Chapter 8

“Mmm, that feels so nice Baby.” Nathan sighed deeply as James was laying down, face in his groin, rubbing and stroking him tenderly.

James did that for at least five minutes, making Nathan feel as good as he possibly could, before pulling the front of his nice soggy diaper down to reveal his baby boys boner, and he greedily sucked it in. Only a few seconds after starting to suck, James could tell that Nathan was close, very close, so he gave it his all and really sucked Nathan hard, matching his hardness to be sure, and only a couple seconds after that, Nathan exploded.

“Oh god yeah, that felt amazing.” Nathan sighed out.

“Glad you enjoyed it Baby.” James whispered, blowing gently on Nathan's bouncing baby boner as he did.

“Oh yeah. Grab the lube please and play with my little bum while you suck me again please, I have at least a few loads in me, and I want to feel you inside me at the same time please?” Nathan asked softly.

“Okay Baby. Just make sure and let me know at any time if you feel any discomfort or if I hurt you. Unless you say so though, I won't pull out.”

“Okay, will do.” Nathan said.

James grabbed the lube from the bedside table drawer and got back down to sucking Nathan tenderly. This time he went very slow and tender, same as he was stroking Nathan's hot tight little hole. As he went, James kept adding a little more lube and really got Nathan's hole nice and wet and slick, and then he started pushing gently with one finger, just in a bit before relaxing and letting Nathan push him back out. Push just a little and let Nathan reject him. In this way, Nathan was opening up a great deal.

As James was pushing on his hole though, Nathan was also pushing out, willing James to slip right in, it was almost driving him mad that James was not just pushing his finger right in, he wanted to feel it so badly. Finally though he got his wish and James slipped his finger in, all the way, and bliss the likes of which Nathan had never dreamed possible exploded through his body, causing him to explode once again inside James' happily sucking mouth.

The explosion came so fast though that it actually surprised James, he had not been prepared for the sheer power of the orgasm, nor had he even realized that Nathan was anywhere near that close. James though was only too happy to suck down everything that Nathan had to offer to him, and considering he had just cum moments before, James was surprised by how much Nathan had shot again.

“Oh god, don't you dare stop.” Nathan cried out as he was coming down, James had not restarted.

James just grinned as best he could with Nathan's still steel hard dick in his mouth, but got back to work right away. Nathan was now moaning and sighing near constant strings of sounds that James could not understand, it was very hot. In the same manner as before though, James started adding a second finger into Nathan's hot and amazingly tight little bum. With his index finger still buried nearly to the hilt, James was just very gently pushing his middle finger in and out, just barely going inside before backing back out, so as to really let Nathan prepare for what was to come.

Nathan was once again going mad, it felt amazing to have James' one finger inside him, but the second finger trying to gain entrance was even better still. Finally James felt that Nathan was loose enough, so slipped his middle finger in as well nice and slow. All this time, James had only just held Nathan's erection in his mouth, he had not started sucking it yet, because he wanted Nathan to really climb to his very peak before he let the boy go off again.

Well, said peak was certainly not going to be far away, for as soon as James' second finger fully entered Nathan's ass, Nathan nearly came again, and only managed to stop because James felt it coming on this time and pinched Nathan's very angry red dick and gave the tip just the tiniest nip with his teeth. The screech that Nathan let out was heard by the other two, and as they were making love to each other, they had to laugh, wondering what could have caused Nathan to make that sound. It did cause them to cum though, because they were certain that it was a sex cry.

James nearly laughed himself from the sound that Nathan had made, but managed to stifle it, but he did have to suffer a smack to the side of his head from an obviously angry or impatient Nathan. Very slowly, far too slowly for Nathan in his opinion anyway, James started sucking. He sucked very slowly, just as slow as his two fingers were working inside Nathan.

Nathan was gasping and panting now to beat a world class sprinter after pushing himself far harder than he ever had before, and James was actually starting to worry that Nathan might hyper ventilate or something silly like that. He could feel Nathan rising higher and higher, higher than he had ever been before, and he seriously doubted that when he did let Nathan cum, that he would manage to stay awake, because it was building up to a monumental orgasm.

Thirty seconds more was all it took for Nathan to explode in possibly the worlds most intense orgasm. Six full shots of boy cream graced James' greedy mouth, but it was all that Nathan had, because twelve more shots attempted to fire out. Nathan was wailing a sex cadence as he fired, almost yelling out, once again, the sex cries caused the two boys next door to explode and laugh, wondering once again what James could possibly be doing to the poor boy for him to make those sounds.

Without surprise, Nathan passed out as the last wave washed over his body like an ocean tidal wave washing over a hapless child, sweeping him away just as surely. Asleep like he had never been before, he knew nothing more of what happened after that, not until he woke the following morning. James smiled brightly, he had hoped to be able to do that to Nathan, for that was the only type of torture he agreed with. Make someone feel so good that they pass out, and he did just that.

James happily hopped out of bed and grabbed two fresh diapers and the diaper cream, and then a small butt plug that he owned that Nathan knew nothing about. He first went and removed Nathan's ruined and soggy diaper, slipped the small plug in, it was not that big and would not even be a stretch, and then he creamed Nathan up well and diapered him up once again. He then did the same thing for himself, skipping past the butt plug, hoping that Nathan would put one in him the following night instead, besides, he only had the one. James curled up to his baby, falling asleep quickly, a happy smile upon his face, he truly loved making Nathan feel so good.

Next door to them, Mitchel and Isaac had a great time as well before diapering each other nice and thick and then falling fast asleep. They started out by sucking one load from each other at the same time while fingering each other, their own personal favorite way of preparing each other for the next part. And then they made love to each other, one after the other until they came in each others bums twice each.

“Good morning boys.” James said as Mitchel and Isaac came into their bedroom the next morning, they had knocked and James told them to enter.

“Oh, Nathan's still asleep.” Mitchel said as they walked in.

“Yeah, seems I wore him out a bit last night.” James grinned.

“Sounded like it, hearing him made us both explode a couple times.” Isaac giggled.

“I don't doubt it. Come cuddle with us for a few minutes as I wake him up, and then we can go for breakfast and our morning workout.” James smiled.

“Okay.” Both boys said as one and came and hopped in with James and Nathan and cuddled up.

“Come on Baby, wakey wakey.” James whispered into Nathan's ear a few times.

“Oh, good morning.” Nathan finally said a few minutes later when he woke up.

“Good morning.” They all said.

“Sounds like you had a good night last night. What on Earth did James do to make you make those sounds, it was pretty hot?” Isaac asked.

“If I told you, it'd make us all super hard, and then we'd never get to our morning workout. Granted, that might be just as good anyway.” Nathan grinned.

“Remind me, how's that a bad thing?” Mitchel asked.

“Well, it's not entirely, but we certainly don't need to spend the entire day in bed.”

“And why not?” Isaac asked this time.

“Okay, well maybe one day might be fun to try.” Nathan grinned.

“Certainly would, but not even sure we could manage an entire day.”

“Same here, and I'm pretty sure I'd kill James.” Nathan grinned larger still.

“Yeah, but what a way to go, right Daddy.” Mitchel grinned.

“I can't think of any better way to go, that's for sure, but I'd rather not go so soon.” James laughed.

“Same here.” All the boys said.

“So, should we get up and start our day boys?” James asked.

“Okay.” All three boys said as one.

They all got up and headed toward the kitchen and had some breakfast, and then to the pool house and stripped off their soggy diapers as they made it there to work out. Once naked, they rinsed off and then went and got started on their morning workout, this morning in the pool again, all of them swimming hard and really getting a good workout. Once done, James once again taught Nathan how to dive some more, and Mitchel and Isaac also got up and did some diving as well.

“You're doing really well Nathan, and even you two are pretty good.” James said when they finished.

“Thanks.” They all said.

“Why are you training Nathan how to dive anyway?” Mitchel asked curiously, they had never been told nor had they asked before.

“Just because I really like to dive, and James used to dive, as well as do gymnastics, so he knows lots about it and has taught me lots already.”

“Oh.” Both boys said.

“Okay boys, let's go get cleaned and dressed for the day. Grandma and Grandpa are likely to be here pretty soon.”

“Okay.” They all said, and then headed to the shower, where they all cleaned themselves fully. They then headed to their bedrooms to get diapered and dressed, just because it is more comfortable there.

“By the way Baby, what exactly do you have in my bum anyway?” Nathan asked. It was the first chance he had to ask, and if either of the other two noticed it, they said nothing. They had noticed, just grinned, thinking that it looked like a good idea.

“A butt plug of course. I had a small one, and I thought you might enjoy it, because it'll help you to stay more open, and let your bum really stretch to allow a more pain free entrance sooner.” James smiled.

“Cool. Do you have any others?”

“Sadly no, I never got the courage up to go and buy another one, so it's my only one.”

“Can we go buy some more today?”

“Um, I don't know.”

“What, like it's a big deal really. We could just go online and buy them as well if you'd rather, but really, if there's a local store that carries them, then we should support them instead.”

“No, I suppose you're right, but I always found it embarrassing.”

“Yet you can go and buy diapers. I'd find that way more embarrassing, I'd rather go buy sex toys any day.” Nathan grinned.

“Yeah, but they won't let you in the store.”

“Shame that.” Nathan grinned again.

“Probably for the best, you'd probably get kicked out when you tried out each of the toys there.” James laughed.

“You know, I probably would too.” Nathan laughed.

By then they had each other nice and thickly diapered and were in the process of getting dressed and ready to go. Nathan just left his butt plug in, and then they got dressed in the nice clothes that grandma had bought for them the day before. They met the other two in the hallway as they exited their bedroom.

“So Nathan, what was that we saw in your cute little baby bum, because it sure looked like a nice little butt plug?” Mitchel asked.

“Thanks, yours is cute too, and it was a butt plug. It's James' only one though, so I've asked him to go and buy another one, so that we can both enjoy. You guys don't have any do you?”

“No, definitely not, but we've seen them online to see what they were, and we've read about how they're used and all that. We've always wanted one so that we could always feel full, but you know why that wasn't possible. That would have gone over real well with our parents, that's for sure.” Isaac grinned.

“That's what I thought. So, if James goes and gets us another, I take it you'd like a couple as well?”

“Oh yeah.” They both said happily.

“I never said I WAS gonna go buy one at all, let alone at least three.” James said.

“Oh come on Baby, you know you want one as well, because you're definitely not having this one back, unless of course you get me a bigger better one, because even this one doesn't even stretch me any at all.”

“Fine.” James sighed, knowing that if Nathan asked for almost anything within his power, he would go and get it.

“Thanks Baby. I'd go buy them if I was allowed, but I'm not. When you get a chance to go though, any other toys you care to get while there might be appreciated as well.”

“We'll see once I'm there.” James sighed again.

“Unless you'd rather I asked Grandma and or Grandpa to go instead, somehow I think they would.” Mitchel laughed.

“I bet they would.” Nathan laughed as well.

“No, that's okay, I'd rather go than ask them to.” James said.

“Figured as much. I wonder when Grandma and Grandpa are gonna get here anyway.” Nathan said.

“Hard to say, but probably pretty quick I imagine.” James said.

As they were waiting around, they watched a little TV and talked, but not even twenty minutes later, grandma and grandpa were there and ready to go. James and the boys all met them outside, all of them grabbing their new cell phones so that they all had them. James would have to stop at his cell providers store to have them change it over and upgrade his plan. They all hopped into the van together, and headed out right away.

“So, where to first?” James asked as they were pulling away.

“To a flower shop first please?” Grandma answered.

A few minutes later they were there, and grandma hopped out on her own and went in. She was out a few minutes later with a nice potted flower plant, it was quite big and bright. She climbed in and then told James which cemetery they were heading to, but he already knew from the funeral arrangements for Nathan's parents, so headed out right away. A few minutes later once again they were at their destination.

“We'll stay here.” James said of he and Isaac and Mitchel.

“Nonsense, you're family, you deserve to be here as much as we do.” Grandpa said softly.

“If you're sure.” James said, and he got a nod and they all headed out.

They had to admit, that if you had to be buried anywhere, that this was certainly a very nice place to be buried at, because it was a very beautiful and peaceful. Grandma and grandpa led the way to the family plot.

“Here it is.” Grandma said when they arrived.

The headstone read Jamie's full name and birth and death dates, and then below it, it read simply, hero. All around that though were a fair few signatures.

“Who put their signatures on Jamie's headstone?” Nathan asked curiously.

“All those that he saved, they all asked where he was to be buried, and asked if we'd allow that, and they all flew out here almost a year after we buried him, we came with them, and we had an anniversary party as it were. There wasn't a dry eye around as they all signed it, but we were so proud.” Grandpa answered.

“And I'm willing to bet you guys paid for most of the airfare, didn't you?” Nathan said.

“Yeah, a few of them couldn't afford to make the trip, but we thought it was too important for them to pass up, so we made the offer, and they were happy to accept, they have paid us back though, just not in money.” Grandma answered.

“That's nice.” Nathan said to them, but then turned once again to the headstone. “Well, I guess you were my uncle, you knew about me I'm sure, but sadly I had no idea anything about you. I wish we could've met, from what I hear, you were a hell of a person, one who anyone would like. Sadly though that wasn't in the cards for us, maybe some day though we'll meet, and I hope we can be friends. I hope that if there is in fact a heaven, that from your deeds that you're sitting on a very high and comfortable chair up there, but I'm sure you would be, no one does as much good as you did just to get nothing. Well, thanks for being the great person you were.” Nathan said softly. The others almost did not hear him, for what he said was for his uncle, and he clearly did not need to speak loudly, but they heard him anyway.

“Very well said.” Grandma smiled warmly to Nathan, who had a tear streaking down his cheek.


“Well, to my little baby hero, we miss you every day you are gone, but we celebrate your life and your sacrifices. The little kids that you never met came over again last week and said hi and brought us another bunch of flowers from their garden that they grow just for us. Such sweet little kids, well, they're really not all that little any more, they're growing up beautifully. Thanks in no small part to you of course. And everyone else still stops by at least once a month and has coffee with us, telling us how much better they are for your sacrifice. Everyone is so happy, and I hope you are as well, but I'm sure that you are.” Grandma said.

“Hi there Baby, I miss you so much, every day both saddens and gladdens me that you did what you did to save all those people, especially those poor defenseless little kids. I still miss you, I will for the rest of my life of course, and I truly hope that one day, but hopefully not too soon, that we get to meet again, and if and when that day comes, you had better be certain that I won't let you go for at least a few hours, I'll hug you so hard.” Grandpa said softly.

“Well Baby, I guess we'll see you in a day or two when we set your sister to rest beside you. Her and her husband have died, in case you didn't already know, possibly they'll never get to where you are, I don't know how it works, or if there is anything. So, see you later, love you.” Grandma said.

“Love you.” Both grandpa and Nathan said together.

They all headed out, none of them speaking any words until they were on their way out of the cemetery, and only then it was James who asked where to next, so grandpa gave him an address. The address was clear across town, so it took a while to get there, none of them knew the address, but as soon as they arrived, the sign on the road told them that they were going to see the cities very best photographer.

“Oh, you want to get the boys' pictures? That's a really good idea, I'll buy some as well.” James said.

“Actually, we're all getting our pictures taken. There'll be a few group shots with all of us, some of just the boys, and some of just you and the boys. As well we're all getting singles done, and you won't be paying anything, we're taking care of it. Not that it'll cost us anything really, because these are some of our oldest and dearest friends. They're the ones who take care of our house for us, and we usually come out to visit them at least twice a year, and they come see us at least that often. About all we'll have to pay for is materials, if they even charge us that. So don't worry.” Grandpa smiled.

“Oh. Okay. I don't really like having my picture taken though.” James said.

“Funny, I don't even remember asking if you wanted to have your picture taken at all.” Grandma grinned evilly.

“Right.” James laughed.

“Are they expecting us?” Nathan asked curiously.

“Of course. These guys are so good, they're usually booked up for at least a month at any given time, but they always squeeze us in, no matter what. We called them pretty much as soon as we knew we were coming back into town and told them what we wanted, and they told us to just come this morning some time, that they had the entire morning booked, just for us. They'll be taking dozens of pictures, so we'll be here a while.”

“Cool.” Nathan smiled.

They all hopped out once James parked, and then they all followed grandma and grandpa into the building. When they entered, both ladies squealed and ran for each other, grabbing each other and hugging each other. The men took a much more sedate pace and shook each others hands.

“Nancy and Nicholas, we were sorry to hear of your loss, even though we know it wasn't so much a loss as it was a relief. And this young man's just got to be Nathan. He looks so much like Jamie, it's uncanny. You know, if you weren't born before Jamie died Nathan, and I believed in reincarnation, I might actually believe that you were him.” The lady said.

“Yes Sally, this is definitely Nathan, but we told you that he looked like our Jamie. If I believed in it and the timing was right, I'd be questioning it too though.” Grandma laughed.

“Oh, how rude of us. I'm Sally, and this is Jim.” Sally said in way of introduction.

“Hi.” The others all said, shaking their hands and saying who they were.

“Well, it's really good to meet you all. So, as we understand, only you Nathan are actually related to these old goats, the rest of you have all adopted each other, so therefore they've adopted you as well. We're glad that you all found each other, it sounds like an amazing story. In case you didn't already know, we talked more last night.” Jim said.

“It's good to meet you as well.” James said, followed by a chorus of yeah from the boys.

“Well, you're all here for a photo shoot, and it's gonna take a while, so how's about we head into the main studio and we start in there. We want to get some pictures outside in the barn as well as by the creek, so we have a lot of shooting to do.” Sally said.

“Okay.” They all said.

For the next three hours, they all worked, and none of the others there ever realized just how much work went into making a picture absolutely perfect. Nathan was the only one there that had never had his photo taken, except at school a few times, so he had no idea any of this, because they sure did not try hard at the school, just sit down, snap, get up and get lost was pretty much their motto there. Here though, Sally and Jim worked every possible angle, checked lighting routinely, made minor adjustments here and there, and all that just before taking one picture. They started in the studio like Sally had said, getting the group photos first, and then the singles, that took an hour to do, and they took probably thirty pictures. In the barn took a further hour to do, and the same way was done again, groups and singles, and then by the creek. Here they got to take off their shoes and roll up their pant legs for a few of the pictures, because they were instructed to dangle their feet in the water. They were assured that all the piranhas were kept securely out of the area, causing the boys to giggle of course. Finally they were all done.

“Wow, that was an intense photo shoot.” James said, shaking Jim's hand as he said it.

“Thanks. For a group this size, we usually book four hours, so that we make sure to get all the good shots, and we don't stop 'til we're satisfied we have them. The sitting fee never changes, no matter how many pictures we take, and you always get all the three by fives that are printed, but you have to pay for the larger prints if you want them. Of course for Nancy and Nicholas, they won't pay hardly anything for all this.”

“How much would a photo shoot like this normally cost?” James asked curiously.

“A thousand dollars, plus the cost of the larger pictures.” Jim answered.

“Wow, no wonder you have such a nice place, and I know for a fact that although pricey, you always have people lined up, willing to pay it, because I've seen your work many times before, and it truly is the best there is.” James whistled out.

“Thanks. Yes, we charge a lot, but believe it or not, there are those that charge more and give you less.”

“Oh, I believe it.”

“Well, thanks so much for doing this all for us, I'm sure you had to juggle your appointments just to fit us in.”

“We did, but it wasn't a big deal. We'll just work a little later tonight, because we still have two more photo shoots after this, but we won't rush them.”

“Oh. Well, thanks again.” James said.

“So, when can we get the pictures Sally?” Grandma asked.

“We should have them all ready for you in a weeks time. We'll send you the package the same way we do normally, and you can go over it all and choose the ones you want blown up and to what sizes, same as always. By the way, did I ever ask how the families all liked their copies of the pictures we did of them all gathered around Jamie's headstone with the flowers spelling out 'our hero'?”

“I don't remember if you asked or not, but they all cried, they all loved them, and I know for a fact that they all hung them in their living rooms, same as ours is.” Grandma smiled.

“That's good to hear. Such a hero should never be forgotten.”

“No, and I doubt he will be, but certainly never by us.” Grandma smiled warmly.

“Nor us. Such a beautiful boy, such a shame he had to go so soon, but to go in such a way, saving those kids, you just couldn't complain. Well sadly Nancy, we must actually kick you guys out of here, because that's our next appointment pulling in now, so we should probably go pay the bills, because you're likely gonna want this for free, again.” Sally sighed animatedly.

“Yeah yeah you old bitty, how did you like the last book, which I sent free as well?” Grandma grinned.

“Fuck, it was awesome.” Sally laughed.

“Good.” Grandma laughed as well.

“And that algae killer Nicholas mixed us up for the creek worked wonders.”

“Yeah, you told me right after you got it, but that's good. Well, we really should let you guys get back to work. You still up for dinner tomorrow night?”

“You bet. Will you be bringing the rest of the gang with you?”

“Sure will be, they're all family now. We'll meet you there, we already have our favorite table booked.”

“Excellent. Well, see you tomorrow night then. Love you.” Sally smiled.

“Love you too, you old bitty.” Grandma grinned.

“Come on guys, we have to head out, their next appointment's here waiting for them, so we need to get out of their hair.” Grandpa called out. He and Jim were having a similar conversation.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

“Okay, driver, if you would, a nice family restaurant please?” Grandma called out as soon as they were in the van.

“Yes Ma'am, would there be anywhere in particular that you would care to go?” James asked back, giggling as he did.

“Whatever's good in this two horse one bit town will do just fine.”

“Very good Ma'am, we'll be there shortly.” James laughed and he took off.

He drove them to a fairly nice place, not overly expensive, but nice. They all headed inside and were seated quickly, and before too long they ordered their food. As they waited for their meals to arrive, they all talked happily. Once their food came, they still talked, but less, because of course they were eating.

“So, what should we do now boys?” Grandma asked once they were all done, but still sitting in the restaurant.

“Don't know.” They all answered together.

“Well, what say we all head back to the house, get changed, we brought our change of clothes with us, and then we treat you all to the amusement park.” Grandma said.

“You don't have to do that.” James said, but that fell on deaf ears, and besides, the boys were all nodding their heads happily.

“I think you've been out voted. Besides, it wasn't really open for negotiation.” Grandpa laughed.

“Looks like it.” James said, shaking his head.

“Okay boys, let's go then.” Grandma said, laying enough money to cover the bill and give a fair tip on the table.

They all headed back to the house, and before too long, they were all ready to leave again. They all went in, and those that needed it, changed their diapers as well, so all of them except grandma. James grabbed their backpack and made sure it was fully stocked, all he had to do was add more diapers, and they were ready to go, so they headed out.

Once there, as promised, grandma and grandpa paid for everything, and all of them had a great time together. They rode the rides for a bit, ate and then looked around until their food settled, rode the rides for a while longer, and just kept repeating the cycle until the park announced that they were closing. It had been another very long and tiring day, and probably not so surprisingly, but each of the boys fell fast asleep and were dead to the world not even half way home. Each adult grabbed one boy and carried him into the house, grandma taking Nathan because he was the smallest, but the men were just barely able to get the other two up to their bedroom. They each changed one of their diapers, leaving them in just their diapers, and then they headed out. Grandma changed Nathan's diaper for him as well and met the men in the hall.

“Thanks so much for everything guys, we really appreciate it, the boys most of all.” James said to them quietly.

“And thank you as well for taking such good care of them all. You have a gift in them that far too few people take the chance to appreciate, treat them well and they'll go to the ends of the Earth for you, but we know you'd so the same for them in a heartbeat. Well, we should head to the hotel for the rest of the night and get to bed ourselves, as I'm certain you wish to do as well.” Grandpa said softly.

“Thanks, and yes, I would, I'd do anything I could for them, but yeah, I better get to bed, it's very late for me.”

“Us too. Well, we'll see you sometime tomorrow morning, but we'll probably sleep in and get breakfast in, so we won't be near as early tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow, have a good night.” James smiled.

“And you too.” They both said, and James saw them out, waving as they pulled out.

James went and changed his diaper, curled up to his baby, and fell fast asleep as well. All four of them slept straight through the night, not one of them moving the entire night. They all woke up very late the next morning as well, Mitchel and Isaac first, and they came in and cuddled up to James and Nathan until they woke up.

“Good morning my soggy little baby boys. How are you all this morning?” James asked while yawning, the last to wake up this morning.

“Good.” They all yawned as well.

“That's good. Now, no complaints this morning boys, but there's no way in hell I'm exercising this morning, and I want a little more hearty breakfast, I'm beat and feeling very worn down, I need a rest.” James told the boys.

“Okay, but what would you call yesterday, that was lots of rest.” Nathan grinned.

“It was fun, but rest it sure was not. You boys nearly had me running the entire day again yesterday, and I have no idea how grandma and grandpa kept up at all, but then again, they're both in amazing shape for being in their late fifties, hell, even my age they'd be in great shape.”

“I know, I was teasing you, but yeah, they're in really good shape. How about we just go and swim this morning for fun though, after breakfast of course, and we can relax in the hot tub and sauna and really lay back.”

“Sounds good to me.” James said.

“Good. Us boys will go get breakfast if you like.” Nathan said.

“No, that's okay, I prefer to work with you boys, we can all work together.” James smiled.

“Okay.” They all smiled.

So, all in just very soggy diapers, they headed to the kitchen and got started on breakfast. It was definitely not a healthy breakfast, but tasty it sure was. They all more than likely ate way too much as well, but considering just how much exercise they had had lately, that was probably not entirely a bad thing either. As soon as they were all fed up and cleaned up, they headed to the pool house, stripped off their even more wet diapers, rinsed off, and hopped in the pool to play around for a bit. Before too long though they all migrated to the hot tub, where they all laid back, sighing deeply, almost at the exact same time. Shortly after that, they all headed to the sauna and sweated themselves out a bit in there, and then hopped back in the pool to cool off.

“Much better.” James sighed, he had needed that, a lot.

“Yeah, it is. Let's go get diapered and dressed then. When's grandma and grandpa supposed to be here this morning?” Mitchel asked curiously.

“Don't know. They told me last night before leaving that they were going to stay in and relax for a bit this morning and have breakfast in bed, and I imagine they'll sleep in every bit as much as we did, so it could be a while before they make it here. Let's go find a good cartoon on or something and just lay back and cuddle up on the couch.”

“Okay.” All the boys said.

It was almost an hour and a half later that they did show up, and they too looked much more rested than they had the night before.

“Well guys, we called the funeral home before coming over, and they have everything prepared and ready for us, so we arranged to come at noon today to lay to rest Nathan's parents.” Grandpa told them once they were sitting down as well.

“Okay, that's still a couple hours away, so we may as well all just kick back and relax and continue watching cartoons 'til then.” James suggested.

“Sounds good to us.” Grandma said, so they did.

When it was time to leave, they all got ready to go, and made it to the cemetery in plenty of time. The small hole was already dug, and the funeral director was there waiting for them. It was a short sweet simple ceremony, very little was even said, and mostly the funeral director was the one to have said it. Grandma, Grandpa and Nathan all did say a little something though. A small stone slab was laid over the hole once it was filled in, marking the spot with the names and dates, nothing else. It was very simple, just the way it should be.

“Well, it's done. A bitter sweet ending to what amounted to two pitiful lives.” Grandpa said sadly, and then they all turned and walked away.

“This time I'm treating you guys to lunch, come on.” James said, and they all hopped in the van and James took off right away.

They went to the same restaurant again as the day before, and they all had a good lunch.

“Now, dinner tonight we have plans, you're of course invited, and it'll be with Jim and Sally, you remember them from yesterday I trust, as well as a few of our other friends from here. You'll need to dress up again, because this place is a five star restaurant, and if you have them, ties are suggested. Until then though, we're gonna head back to our hotel for the rest of the day and just relax.” Grandpa told them all once they were finished eating.

“Oh, okay. Which restaurant, and should we just meet you there, or should we pick you up at the hotel on our way?” James asked.

“You may as well pick us up I guess, no point in taking two vehicles, that's for sure.” Grandpa answered, telling them the name of the restaurant as well.

“Ooh, I've never been there before. How did you get reservations on such short notice, I heard it took a month to get in usually?” James asked, whistling.

“Another set of friends of ours, and they'll be joining us for dinner as well. We never have to worry about reservations there, they always squeeze us in, usually in their back room with the view of their private garden, where they actually grow most of their own produce and herbs when they're able to.”

“Oh, wow.”

“Yeah, they're another truly talented couple, amazing people.” Grandma said happily.

“How do you know so many people here like that?” James asked curiously.

“We've been around a while, and we've just met a lot of people who are really nice, same as we are I suppose, or at least that's what we're told.” Grandma grinned.

“I can agree to that.” James smiled.

“So, shall we head out then?” Grandpa asked.

“Sure.” Everyone else answered, and they did.

A few minutes later they were back to the house, and grandma and grandpa were headed back to their hotel. James and the boys all stripped down to just their soggy diapers and sat back and relaxed for a while. They had to change their diapers shortly thereafter, because the liquid from their lunch exited their bodies, and they sat back and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until they all had to go get ready for dinner. They all went and had a bath, two to a tub, couples of course, and they washed each other tenderly and thoroughly, before getting out and drying off. They then went to their bedrooms and got diapered and dressed, all of them in their best clothes again. None of them had ties, but that did not really matter anyway. They all did their hair perfectly, put on some cologne, and then they were ready to go.

They hopped in the van and headed to the hotel to pick up the grandparents, and Nathan ran in to get them. They joined the others in the van a few minutes later and were on the way to the cities finest restaurant.

“Ah, I see everyone else arrived before us. It's so good to see everyone.” Grandma said happily when they all arrived into their private dining room.

“Nancy, Nicholas, it's so good to see you.” More than a few people said.

Hugs and kisses were passed around for a few minutes as everyone said hi to each other. James and his boys just stood off to the side while the twelve friends said hi to one another.

“Well guys, I think introductions are in order now.” Grandma called out. “Here is our grandson Nathan, his adopted father and brothers James, Mitchel and Isaac.” She said, pointing to each and every one of them. “And guys, you met Jim and Sally yesterday, but here we have Steven and Greg, the owners of this restaurant, they're a couple by the way, then there's Bob and Lynne, friends of ours since we were all in school together. They own the family grocery store. Then here we have Susan and Julia, who believe it or not used to be married to Steven and Greg, when one night, they all realized that they all had the same problem, they weren't in love with their partner, but their best friend. It was quite the night when they all told us, and we still tease them to this day. Susan and Julia own and operate the bakery around the corner, and any time you want a truly wonderful cinnamon roll, go see them, they're to die for, no really, they are, I'd probably kill someone for one. And finally we have Jamie and Andrea. Jamie and Grandpa grew up together, they were quite literally best friends from birth, in fact they were born on the same day right across the hall from each other, and their mothers were good friends as well, so it was inevitable. Our son was named after him, as I'm sure you realized, Jamie was even little Jamie's god father. These guys are the only one of our friends that don't own a business or really have to work. They don't strictly have to, so they don't. Well, I do believe that was everyone, but I doubt anyone will remember all that by the end of the night. Now, Greg and Steven, think that hopeless cook of yours might be able to burn up something moderately edible this time, that sludge he served us last time was ghastly, I just couldn't eat it?” Grandma teased.

“You know you old battleaxe, you keep teasing him like that, and he might come in here and make a meal out of you.” Greg said sternly, placing his hands on his hips for effect.

“Mmm, cream of old goat soup, sounds good to me.” Grandpa laughed, grandma for some reason smacked him in the chest quite hard. All the others in the room were trying hard not to laugh.

“Watch it old man, or one of your concoctions might just end up in your soup.”

“I don't think I need to worry about that, almost everything in my lab right now would either boil the soup dry as soon as they touched, or would melt the bowl.” Grandpa grinned.

“You know, I don't even doubt that.” Grandma laughed.

“Well, as for your meal request, I'm sure Phillip could whip up something that should please your rather discerning palette.” Greg laughed as well.

“Good, should be interesting. Come, everyone, let's sit down, let's enjoy. Who's serving us tonight guys?” Grandma asked.

“I got our thickest skinned waitress, the one you enjoy calling a dragon I do believe.” Steven grinned.

“Oh good, Kate, she's so fun to tease. She can take anything, and she just fires it right back.” Grandma said happily.

“She looks forward to trading quips with you again I'm sure. She'll be in in just a couple minutes, and then she'll stay with us entirely for the rest of our meal.” Steven smiled.

“Good.” Grandma said.

They all found seats, the boys ending up splitting up, one boy between each couple, it was not how they wanted it, but everyone wanted to talk to them during their meal. A few minutes later, a waitress walked in that had the boys been straight, they may have fallen off their chairs, she was so pretty.

“Ah, Nancy, so good to abuse you again tonight. It looks like a right little party.” Kate laughed.

“Good to abuse you again Kate. It's been too long. I can't understand how someone with such talent would work in such a talentless grease pit such as this.”

“Alas, they're the only ones who'll put up with my foul mouth and stench.” Kate said, lowering her head sadly.

“Ah yes, must be difficult to get a job elsewhere.”

“It's terrible really, and they pay so horribly too, and they taunt me and treat me like a slave.”

“Only the finest whips and chains for our finest slave.” Greg called out jovially.

“Oh you wish you old pervert.”

“Not for you sweety.” Greg laughed, sticking his tongue out at her.

“Shame that. Could be fun, could turn you straight again.”

“Do that and I will fire you.” Steven spat out, all the others burst out laughing.

“Oops, I guess I shouldn't have said that with such young ears around.” Kate said, actually blushing, she had not really paid attention to the boys until then.

“That's okay, these boys are all gay and I bet there's nothing you can say that they haven't already tried or heard of.” Grandma laughed.

“Oh good. So, enough with the idle chatter, I do have a job to do before my horrible bosses fire me, again. What can I get everyone to drink tonight?”

“Yeah, it'd be at least the fourth time this week, wouldn't it Kate.” Steven said.

“Fifth actually.”

“Oh right. Why don't you go ahead and bring out those two nice bottles of wine I have tucked in the back of the wine cellar for a special occasion, and then bring out a few pitchers of water as well to start? We can get more later if we so desire.” Steven asked.

“Right away your cruelness, be right back.”

“She really does know you guys so well, doesn't she?” Grandma laughed along with everyone else.

“Yeah. What do you expect though, she's been working for us since before we came out. God, that's gotta be fifteen years now, there's almost nothing she doesn't know about us, or us her, we just love her.” Greg answered sappily.

“What, how old is she?” Nathan asked curiously.

“She's nearing forty. If you were straight, you might call her a cougar, and you wouldn't be far off either. If she were a mother, you might even call her a MILF. She certainly doesn't look or act her true age, and trust me, she won't admit it to anyone, but considering that she's been with us for just over fifteen years now, and we happen to know she was only seventeen when she started, we know.”

“Oh, she certainly doesn't look as old as you say she is, and even a gay boy can see how others might think of her like that.” Nathan grinned.

“Yes, and for some strange reason, she always seems to make the most tips, and she never dresses poorly, she always looks as sharp as she does this evening.” Steven laughed.

“Gee, I wonder why.” Nathan laughed.

“Actually, it's more than likely more to do with her attitude, I doubt one customer of hers leaves without laughing at least a few times, she always makes every customer feel like family and gives them the royal treatment.” Greg said seriously.

“I don't doubt that either.”

“So James, we hear that you're a writer as well from Nancy.” Jamie asked.

“Yes, I am. I'd really rather that information not get around too much though. I prefer the nice quiet life.” James answered, looking uncomfortable.

“Oh no worries. Nothing here would ever be said anywhere ever, you have no worries there. Like Nancy, no one knows who she is either, we never tell anyone. But if you're family to them, that means you're family to us as well. We're all the very best of friends here.” Jamie said reassuringly.


“So, what's your pen name then, I want to know if I've read any of your stuff?”

“Actually you have, because I know I lent you a couple of his books before.” Grandpa said.

“Oh, really?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, you're sitting next to none other than Bryan James. All he did was reverse his names. Not very original, but apparently it's worked.” Grandpa teased.

“What, really, you're shitting me?” Jamie nearly choked on his tongue.

“Um no, sadly he isn't. I take it you either really like or hate my books then.”

“Hate, are you kidding! Man, I love them. How a few of them haven't been made into movies yet I have no idea. Nicholas got me hooked many years ago now, and I have all your books. We've all shared them, we all love that stuff.”

“Yeah.” All the others said as one.

“Oh. I had no idea anyone would have even heard of me.”

“You really are very shy, and or a recluse. Do you have any idea how well your books sell?” Jamie asked in shock.

“No, I never pay attention to that crap, I don't care.” James answered.

“It's true, he doesn't. Even I love his books, I've been reading them since I was eight.” Nathan said.

“Wow, and here we all thought Nancy was bad. Her books sell well. She's never hit a best seller list though.”

“I haven't either.” James said.

“Um, yeah you have, on three of your books.” Jamie said in astonishment.

“No, really?” James asked, he truly had no idea.

“Um, yeah, really. Don't you ever talk to your publisher?”

“Maybe once a month or two, and I always told him I didn't care if or how well anything sold, I wasn't in it for that, so I guess he took that to heart and just left it alone. To tell you the truth, I almost wish you hadn't told me that.” James said, blushing.

“Oh, you really are worse than Nancy. I wouldn't say you're the most popular author out there, but you certainly do far better than most. Your new book was released yesterday, and I was standing in line for ten hours to get a copy of it, and I nearly didn't get one, there were only maybe twenty copies left by the time I got there.”

“Oh. I knew it was releasing soon, just not sure when. Are you sure it's my books you're talking about?” James asked cautiously.

“Yeah, of course I am. Author Bryan James, title Are You My Killer. The critics are already saying it's bound to be a best seller.”

“Oh, that's the one.”

“Hasn't your publisher or anyone ever asked you to make a movie from your books?” Jamie asked curiously.

“No, I don't think so. I'd remember that I think though, so probably not.”

“Then you should have them look into it, I'd be the first in line to watch.”

“I'll be there right behind you.” Grandpa said first, and then a chorus of me too followed very shortly thereafter.

“Oh. Thanks I guess.” James blushed, yet again.

“You'll have to forgive him, he's really quite shy.” Nathan told everyone.

“We can tell.” Jamie smiled warmly.

“Like you'd want any of this any more than I do, Mr. younger author than I was and with at least a couple books already written better than mine.” James said, that shut Nathan up right quick.

“Oh, have you been holding out on your grandparents?” Grandma asked curiously.

“James, you shouldn't have told them that, I'm not sure I want to publish them.” Nathan groaned to James.

“I know, but you need to. If you think my books are good, I think yours are better.”

“Can I read one?” Grandma and Grandpa asked at the same time.

“No.....Yes.” Both Nathan and James said at the same time.

“James, no, please, I'm not ready for that.”

“There's no better time or people than your family to share it with.” James said softly to his baby.

“We'll see.” Nathan said, defeated. He was not mad, a bit upset sure, but in his heart, he knew it was what he wanted.

“Thanks.” Grandma said.

“Ah, our wine, finally. What did you have to do, go whittle a corkscrew or something?” Greg threw up his hands in mock frustration.

“Um, hello, it takes a few minutes to chill a bottle of wine to perfection. I'm good, but even I can't do everything instantly.” Kate beamed brightly.

“Fine, poor us a drink serving wench.”

“Watch it old man, or I'll show you wench alright.” Kate grinned evilly.

“You know, I'm not even sure if that's a good or a bad thing, so I think I should just leave it at that.” Greg said smartly.

“Smartest thing you've said all night.” Kate grinned.

“I really should fire you, you know that right.”

“Yeah, you probably should, but then you'd end up going bankrupt, you know it's all me that brings in the customers. That two bit line cook you have has nothing on me.”

“I'm gonna tell Phillip you said that.” Greg giggled.

“I tell him that every day. The first time I said that to him, he threw a spoonful of mashed potatoes at me. Funniest damn thing I ever saw.” She laughed.

“Oh, was that why I scrubbed potatoes off the wall not a week after he started. No one would answer.” Steven laughed.

“Oh yeah. He finally loosened up a bit and now we have fun together.” Kate laughed.

“Yeah, he was certainly a bit uptight at first, wasn't he.”

“I'll say. I often told him to get the turkey baster out of his ass. Oops.” Kate said, and then looked to the boys and blushed again.

“Don't worry, it sounds like fun actually.” Mitchel laughed.

“Oh, right. Well, let me pour each of you some wine then.” Kate said, not really sure how to respond to that one.

“Wow, no one's ever managed to shut her up like that before, good one.” Steven laughed, nearly choking.

“You're welcome.” Mitchel grinned.

A few seconds later, Kate had each of them a small glass of wine, even the boys got one. She then excused herself, saying she would be right back with water for everyone, that it too was chilling, waiting for her.

“Well, here's to family and friends, who else would put up with this hopeless sorry bunch.” Greg raised his glass and toasted.

“I can agree to that.” Grandpa called out, and then everyone drank to that.

“And here's to making the family larger once again.” Grandma toasted, and everyone drank to that.

“Thanks everyone, it's nice to have a family again.” James smiled happily.

“It's an odd family to say the least, but we all stick together.” Grandpa warned.

“That's cool. So, do any of the rest of you guys have kids?” James asked curiously.

“Actually no. Nancy and Nicholas were the only one of us to be blessed to have any children, and as I'm sure you know, that was not to last all that long.” Sally answered.

“Oh, that's too bad. Mind if I ask why that is?”

“Not at all. There's of course the two bent couples who just couldn't keep it hard long enough to get their wives pregnant, then there's us who never wanted kids, Jamie and Andrea, as well as Bob and Lynne all couldn't have children. It was decided not to adopt, although I'm sure that decision is still regretted some days, because I know we sure wish we had, but that was then and this is now, and now we're all much too old to adopt.” Sally answered once again.

“Oh, that's to bad, or funny, I'm not really sure, or both maybe.” James said.

“Both.” All of them said.

Kate interrupted them once again and brought in five pitchers of ice water, and then poured each of them a nice tall glass.

“Would anyone like something different to drink, or would anyone like their wine topped up?” She asked.

“No more wine for me, but citrus blend would be splendid?” Grandma asked.

“That sounds good to me as well.” Almost everyone else said. A coupe of the adults had their wine topped up and asked for something different to drink. The boys all took the citrus blend.

“Okay, that'll take a few minutes to squeeze all that fruit for all of you, but I'll be as quick as I can.”

“She's really gonna squeeze all that juice?” Isaac asked curiously.

“Sure. Here we only use fresh ripe fruit and vegetables for everything, including our juice. We have a few different juicers, and we can do almost any fruit or vegetable drink you care for.” Greg answered.

“Wow, that's cool.” Isaac said in awe.

“Thanks, we pride ourselves on fresh and best.”

“It shows. This is definitely the nicest place I've ever been in before.”

“Thanks. We try.”

Several minutes later, Kate came back with five more pitchers of juice, so that everyone could just take what they wanted. As they waited, they talked more, but more in couples or small groups.

“What would everyone like to have to start?” Kate asked as she finished up with everyone's juice or other drink requests..

“Um, you haven't brought us a menu yet.” Nathan pointed out.

“Oh silly me. Oh wait, we don't have menus?” Kate grinned.

“Huh, how are we supposed to know what we can get then?” Nathan asked curiously.

“Just ask for it. I assure you, Phillip may be a two bit line cook, but he's a good one, and he can make you almost anything your heart desires. I do however have to warn you, if you ask him for french fries, he might actually come out and beat you up. If we can't do what you want, I'll tell you how we can do it.”

“Oh, then how do we know how much it costs?” Mitchel asked.

“In a place like this, cost is irrelevant, we figure out your bill at the end.”

“Oh. Do I want to know how much lobster tail and prime rib would be then?” Mitchel asked again.

“Depends, do you have a hundred dollars?”


“Then don't ask, but unless I'm mistaken, you probably don't need to worry about that. Now, what would everyone like for a starter?”

Each of them asked for what they wanted, the boys having the hardest time with this, none of them really knowing what they could or should get. Finally Greg suggested to them that Kate just asked for a sample platter of a few things for them to share. They all agreed with that, so Kate nodded and took off.

Several minutes later, and more conversation, and Kate came back carrying a large tray with everyone's starting course and set them all out. She had had Phillip do up a sampler for the boys, splitting it onto three plates for them to all enjoy. Each piece of what they received was small, but there were a few of them, and they all smelled incredible. By the time all of them were done with that, Kate was bringing out their salad, each of them getting a very small but nice looking salad. In fact, the boys all said they looked too pretty to eat. Greg just laughed, saying it was there to eat, and would be more a shame to not eat it and ruin its beauty than to not eat it.

Next came a small steaming bowl of soup, Kate just brought out all three types that they had, and asked them as she passed them out, everyone getting something that they liked. Once that was taken care of, and they had eaten it all, Kate was back, asking everyone what they would like for their main course. Once again the boys had the most difficult time of this, never having gone without a menu before, but finally, after several minutes, and help from all the adults, they all chose what they wanted.

It was almost half an hour later that all their food arrived, they had all enjoyed more talk and drink as they waited. However, when the meal arrived, all talk ceased, especially for the boys, who were each in mid sentence as their food was set down in front of them. Mitchel did in fact try the lobster tail, but went with a small rib eye steak instead, and the other two just went with a steak, neither of them caring for sea food all that much. All of their meals came with some lemon roasted potatoes and garden vegetables. Of course they all enjoyed their meal, they were cooked to perfection.

About ten minutes after they finished eating, they were once again just sitting back and talking, Kate brought in a large tray with a large assortment of different desserts for them to all have. The boys, who of course could not choose, were encouraged to take two if they really wanted, so they did, and they all shared back and forth, all of them enjoying their delicious desserts.

“ before have I ate so well, that was amazing.” Nathan sighed deeply.

“Glad you enjoyed it.” Greg smiled brightly.

“Trust me, enjoyed wasn't anywhere near what that was. Heavenly might not even come close.”

“Glad to hear it.” Greg smiled.

“Well guys, I hate to say it, but I think that it's about time that we headed out of this two bit joint and called it a night. What do you say?” Grandma asked.

“Yeah, I suppose we better.” All the friends said.

“And we should probably be getting home soon ourselves.” James said.

“It was really good meeting you all.” The friends all said to James and the boys as they were getting up to leave, James shaking each of their hands, the boys mostly got hugs. They got a few warm smiles when it was noted that they were in fact wearing diapers, as Grandma and Grandpa had told them that they would be wearing.

“Thanks everyone.” Nathan smiled warmly to everyone as they were heading out.

“You're welcome.” They all called out.

James and the boys, and grandma and grandpa all went out and hopped in the van and started on their way to the hotel.

“Grandma and grandpa, did you tell them that we wore diapers, because why else would they hug all of us and pat our bums like they did?” Nathan asked curiously.

“Sure. Trust me, this group of friends has no secrets from each other, we've told them nearly everything that we know of you guys. Even though we never told of the relationship between you and James, we didn't figure that would be necessary, I guarantee that they'll have picked up on it tonight though. Also, Greg and Steven are diaper lovers too, and I'm certain they noticed instantly, and you had to notice they held you boys and patted your cute little bums just a little longer than the others. I'm willing to bet that they enjoy their nightly playtime a little more thanks to you boys.” Grandma laughed.

“I thought I saw that they were wearing diapers as well, but they weren't standing enough for us to really get a good look.” Nathan smiled, not really worried.

“You're not upset by that are you?”

“No, just wondering, because I figured you must have, but if they're all good with it, then who cares.” Nathan smiled.

“Even if we hadn't told them, they would've figured it out before too long anyway, so may as well let them know. They've known about me needing to wear diapers for nearly forever, and they knew of Jamie's need, and soon desire to wear them as well, and they know that I like them too. Trust me though, you couldn't ask for a more open minded and great group of friends. They're the biggest reason that we miss living here. We all visit as much as possible though, we come out here or they come out and see us, but it's not the same. We used to get together at least once a week for dinner, they all still do, but we don't get to enjoy it as much any more.” Grandpa said this time.

“That's cool. It'll be nice when you guys do move back home then, and not just for me, or Isaac and Mitchel either, because you do belong here.”

“Yeah, we do, but we're okay for now.” Grandma smiled.

“So, what are we gonna do tomorrow?” Nathan asked.

“Not too sure, but I think we're gonna spend the morning in and then we'll come over tomorrow early afternoon and figure out something.” Grandpa answered.

“Okay.” The boys all said.

A few minutes later they were at the hotel and Grandma and Grandpa were hopping out.

“Okay, you boys have a good night, love you.” Grandma said.

“Love you too.” They all called out, Nathan giving them a nice big hug each.

A few minutes later they were home for the night, so they all went into the house to get comfortable.

“Before you get undressed James, why not head to the toy store right now and pick us up some toys?” Nathan asked, batting his eyelashes cutely.

“I guess I could, but it's so embarrassing.” James sighed.

“I'd go with you, if I could, I'd go alone if I could, but I can't.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Us too.” Mitchel grinned.

“Yeah, and don't forget to get us a couple toys as well please?” Isaac asked.

“I remember. Okay, you boys go ahead and get comfortable, I'll be back soon.”

“Okay.” They boys said happily and James just put his shoes back on and headed out the door.

The drive to the nearest sex store was almost fifteen minutes, it was about as far across town as James could go, but he did know where it was. He had driven by it a number of times, he had bought his one toy there many years before, and he had almost stopped at least a hundred times to buy more toys, he just could not do it though, for some reason he was truly embarrassed to do this. When he got there, he parked and then went inside, nervously looking to see if anyone was watching him. He realized that there was no one anywhere near him, and that no one would really care, and that he was being incredibly stupid and wondered what Nathan would tell him. He chuckled to himself and just walked into the store.

When he walked in, he was greeted in a friendly manner by the guy behind the counter. He could not have been more than nineteen himself, and he was very good looking, and James actually got hard.

“Where would I find your butt plugs and dildos?” James asked softly.

“I carry an excellent assortment right over here. Are these trainers or for more experienced openings?”

“About half and half I guess you could say it. I want a couple new ones for myself, but I'm getting a couple for friends as gag gifts, but let's just say I'm sure like most gag gifts, these won't just be thrown away.” James laughed.

“Ah yes, so you'll want something in the medium sized range.”

“That sounds good, and do you have any with vibrators built in?”

“Sure do. Here's our entire selection right here.”

“Good grief, you sure have enough.”

“Thanks, I pride myself in carrying an excellent selection.”

“You own this store, you can't be more than nineteen?” James asked in shock.

“Yeah, took over ownership only six months ago, but I've always loved my toys. Twenty though, by the way.”

“I came in here once, many years ago now and bought a butt plug, and they had hardly any selection then. What made you want to buy an adult toy store?” James asked curiously.

“What little gay boy doesn't dream of owning a toy store.” He grinned.

“Ah, good point. I admit, I pegged you as being gay.”


“Yeah. So, I'm guessing that you have a preference yourself, what would you suggest for a guy who doesn't really have a lot of experience with toys but wants something nice?”

“I sure do. Let's just say, many of these toys are here because I've been using them since I was thirteen myself. Well, not these ones exactly, but these models.” He laughed.

“Since thirteen, how?”

“Internet and prepaid credit cards are wondrous things. I've been a right slut since the age of twelve. Couldn't get enough. Got to the point that I was getting a quantity purchase discount from the company I was using. Now of course I get a much better deal, I sure do like deals. Of course, most of my purchases are now for the store, I really don't need anything more personally, except a lot of lube. Now, for only slightly experienced, you'll want to go about this size here, maybe just lightly bigger, because you want to feel it, but if you don't like being stretched, then maybe slightly smaller. I have all my toys arranged by size, so you can find all the butt plugs, dildos, anal beads and anything else you can imagine in the size you like by looking in your particular size group.”

“That makes it easy, thanks.”

“Yeah, I found that most people wanted a particular size of toy, so instead of having to dig through to find the size you want, I separate them by size and allow you to find the style you like. Now, if you want vibrators, then I suggest this dildo and butt plug, they're the two best I've got, but their prices are pretty good. Still expensive to most, but that's okay.” He said, picking up a couple items.

“Oh, okay. I'm not so worried about cost, as long as they're good. Now, I do have skin sensitivity to some materials, are either of these known to cause allergies in people?”

“Nope. If you have any sort of allergies though, stay away from this line here, I can't use them myself, I tell you, getting a rash inside wasn't at all fun, and that was when I was fifteen. The only reason I still keep them in stock at all is because some people really like them.”

“Yikes, thanks for the warning, I wouldn't want that either. Okay, I'll take four of each of these two items please, let's go this size.” He said pointing at the next size up.

“Ooh, you're friends are gonna love you.” He grinned.

“I'm certain that they're gonna love them, what gay boy doesn't. Although, these might be a bit big for a couple of them.”

“How old are they?”

“Thirteen.” He answered honestly, knowing the young owner would not care by the sounds of it.

“You aren't grooming them for you are you, because man I would have killed to have met you when I was thirteen?” He grinned cheekily.

“Nah, just want to give them what they need, and I know they don't need me, they need each other. I wouldn't do that with them anyway, I don't think they'd want it, not like you clearly did.”

“Shame that, but yeah, I did. Never did find the adult I was searching for, but when I turned fifteen, I did find my boyfriend, and now partner, and he was almost eighteen. That was okay though, I had a lot of fun in the meantime. Now lube, what have you got for it, or are you gonna need that as well?”

“Right, lube. I actually only have KY at home, but I always find it dries up too soon. Do you have anything better?”

“Only the best. If you have allergies though, I'll suggest the one I use. It's expensive, but it's probably the best I've ever used, and I've used a lot, trust me.”

“Okay, I'll want a few of your biggest jars then, don't worry about cost.”

“Okay. Here it is here. Just grab what you want.” He said, pointing toward a display, James just grabbed four of them.

“Thanks, I've heard of this one before, but never tried it. Anything else that someone like us might like?” James asked curiously.

“Oh, so much here you have no idea. Look around you, this entire store is dedicated to gay guys and fun. It really depends on what you're into. I mean I cater to them all, I've got leathers and diapers, I've got whips and I've got candles, I've got clips and I've got feathers, and pretty much everything in between as well. Oh, and enema kits as well, no one wants a few hours of fun to get messy, now do they.”

“Diaper lovers as well huh?” James asked curiously.

“I wondered if that was a diaper I noticed under your clothes. No wonder I like you. I wear as well, see.” He grinned, pulling down the front of his pants to show James that he was in fact wearing a diaper.

“Nice. So, what do you have for diaper lovers then?”

“Soothers and bottles, baby outfits, super thick cloth diapers that are meant strictly for playing, because you sure wouldn't wear them outside the house, and a few other things. You can go over and take a look if you like. I've even got a few baby porn movies, all adult actors of course.” He grinned.

“Wow. Maybe another day, but I think I might just come check it out. For now, I think that this'll be it, thanks.” James smiled, he liked this store, but he liked the owner more.

“Great, would be appreciated. Now, I know it's not strictly allowed, but if the young men were to just accidentally walk in, I'm not known to kick them out right away.” He hinted.

“Oh, really.”

“I remember how it was when I was young, and while I tell them that they're not allowed, I let them look for a few minutes, and then give them a card with ways to order from me in secret.”

“I bet that they appreciate it.”

“Not many, yet, but more than a few have certainly enjoyed my services.” He smiled.


As they were talking, the young man had been ringing James' purchases up, and when he had it all entered, he bagged it all, and James paid for it.

“Well, here you go. Thanks for coming, hope to see you soon.”

“Thanks, I'm sure that you will. I'll give the boys your card as well, they can just check out your website, and if they want anything further, I'm sure they'll just ask me to come and get it for them.”

“I'm glad that they have a good caring adult to do that for them, it would have made it easier on me, and many others as well.”

“I'm sure they appreciate it. What's your name by the way, I'm James?”

“Michael. Pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise. Well, have a good night, see you some other day.” James smiled.

“Thanks, and you too.” Michael smiled warmly and James headed out.

A few minutes later James was pulling up to the house. He grabbed his bag of stuff and headed into the house. As soon as he had the door closed, the boys were standing at the top of the stairs looking down at him expectantly.

“Yes baby boys, I got you a few toys to play with.” He laughed.

“Goody.” They all said, all of them almost coming down the stairs at him.

“Just a second, let me come up there and I'll show you what I got.” James laughed.

They let him, barely, so as soon as James had his shoes off, he headed upstairs.

“Here you go. You each get one plug, dildo and lube.” James said, passing one of each to each boy.

“Wicked, thanks.” All three of them said as one.

“You know Mitchel, the guy at the store looked so much like you it wasn't even funny. How old would your brother be now?”

“Twenty. He was seven years older than me.” He answered.

“Oh, and what was his name?” James asked curiously, more intrigued.


“Oh really. Well, now that's interesting then, because the owner of the store was named Michael and was twenty. When was he kicked out of the house then?”

“Five years ago, he would've been fifteen. You think it was him?” Mitchel asked excitedly.

“Don't get too excited yet, but it sure does seem plausible. He's the right age and the looks are spot on if he looked anything like you did.”

“People used to tell us that we were spitting images of each other, that we could be twins if it weren't for our age. Can we go there, please?” Mitchel nearly begged.

“Let me check his website first to see if he has a picture of him on it, or at the very least his full name, that way we have a better idea first rather than drive all the way down there.” James said softly, hoping that it was true, but thinking that it would be unlikely.

“Okay.” Mitchel sighed, allowing James to stall.

James headed to the office, followed by all three boys. He grabbed the card that Michael had given to him and pulled up the website. There was an about option, so he clicked on that, and sure enough, there was a bio of the store owner on there.

“It's him, that's the same last name, it has to be him.” Mitchel said excitedly, nearly blowing out the others' ear drums.

“Then let's get our shoes on, I think a family reunion is in order.” James smiled warmly. The boys ran the whole way, Mitchel jumping from the top of the stairs all the way to the landing in one go, then whipped his shoes on as fast as he could.

“Um, I don't mean to spoil the mood here, but don't you think that you should get dressed first?” James giggled.

“Oh, right.” Mitchel looked down and noticed that he was in fact only wearing a thick wet diaper.

“That would have been too funny.” Nathan giggled, but had admittedly almost done the same thing in his excitement for Mitchel.

All three boys headed up to their bedrooms and threw on some clothes, and then headed back down to meet James, who already had his shoes on.

“Much better, now let's go.”

The boys were all good with this, so they got their shoes back on and then they headed right back out.

“So, what was he like?” Mitchel asked as they pulled out of the driveway.

“He was really friendly, overly gay for sure, diaper lover too by the way, and he owns the store.”

“Really, he's a diaper lover too, and he owns the store? He was always super nice, almost to a fault our dad used to tell him. He'd never leave anyone in trouble, he'd always stop and help. He'd never hurt anyone at all, and the one time he accidentally hurt me, he cried more than I did. Dad smacked him and told him to grow a back bone, that brothers were supposed to fight and get into trouble. Michael would never do that though.”

“Yeah, he's a diaper lover alright, and he seemed the type to do that sort of thing, he seemed so nice.” James smiled warmly.

“So how was he then?”

“Well, he has a partner now who's three years older than he is, so twenty three I guess, other than that though, I really don't know any more than you do. He looked healthy and happy though, if that's what you were wondering.”

“That's good, I'm happy for him. I wonder what he'll think about me being kicked out too?”

“He'll likely be mad at your parents but happy that you're with me.”

“More than likely.”

For the next few minutes it took for them to reach the store, they talked, but as soon as they got there, Mitchel got nervous.

“Do you want to go through with this, or do you want to go back home and try and contact him some other way first?” James asked softly, seeing the nerves.

“No, I want to do it. It's just, does he still remember me, will he want to see me?”

“How could he forget you, and why wouldn't he want to see you. You're his brother, you're both the same, had the same thing happen. You need to find each other.”

“Okay, let's do it then.” Mitchel said, screwing up the courage and hopped out.

They all followed him into the store, and Michael was in the back room when they entered, there was no one else there, so that was good. Michael called out that he would be right out. So they all stood at the counter, waiting.

“Oh, hello again, didn't expect you to come back so soon.” Michael said, seeing James and the boys. Mitchel was sort of hiding behind James though, so Michael did not fully see him. “And are these the boys who got the new toys, and are they wanting more already?” He grinned.

“Yes, these are the boys, but no, not exactly. When I was in earlier, I recognized you, I knew I knew you from somewhere, but it wasn't because we'd ever met before. Hiding behind me might be someone you know.” James said and stepped aside.

Right away, all could see that the two recognized each other instantly, they both got tears in their eyes, their mouths opened up in twin silent screams, and then they stepped forth and they hugged.

“Oh Mitchel, I never thought I'd see you again. Mom and dad made it very clear that I was to never make contact with you ever again.” Michael said, as he was hugging his little brother.

“Yeah, they told me the same thing the day they kicked me out of the house as well. I guess we really were a lot alike, huh.” Mitchel said, tears unashamedly flowing down his cheeks.

“I always knew you were gay to tell you the truth. Well, at least from the time that I knew I was and started seeing it in others. It was really hard for me to hide who and what I was around the family, I knew what would happen if they knew, but I guess they figured it all out. They started asking when I was thirteen if I was gay or something. I guess they knew the signs to look for if you've already been kicked out. And you too Isaac, I always knew you were too, and I tried as much as I could to give you two the freedom to play that you needed. When the asshole asked me if you were gay too, because he thought I'd know, I told him that no, you weren't, that I could tell. Hopefully it helped, but I doubt it knowing how bad he was on me.”

“I kinda always knew you were gay too. Apparently we're both diaper lovers too though, that's cool. You shoulda seen the looks on their faces when we told them that though, that was awesome.”

“I bet it was. I've loved diapers for as long as I can remember, and to tell you the truth, they only thought I was a bed wetter, I'd stopped when I was seven or eight. Can't really remember exactly when my last accident really was, but I stayed wetting 'til the day I left. What did they tell you though, and I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, I wasn't allowed to? I wanted to contact you so many times, but I knew it would only cause more problems in the long run.”

“That's cool. I didn't even know you wet the bed, had I've known that, I would've stayed wetting as well, then we could've truly been the same. They told me that you were fairy boy or something like that and that you no longer existed, nor was I to ever talk to you again if I saw you. I knew right away why you didn't say goodbye, I knew you'd have done so if you could've, so don't worry about it.”

“So, when did you get kicked out then?”

“Couple weeks ago, but James is already adopting me and Isaac together. The funny thing is that it was through Nathan here that we found James, and Nathan's the one I bullied a lot.”

“Oh Mitchel, you weren't being a bully were you?”

“Sadly yes. I know what you're gonna say, please don't, I already feel bad enough as it is, especially knowing how much you hated it.”

“Then I won't say anything, this time. So, how did they do it then?”

“Just sat us both down after having a last meal as it were and told us point blank that they knew we were gay, they did it as one large group, both of us together. We were asked if we wanted to go for treatment or leave, obviously we chose to leave.”

“Pretty much me all over again then. Bunch of assholes is what they are.”

“So, what happened to you after you left then?”

“Well, I had a boyfriend, and that's how I finally got caught actually. We were caught in the back of his car, not by the parents, by a friend of theirs I guess, and they of course told dad. When I left, I just went to his place and lived with him. I've been with him ever since.”

“Cool. So, how'd you ever get the money for this place then?”

“Had a bunch of money saved up from working as a kid, I never spent anything, so I had lots, and I worked hard from the time I was kicked out 'til now, so I was able to put down a good payment, but technically the bank still owns most of it. I make double payments though to try and pay it off faster, but even still, I'll have at least five years more of paying before it's all mine. My partner, Tony by the way, has a really good job, so he pays most of the bills, he says just concentrate on getting this paid off and making a good business of it.”

“That's good. What does he do?”

“He works in the mine as a safety engineer. He just finished school last year, and when he got his job, this place came on the market, so we both decided that it'd be a great business. So we went for it. I've done really well though, so that's good, and I'm bringing in more and more new products all the time.”

“That's awesome. I'm happy for you.”

“I'm glad that you have a kind and caring person to go to as well. And someone that clearly understands you and will get you the things a little gay baby boy needs.”

“For sure. It's been the best since we moved in with James, it's so free, Isaac and I get to play anytime we want and never have to worry. We walk around the house in just diapers and we swim naked, you can't even begin to know how nice it is.”

“I bet I can, because other than swimming, because we don't have a pool, the rest is the same for us.” Michael smiled.

“You're more than welcome to come swim with us anytime I'm sure.” Mitchel smiled and James nodded.

“Thanks. Now, as much as I'd love for you to stay and talk all night, I think it'd be best for you to leave before anyone gets nosy and causes you or me problems. We wouldn't want that. I want your phone number though please?”

“And I want yours too.” Mitchel smiled.

They passed each other their information, making sure to put it in their wallets securely.

“It's so good to see you again Mitchel, I'll call you tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up, okay.”

“I can't wait.” Mitchel said.

“Thanks for bringing him here James, I really appreciate it. Have a good night.”

“No problem.” James smiled warmly.

“Bye.” The rest said.

“Bye guys.” Michael said, and they headed out.

“I can't believe I found him, that you found him, and at a sex shop.” Mitchel said, bursting into tears of happiness as they were pulling away.

“Clearly it was meant to be, assuming of course that you believe in fate.” James smiled.

“I never did before, but I think I might now.” Mitchel laughed.

“I'm glad that you found Michael again Mitchel, I always liked him and it was sad to lose him like that, he always did so much with us.” Isaac smiled warmly to his boyfriend.

“Yeah, but we've found him again, and now we'll never have to worry. Now however, I want to go home and try out our new toys.” Mitchel grinned.

“Oh right, I almost forgot about them.” Isaac grinned as well, all of them going painfully hard inside their diapers.

“Me too.” James and Nathan also added.

“Hurry home.” Nathan urged.

“You got it.” James laughed.

They arrived a few minutes later and headed into the house, James locking everything up as they went. Nathan ran up to the living room and grabbed the bag of fun stuff and met the rest at the top of the stairs.

“You said there was one of each for each of us right?” Nathan asked as he started passing everything out.

“Yep.” James answered as he received his three items.

“Good.” All three boys said as one.

Without a word, as soon as Mitchel and Isaac received their allotted toys, they took off for their bedroom, and James and Nathan had little doubt that either boy would be walking straight in the morning. Then again, straight was not a problem that this house had in the least, and the grin that Nathan had on his face told James that he would be lucky to be walking at all the following day.

“Come on Baby, let's go have ourselves some good clean fun.” Nathan grinned lecherously.

“From that grin, clean has little to do with what you have planned. Just remember, that dildo and butt plug are gonna hurt you, you've never had anything that big inside you before, they're bigger than I am even.”

“I know, but I also know that you'll take it real easy on me and when the time's right, you'll slip it in and I'll cum at least a bucket full.”

“Just promise me one thing though please?”

“What's that Baby?”

“That if anything hurts, you tell me right away. If it hurts too much, ask me to take it out. If you need me to pause, tell me to. I can't stand to hurt you, and this is actually well against my better judgment.”

“I know, don't worry. I doubt you'll even hurt me at all anyway, and just remember, you've never had anything that big before either, so it'll be just as much a stretch for you as it will for me, even if physically I am smaller.”

“I suppose you might be right there, but I'm sure that given I'm bigger, I'll stretch a little more than you will.”

“Maybe, but probably not as much as these are gonna stretch us. Why'd you buy such big ones anyway?”

“Believe it or not, this was the smaller stuff. At least the smaller mid sized stuff anyway. Some of the large toys were downright scary.”

“Wow. Well, let's go to our bedroom Baby and play a bit before bed.” Nathan smiled warmly and grabbed his mans hand and led him there.

Once there, they slowly stripped each other of all their clothes as they kissed tenderly, their diapers joining the pile last. They did not figure diapers would be of any use at this time, so just removed them as well. By the time they fell onto the bed, still kissing as they had been, they were both hard as nails.

“Wanna swing around and suck and finger each other at the same time?” Nathan asked softly, breaking from the kiss for only a moment.

“Okay Baby, but remember, promise that you'll tell me to stop if it becomes too much.”

“I will, and you too okay?”

“Okay.” James smiled, and Nathan turned himself around as James rolled onto his back.

Nathan, who had thrown the bag onto the bed, grabbed it and pulled out his items, James still had his in reach, because he had thrown his on the bed at the head, so he grabbed his lube at the same times that Nathan grabbed his.

Licking each others erections first, they started gently playing with each other. They opened up their tubs of lube and got a finger full, and as they sucked each others dicks into their mouths, they started lightly petting the others anal entrance. They had already started playing here anyway, so this was nothing new, but where they planned to go, they had really never been before. Sure Nathan had now had a small toy in his bum, but that was nothing in comparison to what James was about to do to him, or vice versa.

Starting with only one finger, they started fingering each other nice and slow, trying their best to open their lover up for what was to come. They were sucking each other just as slow, as well as with their free hand, they were playing with each others balls. They were moaning and sighing into each other as they played, and by the time the two minute mark was about to pass, they were already getting very close to cumming.

James decided to go for it, so removed his one finger, dipped it and another into the lube, and slipped them back inside Nathan. Nathan, with a deep moan, was not to be out done, so did the exact same thing, and seconds later, James moaned extra deep as well, and that was all they could take.

Their first cum of the night was in less than three minutes. Barely even pausing, they came down a little and continued right on going. Now with two fingers buried inside each other, they were really working their lover to open up, both of them twisting and turning, pushing and pulling, and both were loving every second of it. For more than four minutes this time they did this, until they were once again getting very close.

It was Nathan this time that pulled his fingers out and got more lube on them before slipping them back inside James. Once again though, James was not to be out done, so did the same thing. They both moaned deeper still as they had three fingers slide deep inside them. Nathan admitted that this really did hurt, but it also felt very good, and he was in no way wishing for it to stop any time soon. With the added sensations though, even though it was painful for both, they both exploded once again in each others softly sucking mouths.

Once again, taking barely a few seconds to come down, they continued right on going, as if they had not just had a massive cum. They were moaning and sighing even more still than they had been before, and that was saying a lot. They may have had their mouths full, so they could not speak, but they sure were saying a lot, and everything they were saying was telling how good it was, how great it felt, even though they both knew the other was in a little pain as well. Pain was to be expected though, and neither was hurting anywhere near close enough to wish to stop, so they did not, they just very slowly worked each other until they were used to it.

This cum was far longer in coming, and not only because they had had two good ones already, but mostly because the pain had kept it at bay for longer this time. Now, however, the pain had almost disappeared, and they were enjoying themselves a great deal.

They were getting close again, and they both knew that they need not add another finger, so Nathan was first to pick up his dildo and dip it into the lube, but James followed suit not even a second later, and as they were pulling their fingers out, their dildos were pressing forth, both seeking entry into the other. Nathan was expecting a searing pain, it never came. James was expecting at least a little pain, it never came. They both moaned lowly as they entered, and they both slid them in until they were as far as they could go.

“Oh shit, forgot the batteries.” James let go and moaned out as he tried to turn it on.

“Who cares.” Nathan groaned out as James slid it past his engorged prostate.

They both latched back onto each others erections and really started working each other now. They were not going fast at all, in fact they were going surprisingly slow, but it felt so good. They started out going short and shallow, but by the time the five minute mark passed, they were long and deep, pulling nearly all the way out before slipping all the way back in, but still going extremely slow.

At just past ten minutes, they could not hold it in any more, and both exploded, both enjoying the tasty treats trickling into their mouths, because they were both almost done, they had almost nothing left in them to give. James was actually surprised that Nathan had anything left at all. He did though, and that was all that truly mattered.

Not even bothering to stop at all this time though, they just continued sucking and long dicking each other. Both of them were nearly wailing into each others mouths, it felt almost too good, they were surely burning up from it, yet neither wanted to stop at all, they wished it could go on forever. Five minutes more though was all that either of them could take.

Nathan had not even a drop left as he exploded, James only had three little drops left, on the first of six shots, and then he too was dry. This time they slumped down, they had nothing left, they were worn out almost completely, and they were panting and gasping for breath.

It took almost ten minutes for them to come back down, and when they did, Nathan grabbed his butt plug and dipped the end of it into the lube, and then he slipped the dildo out and slipped the butt plug in. As it popped in, James grunted slightly, because the widest section was definitely larger than the dildo had been, but once inside, it felt great. James then did the exact same thing for Nathan, and Nathan too grunted as the widest portion slipped inside.

“Wow, that was simply amazing.” Nathan was the first to sigh out.

“Yeah.” James said in a long breathy sigh.

“We better get up and get these toys cleaned up and then us diapered, because I'm gonna pass out soon I think.”

“Yeah, we better.” James groaned out, not liking the sounds of getting up any more than it sounded as if Nathan did.

They both got up, and you could tell that they were both more than a little uncomfortable when they walked, the toys were a considerable amount larger than they were used to, not that they were at all used to it anyway.

Nathan took both toys to the bathroom and washed them up, while James fixed the bed, because they had ripped much of the blankets out, and then went and grabbed the wipes, diapers and cream for them, and by the time he had that done, Nathan was walking back in with two clean toys. James laid down in diaper change position, submitting to his diapering, and Nathan smiled.

He put the toys in the top bed table drawer, grabbed the lube and put it in there as well, and then grabbed the wipes and cleaned James up gently.

“You're definitely a bit bruised Baby.” Nathan noted.

“Yeah, it feels like it, and you'll likely be the same or worse.”

“It actually doesn't feel at all bad. I'll put lots of cream around your hole though.”

“I'll do the same for you.”

Nathan creamed James up really well, and then diapered him up snugly. They then traded places, and James diapered Nathan just as snugly. He noted that Nathan was bruised as well, but not that bad, surprisingly enough. Only a few minutes later, they were laying down, kissing each other tenderly once again, and then they whispered goodnight, I love you to each other.

Mitchel and Isaac too went to their room, but given that they were far more used to being entered, they just started with the dildos. Even though far tighter than they were used to, they still fit really well, and they only sighed deeply as they slid in. They had adopted the same technique that James and Nathan were using, sucking each other as they worked their dildos in each other. Once they had fired off three rounds each, they pulled the dildos out and slipped the butt plugs in, and they were both very satisfied. They diapered each other tenderly as they always did, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, whispered goodnight, I love you, and then even before the other two, they were sound asleep.