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Coming from a small suburban city, it was a while before I became accustomed to the hustle and bustle of big city living. But I like it! All the cars honking, all the people passing in the streets, lights flickering at night, everyone going somewhere and wanting to get there fast; it was very exhilarating.

While looking for a job I stumbled upon an advertisement looking for housekeepers, childcare givers, drivers, and butlers. They were a type of temp agency that dealt with high end families and supplying them with acceptable employees that could meet their individual needs. But better than just high end families, sometimes they dealt with celebrities as well, and that is what really caught my eye. I readily called the number supplied by the advertisement and spoke with someone who told me to come in and apply right away.

The next day I awoke, took a shower, and got ready. I dressed as nicely as possible , wanting to make a good first impression. When I showed up at the office, I was kinda skeptical of the surroundings seeing as it wasn't a big office with fancy furnishings. In entering from the elevators all one could see is a couple of chairs that looked decent enough a small wooden coffee table between them and then at the far end a large window that was closed by plastic where a woman was seated as a receptionist. I signed in, did the appropriate paper work and was told that someone would see me shortly.

"Mr. Farthing?" a lady in a suitable business garb questioned.

"Yes, that's me ma'am." I replied.

"Come this way please."

I followed her through a door I hadn't realized was there into the back offices where it finally looked like a place where business was done. People were walking every which way, phones ringing off the hook, and papers rustling constantly. There was a distinct spell of coffee and adrenaline that couldn't be missed.

The lady led me into an office off to the side and asked me to have a seat in front of her desk. It was a nice office typical for a New York setting of buildings; white walls, high ceilings, and wooden desks. She had a nice apple computer on her desk which seemed almost brand new.

"May I see your resume please?" inquired the woman.

"Yes of course, it's right here."

"I see here that you have experience in child care. How many years were you working for this family?"

Well unbeknownst to her, I had totally made up that family. When I first moved to New York, people I met told me all the time that it's okay to lie on your resume because no one checks your references or past employers anyway, so this question kinda threw me off, but I managed to get myself together to answer her question with ease.

" As it states on my resume I worked for them for about four years at which point I finished high school and left to go to college."

"Oh yes, I see here. But it seems you didn't leave any contact numbers for them, would it be alright for me to call them and ask them a few questions as to your capability to care for their children?"

This really got me nervous as I didn't know what to say to that. How was I supposed to go ahead and say, "Sorry, but I totally made that family up, I have no experience and just want to meet celebrities." No that wasn't going to happen, so I had to think fast.

"I'm afraid they have moved since then and they failed to leave their contact information with me when they did so. I have no way of getting their new information in any way. I'm terribly sorry. Is that okay?"

"Oh yes, that's fine,but do you have any other references available that might be able to vouch for your capability as a good child care giver?"

" I have references, but all of them have worked with me on a more professional level, in retail and sales. Will those do?"

"For now I will accept those, but if you get the contact information of this past employer it would help greatly in getting you placed quickly and appropriately."

"So is that all you need from me? Is there any other paper work or tests or some such stuff that you need from me?"

"There will be no more paper work, but you will be asked to take a drug test and supply us with a copy of your driver's license and social security card before you leave here today. Other than that we'll be in contact with you as soon as we find someone looking for you as their child care giver. Oh one last question, do you tutor?"

"Oh yes, I did very well in my studies in high school and college. I am not certified as a tutor, but am very well educated and knowledgeable."

At this point I realized I was babbling.

"Another words, Yes, I can tutor if that is was they are looking for in a child care giver as well. And I do know how to cook and clean if that helps any."

"Are you available to be a live-in care giver as well?"

"Oh yes, that is not a problem at all."

"Wonderful, we should have you placed in no time. If was nice meeting you Mr. Farthing-

"Please, call me Josh."

"Okay, JOSH, it was nice meeting you and I hope we are able to find you a placement very soon."

"Thank you, the pleasure is all mine." I said as I exited the office after shaking the hand of this fine woman.

She was a reasonably nice looking woman, with shoulder length hair, brown, beautiful light brown eyes, almost the color of butter scotch, and a nice thin frame that looked like an hour glass. She looked professional, yet sexy. If I weren't gay I'd be flirting with her to no end...Oh yes I forgot to mention, I'm gay.

I guess I should describe myself before going further. I'm a nice looking young man, or at least I've been told so by quite a lot of men. But that's not what this story is about. I'm 5'11, been told I should model, but never felt the need to do so. I have short cropped black hair that I keep in good condition. Long eye lashes, a nice enough swimmer's build, and...well, let's just say I never get any complaints. I've been given the eye by many and once I tell them what I like to do for a living they always ask me..."Why? You are such a good looking young man and could be anything you want! Why child care?"

I guess I just love to be around kids. It's always been a pleasure to work with kids and help them learn and grow...Okay, I just needed a job at that time. I am a struggling actor and as such I find it hard to find a steady job that will keep me on my feet till my acting career takes off. In taking this job I figured that if I met a celebrity that it might be a "shoe in" to start off my career if I did a good job. But I digress.

Well as it were not two days after I left the office of the temp agency I received a call from them.



"Yes, May I speak with a Mr. Joshua Farthing please?"

"This is he, how may I help you?"

"This is Mr. Johanson, I received your number through CCG, and understand that you are looking to become a live-in child care taker. Is that correct?"

"Yes sir, that is correct. May I assume that you are looking for such a person?"

"As a matter of fact I am. You see my wife divorced me a year ago, and since then I have been trying to fill the position as nanny for my children for quite some time and it seems no one will do. They have all been incompetent, ill trained, or just plain ugly."

"I'm sorry to hear that sir. If I can be of service I'm sure I would not let you down."

"That remains to be seen. I suppose I should describe my children to you. My wife and I started having children at a very young age. I was no more than 11 and she 12. We were young and stupid to say the least, but our parents, both hers and mine were determined that we stay together for the better of the child. Even as young as we were, we were much in love and so continued to have children even after our first. My oldest is in college now but still live at home. His name is Peter, and he's 25. My second oldest is also a boy and in college, and his name is Creg, he is 21. Before I go on , let's just say I have all boys. My wife and I tried for the girl, but she never came. We had six boys and thought it enough. My third is 18, and his name is Kevin, my fourth is 16 and his name is Samuel, my fifth is 14 and his name is Tristan, and last but not least my sixth is 12 and his name is Johnny."

"Mr. Johanson, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't your children seem a little old to be needing a care giver?"

"You would assume as much, but you see I travel a lot in my travels and in my absence I need someone around the house to act in my stead as head of the house. You might think that my eldest could take this role, but he is much too busy in his studies and in is own life to even think of taking care of his younger brother's. My second oldest is the same way, and even worse in some respects. He'll spend endless hours with his friends and hardly any time with his family."

"But sir, what is it exactly that you would like me to do? I am only 21 myself and hardly capable of ordering around teenagers or those that are of legal age."

"As the care taker and ultimate organizer of this household I would give you complete and utter control of order and disciplining each and everyone of my children. In affect you would be acting as I would in my absence, but as I have not been around, my children do not take me very seriously. My wife was the one that usually kept them in order, but seeing as how she's left me to take care of them myself, I have no other choice."

"Well sir, as I said before, if you gave me the chance I would not let you down. But there is one last thing, and I know it is a tuff subject, but...my pay?"

"Oh yes, don't worry, if you were hired, I'd give you nothing less than 70,000 a year, plus benefits including medical, dental, optical, and cosmology if you so deem it necessary."

"Well sir, it seems like a dream come true, when can we meet?"

"How about you come here tomorrow around noon and we'll have lunch on my estate?"

"That sounds wonderful! I'll be there!"

"Great, see you tomorrow Mr. Farthing, I'll have my limo pick you up promptly at 10 am."

"But sir, why two hours early?"

"I live in upstate, it'll take you that long to get here. Don't worry, all will be fine. I have your address from the agency, see you tomorrow, till then, good bye!"

"Good bye, Mr. Johanson, I look forward to meeting you."

"Please call me Mark!"

"Okay Mark, see you tomorrow!"

End of Chapter One

This is my first attempt at a story. I know there was no sex in this one, but don't worry when I get to it it'll be hot. Any suggestions or critic is much appreciated. This story can go anywhere from here. Let me know what you think.