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Hotel Columbia

Chapter 1: Winning

"Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him."

- Henery Miller, The Wisdom of the Heart

     Jared started to relax in his seat as the plane leveled off at 30,000 feet. He looked around him and saw that the plane was packed with fine gentlemen and elegant ladies all around him, all anticipating the vacation of their lives. As it had already been a long day for him, he slowly drifted off to sleep, still wondering how he had been so lucky to have one this vacation. It was his dream, but until now it was only a dream.

     Jared has visited the website every day for the last 3 years, ever since he heard about the Hotel Columbia. From the time he heard about it from a friend in the chat room, he dreamed about someday saving up enough money to take a day or two of vacation there. It was, he thought, the only place in the world where he might one day live out his deepest and darkest fantasy.

     Where Jared lived, to love a boy was anything but legal, but he had been attracted to, as he put it, the younger persuasion for as long as he can remember. All his life he had restrained himself, being very careful not to allow himself to get too close to a child for fear that wanting to express his love for the boy would land him in trouble that he did not want. Although he contained himself in public, and around all children, when he was alone he had to relieve himself by the one outlet he had, the Internet. Whether it was pictures, stories, or chatting to people online, he had to find a place in his mind where he was truly free. Lately though, it had been getting worse due to the fact that his subconscious was deceiving him. In his dreams, he would picture loving a boy in a way that only he knew how. Never hurting, and only loving... giving the boy only pure, unadulterated love.

     One day, on the hotel's web site, Jared spotted a new link on the homepage that said, "Enter for vacation of a life." Although he knew that he had a chance in a million, he filled out the form, and for a second, dreamed about being the winner. He quickly started to fill out the survey from, which asked questions from the mundane to the more personal. At times, there were questions that made him blush, and others that he hadn't even though about doing himself. When he got down to the questions referring to S&M he started to giggle at the though of doing most of these, wondering how any of these would turn people on. Sure, there were one or two of these things that he might try... but when it asked him if he wanted to be fucked on a bed of nails he just couldn't help but laugh out loud. Then it got to the point of asking him what his perfect partner would be like and he began to think just for a second of being truly happy. Unfortunately Jared was a realist and realized that it was only a dream and quickly finished the application and got back to work.

     Over time Jared forgot that he had even filled out the application, until one day about three months later, he received a small package in the mail. The only words he noticed on the return address were "Hotel Columbia". Quickly he remembered that he had filled out the entry form and had though that they had sent him a brochure or something. He smiled at that though, hoping it would show a boy or two so he might dream for a while. As he began to open it, he found nothing more than a small case with the inscription "For DVD ONLY" on it. He quickly opened the case and stuck the small CD that he found into his DVD player. He began to wonder what kind of brochure this was, but he smiled and thought if nothing else, this was going to be a good movie.

     As he settled back into his chair and pressed play, an attractive man, approxmatly 35 years old came on the screen.

"Good day, Jared Burk," the screen flickered, almost causing Jared to jump out of his seat. "My name is Lance Devero, the owner of Hotel Columbia. Before I get down to business, I would like to first take some time to tell you about our unique resort community, and the history of Hotel Columbia."

     Jared though to himself that they really did go all out customizing theses brochures, but he had an idea of how much income the hotel brought in a year, so he figured that they had some sophisticated way of incorporating everybody's name into their brochures. He continued to watch patiently, hearing information about the hotel that he already knew, but was delighted to hear again.

"As you know already, Hotel Columbia is the premier and only child lovers community in the world. As I will get to shortly, Hotel Columbia is not only a hotel or resort, but over the past 20 years has developed into the largest, and safest city on the South American Continent. Before I go any further let me tell you about the history of Hotel Columbia.

Twenty years ago, in the year 2004, Columbia was in an extreme economic crisis, leaving hundred of thousands, if not millions, in a state of extreme poverty. Around the country, hordes of boys were being slaughtered daily by the police to reduce the strain on the economy. It was a horrible situation.

Around that time, I had just finished my masters in International Economics, and I was wondering what I wanted to do with my life. I too, at that time, knew I was attracted to young males, but I did not have any way to express myself. I had been talking to many people, and they were in the same situation I was. I also found that many of these people were in prominent positions around the world, which gave me an idea.

I quickly boarded a plane to Columbia and set up shop with the small inheritance I had received from my parents' recent demise. I bought a small old hotel in Western Columbia, near the beach and where no one ever went. With the money I had left I fixed up the place and courted a few boys in central Columbia. They were, what was called "Street Urchins", and had very little respect for anybody, especially me.

I quickly found that I did not know any Spanish, and I had though my life was over, until one day, I literally stumbled over Frank. At the time I was walking down the street and did not see him lying there, and I tripped. When I caught my balance, I quickly turned around to see what I had stumbled on. There, I found a small boy, badly hurt and in need of help. So I brought him back, and cared for him for two weeks before he gained enough energy to talk. What was surprising was that his first words were in English. I had told him that I had found him and that he should rest. I continued to care for him, and when the time came, I told him of my idea, knowing he would probably not be interested. Instead the reaction I got was, "May I help?" Apparently he thought he owed me something.

When he was fully recovered, I asked him if he was still ok with the idea, and his response was, "Either I take this, or I got back to the street." And told me to get started.

My next obstacle was, "How do I get someone here?" I decided to contact other boy lovers the only way I knew how, via the Internet. I posted a small message on the newsgroup that told of my small resort. I received 10 responses curious to what I had to offer. When I told them what I was to charge, 8 rejected the offer, one threatened to call the cops, but one gentleman, a Harry Potter, as he like to call himself, accepted my offer.

A week later, the gentleman arrived at the nearest airport. Frank and I met him at the airport, and explained the situation to him. He said he was more than happy with it, and was planning to stay the weekend. Well here I was with my first and I thought my last customer. In the hotel, after he got settled, I sent Frank up to his room. The whole time Frank was gone, I was scared to death. I kept thinking, "What have I done... What have I done..." until the next morning when Frank came back down, with a huge smile on his face. "I never thought it would be like that," he said with a grin. Frank spent the rest of the weekend with the gentlemen, and when it was over, he seemed to be the happiest boy in the world. When I went to check out our guest, he also had a strange smile on his face. He told me that he would tell a few friends about this place, and asked if he could have a few business cards.

When he left, Frank and I split what I thought at the time was an exorbitant amount of money. It was enough for both of us to live comfortably off of for the next three months, which was good, because for the next two, we did not receive any phone calls, e-mails, or anything.

Suddenly, when our money was starting to run low again, I got word from 4 other customers that had heard from "Harry" and wanted a chance to stay at my resort.

Before I knew it, I had all the room in my small hotel booked... and Frank was getting a little worn out from all the "exercise".

I knew I had to find more help, but I did not know how. This time, it was all Frank's idea and helped me recruit 5 fine young gentlemen, enough that Frank would not have to work again unless he wanted to.

By this time, Frank and I had gotten very close, so I pulled him from the roster and sent him to school. Truthfully, I sent all my boys to school, by hiring one of my guests as a "discrete" teacher. I believe he said before he came down he was a professor of Physics at a major intuition, but he also said he had never been given such a lucrative offer in his whole life."

     The phone rang and Jared was pulled from the most in-depth brochure he had ever seen in his life. He quickly stopped the DVD, and answered the phone. When he got off, he became curious of why they sent out this much information to people. Nonetheless, he was mesmerized by what he was seeing, which went far beyond anything he had read on the web site. He quickly restarted the video and returned to his previous state of awe.

"About 3 months later, just as my business was starting to take off, the worst thing possible could have happened, the police. Luckily the government at the time was corrupt enough at the time that I was able to buy my and my boys' way out of jail. But, I knew if I wanted to continue at the business, I would have to someway make it legal for me to do so. So I started talking to the right people, and greasing the right hands with the sizable amount of money I had made during the six months I was open. Before a year was over, a section of the country allowed underage prostitution, which just happened to be where my hotel was located. The law went unnoticed by most people, for it was buried so deep in a bill that unless you knew where to look, it would be overlooked, and the people that would look were already taken care of.

With the last of mine, and my new love's money, we bought up all the land in that area and had the only area in the world that it was legal for an adult and a child to be together. We put in a call to a few of our old clients and rehired our old staff, this time determined to succeed, and to do so legally.

Since then, our hotel has grown by leaps and bounds. In January of 2005, I was able to build the first real building. We tore down the old hotel and put up what was at the time one of the nicest buildings in all of southern Columbia. We also increased our staff to not only include boys, but also girls and a full staff. I also greased a few more pockets and allowed gambling in my area.

I quickly found that the boys seemed to do better than the girls, partially because this was the only area in the world that allowed boys to do this sort of thing. Adding to the dominance of boy was the fact that there was a larger supply of employees around not only in Columbia, but also in surrounding countries.

Also at this time though, I started to attract some of the wrong crowd. A few of the children started to get hurt by the guests. I told myself when I started this job that I wanted a place where I could show a boy love, not hurt them. Most of the guests treated the boys like gold, wining them, dining them, and then politely asking them back to their room. I had even had a few boys leave by this point to go live with lovers they found in the hotel, but I had heard a report of a man forcing himself upon one of my staff members. My blood started to boil and it took eight people to hold me back from killing the bastard. From that point on I started a no tolerance policy, in which I allowed no disrespect to the employees at all. If they were even as so much as touched the wrong way, the guest would be asked to leave the hotel. If the guest forced him or herself upon an employee that did not wish for it, the guest would be... disposed of. The next day I started searching for and found ten ex-navy seals that I hired to be security.

In 2008, the hotel grew to a point where I had 4 buildings, and over 5,000 employees working for me. 2,000 of which were under the age of 18. This was also the time when I sent Frank off to college. I hated to see him go, but to stay in this line of work, he would have to learn all he could. He majored in the same program I did at school, and amazingly completed his Ph.D. in international economics by 2015.

By the time he had come back (besides on every break he could get away), the resort was rivaling the size of Las Vegas, and was growing not only with the boy lover community, but also with everybody. Apparently anybody with an open mind and a peaceful heart wanted to come here on vacation, and with the largest, most highly trained, and best-equipped security force in the world, the area had also become the safest place on earth. I guess knowing that the security officers had rights to act with deadly force helped reduce crime.

Over time, many people had tried to shut my resort down, but by this time it was too late. The area had grown past a resort into an entire community. I had built huge, high-tech industrial plants, which they recently called on CNN, "The second silicon valley". I also helped build and design a premier university, attracting the most renowned professors in the world. I did this mainly so I could continue with my promise to educate to the best of my ability every child that enters my employment.

The area has grown too, for you need a place for your employees to live when you are employing over 250,000 employees directly, not counting the innumerable amount of business that have grown up in the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, I am not able to say that I single handily ended poverty in this fair country, but I did help bring hope for the future. By doing so though, I am unable to find all the employees I need, so I regularly send my best people out to other countries trying to find poor, homeless, parentless children interested in the opportunity that this place brings them, and for the first time in the country's history since World War II, more people are entering the country than leaving.

Now, let me take the time to tell you the current status of our fair resort. Currently there are over 100 hotel buildings, 50 of which are allocated for those interested in finding a boy in which they may satisfy their deepest fantasy. All of these buildings by themselves could be considered a 4-5 star hotel, but collectively make the largest, and most luxurious single resort in the world. The pride and joy of my fair resort is the Cardinal Point, the largest hotel building in the world, with 200 rooms on each floor, and 100 floors, with the top three floors being single, restricted access rooms.

The Cardinal Point boasts the finest in everything. Nothing is left out, from the finest cuisine this fine earth will allow, to the most beautiful and smartest boys on the face of the earth. Even the most basic room would be considered very luxurious at any other point on earth, and every guest is treated like royalty so long as the same respect is given to the employees, especially the boys. Rooms range from $300 a night to over $20,000, not including the top three floors, which are reserved for my personal guests only. The Point is built on the original Hotel site, and has every modern technology incorporated into the building.

While at the resort, guests are asked to wear a tracking bracelet. Although wearing it is an option, it allows your experience at the hotel to be much more enjoyable. It does everything from automatically opening doors, sending the elevator directly to the floor your need, and bringing your car around to ordering your favorite drink and adjusting the water in your bath to your personal preference. It also does allow for my head of security and I to track your position, which would be done even if you were not to wear the bracelet.

Then there are the boys, my beautiful boys. The boys are from around the world, of every shape and size. Ranging in age from 7 to 17, the boys can be a companion for your entire trip, or just for an hour, depending on what you want and what you can afford. These companions are not sex toys though, and do not come cheep, at over $500 an hour. Also, they are never to be forced to have sex with anybody they do not wish to be with, but not to worry, all boys chosen to be companions, or fautors as we like to call them, are chosen because they are more than willing to be with a man. Even if they get tired of being with men, they can retire at any point they wish and there will always be another well paying position waiting for them.

Now is where you come in Jared. By the time you receive this it will have been over two months since you have filed your application. Since then I have reviewed and scoured over millions of entries, most of which were discarded instantly. As for the others, many records were checked and everything possible was found out about the entrants. In the end, I came to the conclusion that you were the one I wanted to pay homage to so as to be my guest for one month.

     At this point Jared jumped out of his seat and started screaming at the top of his lungs. He continued to do so for such a period of time that his neighbors started banging on the walls telling him to "Shut Up!" He didn't care and continued to jump for joy, unable to believe his luck. His dream was about to come true. Through all the dreams, through all the fantasies, he never dared to dream that he might get to stay at the Columbia for a whole month. He quickly ran to his small liquor cabinet and pulled the bottle of wine he had been saving for his graduation. This was more important than any graduation; this was his dream. He opened the wine without any remorse and poured himself a glass. After quickly drinking the first glass, he had calmed down enough to return to the video, not without pouring seconds. He quickly found the point where he had left off and continued to watch.

Now that you have calmed down a little, let me tell you the details of your trip. You may come at any time you wish, but I would prefer you to come as soon as is convenient for you. But please, as soon as possible, please contact our local office in your area at 314-223-8534. They are expecting your call, and will start all necessary arrangements that must be made before your trip.

You will not be left to fend for yourself. You will be met at the airport by a fautor that I think you will like. At any time you may choose another fautor, but if I am not mistaken, you might grow to like this boy child. He will be your guide as well as your companion, showing you all the hospitality the hotel has to offer.

Also, you will be given a daily stipend of $10,000 American to be spent any way you wish. Please realize though that this money is not transferable outside the hotel, and can only be used in the confines of the resort.

As for your accommodations, you will be staying on my highest floor available, located one floor below mine on the 99th floor. I promise to the best of my knowledge, there is no more elegant abode in the world, excluding my own, and if you have any dissatisfactions with the room, please bring it to the attention of my staff, and it shall be fixed.

As for the rest of the information, your local branch office should fill you in during your visit there.

I cannot wait to see you, and I pray that you have the vacation of your life during your visit to Hotel Columbia. Thank you for your application Jared, and I will be seeing you soon. God speed.

     With that, the video ended. As Jared stared at the TV, still in awe from what he had just found out. All he could think was, "Why me?" He looked at the time. "Dammit", he though to himself, "the office is already closed. I will have to wait till tomorrow to call."

     That night was a sleepless night for Jared. All he could think about was the trip, the boys, the hotel, and the boys. The boys would not leave his mind. Finally, his dream was coming true. All the years of wanting, and waiting, and they were finally coming true. During the night, Jared had to relieve himself no less than 5 times, a feat he had not done since he was 14 years old, for he could not get the thought of the boys out of his head.

     The next day, he called off school and made an appointment at the local Columbia branch office. They were expecting his call and made an appointment for the same day, but not before asking him if he had the rest of the day off.

     During his appointment, he filled out questionnaire after questionnaire, asking him everything from what his favorite drink was to what side of his pants his member laid. It literally asked every single detail of Jared's life. After the questionnaires were done, they brought him into the back office and ran every medical test possible. He was scanned, x-rayed, poked, prodded, and a sample of every kind of fluid he owned was taken from him.

     "Is this normal?" Jared asked the nurse.

     "Not really she replied... but it was orders from the main office that this be done. Usually we just do a standard drug and virus screening. Apparently, someone wants you for something special... either that or you are being treated as royalty. So do you know where you are staying at the resort?"

     "The Cardinal Point, 99th floor," Jared replied calmly.

     "Oh my god!" screamed the nurse. "I have heard that only 10 people in the world have seen that floor... you MUST be royalty."

     "Hu? No, no... no royalty here... I just entered the contest..."

     "The contest?! Holy Shit... well Mr. Burk, as of right now, you are royalty, at least for your time at the hotel. You are a very lucky man sir, and personally I envy you, even though I have no attraction for... um... the employees. Just to see that room..." she mumbled on the way out.

     At this point Jared's interests were peeked. He knew he was probably getting the nicest room in the hotel, but to cause that kind of reaction... he wasn't quite sure what was going on.

     At the end of the day, Jared was exhausted both mentally and physically. Before he left the office though he asked the main secretary when he would be able to leave.

     "It should be about a week before all of your tests come back. After that, it will be another week before all your paperwork can be completed, and by then your passport should be ready."

     "Thanks a lot, see you soon."

     With that he entered the elevator to return home.

     The next two weeks, it was next to impossible to concentrate on anything except his trip. He knew he would not be able to concentrate on school, so he decided to tell his Profs that he would be taking the next couple of months off to sort out his life. Although they were reluctant to see such a prominent student leave, they knew he had his reasons and did not question it. (It didn't hurt that he told them that he told them that he had a family emergency either...)

     Finally the day came. He awoke before the sun that day, trying to decide what to pack, what to wear... he didn't have a clue and failed to ask anybody. He decided to wear something comfortable for it would be a long trip. At exactly 9:00 A.M. he heard a knock on the door.

     When he opened the door, a gentleman was standing at the door in a tuxedo.

     "Sir, are you ready?" the gentleman asked Jared.

     "Ready??" Jared replied.

     "Yes sir, I am to drive you to the airport, I am the limo that was sent for you."

     "Limo... I though the flight was at 11."

     "Yes sir, 11 A.M."

     "Oh SHIT!" Jared exclaimed. As usual, he had misread the ticket, and assumed that the flight was later that night. As quickly as possible, he packed the rest of his stuff.

     As Jared entered the limo, the driver commented, "You are wearing that sir?" Now Jared was paranoid, but it was far too late to change. What was he supposed to wear? He wondered why he didn't ask more questions in the office. As the limo pulled away from his house, Jared became very self-conscious, and very worried, but alas he was excited all the same. When he reached the airport, a liaison greeted him. He was another gentleman in his late 30's. He quickly spoke to the limo driver, and let him go, not before handing him a nice size tip.

     "Here is your ticket sir, your plane is due to leave in approximately one hour," the man said leading the way to the baggage claim. "I am just here to escort you through the airport." The gentleman then glanced at Jared and said, "You are wearing that?"

     "What was I supposed to wear?" Jared questioned.

     "That is ok, I guess. But something more formal would probably have been more appropriate."

     "I didn't know... no one told me..."

     "Didn't you go in for your orientation?"

     "Yes I did, but they all were scuttling around me like they were scared of me or something..."

     "Dammit, they were supposed to give you all that information. Oh well, I am sure your fautor will help you once you get to Hotel Columbia."

     With that, he helped Jared through the baggage claim. They continued with small talk until it was time for Jared to board the plane. It was not until this point when he realized he was holding a first class ticket.

     "I have never flown first class," Jared whimpered.

     "Well now you have," said the man. "It is the same, just with more leg room and better food. Now get going or you will miss your plane. And have a good vacation."

     With that Jared boarded the plane, not knowing what the next month had in store for him, but also knowing that he was rock hard (and noticed that he was not the only one having trouble walking onto the plane.)

     When he got on the plane, he felt like he was at a black tie affair dressed in blue jeans. He got more than one stare, but just shrugged it off. He was there to have a good time, dammit, and no one was going spoil it for him.

Chapter 2: Day 1

"Beauty is a form of genius--is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation. It is of the great facts in the world like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in dark water of that silver shell we call the moon."

- Oscar Wilde

     Jared awoke from him slumber from the stewardess tapping him on the shoulder saying, "Mr. Burk, it is time to get up, it is almost time to land."

     "My first first class flight, and I slept though it," Jared though to himself. Jared raised his seat up, and prepared for the landing.

     The plane made an almost perfect landing, and slowly pulled up to the gate. As soon as the plane had come to a stop, Jared noticed 10 men in black surrounding the plane, along with 2 or 3 dogs. He quickly left the plane, and as he walked off the concourse he noticed another 3 or 4 men in black carrying machine guns.

     Out of the crowd, Jared heard his name being called.

     "Jared Burk? Jared Burk?" the voice yelled. "Are you Jared Burk?"

     "I am," Jared said, as he got a once over from the guy.

     "They warned us you might be a little underdressed, but that is ok. Your fautor has made arrangements for you to stop by a tailor before you head for the hotel."

     "I though my fautor was going to meet me at the airport." Jared remarked. "Are you him?" Jared asked, taking a gulp.

     The man began to laugh. "NO! No sir, I am NOT your fautor, but thank you for the compliment... I didn't think I looked that young!" the man said jokingly.

     Jared breathed a sigh of relief. Although the man was handsome, he was defiantly not what he had expected.

     "I am just here to meet you at the gate. Your fautor is waiting for you in the limo. Your luggage will be waiting for you in your room. But hurry, I doubt you want to keep your fautor waiting."

     With that the man hurried Jared through the airport, somehow bypassing customs altogether.

     "What were the men in black?" Jared inquired.

     "Oh them? That is just security. They did their normal drug and narcotic screening that Mr. Devero requires."

     "Some screening," Jared thought to himself, struggling to keep up with the man.

     In front of the airport another black stretched limo was waiting for him. The door opened and Jared was led inside the luxurious vehicle.

     When Jared stepped inside that is when he saw him. Jared jaw dropped at the sight of this magnificent boy sitting in front of him. The boy must not of been older than 12, but already had the body of a god. Jared stared long and hard at his boy, first noticing the deep blue eyes, the short, well cut golden hair. He then followed down the boy's body, seeing a strong, but thin body of not more than 100 pounds. The boy was dressed in the finest silk suit one could buy, which made him look that much more attractive. Jared did not know weather to hug the child or to pray to him.

     "Jarred... Jarred? Are you ok Jared?" he heard the boy ask as he woke up from his stare.

     "Yes... yes..." he stammered, finally remembering to close his mouth. "Where are my manors, my name is Jared, how are you doing?"

     "I am fine, and I see you are now," the boy smiled as Jared began to turn red in the face. "My name is Kevin, and I am to be your fautor on this trip as long as you want me to."

     "Have I died and gone to heaven?" Jared though to himself as he stared at the boy.

     "You can close your mouth Jared," the boy giggled. "I like a man that is comfortable, but for a guest of your nature, I think you are somewhat underdressed. I hope you don't mind, but I scheduled an appointment with a tailor that has a few suits ready for you that will probably fit you, but it looks like you have lost a little weight in the last few weeks."

     "Well... I didn't want to come here looking like a fat slob," Jared answered, finally regaining his composure. "Do you mind if we start again, I sort of lost myself when I first saw you... you are just... just... amazing."

     This time it was Kevin's turn to become beet red. A huge smile came over Kevin's face. "Thank you," the boy murmured.

     "No need to thank me," Jared said, "I only speak the truth. Now tell me, what am I getting into here? I thought I knew a lot about the hotel, that is until I got on the plane."

     "Well, where shall I start?" the boy remarked, as he started to point out all the major buildings in the city. On the way to the tailor, he also told a little more about the laws and told Jared that the men in black were just checking for drugs, for they were extremely illegal in the resort, and grounds for immediate expulsion. He also told of the hotel, and of the other resorts.

     All the time Kevin was talking, Jared smiled and was impressed with the maturity and intelligence of the child, still admiring the god he had sitting in front of him. Quickly, much too quickly the limo reached the tailor's. Kevin took hold of Jared's hand and led him inside the well-kept establishment.

     As Jared stepped into the quaint little shop, he noticed everything about the place was clean and orderly. The walls were practically all white, minus the few paintings on the wall. The floor seemed to be spotless, and from what Jared could see, not even a loose thread. There were no windows, but the skylight mixed with the white decor made the room more than bright enough for any artist to work comfortably.

     "Good morning Mr. Burk," an elderly gentleman spoke, coming out of the back room. "We have been expecting you." He quickly gave Jared the once over and said, "Well they were right. You are in dire need of some new threads. Please, if you don't mind, strip down to your underwear so I can take some measurements."

     With that Jared started to blush. He knew people might see him naked on this trip, but this was a little quicker, and a little different than he had expected.

     "Come on!" said Kevin, as the tailor walked into the back room. "Don't be shy. We are all men here."

     "Well I..." Jared stammered. "Um..."

     "Don't worry," Kevin said. "I'll be right here."

     "That is what I am worried about," said Jared. "Although I have dreamt about it, no one, much less a boy has seen me without a shirt on in the last 4 years. I'll make you a deal, since I hate suits anyway, the only way I will wear one is if I am allowed to buy you a new one. I do have my daily allowance do I not? And it is only fair that I get to see you if you get to see me, is it not?"

     Kevin again began to blush. "I guess you are right"

     The tailor quickly walked back into the room, tape measure in hand. "Sir, I already have your measurements, but I just want to double check. It looks like you lost some weight."

     "But how..." Jared began.

     "I hope you don't mind, but I called ahead with your measurements, so we could have a selection of suits to look at," said Kevin.

     "Ok, but before you begin, do you have any suits back there that might fit Kevin?" said Jared.

     "Yes sir. Mr. Devero expected that you might request a suit for your fautor," said the tailor. "I will get to his suits right after finish with you. Let me get your measurements quickly, and I will bring out your suits."

     With that, the tailor took out his notepad and his tape measure, and began to take a very accurate measurement of every inch of Jared's body, measuring everything from the broadness of shoulders, to the depth of his armpit, to the protruding of his crotch. All the time, Jared concentrated intensely on not getting a hard on, which was almost impossible with a smiling boy staring at his nearly naked body.

     As the tailor finished, he said, "Good, all I will have to do is take in the waist a little. Luckily, I brought one suit that will fit you today. Well shall we get started?"

     "I guess," said Jared.

     With that, the tailor started to bring out suit after suit, each one being the finest handmade suit Jared had ever seen before in his life, yet each one being slightly different. Jared began the barrage of trying suit after suit on, each time asking Kevin his opinion, and each time getting nothing more than a smile from the young boy.

     After trying on the last suit, which Jared counted as number 29 or 30, Jared turned to Kevin and said, "Well?"

     "Well what?" Kevin responded.

     "Which one do I get?"

     Kevin began to laugh, and said, "Silly man, you are getting all of them."

     "But surly I can not afford all of those, even on today's full stipend. You must be joking, even one of those suits is worth over 5,000 dollars," said Jared

     "Don't worry about that, it has been taken care of. You will find a lot of things on this trip have been taken care of." Kevin said, with a growing smirk on his face.

     "Ok, ok, then your turn. Just remember I can't afford as many suits as I got." Jared said stepping off the stool he was previously standing on, still wearing the last suit he had tried on.

     "Don't worry about that Mr. Burk," said the tailor. "Everything has been taken care of, both for you and for your fautor."

     Kevin quickly turned away from looking at Jared, and stared at the tailor with a blank expression on his face.

     "Is something wrong Kevin?" Jared questioned, seeing the look of bewilderment on Kevin's face.

     "Um... uh... No, no... not at all... it is just that that is not like Mr. Devero..." he said coming back to reality. "A boy will get gifts all the time from his man, but... but never from Mr. Devero. It is his policy to treat all the boys equally."

     "Well apparently he has an interest in you for some reason," said Jared.

     "I guess so..."

     "Mr. Dunkan, will you please step out of your clothes so that I may measure you," snapped the tailor to Kevin.

     "So that is you last name, Dunkan," Jared grinned. "I like that... it has a nice ring to it."

     The boy blushed and began to remove his clothes. First the shirt came off, and with it Jared's jaw dropped. He could not help stare at the boy's smooth, muscular chest. Not a single hair scared the perfection he was looking at. The boy's bright red nipples seemed to poke out due to the chill in the room, and contrasted beautifully with the whiteness of the room. The boy's milky brown tan seemed to fill the room, and Jared's heart, with a life neither before possessed. Quickly, much too quickly for Jared, Kevin started removing his pants, leaving the boy standing in the chilly room with nothing more than a scant piece of cloth covering the right areas and what is mother gave him at birth. Jared then took the time to look at closely examine the boy's perfect legs. Again, not a hair dared to show its face all along the boy's long, slender legs, which showed signs of highly developed muscles, at least for a boy.

     Kevin quickly coughed, and pointed to Jared's crotch, at which point Jared realized that his pants were showing a tent that was previously not there.

     Jared blushed, and quickly adjusted himself so as to hide his quickly growing erection. At the same time, the tailor started measuring the boy.

     "Um, wait," Jared said, stopping the tailor. "May I do that?"

     "Sure, so long is it ok with Kevin."

     "So do you mind if I do that Kevin?" Jared pleaded to the young god standing in front of him.

     The only reaction Jared got was a smile ear to ear. Jared quickly took the tape measure from the tailor and with watchful instruction, started taking all of Kevin's measurements. Starting with the upper-body, and wrapping the tape measure around the boy's small neck, reading the measurement then finishing with a small peck on the boy's cheek, which caused Kevin to blush. He then continued down the boy's body, doing just as thorough, but a much slower, measurement of the boy as the one that was done on him. With each measurement, Jared made sure to touch as much of the boy's skin as possible. When it came time to do the inner thigh, Jared started with his hand on Kevin's ankle and slowly, ever so slowly, ran his hand up the inside of the boy's leg. When his hand finally reached the top, he allowed it to softly brush Kevin's small package, causing the boy to jump and let out a small gasp. Then, he did the exact same to the other leg, showing it the same attention, and not without getting another small gasp from the boy when he finished the job.

     As soon as the measurements were taken, the tailor left the room and headed to the back to bring the boy out his suits. During this time, Kevin called Jared over and gave him a kiss directly on the lips.

     "What was that for?" Jared said pulling back.

     "For earlier, and for being such a gentleman," Kevin smiled.

     The tailor quickly came back with just as many, and just as fine of suits as Jared tried on, with the only differencing being that Kevin's were about half the size.

     The boy then tried on each suit in order, always asking approval from Jared after each suit. The only reaction allowed from Jared was the same reaction Kevin gave him; a smile or a grin from the man, which, more than anything, frustrated the boy.

     In the end, the tailor asked Jared which suits the boy looked well in. Jared's only response was "May we take all of them?"

     "Absolutely sir. You may wear the one you have on out, but I will have the rest delivered to your room by tomorrow morning. As for you young man, you will need to get out of that suit so I can hem it."

     The boy quickly removed his suit and redressed in his original one. They both gathered their stuff and walked out of the store, but not before exchanging pleasantries and "thank you" `s with the tailor.

     By the time they walked out of the store, over five hours had passed and the sun had long ago set. They stepped into the limo that was waiting for them, Jared carefully noting the boy's beautiful behind.

     As they entered the limo, Jared took last one look at the small shop, and noticed it had no sign anywhere on the front.

     "That was not a normal tailor shop was it?" Jared remarked.

     "No sir, that was not," said the boy. "That was Mr. Devero's private tailor. Personally I have never been into that shop, and I doubt many others have either."

     "Really... and please DO NOT call me sir."

     "Yes sir," the boy remarked slyly as Jared dove to give the boy a love smack. "Hey no hitting the help," the boy grinned. Jared just smiled and pulled the boy close to him, laying the boy's head on his shoulder.

     The limo quickly sped away to the hotel, as Jared and Kevin started talking more about the resort.

     After only a short ride, the limo pulled up to the Cardinal Point. The door opened with the help of the doorman, and quickly Kevin jumped out, offering his hand to help Jared.

     "Thank you young man," Jared said with a smile on his face, "but I am afraid I can't offer you a tip, I don't have any cash on me."

     "No need for a tip right now sir... I am sure you will give me a pointer or two later," Kevin joked with a wink and an evil grin.

     Kevin took Jared's hand as they walked into the massive hotel. Once they were past the two vacuum-sealed doors, Jared's jaw dropped in awe of the beauty before him. The main lobby was extremely impressive. Before Jared laid an indoor pond larger than most public swimming pools, decorated with various Water Lilly and other tropical plants. The pond was inhabited not only with the usual carp, but also with other rare, hard to keep fish. Directly behind the pond was an array of golden glass elevators that extended further than the naked eye could see. As Jared looked up, he saw balcony after balcony of rooms, some with people hanging over watching the view. Above him, various rare tropical birds floated overhead. As his head assumed the level position, Kevin guided him over to an unending row of desks, each staffed with clerks and bellhops, all of which were the culmination of strong and vigor young men.

     All around, Jared noticed many youths with older men. He smiled to himself thinking for the first time in his life, he was in a place where he could be totally free from fear, a place where he could be himself and no one would care. Jared clutched Kevin's hand a little bit tighter as they continued to walk towards the VIP check-in desk. Kevin returned the favor by looking up to Jared and giving him a huge smile.

     As they approached the desk, a young gentleman greeted them. "Good evening Mr. Burk. Hey Kevin. How are you two doing tonight?"

     "Very well, thank you," he said to the clerk. He then turned to Kevin and asked, "Do you know this gentleman?"

     "Yeah," Kevin said with a smile, "Billy and I go way back. We were bunk mates for a time."

     Jared just smiled as the clerk continued, "We have been expecting you for some time Mr. Burk. Your bags are already waiting for you in your room, and I hope you don't mind but we took the liberty of putting your clothes away."

     "Thank you," Jared said, signing all the necessary papers. "Is there anything else?"

     "Yes, here is your ID bracelet. You do know it is optional, but it will enhance your stay here. If you prefer, I can get you a necklace instead. I personally would recommend the necklace."

     "What do you think Kevin?" asked Jared.

     "I like the necklace better," responded Kevin. "It is easier to hide, and it doesn't look so tacky."

      "Ok, I will take the necklace."

     With that, the clerk handed Jared a small gold chain, at the end of which was a small emblem in the shape of a golden ribbon. "Inside the ribbon is a small microchip. It will act as your room key and everything else."

     "Do I get a regular room key, just in case I do not like this thing?" Jared asked.

     "Of course sir, but I am sure you will find that your pendant will grow on you, and it is useful all around the resort." With that, the clerk hands Jared a packet of information, along with his manual room key. "Thank you sir, and please enjoy your stay... Oh wait... almost forgot... here is your debit card. It can be used anywhere on the resort."

     "Thank you," said Jared, putting the debit card into his wallet. As soon as Jared returned his wallet to his back pocket, Kevin again took Jared's hand and together they walked towards the multitude of glass elevators.

     "Which one do we take?" Jared asked his companion.

     "The one on the end. It is the only one that goes to the top three floors," Kevin replied.

     Together they walked past most of the elevators until they reached the one on the end. Jared stood in front of it for quite a while before Kevin questioned, "Did you press the button?"

     "You mean I have to press a button, I though my pendant would do all that for me."

     "No silly, you have to press the call button, you will see when you get in the elevator."

     Quickly Jared covered for his mistake and pressed the call button. In no time the elevator was there and waiting for the passengers to enter. Once inside, Jared noticed a matrix of buttons, each listing a different destination in the hotel, in place of a floor number. The listings included everything from, "The Flamingo", to the casino, to the top button that was listed as "Room" and nothing more.

     "I assume I press `Room', correct?" Jared inquired.

     "Yes, your pendant will tell the elevator where to stop."

     "That is cool, but what do I do if I don't want to wear the pendant?"

     "Just insert your key into to this hole," Kevin said, pointing out a card reader at the bottom of the buttons.

     "Oh... silly me," Jared blushed.

     Quickly, the elevator started to climb the huge tower, and as the elevator soared higher and higher, Jared squeezed Kevin's hand tighter and tighter.

     "Afraid of heights, are we?" Kevin giggled.

     "Just a little... and only in small glass tubes", Jared smiled.

     Quickly, the ceiling of the tower started to approach, much too quickly in Jared's opinion. "Are we going to stop?!" Jared said, in a semi panic.

     Kevin started to laugh. "No, no. The top three floors are above that. You are fine, just relax."

     "YOU COULD OF TOLD ME EARLIER," he said releasing Kevin's hand a little bit.

     As Kevin said, the elevator went through the top, and began to slow down, passing what seemed to be one or two floors before opening up.

     When the doors opened, the elevator let out into a small, well lit hallway. At the end of the hallway was a pair of doors. As Jared and Kevin walked down the short path, the doors began to open. Before them lay a sight that must be viewed to be believed. With every step, both Kevin and Jared slowed there pace, almost stumbling before they entered the room.

     At this point, to call it a room was inappropriate and an understatement. The room was nothing short of a mansion, consisting of, as far as they could tell at the time, over two stories of the most lavishly, yet elegantly decorated rooms they had ever seen. Before them laid the living room, which consisted of a beautiful dark leather, L-shaped couch, antique coffee and end tables, and other various places to sit. On the walls, were hung various pieces of art ranging from Monet to Rembrandt, as well as some other famous modern paintings.

     "Are those real?" Jared asked, pointing at the paintings. "I thought most of those had disappeared long ago, or at least that is what they told us in college."

     Kevin just shrugged, as together they continued to slowly walk into the exquisitely decorated lodgings. Directly back from the living room was a line of glass doors leading out to a huge balcony which overlooked the rest of the resort, and beyond into the ocean.

     To the right they spotted a grand kitchen, of which the equipment could rival that of the finest chefs of New York. On the ceiling hug an assortment of large copper pots and pans, each hung in their appropriate and respective place. Below that lie an island covered in the finest of marble. All around the kitchen, they saw various equipment, all of which was of the finest quality.

     Both Kevin and Jared just stopped and stared, and looked all around them at the elegance and beauty they had just walked into. Each one's head turning to look and stare at each new wonder their eye would catch, while never letting go of each other's hand. As there minds wondered back from the dream that they were in, they looked at each other and smiled.

     "If the room is this nice so far, what is the bedroom like?" asked Kevin giving a sly grin.

     "Why don't we go find out...?" Jared responded.

     Quickly they found the stairs and headed up to the second story, passing many other rooms that appeared to be an assortment of guest rooms and studies. As they approached the end of the hallway, they opened a set of French doors, which finally led into the bedroom. In front of them was the most elegant, and largest beds Jared had ever seen in his life.

     "Is that thing to sleep an army?" Jared joked.

     "If you wish," Kevin replied slyly. "But I don't think they are as cute as the boys."

     With that remark, Jared quickly picked Kevin up off of his feet and sat him on the bed. They both then took time to look around the room. First noticing the wall of glass doors to the right of the bed, leading out to yet another huge balcony. Beside that was a corner bar, fully stocked with the finest liquors and wines available. To the right of them was a doorway leading into a perfectly white bathroom, furnished with double sinks, a huge bathtub, and a shower that was obviously designed to allow more than one person.

     "Yep, I think I'll take it," Jared said with a smile.

     "Hey Jared, did you notice this note, and the bottle sitting on the bed?" Kevin asked.

     "No, I didn't." Jared quickly picked up the note and started reading out loud, so as to allow Kevin to hear.

"Dear Mr. Burk and Mr. Dunkan,

Please allow me to welcome you to my humble hotel. I trust you will find everything to your satisfaction, and if something is wrong, please just phone the front desk and it will be taken care of immediately.

I have left a bottle of my finest 1985 Silver Oak Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, of which I will hope you will share and enjoy with my best regards.

I hope you will join me for lunch tomorrow, for I am very excited to meet you. I will be dining at the Pink Flamingo around 12:30. If for some reason you need to cancel, please leave a message with my secretary at extension 94132.

Again, I hope you don't mind, but I have taken the liberty to make you a reservation at one of our finest restaurants, The Oyster. Your reservation is for 9:30. Just tell the maitre d' who you are and your table is waiting for you.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and my best regards,

Lance Devero."

     "Wow, that was nice," Kevin said. "You must really be someone special to get that kind of attention from Mr. Devero."

     "You know my situation... all I did was win a contest," said Jared, looking at his watch. "It is already 9:15. If we are going to make that reservation, we better hurry."

     They quickly made there way downstairs to a waiting limo. "I like this little necklace thing," Jared commented stepping into the car. The car quickly drove off and before any time had past, they were at the restaurant.

     They stepped out of the car in front of a very glamorous building. They walked through the front door, where another boy, approximately 17 years old was waiting.

     "Welcome to the Oyster gentlemen," the boy said. "Do you have a reservation?"

     "Mr. Burk, table for two, " Jared replied.

     "Ahh... Mr. Burk, we have been expecting you. Please follow me and I will show you to your table." Quickly the boy trotted off, grabbing two menus before getting to far. The boy then led Jason and Kevin through a maze of tables and other customers, before reaching a dimly lit corner table. "Mr. Devero, said you two might want some privacy, so he insisted that you get his table. Please enjoy yourselves, your waiter will be right with you."

     Jason and Kevin looked around at the other people sitting around the restaurant, most chatting amongst themselves. Their attention quickly focused back on each other, as they smiled at one another.

     "With all that has been going on today, I just realized," said Jared, "that we haven't had a chance to properly get acquainted, so please allow me the chance to start again. My name is Jared Burk, and I am a graduate student at the University of Texas. I am 25, and for some reason I am strangely attracted to you more than I have ever been attracted to someone before."

     Kevin blushed. "You are a gentleman. You do know that, right? I guess I should introduce myself too. My name is Kevin Dunkan, I am 11 years old, and I am a sophomore in the local high school."

     "A sophomore? How are you only 11 and in 10th grade?" Jared asked. "You must be smart."

     "Well, they have an accelerated program here, and I was lucky enough to skip a grade or two in the middle."

     "Then you are smart, and mature for your age too. Why are you working here?" Jared questioned.

     "Um... Let's just say it was the right move in my life at the time, and that I like meeting new and interesting people... especially men."

     "I am sorry... I didn't mean to bring up a touchy subject..." Jared apologized.

     "No, no... not your fault at all... I just don't want to talk about it right now."

     "Again, I apologize," said Jared. "If there is anything I can do."

     "No, don't worry about it. It is just hard to talk about it sometimes."

     "I understand. To change the subject, where around here do you go to school, and why are you not in school right now."

     "I go just outside the resort, there is a local high school for the special employees such as myself," Kevin said with a smile. "They teach you at your own pace, and you get time off when you need it. That is why I was able to take your assignment."

     "I wouldn't want to keep you from school or anything... I would hate to think that I was stopping your education," Jared said, concerned.

     "No, no... not at all... I have not had a break in 3 years."

     Jared laughed, "No wonder you are a sophomore! Did you say you chose this assignment?"

     "Yeah," Kevin said. "All the boys choose if they want to take an assignment or not. First each man is matched with a set of boys that would be appropriate for the person, and then the boy is approached to see if he wants to take it. He can turn it down at any time... even when he is with the man. It is all up to the boy."

     "Wow, what made you choose me?" Jared asked.

     "You just seemed... well... perfect. You were everything I was looking for... and if nothing else I though I might have a good time with you."

     "Thank you, but I doubt I am perfect."

     "Well you are better than many of the others I have been with," Kevin Joked.

     "Welcome to the Oyster. Have you two decided on an appetizer?" interrupted a young gentleman.

     "Uh... um... we haven't even had a chance to look at the menus," Jared said. "How about you surprise us. Just bring us the best the house has to offer."

     "Absolutely sir, but what would you two like to drink?" asked the waiter.

     "I will have a glass of White Zinfandel," Kevin remarked.

     "Are you allowed to drink?" Jared whispered into Kevin's ear.

     "Yeah," remarked Kevin. "Didn't you know? Children have the same rights as any adult at this resort. There is no distinction made for age."

     "Cool! Then I will have the same, and a glass of water."

     "Right away, sirs," said the waiter, taking the menus and quickly scampering back into the kitchen.

     "Now where were we?" asked Jared.

     "Probably on some boring topic," Kevin said with a twinkle in his eye. "What brought you to this resort anyways... well I know what brought you... but..."

     "What you are trying to ask is why am I attracted to boys."

     "Yeah, that's it... if you don't mind," Kevin said.

     "I don't mind at all. Truthfully, I don't know why I am attracted to boys. All I know is that I am. Ever since I was young I was attracted to boys, but as a grew up, the... age... I was attracted to didn't change. I tried to have other lovers, men and women alike, but when I was alone, all I would think about would be holding... touching... kissing a boy... and making him feel like the most special thing on earth."

     "Wow!" Kevin said. "I have heard other people try to explain it... but... but that was truly the most loving way I have ever heard it."

     "Thank you..."

     "Here are your drinks and your appetizers sirs," the waiter said, appearing out of, what seamed like, nowhere.

     Kevin and Jared looked at the fried shrimp lying in front of them while smelling the aroma of the butter wafting off of the plate.

     "Before we begin," started Jared, "a toast. A toast to the most beautiful boy on the face of the planet."

     Kevin blushed, as he clanked his glass next to Jared's, then taking a sip of his wine. "My turn," said Kevin. "To the most courteous, handsome, caring gentleman that I have ever met before."

     "Why thank you," Jared said, again pressing his glass next to Kevin's. "Let's eat before it gets cold."

     The two ate the appetizer down very quickly, constantly smiling at each other, but never saying a word. They didn't speak, not because they didn't want to, but because both were so hungry from not eating anything previously earlier in the day.

     "I guess we both were hungry," Jared said, offering the last shrimp to Kevin.

     "Yeah, I guess so," Kevin smiled, taking the last shrimp and dipping it in butter.

     "So... Where do you stay when you are not working?" Jared asked.

     "I live right close to my school, in a house with 5 other boys and a man, Phil, who is our surrogate father, as well as our friend. He does the cleaning, and some of the cooking, as well as keeping us in line," Kevin smiled. "The house is big enough so that we all have our own room... which is nice because it gives us a place where we can be alone and study... or just think."

     "That must be nice... and I envy Phil," Jared joked.

     "ICK!" Kevin yelped, making the most discussing face. "Phil is nice, and a great father... but a lover... ick."

     "I hope you didn't say that when you saw me!" Jared said, half jokingly, while taking Kevin's hand.

     "No, not at all. Actually, when I saw you... well let's just say I was hoping that was you when you walked out of the airport."

     "Thank you, but there is no need to lie..."

     "I am not lying," Kevin snapped, raising his voice slightly. "I don't lie... I never lie."

     "I believe you, I believe you... I am sorry," Jared pleaded.

     "Sorry... didn't mean to snap... I just can't stand people who lie, therefore I do not lie."

     "I understand, and I respect that... you know the more I get to know you, the more I find you a truly amazing boy."

     Kevin smiled again, giving Jared's hand a small squeeze. The food soon arrived, and before them lay two of the thickest steaks either had laid their eyes on.

     "Enjoy your meal. Is there anything else I can get you two at the moment?"

     "I would like another glass of wine," Jared remarked, "and I think my friend here would also appreciate one."

     Kevin smiled, and nodded at the waiter. Both began to eat ravenously, only making small talk about how good the food was and thanking the waiter for bringing the refill. At the end of the meal, the waiter returned, asking if either would like desert.

     Jared grabbed his stomach, with the thought of more food bringing pain to his gut. "Thank you, but I think I am full. How about you, Kevin?"

     Kevin just shook his head no, also grabbing his stomach. "Then I will return shortly with your bill. Would you like me to call your ride?"

     "Please," Jared remarked, sending the waiter on his way.

     "That was good, thank you." Kevin said.

     "So what happens now? Do I take you home?" Jared asked.

     "You can if you want me to go home, but if you wouldn't mind I would like to stay at your place. If that is alright that is...?"

     "That would be great!" Jared exclaimed, trying to hide his excitement, and the growing tingle in his pants.

     The waiter soon returned with the bill, and Jared pulled out his debit card, making sure to leave more than the appropriate tip. "If I can't share the wealth, what fun is it to have a little money?" Jared remarked to Kevin, who sat still smiling at his man. "Well aren't you all smiles tonight?"

     Kevin just sat there, still smiling. Before they noticed the bill had been picked up, the waiter came back, asked for a signature, and escorted them back out of the restaurant. The limo ride was a quite one, with both being tired from overindulging themselves. Before long they were back at the hotel and in their room.

     They both went into the bedroom, when Kevin said, "I am going to go out on the balcony."

     "Ok, hun. Be careful. Would you like something to drink out there?"

     "Yeah sure."

     Jared picked up the bottle of sparkling vino from the pillow where it was left and brought it over to the bar. After searching through a few drawers, he found the bottle opener and poured two tall glasses of champagne. He then walked out the glass doors and saw the boy standing besides the ledge looking outward towards the ocean.

     "It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" Kevin remarked.

     "Yes it is, and I am lucky to have someone so special to share it with," Jared said handing the boy his glass.

     Kevin took a sip of the champagne and turned back around to face the ocean. Jared soon walked up behind the boy, lightly pressing his body next to the boy's. Together they stared out at the moonlit ocean, just barely able to hear the waves crash. Jared brushed the hair off of Kevin's ear, causing the boy's head to lean slightly in that direction. Kevin, soon turned around, setting his drink down on the table sitting next to them, and softly pulled Jared's head down for a kiss. Jared soon followed suit by setting his drink beside his lovers' and gently lifted the boy into his arms. The two continued to kiss for what seemed like an eternity, but to both, was far to short of a time. There lips never parted, and each took turns invading each other's mouth. Softly, yet feverishly, there tongues battled for control, neither loosing... both winning.  Jared then picked Kevin up higher, allowing Kevin to wrap his legs around Jared's waist. With Kevin's arms clutched around Jared's neck, Jared asked, "Would you like to go inside?"

     "That would be nice," whispered Kevin, returning to kissing Jared.

     Jared supported the boy as he made his way back into the bedroom. Slowly, and ever so gently, he laid the boy on the bed. Quickly Jared made his way to Kevin's feet to gently remove the boy's shoes and socks, while Kevin undid his tie and threw it to the other side of the bed. On the way back to kiss Kevin, Jared slipped off his shoes, almost falling at the same time. They then returned to kissing each other as Jared franticly removed his tie, tossing it aside to land on the floor. Still standing beside the boy, never letting the kiss break, Jared unbuttoned his sports coat and let it fall to the floor. Jared then again concentrated on the boy, letting his hand slide from the top of Kevin's chest to the buttons of Jared's coat. One by one Jared undid Kevin's buttons, then sat the child up to remove his coat.

     As he sat Kevin up, Jared asked, "Are you sure you wish to do this?"

     "Yes... yes I am sure... I want to be with you!" Kevin exclaimed.

     Jared then laid the boy down and motioned for him to scoot over slightly. As soon as Kevin had moved, Jared climbed beside Kevin, and lying by each other began another unending kiss, each with their hands' exploring the other's body. Both, at the same time, started to unbutton the other's shirt, frantically trying to see each other's skin.

     Kevin was the first to loose his shirt, the white clothing being parted, showing the boy's silky skin. Jared first helped Kevin finish his shirt, then began to run his hand over the young child's bare chest, stopping only at each of the nipples and sending chills up Kevin's back. Jared then turned the boy so he was sitting on him, and helped Kevin completely remove his shirt. Jared then sat up enough so that he could get his own shirt off, and resumed his previous state of comfort. Kevin then ran his own hands all over Jared's chest, feeling the soft skin, noticing only a small line of hair between Jared's nipples.

     "I like a guy with a smooth chest... and this is nice..." Kevin said, getting Jared to smile. Kevin then laid down on Jared's chest, just resting his head and listening to Jared's heartbeat. Jared just laid there, eyes shut, playing with Kevin's hair and back.

     Kevin lifted his head up and asked, "Have you ever done anything with a boy before?"

     "Never," Jared said. "I dare not. I feared getting in trouble too much and I did not want to ever, EVER force a child to do something they did not wish to do."

     Kevin smiled and laid his head back down on Jared's chest. "I hope I can make you happy then..."

     Jared quickly lifted Kevin up, so Kevin could see his eyes and said, "Kid, you have already made me the happiest person on earth. Even if nothing else happened between us and you left me right now, I would still remember today as the best day of my life."

     "Then I guess you would say the same if I woke up beside you tomorrow, wouldn't you!" Kevin kidded.

     Jared pulled the boy next to him even tighter, embracing the child in a long and passionate kiss. Jared slowly let his finger slide up and down the boys back, each time going lower and lower down the boy's body, until finally Jared was caressing Kevin's butt through his jeans. Jared took his time, gently feeling the boys firm behind through the fabric.

     Kevin suddenly jumped up, "Wait, I will be right back..." he said, running out of the room.

     Jared though he had done something wrong, until Kevin yelled from down the hallway, "... and get undressed. I am going to go do something special..."

     Quickly, Jared slipped off the rest of his clothes and climbed under the covers. Before long, he heard soft music echoing around the room, which started him because he had not even noticed speakers in the room before. Jared then rose from the bed, remembering the glasses that were left on the balcony. He quickly scuttled outside, slightly embarrassed from his lack of clothing, but knowing that no one could see him up this high. He then scampered back into the room, laying one glass beside the bed and taking a sip of the other while climbing back under the silk sheets.

      "I wanted to make this night special for your..." Jared heard, as he saw Kevin walk back into the room, wearing nothing more than the day he was born.

     Before Jared stood a god, a blond hair, blue-eyed angel. Kevin could not of stood more than 5 feet, probably a little less by Jared's estimation. Jared's eyes slowly perused down the boy's delicate body, wanting to memorize every aspect of the boy. He first took time to admire the perfect pre-pubescent face, lacking any scar or deformation. He then peered slowly down the boy's small and ever so tender neck, noticeably missing any trace of being a man. Slowly his eyes worked their way down the chest he had come to know so well just a few minuets ago until he got a glimpse of the prize he never thought he would see. In front of him, his god, Kevin, beheld in all his glory, proudly displayed the most beautiful 3-inch dick. Even in pictures, Jared had not seen such perfection.

     Kevin inquired, "Do you like?"

     The only response Jared could muster, "Uh-hu!"

     Kevin slowly glided his way back to the bed, slipping under the covers to join his newfound lover. Jared took Kevin into his arms, holding him tightly, and pressing their hard dicks together causing a chill to run up each of their spines. Jared then allowed his hand to slowly work its way down the boy's body until it reached the youth's hard member.

     "Your uncut. I like that," Jared said causing Kevin to give out a small moan. Jared soon started to lightly rub the boy's member up and down with just enough pressure to cause the boy to start to squirm with enjoyment.

     Suddenly Kevin's head slid under the covers, and he pulled away from Jared. Before Jared could say a word, the boy's legs were popping into sight followed by the child's hard member and smooth bottom. Before Jared knew what to do, he felt the boy's hand grab hold of his rock hard dick, followed by the little one's moist lips.

     "Wait..." Jared started, but was unable to finish.

     "Don't say a work," Kevin said from under the sheets. "I want to do this, and I would hope you will do the same to me. Don't feel guilt or pain... just feel pleasure."

     "Ok," Jared said as he took the boy's jumping member into his mouth.

     As Jared sucked on the small penis, he wanted nothing more than to show this small, yet heavenly creature all the love he had pent up for so long. Before much time had past, Kevin removed his lips from Jared's penis and said with a pause, "I ... must tell you... I can't cum yet..."

     "Well we will try anyways," Jared said, returning to the boy's member.

     Quickly Jared felt the boy's body begin to tremble in his mouth. From what he had heard and read, Jared knew to quit sucking on the boy's now very tender member.

     Soon after, the boy regained his composure, saying, "Thank you... that was great. Now it is my turn to return the favor." Kevin quickly returned to his previous position, allowing Jared to play with his now semi-soft penis as he continued to suck on Jared's. From all that Jared had seen and done in the last few minuets, it did not take long for Kevin's magical touch to perform it's miracle.

     "I'm about to cum," Jared said hurriedly trying to gently guide the boy away. Kevin refused to move, and Jared repeated with more force, "I am about to cum!" Kevin stood his ground and before Jared could repeat himself, he pushed one last time deep into Kevin's mouth, causing a small cough from the boy. Jared then began to shoot his load deep into the boy's throat before releasing the rest into Kevin's eagerly awaiting mouth.

     "I am sorry," Jared pleaded as Kevin began to release Jared's cock from the clutches of his small mouth. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

     Kevin rose again to Jared's face, and placed his finger over the man's mouth while saying, "Shhh... be quite. You did not hurt me, in fact you made me feel a lot better than I have in a long time. That was wonderful."

     Jared took the boy tightly into his arms, and together they lay there until his boy child had fallen asleep in his arms. Slowly, Jared laid the child down and covered the boy. Jared then got out of bed, and headed for the bathroom to relieve himself. On the way back Jared glanced into the mirror and smiled at his reflection. "For the first time in my life... I can say I am happy," he thought to himself, shutting off the light. Slowly he slipped into bed and cuddled closely to the boy he had made love to not half an hour ago. "I love you," he whispered into the night. "Even though it can never be, I love you Kevin Dunkan." Jared then reached over and shut off the lamp, leaving only the moonlight to light the room. Before long, Jared was asleep, holding Kevin tightly, and leaving only the moon and the stars to watch over them.