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to Tame an





A story by Danny



To read more stories by Danny go to the Nifty prolific authors section HERE.







Part 6

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Seth for a couple of days. While at work and balls deep in the former cameraman, I had received a very urgent call from my ex-wife telling me that our youngest daughter had fallen out of a tree, hit her head and was being prepped for emergency surgery. I was so beside myself with emotions that my boss, Pricilla, drove me to the hospital as I was in no state to drive myself.

"Who's this?" My ex-wife asked with attitude upon seeing me walk into the waiting room with Pricilla at my side. It was clear my ex-wife thought Pricilla was my new girlfriend.

Forgetting that I was supposed to be self-employed I made introductions, "Liz, this is my boss Pricilla Grace. Pricilla this is my ex-wife."

"How is Meg?" I asked.

Liz made a face like she didn't believe that Pricilla was my boss, but thankfully she didn't say more.

"She's been in surgery for about twenty minutes." Liz reluctantly said.

I then looked around, and not seeing my other two daughters, I asked, "Are the girls not here?"

"No, they're at your brothers." Liz said as though she hated the fact that I was even there, which confused me, because she was the one who called me in the first place.

Pricilla then chimed in with, "I'm going to go find some coffee, would either of you like some?"

"What? Oh, no thank you!" I said.

My ex-wife sneered as she said, "I'd rather not," then turned away.

Pricilla walked away, but not before giving me a look to say, "Good luck with that bitch."

As soon as Pricilla was out of ear shot, Liz turned and asked, "I suppose you are fucking her too?"

"Liz, please! Let's not do this here. I'm just concerned about Meg. What happened exactly?" I asked.

As if on cue a male nurse walked up to us. He and I recognized one another instantly. One of the first pornos I had made was with him, although he looked a bit different, he had longer hair back then and was, well, naked. It was clear by his body language that he recognized me as well and my ex-wife hadn't missed it. Thankfully he had the presents of mind to come up with a plausible cover story.

"Wow! It's you! I never got to properly thank you for fixing my flat tire!" He lied.

I smiled as I picked up on his ruse, "What a small world!" I reached out and took his hand, "Yeah! I'm sorry but I cannot recall your name."

"Andy! And you are Scott." He said and then turning to my ex-wife he added, "I had a flat up on I67 during that big rain storm. Didn't even have a jack in the car and I was already massively late for work. Your husband here stopped and saved the day!"

My ex-wife's response to this was a simple, "Ex-husband! And he probably stopped because he wanted to fuck you!"

"Liz!" I exclaimed.

"I-I'm sorry!" Andy apologized as his face and ears turned a bright crimson.

Liz went on, "Oh please, don't lie! You'd fuck anyone that stopped moving long enough!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I just wanted to inform you that your daughter is in surgery now and her vitals are good." Andy said quickly and then promptly spun on his heels as he retreated.

"That was completely uncalled for!" I tried to whisper through clinched teeth.

Then she dropped the bombshell as to why she called, "If the hospital hadn't made me, I never would have called you."

"Wait, what? Why would they make you call me?" I asked.

She had turned her back to me which had always been her way of saying that she was done arguing with me.

"Liz?" I was pleading for her to tell me more.

She spun back around with tears in her eyes as she and said, "There is some sort of mix up with Meg's birth certificate. I'm not even listed on it as a parent." She pointed an accusing finger at me like it was my fault and fumed, "Only you!"

"What? That cannot be right? I remember seeing it." I said to the back of her head because she had turned away again.

She then confessed, "I had to get a new one. I accidently burned the original along with your crap."

"You burned my stuff?" I asked, forgetting to whisper.

She turned back to me and by the look on her face, it was plain to see she was about to go on the attack again. Thankfully, Pricilla returned. Liz shot us both a hateful sneer and walked away. Pricilla stretched out a hand, and took hold of my forearm.

"How are you?" she asked while politely twitching her head toward my ex-wife.

"Better than I thought I'd be." I answered.

Lowering my voice I asked, "Remember that young guy, Andy from `A Day at the Lake'?" which was the name of the porno Andy and I had starred in.

Pricilla's eyes widened as she whispered back, "Oh no! I completely forgot that he works here!"

"Yeah," I quietly confirmed, "and he was just here."

"Fuck!" Pricilla cussed and balled a fist as though squeezing the life out of a bug.

"It's okay. He did a great job of playing it off. He lied about meeting me when I helped him with a flat."

Pricilla throatily grunted, "He's used that one before."

Another nurse walked up to us and asked, "Excuse me. Are you Mr. McGrouter?"

"Yes I am. Is there news about my daughter?" I asked excitedly.

The nurse apologized, "Oh no, I'm sorry I only needed to have you fill out some paper work is all." She then pointed to the nurses' station.

"Oh, absolutely." I said to the nurse.

Pricilla placed her coffee on a small table in the waiting room and took hold of my hand.

"Here are the keys to my car. I've already called for a cab to take me back home. If you need anything..." she again glanced toward my ex-wife, "I do know a guy who'd take care of that mess."

I'd long since gotten used to Pricilla's raw sense of humor and thanked her for the keys to her car as well as for being such a great friend. In return I gave her the keys to my car to use once she had returned to the film studio.




For over two and a half hours, we had to wait for the surgery to end. On two separate occasions, a nurse, other than Andy, came over to let us know that the surgery was going well. My ex-wife and I sat on opposite sides of the waiting room with her facing away from me.

My ex-wife has never been strong when it comes to dealing with tragedies or anything that isn't all about her. So, as soon as Meg was out of surgery and we'd been allowed back to see her, my ex-wife left the hospital. However, before she left, she had a bit more to say to me,

"I don't want you to call. If something changes, have the hospital call. And don't even think of coming to the house! I have the police on speed-dial!"

With that, Liz left and didn't return until our daughter was due to be discharged.

When Meg initially woke up, she was in the beginning so happy to see me, but it was only the drugs, because as they started to leave her system she started to act more and more like her mother toward me. By the time she was due to be discharged she wasn't even willing to make eye contact, let alone talk to me.

Even though her mother has brainwashed her against me, she is still my daughter and I love her very much. I'd give my life for her and her sister without hesitation.

During my stay in the hospital, my brother came twice, but asked me to leave the room during the time he was there. That was all he had to say to me.

The first evening, I received a text from Seth with a simple, "Where are you?"

I honestly couldn't recall ever giving him my cell phone number, but that thought didn't stick long as I was too tired and too worried about my daughter.

I texted him back with, "Family emergency. Out of town for a while."

After I sent that, I almost sent, "And behave yourself! Or Else!" but deleted the message without sending it, out of fear that his parents might see the message on his phone and question him about it.

My ex-in-laws came the second day. They too had no words for me. However, my former mother-in-law did offer me a slap across the face as she was leaving. Thankfully my daughter had been asleep and hadn't seen it.

I stayed in the chair at the foot of Meg's bed that evening and slept there that night and most of the second day. Most of the time Meg slept, and when she didn't sleep she ignored me, even when I tried to engage her. One might wonder why I'd stick around when I wasn't wanted, the plain fact is, she's my daughter. Although she may hate me until the day she dies, I will always be there for her.




I didn't sleep all that much, however, when I did I had the most vivid dream I remember ever having. In retrospect, I think my dream came about because as I fell sleep, Little Shop of Horrors was playing on my daughter's television.

In my dream it was a beautiful summer afternoon. I was mowing the grass with one of those old style push mowers. I stopped to wipe the sweat from my brow with a handkerchief I had pulled from my back pocket. It was then that I caught site of Seth through the front picture window. He was dressed in a beautiful blue and white summer dress. He looked out at me and smiled. I smiled back as he blew me a kiss.

Suddenly we were both inside, sitting on the loveseat about to enjoy two frozen dinners Seth has prepared for us. He leaned over and pulls the foil cover off my dinner for me and I caught a whiff of his intoxicating citrus scented perfume. He picked up a fork, scooped up some food and began to feed me.

We were then snuggling on the sofa watching a bunch of boys who strangely resembled Seth in his pink tutu performing Swan Lake. His head was resting on my chest and I play with a lock of his hair. He slowly lowered the zipper on my khaki slacks and fished out my big, enormous, twelve-inch cock. At least in my dreams I am well hung.

I felt his tongue licking at my pee-hole followed by his lips closing over the pulsating purple head of my trouser snake. He was sucking like the Hover vacuum cleaner that sat within the hall closet of our little home.

He was my sissy-bride, I was his loving husband. It was a picture perfect marriage out of Better Gay Homes and Gardens magazine.

It was a dream I never wanted to end and just as I was about to impregnate his stomach with my man seed I was suddenly jolted away by a loud hospital announcement.


"Aaah! That was about to be the best part!" I moaned!




Pricilla called me several times during my stay. I repeatedly thanked her for lending me her car and she continually assured me that she wouldn't have left her car with me if she didn't trust me. The day Meg was to be discharged, my wife returned with a lawyer in tow.

"Mr. McGrouter, I have some papers for you to sign so that we can get your daughter's birth certificate corrected." The lawyer said before adding, "If you refuse to sign them we're prepared to take this up with the courts."

I looked to Liz and glumly asked, "Really? You couldn't have just asked nicely?"

I wanted to ask why a new birth certificate had to be procured instead of just getting a copy of the original from the hospital, but I didn't ask. Instead, I kept my thoughts to myself and signed the papers. After I said goodbye to my daughter, who didn't say anything in return, I walked out the hospital.




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