Chapter 9

“Good morning Babies.” James sighed the next morning when Mitchel and Isaac walked in. They had knocked first of course and James told them to come in.

“Good morning you two. Did you enjoy your new toys, because I know we sure did?” Isaac smiled brightly.

“Oh god yeah, they were so awesome. Do you have your butt plugs in?” Nathan asked happily.

“For sure. They're awesome. The dildos are awesome as well. Our dicks aren't nearly as big yet, so they're nice to really play and feel it. At least we've really started to grow so we do fill each other up nicely now.” Mitchel said this time.

“I'll say you're growing nicely. Before too long, you won't even need the toys.” James grinned.

“Nah, we'll still play with them too.” Isaac laughed.

“Us too.” Nathan and James both said at the same time.

“You boys wanna come cuddle for a few minutes, or are you ready to go get breakfast?” James asked.

“As nice as cuddling with our loving daddy sounds, food sounds even better right now to tell you the truth. So I say eat.” Mitchel grinned.

“You know, I don't think I could argue that. For some reason I'm really hungry this morning too. Granted, I seem to always feel hungry lately.” James pouted.

“You'll survive Baby. Besides, you've already lost a fair bit of weight, and I know you're starting to appreciate it.” Nathan said warmly, kissing his man tenderly for a second.

“I know, and I'm even keeping up to you boys better now too.” James said proudly.

“Yes, yes you are. Now, let's go get breakfast and then go start our workout. Wonder what time Grandma and Grandpa are gonna get here?” Nathan asked of no one in particular.

“Hard to say. They know we usually work out 'til about eight, so they won't bother coming before that I'm betting. I wonder what we'll all get up to today though?” James wondered.

“Who knows. I wonder when my brother will call?” Mitchel said next.

“Hard to say. His store hours were 'til eleven, so I'm betting he stays up 'til at least one or two, and probably sleeps 'til at least nine. Did you write your cell number on the paper, or just the home phone, or did you do both?”

“Both. Speaking of which. If we all have cell phones now, why do we even have a home phone. Wouldn't it be smarter and cheaper to just get rid of it altogether?” Mitchel asked curiously.

“I suppose we could do that, since we really don't need it. Not really even sure why I ever had a home phone come to think of it, ever since I moved out on my own, I've had a cell phone.” James shrugged.

“No point in wasting the money, even if you do have lots. Why give it to someone who really doesn't deserve it, when there's so many more that do.” Nathan said.

“That's what we'll do today. We'll take Grandma and Grandpa shopping at the thrift stores and the grocery store, and we can all go and get some stuff to take to the homeless people, and I bet they'd like to give the Salvation Army a nice donation in Jamie's name, and I'll do the same.”

“They'd really like that, I would too actually.” Nathan smiled warmly.

“Good. We'll suggest that when they get here then. Well, let's go get breakfast Babies.” James said, rolling out of bed, taking the blankets with him, forcing Nathan to give up his nice cozy resting spot.

“Hey, I was comfy.”

“I know, so was I, but I'm more hungry, so come on. You'll survive.” James grinned.

They all laughed and headed to the kitchen, where they made a large pot of oatmeal for their breakfast. Once ready, they all ate heartily and happily. Once cleaned up, they headed out to the pool and got started on a good strenuous routine. Today was in the pool once again, but Nathan and the other two really pushed James good and hard.

“Good grief boys, you almost killed me today. If you weren't out there working just as hard, I'd have quit half an hour ago.” James whined as they finally let him stop.

“Don't worry, we won't kill you, even if you feel we might. You do have a good strong heart though, right?” Isaac grinned cheekily.

“Last time I checked, yes, but probably not for that.”

“You'll be fine Baby. Now it's diving time.” Nathan said happily and ran to the board and hopped up.

For the next forty five minutes James ended up telling all three boys ways to better dive, and they had fun learning as well. Once they were all worked out, they all hopped into the hot tub and laid back to relax. Four long sighs escaped at the same time as they laid back fully, and for the next ten minutes, not one other sound was heard as they soaked away their weariness. It felt good though.

“Ah, much better.” James sighed. “I'm gonna go hop in the sauna for a bit, you boys wanna join me?”

“Sure.” They all said, and then headed there.

After a good ten minutes in there, they all hopped out and hit the showers, all of them setting their temperature as low as they could without freezing to death. Once all washed and dried, they headed back into the house to get diapered and dressed for the day. Not ten minutes after finishing getting ready for the day, Grandma and Grandpa showed up and came in.

“So, did you guys have any plans for the day?” James asked as they were all seated.

“No, not really. We only have a few days left though, and we want to spend it with you guys, but we don't have to do much of anything. We've done most everything that we wanted to do already.” Grandma answered.

“Okay. Well, I haven't gone and done anything for the homeless or the needy lately, and the boys all think it's a good idea, so care to join us? We're gonna hit a couple thrift stores and get clothes and blankets and then a grocery store to get food, and then pass it all out. Maybe we can even find a soup kitchen that could use our help and go cook up some food. I was also thinking of making a donation to the Salvation Army in Jamie's name.” James suggested.

“We haven't done that here in a while, so sure, let's do it.” Grandpa smiled, a tear coming to his eye.

“Okay. Nathan, go make sure our diaper bag's all packed, and then we can head right out.” James said, and Nathan hopped right up to do just that.

A few minutes later they were all ready to go, so they went out and hopped in the van and were off. James pointed them at the largest thrift store in the area, and when they got there, they all went in. The adults each grabbed a cart, and then they went to the clothing area first, where they picked through and got every piece of good generic clothing that they could find, so that they would work for almost everyone. They got mostly kids clothes, but there were a lot of adult clothes as well. They then hit the bedding department and grabbed almost every good blanket that they had, as well as a bunch of sheets. Then on Nathan's urging, they hit the toy section, where he picked out probably fifty stuffed animals and quite literally stuffed them into the last cart. The lady at the till was shocked to see all three carts loaded up right to the maximum capacity, and that they were all together. It took her almost as long to ring it all up as it took for them to grab it in the first place. Grandpa and James once again argued as to who was going to pay it, so Nathan, laughing of course, told them to both pay half. They did.

James knew of at least three emergency shelters in the area, so pointed them there, and was just about to start, when Nathan stopped him.

“What are the odds that shelters are in need of medical and personal supplies?”

“Very high I imagine.” James said.

“Go to the store we get our diapers from then please, they'll have almost anything that they'd need, including diapers, because I'm sure that more than a few kids coming through their doors need diapers at night, and probably a few adults as well.”

“Okay.” James said, and headed there instead.

Once there, they all went in once again and loaded up another three carts full of stuff. One cart was full of just diapers, but the other two had all sorts of medical supplies. Once all paid for, Grandpa and James just paying half each this time without the argument, they went and loaded it all into the van, and were off, once again. James hit a grocery store on the way though, and once again, they all headed in and another three carts were employed, and they loaded them up with all sorts of canned and frozen foods, so as to make sure it would easily last. This shopping trip was definitely the most expensive of all, and once again, James and Grandpa shared the bill, and then they were off.

From there, they hit the first of four emergency shelters and dropped off approximately a quarter of the supplies that they had. They stopped at all four that James knew of, and each one of them were very thankful for all the incredible and generous donations, all of them thanking all of them a great deal. One of the places even said the diapers were very much appreciated, because they rarely ever got them, but they were needed almost every night of the week by so many kids and teens especially, but more than a few adults as well.

“That felt very nice. That was the first time I've ever done anything like that.” Isaac said softly after their last stop.

“Yeah, it does, doesn't it. Remember what our parents said about stuff like that though when we came home collecting for that family that got burned out of their home?” Mitchel asked.

“Yeah, both our dads said let them fend for themselves, you'll never get anywhere by helping other people, think of yourself first. I remember that that was the first time I really realized my dad was an asshole, and I was only nine. Even then I knew it was wrong to think like that.” Isaac said, shaking his head in disgust from the memory.

“That's truly sad. I mean, I can understand if you don't have enough for yourself to give to others, but to not give just to be greedy, that's just plain wrong.” Grandma said, sickened to hear it, but she had seen it far too many times before from rich people especially.

“Yeah, but they were wrong about a lot of things. Maybe some day they'll even realize it. Who knows.” Mitchel said.

James pointed them towards the local Salvation Army location, and when they got there, they all went in once again. James explained what was happening, and that they wanted to make donations in Jamie's name. Grandpa and James both took out their check books and wrote checks and handed them over to the lady. She gave both checks a double take to make sure that they did say what she thought they said. James had given a hundred thousand dollars, Grandpa had given fifty thousand dollars. They were both thanked.

“So, how much did you give?” Grandpa asked curiously when they got back in the van.

“Hundred. How about you?”


“You guys only donated a hundred and fifty dollars. I'm sorry, but that doesn't seem really all that worth it. And besides, she seemed surprised, why would she have been surprised by that?” Nathan asked in confusion.

“No no, unless I'm much mistaken, which I doubt I am, it was a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” James laughed.

“Yep. But had I known James was gonna give a hundred, I would've as well.” Grandpa laughed as well.

“Oh.” Nathan said.

“Wow, that's a lot. No wonder the lady looked shocked.” Mitchel said in shock.

“Yeah, it is, but I have more than enough to do that and still live comfortably. At least this way the money will go to good use. The Salvation Army here supplies most of the emergency shelters that we just helped out and more, and they do a lot of other good things here. Really, because of the bulk buying power that they have, we should just give them the money and let them buy everything and distribute it, but I'd rather not put all my eggs in one basket, just make sure it does get spread around a bit. Now to the grocery store again, so that we can get more supplies and go find a soup kitchen in need of some food and some help.” James said.

They headed to the store, and once again they loaded up another three carts full. Because this load was going to mostly be used right away, they got more fresh foods though, but they did get a lot of canned and preserved foods, so that it could be used later as needed. Once this load was all paid for, they headed out to a local soup kitchen in the poorest area of town.

“Hi, we're here to offer our services.” James told the man who answered the door. They recognized each other right away, because James had been there a number of times before.

“Oh great. There's actually only two of us today, and lunch is in only two hours, so the help will be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately we don't seem to have a lot to cook today, but I still have a bit of stuff to make a good hearty stew for everyone.”

“That's okay, when was the last time I came empty handed, we brought lots with us.”

“Good point, I don't think you ever have before. I suppose we need the carts again?”

“Sure do. As you've also noticed, I brought lots of help. I adopted a few neglected boys, and these are their grandparents. Only one of the boys' by blood though.”

“That story I'd like to hear, considering not all that long ago, you never thought you'd have kids.” He smiled.

So, as they worked, for the next two hours, James and the rest told the two guys their tales, and he was happy for them all. They started out by getting a nice filling and hearty stew made, but this had all fresh ingredients, and plenty of vegetables in it, as well as twenty loaves of bread done up in five different types of sandwiches. They also had trays of fruits and vegetables, pickles and cheese out for everyone, knowing that they could all use all the good nutrients. They also got jugs and jugs of milk, because fresh milk was not always available to them, so more often than not, they got powdered milk, but it just was not the same.

Lunch service took two hours, and even though the boys had wondered if all the food would get eaten, it did. They noticed though that the line never seemed to end, and as one left, there was almost always someone coming in to replace him or her. The boys were more than shocked though by the sheer amount of kids that had come in as well. Nathan kicked himself for not thinking of that and wishing that he had brought all the stuffed animals here instead to give to the kids personally, and vowed to do so the next time they did this.

“Well guys, thanks so much for all your help, as you could clearly see, everyone really appreciated it a great deal.” The main guy said as they finished the last of the cleanup, it was now nearing four in the afternoon, and another kitchen would be taking the dinner rush.

“And thanks for allowing us to help you. We'll try and come in at least once a month, as I usually do, sorry I didn't make it here last month though.”

“No worries. You always make it up when you can't get here, such as today. You brought way more stuff than you normally do.”

“That's because I had more help to do it. I've never been able to push three carts before, hence the reason I didn't.”

“Ah, good point. Well, I'm sure you want to head home, because I know we sure do.” He smiled.

“As a matter of fact, yes we do.” James smiled, and they headed out.

“Wow, that was a lot of work, but it felt good too.” Mitchel sighed once they were on their way.

“Yeah.” All the others said as one.

“Anyone else hungry though? We skipped lunch and we were so busy making sure all of them had a good lunch that we never had ours.” Mitchel laughed.

“Yes.” They all said.

“Good. When we get back, let's have an early dinner then and then sit back and watch a movie. Are you guys gonna stay with us?” Mitchel asked Grandma and Grandpa.

“Sure.” They both said.

“Cool. Can we stop at the store to pick a few more movies out, we've watched all the ones we had?”

“Okay.” James said, and as soon as he could, he pointed them at their favorite movie store.

Once there, they picked out four new movies and then headed home for the night. They all helped to cook dinner, and then sat down to eat it. Once it was all cleaned up, the boys, grandpa included, went for much needed diaper changes, and then headed down and watched one movie.

“Well boys, today was really nice. Thanks, but I think we're gonna head out now.” Grandma smiled warmly to them.

“Okay, have a good night, love you.” Nathan smiled back, giving them both hugs.

“Good night guys.” The other three said as one.

“Goodnight.” Grandma and Grandpa said. As soon as they were ready to go, they headed out.

“Well boys, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired, so I'm heading to bed.” James said as soon as the house was all locked up.

“Same.” All three said as one. It was still quite early for them, but it had been another long day.

They all headed to their bedrooms for the night, saying goodnight to each other as they went.

“Well Baby, I don't know about you, but I think that I need to get this butt plug out of me and go to the bathroom, and then I do really need to get some sleep.” James said as soon as they were in their bedroom.

“You won't hear me complaining. My butt plug actually started to get irritating about an hour ago, but there was no point in missing some of the movie just to come up and take it out.”

“Same here actually. I doubt it's good to leave them in that long either. Come on, let's go remove them and while you sit on the toilet, I'll get them all washed up.”


They removed each others butt plugs, and Nathan sat on the toilet to go to the bathroom like he had needed to for quite a while, while James washed the plugs nice and clean. Nathan was not finished yet, so he took them back to the bedroom and grabbed the dildos and the batteries he had and loaded all four toys up, so that they were ready for the next time they wanted to play. When James made it back into the bathroom, Nathan was just finishing up, so as soon as he was able to, they traded places.

While James was on the toilet, Nathan went and got their wipes, diapers and cream all ready, and then went and brushed his teeth. As soon as James was finished on the toilet, he brushed his teeth as well, and then they went and cleaned, creamed and diapered each other nicely. They whispered goodnight I love you to each other, and at least a full hour early, they were asleep.

The funny thing is, Mitchel and Isaac went through almost the exact same motions once in their bedroom for the night. At almost the exact same time, they too were sound asleep after saying goodnight, I love you. It was just as Mitchel was falling asleep that he realized that his brother had not called.

“Mmm, good morning guys. You don't normally come to get us.” Isaac sighed and stretched the following morning. James and Nathan had waken up first and came to get the boys up for breakfast and a workout.

“We've been awake for almost fifteen minutes already, we were just talking, but we're hungry, so we came to get you two for breakfast. You wanna come get breakfast with us?”

“Okay.” Both still groggy boys said as one.

“Meet us in the kitchen then.” James smiled, and he and Nathan headed out.

The four of them met in the kitchen a few minutes later, and Isaac and Mitchel joined in on helping to make breakfast. When it was done, they all sat back and enjoyed it, and then cleaned up.

“I realized just as I was falling asleep last night that my brother didn't call yesterday. I wonder why he didn't.” Mitchel said as they were heading out to the pool house.

“Maybe something came up that made him forget.” James said softly.

“I hope nothing bad. If he doesn't call by noon, I'm gonna call him. I think we should just spend the day in today, unless Grandma and Grandpa have any other ideas.”

“I'm sure it's nothing bad, but that sounds like a good idea to me.” James smiled warmly.

They made it out to the pool a few seconds later, where they stripped off all their soggy diapers and then went and cleaned off quickly before doing a strenuous workout on the exercise equipment today. They all dove in the pool afterward, and James just swam lightly to cool down, all the while telling the boys how to dive more again. They ended in the hot tub, all relaxing and talking softly as they sat there.

“Come on boys, let's go get diapered and dressed for the day.”

“I'm not gonna bother getting dressed, just diapered.” Nathan said.

“Same.” Mitchel and Isaac said together.

“Okay, that's fine boys.”

“You could as well you know.” Nathan said to James.

“I know, and I know they wouldn't mind in the least, and that if we stay in, Grandpa will probably join you boys in stripping down to just his diaper, but I just can't, not yet, and you know as well as I do as to why.”

“I know, but you do have to get rid of that hopeless self conscious thing you have going. You really are a lot better looking than you think you are.”

“Thanks Baby, I appreciate it, and I'm glad you think it, I just don't see it. Maybe one day I'll be able to.” James smiled warmly.

“Sooner rather than later, okay.” Nathan said softly.

“I am getting better, so don't worry.”

“Yes, you are, so that's good.” Nathan smiled and took his mans hand and led him up to their bedroom, Mitchel and Isaac followed and split off to their bedroom.

Just as they were walking out of their bedrooms, the doorbell rang, so James went to get it, knowing it would be the grandparents. He was not disappointed either. They all came up a few seconds later and joined the boys on the couch. Mitchel excitedly told them all about James finding his big brother for him, unashamedly telling them how James found him and where, they just grinned at James, who of course blushed. They were happy for him. They sat around talking for a little while, but not even half an hour after arriving, Mitchel had to excuse himself to go find his cell phone, which was ringing, and he knew it was going to be his brother, since he was the only other person to have his number.

“Hello.” He said quickly as soon as he found and answered it.

“Hi Mitchel, sorry I didn't call yesterday.” Michael said.

“Oh good. I hoped nothing happened to you. How come you didn't call?”

“Sorry about that. I was awaken by the police at seven yesterday morning. Someone broke into my store and trashed it and wrote all sorts of anti gay shit all over the place in there. It's horrible. I cried for hours, trying to clean it all up, but they destroyed thousands and thousands of dollars of stuff, and I don't have the money to replace most of it.” Michael said, not even crying any more, he was cried out.

“Oh Michael, I'm so sorry. We'll meet you there in a few minutes okay, you're at the store now I imagine?”

“Yeah, I'm here again, still trying to clean it all up.”

“Okay, hold tight, we'll be right there, we'll bring help.”

“Thanks. I knew I could count on you. Tony's out of town at the moment, and as soon as I called him, he said he was gonna fly home to be with me, but I told him it was more important for him to be there right now, I said I'd be just fine, and that I bet my loving little brother would come so I could cry on his shoulder. By the way, he was really happy that you found me, almost as happy as I was.”

“No problem. Keep your chin up, we'll be right there.”

“Thanks, bye.”

“Bye bye baby brother.”

Michael laughed as he hung up, he liked being called a baby brother by his baby brother, who just so happened to in fact be a baby as well.

“Guys, a bit of an emergency, and I want to go help my brother out.”

“What happened.” They all asked edgily.

“He's okay, well sorta. He's fine physically, but not so much emotionally right now. The police woke him yesterday morning to tell him that his store had been broken into and that someone trashed the place and wrote all sorts of anti gay crap all over the place. I told him we'd be right there to help him out in any way we can. James, I know it's a lot to ask, but he doesn't have the money to replace everything, could you help him out please?” Mitchel asked softly.

“Of course.” James said before even thinking about it.

“Thanks Daddy.” Mitchel smiled.

“No problem. You boys go get dressed in some good work clothes, I'll go get changed as well. Would you two like to come help as well, it wasn't exactly what we had planned, but sometimes emergencies happen?” James asked Grandma and Grandpa.

“Sure, we'll come help as well. We're gonna head back to the hotel then to get changed too, why don't you guys pick us up there then.” Grandma said.

“Okay, will do. Be right there.” James smiled, and they headed out.

A few minutes later, the boys were all dressed and James was changed, so they hopped in the van and headed out. They arrived to the hotel only a few minutes later and waited at most a minute for the grandparents to arrive, so they hopped in and they took off.

“Hey, we've been to this shop before. Whoever used to own it didn't exactly have a great selection though.” Grandpa said.

“Why would you have come here, it's a gay toy store?” Nathan asked curiously.

“While they certainly cater to the gays, where else would we have gotten dildos for playing. There's another toy store in town, but this one was closer. I also came here to buy Jamie his first toy too.” Grandpa answered.

“Oh.” Nathan said, actually blushing a bit.

“Trust me, not only gay boys like to play, grandma and I have our toys too.” Grandpa grinned again.

“Right. Well come and meet Michael, he's super nice.” Nathan said, trying to change the subject.

“Okay.” They said, and then all of them hopped out and went in. The door was still all busted up, two of the front windows were shattered, and the spray paint was even on the outside too, displaying for all the world what someone thought of gays.

“Michael, I'm so sorry, this looks horrible.” James said, walking in to see the carnage inside. If they thought the outside looked bad, it was nothing in comparison to the outside. Nearly everything was destroyed in here. The front counter looked to have been destroyed by an axe, a few display stands were as well. All the lube was opened and splattered all over the place, what could be broken was broken, all the dildos and butt plugs were all over the place, ripped from their packages, making them now unsaleable. It was horrible. All of them looked around for at least a few minutes before James even said anything.

“Thanks. And this is cleaner than how I found it. It's all gone, destroyed, I've lost everything. I checked my inventory levels and calculated the costs, and just in material alone, I have almost fifty thousand dollars of product here, and it's all destroyed. They even used all the DVD's as Frisbees and destroyed them too. They destroyed my computer too, but fortunately I had backups of all my data, so I was able to bring my notebook from home to check everything. I just don't know what I'm gonna do, and when I called my insurance company, they told me that my policy had been canceled, because my last payment was two days late. They sure neglected to call me and tell me that before though. The fucking bastards, they'll do anything they can to not pay for anything. So, as it stands, I'm ruined, and I'll have to pay to fix the store for the owner of the building, or I'll be charged for it.” He said, a whole new round of tears coming down.

“Oh Michael, we're so sorry. Don't worry about a thing though. You have an even better insurance policy than that though, you have family. We're all family here now. Mitchel's my son, you're his brother, so that makes you my son as well. Now come here, I think you need a hug first of all, and then I need to make some phone calls.” James said warmly, crying as well and pulled Michael into a hug. All three boys joined the hug.

“Thanks James. I don't know what you're gonna be able to do to help though, unless you have a hundred thousand dollars to fix and replace everything.”

“Actually, I have way more than that. And don't worry about money.” James smiled warmly.

“Huh.” Michael said in shock.

“Don't worry about money. Now, you guys all go start cleaning up, I'm gonna call a few people.”

“Me too.” Grandpa said.

“Oh, and Michael. I see that most of the dildos and butt plugs and other toys aren't necessarily destroyed, just like you said, now unsaleable as they've been opened, don't throw them away, we'll wash them and keep them and figure out what to do with them later. I know the boys will want to take a few I'm sure, and Grandma and Grandpa might like a couple new toys.” James grinned.

“Um, okay. Speaking of whom, hi, I'm Michael.”

“Oh shit, sorry, these are the boys' grandparents, I'm sure they're yours now as well. Anyway, their names are Nancy and Nicholas.” James said. With everything else, they had all forgot common courtesy, not that anyone really cared too much.

“It's really good to meet you guys.” Michael went to shake their hands.

They were having none of that though, and Grandma pulled him into a hug, and then Grandpa grabbed him and hugged him too once Grandma was finished with him.

“Um, thanks.”

“No problem, you looked like you needed it, and besides, like James said, you're family now. You and Mitchel were both kicked out, and for no reason, we've already adopted Mitchel, so you get to tag along for the ride as well.” Grandma smiled warmly.

“Thanks. I appreciate it. Well, I guess we better get cleaning up then.” Michael sighed.

As Michael, grandma and the boys started cleaning, Grandpa and James both started on their phones. Grandpa called all the friends, asking them to come help a friend in need, and to bring what tools and cleaning supplies and things they could, giving them all a brief description. It helped that he had just done a conference call with them all. As soon as he was finished, he hung up and went and joined the others in cleaning.

James though found the number to a security expert and called him and explained the issue and arranged to have him come right over. James asked Michael who his bank was, and without even thinking, he answered, and then James called his bank and talked to his contact there and told them that he wanted to have Michael's debts erased, that he was paying for them all, and he said he would do that. He then found out who the building owner was and called his realtor and told him to draw up the papers and go find the owner and buy the building for Michael in his name, but that he was going to pay for it. The realtor was surprised, but said he would see what he could do right away, but that he would call once he had anything. Just as James finished all that, the security person was arriving, and seconds after he pulled in, the friends all arrived.

“Hi guys, good to see you all again. I take it Grandpa called you and asked you to come help in the cleanup efforts?” James asked them all, because he was outside while the others were cleaning, since he did not want Michael to hear most of what he was arranging.

“That he did, and we're all here to help out.”

“Excellent. I'm sure all the help will be appreciated. Go on in and see what all you can do then.” James smiled warmly.

They all went in to do just that.

“And you must be Andrew.” James said, sticking out his hand.

“Yes, and you must be James. Good to meet you.”

“Thanks. So, as you can see, the store was pretty badly beat up. What I want from you is your professional opinion on how to prevent this from ever happening in the future?”

“Such a shame, I've enjoyed this store a great deal since the new owner took over. He's real young and so nice, I just don't know why anyone would want to do this, but I guess I can see from the writing on the wall just what kind of person would do this.” He said lightly.

“Yeah, it's right there for everyone to see. So, what do you suggest?”

“There's two ways to protect the front, either bars or good security glass, and although the security glass is more expensive, it's a lot nicer looking. Essentially it's a two pane extra thick Lexan panels, almost bullet proof. Bars are cheaper, but they don't look good, and you have to worry about opening and closing them, as well as locks can be cut. A good alarm is also suggested, and I could set that up, and I have a crew of people that can be alerted as soon as an alarm goes off, we take care of everything. If there's a back door, we'll beef it up as well, and probably bar it, so that nothing can open it. The front door, we'll beef up its security as well, put in either bars or security glass, whichever you choose. Also, if you're worried about someone just driving in and crashing the building, we can put concrete and steel pillars around it to prevent that. The problem with that though is you have to have permission from the owners, but most aren't gonna complain about that.”

“Okay, let's do it all, and go the best security glass you can do. Can you start today, and can you make it tinted security glass, so that it's more private in there, for obvious reasons?”

“Um, yeah, but I haven't even told you the cost for all that, or the monthly fees for the alarm!” Andrew said in shock.

“Doesn't matter, I'll be paying for it all.”

“Okay, but a full security retrofit such as that will set you back at least a hundred thousand dollars, but it's only twenty dollars a month for the monitoring of the alarm.”

“Sounds about fair to do all that work. So go ahead and make it happen. I'll write you a fifty thousand dollar check now to cover all the supplies, the rest you get when it's done.” James said, taking out his check book and writing the check.

“Okay, thanks. I'll leave you now and go get everything ready. I'll be building the glass panels on site anyway, because I bolt into the concrete and rivet and seal everything, so it's as much a part of the structure as you can make it. At least it's a concrete building, that's actually a lot better for security.”

“Great, see you in a bit then.” James smiled, and Andrew headed out.

James then called the garbage company and arranged to have them bring a large bin over, because they were going to have a lot of garbage. Once that was taken care of, he headed inside.

“Hi guys, a garbage bin should be here in about half an hour, so just pile all the actual garbage by the door for now. A security firm's also gonna be back in a bit to take care of the security measures to make sure this never happens again.” James called out as soon as he walked in.

“Okay.” They all said, so James went and started ripping apart the cash desk, since it was already destroyed anyway.

Just over half an hour later, the garbage company was there and dropped off the bin for them to use, and James paid for it. They started throwing stuff in right away.

“Michael, you need to get all new supplies ordered, and right quick. Order everything that you need, don't worry about cost, I'll help you out there, but if you want to be opened again in a couple or a few days, it's gotta get done right now.” James all of a sudden mentioned a short while later.

“Yeah, I guess I better, huh. I don't know what I'll do to pay you back, but I'll figure something out.” Michael smiled warmly.

“We'll worry about that later, for now, don't worry about anything other than getting everything all set up and fixed up. Actually, as soon as you finish that, you and I are gonna take a run to a home improvement store and go and buy some new display showcases and stuff, or at least whatever we can find.”

“Um, yeah, okay.” Not sure how he was ever going to pay all this back, but just went and did what James told him to do.

It took almost an hour for Michael to place the large orders that he would need to replenish almost all his stock, as well as a few new things. He hit up five of his best suppliers, and when talking to them, explained what had happened, and they all helped him out by giving him a little bit better deals on things. It did not hurt of course that he was restocking nearly everything in the store, so he was buying a lot. As he was doing this, the others got all the garbage cleaned up and thrown away. The next chore would be to do something about the walls and floors to clean them.

“I think the carpet is pretty much a hopeless cause, so unless you have any desire to keep it Michael, I say we just replace it.” Grandpa said as they were standing around after getting all the main mess taken care of.

“I can't afford to replace it, on top of everything else, so we'll just get it as clean as we can and worry about the rest later.” Michael said.

“No, we'll get some new flooring while we're out, maybe a floating wood floor or something, much easier to keep clean, and nicer looking too. Do you think we'll need paint as well guys, or will the walls clean up fairly well?” James asked the others, not directing the question at Michael at all, knowing his answer.

“We'll be able to clean the majority of it, but we won't be able to get it all, so we'll get them cleaned and ready for paint, so grab that as well. You might want to take a boy or two with you for packing, or even better yet, take Greg with you, he brought the restaurants cube van, and still take a couple boys too.” Steven suggested.

“Good idea. We'll take the cube van and my van then, just in case. Isaac and Mitchel, you're with us as well please. That is if you don't mind Greg?” James asked.

“No, let's go. The sooner we get it done, the sooner we get this place back and ready to go. Although Michael, I'd like to take a few of the toys on the pile that are still good.” Greg grinned.

“Take whatever you like, all of you, I can't sell it anyway, and at this time, it's about the only payment I can offer.” Michael said in submission. He knew this was pretty much out of his hands now anyway.

“Thanks.” All of the others said as one.

The ones to go to the store all headed out, while the rest stayed to clean. Once loaded into their vehicles, they all headed toward the largest place in town for all that they would need, and when they got there, they all grabbed carts. The adults all grabbed the large flat deck carts for loading big things, while the boys grabbed the regular carts for taking all the small stuff that they would be needing. James pointed them at the flooring section first, so they went there.

“So, Michael, of the colors in the good engineered hardwood, that's these four here, which one do you like best?”

“I like that one over there.” He said, pointing at a ninety nine cent cheap crap laminate floor. He did not even at least point at the good laminate floors, he went right to the cheapest.

“Well, that's all fine and dandy, but that wasn't my question, was it. We don't want a cheap floor in the store, it'll only wear out right away, so we'll get you the good one that'll last years, so once again, which of these four colors here, in this area, do you like?” James grinned.

“Fine. I really like the walnut one.” He grinned, knowing what James was doing.

“Ooh, good taste. You must be gay or something.” James teased.

“Ya think!” Michael laughed.

“Now, we're gonna be spending a lot of money here, we're gonna get the good stuff, I don't want you to balk at everything and try to cheap out. So, no more of that young man, or I'll put you over my knee and spank that padded bum of yours.” James grinned.

“James!” Michael gasped, looking to Greg and blushing.

“Oh, he thinks I don't know about his love of diapers, isn't that cute. Oh sweety, I'm a diaper lover as well, and I could tell that you were wearing, just as thickly as we are. I bet you look just adorable in them, especially if you like to dress up as a cute little baby, like all those clothes in your store suggest you might.” Greg grinned.

“Oh, um, right.” Michael stuttered.

“He knows all about all of us, so do all the others, and Grandma and Grandpa know about you, so I'm betting so do all the others. Apparently they have no secrets from each other, which means we don't either.” Mitchel explained.

“Oh. Well if they're all good with it then, I guess it's not a big deal.” Michael said.

“Good. Now, how big is your store anyway?” James asked.

“Twenty five by fifty, approximately.” Michael answered.

“Okay, so that's almost thirteen hundred square feet, so we'll buy fifteen hundred to be safe. Everyone start loading onto my cart.” James said.

“Wow, that's a lot of flooring.” Michael said.

“It's a lot of floor to cover. Now for underlay.” James said, and then went over and checked out the options and grabbed the best one there was, it would help keep it warmer all around.

“Now, for new displays. Do you like the base cabinet style that you already have, it seems to work well for you, and is easy to buy and setup?” James asked.

“I like it just fine, but I wish they were a little lower, and I've always wanted some with open fronts so that I could display things inside as well.”

“Okay, I think that won't bee too much of a problem. We'll just make sure to get smaller cabinets if possible, or smaller legs if not.”

They headed over to the cabinet section next, and they all chose a really nice cabinet that had all the features they wanted, including the fact that they could put glass shelves and doors on them for displaying things. It was decided how many they needed, and they were loaded onto the other two large flat carts, and now all three carts were very full.

“Okay, now for paint and other accessories. What colour do you want the walls to be?” James asked.

“God, not even sure. Never cared for the yellow that was in there, but I didn't have the time or the money to change it. How about a nice chocolate brown. Not like there's all that much wall that needs to be painted anyway. Some of the slat wall was wrecked though.”

“I know, that'll be next I think, and we'll probably have to get all new stuff, because even the stuff that wasn't wrecked was looking pretty ratty.”

“It's fine.”

“Funny, I didn't ask if it was fine, did anyone else hear me ask that?” James grinned at Michael, sticking his tongue out.

“Fine.” Michael just laughed.

They went to the paint department next and got a five gallon bucket of their chosen color, so that Michael could do touch ups as necessary as well, and it and all the paint tools were thrown into Mitchel's cart.

All the screws and nails, all the cabinet hardware, and all the other small items that they thought they might need were also added, and then they traded in Isaac's cart for another flat deck, and they went to get the slat wall paneling. A store helper was asked to help with that, because they all knew Isaac would not be able to push it with the thirty sheets that they would soon have on it. Granted, when the helper went to push it, he found that he had to call for help, because neither could he.

“Okay guys, anything that we've forgotten?” James asked as they were nearing the tills.

“Um, did we get anything as a counter top for the new cabinets?” Greg asked.

“Crap, that's rather important, isn't it?” James laughed.

“Yeah.” All the others, except of course Michael said.

“Can you guys stay here with this stuff while we go choose out counter tops please?” James asked the helpers.

“Okay.” They both said.

They headed to the counter top section, and looked around for a bit. They all liked the looks of the granite that they had, but decided that they neither had the tools or the skills to install it, not to mention it was beastly heavy. Their next choice was the maple butcher block that they had, but they did not have enough of it. There would be enough though if they did the sales desk in something else. So, for that, because they had a piece of black marble in the exact size they needed, they decided to do the sales desk in that, and the rest in the butcher block. They loaded all of it onto two new carts, and then headed to the tills with all their stuff. The guys informed them that they had already had a sales person start entering it all, so they were pretty much ready to go once they added the newest items. A few minutes later, they too were added, so four guys, the two, plus two more helped the three men and two boys to load all their stuff into the two vehicles. It just barely fit, and the poor vans were nearly over loaded. As soon as they were ready to go though, they headed back to the store.

“Hey guys, we're back. Oh, this looks better. All the carpet's gone and the walls look great,. I see you removed all the slat wall, which is perfect, we bought all new stuff.”

“That's good, we hoped you would, most of it wasn't worth salvaging.” Grandpa said.

“That's what I thought. We're gonna need lots of help to offload all this stuff though, both vans are fully loaded.”

“Wow, how much did you spend?” Grandma asked, knowing how big the restaurants cube van was.

“Almost fifty thousand dollars. Poor Michael here's had a nearly hour long heart attack I'm sure.” James grinned, patting him on the shoulder.

“It's true.” Michael laughed.

“I bet.” Almost all the others said.

As they were offloading everything from the vans into the store, Andrew showed up with his crew.

“Ah Andrew, great to see you again. I take it that since you're back already that you're ready to get started?”

“Yep. We're gonna get started on the windows and door at the front first, since they have to get done before anything else, so we'll ask that you guys try and stay out of our way as much as possible, because some of the pieces are incredibly heavy.”

“No problem, we'll work on the back sections first then, so that we're not tripping over each other. It'll be easier on all of us that way, and you'll probably be done before we are.” James said.

“Excellent. Because you guys are offloading first, and are in the way, we'll let you finish before we start. Most of our work we can do from outside to start, but we'll be coming in and out as well.”

“Thanks. Well, let us get this done right away then so that you can do your work. Feel free to set up wherever you wish as well and we'll stay out of your way.”

“Thanks.” He smiled, and they separated.

James and the others had all the rest of the stuff offloaded in another twenty minutes, storing it as far from where all the work was going to happen as possible, and then both vans were moved. The security guys moved in and started their work.

“Okay guys, flooring has to get done first, so let's get to it. Has anyone ever installed this stuff before though, because I'm not exactly handy?” James laughed.

“We have.” Susan and Julia said as one.

“We actually have the same flooring in our bakery, it's great stuff.” Susan said.

“Good, glad to hear it. Figures a gay lady would be the one to know anything about how to install a floor. I mean, so stereotypical or what.” James grinned.

“For sure.” Everyone laughed.

“It's easy to do, so come one, let's get started. With this many people, we should be able to fly through this. Normally you wouldn't want to install it right away, but it should be fine.” Susan said.

She was right though, with as many people as they had working at it, and all of them working hard to do it, they had it all installed in just two hours.

“Wow, that went together real fast.” James whistled.

“Yeah, this is the best stuff, it goes together like a dream, but some of the cheap crap, we'd still be fighting it tomorrow.” Julia said.

“Told you why we were getting the good stuff.” James nudged Michael jokingly.

“Like you gave me a choice.” Michael laughed.

“No, I guess I didn't.”

“Now, unless anyone would rather not, I think it's well past lunch and nearing dinner, so I'm gonna call in a huge order of pizza for everyone.” Grandpa said.

“I'd say I'll get it, but I know it's useless, so go ahead. I'm sure my diet can be hosed for one day.” James said.

“But only this once.” Nathan said.

“Fine.” James sighed animatedly.

They all laughed, and as Grandpa called in the order, they all got back to work. The next chore was to get the slat wall secured in place, and fortunately, this was fairly easy to do, because the old stuff was put in in such a way that all they had to do was follow the same pattern and they were all set, so only full sheets were used. By the time their dinner arrived, they were only half done, but it too was going really fast with as much help as they had.

“Ah, dinner, finally.” The boys all called out, James swearing they smelled it before they saw it.

The poor delivery person nearly lost both his arms as the boys ripped the twelve extra large pizzas from his arms, Grandpa just grinned at him as he came up to pay. He came back a few seconds later with the twenty four bottles of pop that grandpa had ordered, and then grandpa handed him a twenty as a tip, then went and joined in on the carnage. They were all very hungry, they had been working very hard and had all skipped lunch.

“Much better.” Almost all of them said a short while later. Almost all the pizza and half the pop was gone already.

“Well, now back to work. We still have a lot of work to do.” Grandma called out.

They all groaned as they got up, but they knew they had to get it done for Michael, because half their help could not afford to take a second day off. The slat wall was installed shortly after, and then they got started on the cabinets. They were only going to be about three inches lower than they had been, but it was enough. They did this in two groups though, half of them building cabinets, and the other half installing them as they were built. By the time nine pm rolled around, they were almost done. The security guys were just finishing up the last of their work.

“Looks good Andrew.” James said as he went up to him, he had called James over.

“Thanks. I can guarantee that no one will get through those windows in any of the conventional methods, in fact, we cover almost all methods in our warranty, which is for as long as I own the company. The door's still a little vulnerable, but it's as good as it can possibly be, including the very best lock that money can buy. We'll be back tomorrow morning though as early as you can be here for, and we'll start the rest of it. We're gonna split into two teams and one crew will be outside installing the new drive proof barricades, while the other crew will be inside running the new video and security system, as well as installing the new back door with bar and bolts. Understandably, the inside team will be far smaller.”

“Excellent. Well, for a hundred thousand dollars, you sure do a lot, and fast too.”

“Sadly, in our business, we have to get our work done fast, often in the middle of the night, to protect businesses. In case you wonder, I've done more than a few banks as well.”

“I figured as much, it seemed the type of setup a bank would need. Seems a little excessive for this type of store, but if it prevents this, then it's worth it. Michael would have been out as much as this is costing me otherwise.”

“Yeah, sad, but at least he'll never have to worry about it ever again. By the way, if there's ever any questions or concerns, our people are available twenty four seven, all part of the service. Even if just a window starts leaking air for some reason, which they shouldn't, they're fully sealed and weather tight, just call.”

“Okay, I'll make sure to let Michael know all that. Thanks, see you tomorrow, we'll be here for seven sharp.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow morning then.”

“Okay guys, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm nearly comatose, so we're gonna have to head home. Michael, you're with us, I don't want you going home to an empty house, not after the past two days. The rest of you, thanks so much for all your help.”

“No problem.” They all said.

“Sadly I won't be able to come, but Greg's already said he'd come.” Steven said.

“Sally and I unfortunately won't be able to make it tomorrow at all.” Jim said.

“I'm gonna come tomorrow while Lynne handles the store.” Bob said.

“And I'm gonna watch the store while Julia comes back to help tomorrow as well.” Susan said last.

“Thanks so much guys, I know it means a lot to Michael, but I'm sure he's still in too much shock to say it yet.” James smiled to everyone and saying warmly mostly to Michael, who could only nod, he once again had tears running down.

“What time should we be here tomorrow?” Greg asked.

“I told Andrew we'd be here at seven, so anytime after that that you care to come would be great.”

“Okay, see you at seven then.” They all said.

“Thanks.” James said.

A few minutes later, and good nights all around, and they all headed out for the night.

“Wow, what a day.” Nathan sighed once they were all in the van and heading home. Michael and the grandparents were with them of course, Michael having been told to just leave his car.

“Yeah, boy are we gonna be sore tomorrow.” James said.

“Yeah. We should probably soak in the hot tub and take a relaxing dip before bed, but that'll be very soon I think.” Nathan said.

“I think we could all agree to that.” James smiled.

“We'd love to join you boys, but we're just gonna head right to the hotel as soon as we get to the house. We'll meet you at the store at seven though.” Grandma said.

“Sounds good to me. I bet this never entered into your vacation plans huh?” James chuckled.

“Nah, but one thing we know, is how to go with the flow, and to help out family is the best way to spend our time that we know of.” Grandpa smiled to Michael, who happened to be sitting next to him.

“Thanks.” Michael whispered.

A few short minutes later, they were back to the house, and they all waved Grandma and Grandpa off, then headed into the house to relax a bit before bed.

“Follow us. You won't have a problem swimming naked will you, because we all will be?” Mitchel asked his big brother.

“Even if I had a problem with it, would it matter all that much, I didn't bring a suit, so it'd have to be that or nothing, and I need the hot tub I think?” Michael actually grinned.

“Good point. Do you have a problem with it?”

“No. If you guys don't, than neither do I. I've never swam naked before though.”

“Oh, it's the greatest.” Mitchel said as they were entering the pool house.

“Wow, nice pool.” Michael said.

“Thanks, we all like it.” James smiled.

They all stripped down to their very soggy diapers, they had only all grabbed one change throughout the day, so they were all nearly leaking. They removed them, and then nearly ran through the shower to rinse off all the sweat and dirt, and then all slipped into the hot tub with a deep sigh.

“Now that feels nice.” Michael sighed.

“Yeah.” All the others sighed as one.

They sat in there for only about ten minutes or so before hopping out and jumping into the pool. The shock felt nice as they swam and floated lazily, letting their sore muscles cool down. They all hopped back out a few minutes later, then went and had a nice cleaning shower.

“Now, to bed with us all. I see you have your diaper bag Michael, so you're all set. There's two bedrooms to choose from, so you get to choose which one.”

“Thanks. How many bedrooms does this place have anyway, it's huge?”

“Four.” James answered without thinking.

“Hmm. Unless my math is incorrect, there should only be one room free, because I know that Mitchel and Isaac must share. So, you two are a couple, aren't you?” Michael asked James and Nathan.

“Yes, we are, but obviously that information can't be spread around please, and just so you know, James is still mostly against us having sex, he still thinks I'm too young.” Nathan said softly.

“I understand, and don't worry about me. I'd have had an adult at the same age if I'd had the chance.” Michael smiled.

“I bet.” Nathan smiled.

They all headed upstairs and James and Nathan showed Michael the rooms, and he chose the one he liked and said goodnight to the others, and then the rest of them said goodnight as well and headed to their rooms. Once there, they all diapered each other, and then still with wet hair, they all fell into bed and passed out.

Had it not been for the fact that James had not been able to sleep past six am for more than twenty years, he probably would have slept right past seven, but as it was, it was already six thirty when he finally stirred.

“Come on Baby, we have to get up and get the others. We need to get going soon.” James said, feeling bad for waking Nathan up, he still looked so tired, even in his sleep.

“Ugh, do we haveta?” Nathan moaned.

“Yes Baby, come on. I'm gonna go get all the others.”

“Fine.” Nathan moaned again.

James hobbled out of bed and went to wake all the others up and get them going. They too were reluctant to get up, but they knew they had to, so they did so. They all met in the hall a few minutes later.

“Okay, a quick breakfast and then diaper changes, dressed and we're out the door. We have only twenty minutes before we have to be there, we slept in.”

“Okay.” They all said, and headed to the kitchen and all grabbed the cereal that they wanted. Once all good, they headed out to get changed and dressed for the day.

They were the first to arrive to the store, but only by seconds, because almost everyone showed up within about twenty seconds of each other.

“Good timing everyone. Come on, let's go get this store finished up today, hopefully earlier than yesterday.” James called out and unlocked the door to let them all in.

The security guys went about their business and for the most part ignored the rest, while the others got down to painting and putting in counter tops.

“Crap, Michael, we need to go get you a new computer and printer, come on.” James said only an hour into their work.

“I can just use my notebook, it's loaded with the program already.”

“What did I tell you yesterday, besides, a notebook is not rated for what a store needs, you'll kill it before too long, and you need it as your backup.” James pointed out.

“I suppose so.” Michael sighed.

They headed out right away and James took them to the same store he bought all their stuff from, and found him a great system and colour laser printer for everything. James also grabbed three full sets of toner cartridges for Michael, so that he did not have to worry about anything, a full backup system, for the same reason, and a three year warranty to go along with it all, once again, for the same reason.

“Okay, now I think we're pretty much all set.” James said as they loaded everything into the van.

“I sure hope so, I can't stand seeing you spending so much money on me.”

“Don't worry about it, you do deserve it.”

“It's not so much about what I do or do not deserve, it's more that it's more than anyone's ever done for me before.”

“You're welcome.” James smiled, and then pointed them back toward the store.

As soon as they got there, they unloaded the newest stuff, but it was to stay boxed for the time being, so that it did not get damaged at all, and then they continued helping the others wherever they could.

With all the people working hard, they were done all the work by noon, and this time Greg called in for lunch, only he had a surprise for everyone, Steven was going to bring them all lunch.

“Oh god, this smells so good.” The boys all sighed as Greg and Steven started bringing things in. Susan also showed up a few minutes later, bringing in a few trays of treats with her.

“Oh god, that was amazing.” Michael said as he finished eating, there was so much food, and it was all so good. He had never ate so well in his entire life.

“Thanks.” The cooks said.

“So, what's next on the agenda, the store looks amazing already, and I think we're pretty much done?” Grandma asked.

“Actually, I don't know. I was hoping that there would be product here already for us to start putting away. We can clean up though, it's quite messy still.” James said, and before he or anyone could say anything more, his phone started ringing. James excused himself and went outside when he saw that it was the bank.

“Hello, James speaking.”

“Hi James, Phil here, all that you asked me to take care of yesterday was done. Michael now owes nothing at all, you took care of it all for him.”

“Excellent, thanks.”

“No problem, any time.”

No sooner had he hung though, when he saw the realtor calling.

“James here?”

“Hi James, David, I was able to get the building sold to you, all you have to do is sign the papers and give the check, and we can have it all taken care of for you. Can you come down here for a few minutes, because you have to sign a whole bunch of legal stuff, and while I travel, lawyers never do unless they can't help it.”

“For the amount of money the fat bastard charges, tell him to get off his fat ass and come to me, we're busy here. This is my second transaction with him in almost as many weeks. If he has a problem with that, tell him I'll ask someone else to do it.” James laughed.

“Right, will do. Might actually be fun.” David laughed.

“Good, see you in a few minutes then. Will I need Michael to sign anything, because this is a surprise for him?”

“No, don't think so. No one really cares whose name's on the actual ownership papers, as long as it's all paid for and legal like.”


“Okay, see you in a few minutes. I take it you're at the store then?”

“You bet, see you in a few.” James said and hung up. Just as he was hanging up, a large courier truck was backing in.

It seemed that everything was happening at once, yet again, as it always seemed to. James told the guy to just go ahead and start taking everything inside, and that Michael would sign for it all once it was accounted for. Before James could even make it inside, the realtor and lawyer came, so they ended up taking almost half an hour on the hood of the van signing and notarizing documents. Before too long though, they were all done, and the building was now officially Michaels. By the time they were done, so was the courier.

“Well, looks like the first of five shipments made it, that's good. I do however have a couple surprises for you Michael. You might want to sit down.” James smiled.

Michael just sat on one of the new display counters.

“Well, the first call that I just took was from my bank, saying that he had everything I asked him to do taken care of, and the second call I took, which you had no idea about, was from my realtor, and he and I just finished up some paperwork as well. First, you are now the full and complete owner of the property and building that the store sits on, and second, all your debts have been paid off, you now owe nothing at all. Those are the gifts that your brother's giving you. I'm giving you all the product and the updates.” James smiled.

Michael was shocked beyond speechless, he had nothing he could say to that. For almost five minutes he sat there looking like a landed fish, and then he hopped up and hugged James fiercely.

“Thanks so much.” He said, crying unashamedly.

“You're very welcome. Of course, we expect a good discount on toys whenever we need them.” James teased.

“How about ninety nine point nine percent off.” Michael choked.

“Sounds about fair.” James said, giving Michael one more hug and then pushing him away.

“Well, let's get this all put away, and hopefully by the time it's done, the rest of the stuff will be here, so that the store can reopen tomorrow.” Grandma smiled.

“You know guys, I could take care of the rest myself now, it won't take much for me to do it over the next few days.” Michael tried.

“Nonsense, we're already here, and we're not leaving 'til it's either all done or we have no work left to do. If there's one or two more shipments tomorrow, then you can handle it on your own, but today we all help.” Grandma said in the tome that all parents seem to be able to use to tell others that there are to be no further arguments.

“Okay.” Michael said automatically.

They started unpacking all the boxes and putting things away, and as they were doing so, another truck came in and dropped off even more boxes, and when they were half done, the third and fourth trucks both arrived at almost the same time, and doubled the amount that they had left, each. The fifth truck though did not make it by dinner time, so they figured it would be the next day or later. Dinner was once again brought for them all, and then they continued working to get everything put away, until they were in fact all done, like Grandma said they would be.

“Wow, it looks way better than it ever has before, and way better than I dreamed possible.” Michael said, tears once again coming down, he was definitely a crier.

“Yeah, it does, and it's all yours now.” James said softly, hugging Michael once again.

“Thanks everyone, I have no idea how I can ever repay any of you, I don't even know any of you, yet you all helped me so much.”

“No prob, no repayment necessary.” Everyone said.

“I will though, somehow, if ever you need anything and I can help, you just ask.”

“Okay.” They all said.

Just then, Andrew came up.

“We're all done. As you know, the interior work was done about an hour ago, so we went and helped to finish up all the exterior stuff. Let me take you through everything and teach you how it all works.” Andrew said, and then took Michael and James on a tour, showing them everything. It was then that Michael found out everything that James had paid for to keep his store safe in the future, he was showed the new alarm, the video security system, was told about all the concrete pillars out front, was told exactly what the windows were, what all services and features he got included, even the new rear door, which was very securely bolted now and would take probably a tank, or more to remove.

“Wow, that's so much, too much.” Michael said in awe of the whole thing.

“No, it's not. And in a couple days, as soon as I can arrange it, a few people are gonna come and replace your sign and paint the exterior, you just have to choose them, and there's to be no arguments either.” James said, and then added the last bit as he could see Michael was about to argue.

“Fine, thanks.” Michael sighed, by now realizing it really was pointless.

“You're very welcome. Now, I think we're all done for the night, would you like to come back to our place for the night, or would you rather go home?”

“I'd love to come back to your place, assuming of course we're gonna all enjoy the hot tub again. I'll take my car though and swing by my place to grab clean clothes, these ones are starting to get nasty.”

“For sure.” James and the boys all said as one.

“Okay, then I'll meet you there.”

“And we're gonna head back to the hotel.” Grandpa said.

“And we're gonna all head home.” Greg said.

“Thanks everyone, I really truly appreciate all the help you gave me, I never could have done it without all of you helping, and like I said before, anything at all you need, just ask.” He smiled warmly to them all.

“Thanks.” They all said, and then a few seconds later, the store was all locked up and they were on their way.

James and the boys made it to the house a few minutes later and all went to the kitchen. It had been a long couple days, and dinner was already hours ago, so it was universally agreed that they were all in desperate need of some food. They had not even stripped down to just their soggy diapers yet they were so hungry, but really, they were waiting for Michael to arrive, and then they would be going for a nice hot dip. Just as they were finishing up a platter of sandwiches and a large pitcher of juice, the doorbell rang.

“Hey there Michael, you shoulda just come right on in, we were expecting you anyway.” James said politely when he went and answered the door.

“Oh, maybe next time then.” Michael smiled warmly.

“Come on, we just made a plate of sandwiches and some juice, we're gonna go sit in the hot tub and relax with a nice snack, we're all hungry.”

“I wouldn't know why.” Michael chuckled.

“Ah, a little hungry too are you?”

“More than a little. I almost stopped at a drive thru on my way here, but figured you'd all be just as hungry, so was hoping you might be able to feed a poor starving boy.”

“Why not, already have three, what's one more.” James grinned.

“Thanks. You know, when I was Mitchel's age, you were the exact person I was looking for to save me from my family, I knew what I was and how much I was hated at home, I envy the boys getting you. It all worked out for me in the end anyway, but it sure would've been easier.”

“I know. All gay boys in your position hope to find that special someone who understand them.” James smiled.

“Come on guys, we're all finished, let's go sit back and relax.” Nathan said as they came to the top of the stairs.

“Okay, we're coming.” James said, and all five of them headed out to the pool house.

They all stripped unashamedly, all throwing very wet diapers into the trash and then once again nearly running through the shower to rinse off. They all slipped into the hot bubbling water of the hot tub and sighed deeply as one. For the next ten minutes, no one said a thing, they all just laid back and relaxed, eating their snack and passing around the jug of juice, all of them just drinking straight out of the jug.

“Now this is the life. I could so get used to this.” Michael sighed.

“Know how you feel.” James sighed as well.

“Mmmhmm.” All the boys added.

“I think that I might just have to pester Tony to put in a hot tub now, but I don't know if the owner of the house would allow it.”

“Doesn't hurt to ask, and really, you can get those small portable ones nowadays that you don't even need special wiring for, so if he says no to a full one, you can at least get a small one.” Nathan suggested.

“Good point. I'd want a bigger one, but if he says no, then it'll have to do.”

For only about ten minutes more they stayed in the hot tub talking before hopping out and going and jumping into the pool for a nice cooling dip. They all swam around lazily for the next fifteen minutes almost before getting out to get cleaned and dried.

“Crap, know what I just realized!” Nathan said as they were drying off.

“No, what?” Everyone asked.

“I think we all forgot our bags of toys that we were gonna bring home, we'd all set them behind the counter to keep them out of the way, and I know I didn't grab mine.”

“Aw nuts.” Mitchel and Isaac said as one.

“Not that it really matters all that much boys. I happen to know that there's not likely to be any playing of any sort tonight, we're all far too tired for that, so we can go and grab all our bags tomorrow morning and deliver them to all the rest who forgot theirs as well.” James pointed out.

“You're definitely correct about the too tired to play tonight, I'd pass out before cumming if we even tried.” Isaac grinned.

“Same here.” All three of the others said as one, and even Michael nodded his head in agreement that he would not be able to, if of course he had someone with him at the time.

“Well boys, let's head to bed, before we all pass out in here, I assure you, it wouldn't be comfortable.” James smiled.

“Okay.” They all said.

Everyone headed to their bedrooms for the night, Michael just going to the same one he used the night before. They all got ready for bed, and then slipped in. The two couples kissed for only a few seconds before whispering goodnight, I love you, and then they all passed out for the night.