan said, gesturing the guys upstairs to where he and James had been sitting and watching TV.

“Hi guys, what's up?” James asked curiously when Mitchel and Isaac came in.

“Let us get comfortable first, and then we'll tell you all about it.” Isaac answered, and then a few moments later, they were all seated, both pairs facing each other on the two couches. Mitchel started.

“It's like this. We had to be home for dinner, because our parents told us that they wanted to talk this morning, and we knew that that meant something likely very bad for us, but we talked about it on our way here this morning and decided that no matter what they had to say, that we were going to accept it. Well, we all had dinner, all our younger siblings were gone to friends, so we knew it involved us and only us, which we knew then exactly what they were going to say. It was a silent dinner to say the least, no one said anything, it was like a last meal before an execution, and in a way, it was, they killed us.”

“As soon as we were all finished, we were told to go sit in the living room, so we did, we sat in the love seat together, and then my dad point blank told us that they knew we were gay, and that we had been messing around. He also told us that they knew about our wearing and using diapers, and asked us if we were wearing them right then, so we proudly stood up and pulled our pants down, saying yes at the same time. Then we sat back down, holding hands. Isaac said yes, we're gay baby boyfriends, and we're happy being so as well.”

“His dad then said that we had a choice, that we could either go to a treatment centre to get fixed, because we were very sick, or we could leave. I just said, we're not sick, we're gay, and that if they didn't love us because of that, then we'd gladly leave. My mom said no, we were wrong, that gayness is a sickness, and that unless we submitted ourselves to getting fixed up, then we were no longer their children. I just said, so it's the same as my big brother all over again, and I asked them point blank if they loved any of us kids, were we nothing to them. Isaac's mom actually had the nerve to say that they loved us until they started feeling we were gay, then they pitied us, now we're just dead to them, because we won't go get fixed.”

“We told them that was fine, because the second they started treating us differently because they thought we were gay, that they too were dead to us, that if they didn't love us for who and what we are, then that was it, we weren't gonna do anything they wanted. Isaac hopped up and went and grabbed the papers that you gave us Nathan in case this happened and we were able to get them to sign them, and then we told them that we were divorcing them, and that unless they wanted us to go to the police and tell them everything, that they'd have to sign us over.”

“My dad actually yelled at me, saying I was nothing but a dirty fag, and that we could do nothing to them. I grabbed the phone and started to dial the police station, asking him to dare me, and find out just how much trouble they'd get in for kicking two thirteen year old boys out of the house, just because we were gay. Then Isaac said that they'd be charged with mental abuse and abandonment, and those charges carried five year prison terms each. They knew not to argue that, because Isaac has taken the law course the school offers, and he learned all that from there. They just said fine and signed the papers.” Mitchel finished and Isaac took over.

“James, now, we know you didn't want for this to come, and we know you're scared of what you know we're about to ask, but we can't see living anywhere else. No one could understand us any better than you possibly can. Just look how we're all dressed, we want and need someone who understands us for who and what we really truly are. Could you please take us in? I know it's a lot to ask, but we promise to be good little baby boys, we'll help you out in any way we can.” Isaac asked softly.

“Oh boys, I just don't know. Not all that long ago, I never even thought of having one kid, let alone three. Can you at least give me a few days time to think it all over?”

“Yes, take all the time you need, but can we stay here for at least a few days, so that we can figure something out if you decide that you just can't?” Isaac asked.

“Yes, of course, I won't turn you away in your time of need.”

“Thanks James.” Mitchel and Isaac said as one and both hopped up and hugged James tightly.

“You're welcome. Now, it feels like you both need soggy bums changed, so go change your diapers and then come and sit and join us for a bit for the rest of the night while we watch TV.” James said softly.

“Thanks.” Mitchel said, and then they both did just that, going back to the room that they had used before. They stripped each other and then changed each others diapers before heading back to the living room to watch TV with the other two for the rest of the night.

Before too long, they all headed to bed for the night and cuddled up to their boyfriends for the entire night. This was to be a first in a long time for Mitchel and Isaac, and they enjoyed it greatly, for they had not gotten the chance to cuddle up to each other all night long in a long time.

The next two days went by for the four of them, and before too long, they were in a nice rhythm living together. All four of them were happy too, but yet while James and Nathan had talked about it a couple times, James had still not decided what he wanted to do. Mitchel and Isaac, and even Nathan did not push him though, knowing that he would say yes, he just had to work it all out in his mind. The morning workouts though were now more varied having two other boys there that were no strangers to working hard in sports, so they had known many more good exercises to add to James and Nathan's routine.

James was starting to feel exhausted every day, yet none of the boys allowed him to stop, in fact they were pushing him harder still for the complaining. It was starting to show though that he was losing weight, especially when James put on pants, for they were now getting a bit baggier on him, so that was good. Mitchel and Isaac were noted to be looking exponentially happier, each and every day they were there, their happiness grew more, how could you not be, knowing that you were free once and for all to be who and what you really truly were inside.

This morning, just after their workout for the day, the phone rang, James answered it to find that it was Nathan's grandma on the phone, so handed the phone over to Nathan. It was a short conversation, Nathan only saying that they were not planning on going anywhere and that they could come over right away if they would like to. It seemed they did.

“Well, as you heard, I invited my grandparents over, so that means we should probably go get dressed and ready for the day.” Nathan said as soon as he hung up the phone.

“Okay.” The other three said as one.

A few minutes later they were all dressed and presentable, then they quickly ran through the house to make sure that it was nice and clean, but given that they were all really good about cleaning up after themselves, they had little work to do. Not even fifteen minutes after hanging up, there was a knock at the door, so James went to get it.

“Hello, you must be James, it's good to meet you. I'm Nancy, and this is my husband Nicholas.”

“It's good to meet you as well, and yes, I'm James. Please come in and meet your grandson, for the first time so it sounds.”

“Thanks, that'd be really nice. We've only ever seen him in pictures.” Nicholas said happily.

A few seconds later they were all in the living room, they had just sat down.

“So, you're definitely Nathan, there's no denying that. You look so much like your uncle it's uncanny.” Nancy said happily, a tear leaking out.

“Yeah, that's me. I wish I could say that I knew you somehow, and while you do sorta remind me of my mother, it's only very slight, and I'd have never recognized you at all.”

“Yeah. That's why we wanted to come and meet you, because you deserve to know your family, your real family, because as you said before, you had none. Are there any questions you'd like to ask?” Nancy asked.

“No, at least not yet. I should introduce everyone here though. You've already met James, he's my dad, we adopted each other. But over there are my friends Mitchel and Isaac. They're gay and were recently kicked out of their house by their uncaring parents, so they're living here 'til they figure out what to do.”

“It's good to meet you all, but if it's just the two of you here, and clearly you all know and understand each other a great deal, why do you guys not take these two boys in?” Nancy asked curiously.

“We'd like to, but James is still having a hard time with everything. Not all that long ago he'd never thought of having kids, now he has three, all of us gay teens.” Mitchel answered softly.

“I suppose we can understand that. It'd be a bit of a adjustment to be sure.” Nicholas laughed.

“Yeah, it's also the legalities of it though.” James added softly.

“Ah, who really cares about the law, just do what you want and let them worry about it. By the way James, we enjoy your books as well, and I do believe you'll recognize that quote from one of them.” Nancy grinned.

“Oh, I didn't know you'd know who I was.” James blushed.

“Yeah, well we weren't just gonna let anyone take our grandson, now were we. You were checked into fully once we knew what had happened, and that was one of the things we found out about you. Granted, that was only one of a very few things, there's not really much to know about you though, is there. I mean there's your past where it seems that you were trying to self destruct, and then very little.” Nancy said offhandedly.

“Oh. How'd you get that information though, my real name's not used anywhere where my books are concerned?”

“You'd be surprised at one can find if they really know how to ask the proper questions of the proper people.” Nicholas grinned.

“Right, I'll have to remember that. So, you read my books to research me then?”

“No, actually we both knew of your writing well before we knew anything about you. I've been a fan for many years, and I turned Nicholas onto your books as well. They're very well written and the stories are very believable.”

“Oh, thanks. Nathan says that you're a writer as well, however, I'm afraid I can't say as I've read any of your books, since I don't care for romance novels.” James blushed.

“That's okay, even Nicholas doesn't read my books, he's such a man. Hardly any men read them, but some do.” Nancy laughed.

“I have read them, I just don't enjoy that particular genre.”

“I can understand that.” James smiled, liking the couple a great deal.

“Same.” Nancy added.

“So Nathan, aren't these the two boys that you complained about in school as to having been verbally and mentally harassing you in school?” Nicholas asked.

“Actually, yes they are. However, I'm helping them out, because their family lives haven't been so nice. They're gay, and in order to not arouse suspicion in families where they knew they were hated, they had to act a lot differently than they felt, and unfortunately that spilled out onto anyone that they knew or suspected to be who and what they actually were. Sad, but they're getting better.” Nathan answered softly, both offending boys looking down, neither able to look at Nathan's grandparents.

“It's so sad that parents just can't accept their children for who they are and love them unconditionally. We don't blame you boys for how you acted, and we're proud to hear that you're working all those problems out now.” Nancy said softly to the obviously embarrassed boys.

“Thanks. They're really helping us though.” Mitchel said softly.

“That's good. Even though you might not realize it yet, even you do deserve happiness, even with all that you've done in the past, and as long as you work to make it better, then you'll truly be happy.” Nicholas smiled to the boys.

“Thanks.” Both boys said once again.

“So, Nathan, have you any questions yet?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah, you said my mother fell down the stairs when she was a baby, how'd that happen?”

“Well, she was one of those kids that liked to climb, and from the day she started walking, she was hell to keep up with. Actually, she didn't walk so much as run. We couldn't keep up to her at all. We had all the usual protections in place, but still we had to watch her like a hawk, because she was able to get past most of them if we let her, including the gates preventing her from going down the stairs. I was at home that day, her mom was at work, and I turned my back for just a few minutes to get her something for lunch, and she went straight for the stairs. In a way, it might actually be my fault as to what happened, because by the time that I noticed what she was doing, I yelled out stop, but she was already at the top of the gate, he one foot already over the other side, so that she could get over it. I must have scared her, because she slipped, and then that was it, all I remember was hearing the sickening thumping sound as she went head over heels down the entire flight of stairs.”

“I can't tell you how scared I was, I quite literally ran and jumped the gate, running down the stairs, how I didn't fall and kill myself, even still I have no idea. I grabbed her, and amazingly enough, she was alive. She was moving around, crying in pain, but I probably shouldn't have picked her up like I did, I could've injured her more had she broken anything. I called an ambulance right away, because I knew from how she was acting that she had a bad concussion, and then I called Nancy to tell her what had happened and that we were heading to the hospital. She met us there not even a few minutes after we arrived, and the doctors already had your mother in and were looking at her.”

“She had not only a concussion, but also a fractured skull, as well she was bleeding into her head, so they had to get her into surgery, where they repaired what damage they could, but sadly, as you now know, they were unable to fix her up completely. It was quite a few years before we realized the extent of the damage that she suffered though, she was almost ten when we realized that she wasn't quite right. It's mean to say, but she never really was right after the accident. She often went nearly comatose, sometimes for hours at a time, and other times she was so over active it was like living with a hurricane. We went to the doctors and they ran all sorts of tests, and found out what was the problem. By then it was too late, even though we were given medications to help her, she was adamant that there was nothing at all wrong with her. She refused to take any medications at all by the time she was fourteen, and when we tried to force the issue, she only got more and more irrational. In the full swing of puberty, the problems were starting to compound, to the point where she was losing all tenuous grip on reality. We tried everything in our power to control her, but she was uncontrollable. Believe it or not, she's actually better now than she was in her early teens. It seems puberty really threw her for a loop, and for a few years after that, life was simply miserable.”

“When we found out that your uncle was coming though, now that set her off like nothing else could possibly have done. She accused us of trying to have another baby to replace her, that we always saw her as defective, and that as soon as the new baby was here, that we'd ship her off somewhere, and then that'd be it. The sad thing is, in some ways, she may have been correct, except her brother was not planned, but we had already been looking into having her hospitalized. We realized though that to do that after getting pregnant and her accusing us of that, that it wouldn't be in good taste to do so, even if it was what she needed.”

“At no times at all though would we ever dream of leaving her with her brother though once he was born, we were honestly scared of what she would do to him. Never once did she complain about that though, she wanted nothing, and I do mean nothing to do with him, she wouldn't even look at him. If I walked into the room with him, she'd leave and call me all sorts of names. Given that their mom was working during most of this time and I was at home, I was the one that got to bear the brunt of her abuse, although Nancy sure did get her share too once she came home though.”

“Then she met your father, and their crime spree began. In their first year together, she was brought home no less than twelve times by the police. They even ended up in jail a few times, the longest for six months each. They were becoming a real Bonnie and Clyde. What all they got into, we never did find out entirely, but we found out a great deal more yesterday.” Nicholas told the tale.

“Wow, I feel so bad for you, that had to have been horrible. How much therapy did it take for you to get over the fact that you almost killed your daughter?” Nathan asked softly.

“Three years. I know it wasn't my fault, I knew it then even, no one could possibly watch her that much, she was always so active, but I still felt guilty because of it. Your grandma tried for the first couple weeks, but she couldn't do it alone, so made me go see the shrink.”

“No, if she was that hard to watch, it was only a matter of time. The only thing you could've done was to move to a house without stairs, but that's not always an option, and why should you have. If you did all that you could to prevent an accident, and it still happened, then there was nothing that you could do about it.”

“That's what your grandma and the therapist always told me, and even though I knew that already, it was still hard to not feel guilty.”

“I'm sure it was. So, you met with my ex parents yesterday then?”

“Yeah, we got into town yesterday, late morning, and we went and got a hotel and then went and paid them a visit.”

“Oh yeah, how'd that go?”

“About as well as can be expected really.” Nancy answered this time.

“Can you tell me anything?”

“There's some pretty private stuff, do you want us to say it all here?” Nancy asked.

“Sure, these guys already know everything I know anyway, and we're all family here, sorta.” Nathan shrugged.

“Okay. Well, when we arrived, they were reluctant to let us in, but we told them that we already knew the secret they were trying to hide from us. We informed them that our lawyer called and let us know about the divorce of you from them, and that we wanted to know what had happened, and we wanted the truth. At first they were reluctant, saying only that it had been your choice and yours alone. We of course asked the question I'm sure they didn't want us to ask, and that was why you deemed it necessary to divorce them.” Nancy answered, and then continued.

“Your grandpa started out by telling them that they'd already been disinherited, because they just couldn't be good people, and that we weren't happy with that, that we'd already named you as our sole heir, since her brother had died. She was shocked to hear that, because she never read the letter that we'd written to her, telling her of that. Of course we had to explain everything, how he died trying to be a good person, and he was. Once again she accused us of loving him more than we loved her. Once again we tried to explain that it wasn't that we didn't love her, that she didn't love us, that she refused to admit that she had a problem and needed medications to help her. She screamed, saying she was normal and didn't need medications. Well, we almost got up and left right then, but her husband calmed her down, amazingly, since he's never done anything like that before.”

“We tried to explain that had she have just tried, learned to cope with her mental disability and manage it through the medications, that she would have lived a much better life, not full of drug and alcohol abuse, with no criminal record, it was she that had made her choices, and that we could not condone those choices. We did everything in our power to help her, to protect her from herself, but that she didn't want the help, she refused it, and had only herself to blame for it. There was no one left for her to blame now, her brother was dead, he could not be accused of taking all our love. We even told her that it wasn't until well after he died that we removed her from our will, so that she'd know that both of them had been included in it, but once again, she called us liars.”

“It was a nearly pointless two hours, there were a lot of tears shed, mostly by us, sadly none by your mom, especially when we told her of her brothers death. When we asked if she felt anything from hearing that news, she said no, nothing. We were sick from hearing that, she really did hate him. And then we got onto the topic of you again. Once again, we asked why you'd want to divorce them, to get away from them so badly that you'd want to take your chances on your own in a system that was often cruel and unforgiving. We asked what they could possibly have done to make you so adamant to escape them. At first they tried the usual, we tried everything to make that boy happy, but nothing we did was ever good enough.”

“I admit I actually laughed at hearing that, asking her if she'd ever cared for anyone at all, if they ever truly cared for you. We then told them to remember the day they told us that you were going to be coming, and that they were going to adopt you out, only because they didn't realize it in time to abort the pregnancy. Sorry to have told you that part, but you have to know what was going through their minds then.” Nancy said.

“Don't worry, they told me that many times, that the only reason I was born was because they were already too far along to abort, and had they have had the choice, I never would have been born. Trust me, nothing they could have told you will shock me, for they likely said it all and more to my face.” Nathan said impassively.

“I just don't doubt that in the least. Once again, we asked what they did, or rather did not do, and finally after rephrasing it many times and in many ways, calling them liars to their faces, they answered. They told us of all the abuse they handed down to you, all the names they called you, how little they gave you, but that they did at least give you what you needed to survive. Your mother in particular said she hated you, that you meant nothing to her, same as her worthless brother, only there to steal our love from her. I slapped her, I admit I slapped her hard and called her a heartless bitch. We tried, once again to tell her that we never stopped loving her, that we never would, but that we still couldn't condone her lifestyle, and until she changed her ways, that that's the way it'd stay.”

“Maybe not so surprisingly, but she said that they were happy with their life, that they enjoyed what they did, and that at least without you in the house, they could truly be comfortable and happy. Only, well your dad didn't seem as happy with that as your mom did. So I asked him if he missed you. After a few minutes, he did admit that he did miss you, and that he did love you, at least a bit. Your mom called him a liar and told him that he hated you just as much as she did. He cowed to her and said yeah, he did. So, we got our confirmation as to who controlled the relationship, and while still not exactly normal, your dad did have some sense of decency, but it had been beaten out of him by your mother. He's a follower, of that much we learned yesterday fully, he only goes where your mom does and does what she says because he has to, he doesn't know anything else. So, when she goes, he'll likely go down with her, and it probably won't be pretty.”

“Now that they know that they're no longer going to get anything from us, unless they change their ways, there's a better than even chance that they're gonna self destruct soon. When it happens, we'd like for you to come to the funeral with us, I know it won't feel like you belong there, but you should be.” Nancy said, amazingly enough there was little emotion there.

“You think she's gonna kill them both, don't you?” Nathan asked sadly.

“Yes, how and when though I have no idea, but there's little way we see that your father will escape her when she decides it. He won't have a choice in the matter either, of that we have no doubts. If he's lucky, she'll just get them both higher and higher 'til they both overdose, but there's so many other ways for her to do it. When that day comes, I'd hope that you do at least shed a tear for them.” Nancy said softly.

“I don't know. The abuse they gave to me was pretty bad. I don't know how, or if I'll feel anything when it happens. If they manage to last a few more years and I grow up and heal more, then maybe I can, but right now, I just don't think I could.”

“At least you're honest, and honestly, we expect nothing more or less. We will shed a tear or two, but sadly, she truly died many years ago, and we cried out all that we had for her already. All she is now is a ghost living here, there's little left of who she was and who she could have been, but still, when the day comes, it will be a sad day for us, no matter what she became, for to lose ones child is hard, no matter what.”

“I've dealt with too many lies already in my life, and unless absolutely necessary, I won't lie. I've had to a few times to get through life, everyone has, but when it's not necessary, I just can't do it. I'll feel sad for you, and I might even shed a tear for you guys, because you shouldn't have to lose another child, your only other child, but I agree with you, she's already dead, but still walking around not realizing it.”

“Thanks, and can we count on you being there with us?” Nancy asked softly.

“Yes, when it happens, I'll be there for you. I trust it'll be a very simple service?”

“Yep, just a small graveside, non denominational and only us there. You can bring James of course if you want to, and we'll contact your other grandparents if they're still around, but I doubt it. I know your fathers dad was very ill already many years ago, and his mother was already in dialysis for kidney problems from too much drinking. I'd honestly be surprised if they were still alive, and I know he had no other family.”

“Then we should all be there for him as well.” Nathan said softly.

“Thanks. No one should have to be alone on that day, even your parents, even if they did hate you, and at least they did bring you into the world. It may not have been a good one to start with, but I daresay you found yourself the life you truly deserved. Had we have known what was happening, and had we been able to be here for you, we would've taken you in ourselves, but this is good for you as well.”

“No, they did bring me into the world, and the least I can do for them is to see them off when they do go. Had I not had James to come to, I'd have gladly gone to you guys, it would've been nice to grow up somewhere where I was loved. I know I dreamed of having real family that loved me a lot while growing up, only I thought there was no one else out there for me. Turns out I was wrong.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Yes, you were, but you had no way to know that. Now, as much as we'd love to stay for longer, we actually have to catch a flight back home in a few hours.”

“Oh, you're not staying for longer?” Nathan asked sadly.

“Unfortunately no. I have an important meeting with a pharmaceutical company tomorrow that finally came to head. It was lucky that I was able to come today as it was, and we only just managed to squeeze it in. But we promise that the next time we come out, that we'll be coming for a few days, and we'd like to take you out and have some fun and really learn about you.” Nicholas smiled warmly.

“Thanks, but if I go, so do the others, we're a family after all as well.” Nathan said firmly.

“We'd never make you leave your family behind, don't worry. And if they don't have any family themselves, of which we now know they don't, then they're welcome to call us grandma and grandpa too.” Nancy said warmly.

“Really!” All three of the others said as one, none of them had ever had either.

“Sure. You wouldn't be the first kids who've adopted us as grandparents, even if one of you is already into their thirties.” Nancy laughed.

“That's really nice of you. I haven't had any family in so long, it'd be nice” James said softly.

“Good, then that's settled. Nathan, we'd really like a hug before we go if we could please?” Nicholas asked.

“Sure.” Nathan said happily and got up at the same time as they did.

He went to his grandpa first and hugged him, not even paying any attention to the fact that his grandpa picked him up under the bum and patted him as he hugged him. He then went to his grandma, who did the exact same thing. Nathan had tears in his eyes as he was set back down again.

“You know, you and your uncle were a lot more alike then we thought. He had to wear diapers too.” Nancy said softly.

“Oh, you noticed that did you?” Nathan blushed a bit.

“Yeah, but we wondered if you would as well. Your grandpa's had to wear diapers almost all his life as well. It seems to run in the male line of the family.” Nancy said softly.

“Yeah, but did my uncle or you enjoy them, because I don't really need them?” Nathan asked, blushing a bit more.

“Yep.” His grandpa answered proudly.


“How could we not really. I didn't have to start wearing diapers full time 'til I was an adult, but I'd had a number of accidents prior to that, so wore guards and plastic pants for long time before that, and of course diapers to bed. You say you don't need them, but in all likelihood you would have before too long, and I'm willing to bet you were a bad bed wetter as well. Jamie was a bad bed wetter his entire life, and no matter what he did, he couldn't stop it. By the time he was nine, he was already starting to like diapers, and we caught him wearing them during the day more often than not by the time he was ten. When he was eleven, he told us that he wasn't gonna bother with using the toilet any more and was just gonna wear diapers all the time. Of course we were okay with it.”

“Oh. Yeah, I quit for a while a couple times, but always started back up again, and when I peed, it was usually a lot. I'd sorta dreamed of having diapers for a long time before I finally got to wear them. I also had a really bad bladder during the day and would have accidents if I wasn't careful. I'd had so many though that it wasn't even funny, and I got teased a lot for that.”

“Yep, just like Jamie.” Nancy said.

“Yeah. Sadly though we do have to get going. We'll try and arrange to get back out this way soon though so that we can really get to know each other well, and like I said, we promise to stay longer next time.”

“Thanks.” Nathan smiled warmly.

A few minutes later and after saying goodbye a few times, they were gone again. The others just went and sat back down and talked some more.

“That went really well Baby, and you learned a lot. How are you holding up though?” James asked softly, hugging Nathan to him.

“Yeah, I learned a lot, and I feel sorry for them, and even sorta for my mom, but she did it to herself with refusing help, so I don't really feel bad for her that much. I don't feel bad knowing that they're likely gonna die soon, and that it'll be my mom that does it, it just doesn't surprise me. She could be so scary, and sometimes she'd threaten me with all sorts of stuff, and I had no doubts that she'd do it too if I pushed her the wrong way. I'd hope though that my father would be able to stop her, but somehow I doubt it, and maybe she would have taken us all out at the same time, who knows.”

“Yeah, who knows how she would've acted had she gone off the deep end, but thankfully she didn't go sooner and take you with them. Maybe your father will realize before it's too late and escape, but by the way your grandparents made it sound, he's not strong enough to do it.”

“No, he's not, and if she asked him to do it, he'd kill himself I think. Whatever drugs he's abused in the past have killed that in him I think, he no longer knows how to act on his own.”

“I doubt that's entirely the drugs, no drugs that I'm aware of could cause that, more than likely they've only made that portion of his personality weaker than it was. He's more than likely always been weak, and your mom exposed and used those weaknesses, making him follow her wherever she went.”

“Probably true.”

“So, James, you're a writer?” Mitchel asked curiously.

“Yeah, I was gonna tell you boys, since you're living here at the moment, but I have a few books already. I'm not exactly hugely famous or anything like that, but not too bad. Enough to afford a good life, that's for sure.”

“Yeah, I'll say.” Isaac said.

“What kinda books do you write?” Mitchel asked.

“Mostly conspiracy theory type books and a few mysteries as well.”

“Cool, can we see your books?”

“Sure, they're all in my office, you're welcome to look at them any time you wish.” James smiled.

“Cool, thanks.” Both boys said.

“Well, now that we're all alone boys, what should we do?”

“Don't know, but unless I'm mistaken, I think we need to go shopping. We all need diapers, and the food's getting low as well. We should also get a few more diaper shirts and Mitchel and Isaac are gonna need some new clothes, because theirs are getting pretty worn out.” Nathan suggested.

“Very true. About that though!” James said.

“Yes.” All three boys said as one, leaning forward expectantly.

“You guys already knew I would, I've known it since the day you came here, and maybe even before, but we can't send you somewhere else, not now, not when we're all so much alike. We'll go talk to the lawyer and get him to make everything nice and legal.” James smiled warmly to the boys.

Mitchel and Isaac just hopped up and hugged James tightly. They all hugged and cried for a few minutes, Nathan even joining in after a couple minutes for the family hug.

“Thanks James, it means a lot to us, really it does.” Mitchel said happily.

“I know, just remind me every so often why I decided to do this, because I think I'm crazy.”

“No, you're not, you'd be crazy for not wanting us.” Isaac grinned cheekily.

“Yeah.” James laughed.

“Come on guys, let's go shopping.” Nathan smiled brightly.

“You know, I think we're gonna have to go buy a bigger vehicle, we'll never fit all of us and groceries in my little car.” James said.

“You're probably right. Maybe go with a mini van or small SUV, try and find another one that's really good on gas, and a Hybrid again if possible.” Nathan suggested.

“I'd go van first, the SUV's really aren't my cup of tea, so maybe we should go there first.”

“Okay, wherever you'd like to go Baby is okay by us.” Nathan said and then looked to the other two and got nods of agreement from both.

“Okay, let's go. Do you boys have the papers you had your parents sign, so that we can drop them off at the lawyers office to get him started on his work?” James asked.

“We will in a second.” Mitchel said and took off to grab both of them.

As soon as he was back, they headed out, and stopped at the lawyers office first. They all went in and explained what was happening, and the lawyer was happy for them, saying he would get everything started, and filled out all the information he needed from them all, having them sign wherever necessary, and they were gone in only thirty minutes.

They hit a car dealership next and James asked for what he was looking for, and they had a few in stock that would suit their needs, so showed them all the options, and James saw one that was fully loaded and had great mileage, so chose that one. They went inside and he paid for it, trading his old car in against the purchase, paid cash for it, and the insurance agent at the lot took care of all the insurance stuff for them. They were gone from there in only forty five minutes.

It was decided that they were getting hungry, so they headed to a nearby restaurant that served good healthy food, and they all ordered a nice healthy meal and sat back and enjoyed that. As soon as they were done there, James took them to the medical supply store for their diapers, and they all went in and grabbed all that they would be needing for the next little while, and unashamedly they all helped to take it out to the van and load it up.

From there they headed to the mall, where all three boys and James grabbed a few new clothes, diaper shirts included, and looked around for a bit and bought a few other things here and there.

“Hey James, we should go to a store that sells workout equipment and get a few things for the pool house.” Nathan said as they were heading out of the mall.

“Okay, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, just a few things, but the one I want most is an elliptical trainer, but some weights and a few other things would be nice too. I'd also really love one of those far infrared saunas I've seen before, they're supposed to be the best and really good for you as well.”

“Okay, sure, why not. We still haven't finished getting all the things for the new house that I wanted to get, and that'll be good to get.” James said.

So they headed to a store that carried nothing but workout equipment and supplies, which did include pools and whatnot. They looked around for a bit and picked out the elliptical trainer that Nathan had wanted, the weight gym that James wanted, the bike that Mitchel wanted and the rowing machine that Isaac wanted, as well they grabbed a few pool workout things, mostly foam weights for resistance training in the water. They figured that was enough, so that they could always be doing something at the same time together. And then they went and picked out the biggest and best sauna they had, and then went and paid for everything and arranged delivery for the following day.

“Wow, we sure spent a lot of money today.” Isaac said as they climbed in the van to head grocery shopping.

“If you think that's lots, you should have been with us the day we went shopping for the furniture and the electronics for the house. I almost pooped myself I tell you, we spent more than two hundred thousand dollars in just one day.” Nathan said excitedly.

“What, really!” Both boys said as one in awe.

“Unh huh, it was awesome. You know how nice all of it is, well it's real expensive, the best there is bar none, and it didn't even take that long to spend that much.”

“Wow, I couldn't imagine spending that much money in one day like that.” Mitchel said.

“Neither could I, 'til that day actually.” James laughed.

“Yeah, me neither, but it was fun.” Nathan smiled.

“I bet. So, where to next?” Isaac asked.

“Groceries.” James answered simply, and then a few minutes they were there.

Once at the grocery store, they loaded up on all that they would be needing for the next week or two, and amazingly enough to Mitchel and Isaac, but they had no junk food at all, but they did understand why. James did not even try and sneak any in this time, amazingly enough. He was already starting to feel better, and knew his new diet and exercise routine was working.

Once they were finished getting all that they needed, they went and paid for it and then headed home for the night. Once there, they decided to get started on dinner, and made and then ate that. They relaxed for the rest of the night before all heading to bed, and because it had been a pretty long and eventful day, none of them played around any at all.