Of course the usual disclaimer is needed. This novel is a work of fiction. School, boys and adults only exist in the mind of the author. Sometimes sex, sexual acts and so on will be there. If it is against the law of your country or it will shock your parents don't read it. If you have an open mind and some knowledge about life, have fun! Of course the story is under copyright 2006.
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Hillhurst Prep School.


When I enter my apartment tea is already brewed. However not just that. Only a small lamp on the wall is switched on. On the table a candle is burning.  The typical smell of some glowing joss-sticks completes the cosy and intimate atmosphere. Andrew is cute, handsome and a natural leader. Besides that he can be shy and vulnerable as he showed to me last evening, right after his first wet dream. Now I can see he is a romantic also. In silence we enjoy our tea. He is sitting in the easy chair opposite to me. His legs crossed and his nightshirt above his knees. A well built pre-teen boy; that's the way he looks. Not spoiled yet, in spite of the fact that his first footstep into puberty took place recently. I have to put this most attractive little man on the hard disk in my brain. Starting with his feet and well formed legs. I steal a glimpse of his pink ball sac and his flaccid penis. Hips and shoulders are almost in one line. His red lips are en invitation to kiss. The pink shadow of youth is glowing on his cheeks. A handful of freckles on his nose do emphasize his innocence. I download his red, shiny hair. But most of all his eyes, his blue eyes, accelerate my heartbeats. Our eyes meet. Still in complete silence I try to read the inside of this boy. It's true; eyes are the mirrors of the soul. I can read this boy has opened his mind and his heart to me. A responsibility I happily am willing to accept.

Andrew smiles to me. "What do you see sir?"
"I see a beautiful boy", I whisper.
A deep blush colours his face as red as his lips and makes him look even more boyish. Now he is shy again.
I walk over to him and ruffle his hair. "Do you like another cup of tea Andrew"?
"Let me do it sir".
He fills our cups again and ads sugar and milk.  
"So tell me Andrew, was it interesting yesterday, the film I mean".
"Oh yes sir, very much, really".
"And you think you've understand everything?" I ask him.
"Oh yes sir, I think so", he replies, "it's just...you know..."
Two tears escape, one from each eye, gliding down along his cheeks. He jumps from his chair and starts running to the door of my apartment. I manage to stop him before he can leave and walk him over to the couch. There we sit down, very close to each other. Andrew hides his face. His cheek is touching my face and I feel the flowing tears of a crying boy wetting my face. His body feels much tensed. Slowly he feels more relaxed. I walk him to my bathroom and wash his face with cold water. Than we return to my couch.

"Feeling better now whopper?" I ask him.
"Think so sir".
"Would you tell me now what's bothering you that much?" Andrew starts talking like a machinegun.
"You know sir it's just I can't understand myself anymore. One moment I feel happy and cheerful and five minutes later I feel very sad. Sometimes I even feel sad and happy at the same time. And my dickie sir, I can't control the damn thing. It goes stiff uncountable times a day and I can't do anything against it. This afternoon during English class I got another stiffie sir. It showed, even while sitting down in my bench. And Mr. Baker, the English teacher, told me to come to the blackboard. I refused sir. It was too embarrassing for me, don't you think so sir. Now I have a bad mark sir because of that. Not to mention Jamie sir. He is in my thoughts and dreams day and night; naked sir, always kissing me. The truth is I was daydreaming about him during class sir, that's why I got a stiff penis again at that moment sir. Do you think I am gay sir?"

Fortunately he needs a moment to inhale some air. I pull him over to me and lay my arm around his shoulders. A deep sigh escapes from his chest. He still is extremely tensed. I caress his ear with my fingertips.
"No Andrew", I say slowly and emphasising each separate word, "I don't think you are gay. And now you have to relax".
In the room is a dining table, long enough to lay down on it comfortably. "Just a second Andrew", I say. I go to my bedroom change my clothes for my nightshirt and bring my duvet to the living room. It's a nice soft one and I cover the dining table with it. The art of a relaxation massage I learned some years ago. That period I shared my campus room with a student from India, a Buddhist. He taught me how to transfer your own positive energy to another person through your hands.
"Ok buddy", I say, "Do you trust me?"
"Yes sir, one hundred percent sir", he whispers.
I place my hands on his shoulders and look into his beautiful eyes again for some minutes. For both of us there isn't any urge to laugh. We are reading each other's soul through the eyes. This very moment we become soul mates for the rest of our life. Now the moment is there to undress him. It's easy because he is dressed in nothing else than his nightshirt. Like a small boy he lifts his arms lets me undress him. With my arm around his waist I walk him to the dinner table and I help him to lie down on his stomach. My hands touch his head the special way I've learned before as start. It's the first time since a long period I practice a massage like this again but I notice I can still do it.
Lots of positive and balanced energy flow through my hands into this boys' mind and body. His breathing changes from fast into a slow, very regular rhythm. He is recovering from his emotional outburst half an hour ago. From his head I move to his shoulders. All muscles relax under my hands as soon as I touch his skin with that special kind of pressure. Slowly, very slowly I move down along Andrews back, buttocks and legs. Absorbing the beauty of this boy-body with my eyes activates my system also of course. My penis sucks my blood; filling itself completely to a rock hard and almost painful erection.

When I remove my hands from his body Andrew understands immediately it is time to turn on his back. I can't resist the temptation to put a butterfly-light kiss on his red lips. His eyes are closed and he smiles without opening them. I restart the massage in the same way. From top to toe he relaxes even more. Reaching his legs he gives me access to his inner thighs. His dickie is flaccid and lies on his scrotum. This is quiet normal because this massage is different from en erotic one. The end of his treatment is close now. I place both my hands on his ballsac and penis for exactly twenty seconds. Even his sexual energy enters his body system this way. Andres sleeps peaceful now. He has to rest for fifteen minutes or so. I cover his body with a bed sheet and sit down on my couch. I light a cigarette, and relax for a while.

Ten minutes later Andrew talks in his sleep. I walk over and sit down besides him. Under the covering sheet I grab his hand. Slowly his grip changes into squeezing. "Jamie", he whispers, "Jamie, I love you". His hard penis moves the sheet. "Yes, ooohhh yes". I know what's going to happen. All sexual energy now hidden in his body, will give him an intense, long-lasting dry orgasm. I squeeze his hand. There it is. His breathing is fast and deep. His body seems to be frozen. He is turning his head from one side to another. Another deep sigh, than it's over. Slowly he opens his eyes and smiles at me. "Oh sir", he says, "Ooohhh sir, it felt so nice".

I walk to the fridge and get us a glass of coke. I am thirsty and I know he is very thirsty. Returning with the drinks I see Andrew is sitting on the couch; dressed again in his nightshirt. I give him his drink. "Thanks sir, I am very thirsty", he says. After our glasses are empty he lies down on the couch. His head is in my lap. Than I start explaining to him what puberty means for a boy his age. I tell him about hormones rushing through his body. All this changing moods he can expect in the years to come. That his body will practice erections many times during day and night. About the sperm production in his balls; masturbation and wet dreams. I also make clear to him that it is perfectly normal in this period of his life to fall in love with another boy. Finally I tell him that all forms of sex are allowed but only when the persons involved agree without pushing or other forms of force.
After ending my explanation Andrew is quiet for a few minutes.
"May I ask you a personal question sir?" he asks.
"Yep, go ahead", I reply.
"Do you fancy Jamie the same way I do sir?"
"No Andrew I do not. I love him like I love all of you because I love boys. That's why I am working here in this boarding school; to help you and the other guys to find the right path in life".
Andrew moves from the couch. He pulls me to the floor too and hugs me very tight. A kiss is landing on my lips. Naughty boys face grinning at me. "You know sir, may be you don't fancy boys but I notice you are as hard as I am now!" I laugh out loud. "Go to sleep now you little devil before I can't resist this temptation anymore".
Together we walk to the dorm. All boys are sleeping peaceful. "Thank you very much sir, for everything", Andrew whispers to me before he crawls between the bed sheets. "Welcome, any time dude', I whisper back.