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to Tame an





A story by Danny



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Part 4


"Done?" I asked as I reemerged from the basement.

"You said forty-five minutes! It's only been thirty, sir!" He whined most excellently.

I chuckled and thumbed over my shoulder, "I'm going to take a shower then. You've got fifteen minutes to finish up. All right?"

He looked at me longingly and I knew he really wanted to join me in the shower just as we'd done the day before.

"I'm going as fast as I can sir!" he continued to whine.

"Do you need some motivation?" I asked in such a way to make him think I might spank him.

He shook his head violently from side-to-side, "No sir! I'll get it done! I promise sir!"

"Fifteen minutes!" I pointed to my watch-less wrist, "Aaaaand go!"

Before I took my sweaty self to the shower, I watched for a few seconds as his pencil raced across the page.

I purposefully showered and dressed fast so that I could get back before the fifteen minutes was up. As I came back into the kitchen he didn't even look up from the page.


"Tick Tock! Tick Tock!" I teased.

"That's not helping sir!" he complained, "Besides my eye is killing me!"

"Excuses! Excuses!"

I got a glass from the cabinet, filled it from the tap, and drank it while watching Seth work frantically to finish on time.

"AAAAH! I can't figure this last problem!" he cried out in frustration.

"What is it?" I asked as I walked over and stood behind him.

I then saw that it was a word problem.

"UGH! I always hated word problems!" I said.

"You and me both sir!" He said and then looking up at me he flashed me his best puppy-dog eyes as he asked, "Can you help me please, sir?"

I couldn't help but chuckle at his attempt to be adorably cute.

"Oh fine!" I surrendered, "Read me the problem!"

"Bruce deposited $350 in a saving account. The savings account accrues interest at a flat rate of 1.05% a month. The first month Bruce withdrew $21. The second month he withdrew $17 and three months later he withdrew $100. How much will the account be worth 7 months from the date of deposit?"

"What the hell sort of math is this?" I scoffed.

"Really hard math sir!" Seth moaned and then added, "And there's only about a minute left!"

"Oh to hell with the clock! We've got to figure this out!" I exclaimed as I pulled out a chair and sat down beside him. I sat my empty glass on the table, rubbed my chin and said, "Let me think a minute."

"All right, do you have to show your math?" I asked.

"Yes sir." He answered.

"Then give me a blank piece of paper." I ordered and he ripped a sheet out.

I then took his pencil and began to scribble down numbers and formulas.

"How are you doing that in your head?" he asked.

I shushed him.

He interrupted my thinking again. I then scooted my chair back about a foot and began to unzip my fly.

"If you are going to keep opening your mouth, you might as well do something useful with it!" I said flatly.

He genuinely looked surprised, but only hesitated for half a second before reaching out and pulling my soft cock out. He quickly went to work, trying to get it inflated as I went back to working on the math problem which to be honest, was not any easier. Actually Seth was doing a fantastic job of draining blood from my big head to my little, but quickly growing, head.

I was having such a difficult time concentrating on the numbers that I began to speak them aloud as I wrote them down.

"2.39691707407 plus 228.277816578 equals 230.674733652 and 230.674733652 times 1.05% is 2.42208470335. OUCH!" I smacked Seth on the back of the head and barked at him, "Watch the teeth!"

"Now where was I? Oh yeah, 2.42208470335 plus 230.674733652 is 233.096818355 and rounding to the nearest cent we come up with 233 dollars and ten cents."

Seth suddenly stopped sucking on my cock and sat up to look at the paper I had been writing on.

"How'd you do..." he started to ask, but then he saw how I was looking down at him and knew he'd done a bad thing by stopping without being told to do so.

"Sorry sir!" he said and started to go back down on me.

I quickly put my hand over my very hard cock and said, "That can wait. Copy down what I wrote onto your paper first. Then we'll go upstairs."

Seth quickly copied the numbers and as he was writing the last numbers he asked, "But is it right sir?"

"I honestly don't have a clue!" I laughed, "But I will make you a deal. If it isn't right, I'll give you one free `Get out of jail' card."

Seth screwed up his face in an expression of extreme confusion.

"The next time you do something that I feel you need to be punished for; you can use your free `Get out of jail' card to not get punished." I explained.

"What if you are right sir?" he asked.

"Well, I'll have to think of something." I said menacingly.

"But I don't get punished for not getting my homework done before the forty-five minutes was up right sir?" he asked and unbelievably I saw that same twinkle in his eye that he gets when he thinks he's got control over me.

"That would be 100% incorrect!" I said proudly.

"BUT-BUT SIR YOU SAID!" He blubbered as his eyes became watery and his bottom lip began to tremble.

"Get scribbling, then put your books away, and get yourself up to the guest room now." I ordered.

Despite the threat of being punished, Seth did as he was told before running up to the steps and to the guest room with astonishing speed. When I arrived in the room, I received yet another surprise, Seth was standing in the middle of the room completely nude.

"Why are you naked?" I asked.

He shrugged.

I shrugged back, "What's this? I don't understand shrugging."

He stood silently staring at me, almost like he wanted me to get mad and spank him or fuck him again.

After a moment of thought, I nodded my head and said, "I hadn't planned on this until the weekend, but alright, since you are already undressed we'll just go right ahead. Pick up your clothes, fold them neatly and stack them on the bed. I'll be right back."

Just before I walked back out of the room, I stopped and looked back. Seth looked disappointed, but was picking up his clothing.

"Set your underwear, socks and undershirt aside from your other clothes." I instructed.

When I returned, I found him attempting to fold his shirt and his pants were still lying on the floor in a heap. The rest of his clothes were folded but very poorly.

"Have you ever folded anything before?" I asked.

He shook his head and said, "No sir. My mom does it."

I raised both eyebrows with surprise and said, "Well then, we're going to change that. From now on, your job is going to be washing, folding and ironing my clothing."

He looked at me with detest and I knew what he was about to say but let him say it anyway. Well partly.

"I'm not going to be your sla..."

Before he could finish I snapped my fingers, inches from his face. He recoiled as though I had slapped him but quickly recovered and was about to speak again.

I held up a white plastic shopping bag and said, "I bought these for you on my way to work today."

He reached out to take the bag, but then I pulled it back, keeping him from grasping it. What's in here," I paused for effect, "was going to be something I thought you might enjoy while you are here in my home. However, since you didn't get your homework done on time and the fact that you think it is okay to talk back to an adult; you are going to wear it for the next twenty-four hours."

His eyes, which had first lit up at the sight of the bag, began to lose their wonderment as they sort of changed to a sickeningly sort of gray.

I held out the bag for him to grab, and again, when he reached out for it, I pulled it back. He wasn't amused in the least bit.

"This is another one of those deal breakers." I said to him. "You will wear these until after school tomorrow or else."

I could almost see the little gears and cogs working inside his head to figure out what it was I meant.

"If you don't, and I will know if you don't, then you and I are finished and you will not be welcome in my home ever again. Understand?"

I could see that he desperately wanted to ask what I had in the bag and I wouldn't have been surprised if he had. But that's not what he asked. Instead his chin lowered and he softly answered with, "I promise I'll wear it until tomorrow sir."

"Until after school tomorrow and until I say you may take them off." I added.

He nodded his agreement, "Yes sir."

"This is not a joke or play time. I'm being 100% serious right now. You might not like what I have in this bag, not when you realize you will be wearing it home from here, at home, then to school."

His small, hairless body began to tremble, either from fear or excitement, or possibly from both.

"Do you still agree? Or do you want to put your clothes back on and leave now?" I asked.

"I-I don't want to leave sir?" he said, swallowed nervously and then added, "I'll wear it."

I smiled and allowed him to have the bag. His eyes bugged out of his head as he pulled out a pair of pink lacy girl panties. It was clear he was excited over the idea of wearing them as well as fearful, knowing he was going to have to wear them to school the next day. His mouth was hanging open as he reached back into the bag and pulled out a pair of matching socks, and that's when he began to quake from head to toe as though shivering from hypothermia. He glanced back into the bag and what he saw still in there put him over the edge. It was a third matching piece, a training bra.

Seth's legs failed him and he fell backward, his naked ass only just catching the corner of mattress. He sat there looking at the items and quivering uncontrollably. I just let him stew in his emotions and waited to see what he might do or say. He set the bra and socks on the bed and examined the panties. Then set down the panties and picked up the bra; then the socks and then the panties again. He then stood up, his tiny penis pointing straight up to his belly button.

Seriously, he was shaking like a leaf and yet he still had a raging baby boy boner! I almost laughed out loud at the sight of it.

He then surprised me when he began to step into the panties without any guidance from me. He pulled them up his legs and into place. Never once did he look up at me for encouragement or validation. Once the panties were on, he sat back down and pulled on the left pink sock, then the right. However, the bra seemed to baffle him; the straps and clasp in particular.

Finally he looked up at me and spoke, "Can you help me sir?" his voice betrayed him, revealing just how scared he was at the idea of going to school wearing those under his clothes. Little did I know that he actually was thinking I was making him wear them ONLY!

I'd been leaning against the door jamb while watching him, so I righted myself and walked over to where he was sitting.

"Come on, stand up and turn around." I said softly, hoping to calm him somehow.

"Your arms go through here." I said as I laced his arms through the proper straps and up onto his shoulders, "And then it just clips in the back."

Once it was on, I said, "See, that's not that hard."

"W-what about when I go home?" he asked as his voice quivered.

"You can take them off in your bedroom, hide them, then take your bath and put them back on when you get back to your room." I said.

"But my dad and mom will see!" He said as he turned around and I saw the tears rolling down his face.

I was a bit confused, however, I was about to understand.

"Does your mom still undress you and dress you after your bath?" I asked.

It was his turn to be confused as he screwed up his face and grunted, "Huh?"

"Well if your mom doesn't see you undressing, how will she know?" I asked.

"I-I don't have to go home like this?" He asked.

"Wait, you thought?" I started to laugh out loud, "NO! NO! NO! You get to wear your clothes over this! Did you think you had to go home and to school only dressed like this?"

He smiled nervously as he wiped at his tears, "Yes sir!"

"Oh Seth, that's so funny! No, I might be a hard ass sometimes, but even I wouldn't do something like that to you!"

He was still wiping at his wet face as I stooped down and hugged him. "I'm sorry I made you think that," I then held him so that I could look into his eyes, "But wow! How brave are you that you were willing to go home and to school wearing just these! Wow! You really are a brave little boy!"

I then leaned forward and kissed his lips softly.

"Do you like your new panties and bra?" I asked as I rubbed his lace covered ass.

He nodded, "I really do sir." And then threw his arms around my neck and pressed his lips very tightly to mine.

Breaking the kiss he asked, "W-would you do me in the butt again sir?"

I smiled and said, "Nope!" and kissed him again.

His brow furrowed.

"I only do good boys butts." I said cutely and kissed him again.

"Please?" he begged and kissed me back.

"If you are a good boy between now and when you get back here tomorrow after school," I kissed him then added, "Then I will do your butt."

His brow un-furrowed and he tried to kiss me while smiling.

"But remember, you have to keep your bra," I kissed him, "Panties" I kissed him again, "And pink socks on" I kissed him long, using my tongue which seemed to get his heard racing more than it already was, "even if that means wearing them during gym class."

His eyes shot open wide at the idea of gym class and he again began to once again tremble within my grasp.

I smiled and asked, "Do they make you change for gym?"

He nodded his head as his eyes once more teared up.

"Can you change in a toilet stall at school?" I asked.

His eyes lit up slightly as the gears began to turn.

"B-b-but what about the pink socks sir?" he asked.

"Do you wear gym shorts or long track pants?" I asked.

"Shorts sir." He said while still trembling slightly.

I pulled him close and hugged him tight as I said, "I'll let you wear your regular socks over the pink ones but only during gym class."

I knew he liked that idea because he hugged me back very tightly.

"Sir, can I wear the ballet thing now too?" he asked.

I pulled him away from me and held him tightly by the arms, "I haven't washed it or the comforter yet from yesterday when you peed all over them both."


He managed to read in my eyes what I was thinking and began to beg, "PLEASE DON'T SIR! PLEASE!"

I smiled wickedly and teased, "Only because I don't want you going home and to school tomorrow in stinky sissy-boy panties."

"Sir?" He posed.

"Yes sissy boy." I continued teasing.

He smiled, revealing the fact that he enjoyed being called a sissy boy.

"What if someone sees sir?" he asked.

"Well, it is up to you to keep them hidden." I poked him in the forehead and added, "Use that brain for once!"

Suddenly I was struck with an idea and it apparently was obvious by my expression because Seth asked, "What's wrong sir?"

I shook my head, "Nothing's wrong! But I just had the best idea! Use your brain!"

Seth's confused expression was adorable. It honestly looked like I had broken his brain.

I gripped his arms tightly and shook him slightly, "You are so incredibly smart!"

He looked even more confused.

"Those boys that stand by the bathroom at school..." I said, trying to lead him to my thoughts but he still looked completely lost.

I let go of his arms and grabbed either side of his head as I pulled him forward so that our foreheads were touching. "Why are they always standing there? What could they be doing?"

Seth's eyes revealed his bewilderment.

"OR HIDING!" I said loudly and slowly.

I saw the light bulb turn on inside Seth's head as he suddenly began to think the same thing.

"Blackmail! You did a great job of finding my secrets and using them against me. Why not find out what those boys are hiding..." I started to say but then Seth finished my thought for me.

"AND USE IT AGAINST THEM!" He shouted as he threw his head back and howled like a wolf, then lifted his head back and kissed me with incredible passion.

I must confess that it took every bit of willpower within me to keep from pulling those pink girl panties off him and breading him once more. Before my animal lusts took over I released him and had him slip his school shoes back on to keep from getting his pretty pink socks dirty. However, I didn't let him get fully dressed. I made Seth go around wearing only the panties and bra as I took him to the basement and taught him how to use the washer and dryer. Seth seemed to love his new sissy-boy undergarments. I knew this because I caught him several times rubbing his hands over the soft lacy material as he went about launderings my clothes.

When the time came for him to return home he hesitated to get dressed when I told him too. I had to threaten to actually send him home without his clothes to get him to put them on.




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