Home Invasion Nightmare

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Embee


Thirty-five year-old Carter Bairns finished his evening 5 mile run, drenched in sweat as usual, and returned to his modest acreage home and took a shower. He caught the tail end of a radio report about escapees from the state juvenile facility and thought nothing of it.


His wife was out of town tending to her sick father for at least a week, and the house felt empty and lonely. However, he would be undisturbed and could concentrate on his latest novel long into the night; there was a deadline coming up which he should be able to meet.


Carter stepped out of the shower and proceeded to dry off his lean, well-toned body, when suddenly, the bathroom door crashed open and three teenagers ran in - one brandishing a handgun. Startled beyond fear, he managed an instinctive sense of modesty and held the towel in front of him.


“Whatever it is you want, take it and leave!” he said, his voice quivering, staring at the kid with the gun.


“Ya got any cash around here?” the boy of about fifteen asked. “You must be rich living in this big joint.”


“I don’t keep a lot of cash in the house, but I’ll give you what I have.”


The youngest, he pegged to be abound 13, snatched the towel from his hands leaving him standing naked and vulnerable. Ironically, although he never thought he would actually experience it, his latest book mentioned how interrogators used that very psychological tactic of stripping their subjects - but he doubted that was their intention.


The three scanned his body. One kid whistled and said, “You got a big cock. Your wife must really enjoy that up her pussy!”


It was a strange comment, coming from a young teenager. “Let me get dressed and I’ll round up whatever money I have.”


“Nope,” the gun wielder said. “Come downstairs and don’t try anything stupid.”


“I promise I won’t. Now please put away the gun before an accident happens.” Even he knew how lame that sounded, making a mental note not to use it in his books anymore. He walked with his hands in the air, his mind reeling, wondering why they picked his house to rob. He thought about the radio report, wishing he had paid closer attention and knew what he was up against.


“Who all lived here?”


“Just my wife and she’s away for a while.” Carter counted his blessings that Julie was away.


“Too bad, we could use a little nooky.”


He was led into the living room and sat on the sofa after his hands were tied; at least he was able to cover his genitals.


“Where do ya keep the liquor?” the young one asked.


Carter motioned to the cabinet close by. That was all he needed … a drunk kid with a gun!


They helped themselves to a bottle of fine scotch and shared it, not bothering with glasses. The bottle was held to his mouth as well. He could have used a strong gin and tonic to help calm his nerves, but the scotch would have to suffice.


“I’ll see what there is to eat in the kitchen,” said the kid who had remained silent till then. He turned and went into the kitchen; he looked about 14.


“You ever sucked cock?”


Carter was taken aback and replied, “No. I told you I’m married.”


“Where we came from, the guards made us suck their cocks. Does your wife blow ya?”


“Sometimes … look, where is all this going?”


His question was ignored. “Is she good at it and swallows?” gun-boy asked.


Carter had an eerie feeling seeing the kid rub his crotch. “Look, why is my sex life … no, she doesn’t swallow, that’s degrading.”


“We were forced to swallow.”


“Look, I’m really sorry those things happened to you … now please take what you want and leave. I promise not to call the cops.”


Gun-boy laughed, “Yea, right. Maybe after you blow me we’ll leave.”


Carter had a feeling the boys were going to rape him just for the fun of it. “I really don’t want to do that, kid. If you’re horny, go jerk off!” He regretted his words; maybe they were only having some fun with him. Gun-boy handed the weapon to the other kid and moved in front of Carter, opening his pants.


Carter watched him pull them down to his thighs; he wasn’t wearing underwear. The 15-year-old was well endowed and very erect. Carter knew it was no joke; they were going to force him. He closed his eyes hoping to wake up and find it was all a bad nightmare. The kid pressed his cock to Carter’s lips; he didn’t have any choice but to comply. The cock was salty and very warm. He gagged and backed off to regain his composure, thinking he was going to throw up. Closing his eyes, he tried to block it from his mind and sucked the boy. Never having done it before, it seemed to come naturally - what guy didn’t know the basics?


“You can feel my balls, too.”


It occurred to Carter why they hadn’t tied his hands behind his back - they had every intention of humiliating him. The kid had large balls to match his cock. Hairless, they were soft, smooth and hefty, cupped in his two hands.


“You're pretty good at it. You sure you never done it before?”


Probably another humiliation tactic; all he could do was shake his head.


“Ricky here, likes sucking cock and he’s real good at it too! If you behave maybe he’ll blow ya.”


“Great!” thought Carter. Getting a blowjob from a 13-year-old boy wasn’t appealing whatsoever.


He heard the third boy return, and the cracking of a potato chip bag. “Munchies!” he exclaimed, sounding happy. “I see the old man is already having a tube snack,” he laughed. “I’m next after you, Calvin.”


At least he was learning their names. Why he thought that was important, he didn’t know. He hadn’t lost his warped sense of humor, and joked to himself that it was always good to know the name of the guy you were blowing. He could hear them eating the potato chips while enjoying the show. He also heard the opening of cans; the kid had obviously discovered the beer in the mini fridge.


Carter wasn’t looking forward to it, but he hoped Calvin would hurry up and cum just to get it over. As it was, at least 20 minutes had gone by, and his jaw was beginning to ache.


“Look what I found,” said Ricky, sounding pleased with himself. “A camcorder!”


Carter thought he was going to die of shame. Being recorded was the ultimate act of degradation in his mind, especially when Calvin said, “Get me cumming on his face, Ricky!” Calvin sounded truly excited by that … and that’s exactly what he did. Before Carter closed his eyes he saw the first shot of the ivory semen jettison onto his face, the balance he could feel running down his face. As if matters couldn’t get any worse, Calvin rubbed his slimy cock over his lips and he could taste the jism.


“My turn!” said the yet unnamed member of the trio until Calvin dropped his name. Liam was smaller than Calvin, had tiny testicles, and barely any pubic hair. Carter detected a slight metallic taste. He wondered why he was even making comparisons. Maybe it was like looking at guys in the shower, or even at the urinals - guys always checked each other out - it was a fact of life. Only he wasn’t simply stealing an innocent glance! He had to keep reminding himself he was being forced into this perversion … by three young boys!


“I’m going to snoop around. Maybe they have some good drugs,” said Calvin. “Shoot him if he does anything stupid.”


He hoped they didn’t start mixing prescription drugs with alcohol - that could be a recipe for disaster for him. There were anti-inflammatories, Tylenol 3, and Oxycontin from when Julie had undergone neck surgery.


Carter had a lot of time to think. He concluded that the kids were probably acting out in retaliation of the abuse they endured at the hands of adults. It made perfectly good sense … or was he making excuses for their criminal behaviour? He didn’t even know why they had been incarcerated - state juvie was a maximum security facility for serious offenders.


Carter’s jaw was killing him, but he didn’t dare break away. Marky had the gun aimed at him and he was sure the kid was aching to use it. Liam’s slender cock began to twitch, and a second later he came in his mouth. Not much, but enough to detect it’s sweeter taste and thinner consistency than Calvin’s jizz.


Calvin came running into the livingroom. “Look what I found. We can fuck him all night long with these!” They had found the Viagra he sometimes needed for limp-dick. “Also Oxycontin! This stuff sells for a fortune on the street.”


Carter felt he was in for a hell of a dangerous night. He could only hope they passed out, and then he could press the panic alarm at the front door.


“Let’s have some fun with these boner pills.” He walked up to Carter and forced a viagra into his mouth, using the gun to ensure he swallowed it.


“Boys, you’ve had your fun with me and I’ve cooperated. I’m begging you now to leave me alone, and for you to leave.”


“Nope! We’re sleeping over, fuck-face,” Calvin said. “Might even stay until your old lady gets home!”


The boys turned the stereo on full blast, and started dancing. On Calvin’s orders they began taking off their clothes, obviously to intimidate Carter. A half-hour later, the boys had erections; so did Carter, which they got quite a kick out of. He was a big man, maxing out at close to eight-inches.


“He’s been a good sport, I guess. Suck his cock, Marky.”


“Okay!” the kid said, only too keen.


“Mark, you don’t have to do this, buddy.”


“But I want to,” was his reply.


Calvin pushed the man back and Mark got on his knees, taking the cock in his hand and studying it intently -  including his balls. Calvin held the camcorder.


“I saw a cucumber in the fridge,” said Liam. “We should fuck him with it.”


“Cool idea!” encouraged Calvin. “And find some kind of cooking oil.”


Mark was taking a great deal of the shaft in his mouth, as if to see how much he could really take. He would also have the honor of shoving the cucumber up Carter’s ass, the gun at his temple assuring cooperation. He wanted to cry, but that’s what they probably wanted. Calvin covered the vegetable in Crisco and handed it to Mark.


The pain was excruciating to say the least. Carter might even had enjoyed the blowjob, despite its provider, had it not been for the cucumber. The kid appeared to know his way around a man’s body … someone had taught him well.


Carter’s screams only seemed to please Calvin all the more. The boy was definitely a psychopath. He told Liam to suck his cock and the kid never hesitated to comply and get on his knees. Carter’s fear increased. He was frightened to death of the young lunatic, and was sure his life was in grave danger once Calvin grew tired of him. He had to find away to escape. His cell phone was upstairs. Julie would be worried sick and perhaps call the police to check on him.


Mark seemed to lose interest and left the cucumber in place, deep inside Carter. The pain subsided after a while. Maybe he had lost his mind; the entire scene had become erotic to him. He had read somewhere that victims often begin to relate to their captors, and a survival mechanism triggered in the brain.


“Now that you’re broken in, I’m going to fuck you,” Calvin said with obvious pleasure.


Surely it would be better than the cucumber! Carter got on his hands and knees on the floor as instructed, Calvin moved behind, Liam in front, and Mark under him. The four-way began. Calvin’s cock slid in without much pain. Carter felt humiliated taking a boy front and rear. The cold barrel of a gun resting on the back of his neck, held by a lunatic juvenile, was all the encouragement he needed to cooperate and swallow his dignity.


Carter’s fear was far from over. After Liam had cum in his mouth, Calvin handed the boy the pistol so that he could better concentrate on abusing Carter’s burning rectum even more. Liam pressed the gun barrel to his lips.


“Suck it, old man,” Liam ordered, a look of sick delight on his face, his eyes like a snake’s.


Carter took the barrel in his mouth, fearfully watching the kid’s finger on the trigger, and sucking it vigorously to appease Liam, whose bitter semen with the added metallic flavor, he still tasted. Liam and Calvin laughed. Carter had a strong feeling the boy was seriously thinking about pulling the trigger, just for the thrill of it.


The boys finally left in Carter’s Lexus. He freed himself of his bound hands and feet, had a hot shower and went to bed. No way in hell was he was going to call the police and report his humiliating ordeal. He would report his car stolen the next day, and try and forget his nightmare - or so he thought, much to his later regret.


Awakened early in the morning by police, Carter was arrested on a number of charges related to sexual statutes involving minors. The cops had found the video recorder in possession of the boys, when they were apprehended driving his car some time during the night. He had completely forgotten about the indignant, yet indisputably incriminating, video. The question as to why he never reported the home invasion, came back to haunt him, as no-one believed his version of what had actually happened that day.


Thankfully, Carter’s wife believed him. However, the damage to his reputation outside the home was devastating beyond belief. He lost his job, friends, and relatives, thanks to the media publicity.


It was Carter’s very expensive attorney who examined the video in fine detail, and found a millisecond frame of the gun used in the rape, which finally exonerated him. He may not have had to serve time in prison, but his life was still left in shambles - their dream home sold, to pay the legal fees.


Epilogue:  “Innocent until proven guilty” is merely a farcical legal term, ignored by society in general. The media is the true people’s court; the public, its jury. Would like to hear from others who have innocently suffered through the system, and maybe write your story.


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