His Deepest Secret


Nifty Silver Bear

Cast of characters:

Jack -- 52 years old, 5'11" tall, 200lbs, balding grey hair, blue eyes, hairy body, 8" dick, very thick, gay, and dominate

Martin -- 32 years old, 5'7" tall, 142lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes, smooth body, 5" dick, middle finger thin, bisexual, dominate with women, but submissive with men.

Nathan -- 10 years old, 4'9" tall, 90lbs, blond hairy, blue eyes, smooth body (so far), 3" dick, pencil thin, bisexual, submissive.

I'm a warehouse manager sending out medical supplies to hospitals and doctor's offices. Martin applied for a job at the warehouse and I hired him after a short interview. Being an older gay man, I always scope out cute guys to hire. Martin is very cute and I watched his ass whenever I could get away with it. Sometimes, Martin's wife and son would visit him and bring him lunch. His wife and I were actually friends before I met him. I learned from his wife that they both were bisexual and swingers, and no one knew who the father of their son, Nate, actually was, but it didn't matter because he was loved by both parents. They DID know that Martin wasn't Nate's biological father. She set us up one day for some sexual fun and it's lasted a couple of years.

I've never been much into anal sex, giving or receiving. Oral sex really turns me on. I love it when Martin gets on his knees and begs me for cock. I'd tease him with just the head and then slam my cock into his throat, making him gag. He begs me to skull fuck him whenever we get a chance. One time, I told him I needed a piss while he was blowing me and he just kept blowing till I pissed down his gullet. So, watersports has been a part of our play since. He also loves, much to my delight, to rim my ass for as long as I want it rimmed. I think the record of him rimming and sucking me was two Harry Potter movies (5+ hours). So, sucking, drinking piss and rimming are a big part of our play.

One hot summer Saturday afternoon, I got a text...

Sir, U free? Need to eat and drink.

Yeah, c'mon over. Been working in the yard and I'm funky.

DON'T shower. Love eating funky asshole.

Door's open, I'm naked. Come in, strip, kneel.

5 min.

It was less than 5 min when I heard the back door open and close. I found him just inside the door, naked and kneeling, mouth open. I was so horny, I banged his head against the door with the first couple of thrusts. 10 minutes of that, and I grabbed his hear and led him to my play room. I had a sling, rimming seat, as well as other bondage gear. I blindfolded him, lay him under the rimming seat, secured his feet and hands to the floor and sad on the seat. He ate my ass for over an hour before I shoved my cock in his mouth and released the day's coffee and Pepsi down his throat. He never spilled a drop. After that, I secured him in the sling, lowered the head with the pulley and watched his throat muscles stretch to accommodate my cock. 30 seconds before I blew my load, his cock twitched and he unloaded his balls all over his chest. I untied him and he was kneeling at my feet while I smoked a cigarette when we had this little chat...

"Martin, I want you to be 100% honest with me. Tell me your deepest, darkest, most insane fantasy. You know I'm into some weird shit, but I want to know how we can extend our play."

Martin sat in silence. I could tell he wanted to say something, but was too scared to speak it out loud.

"Whatever it is, I promise I won't judge. If it's not for me, then I'll say, but NOTHING you say will shock me."

He said one word, but it was so quiet, I couldn't hear him.

I shouted, "Speak up!"

He jumped and loudly said, "NATE!"

"Your boy?"

"Yeah." His head was hung in shame. His eyes looked at me as if he was scared I was going to go all crazy and throw him out of the house, naked.

I stared at him for a while before I put a sneer on my lips and said, "Fucking hot."

He got a small smile on his face, "You really think so?"

"Fuckin yeah, I think so. Your boy is a pervert's wet dream. So, you think about teaching him to be a cock sucker and ass eater, like you?"

"He already is."

Now, THAT shocked me. I mean, the boy is hot to trot, but I never thought he'd actually been playing with Nate.

"I know he eats and fucks a mean pussy also."

"He fucks his mom?"

"Before and after school and four or more times on weekends. I know Nate isn't actually my son, but he's just like me. During sexy time, he orders the bitch around like he's top dog, but with me or his uncle, he's a little pussy boy."

"FUCK. I'd love to get my hand, and dick, on his hot body. Hell, I'd even be willing to fuck his boy pussy."

"Oh, he fuckin loves getting fucked by his uncle. Never seen ANYONE have a fuckin orgasm like his does just from getting fucked."

"Have you ever fucked, sucked, or rimmed him, or has he done any of those things with you?"

"Very rarely, Sir."

"Think he'd play with us?"

"He'd love it. Your dick's much larger than my brother and I know he's wanting a hole stretching. Fuck, I've even caught him trying to get the bitches horse dildo up his ass."

I grabbed Martin's face and looked him in the eyes, "Tommorow, 10am, back door, naked and kneeling."

His face split with a smile, "Yes, Sir."


Sunday morning came and I was in the kitchen drinking my coffee when I heard the back door open and close. When I checked the clock, it was 9:45. Since I told him 10, I decided to wait. I DID, however, go to my room and checked the camera I'd installed in the back hall way. They were whispering to each other and undressing. Nate looked excited as hell. When he dropped his shorts, his little 2" pecker was hard as a diamond and standing at a 45 from his body. He turned to put his clothes in the cubby by the door and his ass was MAGNIFICENT. They both assumed a kneeling position with their hand on their heads. I watched his pecker dance and bounce with excitement for 10 minutes till I couldn't wait any longer. I dropped my shorts and put on my cock ring and walked into the back hall.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? I couple of pussy boys?"

Martin said, "Yes, Sir." He nudged his son with his knee and Nate said, "Yes, Sir."

"You two boys peckers are hard as rocks, does this mean you want to play with my cock?"

Together, they said, "Yes, Sir."

"Stand up."

They both stood up and I walked around them. I rubbed Martins ass and then Nates. I leaned down and spoke into Nates ear. "Boy, are you absolutely sure you want this?"

"Fuck yeah. I need a cock in my boy pussy. I need it bad, sir."

I turned to Martin, "Any problems with this, boy?"

"No sir, my only request is safe words in play. His uncle uses a safe word and will stop if Nate says it"

"What's the safe word?"

"Hot dog, Sir."

I almost broke my Dom persona and laughed, but kept it together. "Hot dog, it is. Now, you two fuckers get your asses to the play room."


When Nate got into the play room, his eye widened. He'd never seen a sling or any of the other toys I have. I explained to him each thing and what they were used for. Being my first time with a boy, and his first time with me, I asked what he wanted to do and what he didn't want to do.

"Anything you want to do, I want to try. If I don't like it, I can just say, `hot dog,' right?"

"Absolutely. First thing I want to do is show you what your old man is good for." Looking at Martin, "Assume the position."

He was kneeling in front of me immediately, hands on his head, fingers laced and mouth open. I invited Nate closer to watch. I sunk my cock to the base in Martin's mouth and Nate said, "HOLY FUCK!"

After 10 minutes of clobbering Martin's throat, I pulled out and he gasped for breath. I moved the rim seat near the adjustable table in the room. I put Martin under the seat and Nate up on the table. I sat on the seat and adjusted the table so I could eat out Nate's ass. I'm not usually an ass eater, but DAMN I wanted to feast on his pucker. What a sight my hidden cameras were recording. Dad eating my ass while I'm eating his son's ass. I licked, poked, prodded and even chewed on Nate's ass for almost 45 minutes till I was ready for more. I started finger fucking his tight hole and when I hit his prostate, Nate screamed in ecstasy. Martin stopped rimming me, I assume because he thought his son was dying, but I commanded him to keep eating. He kept on eating while Nate was gasping and thrashing around on the table. I asked him, "You ready for this man cock, little boy?"

"Oh my god, yes."

"You want me to go slowly or just shove it in?"

"Shove it in my boy pussy, sir. I got to have your big cock in me."

"Martin, lube my cock!"

Martin was out from under the seat and sucking my cock again, getting his spit slathered all over my fuck stick. I told Martin to stand up and watch his boy get fucked. Martin stood at my side as I lined my cock to the wet, quivering hole in front of me. I placed the head and the pucker and asked, "Are you sure."


His last word was cut off by a scream as I plowed home with a single thrust. Nates eyes rolled back into his head and he started thrashing around like a rag doll in a dryer. I looked at Martin and he just smiled and said, "He's loving it."

I started fucking the boy like a mad man. As I long dicked him, I told Martin to suck his boy. Nates little spike never went down, not even a little bit. Before Martin could start sucking, I jacked him a couple of times. I'd never felt a harder, hotter piece of meat in my life. Martin started sucking Nate while I screwed the boy silly. "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GAWWWD!" The boy was writhing in ecstasy. Watching Martin suck his boy was just about enough to send me over the edge. As my orgasm neared, I told Martin to sit on Nate's face. When Martin's ass made contact with the boy's lips, Nate's tongue went to work. Nate was licking his dad's hole like a boy half starved. All of a sudden, Martin gasped and shot cum all over Nate's chest and tummy. Between my anal stimulation and feeling his dad's cum on his skin, Nate started his boygasm, shaking and moaning like a whore in heat. This finally sent me over the edge and I unloaded my balls into this beautiful 10 year old's boy pussy. Nate was screaming, "OH MY GOD, SIR! PLEASE FILL ME UP!"

My orgasm subsided, but I was still hard as fuck. I told Nate to clench his hole so my cum wouldn't run out. I pulled out, laid on the table and forced Nate back on my cock. He started riding my like a prized bull at the rodeo. I raised my legs and Martin knew EXACTLY what to do. He dove into my asshole and started tonguing me like a crazy bitch. Being older (and boned up on Viagra), I knew Nate could fuck himself on my cock for a long time. After his fourth, or was it his FIFTH boygasm by riding me, I told him to hold still.

"You wanted filled up? Prepare to be filled." I let loose with my bladder and fill his little colon with about a half-gallon of piss. As his bowels were filled, he shuttered through another bone shaking boygasm.

"Oh, my god, Sir. That feels so good."

I knew the boy couldn't hold it long, so I told Martin to prepare to drink from his son's pussy. Martin quickly moved from my asshole and put his mouth directly under where his son's pussy would be when he pulled off of me. As he slid up, I felt a gush of cum, piss and shit hit my balls. Martin's mouth moved to cover the gushing hole and he drank every drop. Nate pulled himself up and laid on me, his pecker rubbing against my belly. He looked me straight in the eyes and put a lip lock on me. Martin, who had yet to cum, put his cock against his son's hole and entered. Nate moaned in my mouth and his dad fucked him for 15 minutes till his pulled out and came on the boys butt. I'd never seen Martin produce that amount of cum. I guess the total excitement of seeing his son used in front of him pushed him over the edge.

We all showered together and I was washed from head to toe by the most beautiful father/son team I'd ever met. I asked Martin when he needed to go home and he smiled at me. "The bitch is having a session with 5 men gang banging her. She won't get a bit of sleep for 3 days and will take her another couple of days to recover. She'll be home Thursday evening."

Being the boss does have its perks, like letting everyone know that Martin and I would be out for the week. The reason didn't matter, just that we'd be out. By the time the bitch got home, we all were exhausted. Saturday became my official play date with Martin and Nate, sometimes leading into late Sunday evening. When the bitch left both of them for a rich tycoon with a HUGE...bank account, Martin and Nate moved in with me. It's been a total fuck fest ever since.

The end.