Hotel Eye Candy, Chap. One

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My name is Jeff. I am a decent looking white male in my mid 40's, and have an average build. Recently I attended a work convention in another state. The hotel was also hosting junior high and high school boys in town for an interstate soccer tournament. Dozens, if not hundreds of very fit boys (they are all athletes!) all between the ages of 12 and 17.  And they were all unfailingly polite, super nice and good kids!  OMG! The eye candy had me on overload! 

One morning I had some downtime.  I worked out at the hotel fitness center (gym) then had breakfast.  I decided to get in the whirlpool (in the pool area) before I needed to leave for the other hotel where the convention was being held.  I don't know why, but I stopped back into the fitness center first.  There were two boys there, both around 14.  One had dark hair and was a little thick around the middle, but a decent looking kid.  The other had red curly hair, a great smile, and was slender.  They were on the exercise bikes.  I showed them where the TV remote was and told them to have a nice day. They smiled and said "thanks."

Then I went to the pool facility across the hall and got in the whirlpool.  The pool is L-shaped, with the whirlpool completing a rectangle.  About 10 minutes later the two boys came in.  They took off their socks, shoes and shirts (they were already wearing board shorts/swim trunks).  Both boys were totally hairless except for small patches under their arms.  The dark haired one was a little heavy for my normal tastes, but was a really decent looking kid.  The red haired boy was amazing.  He wasn't just the skinny kid I thought he was -- he had a bit of upper body muscle (enough that he wasn't just flat from chest to groin).  His chest was slightly developed and he had a very flat stomach.  Combined with his good looks he was just amazing!  OMG! 

Anyway, they got in the water and started swimming and fooling around.  The redhead became incredibly cute with wet hair and shiny skin from being wet.  I just sat in the corner of the whirlpool and watched them.  Every once in a while dark hair would look over at me, see me looking, and decidedly make eye contact for a long moment.  Then he would whisper to red hair and they would giggle slightly and continue playing in the water.  This happened about 6-8 times.  Red hair did glance at me occasionally during all this, but didn't hold eye contact.  Finally, dark hair held my gaze longer and gave me a slight nod and a small wave.  I smiled and nodded, continuing the eye contact.  He smiled back, turned and said something to his friend and again they both sort of smiled or giggled. 

A minute later they got out of the water and came over to the open shower which was on the wall right next to the whirlpool.  They both proceeded to shower briefly, glancing at me several times and -- much to my absolute shock -- sort of "posing" under the water.  It was subtle, but there.  A minute later they both got into the whirlpool with me.  I was dying to see where this would go, especially since their parents were sitting on the far side of the pool area reading and talking!  They both sat with their legs spread wide open and toying with the legs of their board shorts. I instinctively knew I was going to be treated to an awesome show, and they were definitely going to show me their "goods."

Most unhappily, at that very moment my business associate walked into the pool area to tell me I was running late and we needed to leave right away.  I had no choice but to get out of the whirlpool, dry off, and leave with him.  As I was walking out I looked at the boys sitting in the whirlpool.  They were facing me, with their backs to the main pool (and their parents), and looked positively crestfallen that I was leaving.  I said "have a great day guys" and they gave me small waves and sad smiles. They maintained eye contact with me until I walked through the door and left.


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