Chapter 7

Just after finishing their morning workout, the phone rang, startling all four of them. James went and answered it, then called Nathan over, because it was for him, it was his grandma.

“Hi Grandma, what's up?” Nathan asked happily.

“It's happened, she killed herself.” Was all she said, and although Nathan could hear that his grandma was upset, the tears had all already dried up.

“I'm sorry Grandma, I know it can't be easy on you. What about my father, and how did she do it?” He asked softly.

“He managed to escape with only a bullet in the shoulder, he's in the hospital still. Clearly your mother thought she'd killed him, so turned the gun on herself and finished off what really should have just happened when she was a baby. Today is a sad day to be sure, but not so bad as it should have been. We're coming out this afternoon to make all the arrangements, and if your father's alright, we'll have to go talk to him.”

“Okay, I look forward to seeing you when you get here. What time do you figure you'll be here then?”

“Hopefully no later than five. We've both told everyone that we'll be out of town for at least a couple weeks, so we should have plenty of time to spend with you.”

“That'll be nice, thanks. Can we pick you up at the airport?”

“No thanks, the hotel we use has a shuttle, and we've already made arrangements with them to get there, and the hotel will have a rental car ready for us as well for our stay.”

“Wow, you must have more money than I thought for them to treat you that well.” Nathan laughed.

“Let's just say we're very well set, but I wouldn't consider us rich, except in love.”

“That's good. Will you come over this evening, or just wait 'til morning then?”

“Probably just wait 'til the morning. What time can we come over?”

“We're usually ready to start our day sometime after eight, so any time after that would be great.”

“Then we'll be there after eight tomorrow morning then, unless something comes up, in which case we'll call and let you know.”

“Okay, thanks, see you tomorrow morning.” Nathan said softly, and a moment later they hung up.

“So, it happened huh?” James said.

“Yeah, and she shot them both, only she didn't kill my father, she only got his shoulder, so he's still alive. As you heard, my grandparents should be here in the morning. They're catching a flight this afternoon and heading straight to their hotel for the night.”

“How are you holding up?”

“I wish I could say I was saddened, but really, I'm not. I knew it was gonna happen, I've known it for years really, I just always thought I'd end up getting taken out first. Glad I didn't of course. I feel bad for my father and my grandparents though. I mean, I know in some sick twisted way, my father loved my mother, so this won't be easy on him, and I doubt he's strong enough to make it on his own. My grandparents will be fine though, they've known this day was coming for probably longer than I have.” Nathan said softly.

“We understand, the boys probably better than I, but we're here for you. What would you like to do today?” James asked sadly.

“Just stay around the house I think. Yesterday was great, and the next few days might be busy, so just stick around here in nothing but nice thick baby diapers and relax.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Okay, then that's how it shall be.” James smiled warmly back, and the other two nodded their agreement as well.

And that was what they did too, they stayed around the house, doing almost nothing all day but relax. They watched a few movies throughout the day, watched TV, sat around and talked, but almost nothing strenuous by any stretch of the imagination. When Nathan's grandparents made it to their hotel, they did call Nathan to let him know that they were there safely and that they would see him in the morning.

At bedtime, Nathan wanted a little bit of loving, so he and James got down to some serious petting, kissing, and stroking. It was this night that they introduced their fingers to each others bums as they sucked each other as well, and they both enjoyed that a great deal, but they only inserted one finger.

“Mmm, that was so nice.” Nathan sighed deeply after having cum for the fourth time this evening, James had as well, and they were both very tired now because of it.

“Yeah, it was. I love you so much Baby, but we better change our soggy ruined diapers and get to sleep.”

“And I love you so much more. I say let's just put another diaper right over top of these ones, but sleep sounds really good.” Nathan smiled warmly.


A few minutes later they were nice and thickly diapered, they kissed for another minute or two before wishing each other pleasant dreams and whispering I love you to each other, and then they were asleep.

Mitchel and Isaac too played around, only they only shot three times each, except two of those loads were in each others bums instead, and only one was in the others mouth. They too added a second diaper and wished each other a good sleep and said I love you before they were sound asleep.

Breakfast and morning workouts out of the way, the four of them got diapered and dressed, ready for what the day was about to throw at them, knowing that it was not going to be a fun one by any stretch of the imagination. At just a few minutes after eight, the doorbell rang, so Nathan went and got it.

“Hi guys.” Nathan said as happily as he could under the circumstances, giving both of them hugs.

“Hi Nathan, it's good to see you again.” His grandpa smiled warmly.

“Thanks, that's just what I needed.” His grandma said of the nice hugs.

“No prob, I needed it as well. I feel so bad for you guys, and even a bit bad for my father, but I still don't really feel much for my mother. Maybe in a few years I can, but not yet.”

“And we can understand that, so don't feel bad for that, you had a hard life, she was very hard for you to deal with, something I wish we could've prevented, if even just a bit, but sadly we didn't realize it.” His grandma said.

“Don't worry about it, you couldn't have known, it's not your fault. Come on up and we can all sit and talk and figure out where to go from here.” Nathan said softly, comfortingly.

“Thanks.” They both said, so they headed up the stairs and met the others. They all sat down, and started talking.

“So, I guess the very first thing that we have to do is to go talk to my father if he's awake.” Nathan said first.

“We called the hospital to check on that, as well to see if it would be okay for us to bring you, and we were told it would be okay.” Grandpa said.

“Excellent, when are visiting hours?”

“Any time we want to, but they would ask that we keep it somewhat light, because although he's out of the woods, they don't want a lot of stress on him right now.”

“Understandable. I suppose we'll need to contact a funeral home as well!”

“Yes, and we have to figure out how we wish to go about everything.”

“How so?” Nathan asked his grandma.

“Well, we obviously want just a simple grave side service, but do we want to bury her or her ashes, do we even want to bury her ashes at all. All of that. We'll have to ask your father what he'd like, and if he wants to be there when it's done though.” She answered.

“Ah yes, I suppose that's a good idea. I say cremation though, and maybe just a very simple burial.”

“That's what we were thinking as well.” Grandpa said.

“Is there a family plot?” Nathan asked curiously.

“We were thinking that if we bury her, that it would be nice to bury her next to her brother, which is where we want to be put as well.”

“Okay, then that's what we should do. Was my uncle cremated?”


“Then that's how my mother should be done as well.” Nathan said softly.

“Then if your father has no say in it, that's what we'll do, because that's what we wanted to do.”

“I'll tell him that's what we're doing. He'll listen to me, hopefully.”

“Don't go adding to much stress to him, it won't be good for him right now.” Grandma warned softly.

“Don't worry, I won't.” Nathan said softly.

“That's good. If handled correctly, and with some good therapy, your father might actually escape this and be somewhat better for it.”

“Hopefully. So, I guess we should head to the hospital then, huh!”

“Yeah, if you're ready that is.”

“Ready as a person ever could be.” Nathan said stoically.

In truth, Nathan had never wanted to see either of his parents ever again, he could have gone the rest of his life without ever seeing them again he figured, but now he felt he had no choice but to do so. They all got ready to go, and they all hopped in James' vehicle together, none of them figuring there was any point of taking two vehicles when they could all fit in one. James took them to the hospital, and they all went in.

Grandma and Grandpa had already asked where Nathan's father was, so they led the way there, both knowing the hospital well, and when they entered, a broken man laid there looking at them.

“Nathan, I'm so sorry for everything.” Was all he said, and broke out crying.

“It's okay. How are you feeling?” Nathan asked softly.

“Like I was shot and stabbed through the heart.”

“That's because you were.” Nathan pointed out.

“Yeah. For what it's worth, although I'm sure it's too late now, I did always love you.”

“Maybe someday I can accept that, today though isn't that day, sorry.” Nathan said softly.

“I understand, and I'd understand that if after this day you never wanted to see me again.”

“Thanks. We came to see if you had any wishes as to how we should deal with my mother, because as you know, she didn't survive?”

“At this point, to tell you quite honestly, I don't really care what they do with her. Just dump her in some hole somewhere and be done with her for all I care. Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Adams, but if Nathan thinks she was hard on him, it was nothing as to how she was on me.”

“It's okay, I think we can understand, because she was the same to us too, as you well know.”

“Well, then what we're gonna do is to cremate my mother and bury her next to her brother, where grandma and grandpa also wish to be laid once they die, and where I'll want to go to.”

“Okay, that sounds good to me.” He said.

“We'd like you to be there too. We know how hard she was on you, but we do at least owe her a bit to be there when she's laid to rest?” Grandma asked softly.

“I won't be allowed to leave for at least a few days the doctor said, my shoulder's gonna be fine in a day or two, but they have a staff psychiatrist talking to me twice a day, he seems to think I'm severely depressed or something. I have no idea what could've given him that idea. Married to a woman who controlled everything, who made me do things, horrible things, things I didn't want to do, she's the one who got me hooked on drugs by the way, I know you thought it was the other way around, but she drugged and raped me, and forced me to stay with her all these years, and then she tried to kill me. Yeah, I'm not at all depressed.” He said, bursting into tears.

“Oh, we never knew. We're so sorry.” Grandma said softly, going over and petting his head in an almost loving manner, truly feeling sorry for him. So did everyone in the room at that moment for that matter.

“I couldn't say anything, she told me that she'd kill me if I ever dreamed of getting in her way, that I was there to do her bidding, I was only her servant, there to give her what she needed, nothing more, nothing less. I never loved her, I hated her with a loathing not even you Nathan could hope to understand. The day you guys came and talked to us after Nathan left, and told her that she'd been removed permanently from your will, she snapped, I knew I was gonna die. I tried to stay out of her way, but of course, she had me, I couldn't escape her, she controlled everything. When she pulled the gun on me, I asked her to just make it quick, I didn't even try and stop her, I knew there was no point. It just figured that she'd be too high to actually hit me properly, she never could do anything right.” He actually laughed.

“So, you wanted to die too?” Grandma asked softly.

“No, I just wanted to be rid of her. I wasn't sure if she was gonna kill herself or not, but if she didn't, I sure didn't want to be there with her.”

“Why didn't you just leave once I did?” Nathan asked softly.

“I couldn't, she controlled everything, she'd have found me, made me more miserable than I was, and that's if she didn't go to the cops with everything that they only suspected.”

“And what all did they suspect but couldn't prove?” Nathan asked softly.

“I'd really rather not say please?” He asked softly.

“And I'd really rather you tell me. Please trust me.” Nathan asked softly.

“Your mother made me kidnap kids and use them, she recorded it and sold it. She even wanted to use you when you were four, but for some reason she decided not to.”

“Oh, well I wasn't expecting that. I assume sexual then?”

“Yeah, and she was always very careful to not let herself be seen on the camera, so that it was only me that'd get in trouble. I always wore a mask, but if she'd have wanted to, she could have gotten me destroyed in a heartbeat.”

“How many?” Nathan asked softly, sick about what he was hearing.

“Fourteen, all boys, and I'm not even gay, I hated it.” He cried again.

“What happened to the boys?”

“They were all sent back to their parents, and no one ever said a thing, she said that it was payment for some reason, I don't know what or why, but I know every one of those boys I hurt, a few of them a lot. I wish I could have just died years ago, I can't live with what I did to those boys.”

“Well, you'll either have to kill yourself or learn to live with it. You weren't strong enough to stop it from happening then, but now you either have to get the strength, or you're never gonna live a happy life. Get yourself a psychiatrist, explain everything, if you have names of the boys, give them, so that they can be looked after, because if their parents had to pay for something, then there's a better than even chance that those poor kids are still having to pay for their parents' mistakes.”

“I never knew anything of the boys, they were always nameless, I was just told where to go, what room the boy was in, I put a hood over his head that had a drug in it to keep them asleep. I never even saw the boys' faces. After the movie was over, I was drugged and when I came to, the boy was gone. What else happened, I have no idea.” He said, crying still.

“How old were they?”

“Youngest was five I guess, oldest probably thirteen.”

“Okay. I want you to tell your therapist everything, because you clearly need to let it all out, and if you can, help those poor boys as well. If you end up in jail because of it, then so be it, but if you were being forced and drugged, then you should be okay. I don't want you killing yourself though, there's no point in it, it doesn't change anything, it's just a selfish way of curing your own problems.” Nathan said firmly.


“And you need to go into rehab as well.”

“Already planned on it. Not like I wanted the drugs in the first place.”

“Good. Well, for now, I think that's about it. We'll contact you with the information for her funeral as soon as we know anything.” Nathan said softly.


A few minutes later, they were out in the van, ready to head out.

“Hold up James.” Nathan said, stalling James from starting the van.

“What's up?” James asked softly.

“I don't want anyone here breathing a word of what we just heard in there, he needs to get the help himself or he'll never recover. It's sick just what all she did to him, and here I thought she was hard on me.” Nathan said sickly.

“No need to worry, I think we can all agree to that.” Grandma stated easily. “Never did we think that she was the one that did all that to him, here we thought that at least it was fifty fifty, we never even fathomed that she could have done something like that. It's truly disgusting, and I feel so bad for your father. It really might have better had he died instead, because if he's telling the truth, the memories of what he had to do might just kill him, if they haven't already.” She said sadly.

“At this time, I say he has a month or less to live, if he makes it past that, then he might make it. It's gonna be one hell of a month for him though, and the poor therapist that gets to help him work all that out, well I feel sorry for him or her too.” Grandpa said.

“Yeah, I agree.” Nathan said sadly. “Had I have known any of that though, I might have tried to save him, but I guess there was no way I could've known, or little that I could've done. It sounds like it'd gone on for quite some time, possibly since before I was born, so I couldn't do much about it. I wonder though, what made her not use me?” Nathan said and asked, sounding a little ill.

“Hard to say, but it would've been really hard to hide something like that from happening in the first place, so they probably didn't want you spoiled, just in case the authorities came looking. If you'd been touched, then they'd have had them instantly. It's likely that they'd been suspected, and I'm betting that that's at least one thing that moved them further underground, and more than likely they, or rather she didn't do anything of the sort after all their troubles. I wish we could've known at least a little of that though.” Grandma said.

“Yeah, but how were any of us to know, we couldn't have.” Nathan said softly.

“I know, but it's so hard. Of her entire horrible life, only one good thing came of it, and it's not a thing, you're a who, and if it weren't for you, I'd have wished that she'd have just died when she was a baby.” Grandma said softly.

“Yeah, and you could've just put her into an institution or something, but you did what was best, let her live her life and let her make her mistakes. Sadly, she made many but learned nothing from them, as well as did many horrible things. No one but her is to blame, so I don't want you guys blaming yourself for this, there's nothing that could've been done to change it.” Nathan said firmly to his grandparents.

“Yeah, we know, we did what was right, because while definitely not mentally capable, she wasn't so bad as to need permanent incarceration. Even had we have done so, somehow I don't think it would've prevented much though, and nowadays, they won't keep people once they're what they call cured, but there was no curing your mother, the second she was free, she'd have stopped taking her medications, because she refused to accept that she had a problem, always accused us of having the problem with her and not loving her.” Grandma said, tears coming down.

“Clearly she didn't love herself, nor did she have any sort of self conscious. You did what you could, and when you could no longer control her, you did what you had to and let her go and let her live her life and make her mistakes.” Nathan said softly.

“Thanks Nathan. You really are the best thing that ever came of her, and I'm glad that you finally got the family you truly deserve. Had we known, like I said before, we would've taken you in in a heartbeat, but I think how it worked out worked out for the best.”

“Thanks, but so do I, and I wouldn't want to change a thing now.”

“That's good. Well, I suppose we should go to the funeral home and make all the final arrangements, and unless anyone has any sort of disagreements, it's gonna be the cheapest method we can get by with, because we promised her we'd spend no more money on her 'til she mended her ways, and clearly she did not, so therefore she doesn't deserve more than the very basics, even now.” Grandpa said, tears coming down for him too.

“No, and I myself really want nothing more, why bother with a huge expense, not like we get to enjoy it anyway.” Nathan actually laughed.

“Same with us actually.” Grandma laughed too.

“Same here.” Everyone else said.

“Yeah, just cremate me and put me in a shoe box in the family plot, that's good enough for me.” Nathan said.

“When it's your time, I'm sure you'll get at least a nice jar, we already have ours at home, we each picked out our own, it was weird picking them out actually, and we use them as vases for now.” Grandma smiled.

“Yeah, I can see how that might seem weird, but good use for them, because until you truly need them for their intended purposes, they may as well get some good use.” Nathan said.

“I don't mean to be rude, but can we talk about something different?” Mitchel asked finally.

“Why, don't you like talking about death?” Nathan asked softly.

“No, not really.”

“Why though, no one gets out of here alive, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when, personally though I want my when to be many years from now, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't have my wishes known, just in case it does happen.”

“I know, but I'm just a kid, I'm not supposed to have to worry about that.”

“That my dear boy is where you're so very wrong. Our sons friends all had to deal with it while not much older than you, and when I was your age, I had to deal with the same thing when my grandparents died, but they were well into their nineties at that time, and I tell you, back then that was very old, not just really old like you think of it now. Death isn't something to fear or embrace, it's just a matter of life, nothing more, nothing less.” Grandma said.

“I know, it's just uncomfortable talking about it is all, and I know friends can die, we lost one last year.”

“I didn't know you knew Timmy!” Nathan said.

“He was our next door neighbor, and while not a best friend or anything, we grew up together, and when he died in that car accident, it was really hard on us.” Isaac said this time.

“Oh, I didn't know, he was a good friend of mine too. He never talked to you guys at school, he was kind of a nerd at school, so I didn't think you guys would hang around with him at all.”

“We didn't at school, but he was the only nerd in the school that didn't get picked on, because we made sure none of the others did so either.”

“Yeah, I noticed that, and I always wondered why you guys didn't torment him as well. I even asked him a few times, he just said he knew things, but he'd never tell me what.”

“Yeah, he was one of the people that sorta knew about us and what we liked, he also knew of our bed wetting when we were kids, but so was he, so he'd never say anything.”

“Oh. So, what funeral home are we going to then Grandma and Grandpa?” Nathan asked.

“Tall Oaks.” Grandpa answered.

“Okay, whenever you're ready James.” Nathan said, figuring all the conversation was over for now.

“Okay.” James said and started up and took off.

A few minutes later they were at the chosen funeral home and they all went in to make all the arrangements. When asked if they cared to view the body, they all refused, saying they did not care to. They arranged to have her cremated as soon as possible and to put her into the most simple and inexpensive urn they had, and then made the arrangements to have her put into the family plot next to her brother. The funeral director probably wondered how they could all be so nearly callous to their daughter and mother, but he never said anything, just wrote everything out, and gave them the bill. Grandpa wrote the check out right away and handed it over. It was arranged to do the burial in two days time.

“Well, that's all taken care of. Should we go back to the hospital to tell my father the time and to see if he'll be able to make it?” Nathan said as they were walking out.

“I could just call if you'd prefer!” Grandpa offered.

“Actually, I think I might.”

“Okay, give me a couple minutes.”

He made the call, and when he got through to the correct floor, grandpas face went blank, and just said he understood.

“That doesn't look good.” Nathan said softly once grandpa hung up.

“No, he couldn't take it and managed to get a hold of a syringe and pumped a shit load of air into his intravenous line and by the time they got to him, his heart had already stopped. They tried to bring him back, but failed. They were just in the process of trying to find our contact information to call us and let us know. They need us to come to the hospital to go over some things, then I guess it's back to the funeral home to arrange for him now as well. We may as well just bury them together, although I'm not so sure that's how he would have wanted it.” Grandpa said, rubbing his temples.

“As sad as it is, I'm not entirely surprised to tell you the truth. I would've been very surprised if he'd made it a full month. In a way, probably in his own way, it's how he wanted it, he wanted to let me know that he really did love me, and what all had been done to him, so that I understood, and then he was going to do it. I'm willing to bet that we weren't even gone ten minutes when he did it, and gladly accepted death.” Nathan said softly, shedding a few tears for his father.

“Oh Nathan, I'm so sorry. It really is better for him though I think, I doubt he could've lived a guilt free life after all that.” Grandma said, hugging him close.

“No, and how could he have after all that she'd done to him.” Nathan spat out.

“My point exactly. We'll get him a different urn though, something nicer, something that at least shows you cared for him.” Grandma soothed.

“Thanks, it's the least we can do.” Nathan smiled warmly.

James headed back to the hospital, where they went and talked to the person in charge of that particularly difficult task, normally, and made all the arrangements. The body was to be moved to the funeral home that afternoon after being released to grandma and grandpa, saying that there was no other family, neither of them figuring that there was anyway. They would task their lawyer with finding them if they were still alive anyway, just in case, just to let them know, but they had no hopes of that. As soon as that was done, they headed back to the funeral home, where they arranged to have Nathan's father taken care of at the same time, but to be put into a separate urn and buried as well. Nathan picked out a nice urn for his father, it was simple, but still very nice.

“Well, I guess that's all taken care of now. Can we go get some lunch please?” Nathan asked once they were all done.

“Yes.” Everyone in the van said, and James took off for a steak and pasta restaurant.

“Good choice, thanks James.” Nathan smiled.

It had been a quiet ride this time, Nathan was actually depressed after hearing what he had heard, especially when he heard that not even five minutes after they had left his father that all the alarms went off, saying his father had gone into cardiac arrest, an empty syringe in his IV tube, and that was it.

“No problem Baby, I figured we could all use a good meal, and we're all getting a little wine with lunch as well, because we should at least toast the dead, for at least they lived.” James said softly.

“Yes, although I'm sure they weren't entirely alive either, but it was enough to bring some goodness into this world.” Grandma said softly.

“My thoughts exactly.” James smiled warmly.

They all entered and were seated right away, in fact they were very nearly the only people in there at the time. James asked for their best bottle of wine, be damned of the cost, and it was brought out moments later, perfectly chilled. He told the waiter that unless he cared to be apart of minors partaking in a few sips of alcohol, he should probably turn his back. He smiled and turned as James poured them each a small shot of the wine.

“Nathan, I think you should get the first toast.” James said softly, turning it over to him.

“Thanks. Well mom and dad, I wish I could say that your lives were full and rich, I wish I could say that the world is a better place for you having been in it, I wish I could say how much good you did for everyone around you. Sadly, the only thing I can say that is nice, is thanks for at least bringing me into the world.” Nathan said, a silent tear coming down. Even the waiter had a tear.

“Amen.” Grandpa said, and tipped his glass back and took a sip, everyone else followed suit.

“And to our daughter, we're sorry that you lived a life so tortured in your own mind, for we did all we could for you, but you refused all that we attempted, saying you weren't faulty, we were for not loving you for who you were. Thanks for bringing Nathan into our lives.” Grandma said.

“Amen.” Grandpa once again said and took another sip, the rest followed suit.

“I could not say more than the other two have said, so thanks for bringing Nathan into our lives, for that you lived a full life.” Grandpa said.

“Amen.” Everyone else said and all took a final sip, all finishing off their wine.

“Sorry for your loss, although from the sounds of it, it was more a relief than a loss.” Their waiter said softly.

“Yes, in many ways, it was. Sometimes death is sad, sometimes it is happy, and other times, it's just an end, and today was just an end.” Grandpa said softly.

“I understand, I said goodbye to my father in just such a way. The only good thing I could say was at least he contributed to my being here. Would you like another bottle of wine?”

“No thanks, none of us are drinkers, that was simply to send off two people who deserved at least a little. I think I speak for us all though when I say we'd like to start with your house salad and bread though please?” Grandpa asked.

“Right away Sir.” He smiled sadly to them all and headed out right away to get their requested items.

“I meant to ask you before Grandma and Grandpa, but didn't Uncle Jamie die where you live now?”

“Yeah, he did.” Grandma answered.

“Okay, then why is he buried here?”

“Because, this is our home, we only live where we do now because of my work. When I retire, we're moving back here, in fact we still own our home here, we just have a caretaker that looks after it for us, to make sure all the maintenance is all done. We would've stayed there, but everything's covered and protected, so there's no point for only a few days, it's faster, easier and cheaper just to stay at a hotel. Why would we want to live anywhere else really, this is one of the nicest places in the world that we know of, and we've been to many of them. We actually hate the city we're in now, but the school is one of the best in the country, and I really get to do what I love to do. Your grandpa though, it doesn't matter where he is, he can work from anywhere.” Grandma answered.

“Oh, okay. That makes sense I guess.”

“And I plan to retire in just a couple or a few years as well by the way and take a part time teaching job at the local university where I used to teach. I turn sixty next year, and I feel like I'm getting close to that time. I'd just retire now, but I just signed another two year contract, so I probably shouldn't, I'd lose a lot of money if I did that.”

“Oh, then I can't wait 'til you retire.” Nathan smiled.

“You're the only reason I'd retire now, but I don't think you really need us here all that much, we can visit though.”

“That we can.” Nathan said, but was interrupted from saying further by the arrival of their salad and bread.

Once they were finished their salad and bread, they were handed their menus to decide what they all wanted, and they all went with the same thing, steak and lasagna, the waiter promised it was the best he had ever had at a restaurant. They each chose different sizes and cuts for their steaks though, but that did not matter.

Almost half an hour later they had their meal in front of them, and they ate. They had moved to more comfortable talk, more just getting to know each other a lot really, all enjoying their meal together a great deal. Finally, after being in the restaurant for well over an hour, they paid and left. Grandpa and James nearly got into a fight over who was going to get to pay the bill, finally, laughing, Nathan just told them each to pay half, so they did, and they each left an extra twenty five dollars approximately for the waiter.

“So, where to next guys?” James asked once they were in the van.

“I say let's just head back to the house and we can all go for a dip. Do you guys have swimsuits with you?” Nathan asked.

“No, but if you want to swing by the hotel, I can run in and grab them.” Grandpa suggested.

“Okay.” James said, and headed to the hotel he was told they were at, only the biggest and best in town.

A few minutes later they were on their way to the house once again, and when they got there, James and the boys all went and got changed in their bedrooms, while grandma and grandpa were told to just go change in the pool house change room, so they did. They all met in the pool a few minutes later.

“This really is a nice place you have here.” Grandpa said to James as they were both laying in the middle of the pool on loungers.

“Thanks. We actually just moved in here not all that long ago. I used to live over on Maple, you know, the big snooty rich neighborhood, but I hated it there. The house was so big and gaudy, not really my tastes.”

“Oh, I know the houses well, we looked at a couple of them once a few years ago. Why'd you live there if it wasn't your style?” Grandpa asked curiously.

“I bought it without even seeing it. I told my realtor that I wanted a nice house and gave him a maximum price to spend, and he spent every penny of it too I might add, and I moved in. Back then I thought buying a big house was what I should do, because I was rich after all, at least I thought I was. I mean, I guess in money terms, I was, at least to most, but nowhere near what some were. I actually consider myself far more rich now than I ever did. Having Nathan, Mitchel and Isaac has helped me to see and understand a few things I didn't before. It was actually Nathan that helped me to move, I was in too much of a rut before to have really gotten out before we met, but then we did and he kicked me out of it.”

“How did you meet by the way, it doesn't sound like it was all that long ago?”

“It wasn't.” James smiled warmly, and then told the tale.

“Wow, that's some tale. You're lovers too, aren't you?” Grandpa asked curiously.

“Yes, but for obvious reasons, that's strictly confidential. It's only Nathan and I though, the other two are a couple and have no interests in ever doing anything with anyone else, and Nathan and I are the same, we're all we'll ever need. I hope that's not a problem for you guys!” James said softly.

“No, not at all. To tell you the truth, we sorta suspected it right from the beginning, so thanks for telling the truth. Of course, I'd have understood if you'd have lied about it, I actually expected you to, but I wouldn't have held it against you.” Grandpa smiled.

“I didn't figure I'd be able to lie to you, and asking the question meant you already knew the answer.” James pointed out.

“No wonder Nathan loves you, you're a smart one. Most wouldn't have caught onto that one, that's for sure.” Grandpa laughed.

“Yeah, I suppose I am smarter than most, yet so many days I feel as dumb as a post too.”

“Don't we all. Hell, I'm an acclaimed alchemist, I have more than a few awards and other such bullshit for things that I've developed, yet, you hit me with some things, and it's like I'm just some kid who's never learned anything.” Grandpa smiled.

“I guess we all have our strengths. It's how it should be, no one should know everything, but nor should you stop learning once you know all there is to know in your field either.”

“Exactly my thoughts. So, when's your next book due out anyway, I can't wait to read it?”

“Actually, it should have hit the bookstores already, I don't know.” James laughed.

“Ah, I see you care as much as Nancy does.” Grandpa laughed.

“What can I say. I don't write for the fans, I write for myself, I just love that many do enjoy what I write as well.” James smiled.

“Her too. She never has seen her books as being worthy.”

“Me neither. I guess we're both just too modest.” James smiled.

“Yep, must be. I'm the same though, I could care less about all the hoopla I receive when I make something that does some good. I just go onto the next project and try to figure something out. I mostly do it a as a personal challenge.”

“Always learning huh!”


“Have you ever worked on cancer or aids or other such things?”

“No, not really. I've been asked to join teams, but to tell you quite honestly, I don't think anyone will ever find a real cure for any of that, because it's too big a business. None of them want to find the real cure, they're only interested in making money. I know you know what I mean, considering at least a couple of your books have touched on similar subjects.”

“Hence the reason I asked, I wondered what your stance on that was. So, what have you worked on then?”

“Actually, nothing really for humans, or even animals, I mostly do work in other fields of study, trying to make things work either better or whatever. For instance, I recently created an acid that will tear away the cell walls of certain things I'm not actually allowed to talk about for ease of disposal. Right now though, I'm trying to figure out a way to dispose of nuclear waste effectively without harming the environment. That's actually where I had to go when we had to leave last time, I'd made a few breakthroughs and was trying to get more funding.”

“I almost want to ask what it was for, but I don't, not that you can tell me anyway, but the nuclear breakdown process would be great, that way it's more safe.”

“Thanks, but if you really wanted to know, I'd tell you, I don't give a damn about some stupid government rule. I probably shouldn't anyway, just because it might not look good if you ever let it slip.” Grandpa grinned.

“No, I don't really care for them either, but don't tell me, and not because I'm afraid I'd slip up. I just don't need to know, because I'm a firm believer that there are things that most people just don't need to know.”

“Me too actually.”

“Yeah, but by the sounds of it, you probably already knew that of me anyway.” James laughed.

“Yeah, unless of course you lied in your books, but considering how much of yourself you have to put into your writing, I didn't figure you had. So, what's the story with Isaac and Mitchel then?” Grandpa asked curiously.

“Pretty much just what you've heard from the others. Really, I think you've heard it all already.” James answered.

“Yeah, but, what I mean is from your aspect?”

“Not sure I follow.” James said cautiously.

“Well, how did you end up going from a miserable lonely writer to a father to three gay boys so quickly and easily?”

“Wasn't given much of a choice actually. Nathan kinda sorta just barged right into my life and my heart, he didn't let me say no. It was the same for the other two really, he just made it happen, and I know for a fact that it was him that planted all the correct information into the other two boys' minds. Then when it came time for them to run, they came right to here, because once again, Nathan told them to, I know he did. Once here, I knew there was no way I could turn them away and not let them have the caring family and the understanding that they so desperately wanted and deserved. No, Nathan is totally to blame for my happiness, all of it, and I love him dearly for it, and for as long as I live, he'll never have to worry about anything else ever again, I'd do anything for him.” James smiled warmly.

“I sorta suspected that to tell you the truth, it's the sorta thing he'd do, coming from our family has its disadvantages and its perks too though. No, we're all like that. You heard it from how our son acted, he'd have done the exact same thing if given the chance. In fact, we once did have a kid that he had befriended come and live with us for a couple months 'til he was able to work something else out. We've done the same thing though for others too, having taken in more than a few kids that needed understanding and caring. I guess it all runs in the family. Just hope that he doesn't find any more strays to come live with you. If I were you, I'd lay down the law right now, tell him that while you're happy to help out, you can't have any other kids move in permanently, that to help them out is fine, but that once they're on their feet again, they have to find a new home, a better home. Not that this place isn't every stray kids dream house. Ours is the same, and more than a few kids didn't want to leave.” Grandpa smiled.

“Crap, yeah I better. I really don't want any other kids, and as it is, technically, for social services, I have no more space anyway, so they'd never allow it anyway.”

“Good point. I trust that to alleviate any questions, each boy has their own separate and set up bedroom?”

“Definitely, especially Nathan. The other two I can get away with sharing, they're boyfriends and we know about that and are okay with it, so they can share a room.”

“Yeah, but still, their age says that the law doesn't want to believe that they can enjoy sexual stimulation. Yeah right, I'm getting older and I still remember back when I was a kid, and I just couldn't get enough, and even at thirteen I was a right little slut.” Grandpa laughed.

“I think that too runs in the family.” James laughed as well.

“Yeah, both our kids were the same, and I had to make sure that they knew everything that they needed to know by the time they were ten. Our daughter of course didn't listen, and our son just said, yeah, I know, but you're too late. He just grinned and said he'd been having sex with his best friend since he was eight years old.”

“Yikes. How did that go over?”

“I just said good for you son, I hope you enjoy and go slow and gentle. He said always. The day his best friend moved away was the saddest day of his life, he thought he'd never get to have a love like that again, but then we moved shortly thereafter as well, and he met the boyfriend that he was with 'til the day he died. No, we're quite open, as I'm sure you've realized by now, and to tell you the truth, it didn't come as too much of a surprise to hear him tell me that. More than a few nights we heard them, but what they were doing, we never asked, it wasn't our business. We just figured that they were giving each other a hand, just being boys, but as it turns out, they'd lost their virginity to each other well before they were nine, probably not long after they started. He told me quite excitedly all about it, I think he ended up having to go to his bedroom afterward to take care of something from telling me.” Grandpa laughed again.

“I'll just bet he did, but then, I'd have had to too, hell, even if I was in your position.”

“Yeah, I did.” Grandpa laughed.

“I bet.”

“So, whatchoo boys talking about?” Grandma asked, swimming up to them.

“Nothin much. Just let James know that we knew about him and Nathan, and a few other things.”

“Oh, that's good. I hope that you're not too afraid because of it?” Grandma said kindly.

“Nah, if you wanted to cause problems, you'd have already done so before even asking. Most people don't bother asking, just assume what they know and blab their loose lips where they have no rights doing so. I didn't take you guys for that type of people though, so I wasn't really worried. I know that had you been concerned, you would've brought it up right away and forced me to give Nathan to you guys, and I might've been saved from prison, if I was lucky.”

“Good observation, and true by most people too. Not much we can do about them though.”

“No, not really. So what were you talking to Nathan about anyway?” James asked.

“So, Nathan, how's it goin?” Grandma asked Nathan as they were laying on floating loungers themselves.

“Really good thanks. I feel bad for my father, but I know he's now at peace. I even sorta feel bad for my mother as well, but only a little. How are you?”

“Same really. I feel worse for your father than our daughter, she burned her own bridges, we did everything we could to help her, but your father didn't have much choice in the matter. I agree, now he can be at peace, hopefully anyway.”

“Yeah. Who's to say what happens when we die, but hopefully if there's something after this, then he won't be tortured by all that happened to him further.”

“Yeah, we can only hope. So tell me Nathan, is there anything special between you and James?” She asked softly.

“I don't know, what do you consider special, other than him being the kindest and most caring father?”

“By your answer, you and I both know you know exactly what I meant by special. It's okay, we understand, and we're okay with it as well. Tell me though, who started it?”

“It certainly wasn't James, that's for sure. We've hardly even done anything yet though, just kissing and sucking, petting and loving, that's it. He's never made love to me, or I him, but we both want to. Rest assured though Grandma, if and when it happens, it'll be because it's what we both want and need. He'd never hurt me, I think you know that by now. My question to you though is, are you okay with it?”

“Sure we're okay with it, I was just making sure that our assumptions were correct. We had a sneaking suspicion that you two were together more than just a new father and son, and we were even more sure that it wasn't James that started it in any way. No, we'd be the last people to ever say anything about your relationship. We're of the firm belief that age plays no role in love, and never should. We knew that you two loved each other, love each other totally and with all your hearts.” Grandma smiled warmly.

“Thanks. So, can you tell me more about my Uncle, I wish I could have met him?”

“Sure, what would you like to know?”

“Well, when did you know he was gay and when did he admit it, and anything else you care to tell me that I might not have heard? And then I want to know more about you and grandpa too?”

“Okay. Well, Jamie always was a little gay boy, that's for sure. We suspected right from the time he was five that he was. By the time he was seven we knew for sure. At eight, he was already having fun with is best friend. We didn't know how far they were going or what all they were up to, but when your Grandpa went to have the sex talk with him at ten, he admitted then that it was too late, that he and Zane were already having a lot of fun together and learning all that they needed to know. When his friend moved away, it nearly crushed him, but he survived, and then not long after that, I got my new position, so we ended up moving as well, and he found a new boyfriend almost right away, and they were together 'til the day he died.”

“There's really not much to know about him though, save to say that he was the most caring and giving boy that we had ever known. He'd give his jacket to another kid, just 'cause he looked to be cold and too poor to afford one on his own, and he did do that a few times by the way. He spent every weekend doing something for the homeless, often just going to the thrift store and buying all the blankets or coats he could afford and taking them and giving them out. Any time there was a person on the street asking for money, he stopped and asked them why they were where they were, he'd just sit and talk to them for an hour if we let him, and then he'd tell them he'd be back in a few minutes, and then ask us to go buy the person a meal or something. We always did by the way. He never gave them money, and he told them why too, he told them point blank that they needed food and clothes more than they needed money, and that he did not want them to have any reason to go buy more alcohol or drugs. A few even got mad at him for saying such a thing, but he said it was how it was, and he was not accusing them of wanting to do either, but food and clothes were always more important.”

“Then there was all the times we went and took extra food that we had in the house to the local soup kitchen, and then stayed to help cook a good meal for those that needed it. I always kept more than enough food in the house, so that he could do so as well, just because it made him feel good to help, and we were always happy to help him help out. We gave him a good allowance, and you know, I doubt he ever spent more than a buck or two on himself, he was always more interested in sharing it with those that needed it more than he did. At school, he made it well known that should anyone ever need anything at all, that all they had to do was let him know somehow and he'd figure out some way to help them. Every piece of clothing that he grew out of too he gave to a kid who needed it more than he did, and we lived right next to one of the poorest areas in the city, so there were always those in need of clothes, especially the kids.” Grandma smiled.

“Wow, he sounds like an amazing person.”

“He was, and we miss him so. We're not upset that he's gone though, how could we be, we're too proud of all that he did. I mean, he gave his very life to save kids, he'd have gone back and done it a hundred times if he had to had he survived. I tell you, the memorial that was held for him was possibly the most tear wrenching event anyone had ever attended. The parents of the kids he saved probably had the biggest tears. Sure we cried, how could we not, but they were tears of joy and sadness. There was not one single dry eye in the place, and we had to have shaken the hands of no less than three hundred people, hardly any of them we knew. Every kid from his school was there, and so many of them told us of things that Jamie had done for them just to be nice. Even the bullies in his school liked and admired him, shame they didn't quite realize it before he'd died. At least they eventually did though I guess.”

“Even the mayor and the local government representatives were there, as was a local TV station, I think the entire city turned up to pay their respects for a boy that nearly none of them had ever met, but so many he had helped, even if they had not known it.”

“Wow, I sure wish I could've met him then. Maybe some day I can, and maybe some day I can do as much good as he did. I'd even give my life if I had to, I'd just really rather not have to.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“And for that you're a good person. If there's something after all this, then I too can't wait to see my little baby again.” Grandma smiled proudly.

“I bet. So, what about you guys then?”

“Not much more to tell than what you already know really. I mean your grandpa's an alchemist, pretty acclaimed at that. He's done a lot of stuff over the years to help, mostly in bio hazard disposal stuff, but lots of other things as well. As for me, I'm an English lit university professor. Really, not much more than that. We try to be good people as well, we donate money and time as often as we can, we give to the needy and the desperate, but like Jamie, we won't give the homeless money directly, we don't feel it's right, but we will give them food or other necessities.”

“As you found out, your grandfather also has to wear diapers, and I admit that when I first found out, I was a bit weirded out about it, I mean, it's just not normal, but really, there's nothing wrong with it either. We all start out in them, and most of us end up in them again eventually anyway, just he ended up needing them far sooner. The day he told me he also loved them, I almost laughed at him, then I noticed he was being serious, so I asked why he'd love them, because he did need them. His answer wasn't much of a surprise though, it's just that he got so used to them, attached to them, and would never want to be without them.” Grandma said.

“Have you ever tried them with grandpa?”

“He's gotten me into them a few times, but it's not really my thing. I like changing him and making him feel good for it, and not like it sounds, I just like making him happy, and my changing his diapers makes him happy. Although sometimes he does get too happy.” Grandma grinned.

“Know how that feels.” Nathan laughed.

“I bet you do. Anyway, we were both born and raised here, in this very town, and while I was born at home, your grandpa was actually born at the very same hospital you were born at. Until we had to move so that I could take my new job, we'd never left this very city. We both went to university right here as well. The funny thing though is we knew each other all throughout growing up, just not very well. Our parents were sometimes friends sorta things, so we knew each other through them, but not very well. We met at university again, and one night we were at a party together, and we just really hit it off, and we've hardly been apart since.”

“I got a job teaching at the very same university almost as soon as I left, since the English lit professor who taught me was retiring, and I was very pleased. I'd stayed on for a full seven years to get my doctorate in English literature, and your grandpa also stayed in just as long and became a doctor in science, mostly alchemy, but trust me, he knows more about the human body than most doctors do. I've never bothered seeing a doctor, he takes care of everything for me. The day I received the notice asking for a director of English literature with all my experience, and they sent that letter to me and only to me, I came home and talked it over with Grandpa and Jamie, and we decided that sure, why not, let's try something different. It took a couple weeks for us to decide, but I told the university, because obviously I called them right away and told them that I'd received their request and was flattered by it, that they would have to give me and my family the time to decide upon it. They told us to take all the time that we needed, only that they'd appreciate an answer before the beginning of summer, so that they could get someone else if I wasn't interested. They sent me the letter just after Christmas time, and I called them half way through January, saying we'd be happy to take up the offer.”

“So, come the end of school, we all took a trip to our new city and spent a week in a hotel and looked around to try and find a new house. It ended up taking us the entire week to do it too, but we found the place we're still in, and bought it. We moved in by the middle of July. Jamie was the most depressed from the move, but we explained to him that we were as well, that we had all our friends here, that he wasn't alone, so on and so forth. Besides, it'd been him that was the largest advocate of our move, saying he needed a change. After his boyfriend having left, I think that was the biggest catalyst, he just needed the change, and it did help too.”

“The biggest reason for us to leave was of course your mother, being here in town was harder on us than anything, because she was always calling and asking for money and stuff, and once when we refused, she said she'd just come home and take whatever she wanted then, because she needed money. We changed all the locks that very day, because we had no doubt that she'd do it too. Of course, after we moved, she still called, but given that for obvious reasons we didn't divulge our new address, we were pretty safe from her stealing from us. We also didn't figure she'd bother getting on a plane to fly out just to get to us anyway, and as far as I know, she never did either.”

“Now, after Jamie died, we've pretty much lived the boring life, not really doing much or getting up to anything. We try and go for vacation a couple times a year, but that's about it.”

“Oh. Thanks for all that information.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“No problem, you've told us all about yourself, so it's only fair.” Grandma smiled warmly back.

“So, what should we do this week while you guys are here?” Nathan asked curiously.

“Don't know. We haven't been to the amusement park in forever, and we have a far better one here than we have anywhere near home now, so we might take you guys all there, and then I'll want to take you shopping and buy you a few of the birthday gifts I was sadly unable to buy you as you grew up. After that, I don't really know.”

“You don't have to buy me anything, I don't really want or need anything anyway. Just having you guys here is more than enough for me.” Nathan smiled softly.

“I know, I don't have to, but I'd like to. I never got to buy you anything, because we weren't allowed to, and I knew that if I just went and sent you something that you'd never see it anyway, and your mother would just take it and use it, no matter what I sent.”

“You're probably right, but like I said, there's nothing really that I can even use.”

“We'll find you something, and I already have a good idea or two as well.”

“Okay, fine, I'm sure I can't talk you out of it anyway.” Nathan laughed.

“No, you're right, you can't.” Grandma smiled.

“Thought not.”

“So, is there anything you'd like to do while we're here as well?”

“There's only one thing I want to do that we're not already doing, and that's go to the cemetery where Uncle Jamie's buried, I'd like to take him a flower or something and tell him I wish I'd met him.”

“Well, we're gonna be there in a couple days anyway, did you just want to do it then?”

“No, he needs to have his time as well.” Nathan answered.

“Understandable, and we'll do the same anyway, so you're welcome to come with us. I think we were planning on doing that tomorrow morning, so we'll come get you guys before we go then.”

“Thanks, I'd appreciate that.” Nathan smiled.

“So, nothing else you want to do?”

“No, I just want to spend time with you guys that's all, it's all I need.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Thanks, and that's much of what we want to do as well.”

“Good. Well, I'm gonna go play with Mitchel and Isaac now, unless you wanted to talk about anything further.”

“No no, you go play.” Grandma smiled, and they both took off, Nathan to the other boys and grandma to James and grandpa.

After grandma finished telling James of most of what was said between her and Nathan, grandpa told grandma what all they had talked about. By that time, they were all ready to head to the hot tub, so that was where they headed next, all of them meeting in there at the same time. The boys had all splashed and played around for a bit while the adults were all talking, and they just had some fun, just because.

“So boys, what should we do after this?” James asked.

“Can we go watch a movie?” Mitchel asked.

“Sure, why not. We'll have to go buy another one or two, since we've watched all the movies we have already. So maybe after this we can all go get dressed and head to the mall and see what we can find there.” James suggested.

“Okay.” Nathan said. “Would you guys like to stay for movie night and then dinner?” He asked grandma and grandpa.

“Sure, why not.” Grandpa answered and grandma nodded.

“Cool.” Nathan smiled.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, they all laid back and relaxed, not really talking all that much, and then they decided to go ahead and get out and go get showered, dried and dressed. Once all cleaned, they all headed to their bedrooms, grandma and grandpa of course going into the change room. They all met a few minutes later, all ready to go. They all went in the van again, figuring they may as well just take one vehicle, and headed to the mall.

“You boys go ahead and pick out one movie each, that should be enough for now.” James said once they were in the store they bought most of their movies at, they had the largest selection.

“Okay.” All three said, and then picked out one each. James also picked one out, and grandma and grandpa grabbed another as well.

“I have this. I'm calling this birthday presents to Nathan, Mitchel and Isaac.” Grandma said, taking all the movies, and before anyone could protest, she was gone with the movies.

“It's better not to argue with her.” Grandpa laughed at the look James gave.

“How could I have, she didn't give me much chance to.” James laughed as well.

“Somehow I figured Grandma was gonna do something like that. We're not likely to get out of here that easily either without her buying more stuff either.” Nathan warned.

“Oh!” James said.

“Yeah, she wants to get me a few things for missed birthdays and stuff.”

“Oh, then movies will likely be after dinner then.” James grinned.

“If we're lucky. When that woman gets the hankering to shop, you'd be hard pressed to stop her.” Grandpa laughingly warned.

“Oh boy.” James and Nathan said as one.

From the movie store, they headed to an electronics store next, and the boys all looked around, but grandma separated almost instantly and went and looked at something else, letting the boys have their space. She was watching what all they looked at and liked though, while she was looking at the cameras. She asked the sales person there to get her the best camera they had for five hundred dollars for Nathan, Mitchel and Isaac, and asked for them to be different colors if possible, and then got probably the very best model that they had in stock for James. It was not possible to get them in different colors, but that did not matter. She got them the largest memory cards the cameras could hold, and then got different cases for them, so that the boys could tell them apart easier.

From there, she had noticed that the boys all stopped and looked at the cell phones, so headed there next, and got all three boys the very best cell phone they had and got them all activated on probably the best plan they had, just putting it all under her name she' would just pay for the entire bill and all. She also grabbed James the same model and paid for it in full, so that James could just put it onto his bill, instead of the simple one he already had.

She also noticed that Mitchel and Isaac had both looked at the notebook computers. She knew that Nathan already had one, so she went and bought those two a new notebook, and then bought Nathan and James a really good printer to go with theirs, but all of them could share it, because it was wireless network capable already. It was the very best all in one colour laser printer that the store had, and the two notebook computers were not far off from being the best either.

As she went, she just had the people bag it and store it behind the counter to be picked up later. As they had went, the boys had picked up a couple things here and there that they wanted or needed, James too, and when she felt that they were done, and she was too, she went and grabbed the cart that James had been pushing and took it away to pay for it all. Once again, no words, James just shook his head as Grandma took it all to pay. She did call out to them, telling them to meet her out in the main hall, so they did. When she came out, they all noticed that she had a lot more stuff in the cart than they had had to start with, but she shook her head at them, telling them not to ask. It was all covered or bagged, so they could not see what all was in there.

“Now, we're going to a boys clothing store next, I want to get you boys some nice clothes, because I have plans for them. We'll get you a couple sets though, because boys your age can never have too many clothes.” Grandma said in a no nonsense tone all of them knew not to argue with.

“Okay.” They all said.

She took them to the trendiest clothing store the mall had, and all three boys, as well as James ended up with three full sets of clothes, all of them very nice things, but one set was quite dressy, without being a suit.

“Thanks Nancy, but really, the clothes for the boys really are my responsibility.” James said softly once they left the store.

“Nonsense, and it's Grandma to you too. I think I deserve to buy my grand kids and their dad some new clothes.” Grandma just waved it off.

“Thanks.” James said softly again.

“Come on boys, is there anything else you want or need? I know you don't need underwear, but how about socks and shoes?”

“No.” They all answered.

“Yeah, right.” Grandma said disbelievingly, and just led them all to a high end shoe store in the mall.

The boys all just shook their heads and followed, grandpa taking up the rear and laughing. A few moments later, they were all being sized for what they needed. Grandma picked them all out a nice pair of dressy shoes, a pair of runners that would suit their style and a pair of hiking type boots. They all got different colors or styles, but grandma would not take no for an answer, just kept picking styles until each boy, including James had three pairs of shoes that they liked. She also grabbed each of them two new packs of socks, only the best they had. Finally they were finished there.

“Okay, anything else you boys want or need?” Grandma asked.

“No.” They all answered.

“Are you sure?” She asked, laughing. The looks on all four of the boys' faces said the same, they were going into overload, none of them having shopped this much before.

“Yeah.” They said.

“Okay, I think that's enough for today. When we get to the van, grandpa and I'll load it all up, no snooping, you'll all get to see it once we get back to the house.” Grandma said, and they finally headed out.

“Okay.” They all said.

When they got to the van, James and the boys all climbed in, while grandma and grandpa loaded up the electronics. It took quite a few minutes, because there was a lot of stuff in their buggies, they had had to grab a second after all. Soon though they were all loaded up and on their way, heading home. When they got there, the boys were sent into the house, and grandma and grandpa brought it all into the house. The boys were all told to go in and change their diapers and to stay in their bedrooms until they were called out. Grandpa told them as well that if they were more comfortable in just their diapers, to stay in just them as well. James was the only one to come out in clothes when they were called some twenty minutes later.

“Now, I know that none of you has had a great birthday or Christmas in a long time, if ever, and I doubt any of you has ever gotten cool things like we got for you today, so it's all for you today. Each pile is set and covered in the middle of the floor and has your name on it, go ahead, enjoy, you too James.” Grandpa smiled to them.

All four of them went forth and found the pile that was tagged as theirs, and as one, they all pulled the covers off and stared at the piles that were theirs. Grandma and grandpa had put all their clothes and everything into the piles that they had known that they had received, only the main electronics they had no idea about. All they were certain of was that there was an awful lot of whatever it was that they did not know of. They found out though. The printer had a tag on it saying for all of them, but the rest was in their own piles.

Each and every one of them was speechless when they uncovered their pile of things to see what all was there. All three boys started crying and went and hugged grandma and grandpa, they had not even really started looking at it all, just say all of it in their piles and that was all it took.

“Wow, thanks so much, it's all so amazing.” Nathan said, hugging them each the tightest of all.

“Yeah.” The others all said.

“This is really too much.” James said softly.

“No, it's just about right. I would've bought you all more, but you already had most of what you needed. Tomorrow we have another something to take you all and do, and we'll need to dress up for that. First we want to go to the cemetery so that Grandpa, Nathan and I can give Jamie some nice fresh flowers. After that though is a nice surprise.” Grandma smiled.

“Well, thanks so much for everything.” James smiled, tears coming down as well. It had been so long since he had felt like he was part of a family as well, and it felt nice.

“You're very welcome. Now go ahead, open everything, see what all is there.” Grandma smiled, tears coming down as well.

So they did. They all opened up each and every item and got them all plugged in if they needed charging, and James went and hooked up the new printer in the office, taking out his old one, which was quite old. The boys all played with their cameras for a few minutes, and even James got his all set up and tried to figure it all out. All their clothes were taken to the laundry room and put in to wash so that it was ready to wear the next day.

“Wow, this stuff is so awesome. Thanks so much guys. We always got Christmas and birthday presents, but never anything expensive, and certainly never any electronics.” Mitchel said.

“Good, we wanted to spoil all of you a bit. How do you like your cell phones?”

“They're awesome.” All four of them said.

“That's good. James, yours is the only one that wasn't activated onto a plan, we figured you'd already have a plan and we didn't want you to have to pay to cancel it, so you can transfer the new phone onto your current plan and upgrade it to a data plan, same as we got the boys. You pretty much have the best data plans you can get, unlimited calling, email, internet, texting, you name it, if a phone has it, these phones can do it. They're the same ones we have, we love them.”

“Oh, okay.” James said in shock. He knew that plan was really expensive.

“Cool.” The boys all said.

“Glad you like it.” Grandma smiled.

“Like it, we love it.” Nathan said, hugging them once again, this time both of them at the same time, and tightly as well. Not even a second later, he was joined by the others.

“Good. The rest of it's also really good stuff, the computers and cameras are pretty much the best, we wanted you to get the good stuff for once. Well, it's almost dinner time, so I'm gonna go and make everyone dinner.” Grandma said.

“I'll come help.” James said quickly.

“No thanks, you boys all go sit back and relax, I'm sure I'll be fine.” Grandma said, waving him back, and James knew not to bother by then.

Grandma went to the kitchen and dug through everything until she found something that she wanted to make for them all. The boys all sat back in the living room and just watched TV until dinner was ready. Almost an hour later when it was, grandma called them all and they came in and sat down to eat.

“That was really good, thanks.” James said.

“Yeah, thanks.” The others all said as one.

“Thanks guys. It's nice to cook for more than just two again. I always end up making way too much when I cook for just the two of us.” She smiled.

“I bet.” James laughed, knowing how that felt.

“We'll go get the dishes.” Nathan said, pointing to Mitchel, Isaac and himself, and they nodded.

“Okay.” The adults all said as one, so the boys went and took care of the cleanup.

They were done a short time later, and then it was decided that they would all go put on one of the new movies they had bought that day, and they all sat back and enjoyed it a great deal, both grandma and grandpa complimenting the theatre system that they had, saying they wanted one just like it now. They never batted an eye when James said how much it had cost them though.

“Well boys, I think it's time that we said goodbye, but we're gonna come back first thing in the morning and have breakfast with you, and then we'll all go out for the day.” Grandma said once they were all done.

“Okay, see you in the morning, and thanks once again for everything.” They all said more or less.

Shortly thereafter, grandma and grandpa were gone to their hotel, and the boys were once again all by themselves. Not long after that, it was unanimously decided that it was bedtime, although they all knew sleep to be the last thing on any of their minds.