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Holding On To Him Tight
By Kevin Knox

Holding on to him tight, his small naked form in mine, in the dark.
An angry knock at the door...
Running... running away... They are chasing me.
Sweat dripping off my brow, lungs burning. *whack*
They got me... no... no I can't go to jail... kill me instead. Please... no... not that...

I smack the alarm clock and roll over. "Not that dream again," I moan. "Second time this week." I wonder to myself if all pedophiles, like me, have that dream. As usual, I move on, get up, and start the day... a day like any other of the past decade.

And like every day, I hope that this one will be different...

Everything starts normal. Train into the city. Switch to another. The hoard of people swarming around, all dreaming of somewhere better, doing their best to ignore the world. Me... I take pleasure I looking around... until I realize that I am the worst among them. Back into my own black, lonely abyss in my head, where it is safe. Boarding the switch, there is a scruffy blond in the corner. He is small, maybe 9 or 10 by his looks... appears he could use a good meal or two.

I search around by instinct for both his parents and the cops. Strange... only stiffs in suits, floozies ignoring all but their tits and construction workers, one of which still looks like he is still on a bender from last night. I move a bit closer. Man, the boy looks rough. Those pants have holes, as does the shirt... and looks like he hasn't seen a shower or a barber in the last season. Are those bruises? I start to worry.

I look around again, completely paranoid at this point. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Hey... kid... are you ok?"

No answer... his head remains in his hands. I know this kid is probably a run-away. I wonder how long he has been out here. My mind goes to a dark place for a second, lust raging like an inferno. "No...," I think to myself. "Been reading too many stories." I reach into my wallet and pull out a few $20's... look around for a second to make sure no one is looking at me... and stuff them into the boy's shirt pocket.

Smiling to myself, as much for the good deed as for my inner restraint, I walk off the train to go to work.

As the door to the train shuts behind me, I suddenly feel a tug on my sleeve. It's the boy... with tears welling up.

Sniffling, and quiet as a mouse, he says "Sir... I can't take this," trying to force the money back into my hand.

"Kid, you look like you could use it a lot more than I can. Please... take it."

Looking into those eyes, my willpower cracks slightly. Visibly shaking off the lust, I push his hand back.

"No... sir... please...," the boy pleads.

"Kid... are you ok? Can I ask your name?" I reply... avoiding the money like it is diseased.

"Yeah... no... I mean...." Suddenly, his control is lost and he breaks down into tears.

For a second... just for a second... I look toward the crowd that has now passed, thinking I should be at work. Then I look back at him... this dirty, skinny, blond angel crying into his sleeve.

Now at this point, you would think a boy lover would know exactly what to do, and, at least in the stories, he would swoop him into his arms and carry him to a life ever after. However, I was at a complete loss. I had been told my entire life that if I ever touched a boy, I would go to jail. No... that isn't quite right. It had been pounded into me over and over again by "everyone" that touching a child would make you the worst form of evil and that you should be despised for even thinking in that way.

At that moment, I decided to tell "everyone" to go fuck themselves. I reached down and just hugged the child. He held me back hard, shivering and balling. I continued to hold him for a good 3 or 4 minutes, either getting looks of disgust or pity from the few people on the platform, or realizing they were visibly trying to ignore the spectacle.

Finally, the kid stops crying, and I have had enough time to think. The boy starts to talk, but I put a finger over his mouth and say "Not here. I'm sure you are hungry..." His eyes light up and he nods his head, sheepishly, embarrassed.

I take the money out of his hand... tuck the bills back into his shirt... and hold his hand and depart.

We walk as I look for a McDonalds, but find a diner first. I bring him inside, and the hostess quickly quips "Two?" I nod and ask for the corner table. "That table is for a larger..." she begins.

"Please", I plead taking her hand and slipping a $20 into it. "My nephew here has had a really rough night and we would like a bit of privacy."

The defiant look coming off her face, she looks into her hand... smiles... and says, "Right this way." Dropping the menus onto the large round table, she inquiries into drinks. OJ for the kid and coffee for me. Scribbling quickly onto her notepad, the waitress departs. Only after she is gone do I look at the boy again...

"Ok... first thing's first. I'm Lance. What is your name?"

"Kevin," he whispers.

"Kevin... it is good to meet you. You obviously are scared to death." The boy looks away. "I promise, I won't hurt you." I put a hand on his face, and wipe away a tear, and pull his chin lightly to face me.

"Are you running away?" Kevin shakes his head no. "Really?!?... Then what are you doing out on the train at this time of day?" I look out the window seeing the sky just start to brighten.

"I... I can't tell..." I begin to stop him, when the waitress returns with our drinks asking for the order.

"May I?" I ask him. He nods, not really sure what he is agreeing to. I quickly open the menu and order enough food for a small army.

"Hungry are we?" the waitress asks in a snide remark.

"Yep...," I respond as briskly as possible. The waitress gets the hint and goes to refill another guy's coffee.

"Thank you." The boy says.

"No reason to thank me. I can't help myself around a cute blond." I can't believe I just said that. The boy grins at me... and my heart melts. That smile... I mean... THAT SMILE. I swear that when he smiles that he radiates light. Or maybe it is just me...

Regaining my composure, I continue, "... Now, please... tell me what is wrong. I am pretty sure that no matter what it is, I can help."

The boy looks down... deciding... and without looking up, slowly begins to tell me of his drunk dad... and his mom dying two years ago. I take his hand, and he looks me in the eye... making another decision. He casts his eyes lower, and in the quietest voice possible, tells me of getting caught sucking his friend's penis, of his friend's parents kicking him out, and his dad beating him when he got home... and telling him to get out till morning... and how he now has to stay out at night when his dad is drinking or get beat and called names.

Leaning over, I hold him tightly. The food comes with the waitress sparing us a look of pity, realizing she was seeing a private moment, as she set the food on the table. We ignore both the food and her, choosing to remain in our embrace. Then, with a twitch of his nose, his stomach wins out and he lets go. Looking at me, and getting my approval, he dives in and eats ravenously, as do I. During the meal, I decide it is my turn to be honest. I first tell him that I am gay, and about how it was hard for me growing up... though never as hard as he has it. I then gulp, taking a huge risk, and whisper to him telling him that I really like boys his age versus guys. Expecting disgust, or a scream of "stranger danger", instead he looks up at me and grins... a big grin... shifts in his seat a bit, adjusting... and goes back to eating. Breathing a sigh of relief, I continue telling him what I do, finally asking what happens if he is not home today?

"Nothing... my dad is at work." I was about to question about school, then realize it is June and school just got out.

"Good... then you are with me," I say briskly. Before he can answer, I hold up my finger, pull out my phone, and let people know at work that a family emergency came up and that I will not be in. He grins between bites as I lie into the phone.

"Are you ok going with me today... I mean... I promise I won't do anything."

"Yeah," he says, "and... I wouldn't... yeah it will be fine."

I smile, hoping to myself that I could finish that sentence, but realizing that I am probably just dreaming.

"Ok... then are you ok going back home with me on the train?"

"Yeah... but... I'll have to stop and buy a ticket. And here is your money back."

"Seriously, dude... keep it. And don't worry about the ticket."

We hop the trains back home. Getting into my car, which being a sports car, he is impressed by, we leave the parking lot. The whole trip I try, quite unsuccessfully, to keep from staring at the boy... cognizant that I was yet again falling in love with yet another person I barely knew, and could never be with.

We pull into the local Wal-Mart, and he asks "What are we doing here? I thought we were going to your place."

"Well, first we need to get you something to wear. Don't worry... I'll get you something better... but people might be a little suspicious if you show up in the mall, uh, wearing what you are wearing." Thinking, I strip off my jacket and tie, unbutton my shirt, and roll up my sleeves... to look a little less kept.

"I can't... my dad will..."

"We'll deal with that later... Come on."

In the store, I buy him a couple of everything he needs... having him try on some pants to get his size... and wishing I was in the dressing room with him. The clothing bill was meager relative to the suit I was wearing, but when the total came Kevin almost lost it saying he couldn't let me spend that. I shushed him quickly, and departed.

As we come out of the store, he thanked me profusely, and we start talking a bit more, joking around. We drive back to my house... which is nothing fantastic. As we pull up Kevin whistles and comments, "Wow... you live here... this is really nice."

I use the opportunity to ask where he lives, in which he responds quoting one of the rougher areas around. Before, I could respond with some sheepish platitude, he jumps out of the car. I also get out, snagging the bags along the way, and lead him inside. The place is a mess, as I live alone, but he says it is "really awesome... and way cleaner than his place".

I then tell him the first thing he needs to do is get a bath. He complains... but I push him in... teach him to work the controls in my shower... leave a towel... one of my bathrobes (which will be huge on him... but will work) and tell him I am going to quickly wash his new clothes and to throw his clothes outside the door when he undresses. Immodestly, he start shucking his duds there, and... very reluctantly... I excuse myself, waiting outside the door.

Kevin open the door... completely naked with a raging hard on... and hands me the clothes.

Gasping... I am extremely turned on... but tell him to get into the shower, closing the door. Adjusting myself I run downstairs and put his clothes on a quick wash. I then rummage for an extra toothbrush (extras from the dentist), and bring it up. Being bad, I open the door to the shower, and see him from the back soaping up his hair. While he is amazingly sexy... I also notice the large and fresh bruises along his back and legs, and how thin he is. My heart sinks, as does my erection, and I almost cry right there. Quickly, but quietly shut the door, and sit on my couch composing myself and stifling a sob for the child.

As I regain my aplomb, he steps out of the bathroom, covered in a snowy white robe, far too big for him. Despite the despair in my heart at the sight I just saw, I chuckle a little. He smiles, and comes up to me... opening the robe up... exposing himself to me.

"What are you doing?" I ask, a bit panicked, pulling the robe back shut.

"Don't you want me?"

"Yes... but..." He looks at me and starts to cry. Holding the robe shut I hug him tightly and whisper. "I want you very much. But..."

He cries harder, and in between the sobs says, "I want you too... and want you to want me... I thought you thought..."

"I do... I do... TRUST ME, I do." I sigh heavy... my pants tight once more... my heart melting. "Tell you what... if you still want to later today... we will... I will show you how much I want you. However, let's get to know each other first, and go out for a bit. Ok?"

Still sniffling, Kevin responds, "Ok... promise?"

"Promise. Now go brush your teeth, and let's play some computer games while we wait for your clothes."

Kevin wonders back into the bathroom, and I sigh to myself... wondering what I have got myself into... fear creeping in as I think about the law and consequences of my actions thus far, as I already could be in really deep shit.

Collecting myself, and adjusting my pants, I walk into the kitchen... and am about to pour myself a drink. "Is it really only 9 in the morning...," I think to myself, when Kevin wonders in. I look at him... remembering his dad... and I stop and put the bottle away. Who needs a drink when you are have a boy in your house? And I haven't done anything yet... have I?

We went downstairs, and I showed him my gaming setup.

"Wow... That is really cool computer system! I only get to use the one in the lab."

"Thanks... as long as you are here, it is yours to do with as you please. So, before I completely corrupt you... how old are you?"


He didn't look 12... shoot he didn't look 10. I sighed to myself about all the stuff I didn't know about him, and asked, "So what games do you like to play?"

"Don't know... only used to play Xbox at my friend's house."

"Well do you like to shoot people?"

"Yeah... who doesn't? At least in a video game." I loaded up Planetside, and pointed him in the direction of the other team. For the first 30 minutes, he died a lot... as he spent most of the time learning the controls. However, by the time his clothes were dry he had gotten very good. I sat next to him the whole time, giving him pointers, and rubbing his back, which he thanked me for over and over again despite my constant inquiries on if I should quit. If I was lucky, I was going to need to build a second rig in the future.

"Your clothes are dry... let's get you in them and go out for a bit."

"But... oh ok... just died anyways. Thank you for letting me play!"

"Where did you learn such good manners?"

"My mom before..." he trailed off. "And if I don't say thank you for dinner, my dad doesn't let me eat. Just a habit I guess."

I walked back up to him, pulled him close, and placed a light kiss on his forehead. Breaking away to dig through the dryer, I brought a warm set of new clothes to him and told him go to change. He dropped his robe right in front of me and my mouth dropped once more.

"What did I say?" I admonished him.

"What? You will see later anyways... remember you promised."

"I did promise... but..."

"But what?"

"Nothing..." I smiled, and took in the willing boy's body. He was really thin, but very nicely shaped. Unlike the back, there were no bruises on the front. His skin was silky white, with just patches of freckles and not a hair to be seen below his head. Also, looking a bit closer, I now believed he was twelve as his balls were just starting to drop. With reluctance, I told Kevin "Put your clothes on."

"Wouldn't you rather me stay like this."

"Yes, but later. A promise is a promise... on both sides... remember."

"Yeah, ok."

He put his clothes on, I folded the rest, and we departed. The rest of the day, we went to the mall. I bought him some more clothes, but only could if I didn't let him look at the tag. I even bought him a sports coat, which he didn't want... but told him to "wait till later," and that he would like it. He relented.

We went to a quick lunch at the Chinese place in the mall, and I took him to my stylist. Luckily after all the years of tipping well, he was able to squeeze Kevin in. The stylist shortened his hair, spiking it, giving him a very clean boyish look. On the way out, I had him put the sports coat on as well.

"Wow. I've never had my hair cut like that before. I didn't know they washed your hair and rubbed your head... that felt really good."

"Yep... and you look really good too. A handsome little gentleman."

He blushed and we continued on to the movies, catching a repeat of Iron Man 3 on IMAX.

"That was AWESOME! I mean the screen was so COOL, and in 3D! I haven't gone to the movies in years... that was... THANK YOU!"

Kevin hugged me tight, and we held hands out to the car. He wanted to go home, to keep the "promise" as he kept saying, but I said "dinner first".

We went to Chili's. Nothing fancy, I know, but I was comfortable there, it was close and the food was decent. More importantly, we talked. I learned about his school, that he didn't have many friends. I learned he was actually pretty good at school, but it was hard to pay attention sometimes when he was hungry. He asked about me... about my family, and I told him: One brother that was also gay, but that I didn't speak to often; Very conservative parents out of state, who I was lucky to have and they accepted me after a rough patch. I told him about moving a lot growing up, and being lonely too.

By the end of dinner, we were sharing a cheesecake, and he leans over.

"Thank you."

"I thought I told you to quit that."

"No... not for dinner. Thank you for being nice to me... I... I really like you. And I'll pay you back."

"I really like you too! However," I said, becoming more serious, "you do not have to pay me back. We should talk in the car. First... are you really ok to stay later."

"Well... I don't really have anywhere to go. My dad got paid today, so he is out drinking, and he has the door locked...."

"Then you are staying with me."

"In your bed?" he whispered, grinning.

"Let's talk first," I said seriously. He began to get upset...

"Look... yes, a promise is a promise... but let's talk first... just not here ok?" I looked around, extremely paranoid that someone was listening to us, but seeing that everybody was engrossed in their own trivialities.

"OK" he said, pouting a bit.

We finished the meal and paid, Kevin looking a bit more dower than before.

On the way out, I take his shoulder, and pull him in tight, and sigh to myself. Once in the car, I start the car, and say "Look... I just want to talk. The truth is, I'm scared."

"You? Why are you scared... of me?"

"Yes. I can get in a lot of trouble just for seeing you naked today."


"Hold on, just let me finish. I really... Really.... REALLY... do want you." He smiled really big. "But..." the smiled faded, "... but if anybody ever found out that I had sex with a boy, my life would be over. People like me are considered the worst people on earth. Shoot... people who murder and rape women are better than people like me."

"I won't tell anybody... I promise."

"I'm worried you will slip sometime, or tell a friend, or whatever... and then my life will be over. Do you understand?"

He paused... "Yes... I really do. But... you want to, and I want to... what is wrong with that? And I really won't tell."

I sigh heavily, "There is two other thing..."

"What?" Kevin quips.

"First, I don't want you to do it if you feel like you are paying me back."

"But I...", he looks down, getting quieter, "I don't have anything to give you back."

"Kevin!" I exclaiming, squeezing his hand tight. "Just by spending time with me is all the payback I need.

Kevin smiles at me. "But... well...", the smile turning into a sheepish grin. "I want too also... but if you really don't want to..."

I squeeze his hand again. "I do want to... VERY MUCH. Are you sure."

"Uh hu."

"Ok... there is one more thing. Well...", I gulped. He wanted to feel good, but was he ready for this... "Well... I've... uh.. am kinda... falling in love with you. I'm not sure I can bear letting you go when I take you home now..."

"You love me?"

"Yes. And more every moment."

"I love you too... and don't..."


"Don't take me home."

I laughed. "I have too... that would be kidnapping. I'm in enough trouble as it is."

He looks down. "My dad doesn't want me... he doesn't care."

I reached over, and hugged him. "Tell you what... let's figure that out tomorrow."

"So, will you keep your promise?" He looked at me, eyes wide.

I sighed, the last shred of willpower spent... "Yes... yes I will keep my promise to you, my little angel." Upon those words, my penis grew hard.

Once in the house, I locked the door, and went into the kitchen. I poured myself a scotch, and yell into the other room, "Did you ever have a drink?" I figured, given what I was about to do, giving a minor some alcohol was the least of my worries.

"Like, water?" He yells, muffled from the other room.

"No, like a drink... alcohol?"

"I snuck some of my dad's beer once... it was awful," he grunted.

"Well come in here... I've got something you should try." I poured him a small glass of Disarono from the fridge and put some milk with ice into it.

When I turn, I see Kevin there... totally naked... hard as a rock, eyes full of lust. I almost drop the glasses.

"Um... well... damn you are beautiful." I put the glasses on the table and reach out, rubbing his chest. He reaches for my pants, and I pull back. "Go put a robe on... just for a bit..." He begins to pout. "Trust me... it will be more fun."


He trots out of the room, and I tuck my now raging hard-on so that it isn't sticking obscenely out of my pants. I take a deep swig of my scotch to regain my composure. Within a minute, he comes back in, back into the oversized robe. I give him the drink and say, "Try it."

"But I don't like alcohol. And it makes you into my dad..."

"No it doesn't. Not if you are responsible about it. Just take a sip."

He takes a little sip of the sweet drink, and smiles, and takes a bigger gulp. "That is really good. What is it?"

"Amaretto and milk. One of my favorite when I want something sweet."

"What are you drinking?"

"Scotch... trust me... you wouldn't like this one."

"Can I try?"

"Sure, but don't say I didn't warn you."

He take a gulp, and almost gags, running to the sink to spit it out. Laughing, I say "I told you."

Once he washes his mouth out, he asks incredulously, "How can you drink that shit?"

"It is an acquired taste... took me years. Now grab your drink and lets go to the bedroom."

We walked to the bedroom, hand in hand. And he sits on the bed, takes another drink and puts the glass on the bed stand. "Now?"

"No... not yet... first, we need to get both of us ready."


"Yeah... if we are going to do it... and you want to do it right?" I ask, and he nods yes enthusiastically. "Then we are going to do it right. First... enemas for both of us?"


"Enemas... it cleans your rear end out. Makes it less messy."


"You want to do this right?"

"Ok... but I don't like them!"

"I'll help you if you want..."

"NO. I mean... no. I'm ok. Um... well... "

"Don't worry, I understand..." I walk into the bathroom, grab 2 enema bottles, and give them to him. "Do it twice, and try to hold it in as long as possible."

"Ok..." he says, staring despondently at the bottles.

"Trust me, you will like doing this someday, as I hope you like what comes next."

He smiles and turns away, to go to the bathroom in the hallway. I then lock the door to the bathroom and give myself two as well. Luckily the toilet had its own closet keeping the smell contained.

As I am finishing, there is a knock at the door. "Done yet?"

"Almost... go sit on the bed... IN YOUR ROBE."

"OK..." he whines. "When my friends do this... it never... never mind." Well that peaked my curiosity.

I finish my business, and find him sitting at the edge of the bed, overwhelmed by the big white robe, finishing the last of his drink.

"God you are beautiful. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah... I need to pay you back."

I stop dead in my tracks. "No... our debt is settled. If this is because you feel some need to pay me back, then we just need to stop right now."

"No no..." he cries. "No... I just... I..."

I sit next to him, and press my finger gently to his lips. "Are you sure?" He nods yes. I then press my lips to his. At first, he doesn't know what to do... but slowly he begins to accepts my tongue... not responding at first. I pull away... "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I mean... I've just never been kissed like that before."

I smile. "Well, do you want to do it again?"


I kiss him again. This time, he kisses back, and we stay like that for 5 minutes... all the time me rubbing his back and legs through the robe.

"I do love you." I whisper as I pull away from the kiss.

"I love you too."

"Let's get a shower together." I take his hand, and pull him off the bed. I then tug at the robe's belt, opening up the treasure. I gasp once more when his naked body comes into view. I slowly slip the robe off of him, and lean in for another kiss, pulling his form close to mine. As we kiss, I feel his hands reach for my belt. I give him access, and let him fuss with the belt. I then pull away, unbutton my shirt, and pull it off. Now, I am not muscle bound, but I do try to keep in some sort of shape other than round. By the time my undershirt is off he has my belt undone and is undoing my pants. My penis spring into view, and no sooner than it does, he goes down sucking it, even getting some of it into his throat.

The feeling is too good, and I moan, pushing it deeper just a bit, and then pull him up. "Where did you learn that?"

"My friend and his older brother make me do it to them..."

"I see."

"And..." looking away, "lately, when my dad is drunk... he makes me do it to him too."

"I'm sorry," I say, holding him close. "You don't have to..."

"No... for the first time... I want to... I want to do it to you." He starts to go down and I lift him back up. "What... I wasn't good..."

"You are amazing! Let's just get a shower... I promise you can do that more in a bit."

I lift him up, and he giggles. I carry him into the shower, his boy boner pointing straight at his face the whole time. Before putting him down, I reciprocate and suck oh his penis for a few moments.

"OH WOW! OHH.... OH. THANK YOU!" he says I come up?

"You act like no one has done that to you."

"No one has... they just made me do them." Another chip off the ice in my heart, as I fell for the boy more, and wanted nothing more than to protect him.

I started the oversized shower, adjust the water, and then have him step in with me behind. I turn him around and begin kissing him again. I then pull away, and reach for the shampoo. I wash his hair, condition it, and then work up a lather of the body wash. Carefully and gently washing his face, I then have him rinse. He just smiles at me, joy and lust in his eyes. I then lather up and have him turn around, washing his back, my hands gliding gently around the bruises, down to his smooth orbs. I wash the round, white melons, softly kissing his neck under the hot running water, my finger slowly finding its way into his cheeks. When I finally rub my finger over his sphincter, he jumps a little.

"You ok?" I whisper into his ear.

"Yeah... just... just nervous is all."

"Don't be... I promise I won't hurt you."

"I love you," he whispers.

I continue to massage his hole, slowly penetrating slightly with the soap. When it finally slips in to the first knuckle, Kevin moans loudly, shuts his eyes and tilts his head back.

"Like that?"

"Oh yeah..." he says, half in a fog.

I then rinse him off in back, and begin soaping up his front. First, slowly washing his chest, paying special attention to his nipples, which rise to sharp peaks. I then move onto washing his stomach, unable to help but take one of his nipples into my mouth and suck on it. He laughs and moans at the same time.

"I'm not a girl... you won't get milk."

"But does it feel good?'


"That is why I am doing it." I go back to sucking... working my way down his body. I then finally rub his penis, and he jumps, moaning loudly. I cup his 3", uncut, diamond hard prick and two, amazingly soft, marble size balls in my hands. I then slowly peel back the foreskin until he squirms, washing away all the day's gunk.

As I begin to wash his legs, I lean down, taking his freshly cleaned penis into my mouth, and return my finger to his behind, slowly wiggling the digit deeper into the boy's ass. His knees begin to buckle and I hold the small angel up, continuing to suck.

"Do you want to try something even better?" I ask, pulling off his penis

"Uh...," he says breathlessly. "Yeah, but... that felt really good."

I get on my hands and knees, pull my cheeks apart, and tell him, "Put some conditioner on your penis and put it in?"


"Yeah... go for it."

"Ok," he says, squirting some conditioner. He aims his penis at my hole, and begins to push in. Although it is a big tight, the boy is not very big. I know I won't feel much, but know he will love it, and I think it is really hot. As he pushes in, he moans loudly, quickly bottoming out. He then does what comes naturally to every boy, and starts pumping furiously, pulling out too far a few times, and furiously placing his dick back into my ass. As he gets closer he starts to pant, his hips moving in a blur.

"I'm... uh... I'm... UH... UH... UGHHHHH" The boy cums a dry cum, and his knees buckle while his dick twitches violently in my ass, trying to release the sperm that just aren't quite ready yet. He collapses on top of me, and I reach over holding him up.

I set the boy in the corner of the shower, and while he didn't quite pass out, I can tell he is definitely going to need a minute to recover. I turn the water on him so he doesn't get cold, wash his sensitive penis off causing him to jump a bit, and then proceed to clean myself, paying special attention to my raging and leaking dick, and my ass, making sure it is properly clean. As I am finishing, Kevin begins to stand, and I smile at him.

"Wow... I've never felt like that. Can we do it again?"

I laugh as I pull him in for a hug, kissing his forehead, and noticing his dick is already starting to rise again. "Ahh, to be young," I think to myself. I then shut off the water, and lead Kevin out of the shower, grabbing two white fluffy towels. I throw one to him, and dry myself off. I quickly dry myself enough to be comfortable, and then help him dry off. I grab another towel, and rub his head.

"Mmmmm... that feels good," he sighs.

I continue drying him, lifting his arms, and paying attention to every inch of his body. I kissed his fingers, then his hand, and then worked up his arm, then down his side. I stopped at his hip, and started on the other hand, him cooing the entire time. I then lift the child up... god he is light... and carry him to the bed, laying him down gently, and leaning in to kiss him.

Asking one more time, knowing the answer, but checking one last time, I ask, "Are you sure?" He nods, and I kiss him, and pulling off my towel I lay lightly on top of him, pressing my dick into his leg. Continuing to kiss him, I reach down and undo his towel, pulling his naked body close to mine. Holding him, I roll over putting him on top.

He sits up, and I let him explore my body. Rushing a bit from inexperience, he quickly grabs my penis, causing it to jump and leak a bit more.

"You are really big," he said, with a bit of envy

"I'm a little above average... you'll get there."

"How come you aren't as hairy as my... as other people I have seen?"

"I like to keep my balls shaved, and trimmed. I think I just looks better."

"Me too." He says, as he starts to rub the head of my penis. "You are leaking," he giggles.

"Yeah... you are causing that."

Without warning, he reaches down and licks the clear drop of pre-cum coming off my penis, causing me to moan. He looks up at me, and smiles a mischievous grin, and begins to suck my dick. It takes all my effort not to force his bobbing head down further, though it is obvious he has done this before as he goes deeper on each bob. Finally, I feel his throat open up and takes my full dick into him. I can't help but lightly press on his head, moaning a resounding, "Yesssssss!"

I let him come up, and he coughs a little. I suddenly worry, pleading, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Regaining his composure, coughing one more time, he smiles and says, "You didn't... I can't believe I got it all the way... "

"I can't either." I smile at him, pulling him close and licking the bit of drool of his chin.

"My turn." I say pushing him off of me.

He lays spread eagle on the bed, waiting for me.

"No... no... turn over..." I say.

"What...," he says sheepishly.

"Relax... just turn over. I promise you will like what is coming next."

"Ok... just don't hurt me," he says, trailing off and rolling over.

I lean over him and whisper into his ear, "Honey, I couldn't ever hurt you and I promise I won't. If you want me to stop anything, just tell me ok."

He smiles sheepishly, and nods. I then kneel over him, and reach into the dresser to pull out some cream. Kevin gives me a quizzical, and slightly worried look as I pump some into my hands, laying the bottle on the discarded towel. I then rubbed the cream between my hands to warm it, and then slowly started to massage the boy's back, careful to avoid the bruising. I slowly, and lightly rub his neck, when Kevin starts to purr softly.

"Like that?"

"Uh hu," he moans.

"Told you," I grin as I continue rubbing, my hard cock dripping onto the boy's butt. As desperate as I wanted to be in that glorious hole, I knew I needed to take my time, and make this as pleasurable as possible for him. So I continue rubbing, softly going up and down his spine, letting my hands slip ever slower. Finally, I start rubbing his butt cheeks, slowly pulling them apart, getting a glimpse at his small pink rosebud. I lick my lips, knowing full well what I want... what I have wanted for years and have never been able to have. Somewhere, far in the back of my mind, fear of what could happen pings, but it is quickly dismissed thing of the sight in front of me.

Without warning, I lean down and begin to lick the hole, holding his cheeks as far apart as possible.

"What...? Don't... Ugh... Oh god that feels good... don't stop." I continue devouring the small puckered hole with my tongue, pushing it in further as the hole begins to loosen up, Kevin moaning in pleasure, pushing back against my face. I pull him to his knees and work my tongue in deeper, tasting only the lightest of boy essence, completely lost in my ecstasy of eating him out, only aware enough to reach around and play with the boy's penis and balls, causing him to moan louder.

After about five minutes, I begin to insert a finger with my tongue, causing a deeply pleasurable response from the boy. I get it about half way in before I realize that I am going to need something slipperier than saliva if I want to continue. Reluctantly, I pull away and help Kevin turn over. I lay on top of him, and begin to kiss him. At first he pulls away, realizing where my tongue has just been...

"It's ok... you are clean."

Reluctantly at first, he lets me kiss him again. Not tasting anything horrible, he then embraces me deeply and grinds his body into mine. Working up the courage, I finally whisper in his ear, "Can I fuck you?"

"I've never done it before," he says, a bit worried but full of lust.

"I promise I won't hurt you. It may hurt a bit at first, but you will love it. We don't have..." he cuts me off.

"Yeah... I want to. Please fuck me!" he says with gusto. I didn't need told twice. Position him onto the towel, and reach back into the nightstand to pull out some Vaseline.

"You are really tight, so I have to get you ready first, ok?"

"Ok." He smiles at me as I lube up my finger, then lifting his legs slightly, I rub my finger across his hole, now just a bit wider than before. I then get some more Vaseline on my finger and lay beside him. I kiss him as I reach below him, inserting my middle finger slowly up his ass. He moans a deep moan as I slowly go deeper. As I get about three quarters of the digit in, I begin to wiggle it.

"OH WOW... OH... What is that?"

"That is your prostate... it is what eventually will make most of your cum. And it feels really good when it is rubbed doesn't it?"

"Oh yeah it does! I never knew..."

I giggled, and continued pressing my finger all the way into him... wiggling it and causing him to squirm. Once it was there for a while, I asked, "Ready for two?"


I then pull out my middle finger to a moan, and then add my index finger, slowly pushing in.

"Owe... wait..."

"Ok... I'm sorry."

"It's... it's ok. Just go slow"

"Ok." I continue to press, though a good bit slower than before. Finally, after kissing him relentlessly, playing with his penis and going very slow, I get both fingers in. Once he is adjusted, and I am wiggling around, he moans, and I know he is ready for the third.

"One more finger... then me ok."


I pull my fingers back out, and adjust a bit so I can get three in easily. I start to insert the third finger, when I see him squinting. "You ok?" I ask, truly concerned.

"Yeah... I mean... whew that feel huge..."

"We can stop..."

"No... like you said... it only hurts for a bit, and I really want you in me."


I see his dick go semi-soft for only the second time tonight. I continue to kiss him, to take his mind off the pain. Quickly though, he starts kissing me back and he is at full mast again, if not harder than before it was possible. I continue to move all three fingers in and out of him slowly, eventually causing him to moan.

I then pull my fingers out, and wipe my hand on the towel. I then move to position myself between his legs, and tell him to put his feet on my shoulders, which he does. I fuck him while he is on his stomach, but I want to see his eyes.

"Are you sure... last chance?"

"Yeah... I'm sure."

With that, I position my penis at his hole. I stop for a second to look at the scene before me. A beautiful boy, splayed out and willing giving himself to me, my hard and leaking cock at the entrance of his smooth puckered boy hole, his rock hard dick bouncing in anticipation of what is about to happen.

Slowly, I begin to push my cock in. "Push out like you are pooping," I say. "It will make it easier."

"Ok." He does, and I continue to push a bit further in, seeing the pain mixed with lust in his face. As the head of my dick clears his sphincter, he cries out in pain, and it takes all my effort not to ram the rest of my rod deep into his body. Instead, I hold it there, and kiss him, letting him get used to the large intruder. After a few moments, I can feel him lose some of the tension out of his body, and I begin to push in very slow. Every time I feel him tense, I stop and let him get used to my size.

"You still ok?"

"Yeah, but damn you are big."

"It just feels that way..." I tell him, totally in love with the tight tube slowly engulfing my dick. I think I am harder than I have been since I was, well, his age. I continue to push my rod in... slowly... ever so slowly. Finally, I feel my pubic hair against his butt.

"I'm in," I whisper as I smile and lean in to kiss him. We kiss for a few moments, and slowly... ever so slowly... I begin to pull back, and then slowly thrust back in.

"Oh wow... you... you hit that spot."

I smile, knowing that he will be a butt boy from now on. I then continue to slowly pump in and out of him, trying to go as slow as possible lest I cum far too early. He moans on every thrust in. He starts to grab his penis, and I shoo his hand away.

"Please... let me... "

"No... trust me..."

"Ok," he says, wrapping his hand around my neck pulling me in for yet another kiss. I continue pumping harder, picking up speed, knowing I am not going to last long. I then lean back and push his legs up and begin to thrust with earnest. He grunts louder every time I thrust, his dick twitching, and him pushing back as I push forward. His eyes closed, completely lost in the feeling. I keep looking at him, beginning to pant. Suddenly he starts to cry out, and his body begins to convulse in another dry orgasm. That sent me over the edge and with one last thrust, I push deep into the boy's ass, shooting volley after volley of sperm deep inside the child, finally collapsing on top of him.

I keep my dick in him until it goes soft. As I pull out, he also begins to rouse from his bliss, and I suddenly am struck by guilt.

"I'm sorry...", I begin to whisper.

"For what?"

"For doing that... I shouldn't have..."

"I want to... and you are right... not touching myself while you did that was AWESOME!" He reaches over and kissing me again, and I kiss him back, with less urgency than before, but with more love. As we kiss, I wipe both of us up, cleaning my dick and his ass, and seeing just a little bit of blood, which is normal given how much the boy had to stretch.

We lay there for a while, and I can tell he is getting antsy, or board, or tired, or all three.

"Want to watch some TV?" I ask, reaching for the remote to the TV hanging on the wall?


"Let me close up first ok? Want something to drink?"

"Just some water..." he starts to get up.

"No no... sit... I'll be right back."

He sits back, and I go around the house, shutting off lights and making sure the doors are locked, as well as pouring both of us a glass of water. I come back to find the naked boy, sitting on the bed, flipping through channels, finally stopping on an airing of Despicable Me.

"I always hoped someone would find me like the guy finds the girls in this movie."

"Well... I'm no super-villain... at least I don't think I am... But you do have someone who loves you."

He smiles up at me, his eyes glassy, and I hand him his water. He takes a sip and puts it by the bed. I then climb into bed, and motion him to lay between my legs, both of us with our knees up, me holding him tight.

As we sit there, I start to think of the future, and what I should do. I know I can't let him go, but I have to come up with a plan. For thirty minutes, I lay there, Kevin between my legs, as I ponder, finally deciding to put off figuring it out till tomorrow.

I suddenly remember my dream from last night, and listen. This time... there is no knock. It is just me and this beautiful boy that I love completely and totally. As we sit there... Holding on to him tight, his small naked form in mine, in the dark.

---- End ----

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