Hotel Eye Candy, Chap. Two

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We got back that night about 10:30 PM. My business associate was tired and headed straight for the elevators to go up to bed. There was a sunken area in the center of the lobby that contained several sofas and chairs, and I was both surprised and incredibly pleased to see my two young friends sitting there. They seemed totally engrossed in watching or listening to something on an IPOD -- they were sharing a set of ear buds and each had one in his ear. I desperately wanted to talk with them, but couldn't figure out a reason to approach them as other kids and a few adults were milling about. Dark hair finally glanced in my direction for a moment and I smiled, nodded and gave him a very small wave from waist level. He nodded back absently and shifted his gaze back to the IPOD.

Even though I really wanted to talk with them, I had no idea how to do it. I could only stand there so long before I would start to look suspicious, so finally I sighed and decided it just wasn't meant to be. I stopped to ask the front desk for more towels, as I figured I still had about 30 minutes to get in the whirlpool before it closed for the night. There were several airline personnel checking in, and I had to wait for a few minutes.

The small hotel store was to the left of the front desk. The front desk had a side opening that allowed the front desk staff to act as cashiers and ring up any purchases. I didn't see my two young friends walk up behind me and then go into the store. When it was finally my turn I asked the night manager for additional towels and also asked what time the pool/whirlpool facility closed. He told me it closed at 11:00 PM, but as long as I was in there before the time lock disabled the key card access it was OK for me to stay a little later. He just asked that I not let anyone else in after 11:00, and that I keep the lights low. I asked if my being there would bother the security people, but he told me there were no security cameras in the pool facility and security wouldn't care. Hmmm. All the better!

As the night manager was telling me this I noticed the two boys standing at the side window waiting to pay for their sodas. They undoubtedly heard the night manager, and were whispering to each other. Then dark hair caught my eye and winked at me and smiled! I had no idea what to make of that, but simply smiled back, picked up my towels and headed upstairs for my bathing suit. I changed quickly and headed straight for the pool facility.

The pool facility was built as an "after-thought." A large conference center occupied the whole end of the hotel complex and the pool building had been built on the far side of it. A very long hallway skirted the meeting rooms and led to the pool. The pool facility was basically a steel-frame and glass building. The end walls were solid, but the two long walls were glass. One glass wall paralleled the conference center and simply looked out at its' solid brick wall. The other looked out past some thick bushes to the tennis courts. At night, with the lights low, it would be very private.

I got to the pool facility about 10:45. It was deserted. I quickly slipped out of my flip-flops and t-shirt and dropped my bag on a chair. There was enough light from the distant parking lots to see comfortably, so I turned out the lights altogether and settled into the whirlpool. It felt amazing! All my stress from the convention just started to melt away as I sat in the hot water and relaxed.

A few minutes later I heard a loud "click." I glanced up at the clock and it was 10:58. Someone had just used their key card to unlock the door. I groaned inwardly, thinking that my peace and relaxation were about to be trampled by a bunch of noisy soccer kids. Not to mention the fact I was planning to take off my bathing suit and enjoy the water in naked splendor!

The door swung open and in walked my two young friends! Both were smiling broadly and I noticed they made absolutely sure the door was closed all the way behind them. They were both wearing tennis shoes with no socks, shorts and t-shirts. They saw me sitting in the whirlpool and walked right to the edge to look down at me -- the whirlpool was built into the ground so the edge was at floor level. Dark hair smiled again and said "Hi, I'm Dylan -- this is Shane."

I smiled at them and said "Hey Dylan! Hey Shane! I'm Jeff. It's nice to see you again." And with that I offered my hand to shake. Shane actually reacted first and shook my hand with a surprisingly firm grip for his age. This surprised me because he had yet to say a single word and he seemed sort of shy. Dylan was quick to follow with a handshake of his own. There was an awkward silence for a moment and then I heard another loud "click" and three soft tones. The automatic lock had disabled key card access and now no one (other than management) could enter the pool area. We could leave by pushing the bar on the door, but no one could get in. With the lights out we were almost invisible.

"Are your folks OK with your coming to the pool at night?" I asked.

Dylan spoke. "My parents have a room and Shane's parents have a room. They let us share our own room because we're best friends. Our parents all went to sleep already." They had their own room? This could get interesting! Wow!

At a loss for something else to say, I said "The water feels amazing! You should get in since you don't have to be back right away!"

Dylan looked at the water wistfully and said "We didn't bring bathing suits."

Oh! My! God! Were they really making it THIS easy for me? I smiled at Dylan, but then turned and looked directly at Shane as I said "We're all guys here and it's pretty dark. I don't care if you go commando. It feels better anyway."

Shane smiled nervously as Dylan pulled him several feet back for a whispered, yet animated discussion. A minute later Dylan said "You really don't care?" I nodded "no."

I could barely stand the suspense -- was I really going to get to see them naked? I watched as they whispered some more and then took off their shoes, kicking them under the nearest chair. Then in unison they pulled their shirts over their heads and dropped them on the chair. I couldn't stop myself from staring as Dylan unbuttoned his shorts, and almost groaned aloud when Shane stopped him for another whispered discussion.

Dylan turned to me once again and said "Hey Jeff. Shane's a little shy and he thinks it would be weird for us to be naked when you have a bathing suit on. You said we're all just guys -- would you take yours off too so Shane would feel better?"

I looked at Shane and if the light were better I'd have bet he was beet red from embarrassment. Dylan was just standing there with his shorts unbuttoned and smiling. He had played this to the hilt and he knew it! I smiled at him and said "Dylan, I'm just here to relax and I'd love some company. If it makes you and Shane feel better I'm good with it. I'd rather go commando anyway." With that I pushed my bathing suit down and off, and deposited it with a wet "splat" on the side of the whirlpool. In poker terms, I had called their bet!

Dylan didn't say a single word. He simply dropped his hands to his shorts, unzipped them and pushed them down. He stepped out of them leaving him just in his boxer briefs, and then turned and said "C'mon Shane. You said you would." Shane whispered something back so quietly I couldn't hear. Dylan cocked his head slightly before saying "Oh. OK. I will." With that he hooked his thumbs in the sides of his briefs and pushed them down, too.

It was all I could do to suppress another groan. Dylan was standing stark naked in front of me, and since I was sitting in the whirlpool I was looking up at him like a statue in a museum. He was awesome! He had the smallest patch of hair above his groin, with big balls for his age and a dangling, cut cock that had to be three inches flaccid. I couldn't believe I was getting a private show like this, and my own cock (all seven inches!) went rock hard in an instant. Thank god I was sitting under the swirling water!

Dylan turned and said something else to Shane. Shane turned his back to Dylan and I before shyly unbuttoning his shorts. He unzipped and slowly started lowering then. I instantly understood Shane's discomfort a moment earlier as he clearly wasn't wearing any underwear! He had a beautiful ass -- definitely a "bubble butt!" As he lifted first one leg then the other to step out of his shorts I could see the back of his balls and caught a fleeting glimpse of his pucker despite the low light. He was absolutely gorgeous! I was in a trance as I watched Shane, but came out of it when Dylan impatiently said "Come on!"

With that Dylan stepped forward, sat on the edge of the whirlpool and slid himself in. A second later a VERY naked and VERY embarrassed Shane stepped to the edge to climb in as well, affording me my first look at his groin. If he was gorgeous from the back he was completely breath-taking from the front! He had a small patch of very curly red pubic hair over a fairly thick, cut, 3.5 inch cock and plump, low-hanging and hairless balls. I swear I almost shot my load right then! He sat on the edge as Dylan had done and slid into the water, too.

The two boys were sitting next to each other and across from me. Totally naked! I was in heaven! This was so cool! We just sat there for a few minutes. I purposely didn't say anything as I wanted to give the boys time to get comfortable. We just sat there feeling the water on our bodies and enjoying the whirlpool together. Finally, Dylan looked at me and said "This does feel amazing! It's SO much better without a bathing suit!" Shane nodded in agreement.

A few minutes later the timer on the whirlpool hit zero and the jets turned off. The water settled quickly and Shane looked panicked for a minute. Dylan didn't seem to care. I asked Dylan to please turn the jets back on and he climbed out of the whirlpool (affording me wonderful views!), turned the jets back on, and got back in.

A minute later Shane whispered something to Dylan again which caused them both to break into a fit of giggles. "What's so funny?" I asked.

Dylan smiled and pointed down through the water toward my lap. "Shane said you're..., well..., um..., he said..."

"You're REALLY big!" Shane interrupted, with his first words to me. "You know -- like EXCITED big."

I had completely forgotten I was rock hard from the eye candy stimulus, and my erection had been clearly visible when the whirlpool jets had turned off. I think I almost passed out from the blood rushing to my face in my embarrassment! I know my head was spinning and I was totally mortified! The boys took one look at me and started laughing and giggling uncontrollably.

When Dylan could talk again he looked at me and said "It's no big deal! Shane is hard, too!" He started laughing again.

Shane shot Dylan the most murderous look imaginable and said "I am NOT -- you are!" and promptly launched himself at Dylan. What ensued was a typical boys' water wrestling match that most boy lovers would have paid huge amounts to see! Hands, legs and everything else went everywhere, as they grappled, twisted and dunked each other. When mock fighting gave way to laughter they looked at me, their chests heaving from the exertion, and saw I was laughing, too.

"Get him Dylan!" shouted Shane, launching himself at me this time. For the next ten minutes I had the most amazing time of my life! They absolutely didn't care what got grabbed where. We were all hard and feeling each other up as much as trying to fight and wrestle each other. It was wonderful fun!

We finally landed on one of the seats in an exhausted tangle of arms and legs. I had Shane in a body lock with one arm though his legs pressing up against his very soft balls and very hard cock. He was essentially laying on me, his back to my chest. My other arm was around his neck, while I was also trying to hold onto one of Dylan's arms.

Dylan had one arm through my legs (up against my cock) and was holding onto one of Shane's legs. Somehow he had wrapped one leg around Shane's neck along with my arm, and his cock and balls were pressed into the side of Shane's head. His face was inches from Shane's groin and they were almost in a "69" position.

We were all breathing hard so I did the adult thing and said "OK guys -- let's rest for a few minutes." We disentangled and ended up with me sitting in the middle, Shane on my left and Dylan on my right. Just at that moment the whirlpool jets turned off again. Dylan asked me if he should turn them on again, and I said "no."

We sat there for a few minutes until we were rested, but we all noticed that we were all rock hard. Dylan's cock was a very respectable five inches, while Shane's was slightly bigger and definitely thicker. Dylan looked at my cock for a moment and said "yours is really big -- can I touch it?" The moment of truth!

I dodged the question by pointing out he had already touched it when we were wrestling. He looked totally unfazed and said "But we were wrestling! I want to feel what it's like without wrestling." Although he didn't verbalize it well, I understood what he meant. Much to my surprise, I heard Shane say with his characteristic shyness "Um... me too."

Oh god. I wanted this so badly but it was time for "the talk." "OK, listen" I said. "Up until now we have just been horsing around. I could still get in trouble just for that and because we're naked, but we were just horsing around. If I let you touch me on purpose, or if I touched YOU, I could get in a LOT of trouble. You HAVE to promise this is just between us, and you have to tell me this is something you really want."

"We will never tell anyone," Dylan said determinedly after considering my words for a moment, then added "and we really want to touch you."

Shane nodded vigorously before adding softly "and we want you to touch us too!" I could see the blood rush to his face as he turned bright red in his embarrassment at what he just said, and he immediately looked away.

Before I could even react or say a word, four hands were exploring every inch of my cock, balls and abdomen. I leaned back slightly and spread my legs to give them total access, while simultaneously reaching with one hand each to explore both of them. Within minutes we were all stroking each other and touching and feeling and exploring everywhere. Fingers brushed through my crack, across my anus and behind my balls. Other hands worked their way up and down my cock. I was getting close quickly and didn't want it to end that fast. Glancing at both of them I could see in their eyes they were getting lost in a sexual daze.

"Hold on guys" I said, stopping the action.

"Noooooo," chorused from both of them at the same time.

"Please don't stop!" panted Shane.

"There are other fun things we can do," I said. "Sit up on the edge and spread your legs." They both did it at once, and I could see their stomachs heaving slightly. They had been very close to cumming.

I leaned over to Shane, held the base of his cock in my hand and then licked from the base to the head. He gasped and his whole body shuddered. I licked the underside of his head while massaging his balls, running my fingertip lightly over his anus. He began to moan. I felt a movement and glanced up to see Dylan's face just a few inches from mine. He had a look of intense concentration as he watched me lick his friend. I smiled at Dylan, leaned forward once again, and took Shane's cock into my mouth. I began to suck and move gently up and down the shaft, just holding the head in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it on the upstrokes. I used my other hand to explore his incredible chest and stomach!

I turned my head for a moment to look at Dylan, who had this glassy-eyed look of total incredulousness. He just couldn't believe he was seeing Shane get his first blow-job! A drop of spittle dropped from his partially open mouth, and he was actually panting slightly. I looked him right in the eye and said "You're next, champ!" A shallow moan was his only answer.

By that time I was back at work sucking on Shane's cock. In just a few more strokes his entire body convulsed. He tried to tell me he was cumming, but it just came out as a strangled yell. His first blast hit the back of my throat, followed by several more as he arched his back and gave me all he could. Although I had sucked cock a few times previously, I had never tasted anyone else's cum before. His was amazing. It was actually sweet, with a slightly nutty flavor. I swallowed as fast as I could and licked him clean. He lay back on the floor totally spent, panting, and trying desperately to get his breath. I could see little after-shocks of pleasure continue to ripple through his muscles. He was so beautiful I almost couldn't stand it.

An insistent tugging at my arm quickly reminded me I had another handsome boy to service! I turned to find Dylan almost incomprehensible with lust as he tried to tell me to suck him. Honestly, I didn't need to be told twice. I scooted him forward until his ass was just on the edge of the whirlpool, then began to repeat the blow-job I had given Shane. Dylan's precum tasted amazing, and I loved the feel of his balls in my mouth. I also had fun playing with his anus -- every time I ran my fingers across it he would just about jump out of his skin!

Like Shane, Dylan only lasted a few minutes, which is more than I thought he would last. With a quiet guttural roar he sucked in his stomach, arched his back and shoved his cock forward as deep into my mouth as it would go. I saw his balls retract, and then he came. Four powerful spurts filled my mouth, then more kept oozing out onto my tongue as he continued to convulse in the throes of his orgasm. I had a terrible time trying to swallow it all, and some escaped down his shaft. I licked him clean, too, after he stopped pumping.

I hadn't seen Shane sit up next to Dylan, but thank goodness he did. Dylan all but passed out from the intensity of his orgasm and would have fallen back and hit his head if Shane didn't have his arm around him. Shane gently lowered Dylan until he was laying flat.

Shane looked very seriously at me, although he still looked like he was slightly in a sexual daze, and quietly said "That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life. Thanks." As he leaned forward to hug me I noticed a single tear silently roll down his cheek.

"Are you OK?" I asked, a little bit alarmed.

He nodded as another tear rolled down, and I finally understood that they were tears of absolute happiness. He didn't know he was crying. He just held me so tightly I had trouble taking a breath. All of a sudden another pair of arms appeared around us, as Dylan joined us for a group hug.

"Did you have fun?" I asked Dylan with a smile.

"Oh my god," said Dylan, "that was beyond amazing!" He was still panting slightly.

We settled back down into the water and just sat there for a few minutes while the boys came down from their ecstasy. All of a sudden Dylan turned to me and said "What's it like?"

"What's WHAT like" I replied softly. I thought I knew where he was going with this, but he had to say it.

"Well, er, um, you know," he said, "what's it like to, well, suck like that?"

"Yeah," said Shane very quietly. "What's it like?"

"It is just as wonderful to give as to receive," I started. "There is something about a guy's cock in your mouth that is electric. First, you feel incredibly honored that he trusts you that much. Then, as you feel his body give way to pleasure that you know you are causing, it is like you're doing the very best thing you can do for someone. When you finally make him cum it's an act of friendship beyond anything you can imagine -- that you care enough to make him feel that good and that by swallowing his cum he becomes part of you forever. It is truly amazing, and I loved doing it for both of you and will cherish this memory always! Plus, it also makes you feel really, really sexy and excited and horny as you're doing it!"

I could see them both thinking over what I had said. It's hard to explain these types of adult emotions to younger people. I wasn't sure they understood until Shane looked at me and said "You really DID like doing it to us! You're still hard!" Then, after the briefest pause he continued. "Wait -- you didn't cum yet."

"It's OK," I said. I certainly wasn't going to pressure either of them into anything. Besides, I would have years' worth of jerk-off sessions just from the memories already!

"No, it's not," Dylan said firmly. "You just talked to us about friendship, and we're good friends too." He reached over and took my still-hard cock in his hand and began to run his hands up and down the length. "Please sit up on the edge," he said quietly.

I moved up out of the water so he could see and play with what he wanted. A minute later Shane's hands joined Dylan's as they once again explored every inch of my chest, stomach and groin. They began to jerk my cock more earnestly, and I could feel the stirrings in my balls. I saw Shane's head moving closer to my cock and I stopped him for a moment. "You don't have to do that Shane. What you guys are already doing feels great."

He looked me square in the eye and said "I need to do this. Please?"

I understood and simply nodded. Dylan had been watching this exchange curiously, and got wide-eyed as Shane moved his head to my lap. I watched as Shane tentatively stuck out his tongue and touched the head of my cock. He had a look of total amazement on his face! Then he leaned forward again and began to lick in earnest, each time getting bolder and bolder. Finally, he took the head and about half of the shaft into his mouth and inhaled deeply. Every one of my senses was on overload by then, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

All of a sudden Dylan said "Shane. Let me try it. I want to try it, too. Come on. It's my turn." He gently but firmly tugged Shane off my cock.

Dylan's first experience sucking cock was an exact replication of Shane's. He was curious, amazed, delighted, electrified, and thrilled as wave after wave of various feelings and emotions went through him. Even in my semi-dazed state I could see he was rock hard again. A glance at Shane revealed the same.

The next thing I knew they were both licking and sucking me everywhere they could at the same time. One would suck my balls and play with my anus, while the other was sucking my cock. At one point they were licking opposite sides of my cock at the same time. Their hands roamed and massaged everywhere. I was on overload. All of a sudden I felt Shane suck my entire cock into his mouth as deep as he could. I saw fireworks and tried to warn him, but it was too late. I could literally feel the cum travel from my balls up through my cock and stop momentarily at the head before I pumped out a huge load of cum in the most amazing, massive, longest orgasm I had ever experienced. They rocked my world! They rendered me senseless! I probably passed out for a moment altogether. Oh. My. God!

When I finally "woke up" I realized they were still licking me, trying to get up every drop of cum. Both their lips were covered with cum. I NEVER expected them to do that! Wow. Just at that moment they happened to glance at each other and see the cum on each other's faces. They broke into a peal of embarrassed giggles and simultaneously dipped their hands into the hot water and wiped their faces. It was really, really cute!

We all sat back in the water again to catch our breath. A few moments later Dylan said "I see what you mean, now."

"About what?" I asked.

"About how sucking makes you want to have sex," he replied. I could see him gently jerking himself under the water. "When we were licking you I wanted to cum so bad I could taste it."

"You DID taste it!" Shane laughed.

"You know what I mean dick-breath," Dylan responded defensively.

"Hey, we BOTH have dick-breath, OK dude?" Shane said to pacify Dylan. "But yeah, I know what you mean. I'm horny as shit again, too. I never knew sucking cock could make you horny!" He finished his longest speech so far with a huge smile as he reached for his own cock again.

For some reason they turned and looked at me at the same time. I knew what they wanted, but I was still exhausted and needed a few more minutes. But I had an idea for them.

"You both know how awesome it is to suck and be sucked," I said. "Why don't you do it to each other at the same time? It's totally amazing!"

You would have thought a light bulb went off in both their brains. I could see them trying to figure out the logistics of it all, but they were totally enthusiastic and ready to try it. I told Dylan to lie on his back at the edge of the whirlpool. Then I told Shane to get on his knees and elbows on top of Dylan, putting them in the classic "69" position. I didn't have to explain further. They sucked each other's cocks' in like a vacuum. It was just about the hottest thing I ever saw, and even an old guy like me got hard again in a hurry!

They were playing with each other's balls, jerking and sucking all at the same time. Shane actually figured out he could piston his hips and his cock would slide in and out of Dylan's mouth. His gorgeous ass rose and fell rhythmically with his thrusts. I was totally enraptured seeing Shane's balls land on Dylan's nose with each thrust. It was a sight I will never forget. Shane was sucking on Dylan's cock like it was his last meal. I could tell from Dylan's movements and their muffled moans they couldn't take much more. I sat there watching intently and gently rubbing my hands over every part of their bodies I could reach.

All of a sudden Shane's entire body went totally rigid. I could hear a muffled shout from around Dylan's cock as Shane suddenly convulsed and absolutely exploded into Dylan's mouth. Dylan gagged slightly as his mouth filled with Shane's cum, but then his brain registered Shane's orgasm and it put him over the edge for his own.

Shane was still lost in the throes of his ecstasy as Dylan erupted into his mouth. It leaked down around Dylan's cock and pooled at the base as the two boys convulsed and shook. Shane finally rolled off Dylan and they laid side by side on their backs, their bodies touching and still in the 69 configuration. Their chests heaved and the muscles in their stomachs rippled as they tried to catch their breath. I just sat and watched them. It had been the most incredible sexual coupling I had ever seen.

As their breath returned to normal I realized they were both sound asleep. I also realized that without touching myself and without knowing it I had cum again just from watching them. That had never happened before.

I let them sleep for about 15 minutes, but was getting uneasy about how late it was. If their parents checked on them for some reason they'd be in big trouble. I gently called their names and, not being able to help myself, fondled their cocks and balls to wake them up. They were both pretty groggy as they sat up, but when they realized where they were and what had just happened big smiles spread on their faces.

I told them it was time to get back to their room. At my direction they eased back down into the whirlpool to clean up their mess and then we all got out. We grabbed some towels from the rack, dried off and got dressed. I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts from my bag. I had to help both of them quite a bit with getting their clothes on, but I didn't complain once! I actually think they could have dressed themselves, but they just wanted me to touch them.

We threw the towels into the dirty towel bin, I grabbed my wet bathing suit from the edge of the whirlpool and I started toward the door. I realized the boys hadn't moved. I turned around, and as one they ran to me and hugged me tight. Dylan fished his cell phone out of his pocket and stored my number. "Just in case we need any more lessons tomorrow," he joked!

I told them to take a shower before going to bed so they wouldn't smell of chlorine -- their parents would know where they had been. With typical teen-age-boy attitudes toward showers they pouted and didn't want to. Then I suggested that showering together was a really fun thing to do! They glanced shyly at each other and both their shorts tented out again right away. I got immediate and enthusiastic promises they would indeed shower!

I walked with them most of the way back to their room, stopping as far away as possible while still being able to see them go in. They waved and the door closed. I headed up to my room for a long hot shower and my third orgasm of the night, before falling into bed exhausted but exuberant!


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