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Higher Learning

Chapter II~ This is not a Whore House Young Man, It's a School

Before you can run, you must learn to crawl.

I love the feeling of the south shore breeze as it gently caresses you at twilight. This is my favorite time for meditation. I believe whole heartedly in the art of healing relaxation. There is also a discipline to meditation that takes time to master, but when done so, centers you and enables you to tackle any problem. So here I sit, most nights weather permitting, always with the same company-the newest batch of young pupils. It has been three years since my revelation in that hotel room in Prague and my little project has evolved into a full time way of life.

Once I came to my new estate on this tropical island paradise it did not take long to decide what needed to be done to convert the plantation once used to harvest sugar cane into one that would soon produce a sweetness of a much different kind. Former slave quarters were renovated and modernized to become boarding stables for the 20 or so young students that would be in “training” at any given time. A call to a contact in the securities field soon resulted in the estate being totally protected from the intrusions of the outside world. I had never seen such attention to detail when it came to security but was glad when the techs supplied to do the work demonstrated for me exactly what each modification did and why it was necessary. By the end of a month's work we were snug as a bug, concealed from even the most clever of prying eyes. Another call, a nominal fee and the promise of one of the first graduates, to a high ranking official within the government ensured that my estates and the entire 500 acre property were now classified as a “no fly zone” and cut off from mainland traffic. Connections are everything in the world of power brokerage and mine were paying off in spades. The main house had already had significant work done to it under Gustaf's ownership but I found his taste in art to be somewhat excessive and a little too dark for my tastes. I preferred for a local feel and had the interior space opened as much as possible to allow the natural flow of the island to permeate throughout. In all there were 16 guest rooms and 10 bathrooms. Not included in those numbers were the master suite which included an enormous rock wall shower area and 10x12 bathing pool. Each of the guest rooms was refitted as a teaching area with it's own theme which corresponded to the discipline being taught in the room. There was a library and a conference room, each modernized for the purpose of training the students for their duties in the global community of power. Finally there was an actual classroom fitted with state of the art learning technology where the students would be instructed on all major subjects as well as those unique skills needed to become an exemplary attaché. Of course, I must not forget the restaurant style kitchen and the formal and casual dining rooms adjacent to it where the students would be skilled in the culinary and serving arts.

By the end of the renovation I had successfully turned an old colonial sugar cane plantation into an island training camp for exclusive youth attachés. Not a bad way to use the parting gift of a disturbed old German. Cyrek had remained by my side throughout the process and had taken to my trainings like a lion cub to the kill. He was eager to learn and hungry to please and I took great pleasure from his efforts. I had decided that the stocky 11yr old would be my own personal assistant and spent the first three months that we were on the island schooling him in the ways of my world. He was a quick study and soon transformed from the clumsy and awkward boy I had met in the dingy sub basement of that Prague orphanage into a confident and skilled young learner.

It was Cyrek who first discovered the secluded beach location where I would soon hold my nightly meditation ritual. I had taught him the ways of the Tao and he had grown fond of leaving the world behind to find himself within his own breath. I had also begun teaching him the ways of the Kama Sutra much the same way that my master had trained me. Many an evening, as the sun drowned it's light in the waters of the western horizon, I would gently hold his hips in my hands as I slid my manhood in and out of his lubricated boy cunt to the rhythm of the waves rolling onto the shoreline. He would moan and chant his own sweet boy song as the pleasure of my cock massaging his tender prostate electrified his young form. I loved the feel of him from inside, the hot, soft, wetness of his tunnel enveloping my tool like a glove as his stretched out cunt ring gripped my meat like a noose. Occasionally my hands would leave his bucking hips and venture forth, first under his belly to his rigid boy flesh, pulsating with the strong beating of his heart, and then upwards over his stomach where they would end their search by resting over his lush boy tits. His nipples were like gemstones and I took great pleasure in tweaking them sharply as I thrust into his body. He would scream out in ecstasy as I would use my right hand to grab a mess of his dark hair and pull his head backwards causing his back to arch further and my cock to bury itself even deeper into his cavity. He would have two or three orgasms that would ripple through his flesh before he would crescendo the same way each session of our lovemaking. When his body could take no more, and his breathing became heavy, he would moan out deeply just before his bladder would empty onto the crystal white sand beneath us and he would slip out of consciousness into a dream state of orgasmic bliss. It was hard to gage exactly when he was going to come to his end each time but sometimes I had the great fortune of expelling my hot seed deep inside of him as he emptied his bladder and I would cradle us both down to the sand as he slipped away. Other times he would let go of the conscious world and I would simply continue fucking his limp body until I was ready and then I would pull out and cum all over his resting form.

Soon it came time to leave the island to begin the search for the staff I would need to make my vision come to life. With Cyrek at my side I boarded a plane on the mainland and began our journey, a search that would take us all the way around the world and two months to complete.

I knew from the start that in order for my “school” to be a success that I would need to find the best possible instructors. Now normally, this would not be a daunting task, but when you compound it with the root need to find individuals who would not only be masters of their respective crafts, but also disciplined in their discretion, it serves for a real challenge. But, as with most things, if you look hard enough, you can find the solution. So by the time we returned, I had my staff on line. The members of my elite training team took up residents in the guest houses at the far side of the island. I wanted them to have a place away from the school where they could feel that they were truly free during their off duty hours. There were ten of them in total.

Allow me to introduce them to you:

Mr. Black- a former US Navy Seal instructor, he had been working in South America as a mercenary when I located him. A predilection for the sweet nectar of young boys gave Mr. Black a distinct advantage in the hiring process. Mr. Black brought with him two of his team that not only shared his tastes but also were master drill instructors who would be ideal for the duties they were being brought to the school to perform. Together the trio were to be responsible for the initial boot camp phase of the boys' education as well as any physical conditioning and special military training required. The men were experts in their craft and were an essential piece of the machinery that would drive the school.

Mistress Lisa- a skilled dominatrix with an extensive background in cultural studies and political science as well as world economics, Mistress Lisa would serve as the student's instructor in the fine art of politics, finance, and business culture, but also their guide into the world Bondage and Domination.

Silas Gruben- as Gustaf's personal assistant, Silas Gruben was highly skilled in the areas of fine art and music as well as etiquette and the inner workings of high society. I had worked closely with Silas over the years I had done business with his employer and knew him to be not only highly disciplined but also a master at global negotiation as he was fluent in over 20 languages including an additional 15 dialects within the main group. Heir Gruben's job would be to ensure that each student would leave the school with the utmost in refined social and linguistic skill.

Declan Proctor- a master of culinary arts and personal chef to the elite, Declan had worked in some of the most exclusive kitchens in the world. His discretion was well regarded however Declan was known to be found disagreeable by his employers because of his tendency to bed their wifes and daughters, and on one particular occasion, their mother. As that would not be a problem at my school, Declan was an obvious choice. Additionally, I had had the good fortune to spend some quality time with Mr. Proctor aboard the yacht of a Saudi I brokered oil deals for, with certain blocked countries where he could not have his name associated. Simply put, I had found Declan to be quite agreeable and immediately took to the man, his sense of humor and life very similar to my own.

Doctor Peter Caldwell- once the most sought after neurosurgeon in the United Sates, Peter Caldwell had been run out of medical practice after an addiction to morphine stemming from the murder of his only child caused him to mistakenly kill a prominent US Congressman during a procedure to remove a cancerous tumor. Dr. Caldwell, forbidden to practice medicine anywhere in the world, had ended up in Tibet where he found healing from his life in a secluded monastery. Never able to abandon his passion and skill for medicine and science, Dr. Caldwell found a new calling serving as the private physician for those unable to seek care from mainstream sources and able to compensate him handsomely for his quick work and disciplined discretion. His experiences had freed him of the typical human need to pass judgment on the actions of others and his training with the Buddhist monks had granted him release from his addiction to his pain and the drugs he used to silence it. Dr. Caldwell would ensure the health and well being of all the staff and students at the school which was key to its success as detachment from the mainland was essential. He would also be responsible for correcting anything about the boys, from a medical point of view, that needed correcting.

Cameron Grant- a graduate of MIT by 21 with dual PhD's in Math and Physics, Cameron Grant was a master hacker known throughout the power community as the man you simply had to have...if you had anything to protect electronically. Mr. Grant was known for his talents but feared because of the knowledge that he naturally possessed about his clients once he had finished his work for them. He was discrete and disciplined provided he was sufficiently compensated and given access to the best toys; a simple truth about Mr. Cameron Grant...if he got bored with you, you were in trouble. Fortunately for me I knew a few secrets about Mr. Grant that he would do anything to keep hidden, so in essence our playing field was level from the start.

Dr. Alyssa Santore- at one time Dr. Santore was an award winning geneticist on the fast track to becoming a pioneer in the field of stem cell research. Unfortunately, a right wing smear campaign uncovered a nasty little secret the poor doctor would do anything to keep hidden so she abruptly silenced her studies and disappeared. A couple of pay offs and I had her exact location and even the details of her little secret. I tracked her down in Thailand working with a relief organization. It didn't take a whole lot of convincing to get Alyssa to join our fine upstart institution and with her presence my team was fully complete. Dr. Santore would be responsible for ensuring the students had a skilled comprehension of biology and advanced chemistry.

I took the lead in the area of sexual training. Why not? After all it was my school and my money that went in to making this vision a reality. Why shouldn't I get to enjoy the most pleasurable of all subjects? It would be my responsibility to ensure that each student received an undergraduate education in all of the basic level sexual arts and disciplines as well as advanced studies tailored towards the specific criteria requested by the student's sponsor.

So, how does it work you ask? Allow me to give you a basic overview of the process.

Using the connections I had already made with the Red Mafia in Prague I set up points of contact in each of the major locations for human trafficking throughout the world. Initially, we populated the first class with 24 students from various parts of the world. We hand selected each student and assembled what we referred to as a stock group of boys ages 9-12 of varying shapes and sizes. Due to the specific training that we would be giving the boys and the ultimate roles they would take on with our clients, just snatching up any orphan or street kid we could find would simply not work—boys who were already well used whores would never be an option as we needed to ensure that our students would be as fresh as possible when we began their training. Also, in order to ensure optimum results, a boy who selected to attend our school must actually want the opportunity to study there. I was clear with each boy what would occur and what the ultimate outcome of their education would be. I know what you are thinking... no boy in their right mind would agree to become the personal sex object of a wealthy man. Actually, you couldn't be more wrong. You see, when you come from nothing, and have nothing, you'd be amazed at what you learn to be open to doing to survive. Was it then a manipulation on my part to target such children, to knowingly seek out boys whose deprivation would be a serious motivator to agree to a life of servitude that would surely include being the sexual object of an adult male? You're damn right it was. As I have said before, and you really must take this lesson to heart: I am not, a good man. But in the end for these boys, a life of this kind was just that: a life. A new life filled with possibilities and the assurance that they would soon be exposed to worlds, and riches that they could only dream of. It really was a more than fair trade off.

I knew that we would need at least a starting crop of boys to choose from who had at least received initial conditioning and the first two phases of training before we would be able to allow our potential clients to be able to see what fine merchandise we had to offer. At that time, a client could select a boy as his own and dictate the specific areas of study needed to complete the third and final phase of his training. Initial conditioning lasted 30 days and each phase lasted 3 months so in order to keep a student progressing in a timely manner, the curriculum had to be precisely tuned to their needs.

When a boy arrives to the island he must be put through Initial Conditioning so as to effectively “clean the slate” as Mr. Black would say. Whether it was a group of boys or just a single I always made sure to have dinner with them the first night they came to the island. We would share a private meal in my personal quarters and I would get to know them a little bit. Afterwards, I let them know that we would not see each other for 30 days and that when we met again, they would be ready to begin their education.

I will not go into the specifics involved in the initial conditioning process, suffice it to say that Mr. Black and his team employed some very unique and well tested military techniques to break the boys down and then build them back up again. The goal, as he put it, was to clean the slate and make sure that the boys were completely emptied of the toxins of the worlds that they had come from. In order to do this they had to lose their identities and be “born again hard” as he put it. Some boys had an easier time of this than others. Some boys rebelled against the conditioning. They paid dearly for their resistance. Eventually, every boy came around. Like I said, I will not go into the specifics of the conditioning, perhaps if you really must know, we can work something out.

Part of the final week of conditioning consisted of thorough examination of each boy by Dr. Caldwell. If anything was not in order with a boy, he was treated for it in whatever manner was necessary and made ready for the rest of his training. I will give you specific examples as to what I mean by this as we discuss specific students.

Once a boy or group of boys was ready to begin the first phase of their training, they would be brought to the main house for an orientation brunch. After spending a month being conditioned by Mr. Black and his team the boys were more than ready to feast upon the delectable creations Declan had prepared. As they ate, Cyrek and I would scan the class of feasting young flesh and select the first group to break the ice of their sexual awakening. Each boy was outfitted in a simple netted speedo which would be their only allowed garment unless the specific lesson they were studying called for different attire. The skimpy speedos covered nothing so they were almost an insulting reminder that the boys bodies were no longer their own. Some of the boys took to this with no problems as orphanage life had already robbed them of any sense of privacy or modesty. Others, from different walks of life had a little more difficulty but had already learned from Mr. Black's excellent teachings that any attempt to cover themselves or protest their exposure would be answered with extreme prejudice.

Once we had selected a few lucky boys to start the exploratory education of their bodies and the world of flesh pleasures, Cyrek would walk around to each boy and command them to join him at specific points around the table. The boys were then instructed remove their minimal clothing and take up sitting positions on the table directly in front of whichever boy their were paired with. The boys still sitting with a nude boy now in front of them, who at first had looks of relief and some mocking delight as they watched the other boys be denied their only clothing, now had rather concerned looks on their faces as they were now face to cock with the waiting boys. Some looked pleased, others looked horrified as the boys sitting in chairs were instructed to lower their faces to the crotches of the boys sitting in front of them. They were clearly told not to do anything but place their noses directly into the various versions of boy cocks and balls and hold themselves their until further instruction. Some of the table seated boys were already sporting rigid little boy nails, others were still too unsure of what they were feeling. The boys with faces full of boy crotch were then given directions to deeply inhale the scent of their study subjects repeatedly as I got up and walked around the room. Occasionally I would stop behind a boy deeply engrossed in the overwhelming sensory exploration and grab his hair pulling his head away from his new found treasure and probe him.

“What does it smell like young one?” I would whisper in his ear as he tried in vain to release himself from my grip and return to lusting on the boy in front of him.

“I can't...I don't know..I...just...need...more...” I would release him as soon as I saw his mouth water and knew that he was ready to taste of the flesh before him.

I would lead his head back down to the prone boy on the table and holding his head in one hand I would grip the rigid boy meat and begin to wipe it across his straining face.

Only allowing brief contact with the tool pinched between my thumb and forefinger I would tease my starving pupil with the very piece of flesh that he never imagined would be the object of his desire. When I was certain he could stand no more torture I would release my subject to devour the prick in my hand. Unfailing, the boy on the table would scream out in ecstasy as his tool was lavished by the hot, wet mouth of a sex starved boy. The part of all of this that I enjoyed the most, was watching two boys who never believed they be in this position lose every ounce of pretense and social stigma they had ever held about gay sex and just lose themselves in the pleasure of the moment. After a while, or when the boy sitting on the table had achieved orgasm, I would instruct the two to switch positions and reverse the roles. This would go on for a while until the other boy was lost in orgasmic bliss. For some of the boys this meant an actual orgasm, for others, mainly the younger boys, this meant that they would reach a point of pleasure where they could stand no more attention to their turgid cocklettes. I would then have all of the boys get up from the table, now all totally naked, and follow Cyrek and I into my bedroom suite.

The students were instructed to take up positions around the giant bed, which was by far large enough to grant every boy a perfect view. I disrobed and was joined on the bed by an equally unclothed Cyrek. I smiled at my young lover and watched with pride as he crawled to me , each movement a specific step in a seductive dance as he demonstrated the techniques I had taught him. When he reached me he lay his head on my stomach as I sat up in against the giant headboard and stared lovingly at my limp cock, laying in wait atop my full balls. As I began my sexual orientation speech that I would give to each new class of students, Cyrek took his cue to begin gently loving my cock. As I explained what each boy would be learning when it came to the arts of pleasuring themselves and their masters Cyrek would explore more of my body including a jaw dropping bath of my hairy opening with his skilled tongue. I watched as the boys in the room reacted to the display on the bed before them . Some had given up with modesty and begun slowly masturbating themselves, others struggled with being both repulsed and excited about the new things they were being exposed to. When Cyrek stood up and turned from me so I could lube his hot hole with my own tongue, the boys gasped. Up until now they had thought that Cyrek's only purpose was to be my sexual slave, but when they saw his face contort out of pleasure and heard his guttural moans of delight they became even more heated. You could have heard a pin drop when Cyrek pulled off of my lapping tongue and positioned himself over my stiff cock. Gasps filled the air as he impaled his young body onto my manhood. I saw looks of sexual hunger on some boys, and looks of absolute horror on others---exactly what I had expected. I fucked Cyrek's tight hole slowly at first and then with more vigor as he rode two powerful orgasms in front of the stunned class. The sight of our passion was also too much for some of the boys who had collapsed to their knees desperately pumping their exploding tools. I knew that seeing Cyrek empty his bladder and pass out in ecstasy would be way too much for these virgin learners so I stopped our demonstration and had Cyrek get on all fours on the bed facing the students. I called a few of them forward and instructed them to feel around the boy's stretched hole and even to put their fingers inside of his boy cunt. Whispers and nudges spread throughout the group as Cyrek played the model for their first lesson. After a moment I had Cyrek get up and leave the room to get himself cleaned up.

I then instructed the boys to form a line side by side and then drop to their knees. Each boy was then told to close their eyes and wait for further instructions. Starting at the right end of the line of fresh boy flesh I began my journey down the ranks stopping at each boy and throughly introducing his face and mouth to my hot prick. Smearing my precum over their soft skin I would let them smell Cyrek's hot cunt on my tool and then instruct them to open their mouths to taste my meat. Some boys took to sucking on it right away, others simply held their mouths open, still unsure of how they felt about the hunk of man flesh invading their mouths. I went up and down the line, making sure that I kept up the lesson by talking extensively about the journey each boy was about to undertake and reassuring those who showed hesitancy that they would soon learn to love the cock that was being introduced to them that day as well as the cocks of each of the boys in their class and of the other men on the island. I made certain to point out the eager cocksuckers in the group as well as the boys who were still fighting the lesson. One boy in particular fought hard to not give in to the lust of the lesson. I decided to make an example out of him and instructed all of the boys to open their eyes and gather around me and my targeted pupil to watch the end fruits of their first experience. Tears streamed down his young face as I filled his mouth with my hot cock. I could tell that he was struggling to get it all in and his lips were stretched their ultimate limits. I instructed him to swallow as I hit the back of his throat and after a few tries my cock slid down his throat and he settled into the natural rhythm of throat fucking and breathing through his nose. I kept up my assault on his throat until the moment I had been waiting for happened. As if a switch turned on inside of him he immediately dissolved all resistance and began eagerly servicing my meat. His fellow classmates noticed the change as well and began to work themselves into an equally powerful frenzy. Soon every boy in the room was rapidly slamming their hands up and down on their little boy cocks as my special student worked my tool. I watched with satisfaction as one boy after another dropped to the floor in orgasmic bliss. Even the once resistant boy sucking my cock began to shake violently as his cocklette jerked and spasmed in his pumping hand. I followed soon after and pulled my cock out of his ravaged throat just in time to spew rope after rope of hot man cream all over his sweat glistened face. He knelt in front of me in complete submission as my cum dripped down his face and spilled onto his heaving chest. I quickly instructed three boys close to him to immediately lick my seed of of the boy and then turn to another boy and share it. Within mere moments every boy in the room had the bitter sweet taste of my cum on their virgin tongues. The sight was that of a beautifully decadent painting. I smiled devilishly at the scene I had created.

The boys were soon gathered up by Cyrek and led out of my room and back out of the main house to the boarding stables. I stood beneath the gentle rain of the shower letting the steam surround me. As I held my self against the rock wall I could not help but smile as I replayed the events of the day in my mind. All of the work that had gone into getting the island ready had culminated in the display of pure animal lust that had played out moments earlier. This was only the beginning.

To Be Continued....

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