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This story is fiction, and any resemblance to real people or places is entirely coincidental.

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Heaven Next Door

Part 5

Shayne looked up at him hopefully, half curled against the pod’s wall and still flushed from his cocksucking, his little face shiny and sticky with Bill’s cum. He grinned cheekily as the translucent blobs softened and dribbled down his smooth skin.

“Please Bill?” the boy said, his voice high and sounding a little nervous. Awkwardly he began to turn over between Bill’s legs, lifting his smooth little butt into the air and turning his head to look anxiously over his shoulder. “You gonna fuck me now?”

Despite having only just cum, Bill felt his cock stirring and thickening again at just the sight of those neat, firm curves, with their pale little valley and pink, tight-folded center between.

Lovely as Shayne’s little ass was, and hard as he was, Bill couldn’t see himself cramming his big cock up anything so tiny. He reached down and stroked the boy’s cum-smeared cheek.

“Well, I don’t know, Shayne,” he began, only to see the boy’s eyes widen in dismay.

“You don’t want to?”

The hurt disbelief in Shayne’s little face was a stabbing knife in Bill’s vitals. “No!” he said. “I just don’t want to hurt you, that’s all.”

For a moment Bill wondered if he’d spoken in Martian or something. Shayne’s face was just blank.

Shayne licked his lips; he seemed nervous too. “It’s real nice,” he said eventually. “Fucking’s the real deal, honest. Everybody says it feels ever so nice. ’S only, like, the first few times it hurts.”

Bill reached out and stroked the warm, inviting curve. Shayne sighed and pushed back against his hand.

“How about,” Bill said, “I just get to know your ass a little better, huh?” He leaned down, sitting on his haunches and kissed the boy’s hip, trailing his fingers along the smooth little butt crease.

Shayne sounded doubtful. “It’s just my butt,” he said. “Ain’t nothin’ special.”

Bill kissed the taut, creamy mound of Shayne’s nearer cheek. “Well, hello Shayne’s butt,” he said, cupping the other cheek in the palm of his hand and diddling his fingertips against the boy’s hip-bone. Shayne giggled.

The kid’s butt was impossibly small. It just didn’t seem possible that the tiny, pink rosette he was now massaging with his thumb could possibly stretch enough to admit an adult cock without harm. The boy’s sweet little ass was incredibly sexy though: Bill was aware of how hard his own cock was.

And exactly what is it you’re carrying around in your pants anyway? Bill asked himself. A telegraph pole, maybe? He couldn’t help smiling. Shower-time observations had long ago shown him to be comfortably average. Even as hard as he was right now, his cock was only about as wide as his two fingers. He slid his hand down his stomach and gripped his hardon. He just didn’t want to hurt Shayne. Oh yeah? His internal voice demanded. And who was getting off just now on the kid being so submissive? Besides, if you say “no” then you are going to hurt him: just look at that pleading, anxious face.

He glanced aside at the little heap of foil-wrapped rubbers, reminding himself that Shayne was the expert here. Bill found himself wanting to ask for details: just how many hard cocks had the boy had up that cute little pink chute? And how big?

Bill closed his eyes and rubbed his face against the firm smoothness of the boy’s asscheek, breathing deep. Like the rest of him, Shayne’s butt smelled clean and sweet; with just a hint of something earthy. He didn’t know if that was “boy” or just Shayne’s own, particular scent. Whatever it was, Bill liked it.

When he kissed the boy’s asshole, Shayne squeaked in surprise and bumped his folded flesh against Bill’s lips.

Bill grinned: “Hello, Shayne’s asshole,” he said, licking the hole while Shayne giggled. He tasted nothing beyond a slight saltiness, so he gripped the boy’s hips and kissed him there again, this time tongueing at the tight-folded skin.

“Oooh! Bill? What’re you doing?” Shayne sounded surprised but not alarmed, so Bill didn’t answer; just continued tongueing the boy’s little ring. He was surprised how erotic it felt: he was as thrilled by the long “oooooh!” of obvious pleasure that Shayne cooed as the feel of the boy’s silky folds against his tongue.

“You like that, huh?” he said, momentarily breaking contact.

“Yeah!” Shayne nodded vigorously, so Bill leaned close again, this time using both thumbs to spread the boy’s hole.

“Uh! Oh yeah Bill!” Shayne gasped as Bill licked eagerly at the muscular pink folds. “Oh, that’s reaalll good!” He pushed his little butt back, asking for more and groaned louder as Bill pushed his tongue into the taut, slippery warmth as deep as he could. He tongued at the boy’s ass for as long as he could, increasingly excited as Shayne’s groans shifted to excited, needy whimpers, and his little butt wiggled and jerked between Bill’s hands, rubbing against his face.

Finally Bill had to sit up. “You liked that, huh?” he said, moving his jaw around in an attempt to relieve the ache.

“Yeah! That was wicked!” Shayne exclaimed. He moved up onto all fours, and Bill was struck dumb once again, staring hungrily at the beauty of his little ass. The sweet curves of his cheeks called out for the stroke of his hand; the gleaming, spit-wet valley between was a shallow dip with a faint halo of pale caramel skin. The strawberry pink center was now larger, gaping a little, and inviting further pleasure. Bill licked his lips, still tasting boy-musk.

A faint, raised line of darker skin ran down the junction of Shayne’s thighs, leading his eye to the boy’s little nuggets; still drawn tight up against his smooth, lithe body. Bill stroked their wrinkled little pouch with his fingertip.

Shayne jumped.

“Hey,” Bill said, surprised. It was odd: as though the boy wasn’t used to this. Was it that the boy’s other customers were more ’to the point’, or was he taking liberties with his little playmate? “You okay with me touching you there?”

“You ain’t gonna squeeze ’em?” Shayne asked, wide-eyed.

“No.” Reluctantly Bill slid his hand away. “Of course not.”

“Oh just saying ’hello,’ huh?” Shayne moved restlessly. “You are gonna fuck me ain’t ya, Bill? You ain’t just jerkin’ me around?”

“Sure I am.” By way of demonstration Bill reached out and scooped the little heap of packets closer. Rubbers and he looked more closely - “Sperma-lube”? Oh yeah, of course: to make it more comfortable for the boy.

Bill felt his heart beating faster. Rubbers, never mind this slick, sinful gel, had never been permitted in Mary’s bedroom: never even dreamed of. Just picking up the transparent sachet gave him a wicked thrill deep down at the base of his cock, as though he’d crossed some moral boundary. He was going to fuck Shayne for no other reason than because they both wanted to.

The sachet tore easily, and he squirted a generous glob onto the boy’s pink little target. As he spread it with his finger, though, he couldn’t help noticing how tense that little ring of muscle was again.

Gently, cursing himself for scaring Shayne earlier by touching his balls without warning, Bill began to massage Shayne’s asshole. “I’ll put my finger in first, okay?” he told the boy. “Just so you’re all slippery inside, all right?”

“You gonna do one and two fingers? You’re nice, Bill!”

Two fingers! Bill felt warmed by the boy’s tact. Of course he could gently open the boy that way. He felt a huge relief reassured again at this evidence of experience on Shayne’s part.

With his middle finger, Bill stroked around and around on the boy’s slick hole, pressing first gently, and then more firmly until his fingertip pushed inside.

Shayne said nothing, but he seemed excited and happy, and that was good enough. The boy’s ass gripped his finger as he pushed it deeper, and then further still.

“You okay with that?” Bill said, slipping his finger back and forth. “I’ll squirt a bit more on and then do the second finger, okay?”


Shayne gasped a bit with the introduction of Bill’s ring finger, but still seemed happy enough. Bill was having trouble concentrating though: the sight of his two thick digits buried knuckle-deep in that glistening red ring had his cock aching to be put into service.

“Just going to put the raincoat on,” he murmured, allowing the boy’s tight ass to expel his fingers.

The foil packet was annoyingly difficult to open with gel-slick fingers. Didn’t the manufacturers think about this? Next time, Bill vowed, he’d remember to open the rubbers first. Still, he wrestled the thing on, and somehow this final admission that this was nothing to do with procreation that it was purely for their pleasure thrilled him to his marrow. He slicked himself with more gel and then knelt behind the softly breathing boy.

Shayne’s now slightly plump-lipped hole still looked very small compared to his broad, glistening cock-head, but Bill pushed the thought aside, trusting his little buddy. “You ready?”


Eagerly Bill pushed forward, but Shayne moved slightly and his cock skidded off the spot. “Oops. Stay still, okay?”

“Sorry Bill.”

They tried again, but once more Shayne moved, pushed forward as Bill tried to enter him.

Mindful of his earlier mistake with touching the boy’s balls unannounced, Bill said: “Look, I’m just going to slide my arm around your tummy, okay? Just to hold you you’re okay with that?”


Shayne seemed excited by the idea; he actually sighed as Bill slid his hand over the silky crest of his hip, and then his side. As Bill slipped his hand across the lovely firm-folded ridges of his little boy-swimmer’s four-pack, Shayne arched his back, rubbing first against the big muscle of Bill’s bicep and then cuddling up, pressing his side close into the man’s armpit as Bill curled his brawny arm around the boy’s slender waist.

“You like that, huh?” Bill said, enjoying the warmth of the firm little body pressed against him.

“Mmmm.” Shayne shifted slightly, rubbing himself against Bill’s hairy chest, a gentle, erotic nestling. “Big guy,” Shayne murmured. It sounded like he was talking to himself.

Bill lined his cock up by feel, and pushed.

This time nothing shifted. He felt pressure against his cockhead, and then a spreading god, the kid was tight!

He heard Shayne gasp as he felt something give; felt his cockhead grasped in a vice-like grip, and then he was pushing his hardness inside pushing -

Shayne yelped as Bill felt his cock pop through the ring of muscle: he surged forward before he was able to stop himself.

“Aow! Ow-ow-ow!” Shayne wailed.

“Sorry!” Bill said, freezing in position. “You okay?” The kid’s asshole was squeezing his cock with a death-grip. “Want me to take it out?”

“No! Just gimme a minute, okay?” Shayne said, panting.

Bill stroked the boy’s back. “I’ll do whatever you want - I just don’t want to hurt you, okay?”

“’S okay,” Bill could hear the strain in Shayne’s voice. “Always kinda hurts the first uh the first few times, I mean.” He paused, getting his breathing under control. “You can do a bit more, if you want. I c’n handle it.”

Bill pushed again, lost for a moment in the sensation of sinking into that tight, gripping warmth. “Mmm” he said, pushing. “Mmmnh!” Oh yeah: boy-ass was totally different; so tight, yet yeilding as he sank his thick, hard cock into Shayne’s blood-hot tightness.

“Oh! Oh that feels good!” Bill gasped, pausing a moment. “How’re you doing?”

“Kinda uh full!” Shayne said. “I’m feelin’ kinda stretched, up inside, you know?”

“Yeah, I can imagine,” Bill said, sliding his free arm around and rubbing at the boy’s belly, so that he had both arms wrapped around the boy. He felt enormously turned on by the mental image of his fat cock stretching the boy’s ass like meat stuffing a sausage-skin just a few inches above his hand. He groaned as he pushed in again, feeling that burning heat around his cock, feeling Shayne’s tight ring slipping further down his shaft, now gripping him about half-way down.

“Uh!” The boy flinched and shifted his hips a little. “Is that all, Bill? Only I -”

“Hey, easy! Easy, there. You hurting?”

“Just kind of achey. Bill? It ain’t all in yet, right?” Shayne sounded alarmed. “Only I’m real full!”

“Then I’m stopping right here!” Bill said.

Shayne was quiet. Then: “You ain’t gonna fuck me no more?” His voice had a little catch in it.

“Sure I am,” Bill said, stroking him. “It’s just I’ll only use half of what I could.” Very gently he moved back and forth a little in the boy’s tight heat. “See?”

“But it ain’t so good for you!” Shayne sounded clearly upset.

“You not hurting is plenty good enough for me: just perfect, in fact,” Bill said.

“You know, Bill,” Shayne said Bill heard the boy sniff, and swallow: “-you’re a real nice guy, you know that?”

Bill bit back a compliment. It was on the tip of his tongue, battering at his teeth to say how beautiful Shayne was: his giving heart no less than his sweet body; but he reminded himself that Shayne didn’t do so well with compliments. “Yeah,” was all he said, stroking the lean, rounded curves of the boy’s chest and belly with both hands. Physical affection seemed safer than words at the moment.

Shayne seemed to calm down a little as Bill began gently fucking him. Bill worked his cock back and forth, feeling the boy’s slick, tight ring sliding half up and down his shaft, loving the feel of the smooth body in his arms. Being only half inside Shayne’s little ass was no hardship: the teasing slippery warmth the boy could offer him was enough more pleasure than he’d ever imagined. The boy was so responsive: sighing and shuddering in his arms; eager, nervous, trusting. He seemed to have no concept that this activity was dirty or repulsive; on the contrary he seemed to crave it, anxious for Bill’s pleasure, not his own.

Well, that was fair enough. Why shouldn’t Shayne’s pleasure be Bill’s responsibility then? He stroked his fingers across Shayne’s velvet-smooth chest; found the boy’s nipples and tweaked them.

“Ohhh,” Shayne sighed. “Ohhhhhh.” The sound seemed to come from deep in his chest, a true soul-gust. He arched his back like a cat and rubbed himself back and forth across Bill’s chest.

“You like that, don’t you?” Bill murmured, holding him close, and rubbing at first one tiny, stiff nipple and then the other as he pumped his hard cock in and out through the boy’s tight ring.

“Uh-huh.” Shayne began shifting his hips counterpoint: pushing back as Bill thrust in; gasping; determined; moving his smooth body in the big man’s embrace.

Bill spread his knees, steadying himself. He chuckled as his little playmate continued to push back and forth, sliding his smooth, lithe form forward in Bill’s arms, and then backward. He pushed back hard, grunting each time, his ass gripping Bill’s cock tight, like a determined little fist.

“Gonna gonna gonna!” he heard the boy grunt. Shayne pushed back hard, then yipped: Bill was about to ask what the matter was, and then he knew.

Shayne gasped, sliding back on Bill’s cock. He sighed, and suddenly felt different: heavier, deeply relaxed. Bill noticed he was holding the whole of the boy’s warm, firm weight in his arms first; then the warm smoothness of the boy’s buns against his thighs and the tight ring gripping around the base of his cock got his attention. He realized his cock was buried to the root up the boy’s ass.

“Told’ya,” Shayne gasped, “told ya you was gonna fuck me proper.”

“So you did,” Bill said, as stunned by the boy’s determination as by the slippery milking sensations around his cock. “How’re you feeling?”

“A whole lot better now I know I ain’t got any more to go!” Shayne said. “It feels real full, right up inside, -you know- my uhu?” He wriggled his little ass. “Reckon you’re in so deep, when you cum, I’m gonna taste it!”

Bill chuckled, looking down to where his fat cock disappeared between the boy’s pale globes. “Yeah, I think your ass must somehow be bigger on the inside than on the outside.” He rubbed Shayne’s belly, and then groaned as the boy wriggled. “Oh, yes,” he said, leaning forward again and humping just a little in and out of that tight heat. “Do that again.”

“You like that?” Shayne said. “I can feel all your hairyness up against my butt!” He wriggled again, more comprehensively.

“Oh oh yes,” Bill said, picking up the pace a little. “You squeeze my cock when you do that: it’s really sensual.”

“Yeah, shenshal’s pretty good if you like that kinda stuff, I guess.” He hesitated. “You done shenshal with a lot of boys, right?”

“You’re my first,” Bill said, “but-”

“-But not your last, huh?” Shayne’s laugh sounded a little shrill, and his ass squeezed tight around Bill’s cock. “Ow!”

“What’s the matter?” Bill said, freezing.

“Nuthin’. Just me bein’ stupid.” Shayne rubbed against him. “You ain’t got to stop every time I do somthin’ dumb, or you ain’t never gonna nut.”

“Gee,” Bill said, struggling not to laugh as he began fucking the boy again. “You’re so romantic.”

“Sorry,” Shayne gasped.

Bill told himself to shut up, and kissed the back of the boy’s head. He lengthened his stroke and began sawing in and out of Shayne’s little hole, pulling his hard meat half out and stuffing it back in again. Gradually he felt his little playmate relax. I’m going to get it tattooed inside my eyelids, Bill swore to himself. Don’t scare the kid! Touching is better than talking!

Besides, there was a lot to be said for just listening to Shayne’s gasps and little noises, to just feeling the boy’s hot insides massaging his cock. He could feel his balls thumping gently against the kid’s ass every time he thrust home, and the faster smack-smack-smack of flesh meeting flesh was exciting in itself. He loved the way the boy writhed in his hot, steadily sweatier embrace. He wasn’t sure what Shayne was saying, but he was sure he heard his name in there amidst the gasps and little whimpers. Whatever made the boy gasp and push closer he tried to do more, and harder, moaning horny gratitude as he thrust in and out of his little playmate’s tight ass.

“Fucking ace!” Bill gasped as he rammed home again and again, feeling Shayne slamming his little tailbone back against the root of his cock.

“Fuck!” he grunted, feeling the need start, far back in his body, building. “Oh! Oh!” he gasped, and managed a strangled: “Soon! Gonna nut!”

It felt as though Shayne fisted his cock tighter with that magical little ass, and in return Bill squeezed and rubbed at whatever part of the boy he could touch: rubbing his hands roughly over smooth, curved flesh as he pumped into that slick-gripping tightness, harder, harder as he felt himself swelling; tightening -

“Ah UHH!” Bill gasped as he thrust deep: his first eruption spurting into the boy, who cried out:

“Yeah, Bill! Oh yeah! Shoot in my ass, Bill!”

He came again, hard, forcing cum into that hot little cave, grunting as he rammed as deep as he could. He gripped himself tightly around the base of his cock and pulled out. He stripped off the rubber as Shayne’s red hole gaped and winked at him and then released his grip as he came hard again; spraying cum over the slender boy’s golden back.

“Uh, yeah!” Bill grunted, rubbing his hard cock against the boy’s tailbone, feeling those lovely smooth, firm asshcheeks against his thighs and shuddering as he came again. He reached down and shoved two fingers into the warm, relaxed wet of the boy’s ass, and Shayne groaned and moved his hips. Bill wasn’t sure if the boy was fucking himself on his fingers, or rubbing his back against that nice, big, sticky cock: it came to the same thing anyway.

“You,” Bill said, panting, “are one hell of a fuck!”

* * *

I don’t wanna hurt ya.” Ain’t that like, the sweetest thing? And when Bill said it, he made sure to look in my eyes, just like on TV. Like just sayin’ it weren’t real special: he got to mean it too? I’d wondered what all that lookin’ was on account of, and now I know. I saw how his eyes are that real special blue you get in the community pool when they put extra stuff in: you know the deep place where you can do fancy divin’ and like that? I felt how I could just fall in and never come up. I could just feel all me insides meltin’ - well, ’cept one bit of me anyhow. That was hurtin’, some, what with his dick stretchin’ it. I didn’t care: right then I decided I wanted to get all of him as deep into me as I wanted to get into him.

’S complicated, ain’t it? I dunno, but when he looked at me, it was like I could see inside of him and I just knowed for sure how not hurtin’ me was real important to him dunno why.

Now if it weren’t for that, I’d have been glad my ass was stinging and aching like it was, on account of it gimme a reason for looking kinda down. See, it really hurt when he said how he wished I was a girl so he could do romantical stuff. Before I done fuckin’, I’d just been really hoping he’d like my ass enough so’s he’d let me hang out with him not even doing cuddling or nothing. For me, being around Bill’s just like sitting out in the sun: I get to feeling all warm and nice, like nothin’ bad’s gonna ever happen.

Of course after, now I done it and know as how cuddling and stroking and all that’s actually part of fucking, I really wanna do it a whole lot!

Only I don’t wanna, all at the same time. I’m all kind of mixed up inside. It’s stupid. It’s like I got this place in me what I can’t look at on account of the wanting’s so bad it’s like hurting, you know? Used to be it was all about wanting my real Daddy, but since knowin’ Bill it’s like there’s a whole lot more. It’s like I found this place in my head like my favorite knot-hole an I can see “next door” and I can’t stop looking only it hurts real bad. And this fence is waaay too big to climb.

Duke really freaks if I get any of his jizz on him, on account of him not bein’ a fag no more after Pop and Harley pounded on him. So when Bill fucked me good and then nutted all up my back I didn’t care it was gross: all I could think of was how it meant no more cuddling, and so I was just trying to enjoy the warm splatters on me and the last bit of Bill being up so close.

But Bill didn’t seem to mind none. I couldn’t figure out if it was just he was super horny and gonna bash me later, or maybe -

Well he AIN’T, so don’t even think it! I seen my folks mixin’ it, and my brothers shown me a trick or three, so anyone who says bad stuff about Bill when I’m around is gonna be seeing my head getting closer real quick: BAM!

Even just thinking about guys pounding on Bill had me freaking out, but then it was like he noticed or something, and he rubbed his hands over my front and pulled me closer even though he was still real horny and excited. He was still rubbing that big dick between my buns and squirtin’ and squirtin’. It was warm and kinda nice too, and I guess if I had been keeping him clean and gulping his jizz right outta his lovely big fat dick, then I wouldn’t have gotten that nice cuddlin’ or had him playin’ with my ass like he done.

I started getting my stuff together while Bill was wrappin’ up the rubber and getting himself dressed. My ass was hurting, but that don’t make no nevermind. I was too mixed up inside, worrying about making Bill do dirty fag stuff, to really care about that leastways until I tried to put them durned short-shorts back on.

See, the seam at the back’s kinda rough with the stiching, and it goes right up between my buns and rubs on my asshole. It weren’t too bad before; in fact I kinda liked it, but after Bill fucked me my uhu kinda ached and my ring was kinda sore, like I said. That rough seam hurt: it made me suck in my breath real sharp and Bill looked round.

“Hey, you okay?” he said, and - I dunno maybe it was the warm look in his eyes, like he was remembering nice stuff, or maybe it was how his voice was all low and growly, or it was the way he moved like maybe he was gonna cuddle me some more, I dunno. Anyhow something inside of me just bust and I started bawling like a baby.

“What’s the matter, angel?” he said, and he did put his arm around me, which made all the scary achy-wanting just worser. He pulled my shorts down, and just for a moment I thought I got lucky and he was gonna do me again, but his face went kinda squinched and I looked away so I wouldn’t have to see how he didn’t like my ass no more.

“’S just the short-shorts,” I said. “They rub where I’m sore.” He just said how he was real sorry and would I mind if he touched it?

Well, duh! I wanted to say “Any time, any place, anywhere!” but I just said “Uhuh,” like saying stuff made any kind of difference whether he was gonna touch me or not. Just the the feeling of his fingers brushing on my leg was enough to make me pop a stiffie, but he didn’t whack it or nothin’.

I guess I went kinda light-headed what with Bill feeling my ass up and his big ol’ arms round me, and his heart beatin’ all slow, and his warm chest-hair ticklin’ in my ear. I told him how I didn’t care about it hurtin’ none, and how I wanted him to fuck me some more. He kinda laughed at that and said how he needed a rest-sprite. I didn’t see what soda had to do with it, but I figured he meant Show’s over for right then. He said how he shouldn’t-a done it on account of hurtin’ my ass, but maaan, I hurt myself worser borrowing Jimmy-Ray Johnson’s skateboard when we lived over the trailer park and nobody didn’t say how I got to stop on account of that.

Bill flipped the pod’s door-catch and pushed the door open. It ain’t so easy to find: took me a while, first time. The trailer park where we used to live is just back of this bar-lot, and I remember how when they first brung this pod, Red just stood outside and laughed his stupid ass off while I was inside here banging and hollering. Anyhow, I got kind of intense, just sitting there bare-assed thinkin’ how many boys Bill must’ve done in these pods that he could just find it right off like that, and I didn’t really focus on how he’d gotten out and was looking around until he says: “Come on, quick!”

I look out the pod and I see how Bill’s already got the passenger door of his pick-up open, and then I recall that durned napkin with the fry-clerk’s number on what I left there. So I scramble out the pod, bare-ass and all, and run over real quick, but I can’t see it. My ass was feelin’ sticky, and kinda cold like it was wet, so I put my shorts on the seat and when I’m gettin’ in Bill squeezes my ass!

It was just friendly-like; no fingers inside or nothin’ but it sure put a smile on me! I just sat there feeling like a million dollars and real proud of how I give Bill my cherry. I tell you if my ass could be cherry every time, I was plannin’ on how soon Bill would have enough for a pie!

Bill got in and smiled at me, but it was only when he leaned right over and kissed my dickie I realized I was stiff. It felt wrong him bein’ just so nice to me and I got scared, but he didn’t bite nothing and his mouth was all wet an’ warm, and then he done tongue-stuff on it that made my breathing go all funny.

It were like I couldn’t help it: my hips kinda humped up against his mouth and my wrigglin’ rubbed my sore ass against them jeans short-shorts I was sitting on. That hurtin’ felt kind of like the burn in a good chilli, you know? So I reached down and rubbed it some more, and he’s still got my whole dickie in his mouth and I can feel he’s lickin’ and rubbing on it with his tongue, and sucking too.

Man it was Boss! I wanted to say all nice stuff to Bill, but I ended up just gaspin’ and gruntin’ as I got all those nice tingles what I get when I do rubbing in the shower, only more better. It got crazy-hard to breathe, and in the end I was just squeakin’ and shakin’ like I got the Dts, my legs jerking about and hittin’ the dashboard. I grabbed Bill’s hand and jammed it hard up against my ass, rubbing it against me, but he didn’t get the message - I wanted those big fingers up my ass so bad!

Then bam! Fireworks behind my eyes, the best ever! It felt so good, if I’d-a had the breath I would’ve yelled real loud an’ probably woke the whole trailer park, but my breathin’ and my whole body was so wacko I only could make this kinda eee-eee-eeee! sound like a mouse on smack.

And then, after, as if I weren’t already blissed out, Bill smiled at me real slow with his lips all shining where he’d been suckin’ on my dink, and he moved up and he kissed me, here, just kind of above my eyebrow, and he said, his voice all husky an’ warm in my ear: “Thank you, Shayne.”

Well, I weren’t gonna be a stupid psycho again, so I just done this big gulp like I was eatin’ a chilli-dog sideways and stared up at the windshield while I tried for any kind of breathin’ what didn’t have a side order of cryin’ right along with it. Bill just messed with my hair with, like, the very tips of his fingers, not pullin’ or nothin’, and once I got the cryin’ thing down, I was in hog-heaven for a time, ’til I got to thinking.

Yeah, I know: Bill sucked me. But it ain’t like Bill asked, or said sweet stuff like a fag would, and he don’t swish or nothin’. I mean with Duke and me it just never come up somehow. I sucked him and he didn’t suck me and that was the whole of that. I had to think it all over real careful before I figured it out. See, Duke used to be a fag, but I figured Bill had never been one, so he didn’t know about some stuff. I felt better then, because it weren’t like I was gonna tell anyone, not only on account of not wanting guys pounding on him, but knowing it weren’t true, too.

Bill said “Hey there, angel,” and stroked my cheek with the back of his finger like he was feeling for my dimple. Then he said to buckle up, so I sat up and tried to act decent.

Well, sorta decent. I noticed how if I sat casual, Bill would look over at my bare dickie. I had a whole lotta fun while we was driving, pretending how I was looking out the window, only really watching Bill, and turning a bit so my dickie was hidden and then just moving a hip, like, and giving him a little peek. One time I even scratched my nuts, like I wasn’t thinkin’, but it made me real horny remembering how Bill’s big, hairy balls felt slappin’ against my ass, and I had to think about old ladies and smelly dumpsters back of restaurants and stuff until I got soft again. I figured Bill might wreck the truck if I distracted him by jerking off.

Well then Bill says to me “Okay Shayne, you gotta sit up now,” in this voice what sounds like he’s tryin’ not to laugh, and I pay attention to what’s outside and realize we’re just pulling into the parking lot at the mall.

We was in that pod a good while, and though there’s lots of parking spots, it’s late enough now that there’s a good number of cars, and folks walkin’ about and stuff.

Bill picks a spot near the entrance and parks. He tugs out my shorts from beneath my butt, and then he winks at me and says: “Don’t go away now!” and he gets out the car.

Suddenly it ain’t so funny bein’ balls-out to the world when it’s full of little old ladies givin’ my dickie the beady eye, so right now I’m sitting up straight and keeping my hands over everything you ain’t supposed to show the preacher.

* * *

Hope you enjoyed that!

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