High Tide

By Stephen Scott

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Part One

This summer my folks rented a cottage on the coast of North Carolina for our summer vacation, which, because both Mom and Dad had been saving up their time, was an entire month.

The house was on a stretch of private beach, each cottage fronting its own expanse of sand and ocean. We had neighbors on both sides, but their houses were far enough away that we didn't have contact unless we wanted to. (And, as my parents said, we were on holiday to get away from other people.)

Each house had its own small pier and an outdoor shower for washing off sand and salt water.

I loved it.

For the first week.

After that, even my own private ocean became a little dull--and there were no kids my age around at all. The neighbors on the right were year-round residents, and had children, but they were little kids, around 5 and 6. The house on the left seemed to be vacant.

So, bored, I would take towel and lie on the beach reading, trying to tan, swimming a little and wishing that something would happen.

It was the beginning of our second week when something did.

I was excited as hell when the new neighbor came to occupy the house on the left.

He was hot.

I wasn't real good as guessing ages, especially of adults, but I figured he was maybe 25 or 30. Medium height but slender and solid, like maybe he worked out with weights or something. He had shoulder-length hair and wore real short cut-offs that drew your attention to his muscled thighs and high, round butt.

Even at 14 I know I'm attracted to other guys. And this guy definitely set my engine racing!

Every morning the man would take a chair and his gear and go out fishing on his pier. He'd sit there all day in his shades, soaking up sun and reading while his floater bobbed on the waves. He didn't catch many fish, but I didn't think that was really why he was out there. I thought he was just enjoying the sun and spray and freedom of endless summer days without work.

And when the fisherman settled into his routine, I pulled out my binoculars and spied on him from my bedroom window. Close-up, he was even hotter. He had a handsome face and prominent nipples that poked out under his tight T-shirt.

I started going to bed at night thinking about my hunky neighbor, and jacking off imagining what I wanted to do with him.

I hadn't ever had sex with anyone, but I already knew what I would like.

I'd gotten my fingers up inside my butt when I was 12, and by 13 I was using the handle of my hair-brush to fuck myself with. Even though I was a puny little virgin, I was already a hot-to-trot bottom-boy. I'd work that handle in slow and easy until I was able to relax, then get on my knees with the brush-end pressing against my mattress and fuck myself, pushing my ass back to get more of it inside. When the handle scraped against my prostate, I'd shoot huge geysers of hot cum. Then I'd clean myself up, dreaming of the day when some totally hot guy would take my cherry for real.

I'd let him fuck me every which-way but loose!

Once I started watching my new neighbor, my jack-off sessions got pretty intense. I'd lie on my back with my legs up, imagining he was plowing his rod into my butt, and cum like crazy.

After the first few days, I was so crazy with lust I decided to try and see if I could get his attention.

I had several bathing suits, from the kind that are like baggy shorts to little tight Speedos that showed off what I thought was my cute little ass nicely.

I started wearing the briefest ones I owned.

I'd wait every morning until "He" was settled in, then go out and, turning my back to him, walk slowly to a spot on the sand. I didn't exactly wiggle my ass, but I came pretty close. Then I'd spread out my blanket and make a big deal of leaning over it to smooth it out, pushing my buns high in the air. Finally I'd lie on my belly and sun myself.

Since I was wearing sunglasses, I was able to sneak a peek at him every now and then. He always had his own shades on, so I couldn't ever tell what he was looking, but... after a day or so of my little performance I noticed he was turning his deckchair around to face our property when he got out to his pier.

After three or four days of this, my parents told me they were going to take an overnight trip to one of the nearby islands. I said I didn't feel very good (lies, lies!) and could I stay at the house? They didn't see why not, as long as I stayed off the neighbors' property, "kept my nose clean" (as Dad put it) and "promised to "be a really good boy" (as Mom put it).

Oh, yeah, Mom! Oh, yeah, Dad!

Hot fuckin' damn!

That night when I jacked myself off my orgasm was so intense, imagining all the things my neighbor might do to me, it nearly lifted me off the bed when I came!

I was getting a whole day and a night to see what was what!

After Mom and Dad left, I waited until later afternoon to go out onto the beach. It damn near killed me not to go flying out the back door and strut my butt for my hunky fisherman. But I stayed inside, horny as hell, and watched him through my telescope, stroking my young teen-cock. I wanted to save up my cum in case something happened later, but... well, I was 14. So I limited myself to only two orgasms...

I wasn't sure--it could have been wishful thinking--but I could have sworn he looked over my way several times, as if he wondered where I was.

By mid-afternoon, despite having jerked off twice, I was so turned on I couldn't put my Speedos on. I had to settle for the baggy trunks... and the knowledge that I was about to show a nice stiff crotch-tent to my neighbor.

The thought had me so excited my asshole was twitching!

I went out to the beach and tried to look as casual as possible, which was pretty difficult with my dick sticking out beneath my trunks. I sat down on my blanket and made a big deal of putting on my suntan lotion, slowly caressing it onto my chest and massaging my tits `til my nipples stuck out, hard and aroused. Then I lay down on my belly, making sure I was positioned just right to give my fisherman a good, long look at my shapely, boyish butt-if he was watching. My cock was pressing down into the hard sand beneath the blanket and I moved my hips up and down slightly, enjoying the feel of the warm, stiff, moving sand resisting my hard-on.

After giving my fisherman neighbor this little show (if he was watching, and I was pretty sure he was) I rolled over onto my back and sunned myself for a while. My cock was stiff as a damn rod, making a little peak at my crotch when I looked down my body at my feet. Every now and then I turned my head to the side to glance in the direction of my neighbor's little pier. He had his shades on, so I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or not, although he was definitely facing in my direction.

As the afternoon wore on and twilight was coming on, I took off my shades, got up (my cock was finally soft now) and sauntered down to the water. At first, I just splashed around aimlessly, but as the sun got lower, I started to move to the left, slowly moving toward my neighbor's pier.

I tried to make it look like I was just kind of floating, not deliberately moving in his direction. I figured if I got close enough to the pier he might say something--you know, like "Hey, kid! This is private property!" Then I'd get out of the water, and go on up to where he was and make an apology. And then...?

When I was maybe ten feet away I glanced up to the pier. My neighbor was casting--he had his arm behind his head and was about to shoot the line into the water. For a second I thought the hook looked like it didn't have any bait on it, but I didn't want him to see me looking his way, so I turned my head back and aimed my body toward the opposite direction.

Suddenly I felt a sharp prick against my tender butt skin. I hollered and turned my head to see it was my neighbor's hook--and it was caught in the seat of my trunks!

I reached back with one hand and tried to get hold of the hook with the other, but at that moment my neighbor jerked the line and pulled up tight.

I was hooked like a goddamn flounder!

The hook was caught deep in the seat of my trunks, and since I couldn't get hold of it no matter how I tried, I gave up and just started kicking my legs as fast as I could toward our beach.

I could feel the line grow more and more taut as my swimming body began to move backwards.

I was stunned. This had to be an accident--right? I mean, he just didn't know he hadn't hooked a fish. He couldn't have done this deliberately!

I turned around, and yelled up at hm.

"Mister, hey!" I shouted. "I'm hooked on your line!"

He didn't say anything at all, just stood there smiling, his eyes unreadable beneath his shades.

"Mister!" I yelled again, my voice a little panicky. "Hey! I'm caught, man!"

Then, jerking the rod sharply upward, he started reeling me in!

"Hey!" I hollered as I felt myself being pulled toward him. I fought and struggled and tried to swim back toward our beach, but he just held on and fought me like the biggest fish he'd ever hooked.

And then my trunks started to slip.

In a minute I was horrified to realize they were sliding down my hips!

I thought maybe if I stopped struggling and just went with the tug of the line I could at least keep my swimsuit on, but as my neighbor continued to reel in his line they were already halfway off my ass. My pubic hair was coming into view, and in a minute my butt was going to be completely bare and there wouldn't be a damn thing I could do about it!

Sure enough, the trunks slid down past my dick in front and below my buns in back as my neighbor reeled in his line. By now I knew he'd cast deliberately. It pissed me off and scared me, but I had to admit he was one hell of a fisherman to sink that damn hook in the seat of my trunks.

They were around my knees now, and I turned over on my back. I was mortified that he could see my dick, but I had to let them slide over my legs and off or else I wouldn't be able to kick at all. I floated on my back and raised my legs, and my trunks slide all the way off, flying through the air toward him, moving too fast once they went over my feet for me to be able to grab at them.

As soon as they were gone I ducked my body back under the waves. I was still buck-naked but at least I was less visible under the water than on my back.

I looked up at him and saw that he was removing the hook from my trunks. I swam toward him, aware that he was getting a good look at my bare butt, but willing to show him my ass if it meant I could get my trunks back.

I hollered up at him.

"Nice catch, mister--now, can I please have them back?"

He didn't say a word--just stood there grinning down at me as his fingers worked to un-hook my shorts. When he got the hook out he slung the wet trunks over his shoulder and saluted me. Then he grabbed up his fishing gear, and walked down the pier toward the steps.

I was flabbergasted. What the fuck?? What a butt-hole!

But I was also curious about what he was going to do next, and a little turned-on to be naked like this, especially so close to the man I'd been lusting after all this time.

He strolled down the beach toward me, still grinning at me in a challenging way.

"Can I have my trunks now, mister?" I shouted as he got to the shore. "Please?"

He sat down on the sand and, cocking his head to one side, held up my trunks.

"You were trespassing, boy," he shouted, smiled. "So if you really want these, you'll have to come and get them. That's the penalty."

I briefly considered turning back and swimming for home. But then, I thought, what if the neighbors on the other side of our house saw me when I got out of the water naked? Yeah, I knew what would happen--they'd tell my folks. Plus, I couldn't track sand into the house like that without using the shower stall, and I couldn't shower naked out there for everybody to see.

"I'm sorry, sir," I yelled. "I really am. I didn't mean to trespass--honest! Can't you just throw `em to me?"

He shook his head slowly from side to side and waved my wet trunks at me.

I was screwed.

My arms and legs were getting tired and sore from swimming and paddling in place to stay afloat. It was getting closer and closer to sundown. I had to do something--I had to get those trunks back!

"Mister, please!" I begged, aware that my voice had risen up an octave or two and sounded cracked, like a little kid's. "I said I was sorry! Come one--let me have `em back--please!"

He just shook his head at me and stood up again. "I haven't got all night, kid. So make up your mind." When I didn't say anything, he started to walk away!

"Mister, no!" I screeched.

He didn't turn around, he didn't stop, he didn't pause--just kept on walking `til he got to his back door. He opened in and disappeared inside his house.

To my relief, he left the door open after he went inside. Relief, and something else--something that made my cock tingle in the cooling ocean water.

I looked up and down the beach. No one was outside, that I could see. So, taking a deep breath and trying not to wimp out completely, I summoned my strength, and swam toward the shore, aware that very, very soon I was going to be running up the beach toward my neighbor's house naked as a baby bird.

When my feet finally hit sand, I looked up and down the beach to make sure no one was outside watching. Then I stood up and stumbled to the shore. When I reached the sand, I ran up that beach like a little motherfucker!

But just as I reached the open door of my neighbor's house, it slammed shut!

I almost screamed in frustration, but before I could bang on the door, it opened slightly and a hand emerged, holding a towel and a pair of slip-flops.

"Shower first, boy," my unseen neighbor commanded.

Groaning, I took the towel and sandals and ran to his outdoor shower. I turned on the faucet and, blushing beet-red at being totally naked to anyone in the neighborhood who could see me, quickly showered off, wrapped the towel around my waist, slipped my feet into the sandals, and ran back to my fisherman's door.

The door was open now and I shot inside, slamming it behind me and shivering uncontrollably. My nerves were shot!

"Well if isn't my bare-assed little trespasser!"

I turned toward the voice to find my neighbor, arms folded across each other. He had one eyebrow raised and was smirking at me.

I realized this was the first time I'd seen him without his sunshades. His eyes were a deep, searching brown, and my legs suddenly felt wobbly as I stared into them. I felt like I was falling, and for a long time I couldn't get my voice to work.

"I guess you won, mister," I said, finally and to my own ears it sounded small and shaky, not sarcastic and challenging, as I had intended.

"Maybe we both won, son," he smiled.

"What--whattaya mean?"

"Oh, come on, kid--stop playing innocent. You've been parading your cute little ass in my direction all week."

"Hey, mister," I stammered, not able to look into his eyes. "I don't know what you think I am, but--"

"I'll tell you exactly what you are, kid," he said evenly, the smile never leaving his mouth for a moment. "You're a little F.I.T."


"Fag-in-training. But instead of being a man, and coming right out and asking for what you want, you play little games. If you want to act like a little kid, maybe you should be treated like one. How about I spank your naughty ass for you?"

I heard my voice before I even knew I was thinking the words.

"Maybe I'd like that," I said, folding my arms over each other and staring boldly into his eyes. I felt hot and flushed, and I knew my face was red, but I held his gaze and didn't look away.

He stared back at me for a second, then broke into a laugh.

"I bet you would, too!" Then he put an arm around my shoulder. "Come on in and get dry, kid."

He walked me into his living room and told me to sit down, then went into one of the back rooms and returned with a T-shirt and pair of shorts that looked about my size.

"Here," he said, handing them to me. "Bathroom's back and to the right. When you're dressed we can talk a little."

I wandered down the hall feeling suddenly disappointed. After our confrontation I had started to feel a tingling sensation in my groin and my cock was stirring as I thought, Maybe this is it! It would have been perfect--all he had to do was whip that towel off my waist and he could have me, naked and willing. But instead of my fantasy coming true I was about to get dressed again!

I dried myself off in the bathroom as best I could and then slipped the shirt over my head and pulled the shorts on over my nakedness. With no underpants a newly budding hard-on pushed them out like a little tent. Well, I thought, if he wasn't going to make a move on me, at least he'd have to notice I wanted him to!

I padded back to the living room. My neighbor had gone to the kitchen and returned with a beer for himself and a bottle of Pepsi for me. I took it, thanked him, and sat down on the couch.

He sat in a chair across from me.

"I don't like calling you `kid,' kid, so tell me your name, okay?"

"Tim," I answered softly.

"And I'm Scott. So now we know each other like proper neighbors."

"I guess so," I said lamely.

"Okay... Tim. Now, was I right about you or not?"

I blushed and looked at my Pepsi.

"Look," he said quietly. "I'll make it easier for you. I'm gay. I like guys. Okay? So nothing you say is going to shock or disgust me. All right?"

I looked up. The smirk he'd been wearing since he hooked my trunks was gone, and his smile was gentle and reassuring.

"I like guys, too," I suddenly blurted. I was slightly surprised to hear myself say it. Oh, yeah, I knew it, but I had never said it out loud. "I'm gay," I added softly, almost to myself, as if I just wanted to hear how it sounded.

To me, just then, it sounded great.

"Virgin, though. Right?"

It didn't sound like a taunt or anything, and I nodded my head.

"Look," he said, getting up and coming to sit by my side. "I was your age once. I know what it's like. What are you, 13? 14?"


"When I was 14, all I thought about was sex. I wanted to get laid so bad I thought I'd die if it didn't happen."

"And did it? Happen, I mean?"

He smiled.

"Yeah, Tim. It happened."

I put my Pepsi down on a coaster on his coffee table and, looking down at it, started to speak. I just let it flow, knowing if I stopped I'd probably clam up and never say it.

"When you showed up I thought you were the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I jack off thinking about you, Scott. I want... I..."

"I think about you, too, Tim."

I looked up at him, startled. He thought about me? A little pissant teenager like me?

"You do?"

"I do. You're cute as hell, Tim. Your little ass is adorable."

"You don't mind... I mean... that I'm so young?"

"Nope. In fact... well, let's just say it's not a turn-off."

"Will you... will you make... love to me, Scott?"

My face burned as soon as the words hit the air. I was still staring down at the table when he touched me. I turned and he placed his forefingers under my chin.

"I would love that." I must have looked doubtful, because he added, "I really would." He lowered his hand and laughed. "As long as you don't mind that I'm so old."

I smiled.

"Let's just say it's not a turn-off..."

Then I blushed again.

Scott placed both hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. There was a moment of complete silence as I stared back.

And then I found myself falling into him. His lips met mine and we kissed.

It was the first time I'd ever kissed anyone, I mean romantically, or sexually, or whatever.

And I loved it.

His lips felt hot on mine, and wet, and right.

Like I said before, I knew I was attracted to other guys. But the excitement I felt when our lips pressed together and our tongues met was like... I don't know... like proof, somehow. It sorta meant I wasn't wrong, thinking I was queer.

Now if the rest of it could be as good as this ...

Scott broke the kiss and pulled me close. He held me gently in his strong arms, holding me against his hard chest and stroking my hair as his lips caressed my ear.

"You're so beautiful, Tim," he whispered, and my body shuddered to be called that, by him... by this hot man... while I lay nestled in his arms. "I've wanted you since the first day I saw you."

I sat up and stared into his eyes.

"Where's your bedroom, Scott?" I asked, blushing a little.


Part Two

I knew it sounded like I was some kind of whore, or sex-fiend, or something... you know, too bold for a little piss-ass virgin. But my cock was so hard it almost hurt. I was breathing like I'd just run a mile, and my heart was beating so hard I thought if I looked down I would actually see it pulsing in my chest. The space between my butt-cheeks felt damp and my asshole was clenching and un-clenching with desire, and my balls were drawn up tight against my skin.

In other words, I was in heat. And this was definitely no time to be polite about it!

Scott stood up and placed his hands under the backs of my thighs and lifted me up, cradling me in his arms. I put my arm around his neck and my head against his chest, where I could hear and feel his heart thudding, as he carried me down the dark hallway toward the first of what I hoped would be a lifetime of intense sexual experiences.

He put me down on my feet and we stood, our bodies pressed together. His hard-on was tenting his shorts, and I could feel it, hard, against my belly. My own cock was nestled against his naked thigh. Our arms wound around each other, and he was nuzzling my neck with his lips.

My knees felt weak.

I had never felt anything so wonderful.

His bedroom was on the beach side of the house, and with the window open to the sea there was a cool breeze in the room and I could hear the reassuring roar of the waves hitting the shore. It felt safe, and comfortable, and also really, really romantic.

His hands were caressing my shoulders and sliding down my back. Not really sure what to do, I followed his lead and stroked his arms and back. Then his hands went to my butt, and a small gasp escaped me.

Scott straightened up. His face looked concerned.

"What's wrong?" I asked, confused.

"God--it's getting dark! Are you supposed to be out so late? What are your parents gonna think? Fuck! You've gotta go home!"

I laughed and pulled him back against me.

"It's cool," I said, relieved. I was afraid he was having second thoughts, maybe because of my age. "They're gone--all night. I don't hafta be home `til early morning."


The word was a sigh. I felt him relax against me, and he hugged me tight before his palms went back to cupping my butt.

"Mmmmm," I purred, pushing my buns against his open hands. "That's really nice. I like that."

Scott's lips were on my ear. His breath was light, but as warm as summer. I moaned a little. As his hands gently kneaded my butt-cheeks, his tongue pushed into my ear.

Now I really was moaning.

His wet, hot tongue sent shivers down my spine, and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise.

Then he nibbled on my earlobe, and my legs almost went out from under me.

I gave up trying to keep pace with Scott; my damn knees just wouldn't cooperate--I was just putty in his warm, experienced hands. So I leaned against him and let him lead me into the soothing waters of sex.

While Scott's teeth were showing me how much pleasure you could get with just your ear, his hands were slipping under the waistband of the shorts he'd given me.

They were incredibly warm on my bare flesh as they fondled my butt. I relaxed my cheeks and he ran a finger from the area between my ass and my balls upward, tickling the light, fine little hairs between my buns.

Then he touched my asshole, and I almost fainted.

I moaned, encouraging him, and he rubbed his fingertip on my little hairless pucker, reaching around with his other hand to fondle my right nipple. It felt like an electric shock--no, that sounds painful, and this was incredibly pleasurable.

As my tit hardened under his fingers, my boy-hole spasmed against Scott's gentle touch. Although I'd played with my asshole lots, no one else had ever done this to me, and the sensations shook me from head to toe.

Pressing against my relaxing hole, Scott leaned his lips to my throat and whispered, "Let me undress you, Tim. Let me make love to every inch of you."

He took his hand out of my shorts and came around to stand facing me. Smiling, he lifted up my shirt and raised it up. I lifted my arms to help him and he pulled the T-shirt over my head and tossed it aside.

I started to lower my arms but he held them up. Then he leaned in and began licking my armpits. I had a little hair there--no much, just some fine wisps--and at first it tickled. Then it felt warm, slick and fantastic as his tongue lapped at my pits.

He lowered my arms again and smiled.

"You taste good."

I blushed, but he didn't waste any time. Next thing I knew he was licking my nipples, which hardened as his tongue glided and slithered over them. I reached my arms out and held onto his shoulders--it felt so damn good I thought my knees were going to buckle.

And when he started nibbling on my tits with his teeth, they almost did.

He pulled gently on my nipples, making them feel like intensely pleasurable bolts of electricity were shooting through my chest and out the tips.

"Scott, Scott," I moaned. My eyes were clamped shut and my cock was raging in my shorts. "Oh, Scott, it feels so good..."

After a little while, his tongue moved down my flat belly. It made me shudder to feel his hot tongue moving down, down... until it got to my navel. He shot his tongue deep into my bellybutton and I groaned, loud!

Every part of me was on fire. Scott was teaching me that your whole body could be connected to your cock.

My eyes opened when I felt him tugging on the shorts. They began to slip down my hips and I stared down to see my pubic hair revealed. Then the base of my hard, aching cock. Then more of the shaft. And finally, as he slid the shorts down around my ankles, my arcing dick popped out, wet at the head and throbbing for all it was worth.

"You have a beautiful cock, Tim," Scott whispered.

Look, I was only 14--I know my adolescent dick wasn't all that and a Coke! But Scott was obviously trying to make me feel good about myself, about my body, and my desires, and his compliments seemed to make my teen-cock grow another two inches!

And when his fingers wrapped around it, it felt like it grew even more...

Scott sat me down on the bed and knelt behind me. Then he reached around and closed the fingers of his right hand around my shaft, right near my pubes, and moved his fist up, slow--real slow--until his hand circled the head of my cock. I could feel his flesh slide around in my pre-cum, and when his fingers rubbed the ball-juice over my cock-head, I nearly screamed. Christ, did it feel good!

As Scott slid his right hand up and down my dick, his left lifted my balls and massaged them gently.

I leaned my against his chest, lolled my head back, closed my eyes, and groaned.

And then I came.

Damn it, I came!

If Scott was disappointed, he didn't show it. When my warm boy-jizz started flowing, coating his hand, he pushed his fist over the head and got it as slick as he could and kept stroking me, lubing my dick with my own cum and holding my nuts tight in his other hand.

When it was over and my body had stopped shuddering, I looked up at him.

"I'm sorry, Scott. I tried to hold off--"

He put his lips on mine and kissed me. Then he said, "Shhhh--don't apologize, Tim. I knew you were close."

He was rubbing my cum all over my belly and chest. It felt kinda weird at first, but anything Scott did was okay with me.

"Anyway, you're so young, I'd bet you can come again."

I grinned.

"You'd win! Sometimes I jack off three times in a day. And sometimes three times a night!"

"So," he said, his fingers, sticky with thick cum, squeezing my left nipple, "if I sucked you off you'd give me another load of hot boy-cum?"

"I'd sure try!"

Scott reached down and took hold of my dick again, and stroked it. It was still so sensitive after my orgasm that, when he touched my cock-head, it tingled sharply and I let out a yell, shuddering.

"Before we do that, though, hot boy," he said, lifting me onto my feet and turning me around to face the bed, "I want to see the rest of you."

He ran his hands from my shoulder blades to my back, sliding them slowly down my spine and making me tremble.

"You're so goddamn beautiful, Tim."

He was kneeling now, and when I turned my head to look down at him, he was staring upward. He smiled.

"You have such a hot ass, I just wanted to look at it a while."

I blushed.

Then he started caressing me. His hands cupped my cheeks, parted them, and squeezed them together again.

"This ass," he murmured. "I've been in heat since I first saw you and this beautiful butt on the beach." He ran the side of one hand up between my cheeks, glancing off my hole as they traveled. It spasmed.

"But then, you know how hot you are, don't you?"

Suddenly he slapped my right cheek. Not really hard, but definitely enough to get my attention!

"Parading your cute little butt all over the beach..."

He slapped the left cheek. I shivered.

"Driving me crazy..."


"I ought to turn you over my knee and spank you hard, you little flirting brat!"

"Please!" I groaned. I was so fucking turned-on! Every slap of his hand on my butt made my dick throb.

"No, I don't think I will," he murmured. "Not now. I don't want to turn these beautiful white buns all red. I've got other things in mind for this ass."

He smacked my butt one last time.

My butt-cheeks burned where his fingers touched them.

It felt even better when he started kissing them.

His lips moved all over my round boy-butt, kissing and licking. He even nipped me a little with his teeth-real gentle, but it made me grunt with sheer pleasure.

"You know what I'd like to do with this hot teen-butt?" He asked. But instead of waiting for me to speak (which I would have had a hard time doing anyway, since about all I could do at the moment was moan!) he pushed my ass-cheeks apart with his palms and dove his tongue against my hole.

I've read a lot of porn online where guys act surprised when someone kisses their puckers, like it never occurred to them before. Bullshit! I've wanted someone to rim me forever! And here was this hot, caring man, running his tongue around the wrinkled flesh, kissing it, pushing against it. I was dying of sheer pleasure!

My legs went weak again and I fell forward against the bed, which caused my cheeks to open wider. Scott seized the opportunity and, holding tight to my hips, drilled the tip of his tongue inside me.

I was moaning and yelping uncontrollably. Nothing I'd ever done in my life had ever felt this good! Scott's tongue was soft and hard at the same time--wet and warm and probing deep inside me. My asshole was inflamed, and for a moment I was so turned-on I was afraid I'd come again.

When he'd pushed in as far as he could reach, he started darting his tongue in and out, fucking me with it. I pushed back with my hips, over and over, desperate to get more of that hot, wet muscle inside me.

"Oh, fuck!" I groaned. "Oh, fuck, Scott!"

"God, Tim," he gasped. "Your ass tastes incredible..."

"Eat me!" I groaned helplessly. My cock was pushing against the bed, rubbing the down comforter like I was fucking it. "Eat my ass!"

"Woah, baby," he laughed, pulling me away from the mattress. "You're not gonna cum again unless it's in my mouth!"

He pulled me down onto the floor, moving under me until his face was in my crotch.

My dick was so hard it fucking hurt!

He kissed the head and ran his tongue over it, pressing the tip of his tongue into my piss-hole until I almost screamed. Then he slowly sank my cock in his mouth.

It was... fuck. I don't have the right words.

It was beyond incredible. Any guy who's ever had his dick in a soft, hot, wet mouth doesn't need to be told what it's like anyway. If I ever thought my dick felt good any time before this, I didn't know what "good" was!

I started moving my hips, pushing into Scott's eager mouth. I knew I was close to coming again, and I wanted it to last, wanted to put it off for as long as I could, but there was just no way--it felt too good and I was just too damned turned-on!

I think Scott could tell from the way I was pumping my dick into his mouth that I was on the verge, and what he did next put me over the top in a big, big way!

With my asshole still wet from the rim-job he'd given me a couple minutes earlier, he stuck his index finger against it and slid in. My sphincter clamped down in surprise and delight, and when it relaxed again, he shot his finger straight up my hole.

I came.

I sprayed his mouth with a load that felt like it was coming up from the tips of my toes.

My asshole twitched and clamped and clenched and spasmed on his probing finger, and I shot and shot and shot.

I was moaning his name over and over: "Scott! Scott! Scott! Oh, my god! Oh, fuck!"

When I came back down to earth, he gently lifted me off of him and I lay on my back on the floor. I was a panting, heaving, shuddering, sweating mess! But he immediately put his lips on my softening cock, kissing away the last drops, and my hips shot up in an agony of pleasure.

I opened my eyes after a little while and found him looking down at me and smiling.

"I haven't tasted boy-cum in a long time," he said, laughing. "Not since I was a teenager, anyway. Man, they ought to bottle it!"

"Boy-Pops!" I joked.

We laughed, and I held out my arms to him. He fell on me, kissing me, and I kissed him back so hard I damn near drew blood!

"Fuck, Scott. That was amazing!" I whispered.

My hands went to his ass, and I was suddenly aware that he was still completely dressed!

"Hey!" I said. "You haven't come or anything, and I've shot twice!"

"So I've noticed," he grinned.

"But I want you to! You made me feel so good--I want you to feel good, too."

"Tim, you already do make me feel good."

"Yeah, but--"

"Later," he said, ruffling my hair. "Or were you going someplace?"

I laughed.

"No way. Unless you kick me out."

"No chance of that, kiddo." He looked at watch. "I don't know about you, but I'm really hungry. How about you go take a shower--get all that dried boy-juice off--and I make us something to eat."

"Wellll... okay."


"I was kinda hoping you and I could shower together."

He smiled and got up, reaching for my hand and hauling me to my feet. He held me and kissed me briefly.

"Like I said, Tim boy--later. Now go get your hot little bod clean."

He slapped my butt lightly and went out of the bedroom.

"Towels are in the cabinet in the bathroom," he called from the hallway.

His bath was attached to his bedroom. I went in and showered, enjoying the feel of the warm, soothing water against my still-tingling body. I'm always pretty thorough when I bathe, but tonight I paid special attention to my cock and balls and butthole, soaping up with lots of lather.

When I was dry, I wrapped a big towel around my waist and wondered out. I could smell seafood cooking, and I was suddenly incredibly hungry.

I followed the delicious smells into the kitchen, where Scott was cooking at the stove.

"Hey, you," he said.

"God, that smells good!"

"You don't mind seafood, do you? I mean, you're probably eating a lot of it."

"Naw--I love it."

He turned and looked so hard at me it made me self-conscious, and I blushed.

"What? Is my fly open or something?"

He shook his head.

"You're just so... beautiful. I can't quite believe you're here. Beautiful, and sexy, and hot... and I want you so badly I don't know if I can stand it `til dinner's over!"

There wasn't really anything to say, and Scott suddenly looked a little embarrassed. He went back to cooking, but after a few minutes he started talking again, his sexy back to me.

"Tim, you ought to know something. I don't do this. I mean--I admit I like looking at guys your age, and I fantasize about cute boys, but... I've never... touched one. I wouldn't have tonight, if I hadn't been damn sure you wanted it. It's really weird for me, doing this. It's supposed to be so wrong. Society condemns it, and if a copy walked in and saw us I'd be in jail for a long, long time. But... it also feels right. Like I've waited all my life to find it with you." He turned around again, and I saw there were tears in his eyes.

"I don't want to scare you," he said softly, looking at the floor, "and I don't want to hurt you. And I know this is a time-limited thing. When your folks go home, it's over--I mean," he said, looking up at me, "if it lasts even that long."

He went back to cooking, but continued to talk softly.

"Besides, you're--what? 13? 14? You've got a lot ahead of you. I'm almost old enough to be your dad. So, don't get nervous--I'm not gonna ask you to marry me."

He made it sound like a joke, but it wasn't funny. Not to me. I felt awed by what he was saying--that someone so much older and more experienced than I was could feel these things about a little twerp teenager like me. No one had ever said things like that to me before, and I sorta thought maybe Scott had never gotten to say such things to anyone before, either. My heart sort of hurt as I listened to him, and I felt a stinging in my eyes.

I got up and stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. Laying my head against his warm back, I didn't say anything, just held him. It seemed like the only thing to do.

He stood there, not moving, for a long time. Then he gently broke my hug and turned around. Holding my chin with his hand, he said, "Thank you, Tim," kissed me, turned back to the stove and sang out, "Dinner's ready! And just in time!"

We laughed a little, sort of awkwardly, then sat down at the table, where he put down a steaming skillet of scallops, crab and shrimp in some sort of sauce.

"These are all my favorites," I said, amazed.

"Oh, yeah? Well, I hope they still are after you taste what I did with them."

He scooped out a big helping for each of us and I dug in. It was fantastic!

"God, this is good," I murmured, shoveling in another forkful.

"I'm glad you like it, Tim. I eat a lot of it. Well, it's quick, anyway."

"Don't you have a lot of fish to eat, though?"

"Huh? Oh! You mean from my pier?" He laughed. "Tell you a secret. I don't fish to catch anything. I don't even bait the hook. I just like to sit in the sun and I guess I figured people wouldn't think I looked weird sitting out there every day if my line was in the water."

"You don't catch anything? Ever?"

"Nope. See--I like to eat fish, but I can't stand seeing them suffer. Even though I know the fish on my plate suffered before it got to me. I'm a nice little hypocrite, huh?"

"No--I understand." I was silent for a minute, then thought of something and laughed loudly. He looked at me, curious. When I stopped laughing I said, "You sure are good at catching boys, though!"

He laughed too.

"I guess I cast well. I get a lot of practice." His face looked serious for a moment and he touched my hand. "I sure am glad I reeled you in, Timmie."

I blushed and took his fingers in mine. I always hated to be called "Timmie" when I was growing up. But when this gorgeous man called me that, it suddenly seemed like the best and most intimate name in the world. Hearing him say it made me feel warm, sexy, and special.

"Me too, Scott. Real glad." We squeezed each other's fingers, and he turned a little red, so I didn't feel so dopey blushing myself. "I was a fish that wanted to get landed."

"Then that was one hell of a lucky cast," he said, grinning.

We ate for a while, then I spoke, looking down at my plate, afraid to meet his eyes.



"Would you... fuck me?"

There was a long silence at the table. Finally he looked at me, real serious.

"Is that what you want?"

I nodded my head.

"I want it bad, Scott. I think about it all the time. Ever since I first saw you I been jackin' off imagining you fucking me."

My cock was up, and pushing at the towel.

"I don't know, Tim. I don't want to hurt you."

"But you wanna? Fuck me, I mean?"

He smiled.

"Yeah. I want to. I've wanted to since I first saw your hot little ass on that beach."

"Well, my ass is cherry, but I've had some pretty big things up there. I don't think you'd hurt me."

He looked amazed, and I was a little amazed myself, saying that to a man I'd only met a few hours before.

I shrugged, trying to sound casual.

"You know--vegetables and stuff."

"Tim," he said, looking into my eyes, "I want to fuck you so bad I can barely stand it. I can't think of anything more wonderful than being inside you. But I'd rather do anything else than to hurt you, even a little. If we do this, you've got to tell me if I cause you any pain. Even a little."

My heart raced and my butthole twitched. I was gonna get fucked--finally!

"I will."

"I mean it. If I hurt you at all, we stop. Okay?" I nodded again, eager. "You're going to have to be totally relaxed, and trust me. I can relax you, but the rest is up to you."

"I trust you, Scott. I mean--fuck! If I didn't, I wouldn't have let you do what we've done already."

He looked deeply into my eyes and searched my face, as though he could tell if I was lying just by looking at me. He seemed to believe me, though. He got up and knelt by my chair, his hand on my thigh. My cock was tenting the towel in front like it was trying to burst through the cotton fabric.

"Okay, sport. You're hard, and you've got me good and hard. Now let's do something about it."

I got up from the chair and went to my knees too so I could hug him tight to my chest. He wrapped his arms around me and held my body against his own. I could feel his hard-on through his shorts; it pushed against my naked belly and I wanted to see it, finally, and hold it in my hands, and lick it and suck it and show this wonderful man what he meant to me and how fast a learner I was!

"Scott," I murmured into his chest.

"Yes, Timmie?" he answered, nuzzling my neck.

"Can I undress you, like you did to me? I wanna see you naked. I wanna make love to you."

He took my hand.

"C'mon, baby."

We stood up together, and walked down the hall, our hands wound tight around each other.

Part Three

As soon as we got to Scott's bedroom, I started kissing him like it was the last kiss I'd ever get. I was so fucking turned on, knowing I was gonna lose my cherry to this hot man, my lips and tongue went wild. It was like I was raping his mouth with mine.

Scott was a little startled at first by my enthusiasm, but he soon relaxed and kissed me back--deeply, his tongue pressing against mine.

His hands reached down and undid the knot on my towel. It fell off, leaving me completely naked, hard, and vulnerable.

And I wanted to be vulnerable. I wanted to be exposed--nakeder than I'd ever been before. I wanted to be in his power. I wanted to give myself, totally, my body and my whole being, to him. He had explored me in a way no one, not even my doctor, ever had before. I was his to do with as he wanted.

I stepped back a little and pulled his shirt up, and (since I was shorter than him) he helped by yanking it over his head. His chest was mostly hairless (which I like) and tight but not overly muscled (which I don't like). His nipples didn't stick out, though.

Almost as though he was reading my mind, he said, "I have innies--sorry. They don't stick out, but I still like them being played with."

"I don't mind," I said, kissing his chest. "It makes you different." I put my lips on his right tit and started sucking on it, twirling my tongue around on the tip while he gasped and pushed his body against me. Then I started in on his left nip, and got the same reaction. Like he said, they didn't get hard but he sure did enjoy what I was doing to them.

From his chest I moved to his torso, sliding my tongue down, down his slim belly to the thickening patch of hair near his bellybutton. I remembered how exciting it was when he pushed his tongue into my navel, so I did the same to him; he moaned and held onto my head with hands while I tongued him.

I was enjoying exploring his body and giving him pleasure, but I was impatient to get a look at his cock. It was hard and pushing out from his shorts. I put my hand on the lump, and felt it jump at my touch. Scott sighed deeply, and I unzipped him with my fingers trembling; I was about to see my first hard cock, and it excited me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

He was wearing bikini briefs, and I could see a big wet spot where his dick-head pushed against the thin cotton. His hard-on looked huge to me, and his balls were fat and tight in his underpants. I cupped them gently, and felt their heat against my fingers. He groaned as I fondled them with one hand while reaching around to grab his butt with the other.

His ass was round and tight and high, and felt wonderful to my groping fingers. I snuck my hand under his waistband and released a blast of heat that seemed to engulf my fingers as they moved down to caress his butt-cheeks. They were lightly hairy and I was incredibly excited to be touching the first ass that wasn't my own.

As my fingers probed the intense heat between his ass-cakes, I used my free hand to pull his briefs down in front, releasing his dick and balls. His hard-on seemed immense to me as it popped out, wet and red, and bobbed in front of me.

Removing my hand from his ass, I pulled his shorts down in back and rolled them to his ankles. He stepped out of them and was totally naked in front me. Totally naked and, to me, totally beautiful, totally fucking hot, and totally fucking awesome!

I knelt in front of him and looked up at his face. He looked flushed and incredibly happy.

"It's all yours, Timmie. I hope you like it."

"It's beautiful, Scott," I said with awe. "I love it!"

I reached my left hand out to touch the head of his dick. He wasn't really all that much bigger than me--maybe an inch and a half--but because he was older, his cock was still thicker, longer and more impressive than my own meat (which was sticking straight up between my thighs and leaking pre-cum like a motherfucker!)

I rubbed the semen at the tip of his hard, angry cock all around the head as he gasped in pleasure. Very slowly, I moved my hand down from the crown and gripped the shaft, sliding my fist up and down from the base to the head, my fingers lubricated by the pre-cum that oozed out of him. My left hand went to cup and caress his fat balls, which were not to too hairy, and lay tight against his skin.

I had to taste him.

I had to have my first taste of cum.

My tongue licked the tip of his dick, moving into his piss-hole. His cum was a little salty, a little bitter, and totally wonderful. I lapped at his dickhead, hungry for him, and he moaned and pushed his hips at me.

"I love the way your cum tastes, Scott," I whispered.

I opened my mouth and drew his cock-head inside.

I had to be careful how much of him I took at first, because I wasn't used to sucking dick, and I knew I was going to have to relax my gag-reflex so I could get more of his shaft into my mouth.

This was so fucking cool! I had a cock in my mouth--at last! I was one happy little cocksucker!

His cock tasted delicious, and I sucked on it greedily, slowly pulling more of him inside me. But just as I was getting the hang of it, he pulled out.

I looked up at him, puzzled and a little hurt.

"Wasn't I doing it right?" I asked, my voice shaky.

"Baby, you were doing it too well--I was gonna come."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. You're a natural. But I don't want to come. Not `til I'm inside that cute ass, anyway."

I got up and laid down on the bed, on my back.

"Anytime you're ready," I said.

That wasn't exactly true. I was really nervous. Even though I'd slid stuff into my hole, like I said before, it's still scary to think someone's about to stick his big, hard cock in your butt.

Scott came to the bed and laid down on top of me. He planted his lips on mine and kissed me gently but firmly. His dick was between my legs and it made me shiver in anticipation.

"First things first," he said, breaking our kiss. He flopped down beside me. "Climb up on my chest with your back to me."

I wasn't sure what he was up to, but I clambered on top of him in a kneeling position, with my legs tucked on either side. When I looked down, I could see his dick, throbbing against his belly. It looked so sexy.

Scott put his hands on my hips.

"Okay, now scoot back. Stop when I tell you."

I moved backward, loving the feel of friction on my skin as my body slid against his. Finally, when my ass-cheeks were spread open over his face, he stopped my movements by pushing his hands against me.

I may be a little slow, but I finally figured it out.

The way we were positioned, his lips were right on my hole.

I felt his warm, wet tongue on it as he pushed against my pucker. Moaning, I relaxed my muscles and pushed my butt-lips open, allowing his tongue to slip inside.

He lapped in and out of me, going deeper each time he pressed in. If I thought my previous experience of him rimming me was good, this one was fantastic! With my butt over his face like this Scott was able to probe deep, his tongue sliding straight up inside me.

He was making little noises of pleasure, and they sort of reverberated through my ass, making me feel like Scott was completely inside me. It was a wonderful sensation.

After a while, he moved back a little and replaced his tongue with his finger.

I was so slick and relaxed, his fingertip shot right inside. My asshole spasmed on it a little as my sphincter got used to the foreign invader, and as soon as my muscles loosened again Scott pushed in deeper, slipping past my anal ring with a sensation that almost made me hit the ceiling!

He probed deep up my hole, then started moving in and out of me, slowly at first, then faster, fingering me. When I pushed my hips back, his finger found my little prostate and started massaging it, which made me damn near squeal!

"Oh!" I chirped. "Oh, fuck! Scott! Fuck me with that finger!"

That must have been what he wanted to hear, because he started moving his finger in and out of my boi-hole faster and faster. I rode his expert finger, pushing my ass back and forth, in a rhythm with his fingering.

Suddenly I felt a second finger join the first. Wow! My asshole just opened up like a damn flower!

I felt full, but not stuffed. His two fingers, close together, opened me up and relaxed my muscles, but didn't hurt or even feel uncomfortable. If this was what it was like to get fucked by a cock, I thought as I closed my eyes and pushed back to get more of Scott's fingers inside me, then I wanted it, and I wanted it now!

The squishy sound of his wet fingers fucking my hole made me wild with desire for him. As he massaged my prostate again, with two fingers this time, I moaned, "Scott--Scott--please fuck me... fuck me... stick your cock in my butt... please... I want you..."

He stopped fucking me with his fingers, pulled me down onto him and rolled us over so that I was on my back. Then he reached into the drawer of the little night-table next to the bed and pulled out a tube of K-Y and a hand-towel.

I sighed deeply, knowing I was about to get what I'd been wanting for so long...

Scott adjusted the pillows behind me so I could lean against them. Then he parted my thighs, smiled at me, and squirted a big gob of lube onto his fingers, which he quickly applied to my willing hole.

"Oooo!" I said, squirming. "It's cold!"

"It won't be for long," he said, pushing the goo up my butt.

He was right. The combination of his warm fingers and my hot butthole quickly heated up the jelly, and I relaxed again, enjoying the slick feel of his fingers slicking me up.

"Are you ready, Timmie?" he asked softly. I nodded. He withdrew his fingers and squeezed another big helping of K-Y onto them, which he then rubbed up and down his shaft and dick-head. When he was lubed, he wiped his hands on the towel, then lifted my feet up, setting them onto his shoulders.

I felt intensely vulnerable in this position, knowing my butt was wide-open and gooey with lube. I imagined how I looked to Scott, and it made my cock jump.

"I'm going to go slow, Tim, so you can get used to it. If I hurt you, tell me. I mean it. It's not worth you being in pain."

I was looking deep into his eyes, knowing I trusted him totally. And that, even though I was dying to get fucked by him, and that admitting I was in pain would mean he'd stop, I would tell him if it hurt.

"Okay, Scott," I said.

He got himself into position, and I felt the wet, gooey head of his dick touch my hole. I relaxed it as much as I could, and in a moment it was moving.

Moving in.

The tip was gently spreading my virgin rosebud open.

I closed my eyes, and moaned.

Scott stopped his forward movements.

"Did I hurt you, baby?"

I opened my eyes. His face was so serious and showed such deep concern, I think at that moment I loved this man more than I'd ever loved anyone in my life.

"Oh, god, Scott--no! It just feels so nice..."

His face relaxed. He leaned down to me and kissed my lips. I put my hands on his head and kissed him back, my body relaxing into his, and felt his dick move again, pressing slowly against my hole, gaining purchase, the splayed head gently forcing my asshole to spread wide.

I'd never felt anything so good in my life.

I was electrified--his deep kiss seemed directly connected to my cock and balls and asshole, and the pleasurable sensations in my butt seemed to run through me and into my lips as we kissed. And then, suddenly, the widest part of his dick was held, briefly but with incredible pleasure, by my anal ring. I gasped, my sphincter clamping down on it, then relaxing.

And then it was in.

The first wave of pleasure when Scott's cock started in gave way to a deeper pleasure when it was in my ring--and in turn, that pleasure was replaced by the intensely satisfying feel of the head boring slowly into me and the shaft sliding after it.

I felt spread, full, completely taken and awesomely, totally fucked!

The feeling was beyond anything I ever imagined. No pain, no discomfort at all. Just a deep, warm feeling of pleasure throughout my entire body.

This man really knew what he was doing.

I felt complete, and completely his.

Then there was that amazing moment when he stopped moving, and I felt his balls slap silently against my butt and his cock stop moving and I knew he was completely, totally inside me.

Scott's lips left mine. I opened my eyes and gazed into his.

"You okay, Timmie?"

I sighed, my body shuddering, and clamped my sphincter tight around his dick.

He gasped, almost wincing with pleasure.

"Oh, yeah, Scott," I sighed. "I am so okay!"

He opened his eyes again.

"You feel wonderful," he whispered.

"I can't believe how good you feel," I answered him.

He kissed me again.

"Fuck me, Scott. Really fuck me."

He nodded slightly, then moved his hips backward and I experienced the incredible sensation of his dick sliding against my ass-walls as it slipped toward the entrance again. When the contact between us was nearly broken, he pushed forward, piercing me all the way.

His dick made contact with my prostate and I groaned, loudly, and squeezed him with my hole.

"Oh, yesssssssssss..." I hissed between clenched teeth.

"Oh god, Tim..." he sighed, his body shuddering with pleasure.

"Everything I wanted..." I murmured, almost not even aware I was speaking the words until I heard my own voice.

It was. Everything. It was like I had been made just for this moment--created to have this man's dick deep up my butt. Even though I'd never fucked anyone so I had nothing to compare the experience with, I was convinced, at that second, that I was a total bottom. I didn't thinking fucking anyone could ever feel as awesome as being fucked, and by a guy who knew how.

My balls were rolling, my cock was as stiff as it had ever been, and my butt felt like every nerve was on fire--not in a painful way, but like sparks of pleasant electricity were going off inside me.

"I'm yours, Scott," I said quietly. "Fuck me, man. Make me cum. I'm so close..."

He kissed me again, then started really going to work.

His cock slithered in and almost out of me, his hips moving without ceasing, the movements gradually becoming faster, the thrusts deeper. Each scrape of his dick against the walls of my asshole made my body rise and fall with pleasure, and after a while I fell into an easy rhythm with him, pushing back to meet him when he stabbed upward, pulling my butt away as he withdrew.

Suddenly, as he was almost out of me, just the head of his dick within my hole, he stopped. My eyes flew open. I urged him on.

"Oh, god, Scott! Fuck me!"

He smiled and granted my wish.

The next time he did this, I fucking begged.

"Oh! Oh, fuck! Fuck me!"

And he did.

The best part, the thing that drove me wild, was when his cock pulled just past my ring and he plunged it back through. The feeling, as his dickhead forced its way past the muscle, made me grunt with pleasure, my body rising and falling.

My passion was rising to the point where I wasn't going to be able to control it any more. (Hell, I'm only 14! I'm proud I was able to hold off this long!) Sure enough, as Scott thrust hard up my ass, I felt my orgasm begin.

It seemed to come up from my toes. My balls pulled up tight--I actually felt it happen--my asshole clenched, and I spewed, shooting wave after wave of cum onto my chest and even my face.

It felt like it would never end--and you better believe I didn't want it to!

The cock in my butt made it so intense I writhed around on the bed like a maniac!

My asshole kept clamping and unclamping on Scott's dick as my cum flew, and for a moment I thought I was fainting.

"Scott! Scott!" I was all but screaming his name as I came and came and came.

He kept moving, plunging his dick into me, over and over, intensifying my climax and making my entire body shudder as it rose and fell on the mattress.

Then, when everything was still spinning, he jerked up one last time, deep within me, and I knew he was coming.

His body went tense and he moaned, a long, almost wild sound of passion and release.

In stories I've read, guys are always saying, "I'm cumming!" I was so glad Scott didn't do that. It always sounds so phony, and so stupid. He just came, and knowing I had made him cum was more satisfying to me than any dumb damn screaming in any stupid story could ever be.

Guys in these stories are also always saying they can feel the cum spraying the inside of their butts. Bullshit. You don't feel it, and you don't have to. It's enough to know it's there, that some incredible, hot guy has spurted his load in you.

Scott's body tensed one last time, and then he fell on me.

He was heaving and sweating, almost like he was gasping for air. My hands went to his damp back and caressed him, reaching down to cup his equally sweaty butt-cheeks. I could feel my cum, warm and slick, between our bellies and his cock inside me, and I was happy.

Remembering something useful I'd picked up in my porn reading, I squeezed my sphincter on him, and he gasped, his whole body suddenly tensing, then relaxing as I let my hold on his cock loosen.

Part Four

When he had recovered, he kissed me, gently, and I kissed him back, with affection and gratitude. He had shown me how much pleasure I could get from a man, and how much I could give back. That was a precious gift, and my heart filled with love for him.

"Thank you," I said when we broke the kiss. "Thank you, Scott."

"Oh, Timmie--thank you, baby!"

He touched my face, and I could see his eyes shining.

"I've known I wanted to be with a boy like you for some long, and it's always scared me. I thought for the longest time there was something wrong with me, wanting someone your age." I put my hands on his neck and pulled him down onto my chest, where his speech reverberated as he continued to talk. "I wouldn't ever have approached a teenager myself. I didn't want to be one of those guys who prey on boys, you know? But no matter how much I tried to tell myself I didn't want it, I knew I really did." He lifted his face and stared into my eyes. "And then you came along." He lowered his head against and I held him as he talked, his lips sending warm breaths across my sweaty, cum-sticky chest. "I told you I wanted you the first time I saw you. And I did. Every time you came out onto the beach I couldn't stop looking at you. I got a hard-on that wouldn't quit. But I told myself there was no way I was going to approach you. No way. And then I started thinking you were... sort of showing off for me. Trying to get my attention. After that, I couldn't stop thinking about you. I got so hard at night, imagining what it would be like to touch you, and kiss you, I jacked off, I mean, buckets! And today... I don't know what possessed me to try hooking you the way I did. I just let go, I guess. Thought, what the hell? What's the worst thing that can happen? You might tell your parents I harassed you. And I'd tell them you were deliberately trespassing on my property, and that would be that, right? And if you really looked like you were in trouble out there, I was ready to dive in and get you. I just felt so damn sure you were flirting with me!"

"I sure was," I murmured, kissing his hair.

"And then, having you here... seeing you naked on my beach... it was just too much. I had to know. Is he, or isn't he?"

"He sure is!"

Scott laughed.

"Yeah, he sure is." He raised his head and stared into my eyes. "So, honey, when I say thank you, I mean it. Really mean it. You gave me something tonight I never, ever thought I'd have."

"So did you," I said, touching his lips with my finger. "I mean, sure, I figured I'd get laid eventually. But when you're in heat like I've been, you think it's never gonna happen."

"You're 14," he said, smiling. "You're in heat 24/7!"

"Yeah, but... oh, you know!"

"Yeah. I know."

He was still inside me, and I liked it, even though he was soft now. It just felt so right, having him in me.

"So we both got what we needed."

"Yeah," I said, kissing his cheek. "I think we did."

I didn't say what was bubbling up inside me, what I was really feeling. I knew it was too soon, and I didn't want to scare him.

"And now, my love," he said, pulling gently away, his cock slipping from me, "we are both in need of a shower." He looked at his watch. "Fuck! And then you've gotta go home, kid. It's midnight already!"

I groaned and rolled over.

"But I wanna stay with you, Scottie," I whined. I knew I was being a brat, and he responded by smacking my damp butt-cheeks with his palm.

"Come on, sport. Come get clean with me."

"I'd rather be dirty with you!" I giggled.

"Up!" he laughed, hauling me off the bed.

We went into his bathroom and he got the water going. He was leaning over the tub, and I thought he looked incredibly sexy, with his ass-cheeks parted slightly and his balls dangling between them. I laughed and reached for them, tugging on them twice.

"Ding, ding!" I sang out before letting go of them.

"I'll ding you if you do that again, you little shit," he said, laughing.

"Will ya? Will ya really, huh? I wanna be dinged again!"

"God, you're a sex-maniac!"

"You said it before, man--I'm 14. We're all sex-pigs."

We got into the shower and spent a wonderful 15 or 20 minutes soaping each other, kissing, playing with each other's butts and dicks, and by the time we were clean, we were both hard again.

When we got out, I realized I didn't have anything to wear. I told him I couldn't go back home in his shorts and T-shirt.

"Guess I'll just hafta stay here," I said, teasing.

But he was ready for me. He reached behind the door and took my swim-trunks off the hook, handing them to me with a wink.

"Now put those on and go home, you little brat!"

I laughed, and got into my trunks. Then something occurred to me, something that took the smile off my fast, and fast.

"Scottie--how are we gonna see each other when my folks get back?"

He looked solemn. I could tell he hadn't thought of that either, until now.

"I'll have to think about that," he said with a sigh. "There's got to be some way."

"How `bout if I just come over to your pier tomorrow, an' act like I'm introducing myself? Then I'll tell Mom and Dad our neighbor's a nice guy and says I can come over to the pier whenever I want."

"They won't think that's weird? A 30-year old single guy getting friendly with their teenaged son?"

"Nah. My folks are actually pretty cool. Plus, they know how bored I am. Hey!" I said, thinking of something. "You got a DVD player?"

"Yeah," he said, puzzled.

"Great! We forgot to bring ours. I'll tell them you said I could come over anytime and watch a movie. Hey, I know! Invite us all over for dinner! Then they can get to know you, and see you're okay."

"That's not a bad idea, baby. I'll do that. Actually, why don't I come over and introduce myself to them tomorrow? That'd be better than you wandering over. I'll tell `em I've been feeling like a bad neighbor, not coming by to say hi."


We both grinned, like we'd hatched the greatest plot in history together.

"But..." he said, his smile disappearing. "I still don't see how we'll be able to risk... you know. I mean, if you're here and they know it, they could just pop over any time."

"They're out wandering around every day. They like to bicycle around and explore. They're usually gone for hours. You can fuck me up one side of the house and down the other!"

"What about at night? Can you come over then?"

"Oh, sure. They go to bed early, too. God--I've got great parents!" I said, laughing at my luck. "I can come over here to watch a movie and leave whenever and they'll be snorin' like steam-shovels. They won't hear me come in."

We stood at the door, and embraced. He felt so warm and sexy against me, I didn't want to leave him. Maybe never.

"Tim," he said, breaking the hug. His face was serious--almost sad. "How long are you gonna be here?"

"Another two weeks. Then we gotta go back to Raleigh."

As I said the words, I realized what they meant. I would have to leave him, and maybe I'd never see him again.

"Raleigh?" he said, perking up. "You live in Raleigh?"

"Yeah..." I was a little puzzled.

He grabbed me and hugged me, laughing.

"What?" I asked.

"That's where I live! I'm just renting this place for the summer!"

"No way!"

"Yes, way!" he said, teasing me with teen-talk. Then he took my face in his hands and looked at me. "I was so afraid I'd lose you."

"I was, too," I said. "I think--well, never mind. God! We'll be able to see each other whenever we can work it! Oh, Scotty!"

He held me tight and ran his fingers through my hair. I hugged him back, my hands caressing his sexy back.

"Oh, Timmie... Timmie..." he murmured, kissing my ear.

We were both avoiding the same thing. I knew it, and so did he.

Well, okay. Yeah, one night didn't mean forever, right? But knowing, or at least suspecting, he was feeling the same emotions I was reassured me. We didn't have to say it tonight. We could both wait--wait and see how we felt over time. That was all right with me. Especially since I knew there would be time now, that this wasn't going to be a heart breaker of a summer fling that would never go anywhere, ever.

"Whatever we do, though, Tim, we're going to have to be incredibly careful. I mean it. I could go to jail if... well, we just have to be very, very careful. Like, after I officially meet your parents, and after we're both back in Raleigh, you can't talk about me too much. You know?"

"Yeah. I know."

"Where in Raleigh do you live?"

I told him.

He smiled.

"That's on the bus route, baby boy. And I'm not that far from where you live."

He told me where his neighborhood was. I couldn't believe our luck! We were practically neighbors!

"Okay, my love," he said, "it's late, and you have got to go."

"See you tomorrow?" I asked, kissing him.

"You bet. Goodnight, Timmie."

"'night, Scottie."

I hugged him one last time and went out the door.

I was halfway up the beach to our house when I realized he'd called me his love.