Chapter 6

The next day the four of them just stayed around the house and did a lot of talking after their daily exercises were over. They were patiently awaiting their delivery and when it arrived, they showed the guys where it was to go. Other than that though, there was nothing too terribly exciting that happened.

The following day Nathan woke up feeling more than a little horny, so woke James up in the best way possibly known to man, he slipped down James' soggy diaper and started sucking him gently. Just as James was about to cum, he woke up and gave off a strangled cry, and then came.

“Wow, what a way to wake up.” James sighed a few seconds later when he came down.

“Glad you enjoyed waking up. How did you sleep?” Nathan asked with a cum eating grin, in fact he still had a bit on his lips, of which he was busy licking off.

“Not nearly as good as I woke up, but really good, how about you?”

“Really good as well. I enjoyed waking you up more though.” Nathan grinned.

“I bet. Mind terribly if I get my morning snack?”

“Oh no, come and get it Baby.” Nathan said happily.

And come and get he certainly did too, with a voracious appetite, he ate of Nathan as if he were a starving man. Nathan though was too close from giving James such good attention, he was too close, and ended up exploding well before James was satisfied from sucking, so he did not bother to stop, and sucked Nathan for another couple minutes, until he came again.

“Ah, much better, thanks Baby.” Nathan sighed.

“Glad you enjoyed. Should we get up and go get some breakfast?”

“Yeah, we probably should, and then get started on our daily workout.”

“Okay.” James said, finally not bothering to fight it.

As they went passed, Nathan knocked on Mitchel and Isaac's bedroom door and told them that breakfast was in ten minutes. They did not wait for an answer, knowing from the sounds coming from the bedroom that they were awake. They would be surprised though if the boys made it in time.

“That sounded fun.” Nathan grinned as they continued their walk to the kitchen.

“Yeah, it did. It's nice to hear that they're no longer as quiet as mice and that they're enjoying themselves more.” James smiled.

“Speaking of that though, I think I'm ready, I want to start fingering each other, I want us to make love to each other soon.”

“Whenever you're ready Baby, so am I.” James smiled warmly, but going painfully hard in his diaper, a fact that did not escape Nathan. Granted, neither did the fact pass by James without him noticing either.

“I almost want to say to heck with breakfast and go have some more fun now, but we can't.” Nathan grinned again.

“I almost want to agree with you too.” James grinned back.

They said nothing more though, just got to the kitchen and made them all some breakfast. They took their time, knowing that the two lovebirds would be a bit yet, but in ten minutes, just as they were setting the table, two naked boys came sauntering in the room, both smiling.

“Looks like it was a good morning for you two.” Nathan teased.

“Oh yeah. I can't tell you how nice it is to make love to each other and get to make noise and not fear every little sound you do accidentally make.” Mitchel admitted freely.

“I bet I can guess though.”

“Possibly. Oh good, breakfast's ready, let's eat.” Mitchel said, noticing the food, and they both dove for the table and sat down to join the other two.

“Wow, worked up a bit of an appetite did you?” James laughed.

“Um yeah, we've been awake for more than an hour already.”

“Oh.” Both Nathan and James said as one.

“Yeah, we worked up a bit of an appetite, and next we're gonna go do a good workout, so we need the energy.” Isaac said.

“Yeah, well we're happy for the two of you.” James smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” They both said.

Together they ate their good breakfast, and then headed to the pool house to do their daily workout. Today they worked on the equipment that they had bought the other day to mix it up a bit. They would spend ten minutes on each item and then rotate, they did this for an hour, and then went and sat in their new sauna to relax.

“Mmm, I think I like this sauna.” Nathan sighed.

“Me too.” The other three also sighed their agreement.

After they finished in the sauna, they hopped in the pool and cooled down and swam around lazily for almost half an hour.

“So, what would you boys like to do today?” James asked as they all hopped out of the pool and were heading to the showers to get cleaned up for the day.

“No clue. When do you figure the lawyer will call with anything?” Nathan asked curiously.

“Not too sure, it's hard to say really. It all depends on the courts and what they have to do. We might run into a bit of a problem though, and you all know what I'm talking about, because at some point you two are going to have to go see a doctor.” James warned.

“Oh, because we've had anal sex.” Mitchel said, going white.

“Exactly. Any doctor will be able to tell instantly that you two have enjoyed anal sex together. I'm not sure what a judge is gonna think of that. I know for a fact that you're gonna be asked some pretty embarrassing questions though, and likely so will I.”

“Oh. Well, we've only ever been with each other, no one else, ever, so they can't say anything about that.”

“Actually, you'll find there's lots of people out there who would say anything they want to, no matter if it's true or not. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of people out there that don't believe kids your age could even know what sex or love is, nor do they think that you could be doing it without an adult helping you in some way. We of course know that's not the case, but that doesn't mean some idiot can't make it harder on us.” James warned.

“Oh. What do we do then?” Isaac asked.

“Just tell the truth is all, and really, it's the only option, for to say anything other wouldn't help in the long run. I'm adopting you boys simply because you're gay and your families kicked you out, no more, no less, and I felt that you deserved a good home where you could grow to be your best. That's what I'm gonna say, granted, I won't say I know that you two have had anal sex, only that you're both gay and that I'm pretty sure that you do play around, but that it's none of my business as to what you do behind closed doors. I suggest you say the same, that you never share with me just what it is you do. Mind you, you never really have, I just assumed.”

“Oh, well when the time comes then, that's what we're gonna do then. It should be pretty easy to convince someone, because like you said, it's the actual truth.” Mitchel said.

“Yeah, hopefully some idiot doesn't go and call family services though to have me investigated. That wouldn't be pleasant, I tell you, and in such a case, that's the reason Nathan has his own bedroom all set up. Mind you, I don't think it's ever actually been used, his is the red room by the way. You might not have known that.”

“No, we didn't, but it makes sense.”

“So, should I call the lawyer then and ask him how things are going, or should we just wait 'til he calls us?”

“We may as well wait and let them do what they need to do.” Isaac answered.

“Okay. So, what would you boys like to do then?”

“No idea.” They all said.

“Oh goody, well me neither, but I don't really feel like staying around the house again, I've done that so much over the past few years.”

“Yeah, we know, but I don't want to go to the mall either and just wander around, so could we maybe go to the lake or something like that?” Nathan asked.

“Or even better yet, let's head to the ocean and to the park there, that should be fun.” James suggested, liking that idea.

“Okay.” All three boys said as one.

“Cool. Well, we won't really be able to wear diapers there so much, but I for one pretty much need to, but if we stay by the water at all times, no one will notice if I leak out a bit. There's change rooms at the park, so we can change there, so we should be all good. You boys go get your shorts or whatever you want to wear there, and I'll go get our towels and stuff and pack a beach and diaper bag.”

“Okay.” All three boys said, heading to their bedrooms to get what they needed.

All three boys grabbed their Speedos and their swim shorts, got diapered and threw on some decent clothes for the drive there. James did all the same things, except he did not grab his Speedo, he was not comfortable wearing that out of the house. He then grabbed their diaper bag and made sure it was fully stocked, and then grabbed some towels and a couple other things and threw them in, so that they were ready to go.

Once they were all ready, they headed out, all talking happily as they drove. It was a little more than an hour drive to get to the ocean park from their house, but they all chatted away merrily the entire way there. Once there, they parked and then headed toward the change rooms and went in and got changed into their swim shorts.

They headed toward the water, laying their blanket and their things on it, and then ran toward the water.

“Holy crap, it's cold.” Mitchel squealed when they ran in, the others were agreeing with him.

“Well, we're not exactly in California or the Mediterranean here, this is Canada, home of the cold water. You'll get used to it in a few minutes.” James laughed. “Haven't any of you gone swimming in the ocean or even a lake before?” He asked curiously.

“No.” Nathan said.

“We've gone to the lake at home before, but it was warmer than this.” Mitchel answered for the two of them.

“Yeah, well during the summer time, it can get pretty nice I hear, but still it's pretty cold in comparison to most lakes in the warmer areas. Even the ocean is way colder here than down south, but we're a heck of a lot closer to icebergs the size of some of the states than they are.” James smiled.

“I guess so, but it's a bit of a surprise.” Nathan laughed.

“That it is.” They all agreed.

For almost an hour they played in the cool water. It was not near as cold as they thought it was, just a lot colder than they were used to swimming in, because they were used to their nice warm pool, and it was kept a little warmer than most probably. When they were all played out, they headed up to their blanket and they all laid down so that they could all get a little bit of sun.

More than a few gay boys were seen to stare at the three good looking boys in only their tight Speedos. More than a few men did too mind you, only they were smart enough to keep their stares discreet. The boys did notice though and all giggled to each other when they noticed. James noticed as well, only he did not let it show that he noticed, especially the men, how could he fault them for the same thing he thought.

Once all sunned out, they decided to head up to the change room and get into their shorts, all putting on a nice thick diaper, so that they could more easily pee. They got dressed so that no one was likely to notice, and then headed out and spent the next couple hours wandering the park and enjoying all the sights. The boys, and even James were noted to enjoy a few of the boy sights that were there that day, including a cute twelve year old boy who had no shame in getting changed right on the beach where he stood, taking his time in doing so, showing off all that he had to offer, and for twelve, he had a fair bit to offer as well. So therefore it was the boys' turn to stare at another boy. The boy winked at them as they passed, so they had been caught, they only smiled.

“I'm getting hungry, how about you guys?” James asked the boys.

“Yeah.” They all said, not so surprisingly.

“Good, let's go find somewhere to eat then.”

“Okay.” The boys all agreed instantly.

Considering that they were well past lunch time and they had only ate breakfast, it was not so surprising that they all enjoyed their lunch a great deal when they did find a good place to eat. As soon as they were finished eating, they headed out and wandered around the city for a bit in the area of the beach, looking in at all of the shops and stores there. There were a lot of them, and they all enjoyed looking around. After looking around for more than an hour, it was decided that they would head home for the rest of the day, because they were all starting to get tired.

“So, what should we do boys?” James asked a little more than an hour later once they all stumbled into the house.''

“Well, I for one need a diaper change, and then I want to just lay around in only a nice thick baby diaper for the rest of the day.” Mitchel answered.

“I could agree to that.” James smiled.

“Me too.” The other two agreed instantly.

They all headed to their bedrooms, where they each changed their boyfriends diaper, all staying in only their dry diaper, and then headed out to meet the others. It was decided that they should lay back and watch a movie before dinner, and then after dinner, they decided to do the same thing again, and before too long, they were in bed for the night.

The next couple days went by quickly for them, with nothing much happening at all, except their morning workouts. Each couple did play a little before bed each night, just enjoying each other the way only lovers can. James and Nathan did not start playing with each others bums yet, leaving that for later, they only kissed and stroked each other tenderly both nights.

Not long after finishing their workout for the day, the four of them were surprised to hear the ringing of the phone. James went and grabbed it and found out it was the lawyer.

“How's it goin?” James asked.

“Not bad, and you guys?”

“Really good.”

“Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you guys, but the judge has been really busy lately, so I finally had my meeting with him yesterday. I got all the necessary paperwork done with the boys ex parents though, so that's all good. They're officially in your care with you being their guardian, now all we have to do is make it all legal to make them your sons.”

“That's good to hear. I do have a question though. The boys are sexually active with each other, and I suspect that they may have played with each others bums. I haven't asked and they haven't said anything, but how's that gonna affect this all, because if they have, the doctor's gonna see it and report it?”

“Well, in a case like that, the boys will have to answer some pretty pointed questions from the judge when he sees them. They'll have to go in one at a time, same as at the doctors, which by the way is scheduled for tomorrow, and I suggest that if they've only been with each other, that they just stick to the complete and total truth. You will be asked the reason why you wish to adopt them though, and I bet I don't have to say why.”

“No, I know why I'll be asked, and I'll just tell the truth, that I couldn't let the boys get kicked out of a caring home just because they were gay, and that they could live with me, that I don't care that they're gay. What they do behind closed doors is their business and no one elses.”

“Good, that should pretty much do it. The judge is an open man, he has no known prejudices and has been known to adopt out gay boys to even men, just as long as he doesn't suspect something more is going on. As long as you all stick to the truth, you should be just fine though.”

“We will, don't worry there, and it is the truth too.”

“I know. Anyway, like I said, your appointment's tomorrow, I managed to get it for nine in the morning for you, because I know you're early risers anyway. Our appointment with the judge, the same one as we used for Nathan by the way, is for the following morning at nine as well. Hopefully if all goes well, it'll all be taken care of shortly. I don't really foresee any problems, even with the boys being gay and active, if they are. Of which, I bet they are, it sounds as if they've been together a long time from the way their parents made it sound. That's all in my reports to the judge as well, so he'll already be forewarned.”

“That's good to hear. Well, see you day after tomorrow then, thanks for everything.”

“No problem, thank you as well.” He said happily and they hung up.

James let the boys know everything that they had not caught, because even though they had been sitting in the room, they obviously did not hear the lawyer's side of it all. They were happy to hear all this as well.

For the rest of the day, they hung around the house, both James and Nathan doing some writing, and Mitchel and Isaac both borrowing books from James and reading them. As it turned out though, the boys had seen his writing before, but had not really read anything yet, but both enjoyed.

“Hi, appointments for Mitchel and Isaac.” James said as he was called up to the receptionist.

“Yes, just go ahead and have a seat, they'll be called in shortly.” She said, so they did.

A few minutes later Mitchel was called in, so he went, and then a few minutes later Isaac was called in as well, and then almost twenty minutes later Mitchel came out, actually blushing. Isaac emerged another twenty minutes after that, blushing lightly as well.

“Well, it looks as if both of you enjoyed your prostate exams.” James chuckled.

“Normally I would've, but not from some old doctor who didn't even tell me what he was doing. It's a good thing I was used to that sorta thing already, or that might not have been any fun at all.” Mitchel said.

“For my appointment, it was the first time, and being somewhat prepared probably didn't make it any easier, because it didn't hurt, but it sure was a shock.” Nathan giggled.

“True. Can we go now please?” Isaac asked.

“Sure. Where should we go boys?”

“Anywhere but here. I don't think I ever want to see another doctor again, I only want one person giving me that exam.” Mitchel said, he was clearly not comfortable with someone else touching him in so intimate a fashion.

“As you get older, I hate to say it, but you'll have to get used to that particular exam. It never gets easy having some nearly strange person sticking their finger up your butt, but at least you're prepared for it. It rarely hurts, unless you tense up, as you undoubtedly already know, but it doesn't make it easy. Come on boys, let's go home then.” James smiled.

They had just been sitting there talking quietly amongst themselves, there was no one else in the waiting room, so they were good to talk, as long as they did not talk too loud. They left the office and headed home, where they all went and did the same things that they had done the day before, it was a nice relaxing day.

Before they knew it though, the morning came again, and with it their appointment with the judge. They met their lawyer at the judges office a few minutes early, and before too long, they were all seated in front of the judge.

“So, here again James. Care to tell me why you agreed to adopt these two boys, when it sounded the last time as if one was going to be a challenge given your previous life?” The judge asked softly.

“The boys were friends of Nathan's, and when I found out what all they were going through at home, it made it easy. I actually didn't come to the final decision until well after they'd already been living with us for several days. In my heart I knew I had to take them in, but my head wasn't listening, as per usual actually. Anyway, their parents pretty much forced them to admit that they were gay and gave them an ultimatum, leave forever and never come back, or go somewhere to be treated for what they believed to be a horrible sickness. Well, I'm not exactly against gays, I'm not against most, only against hatred, so when they were told to leave, they knew that they could come to us to help them out. Nathan had told them they should if it ever got too bad at home. So, when their parents kicked them out of the house, they came to us, and a few days later I figured we should probably make it all nice and legal and make them my sons. Technically they could have stayed living with me indefinitely with the papers they'd already signed, but they wanted a father, so I agreed finally to do that for them.” James answered honestly.

“I understand, and thanks for stepping up to take the boys in. Now, if three of you would please leave, so that I can speak to Mitchel, that'd be great.” The judge asked, so the other three got up and left the room.

“So Mitchel, you went to the doctor yesterday, and everything was perfect, with the exception of one minor thing. Have you any idea what that might be?”

“Yeah, I've had sex before and my bum shows it huh!”

“Yes, it did. The doctor noted though that the intrusion was minimal, but definitely there. James knows you're gay, of that he just stated, and he's okay with that. Care to tell me about all that though?”

“Well, Isaac and I've been together all our lives really. We grew up next door to each other, our dads are cousins, and we've quite literally grown up in each others houses. I don't know when or even really how it started, all I know is that we've always done things for each other that felt good. I guess our first venture into each others bums though we were about eight years old, and we've been doing that for each other since. We love each other a great deal Sir, and we always will. No one, and I do mean no one has ever, or will ever be able to do anything more for me than he does. Even the doctor yesterday, when he gave us the finger up the bum exam, the prostate exam I guess, I didn't like it, it felt like I was betraying Issac with letting the doctor touch me like that.” Mitchel said softly.

“Okay, thanks. So, you've never had sex with anyone else before?”

“Oh god no, and I never will either.” Mitchel said emphatically.

“Okay. And does James know how together you two are?”

“I'm sure he suspects, but he's never asked and we've never told. Same with Nathan really, I'm sure he knows, but he's never asked either, he just leaves us alone when we're in our bedroom.”

“That's fine. And how about Nathan, do you suspect that he's gay as well?”

“Pretty sure of it, yeah, both Isaac and I've suspected it for a while, but while he knows that we're gay, he's never said he was for sure. Not sure if he really knows yet or not.” Mitchel shrugged.

“Oh, okay. How about James?”

“Wouldn't surprise me really, I mean, who else could take in gay boys and be so comfortable, but if you're asking if I'm afraid that he could do something to me, hah, now that's funny. No, James is almost certainly gay, but he'd never hurt a kid, of that I'm certain. If he wanted to, he could have so many times, and he certainly wouldn't have had to adopt us to do so either.”

“Yes, that's certainly true. Well, I think that's about all I need from you at this time, so would you please send Isaac in?”

“Thanks Sir, I'll send him right in.”

Mitchel left and sent Isaac in and then sat and waited with the others while Isaac went through the exact same questions. While his answers were very different, they amounted to the exact same thing, and this pleased the judge. Isaac was done and called the others back in, so they did so.

“Okay, well I think I'm ready to go ahead and sign all the paperwork to make all this legal. Is there anything any one would like to add before I do so?”

“No, I don't think so.” James finally answered after looking to the boys and they each on turn shook their heads.

“Excellent. Well hopefully James we won't have to do this again, especially not so soon.” The judge laughed.

“Yeah, no kidding. I think that three kids will be more than enough, at least for now, and probably for a long time.” James laughed as well.

“We'll see.” All three boys said at the same time.

“No, we won't.” James said, going white.

“Just kidding.” Nathan smiled brightly.

“Good. Well Sir, thanks so much for everything, we truly appreciate it.” James smiled warmly to the judge.

“You're most certainly welcome, now go and enjoy your lives you four.”

“Thanks.” All four of them said as one.

They headed out, shaking their lawyers hand in the hall and separating out to their vehicles.

“So boys, where to next, we should go celebrate?” James asked once in the van.

“I know, I've never been to an amusement park before, can we go there?” Nathan asked.

“Me neither.” All three of the others said.

“So, I guess maybe we can.” James added.

“Cool, let's go home and pack a diaper bag and head out then. And today you can even eat whatever you'd like, within reason.” Nathan smiled.

“Cool.” James smiled brightly.

They headed to the house, and before too long, they were headed right back out again for the almost hour long drive to the nearest amusement park. Pretty much the only thing they did once there was to change their clothes and diapers, check their diaper bag and restock what was needed, and then they were gone.

They made it to the park and James paid for them all to enter, they went and grabbed a locker, and then they hit the rides. The boys had never had so much fun as they did that day, they had a blast, and practically ran the entire day. James too had almost as much fun though, and had to run to keep up to the boys as well. Even though he had ate unhealthy foods a few times throughout the day, with the amount of running he did, he certainly was wearing it all off. The boys and James had a great day, full of fun and excitement, having as much fun as they could possibly stand before heading home for the night. Once home, they all changed their diapers and went to bed, passing out until quite late the following morning.