This is a very short story that deals with a loving cross generation couple. They are gay, and it involves mention of diapers. This story also describes how I feel heaven would be, however, I am not religious, and know not what heaven is or should be, so no flaming me for that at all, thanks. I hope that you enjoy it, and if you do, I would love to hear from you, just email me at erich5748@yahoo.com. You are also welcome to visit my site to read the rest of my stories, and it is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ericsdiaperstories/. I hope that you all enjoy, and thanks for reading.

“I don't wish to be rude, but who are you, and where am I?” Michael asked in confusion. They were walking down a long pathway, there were trees on either side of them, the path was paved with nice stone pavers, the sun was shining brightly, the air smelled sweeter than Michael ever remembered, and the birds were singing.

“What was the last thing that you remember before you got here?” An old white haired man in flowing white robes asked.

“Um, well, I was walking out of the courthouse, I was being led by two officers in cuffs, and they were about to transport me to prison.” Michael answered after a few moments thought.

“And what do you remember after that? You will remember it all if you just think about it.” The old man asked softly.

“I was shot, some guy I've never seen before called me a monster, and then shot me. I'm in hell aren't I? But where's the horrors I must face?”

“Yes, you were shot, and yes, you are dead, but no, you are in heaven.”

“B-b-but how? I'm a monster, I can't possibly be in heaven.” Michael gasped.

“Really, just because those inane laws that your people live by says that you are a monster, does not mean that we see it that way up here. Did you at any time ever harm a child? Did you at any time ever coerce a child into doing something that he was not ready, willing, and or able to to? Were you ever anything but kind and polite to everyone who knew you? Did not every one of your friends stand up in trial and say with all their hearts and souls that you would never in your life dream of harming anyone, especially a child?” The old man asked softer still.

“Well, I suppose that that's all true.”

“Then that is all that you need to get into heaven. I am God by the way, in answer to your first question.”

“Really, you came to meet me personally? I thought that you would be far too busy to come and meet someone like me.”

“You are correct, I am busy, so I cannot meet everyone that comes through, but I at least try to meet the special ones.”

“But how can I be special?”

“Because you only have love in your heart. You are very kind and caring, especially towards boys, you will do anything for your friends, and even more so for a boy in trouble. You would do the same for girls, but you just are not interested in them the same way as you are boys. Again, you have never done anything to ever hurt anyone in your life, even though you have known since you were fourteen that you were a monster. Your societies idea of a monster, and my idea of a monster however are very different. Many of those monsters receive a little bit of a shock when they find themselves in hell for an eternity, or possibly in purgatory if they are deemed worthy enough to eventually enter heaven's gates.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

“You are very welcome Michael. Trust me, I never make a mistake as to whom I let into my home, I am very choosy.”

“What's heaven like?”

“Heaven is different for everyone, you all have ideas and visions of what heaven should be, but it is nothing like that. There are no living on clouds, there are no angels with wings that can fly, it is very much like you are used to, just with far more freedom and peace. For you, heaven will be a place where you can feel free to live your life out for an eternity with an open heart and an open mind, living how you see fit. Because what you believe would be heaven on earth would be a nice cozy little cabin for two on a beautiful lake, where every night you can see a beautiful sunset, then that is what your heaven will be like. Of course from time to time you can actually change that, because it is all in your own thoughts that you create what you want.”

“But I have no other to share it with. Without my one true love, heaven just won't even be worth it. If he comes to heaven, will I know, and will he want to be with me as well?”

“You will have your one true love to share it with. I purposely kept you in limbo for the required amount of time to ensure this.”

“I don't understand.”

“Well Michael, Sean died only days after you, however, he had to spend some time in purgatory for his actions.”

“But he was only a boy, what actions could he have done to earn him purgatory?” Michael asked in shock.

“He killed others.”

“No, he never, he would never do that!” Michael said in hysterics now.

“I assure you that he did, and I will explain, so please calm down. After you were shot and killed, it almost killed Sean. He of course was very adamant at your trial that in no way shape or form did you ever harm him, that he was the one that started everything, and when they did not listen to him, called him those horrible things, he almost snapped then.”

“Yes, they called him the poor little abused boy who's brain was washed by a pure evil monster, who prayed on the youngest and weakest of our society. That made me the most sick out of all that whole fiasco. If only they knew what true love was, he was that boy.” Michael said with more than a few tears in his eyes.

“Yes, and those people will not be allowed entrance into my paradise, their hearts are too filled with hatred and greed, they are not wanted here. Anyways, you wished to know how Sean ended up serving some time in purgatory. He was in the crowd when you were shot, you had not yet seen him, he was trying to get closer to you to say that he would always love you, that his heart would always be yours. He saw the gunman, he saw him take aim, and he saw him shoot, but he was not fast enough to scream out the warning. As soon as you went down though, he flew to your killer and beat him to within an inch of his life, but for that he would not have earned purgatory at all. The guards ended up pulling Sean off of your killer, and the ambulances were called, but it was too late. As soon as Sean was lifted bodily off your killer, still kicking, hitting, biting and screaming I might add, he ran to you and sobbed into your dead body, and he knew right away that you were dead.”

“Oh God, I feel so sorry for him. I wish that he had not had to see that.”

“I wish for the same thing, but I do not control your lives down there like everyone believes I do. I can influence things, I can help make decisions, but I cannot perform the miracles that everyone believes that I can. That is against the rules, we are not allowed to directly interfere with the lives of the living. I am not the be all and end all, creator of the universe, I am just the one in charge of the day to day operation, I just make sure everything runs smoothly as it were. No, human kind are their own worst enemy I am afraid, and all the atrocities that they have caused in the past in my name got them punished far more severely than they could ever imagine.”

“Oh, I never knew, but then again, I really didn't know much about you anyways to tell you the truth, or at least what the churches passed off as the gospel truth.”

“No, I know you did not truly believe in me, you wondered what came after, if there was something more, but you always thought that the god that the churches all praised was not real. In many ways I am not. I am not that God that they say that I am, but I am the God that they speak of, they just do not truly understand. I have used about as much influence there as I can, and now anything I say is ignored, because they believe that they know it all. Anyways, to continue with our story.”

“I'm sorry to have interrupted you again.” Michael apologized with a blush.

“No need to apologize, all these questions and all this information had to be given anyways, because everyone asks eventually. So, Sean ended up in the hospital for a couple days under observation, because he was in shock from it. His parents never came to see him, because during your trial they disowned him, but he never told you, because he did not want you to worry any more than was necessary. They could not handle the though of having a defective child, so they too will not be allowed entrance into Heaven, because that is hatred. This too killed Sean just a little more. While he was in the hospital, Sean planned out what he had to do, and where to get what he needed. He had planned to first find your killer and finish the job, but he found out on the news that he had sufficiently finished it, because he died two days later.”

“May I interrupt again and ask another question?”

“Please do.”

“Why did that person kill me, did I Know him and he just did not like me, was he related to Sean in any way, what was the reason, or do you even know?”

“The one thing that the churches did have somewhat correct, is that I do know all, so yes, I do know the reason. He was not related to Sean in any way, you did not even know him, he was just an angry man that thought getting rid of you quickly and cheaply was a far better thing than your only getting two years in prison. You would have gotten out in one by the way on good behavior, and your therapists assurances that you were not a threat. Sean would have loved that, because he would have been fourteen by then, and then the law would have no say in what he chose to do, and he planned to do it all with you.” God smiled warmly.

“Then for no real reason he murdered me!”

“That is correct. So, with your killer not making it, Sean went after the ones that sent you away, and ended up getting you killed. The trial lawyer and judge. The judge was the most condescending to him, and Sean hated him more than he had ever hated anyone. That is the main reason that he had to serve time in purgatory, because of that raw hatred he had for the judge, although it really was warranted. He found out that they had a meeting together to discuss your case, he is a real charmer when he needs to be, and sweet talked both of their secretaries into giving him the information. He knew of a guy at school that sold guns, went and robbed his parents place for everything he could, and then went and bought a gun. He then went to the office building that the judge and lawyer were meeting in, entered the office, and told them exactly what he thought of them. They of course did not argue, had had a gun pointed at them, and he was deathly calm, which scared them the most I believe. Once he was finished telling them as to why it was that he was killing them, and his last words were, 'because you killed every reason for me to live', he then shot first the lawyer, and then the judge, because he wanted the judge to know he was going to die with certainty. He then turned the gun on himself, and earned himself the rest of his time in purgatory.”

“Oh Sean, you were so much stronger than that.” Michael weeped.

“No, I am afraid that he was not. You were his only strength. You know just how fragile he was when he found you three years ago, and losing you made him collapse. He had absolutely nothing left to live for, not even his parents were there for him, not that they ever truly were to begin with mind you. No, when you died, so did he, only his body had not quite yet caught up. He had not eaten in a few days, he had barely had a sip of water, and that was only due to the hospital nearly forcing it into him, no, he was going to die very soon anyways. He just wanted to make it quick and relatively painless. It was your love and devotion to him that kept him going the last three years, and your deep understanding of his desire to wear diapers and be a baby again with you. It was all that that kept him alive.”

“Did he feel any pain as he died?”

“Yes, as you did as well, but it was over so quickly that it really did not matter, and once you are in heaven, you never feel pain again. Sean sadly had to live with all that pain, and more while he was in purgatory, however, by the time that he arrives here, he will have served his time, and he will once again have only love in his heart.”

“How much time exactly does Sean have to spend in purgatory, and what exactly is it anyways? I know what the churches say it is, but so far they were so far wrong on Heaven that purgatory can't possibly be what they said it was.”

“Actually, they got that one pretty much correct. Sean must endure all his wrongs in his life, and purify his soul once more to be allowed to enter heaven. For him this process will take at least a few years, but it will feel like far longer. Time does not pass here quite like you are used to though, however it does pass differently for different people.”

“So, that means that I will have to live without him for a few years then?”

“No, you are forgetting the part near the beginning of our conversation where I informed you that I purposely kept you in limbo. I knew that if you knew that Sean was dead, and that he was going to be coming to heaven, that it would be hell for you to not have him here with you, so therefore I kept you in limbo until Sean was already here. We have already had our talk, and he is waiting for you. He will remember every second of purgatory, and he will tell you all about it, in due time, but right now all he needs is to feel the love and comfort from the one person that made him free, the person that made him know what love truly was. He will want and need you to baby him like never before, and now you will certainly have the chance, and you will figure out what that means as well.”

“Oh, okay. When will I get to see him God?” Michael asked softly.

“As soon as we have finished our talk, which will be soon. First, you need to know the rules here. They are simple enough to remember, but not everyone does, and they must go to purgatory for a time to remind them, and that is never pleasant. First rule is love thy neighbor. True love is all we accept here, and everyone will know when it is not genuine.”

“But not even I like everyone!”

“And no one is saying that you have to like everyone, but what love thy neighbor means, is that you respect everyone and their opinions, you do not criticize them with no grounds or call. You offer your ideas, you work it out, and if you cannot be friends, then so be it. I cannot even say that I truly like everyone that is here, that would be silly, but we all love and respect each other here.”

“Oh, that makes sense, and that was how I attempted to live my life as well.” Michael smiled.

“Yes, I know, hence the reason that I am here to meet you personally. Second rule, even more simple yet, no interfering with the lives of the people on earth.”

“Are we even able to see people?”

“Of course you can. You are essentially what your churches call an angel, and some of their descriptions are fairly accurate. You will pretty much have the same powers as I do, just not quite so powerful. I am extremely old after all, so my powers are considerably greater than yours would be for instance. Once you figure out how to do it, and you get to learn that all on your own, it is pretty easy. Most do not though, it really is not worth our time. Mostly people like to go back and see the ones they left behind, and make sure that they are doing well, and maybe the odd helping hand to steer them in the right direction if they have wandered off the path. Of course this does not last long for most here, because those that they loved are sometimes soon joining them, sometimes they are not. You of course have no one left there that you would go back to visit, other than maybe a friend or two that stayed loyal to you, even at the end, but you will not.”

“Okay, you're probably right, even my best friends and I were not that close, and I'm sure that they'll have gone on with their lives by now, especially if I have been gone a few years already.”

“Yes, I probably am right. Now, last rule, more simple yet, enjoy your afterlife, it goes on for an eternity.”

“Thanks, but what all can we do here anyways?” Michael asked.

“Almost anything that you can dream of. Every group of people has made fantastic cities or other interesting thing, and you are welcome to travel. You will find that people are very hospitable, and will often invite you into their homes while you are visiting another area of heaven. You just walk to wherever it is that you wish to go, everywhere in heaven can be reached just by walking. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes years, but that matters not when you have an eternity to do it in.”

“What about food and drink though?”

“You do not need them anymore, that is a mere mortal requirement, however, we have the most succulent foods for you to truly savor, and our water here is like drinking liquid diamonds. Even though you do not need to eat, everyone still loves to eat, because it just tastes so good. Everything here is far more than what you would ever expect when you are alive. When you and Sean finally make love to each other, and now you are free to do so, it will be like nothing you have ever imagined.” God informed Michael, because as much as Sean wanted it to happen, Michael would not let Sean sit astride him and ride him. So far all they had done was hand and mouth work. That was what had got Michael caught in the first place, a nosy neighbor saw something that she should not have.

“Thank you God for everything. I trust that should I have need of further information, that I may just ask anyone I meet?”

“Yes, or you may call upon me. If I am busy, I will ask that you hold off, and then I will come and see you when I get a chance to.”

“How do I call you though?”

“How do you believe that you would call anyone here, think about it for a second?”

“Just think about who I want to talk to, and they can come to me!” Michael answered after a few minutes of thought.

“That is correct. During our conversation I have had to ask a few people to hold off, and that I would be right with them, but we can do all that in our minds. You too will be able to do this, but at first it takes a little more concentration.”

“Okay, I think I even see how to do it.”

“Yes, that is it, just think about it, and it can happen. Now, if you have not already noticed, we are at your new home. The lake is the one that you always pictured in your mind, and your nearest neighbors are about a five day walk from here. Your lake is just as pictured, even with the nice dock and row boat.”

“Oh, it's simply stunning, even better than I ever imagined.”

“Well, I like to take a little creative license when I am creating peoples dreams, it is how I have fun, I love doing that.” God smiled warmly.

“Thank you so much, it is absolutely perfect.” Michael said with a tear in his eyes.

“You are very welcome, but this is where I must leave you now.”

“Thanks again God, for everything.”

God just nodded and turned and walked away. Michael walked up to the front door, climbing the steps onto the beautiful wrap around porch. There was even a very cozy looking porch swing, just for two people, sitting near to the door. He found the door had no handle on it, so just pushed it open, as he did so, he saw the most beautiful sight there waiting for him, it was his one true love.

“Oh Sean, it's so nice to see you again. God told me everything, and I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that you did. Come here and give me a hug.” Michael cried as he opened the door.

“Michael, it's so good to see you again as well. I can't believe that we both made it into heaven, and that we get to spend an eternity together. It won't be long enough, my love for you is even more than that.” Sean said, tears unashamedly pouring down his cheeks.

“I agree.” Michael said, tears fully pouring down now as well. They embraced in a tight tender hug, and stayed there for about three days, not saying a word, just crying happy loving tears.

“God told me what you did after I died, and I'm really sorry that you died inside like that, but I'm not really sorry that you did what you did. Those people had so much hatred in them for us, that I don't feel that they deserved to live any more than we deserved to die, but we're in heaven now, and that's all that matters.”

“The only thing that kept me alive any at all was the rage in my heart, and the revenge that I wanted to give to them. I had to pay for that, and in some ways it was horrible, but in some ways it was beautiful too. I'll tell you all about it some other day, maybe in a few years or so, but believe me, I never want to go to purgatory again. Now I want for you to take me to our bed and make sweet tender love to me for days, and then I want to be your baby.”

“I'd love nothing more my sweet little baby.” Michael said, and then kissed his young lover slow and deep.

They walked to their room together, hand in hand for an eternity, and made sweet tender love to each other for days and days. For the next hundred or so years of their eternity, they stayed in their little cabin, not even going anywhere at all, and Sean was Michael's baby, and they loved each other with every fiber of their being, for an eternity.