My High School Government Teacher


By Kal Robbins


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events, although some parts have been fictionalized for entertainment purposes.  If you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.


When I was 17, I went to school in a small city named Julesburg.  It is in Colorado and is about 2 miles from the northeast corner of the Nebraska border.  My graduating class had 56 kids, so it was a small school. 

My U.S. Government teacher was named Mr. Kippus, and he was a very hot, good looking guy.  He stood about 6'5", light brown hair, sideburns, nice smile, blue-green eyes; just a handsome man!  He was also the basketball and track coach, and the Driver's Ed instructor too.

I was working at a hotel in town called the Brown Jug.  It had a restaurant and bar in it.  It had 3 levels of rooms, but we only used the 1st and 2nd floors.  I hardly ever went up to the 3rd floor; for some reason I always thought it was haunted.  

One evening I was working late outside the hotel and was about to call it quits for the day.  When I went into the lobby of the hotel, the receptionist asked me if I could go upstairs and deliver a message to Mr. Kippus.  I was surprised because I had no idea that he was staying at the hotel, but apparently he and his wife were there while their house was being fumigated for termites.   I went up to the second floor to give him the message.  The message was that "his wife was in Ogalalla and would be home about 6 and his car was ready to be picked up at the shop."

When I knocked on the door, it was a minute or so before he answered.  When he answered the door, the only thing he had on was a towel because he apparently had been in the bathtub.  When I saw him all I could say was, "WOW!"  I didn't know if I said it loud enough for him to hear, but the expression on my face must have said everything he needed to know.  He had a small patch of hair right in the center of his chest.   Not a lot of chest hair, but it was a nice dusting of hair that I could see.  Outside of that, he had no other hair on his chest and his nipples were the size of quarters.  Nice nipples and smooth skin!  Fuck he was nice to look at.  I think I must have said "wow" two or three times because all I could do was look at his gorgeous body.  Even now I can still visualize what he looked like and the way he stood in the doorway.  Fuck!  I wanted so much to see what was under that towel.  He kept asking me, "What?   What?"  I couldn't say anything else other than to just look at him.  I finally got out the message that I was told to give to him.  When I left, I was adjusting my cock in my pants.  That night, I rubbed out a few thinking about him. Damn!

About a couple weeks later, I was working the graveyard shift at the front desk of the hotel.  There was no one in the hotel other than me and a couple of folks staying in rooms.  There couldn't have been more than a half dozen guests all together.  I was sitting there watching TV and in walked Mr. Kippus.  He looked like he had had a few to drink.  He said hi to me as he walked past on his way to the bar.  The door was locked and he turned around and asked me why the bar was closed.  I told him that it was after hours and everything was locked up. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him that I was on the graveyard shift managing the front desk.  He said he wanted a drink and I told him, "Sorry Sir!"  He came up and stood in front of me, but far enough away that he didn't obstruct the view between me and the TV.  He was swaying back and forth.  I had never seen him like that so I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do to help him.  

He said he needed to use the bathroom.  I told him, "OK" and pointed to the bathroom.  He asked me to go with him to the bathroom.  I didn't want to because, after all, he was my high school teacher.  He kept asking me to go to the bathroom with him because he needed some help.  So, I finally gave in and walked him to the bathroom.  He told me to go in first, which I did, and then he followed me in.  He locked the door and then came up and grabbed me by the arm.  He pulled me over to the urinal and with one hand holding my arm, he used his other hand to try and unzip his pants.  He struggled with it and finally I told him, "Mr. Kippus, I'm not going anywhere; do you want me to help you?"  There was no way I was going to miss out on anything, whatever it was going to be.  So he let go of my arm and finished unzipping his pants.  He pulled his pants down enough in the front that he was completed exposed, cock, nuts, hair, all of it!  Then he grabbed both my hands and forced them on his cock.  He ground my hands on his cock and nuts.  He made sure I was feeling him up good.  He told me, “I know this is what you were looking for!"  Believe me, I took advantage of it.  My eyes were on his cock.  He let go of my hands and started to unbutton his shirt.   

I just kept feeling his cock and nuts.  I kept thinking to myself that this is what he fucks his wife with!  I was wishing that I was his wife for the night!  When he got his shirt unbuttoned, I leaned over and kissed the center of his chest.  I needed to kiss that small patch of hair and he put his hands around my head to hold me against his chest.  It was so nice.  Fuck it was nice!  Then he grabbed ahold of my arms at the wrist and held them while he moved over to sit down on the toilet.  After he sat down, he held onto my wrists, and and then let go.  

He had no shirt on, pants down to his knees and that hairy cock of his nestled between his legs.  He didn't have a lot of cock hair, but definitely enough hair to let me know I was looking at a real man’s cock!  Then he guided my hands back to his crotch and pulled down on my head.  He said, "Suck it!"  And I did.  While I was sucking his cock, he reached over to my waist and started to unbutton my pants.  I was bent over sucking his cock and it was awkward to get a good grip on getting my pants unbuttoned, so I stood up and unbuttoned my pants for him.  I pulled my pants down and let me start feeling me up!  I went back to sucking his cock and then I got to thinking, here I am sucking my teacher’s cock, would he be willing to suck mine. 

I stopped sucking his cock, stood up, stroked my cock a little right in front of him and told him to suck me!  He just looked at me.  I looked right into his eyes and whispered, "Go ahead suck me!  I'm sucking you, I want you suck me!"  He did!  It was nice.  While he was sucking me (which I think was his first time sucking a guy’s cock) he reached around and started fingering my hole.  His cock was rock hard.  I just let him do what he wanted!  He stopped sucking me and turned me around and started fingering my hole a little bit more.  

By this time, my Levi’s were down around my ankles and he had me between his legs and my ass was facing him.  He grabbed his cock and I sat down on it!  I wanted it and he wasn't going to get away. He watched his cock disappear inside me.   His cock was an average sized cock so it fit really nice!  I sat down on his cock hard because I wanted all of it in me.  I started to move a little bit, squeezing my ass around that cock of his.  I had his cock!  I sat there and squeezed my ass around his cock, relaxed and repeated it.  Then I turned over my shoulder and asked him if he wanted to fuck me!  He put his hands around my waist and said, "Yes!"  

I got up off his cock and bent over the sink and told him, "Come on and fuck me!"  He got up, put his cock back in me and fucked me!  The whole time, I was thinking, this is how his wife gets fucked!  It was great!  I wouldn't let him stop until he came in me.  I wanted his cum in me!  After we were done, I turned around and sucked and cleaned his cock, then he washed up a little and got dressed.  Me, I didn't wipe my ass, I didn't do anything.  I wanted his smell on me for as long as I could keep it there!  I wanted his cum in me as long as possible.  It was so nice! 

When we saw each other at school, we both acknowledged each other, and carried on as normal.  Neither one of us treated the other any differently.  He was a great guy and good teacher.  He taught me to drive.  When he did, he put his hand on my upper thigh close to my crotch and I let him!  I felt so comfortable with him, it was just nice!  I can still see in my mind how tall and handsome he was; how he smiled, how he talked, how he laughed, everything!   We only hooked up once, but that one time I had his cock in me and he left part of himself with me!  I've never forgotten it!  U.S. Government and Driver’s Ed were the best classes of my senior year.


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Just as a reminder to my readers, this isn’t my story, it’s Kal’s story.  Kal is one of my readers who wrote me and told me he had a few true stories from his youth.  I encouraged him to write them down, I edited them for him, and here you have another one of them.  The story is 98% + true, I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

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