- I am a Gypsy Prince -
by Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'

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- I am a Gypsy Prince ; book 1 - Heir to the Throne -

1. The first day of the rest of my life as a little Gypsy Prince.

    "Look! Our little Prince shows up! Now, please, go ask our Wise Woman to assist at his birth."
    "Yes, I can see a small piece of his head; and I am sure he has blond hair, just like his Mom."
    "I hope he has her blue eyes as well. That would be VERY special, for our future King!"
    "Well, I am sure this boy WILL be very special; even if he would have dark eyes, like his Dad."
    "Wow, the little imp is already wrestling with all of his might, trying to enter our world fast..."

    They were right. I WAS wrestling, trying to leave my too tight shelter as soon as possible!
Nine months ago, I had left our 'Eternal Realm'; to go back to our Earth and be born again as a brand new little baby. At first, I just floated around in my new Mom's safe and cozy womb, like a little tadpole that wanted to turn into a Prince. My new body had been growing and growing, steadily letting the tadpole turn into a real human being.
Now, I felt more like a too big frog, crammed in a way too small temporary aquarium...
It was time to leave my Mom's womb, be kissed by the Queen, and greet my waiting subjects!

    I knew that our King, that is my new Dad, was here; and my Grandmother, and Michail who was our vice King. They all crowded around our Queen, that is my new Mom; talking about their little Prince with love and reverence. Their voices sounded muted, accompanied by the ever-present 'bump, bump, bump' from my Mom's heartbeat.
Fortunately, I was able to sense the energy of their spoken words, and thus understood what they were saying. I seemed to have a 'sixth sense', letting me feel the energies around me and translate them...

    Until now, time didn't exist, life was good, and I had nothing to worry about.
I had been dreaming on and on; until slowly, nearly imperceptibly, my cozy womb started to feel too tight. My body became too big to float around; and, from now on, every involuntary movement pained my new Mom. However, she didn't complain, but told me she loved me dearly and would endure her inconveniences in glee!
I sensed the meaning of her words, felt her strong love engulfing me; and knew I would be more than welcome. It felt wonderful, to be loved like this! I started to love her too, and tried to help her by restricting my movements.

    Now and then, my new Dad put his hands onto my Mom's belly, trying to feel my moving.
At first, I had been too small to be able to do much; because my growing muscles had to develop some more. Now that I was big enough, it was easier to feel where my Dad's hands were; and I pushed my feet towards them! I wanted to let him know I knew he tried to contact me, and that I was happy to have him as my new Dad...

    My Dad was elated when he felt our contact, and exclaimed:

    "Yes! My son recognizes me, and I am sure he kicks my hands on purpose! What a wonderful boy..."

   "You are right, Janov. I can feel him too. I am sure our son already knows you are his Dad, and he loves you! Thank you, Maria, for giving me such a wonderful present. I love both you and him, with all my heart!"

    It felt good, as a little fetus in a cozy womb, to feel loved by the people who soon would be my new parents. Impatiently, I waited until I would be able to show up and greet them...

    Now, the labor had set in; and my Dad helped my Mom squat down onto the floor, to give birth to me. I had worked myself upside down; instinctively knowing this would be the correct way to enter our world. Every time again, I pushed my head into a narrow gap, to where I was sure my way out would be. Slowly, the gap widened; until a little piece of my head showed up, obviously having blond hair. Earth, I am coming!

    Suddenly, my head popped through the widened gap; but now, to my disappointment, my shoulders were stuck. They stayed inside my Mom's womb; while our Wise Woman tried to free me, by pulling at me and turning me around. Her too cold hands folded around my head and wrung at my neck, while she tried to pull my body through the too narrow gap...
    Ouch! That hurt; and I tried to tell her to leave me alone and let me do this all by myself:

    "Why are you pulling at my head? Leave me alone! I can do it myself, and you are hurting me."

    The Wise Woman didn't listen to me; and I became angry and started to fight the cold hands.
Why didn't she listen to the thoughts I tried to send to her?
She just continued to wring at my neck and pull at my head...

    Suddenly, my shoulders popped through; and I flopped out of my Mom's warm belly, straight into two very cold hands. Everything around me felt too chilly, a bright light dazzled my eyes, and I started to shiver from the sudden cold.
    I became even angrier, and tried to tell the Wise Woman:

   "I don't want your too cold hands on me! Push me back into my warm place, immediately..."

    Of course, the Wise Woman didn't push me back; but she laid me down into the warm arms of my new Mom. My Mom started to cry from happiness, while she put her arms around my shivering little body and held me close. That felt wonderful; and I forgot to be angry and just enjoyed the nice feeling of being loved and feeling warm again. From now on, my new Mom would feed me, nurture me, and teach me how to behave as a brand new little baby...

    After a moment, the Wise Woman cut the navel cord that had been connecting me to my Mom's womb. I got a strange feeling in the organs that, what I later on discovered, were called my 'lungs'. My chest felt upset, while my body started to heave and gasp for air.
Suddenly, a high-pitched sound escaped my throat, making me wonder... Was it ME, who had made that strange noise? Really?
I tried it again, and again my throat produced the same sound, this time even louder!
'WOW! Did you hear that? I am making beautiful sounds, all on my own!'
I did it again, and again...

    Two warmer hands took me to a couch, and laid me down onto a nice and fluffy towel.
Somebody washed me, dried me, put a warmed diaper on me, and put me back onto my new Mom's lap. It felt good, to be cleaned and cared for, and I basked in the nice feeling.
Suddenly, a nice and soft thing touched my lips; and, instinctively, I started to suck on it. After a few seconds, the most delicious nourishment I could ever imagine entered my mouth!
Yummy! I could get used to that...
I started to suck on the soft thing with all of my might, and forgot everything else.

    In the background, a door opened, and a voice shouted to the people outside our caravan:


    Many loudly cheering sounds filled my suddenly shocked ears, and made me cry again.
However, at the same time, they also filled me with pride! I felt the energy of the joyful words, and thus sensed what they meant.
My people outside were cheering and congratulating each other, because of ME...

    A couple of violins started to play beautiful melodies full of joy and happiness.
I got goose bumps all over my arms and legs, while I stopped my crying and listened intently.
Where they playing these joyful and heart-warming tunes, because they were happy with their newborn little Prince?  Wow...
Slowly sucking on my Mom's soft thing, I enjoyed being loved, and felt wonderful.

    More people were gathering outside our caravan, celebrating my birth with happy voices.
I tried to sense what they were talking about; but all the energies blurred my sixth sense too much...
Now and then, one of the people knocked on our door and stepped inside our caravan, to have a look at me. Then, he or she congratulated my proud parents having such a healthy son, and went outside again. The door shut immediately, to keep the cold out, because it was March the third.

    After a while, I fell asleep, lazily sucking on that yummy soft thing that still was in my mouth.
Vaguely, I sensed that my Mom got up, cleaned my bottom, and put another warmed diaper on me.
Then, she put me in between a couple of soft pillows, and tenderly kissed my forehead.
She made me feel safe and cared for, and I enjoyed the happy feeling very much.
It felt good, to be a newborn little baby!


    I woke up in total darkness, and missed the cozy womb I had been living in for around nine months. I also missed the reassuring heartbeat sound of 'bump, bump, bump' that always accompanied me.
For a moment, I didn't realize what had happened. Where was my safe shelter? I felt a bit helpless and lonely, didn't know where I was, and started to cry...
Within a few seconds, I heard a couple of sounds, and somebody switched on some lights.

    A smiling face hovered over me; and I stopped my crying and curiously stared at it. I tried to focus my eyes on that vague and misty thing, that moved and produced reassuring sounds... Then, one hand supported my head, while the other one carefully lifted me from between my pillows.
Immediately sensing her so well-known energy, I knew this was my new Mom; and I felt safe again.
    My Mom took me into her arms, and tenderly cradled me:

    "Hi, my little son, are you hungry? Just a moment, because I have to clean you first..."

    She removed my soiled diaper, washed and powdered me, and put a warm and clean diaper on me. Next, she went to her bedroom, took me onto her lap; and YES! There was that yummy soft thing again! I started to suck on it with all of my might, until I was filled to the brim with that delicious nourishment. Then, I had to burp and spilled half of it; but who cares...
My Mom cleaned me up, and allowed me to drink some more.

    After a moment, I fell asleep in her arms, and didn't even notice her putting me to bed.

    I woke up to the bright daylight that tickled my eyes and made me sneeze.
A moment later, I sensed the presence of another human being, approaching me from our living room. This time, I felt a totally different energy, full of power and strength, engulfing me with love and safety. Instinctively, I knew this had to be 'male' energy; and the person now hovering over me was my new Dad! I tried to focus my eyes on him; and, to my delight, I succeeded in getting the vague picture a bit sharper.

    This much darker face, adorned with an enormous moustache, produced some more sonorous reassuring sounds. My Mom's eyes had been bright blue, but the eyes that looked at me now were deep brown, nearly black.
The dark face smiled at me, and two enormous hands gently lifted me out of my pillows. My Dad took me to our couch, sat me onto his massive lap, and put his strong arms around my small body.
Immediately, I tried to melt into his broad chest, feeling safe and welcome in his powerful aura!

    My Dad sniffed the air, chuckled, and told me with a bit of doubt in his voice:

    "Son, I think you pooped your diaper again! Shall we wake your sleeping Mom, or shall I try to clean you?"

    Without waiting for my answer, he laid me down onto a towel, removed my diaper, and washed my bottom. He dried me, carefully powdered my nether regions, put a clean diaper on me, and smiled at my joyful face.
Although he did this for the first time, I already loved it when my Dad tried to pamper me!
I still do...
I looked up at him and smiled, trying to focus on his eyes and send him my love and gratitude.
    Suddenly, my Dad got tears in his eyes from happiness, while he sobbed:

    "Boy, you are looking straight into my soul, with your bright blue eyes. What a power! You already are a real Prince. And, you smiled at me... My son, you are a very special boy, and I am proud of you!"

    I sensed the powerful love my Dad radiated towards me, and smiled again.
Now, he took me into his arms, and let himself fall backwards onto our couch, with me on top of him.
Immediately, I spread out as far as I could, putting my nose into his left armpit, trying to let myself melt into him.
I smelled his strong manly odor, and knew that I was hooked to it from this very moment!

    I wanted to put my small arms around my Dad, to let him feel how much I loved him...
That was very frustrating, because my arms and legs absolutely refused to do what I intended them to do. They just flapped around, and I couldn't find the proper muscles to control them.
Obviously, I was way too young for this, and had to learn how to use my unwilling body first...
I felt disappointed, stopped my efforts, and started to sob along with my Dad.

    Soon, our togetherness made us smile at each other again, while I dozed off into dreamland.
A moment later, both my Dad and I were sound asleep, joyously snoring together...
Since that day, I was addicted to sleeping on my Dad's stomach, or being curled up in his safe arms!
Now and then, he teasingly called me 'my little octopus', because I always draped myself all over him. Thinking about it... doesn't an octopus have eight limbs, instead of only four ones?


    Half an hour later, I woke up, because I sensed another powerful energy, planning to visit us.
Ten seconds later, Michail, our vice King, stepped inside our caravan, ducking his head to pass the doorpost. He was a HUGE man, clad in a heavy fur coat, wearing boots and warm gloves because of the cold weather.
He chuckled when he saw my Dad, sleeping on our couch, having me spread out all over his chest...

    My dad woke up when he heard Michail's chuckling, and yawned a few times.
Carefully, he lifted me off his chest, sat upright, and took me onto his lap.
    Then, he apologized:

    "Sorry, Michail, for dozing off; but I had to baby-sit my son, while Maria is still asleep and recuperating."

    "You two surely are one of a kind! Now, look at your son's bright eyes... What a power and intelligence they radiate! He is only one day old, but it looks like he already follows me with his eyes wherever I move around..."

    "Yes, my son is a very special child, and I am really proud of him. He has already smiled at me, when I cleaned him! Now, my little Gypsy Prince; let's go outside, where your subjects will have their first official look at you!"

    My Dad took me into his arms, rose from our couch, and tenderly kissed my forehead.
First, he laid me down in between a couple of pillows, to look for some warm clothing to wrap me in.
He found a nicely colored plaid; and carefully covered my entire body in it, letting only my face free.
Then, we followed Michail outside, stepping into our cold winter world full of blinding snow...

    I looked around with bulging eyes, and didn't know where I wanted to look first!
Desperately trying to focus my eyes, I saw an enormous circle of snowy white caravans around a huge campfire. Many waiting people were seated on wooden benches, while their happy children were throwing snowballs at each other. They all cheered when they saw my Dad and me; and everybody stood up to greet their beloved King and their newborn Prince.
Two violin players took their instruments, and started to play a joyful melody of hope and glory.

    After a moment, my Dad stepped into the circle of benches, lifting me high into the air to show me to our people. Immediately, everybody went silent and sat down, while all the children climbed onto a cozy lap to sit on and be held. With a proud face, my Dad carried me around the circle, letting all our subjects have a close look at their newborn little Prince.
Again, many people told my Dad they were very surprised by my over-curious and intense looking bright blue eyes! I sensed the energy of their words, and started to blush...

   After everybody had seen and admired their little Prince, my Dad announced with a proud voice:

    "Today, we present our new Heir to the Throne to you, to our beloved Ancestors, and to our highest Supreme Being. The official name of our newborn Prince will be 'Harold Janovski Romani'; and we will call him 'Harold'. So be it!"

    Now, all the men having small kids rose from their benches, lifting their kids into the air.
They kissed their kids; and threw them high into the air, towards the sky, to greet our Ancestors and Supreme Being! They caught the kids adeptly into their safe arms when they landed, and took them onto their laps again.
The kids enjoyed the fun immensely, shrieked with delight, and asked for more!

    Suddenly, I had an intense sensation of flying, high into the air, above all the others...
I was ecstatic, felt free as a bird, and immediately wanted to fly some more!
The moment I landed, my Dad adeptly caught me in his strong and safe arms.
He lifted me onto his shoulders; holding my body with one hand and supporting my head with the other. Now, he walked me around the circle again; this time to let ME greet my Own Beloved People.
All my beloved subjects bowed, thus vowing their eternal loyalty to their newborn Prince and future Gypsy King.

    Of course, I tried to greet my people back, and thank them politely for their trust and loyalty!
However, the only things that left my mouth were small air bubbles and a lot of saliva...
This time, I felt VERY frustrated!
I became angry, because I was too small to be able to make myself clear.
And, I felt frustrated, because my too small baby-body absolutely refused to do what I told it to do...

    My Dad saw me drooling, and laughed at my idle tries to talk.
He handed me to Michail, and asked my huge friend to take me back to our caravan.
Of course, I started to protest, because I wanted to join the fun outside for a much longer time!
However, neither my Dad nor Michail seemed to understand what I tried to tell them...
Michail just took me into his arms, and carried me back to our black-and-golden Royal caravan.

    My Mom was awake, and enthusiastically greeted us from her bedroom.
She smiled when she saw me drooling, tenderly took me into her arms, and cleaned my face.
She removed the colored plaid, and let me drink from her soft things until I was again stuffed to the brim. Then, she applied a fresh diaper, and put me in between my pillows to have my next nap.

    Within a minute, I was in a sound sleep, dreaming of a beautiful future and being able to speak...



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