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He couldn't use his real name so he called himself Drake. The name simply sounded sexy to him: like any one named Drake was a natural born fuck machine. He kept his real name secret, of course, so neither Andy nor his son, Jordan, knew who he really was.

Andy clapped his son on the shoulder. "You'll be okay, won't ya buddy?" he asked him.

"Sure, dad." Jordan said, "Drake is gonna let me take over his computer so I can play some games!" Jordan acted like he couldn't wait for his dad to go to his business appointment.

"Hell, Andy," Drake said, "I just hope he likes the games I got on there for him."

Andy laughed it off, "Don't worry about it, Drake. He'll take on with any ole game you got." Drake gave Jordan a little shove toward the office where his computer was - just to let him know it was okay for him to go on in and get started. Jordan didn't hesitate and ran into Drake's office.

Drake and Andy made small talk about what they'd do when Andy returned from his appointment in a few hours, but, out of sight of Jordan they were grinning at each other. Drake winked at Andy, handed him a pager, and sent him out the door and on his way.

Andy went out to the car; got in and drove off. He hoped he could find enough to do to kill a few hours. He didn't really have a business appointment. All he had was a few hours to kill and only hoped he could keep his wits about him enough to stay away. Damn he hoped Drake was everything he said he was and wasn't lying and wouldn't hurt Jordan. On the other hand, Drake did come highly recommended by several other guys. Andy sighed and drove off toward the mall.

"Hey Jordan, want a soda, buddy?" Drake hollered out in the direction of his home office. He smiled when he had to ask twice but finally heard Jordan's "Sure!" He grinned as he went into his kitchen. He knew Jordan had already logged on the internet. He had his computer programmed so that every time any one went online, a pop up would automatically start showing a slide show of porn. He could also tell by Jordan's silence that he was interested in what he was seeing.

That Jordan was interested wasn't the least bit surprising. After all, he was 12, and his hormones were exploding like fireworks in his body making him typically horny as hell. Drake knew that any ole porn at all would make Jordan's dick pop right up and get him in the mood.

The entire house was an electronics lover's dream. Drake reached up to the small TV under the counter in his kitchen and turned it on. He turned the channel to 69. A nice number, but it wasn't any regular TV show. The screen showed Jordan in the office, watching the computer. Jordan didn't know there was a tiny web cam hidden in the shelves slightly behind, slightly above, and slightly to his left. Drake could see not only what Jordan was doing, but also what he was seeing on the computer.

Drake smiled as he watched the pop up start the slide show he had prepared showing picture after picture of naked women and naked men and naked women sucking naked men's cocks. His smile widened as he watched Jordan's right hand slide between his legs and play with his crotch. Jordan glanced behind him often, watching for Drake, so Drake made sure he made noise with the ice and glasses so Jordan would know he was still way out in the kitchen. Jordan acted like he wanted so bad to pull his dick out and jack off right then and there.

As Drake watched, the pictures kept scrolling but started changing to two guys on one woman, and then Jordan's hand went crazy in his crotch as the two guys started sucking on each other's cocks. Drake was glad to see Jordan's hand go nuts when the guys started going down on each other. Drake figured it was time. He took the glasses of soda and headed for his office.

Just before the door to his office he jiggled the glasses so Jordan would know that he was coming. He already knew it was too late, as Jordan had no way of closing down the pop ups. Sure enough, Jordan looked panicky as Drake walked in the door in time to see a couple of guys sucking dick on the screen. Jordan's face was snow white as all the color drained from it as he realized that he was "caught." It didn't occur to Jordan to point out that it wasn't his fault at all, but something he couldn't help. All Jordan knew was that he was doing something he "shouldn't" in spite of the fact that it was essentially forced on him.

Drake took a look at the screen and laughed. He put the glasses down and clapped Jordan on his shoulder.

"How do you like the show, buddy?" Drake laughed.

Jordan was guiltily quick to respond, "I'm sorry, Drake!! Really I am! Oh my God, I didn't mean to look at this stuff but it just popped up!" Jordan was pleading, "Please don't tell my dad, Drake! Please!! I didn't mean it!"

Drake just laughed and leaned down and hugged Jordan from behind, "Hey, hey, don't worry about it, J man!" Drake was laughing harder now. Jordan looked confused, "You know what, bud?" Drake continued, "I plum forgot I had this silly thing set up this way. Forgot to turn it off before you came, that's all. It's not your fault at all. I should be telling you that I'm the one who's sorry."

Jordan visibly relaxed. "Whew!" he said.

Drake stood up but kept one hand on Jordan's shoulder, "But I tell ya what," he said, "Now that you've seen it, what do you think of it?" he asked and snickered at the same time.

Jordan just shook his head. But he did smile. He looked like he was debating with himself about what to say. After several seconds he just looked up at Drake standing behind him and smiled. "It was HOT!" he said and then looked to Drake for approval, hoping he didn't
say the wrong thing.

Drake didn't disappoint him. He looked down and ruffled Jordan's hair, "I heartily agree with ya there, buddy!" he told Jordan, "I think it's hot stuff too, or I wouldn't have it on my computer in the first place." He gave Jordan his soda.

Jordan took a sip and then looked again at Drake. "You aren't gonna tell my dad on me then?"

"Oh hell no, buddy!" Drake laughed. "Besides, like I said, I didn't mean for it all to pop up in the first place so I'm just as guilty as you anyway!" Now they both laughed.

"So tell me," Drake flashed a grin at Jordan, "What you saw - did it get you excited?"

"Oh it sure did!" Jordan laughed.

"Wanna see some more?" Drake asked - as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Sure!" Jordan was quick to answer.

Drake laughed and said, "Well let me steal your seat here and I can show ya some stuff."

Jordan jumped out of his chair and Drake sat down. Jordan stood right next to Drake with his eyes glued to the screen. Drake's fingers flew over the keyboard as he called up some
video clips. "What kind of stuff you like, Jordan?" Drake asked. Jordan just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "You like 'em with big tits or spreadin' out their cunts showin' some pink?" Jordan giggled at Drake's language but still only shrugged his shoulders.

Drake saw on his TV in the kitchen what Jordan liked, but he didn't want Jordan to know that, so he couldn't jump right into it. He called up a video of a woman who was letting a guy strip her down. The guy was already naked. "Ooo," Jordan said and giggled. The scene switched and the guy was eating her pussy. This time Jordan made a noise like he thought it was dirty, but kept on smiling and watching the screen. The clip ended and Drake quickly called up another clip that was a continuation of the first one. Now the woman was on her knees sucking on the guy's cock. Jordan seemed to like that one. Drake glanced over and saw a nice little tent in Jordan's baggy shorts. He smiled to himself.

The third clip showed the guy fucking her cunt hard. "Wow!" Jordan yelled. He looked to Drake like he was trying hard not to grab his crotch. Drake just kept loading clip after clip and he knew what was coming. Finally he started a clip that had the woman strapping on a

"What's she gonna do with THAT!?" Jordan laughed. Drake noticed he now seemed more comfortable watching this stuff with him.

"Just watch," he told Jordan and snickered, "I think you'll like it like I do."

Then the scene changed and she was sinking the dildo up the guy's ass. Jordan's eyes almost popped right out of his head.

"Oh man!" he yelled, "Can you really do that?" he asked excitedly. Drake noticed that suddenly the tent in Jordan's shorts got bigger. He wondered if Jordan noticed the tent in his own shorts! Drake spread his legs a little in case that helped.

"Sure you can, Jordan!" Drake told him, "You have to be careful, but yeah, you can do that, and you can have it done to ya."

"Oh man!" Jordan kept saying over and over again. He was really twitching now. Drake figured it was okay to make a move.

"Damn, Jordan!" he laughed, "You can't stand still there buddy!"

Jordan laughed and said, "This is cool! This is so cool!"

Drake reached over and groped Jordan's crotch. "I can see that buddy. Got you hard as a rock here!" Jordan just laughed and backed away, but he kept the smile on his face and after he backed away he moved right back where he was, almost walking into Drake's hand.

Drake fondled Jordan's crotch and felt a nice hard dick inside the shorts. Jordan looked down at Drake's hand squeezing his dick and back at the screen at the guy getting fucked
with a strap on dildo, and back and forth again. Drake didn't speak, but just kept fondling Jordan as Jordan watched him and the screen.

Andy decided against going to the mall. He decided he'd look too silly walking around the place without going in any stores - because he knew he wouldn't - or without looking at anything or anybody. He was too nervous about the whole thing. He figured he'd just drive. Drake said to give him a few hours so Andy thought he'd drive out for about an hour and then turn around and drive back. Then he shifted position in his car a bit and felt the pager clipped to his belt. If the pager beeped, he'd need to get back in a hurry, so he changed his mind about driving too far away. Damn what the hell was he supposed to do with the time?

Andy - 11 Years Old

He kept telling himself he shouldn't worry about Jordan. Andy was a bit younger than his son when he himself started fucking around sucking dick. He grew up out in the country. The neighbor had a large dairy farm, and young Andy used to have a blast helping the farmer herd the cows back in to the barn in the evenings and get them ready to be fed and milked. He liked helping out with the contraption that milked the cows. He didn't know much, but he knew the machine sucked the milk out of the cow's udders faster than any one could do it by hand.

One evening when he was 11 years old he saw the bull mounting one of the cows and start fucking her. He giggled and asked the farm hand - a college student in his early 20's, "What is he doing?"

The farm hand, Tyler, called Ty for short, just laughed and told Jordan the bull was having some fun, and that they were trying to make a baby cow. Ty seemed ready for the flood of questions that followed and answered Andy best he could. Ty told Andy that all males have a dick, and that they use their dick to make babies. Andy had already heard some stuff from the older boys at school, but figured it was true when he heard Ty say the same things.

Over the next several days little Andy plied Ty with more and more questions and Ty seemed happy to answer. He told Andy how guys have fun with their dicks, and what they do with them and have done to them. Andy was amazed.

One evening he was hooking up the milking machines to the cows and noticed he was alone in the milking room. He wondered what it felt like to have his dick sucked, and knew the milking machines sucked milk from the cow's udders, which looked a lot like cocks themselves. Andy's curiosity took over and after looking around one more time to make sure he was alone, he pulled his dick out of his pants and stuck it in the milker. Problem was his dick was a lot smaller than the cow's udders and the milker was way too big. Andy was humping the milker trying to think of something else when he heard laughing behind him. He almost fainted.

The laughter came from Ty who had walked up behind Andy and watched him try to fuck the machine. Ty sat on a stool next to Andy and hugged him and laughed and promised he wouldn't tell any one at all what he'd seen Andy do.

"So little guy," Ty said, "You really wanna know how it feels getting your dick sucked?"

Andy looked around again and then nodded at Ty. Ty calmly reached out and grabbed Andy's dick. He leaned down a bit and sucked it up in his mouth and gave little Andy's bald dick a blow job. Andy sucked in a gulp of air and moaned and shot a tiny little load after only a few seconds. It was only a few seconds but it was enough.

Drake & Jordan - Today

The clip ended. Jordan now just looked down at his crotch. He still had a smile on his face even though his eyes showed some confusion. Drake knew exactly what he was thinking. He'd thought the same thing himself at that age and he'd seen the same look in all the other boys. He reached out with his other hand and pulled Jordan toward him until the boy was sitting in his lap.

"You like the idea of playing with dicks, don't ya?" Drake asked softly in Jordan's ear while he kept his hand between Jordan's legs. Jordan was leaned back into the crook of
Drake's arm. He still smiled. He only looked at Drake but didn't say anything.

"It's okay," Drake whispered, "It's what I like to play with." He rubbed Jordan's dick through his shorts some more.

Finally Jordan's eyes met Drake's. He only nodded, but it was enough of an answer for Drake. Drake reached over and opened another video clip. This time it was only two guys,and they were making out with their hands inside each other's pants. Jordan watched and
slowly started grinding his hips on Drake's lap.

"Drake," Jordan said in a voice that almost sounded like it was coming from a dream, "I can feel yours. It's getting big."

Drake laughed, "Well can ya blame me?" he said in Jordan's ear, "I got me a hot little butt rubbin' on it."

Jordan wiggled his hips some more, letting Drake know in his own way that he was liking it. Drake knew exactly what Jordan was using his body language to say. The arm around Jordan moved over and started the next video clip. Now the two guys were getting naked.
Jordan's eyes kept switching from the screen to the hand playing with his crotch and his butt kept wiggling over Drake's crotch and the smile stayed on his face. Drake pulled Jordan's zipper down. Jordan reached over and unsnapped his shorts to let Drake's hand in.

Drake knew just what Jordan was feeling. He still had the memory of when he was barely 12 years old sitting on his uncle's lap while he was getting his own little dick fondled. He
enjoyed it but didn't know how to tell his uncle he liked it without sounding "bad," so didn't say anything at all. He just enjoyed as his uncle pulled his hairless dick out of his pants.

Now Drake reached into Jordan's pants and underwear and grabbed hold of his rock hard dick. Jordan let a little moan escape his lips. Drake glanced over and Jordan had his head leaned back and his eyes closed. Drake stroked Jordan's dick inside his pants and cupped his balls and smoothly pulled them out of his shorts. Jordan's eyes opened only long enough to glance at his dick being played with and then closed again. His hips were in a
rhythm now and Drake's own cock was straining against his shorts right under Jordan's butt.

Andy - 12 Years Old

One day in the fall when Andy was 12, his school let out early. The wheat had all been harvested on the farm, bundled up into bales, and stored in the barn for the cows to feed on through the winter. There was no grazing left for the cows and they mainly stayed in the
barn, so there wasn't much for Ty to do through the day like there was in the summer. Andy figured Ty would be in his cottage studying, so Andy went to Ty's cottage to have some fun sucking Ty's dick and letting Ty play with his young smooth body.

He simply walked into the cottage, as Ty told him he was welcome any ole time. Ty wasn't in the tiny living room, so Andy headed for the bedroom. The door was cracked open and Andy heard a noise and decided to peek in the door first. He thought Ty was maybe jacking off and he liked to watch him, so Andy quietly pushed the door open and froze with his eyes popped out and his mouth hanging wide open.

Ty was there allright. He was naked, and was on all fours on his bed with his butt sticking up in the air. The naked man behind Ty who was shoving his dick up Ty's butt was none other than Andy's dad! Before Andy's mom ran off, Andy had snuck down to his folks room many times to watch his dad fuck his mom, but not only was this the first time he'd ever seen one man fucking another man,  it was his own dad fucking another man! Andy could tell by the sounds Ty was making and the look on his face even with his eyes closed that Ty was absolutely loving it. Ty had told Andy he liked having a hard dick up his butt but had never said that Andy's dad had one of those dicks he liked. Andy just stood and stared and rubbed his little dick through his pants.

Drake & Jordan - Today

"Let's get a good look at this thing!" Drake whispered to Jordan and started tugging his shorts and underwear down. Jordan lifted his little butt up off Drake's lap and let his shorts
get pulled down his legs and off. Jordan settled back down on Drake's lap and automatically spread his legs over Drake's legs, and his hairless dick stood straight up. Jordan panted and whimpered a little while Drake used his thumb and one finger to jack Jordan's dick. Jordan started bucking his hips seemingly without realizing he was doing it and fucked Drake's fingers. His panting picked up the pace, and like young boys getting their first, Jordan didn't know how to begin holding back and shot a couple of drops right up in the air. Drake just grunted and leaned over and kissed the top of Jordan's head.

"Good, eh?" Drake asked with a smile.

Jordan opened his eyes and smiled at Drake, "Wow!" he said. "That felt good, Drake!"

Drake nodded, "Feels better when someone else does it for ya, don't it?" he snickered.

"Sure does!" Jordan said. He looked into Drake's eyes. "Can I do that to yours?" he asked.

Drake was expecting it. Hoping for it. "You sure can little buddy!" he said. He lifted Jordan up off his lap and sat him on the edge of his desk. He reached down and took off Jordan's shoes and socks. As he stood up he ran his hands up under Jordan's t-shirt and it too hit the floor. Now Jordan was naked and giggling while he sat on the edge of Drake's desk. The web cam was recording the whole scene.

Drake stood up and smoothly pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. Jordan kept a big smile on his face as he watched. 'This is one of the easy ones!' Drake thought to himself as he made a show of unsnapping his shorts. He looked at Jordan and winked. "How 'bout you help me outta these?" he grinned.

Jordan's smile got even bigger and he reached out and pulled Drake's zipper down. He felt Drake's dick through the shorts. Drake wasn't wearing any underwear so Jordan got a good grip on that cock right through the shorts. "Mmmmm" Jordan moaned, "It feels so big!" he looked at Drake and almost smacked his lips.

"Go ahead," Drake told him, "Pull my shorts down and see how big it is!" So Jordan reached out again and tugged Drake's shorts down until his cock popped out and pointed itself right at Jordan. Drake didn't have a typical porn kind of monster dick. He was a little over 6 inches cut, but Jordan's was about 4 inches cut, so to Jordan it was a big dick. Drake's shorts fell down to the floor by themselves and Drake stepped out of them and kicked them away. He spread his legs a little so his balls hung down low and took Jordan's hand and wrapped it around his cock. Jordan took over and started stroking Drake's cock. Drake reached out and jacked Jordan's still hard dick and both guys were jacking each other off.

Drake - 12 Years Old

Little Drake started getting naked with his uncle all the time. He learned to suck dick like a pro and was soon finding all kinds of excuses to visit his uncle so he could crawl all over
his uncle's naked body and suck his dick all he wanted. His uncle was only too happy to show Drake the ropes. As with young Andy, Drake's uncle admitted after a time that he also liked sucking on Drake's dad's cock, and Drake's dad was an awesome cocksucker himself. Drake was at first shocked, then intrigued, then hungry for his dad's dick. Of course, he got it too! Right up his little butt.

After a couple years of getting fucked by his uncle and dad, when Drake was 14, he started messing around with his cousin - his uncle's son. His cousin was 12, and came over to play one day when Drake wasn't expecting him. He caught Drake in his room, naked and jacking off to one of his dad's porn magazines. His cousin just said, "Wow!" and calmly pulled his own little dick out and started jacking off with Drake. His cousin had no idea that Drake was already riding both their dads' cocks, and Drake decided to let his cousin either find out on his own, or let his dad tell him himself. Drake didn't want to do anything to spoil what he had now.

Both boys were then naked on Drake's bed and jacking. Drake was wondering how his cousin would react to the idea of sucking each other off, but his horny cousin beat him to it. He simply and calmly asked Drake if he could suck him off. Of course, Drake said yes, and
since that day they got together and sucked dicks as often as they could.

Drake's cousin lived just down the road from them, so getting together was easy. Many times Drake would see his cousin's folks and his sister drive by in their car, and knew his cousin was home alone. So he'd jump on his bike, pedal over to his cousin's house and fuck his face all afternoon. Other times Drake would see the car go by with his cousin, his sister, and their mom in the car, and would go over and ride his uncle all afternoon. He was in a boy's fuck heaven in those days!

One day Drake saw his cousin's folks drive by and he was particularly horny, so he got on his bike and almost flew to his cousin's house. He didn't try to be quiet, but since the house was fully carpeted and the doors' hinges were oiled and all, Drake simply didn't make
any noise whether he tried or not. He ran up the stairs to his cousin's bedroom and pushed the door open. There he saw his cousin naked on his bed. His cousin had his head between his sister's legs and was eating her pussy. Drake just stood and watched. Soon his shorts were around his ankles and he was jacking his own dick. His cousin's sister was the same age as Drake, 14, and she had a nice set of tits growing. Drake was mesmerized. He concentrated so hard on watching his cousin lap at that cunt that he didn't pay attention to what he was doing and his elbow banged on the bedroom door.

Drake's cousin and his sister jumped clear off the bed. His sister screamed at Drake, telling him to get out and what she would do to him at school if he told anybody. But Drake was bolder than that. His cousin was grinning at Drake, and Drake just stepped out of his shorts and walked naked in the room.

"I'll keep my mouth shut on one condition," he told her and pointed to her pussy, "I want some, too!"

"What?!?" she screeched, "No way!"

"Ah go on, sis!" his cousin said, "You let every guy who comes in here fuck your pussy, let Drake have some, too"

She looked like she was about to start swinging, but when she saw the hard look on the boy's faces, she knew she had no choice. Besides, she really was the slut her brother said she was, and he'd fucked her along with his friends and hers, so she wound up on her back on the bed with her legs spread out wide and Drake got his face in her cunt and tasted his first pussy.

Being a typical slut, she got into it right away. Her hands were on Drake's head and she pushed his face into her pussy even harder and cheered him on. Drake licked and slurped and dug his tongue up in her snatch and got his whole face wet and wiggled around
on the bed like he was trying to fuck the mattress.

His cousin climbed on top of his sister, straddled her so he was facing Drake, sunk his
little dick in his sister's mouth and watched Drake eat her pussy. All three of them were moaning and the boys cheered each other on.

His cousin reached out and hooked his hands under her knees and pulled her legs further apart. Drake looked up at him and he jerked his head to her cunt. "Fuck 'er!" he told Drake, "Go on, fuck 'er! Everybody else has, Drake, you might as well too! Come on, man! Fuck 'er!" She moaned encouragement with her brother's dick in her mouth and Drake didn't waste any time.

Drake didn't tell them he hadn't had any pussy before, and he didn't tell them he'd already shot once right on the bed, but he was still hard, still horny, and he wanted to fuck! He'd already found with his tongue where to stick his dick and it slid up her cunt with ease. Nature took over, Drake's hips bucked on their own and he fucked that pussy hard! She bucked her hips right back and met Drake's thrusts halfway and sucked her brother's dick and all three of them came at the same time. Drake dumped a load of cum up her cunt but her brother was still too young to shoot much of a load. He came anyway.

Drake watched and moaned as his cousin immediately got between his sister's legs and she cheered him on as he ate Drake's cum back out of her pussy. At that age the boys didn't get soft and they took turns fucking her one after another all afternoon. Before their folks were due to get home they all went in the shower and she sucked them both off with the water running all over them.

After that day they met up regularly and took turns fucking her cunt and she made them suck each other off and watched as her brother gave up his cherry while Drake fucked his little butt. It went on and on.

Andy - 12 years Old

Little Andy stood and stared and jacked his little dick and watched his dad fuck Ty. Andy and Ty both had big smiles on their faces. Andy silently shot his tiny load at the same time
his dad filled Ty's butt with a big ole load of thick cum. After he quieted down Ty opened his eyes and saw Andy standing at the door with his dick out and Ty's smile got even wider.

"Hey there li'l buddy!" Ty called out to Andy. Andy's dad turned around and saw his boy at the door.

"Well how 'bout this, boy!?" Dad hollered out. He winked at Andy, who was just standing and staring with a hopeful look on his face. Dad pulled his cock out of Ty's ass and walked
over to his son. Andy watched his dad's cock swing back and forth with cum still dripping off it. He could tell his dad wasn't pissed so wasn't worried about that - he was mesmerized at his dad's big ole cock showing itself this close! Dad threw his arms around the boy and picked him up off the floor. "Come on over here and have some fun with us, son!" Dad said and carried Andy across the room and laid him out on the bed next to Ty. Ty leaned over and kissed a shocked looking Andy.

All Andy could think to say was, "Dad???"

Dad was on his knees on the bed but still towered over his boy and Ty. He laughed at his son's obvious embarrasement. "Hell son!" he told him, "Ty here tells me you're turnin' into one hell of a good little cocksucker, boy!" Andy eyes bugged out even more and he glanced at Ty who just grinned at him. Andy looked back at his dad. There was more.

"I know," Dad said, "you been havin' a good time jackin' off at my bedroom door watchin' me fuck some pussy," he snickered.

Andy's mouth dropped open, "You know?!?" he shouted out.

"Oh hell son - that's why I always made sure the door was open," Dad laughed, "So you could get a good look. Just like your grandpa did for me when I was a boy." Ty was rubbing his hand up and down Andy's chest while Dad talked. Andy didn't seem to notice as he just stared at his dad. His shocked expression was slowly turning into a big smile.

Now Andy noticed Ty's hand on his chest as it unbuttoned one button of his shirt. He just reached up and put his hand on Ty's as he stared at his dad's cock. He glanced up at his dad's smiling face.

"Dad?" Andy asked in a small voice, "Are you gonna let me suck you off?"

"Sheeit son!" Dad said, "We're all gonna do us a whole lot of suckin' boy!"

Andy laid back and enjoyed the feel of four big hands sliding all over his body as the two men pawed the boy and stripped his clothes off him and got him naked and got his legs spread and they both fell on him.

Drake & Jordan - Today

Drake slowly pushed Jordan until he was laying back on the desk with his legs hanging over the edge. Drake moved in until his dick was laying on top of Jordan's. He leaned over until his lips were just centimeters from Jordan's.

Jordan simply looked into Drake's eyes. He didn't know what was expected of him but had the feeling that it didn't matter. Drake just pursed his lips and they brushed against Jordan's. Jordan took the cue and mimicked Drake and their lips brushed again. Now Drake pursed his lips and kept them on Jordan's. Jordan almost didn't know what he was doing and only reacted but he pursed his lips too and kissed Drake.

They kissed like that for a few seconds. Then Drake's tongue snaked out and tickled Jordan's lips until Jordan took another cue and let Drake's tongue slide into his mouth. As Drake expected, Jordan suddenly threw his arms around Drake's neck and hungrily sucked on the man's tongue. Jordan bucked his hips and mashed his dick into Drake's while he squirmed and made out and whimpered and then shot another few drops as he came again.

Drake - 16 Years Old

Well it worked good for a couple of years. Drake was learning how to be a sneaky little fucker allright. He was fucking his dad, but only his dad and uncle knew it. He was fucking his uncle, but only his uncle and dad knew it. He was fucking his uncle's son and daughter and no one else knew it. He was doing damn good for himself! His uncle's daughter was fucking every cock she could find both at school and after school and at home and just about anywhere in between. She was probably one of the few high school sluts who actually earned her reputation!

Drake was laying naked between his dad and uncle after getting a 16th birthday fuck from both of them. They took turns fucking him until they were about ready to cum and then switched. To Drake, he was just feeling cock after cock after cock slide up his ass and fuck him. Now he had just finished licking both men's cocks clean while their cum oozed out of his ass.

As he lay between them he slowly stroked both soft cocks. The men panted for a while after the fuck and were laying still while their sweat dried and their bodies cooled. Drake's uncle looked at Drake's dad and nonchalantly said, "You know - that boy of mine oughta be ready. I keep wondering if there's a chance he might like suckin' dick."  Drake choked!

He choked enough that his dad pushed him up into a sitting position and both men started patting his back. The men laughed and looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and sent Drake to the kitchen to drink some water. Drake almost ran out of the room, rolling his eyes on the way.

In the kitchen he drank water and coughed and paced the room and thought to himself, 'What the fuck do I do NOW!?!'  He heard the guys talking in the bedroom but couldn't understand what they were saying. He had no idea what he was going to do. He didn't think it wise to tell them that hell yes his cousin liked sucking dick! Yeah, you could say that! He likes a few other things, too, uncle! Should I tell you about them, too?? He decided to think of an excuse to leave the guys and go to his room so he could think. But he wasn't going to get that chance.

He left the kitchen and was heading down the hallway hoping to make it to his room when his dad called out, "Hey Drake! You okay buddy?"

"Yeah, dad."

"Well come on in here."

'Shit!' Drake thought and went in his dad's bedroom. He climbed back up on the bed between the men.

His dad put his arm around Drake. "Your uncle's got a proposition for ya son." he said, "Sounded good to me - see what ya think."

'Okay,' Drake thought, 'Then can I get the fuck outta here?"

"You know, Drake," his uncle said, "You and my boy are pretty good buddies."

Drake just nodded without looking at them. His mind was racing, 'That's a good way to put it - for starters!'

"I figure," his uncle continued, "That if you tried to see if he might like sucking some dick, he won't get pissed at you."

'Okay,' Drake thought, 'I'll ask him the next time I'm fucking him!'

"I mean he'd just write it off to teenage curiosity." his uncle told him, "But if I tried it I'd be afraid of him getting pissed at me and alienating him."

'Oh, I don't think you should worry about THAT!'

"But if you tried it and he said 'no,' you'd still be buddies."

'And next are you gonna want me to ask Aunt Jen if SHE likes sucking dick?!'

"Now I know you been working hard and saving up to buy that car old Joe's got for sale."

'Okay - keep talking.'

"So if you do this for me I'll chip in the rest of what you need and you can go pick it up. How's that?"

'Well I guess I can try to think of something!'

Drake looked at his uncle with a smile and shrugged his shoulders, "Sure!" he said simply.

Drake & Jordan - Today

Their lips finally separated and Drake raised up a bit and looked in Jordan's shiny eyes.

"How's that?" he asked and smiled. Jordan smiled but his eyes still weren't quite focused yet.

"Wow!" was all he said.

"It gets better," Drake said.

"It does?" Jordan asked, "How?"

Drake always liked that question. It meant the boy wanted to go for more. Drake was all ready to accomodate him. He scooted down a bit and started kissing and licking Jordan's chest. Jordan put his hands on Drake's head. He didn't know what to do with them, but it didn't matter. This part of the whole thing was natural anyway, and no one needed to know what to do.

Drake kissed and sucked on Jordan's little nipples and licked all in between. Soon Drake left a wet trail down Jordan's belly, and his tongue spent a goodly amount of time in Jordan's belly button. Jordan sighed and whimpered and giggled. Drake's mouth and tongue slid down to the inside of Jordan's thighs. He switched back and forth and kissed and licked and slowly worked his mouth up Jordan's thigh. Jordan had let his head fall back and rest on the desk so he wasn't watching what Drake was doing, but only feeling it. But his head snapped back up to watch and he sucked in a breath when Drake let his tongue lick all the way up Jordan's dick.

Before Jordan could say or do anything Drake had his little dick sucked up in his mouth and his tongue was sliding all around and up and down and Jordan started squirming. Jordan's hips took over and now he was fucking Drake's face, although he didn't know he was doing it. Anyone watching on the webcam would see that Jordan's face reflected pure bliss.  Both his hands were on Drake's head unconsciously holding it still so he could keep his dick in Drake's mouth.  Jordan's hips bucked and his legs spread out then wrapped around Drake then spread out again and his toes flayed out and he whimpered some and moaned some and then he came again right in Drake's mouth.

Drake knew these boys, and he didn't even let up on his sucking. He just kept right on sucking that young dick while Jordan's whole body trembled as another orgasm wracked from his head to his toes and back up again over and over. He kept right on sucking as Jordan's body relaxed and slumped back down on the desk. He kept on sucking as Jordan's moans and whimpers quieted down.

Just as Jordan's legs started to lower Drake caught them just behind the knees and held them there with Jordan's feet up in the air. He let Jordan's dick slip out of his mouth and slap against his belly. Drake's tongue kept right on working and licking Jordan's dick all up and down and licked his balls and sucked them up in his mouth and got them all wet. Before Jordan could completely catch his breath Drake's tongue slid into the crack of Jordan's ass and raked across the smooth tiny hole and Jordan started sucking air all over again.

Drake went nuts with his face up in Jordan's ass. Eating boy butt was one of his favorite things and he sure was glad that Jordan was letting him. He licked Jordan's hole, licked one butt cheek and then the other and got that little butt wet with his own spit as he ate that boy out all over the place.

Jordan once again let his head fall back on the desk and he relaxed and enjoyed and moaned some more. Drake didn't have to hold Jordan's legs apart now - Jordan did it himself, even spread his legs out even more.

"Drake..." Jordan half said, half whispered.

"Yeah buddy?" Drake said between licks on Jordan's hole.

"This is dirty, isn't it?" Jordan softly asked, eyes still closed, "We're being dirty, aren't we?"

"We're being real dirty here buddy!" Drake said. "Is it fun?" He started rubbing Jordan's hole with his finger.

"I used to watch my dad do this to my mom." Jordan said simply, as though he was trying to give Drake the impression that he already had some sexual education.

Drake smiled and licked some more, "Have you ever done it to anybody?" he asked.

Jordan just shook his head.

"You wanna?" Drake asked.

Now Jordan raised his head up a little, opened his eyes and looked at Drake. Then, as seemed to be his custom, he just nodded quickly.

Drake smiled again, got his face out of Jordan's butt with a last kiss on that little hole, and stood up. He reached out and scooped Jordan up in his arms like a baby, and carried the naked boy into his bedroom.

Andy - 12 Years Old

Andy laid between the two men and did a lot more than just sucking them off. He started with his dad's cock and was up on his knees on the bed with his head bobbing back and forth. He was determined to take all of his dad's cock in his mouth and show him what a good cocksucker Ty taught him to be. A few times he gagged on his dad's cock but just took a breath and stuffed that thing right back in his mouth. Dad ran his fingers through his boy's hair and told him what a good boy he was and how good he was doing.

Ty got up on his knees and moved right next to dad and now Andy was switching off and sucking on one cock then the other. Ty and dad made out while Andy worked their dicks and got them both all nice and wet.

The men laid Andy down on the bed and went to work on his body with their hands and mouths and tongues. Andy couldn't lay still but squirmed around as this felt good and that tickled and that felt great!

He had a tongue in his mouth and a mouth on his dick and then a tongue in his ass and a finger in his mouth and a tongue licking his pits and he was getting wet with a good tongue bath. The men laid down on their stomachs and both got their butts eaten by a damn eager boy. Andy hopped from dad to Ty and back again and slammed his face in their butts while both men wiggled and moaned and laid there and loved it.

Finally Andy got to do what Ty did and got on all fours and stuck his little butt in the air while dad popped his cherry. Andy flipped onto his back and spread his skinny legs while Ty got him a piece of the boy's butt. Andy then worked real hard to work his dad's dick back up again and jumped on it and rode it 'til dad filled his ass with cum once again. Ty got the honor of being Andy's first fuck as he laid back and let Andy stick his little dick in Ty's butt and fuck.

It wasn't long at all and the three of them meeting up became a nightly thing. Since Ty was still in college he was also still pretty much a boy to Andy's dad and the two of them had fun semi fighting over dad's cock and who got to suck it and who got to ride it. It didn't matter since they both got to do everything they wanted to anyway, but it was fun going through the process. They soon discovered that the best position had dad laying on his back while Ty sat on his cock. Ty would lean back and Andy would climb up on top of both of them and sit on Ty's cock and the three of them went nuts.

Drake - 16-19 Years Old

Drake was worried about telling his cousin that his dad wanted in on the action. But since Drake was still a teenager himself he didn't really have anything to look back on and so didn't know he had nothing to worry about. His cousin went for it right away, and even teased Drake about sneaking around behind his back to fuck his dad. Drake laughingly remimded him that if it weren't for Drake walking in his room when he was eating his sister's cunt that they still might not be 3 waying it. So now there two dads and two boys going at it all the time and Drake got his car.

Both Drake's dad and his uncle had built up some fuck buds of their own in their lives. Naturally they started sharing their boys with their buddies. And naturally those buddies had other fuck buddies of their own too, and most of them had boys of their own. Some of them were already fucking their sons, but others were still wondering if their boys would go for it. A lot of dads who have the hots for their own boys just go for it and hope for the best. But others shy away from coming on to their own boys because they don't want to take the chance on ruining their relationships with their boys.

It was easy for Drake and his cousin, both because they were already fucking anyway, but Drake's uncle's thinking was reasonable that good friends won't get pissed at each other too easily. Especially friends who were horny teenagers who were willing to try anything once. Some of Drake's dad and uncles' buds had sons who didn't know any one. When one of them told Drake's dad that he really wanted to know if his son liked dick but didn't want to come on to him himself, he was told about how Drake went after his cousin for his dad, and the idea repeated itself and Drake went after the guy's son for him - for a fee. The men didn't consider that Drake would have done it for free since he was having a blast with it and loved getting his dick wet any way he could. It was Drake's dad's idea to compensate Drake for it. So Drake would seduce the boys for their dads and the dads would put some dollars in Drake's pocket. His cousin joked that he had himself a great part time job. Little did both of them know at that time that the part time job would turn into something of a career.

But it did. By the time Drake was 19 and headed off to college he had a substantial savings account. Through word of mouth of his increasing number of customers Drake continued fucking boys all through college. Some of them were close enough to his own age that eventually they all went to the same school and had orgies in Drake's apartment that would have made Caesar proud.

Drake & Jordan - Today

The web cam hidden in Drake's bedroom was in the light fixture right over the bed, and showed Drake carry Jordan in the room and lay his naked body out on the bed. Drake laid down next to him and wrapped his arms around Jordan and pulled him up on top of him. Jordan's body squirmed and wiggled and his little butt cheeks flexed as he ground his dick into Drake's.

On his own Jordan turned around on Drake's body and the cam showed Jordan as he at first tentatively licked Drake's cock and then stuffed it in his mouth. At first Drake laid still and let Jordan do whatever he wanted but it was real tough to lay completely still with a beautiful boy butt right in his face. As usual Drake gave in and was soon eating the boy out again while Jordan went nuts on Drake's cock. He wanted to do everything Drake was doing so it wasn't long before Drake's legs were spread and Jordan's face was buried in Drake's ass and both of them got into a nice butt licking 69.

The deal with Jordan's dad was that if Jordan wanted to go for it (and obviously he did!) that Andy wanted to be the one to pop Jordan's cherry. So Drake worked Jordan's butt with his tongue and finger but didn't fuck him. After Jordan came a few more times he was finally spent enough to just be happy laying naked on the bed with Drake's arm around him.

"You did a real nice job there little buddy!" Drake told him.

Jordan smiled and squirmed a bit. "Really?" he looked at Drake.

"Oh you bet!" Drake said, "Any guy anywhere would be real lucky to roll around naked with ya."

After a few more minutes of small talk and heaping well deserved praise on the boy, Drake went to answer the second question Jordan's dad had.

"What would you think of playing like this with your dad?" Drake asked.

Jordan woke up on that one!

"Oh man!" he hollered and sat up and looked at Drake. "My dad is soooo hot!"

Drake smiled, "Yeah?" he said, "He gets ya goin' does he?"

"I watch him fuck women he brings home from the bar all the time and man I wish I could do this stuff with him!"

"So you've already seen him naked and in action, eh?" Drake already knew this since Andy told him all about he and Jordan's history and that Andy too always left his bedroom door cracked open so Jordan could watch him fuck. He knew that Jordan's mom had run off with another man when Jordan was still a baby and Andy raised him alone. But Jordan wasn't supposed to know how much Drake actually knew so Drake asked all the questions anyway.

Jordan giggled, "Yeah, and I watch him take a shower too. He jerks off in the shower all the time," Jordan said like he was passing on some juicy gossip and giggled some more.

"Do you and your dad hang out naked a lot?" Drake asked, again, even though he already knew the answer.

"Oh sure! Either naked or in our underwear. No one is home but us, so it doesn't matter. I just wish I could play with my dad like we did, but I don't know how to ask him. I don't want to make him mad."

Drake just smiled and ruffled Jordan's hair. "I know what ya mean buddy. I wanted to fuck around with my dad too but I had to wait 'til he did something first. I was too scared to just ask him." Jordan smiled at the common ground they had. "But it worked eventually and we had a lot of fun with it."

"So you think I can just ask him?" Jordan asked hopefully.

"Oh I don't see why not." Drake answered. "Even if he doesn't want to he'd just say so. He won't get mad at ya or anything. A question like that is normal coming from a guy your age."

They talked and talked about it. Drake didn't push but tried to plant the thought in Jordan's head so he'd be more natural when his dad came on to him, as Drake knew he was going to. Jordan sat on Drake's chest while they talked, and the talk made his little dick pop right up again so Drake stroked it and played with it and talked to Jordan until his own dick woke up again. He glanced at the clock and figured he had at least another 45 minutes until Andy came back. Sometimes it didn't matter and the dads walked in on Drake and their boys in the middle of a good fuck and just stripped down and joined them. But Drake found it was better for the dads who wanted to pop their boy's cherries themselves to come back and find the two of them dressed and eating a snack or something. The dads had their own plans on how to get things started with their boys, and were only too happy to find out from Drake that those plans would definitely work.

Drake reached out and wrapped his hands around Jordan's skinny waist and while Jordan giggled Drake lifted him up off his chest. Jordan spread his legs and laughed and howled as Drake lifted him up and sat that little butt down on his face and ate the boy out some more.
Once again Jordan turned around on his own and sucked Drake off with gusto and leaned forward some more and ate Drake's ass.

After Drake shot a load right on Jordan's face they made out a bit and Drake licked Jordan's face clean and Jordan sucked the cum off Drake's tongue. By this time Jordan's whole body was wet with a combination of sweat and Drake's cum and spit. Drake sent him off to the shower to wash up and get dressed before his dad got back.

With Jordan in the shower Drake hurried into his kitchen. Most kitchens have a small cabinet above the refrigerator that usually held things that were hardly ever used since the cabinet was tough to get to. Drake's cabinet held a VCR. Drake's home office, his bedroom, living room, and bathroom each had two web cams hidden in them along with microphones. All were activated by motion.

All the action in the office was on tape. So was Drake and Jordan rolling around in his bed, and Jordan's admission that he wanted to fuck his dad was on tape too. He put the tape in a sleeve and in an envelope to give Andy when he returned. Drake liked Andy and Jordan and was glad everything was going to work out.

It didn't always work out. Some of the boys were definitely straight and had no interest at all in sucking some dick. Some of them would go ahead and let Drake suck them off anyway just because boys that young were willing to experiment. Some of them actually got upset to the point where Drake figured it was time for dad (who was the equivalent of a calvary) to come back, "just in time." A few of the boys even took a swing at Drake - which he laughed off. At those times Drake would quietly push the button that was located on all of his phones. That button would connect to the phone without the boys hearing a dial tone. The phone would then speed dial the pager that Drake gave to the dads. There was never a number for the dads to call back, or even a number showing up on the pager. The beeping pager only meant one thing - 'your boy is pissed - get back here!!'  At that point the dads had their answer: that no, their boys aren't interested in dick and certainly not their dads' dicks.

Other boys weren't gay, but still let Drake suck them off, and that was the purpose of the web cams and the tapes he gave to the dads when the boys weren't looking. The microphones picked up the boys themselves saying that no - they liked girls and only wanted to fuck girls and NO! Ewww, not their own dads!! But their dads still jacked off watching the tapes at home of Drake coming on to their boys and in a lot of cases got to see their boys getting a blow job from a man anyway. Some of the boys only let Drake fondle them for a while. Some let Drake pull their little dicks out and stroke them. Others let Drake work their pants off and Drake gave them a real good blow job for their dads to see but wouldn't reciprocate. Either way, to the dads it was well worth the money they paid Drake to find out for them if their boys were gay. If the boys weren't gay, at least they didn't get pissed at dad.

In fact, the boys would see their dads as a hero. After the pager beeped the dads would arrive, usually in minutes, and "save" their boys from the "dirty old man." It didn't matter to Drake if the boys got pissed at him. They wouldn't ever have to see him again, and the questions the dads had that Drake was paid to answer got answered and Drake earned his fee. Dad and son went back home with their relationship intact. Today though, things went
very well indeed for everybody!

Jordan came into the kitchen freshly scrubbed, grinning from ear to ear, sat at the kitchen table with Drake and went to work on the sandwiches and chips Drake had ready.

DRAKE - His 30's and 40's and Today

Trying to fuck young boys for their dads wasn't Drake's day job. He graduated college with a business degree and started his own successful mail order company. The fucking was a side business, but certainly a fun one! After college Drake knew two things. That he wanted to continue working with the boys for their dads, and that he had to set himself up with as much protection as he could think of and afford.

His mail order company could be run from anywhere, so Drake moved just across the border from where he grew up into Canada where the legal age to fuck was 14. He still worked with boys younger than that, but most of them were at least 14. Prostitution was still illegal though, so he still had to be careful since prostitution was what he was in fact doing.

His boy business happened through word of mouth. Obviously Drake couldn't advertise. His business picked up with the advent of the internet and dads were bringing their boys from all over the place. One of Drake's earliest customers was a private detective who
lived very close to Drake. He was so happy to have had Drake's "service" that he would bring his boy over often for Drake to fuck just for fun. Drake used the detective exclusively to investigate the dads. The only question Drake had for him was, "Is this guy a cop?" Drake would start out only corresponding with the guy through the mail (a post office box). After he got the clearance from his buddy the detective, he would "accept" the job. When the dads and their boys arrived in town, the detective was there to shadow them to make sure they didn't meet with anyone else other than Drake. The dads didn't even know where Drake lived until he got a phone call from his buddy that it was okay. Even after the dads dropped their boys off and left they were followed by the detective. Any suspicion on the detective's part and he would call Drake and warn him off. Most of the fee Drake charged the dads went to the detective and it all worked out just fine. Drake's own company made him a lot of money already and he didn't need the money from the dads. To him he was just having fun. The dads had no idea they were being investigated and followed, and the boys had no idea they were being set up.

The fringe benefits from the service Drake offered were many! Mainly he got to play around with and sometimes fuck some real nice boy butt. Some of the dads were so appreciative that they would make a return trip during a vacation to visit Drake and their boys got two dads to fuck around with. His detective buddy's son would often come over alone whenever he got horny and jump on Drake's cock and ride him like a cowboy.

Drake turned his mail order business into a Dot Com company when the internet came into existence and became one of the first internet millionaires. The first thing he did with his money (on the advice of his detective buddy) was to set himself up with a way to escape if he ever had to. He had passports from Canada, the United States, and Mexico with different identities on each. His house was situated on several acres of land and the whole place was wired for protection. Any car that turned off the road onto his property immediately tripped an alarm and Drake could check a cam and see who was coming in plenty of time to get out in case it was the cops. His buddy helped him set up alarm systems all over his property so even someone who tried to sneak on on foot wouldn't make it unseen. As technology increased over the years, so did Drake's protective systems. It was all
expensive and needed constant, expensive updating, but Drake could afford it.

His house was basically empty of evidence. There was nothing on his computer's hard drive other than the porn he had ready for the boys, and even that could be cleared off his hard drive with a click of the mouse. He didn't keep any copies of the tapes he made for the dads and the money the dads gave him was not recorded anywhere. He always insisted on cash so he wouldn't leave a paper trail. If he had to, he could literally walk from Canada into the United States through the woods bordering his property and use his US passport to get on a plane. He owned an apartment in two countries overseas where the legal fucking age was even lower than 14, so he was ready.

His best protection of course was the precautions he took before he even took on a job for one of the dads. These days he met most of them either in chat rooms or through his email. He would insist on "getting to know" the dads for a while and corresponded anonymously with them for a couple of months before he even told them what country he lived in. During that time his buddy was checking the dads out. By the time he actually had the dads come to his house with their boys, Drake knew almost the family's entire history. The boys were told that Drake was an old friend of their dads, so it wouldn't do for the boys to ask a lot of questions about their dads and Drake that Drake couldn't convincingly answer. Once the dads showed up and left their boys with Drake, he didn't worry about them being a cop. Even cops wouldn't actually take a boy to anyone and leave them, and the dads were just as guilty anyway.

Drake, Andy, & Jordan - Today

Drake was ready at the door when Andy got back. He knew from experience that Andy would look worried and didn't want Jordan to see that so he met Andy at the door and gave him a quick wink and thumbs up. He found excuses to keep Andy at the door while the color returned to his face. When they walked into the kitchen Andy was all smiles.

"Have a good time buddy?" Andy clapped his son on the shoulder.

Jordan looked a little sheepish. "Sure dad!! Um...Drake has some real cool games on his puter." Jordan flashed a quick smile at Drake. Drake smiled to himself. Jordan's attempts to hide what they'd been doing wasn't at all lost on the guys but neither of them said a thing.

After their snack Andy sent Jordan to the guest room to gather up their luggage. After Jordan left the kitchen Drake gave Andy the envelope that held the tape of his boy having some fun with some dick. Andy quickly put it in his briefcase and handed Drake an envelope with cash in it. In time he might tell Jordan the tape existed and even show it to him, but that would come later. Drake quickly told Andy that he had nothing to worry about, that Jordan was one hot and horny boy and Andy was a lucky dad. Andy's relief was evident but his demeanor also made Drake wonder if the two of them would make it to the airport in time without having to pull over somewhere and go at it in the back seat!

Drake gave his usual invite to Andy and Jordan to come visit if they were in the area and Andy said they definitely would which made Jordan smile! He gave Drake a quick hug and whispered a quick "Thanks!" in his ear before he headed out to the car.

After they drove off Drake called his buddy and told him he had the rest of his money for him. The call got Drake an invitation to have dinner with his buddy at his house and join him and his boy for some naked fun after they ate. Drake thought that was just fine. He could wait until tomorrow to talk to the next dad who he figured was ready to make the trip to Drake's house. Drake figured this one would be a real interesting challenge. This dad had twin boys who'd just turned 13.


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