- I am a Gypsy Prince -
by Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'

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( I am a Gypsy Prince ; book 1 - Heir to the Throne )

2. Moving my arms and legs; abilities; real love; and sitting.

     The following few months were undoubtedly the most exciting time of my life!
I was able to discover so many new things, in such a relatively short time...
For a while, I even loathed sleep, because it prevented me from discovering even more useful abilities.
My insatiably curious mind was delighted with all the possibilities; and it didn't know where it should start!

    First, I taught myself how to focus my eyes properly, so that I would be able to see more clearly.
After some trying, I started to train them, by alternately looking at several nearby and far-away objects.
At first, my eyes started to cramp and see blurrier; but then, I found out how to use them without straining them too much.
That helped; and soon I was able to focus my eyes on anything I wanted, without any problems!
From now on, my curious eyes followed everybody, plus everything else that moved or made interesting sounds.
I even tried to turn my head, to have a better look at all these fascinating new things I discovered...

    After a few days of training my eyes, I tried to find out which muscles were controlling my still unwilling limbs.
I knew that I was able to move all the parts of my body at the same time, by just floundering and jiggling.
But, how would I be able to let all these muscles work only one at a time; to find out which muscle pulled at what?
After some thinking, I decided to try to pull them one by one, meanwhile looking intently at which limb suddenly moved...
This turned out to be a very interesting experiment!

    I was even angry with my Mom for suddenly taking me onto her lap, to let me drink from her soft breasts.
She didn't know why I looked so distracted, thought I could be ill, and felt my forehead to check for a fever...
Then, she seemed to feel relieved that I still had a healthy appetite; and tenderly kissed my head.
After letting me drink, burp, and drink some more; she cleaned me and put a fresh diaper on me.
    I smiled at her to let her know that everything was well, and tried to tell her:

    "Sorry, Mom; but I will make it up to you, once I am able to talk and explain what I am trying to do."

    She smiled at me, removed my excessive saliva and air bubbles, and put me in between my pillows to have another nap.
Although I had planned to go on with my experiments as soon as possible, I fell asleep almost immediately.

    A few hours later, I woke up, and restarted my experiment of moving one muscle at a time and looking at what happened...
Slowly, I found out how to concentrate on only one single muscle, without involuntarily moving all the other ones.
Yes! Finally, I was able to steer my limbs more or less properly, without jiggling my entire body at the same time!
I started to play with my arms; and curiously moved them into all the different directions, following them with my eyes.
Then, I played with my legs; discovering they were less flexible than my arms, but could kick around with more force.
By now, my small sleeping den was quite a mess, because I had thrown and kicked my pillows towards everywhere...
Feeling dead tired, but very satisfied, I closed my eyes and fell asleep again.

    "My son, what did you do? You've spread your pillows all over the floor... Did you have a bad dream?
"Or, did you have some cramp and couldn't get rid of it? Why didn't you just cry? I would have helped you..."

    My Dad looked at me with a worried face, trying to understand what could be wrong with me...
This had not been my intention! How could I tell him I had only been training my muscles?
    I offered him my broadest smile, while trying to make a couple of reassuring sounds:

    "Don't worry, Dad. I am only extremely curious; and maybe way too intelligent for my own good..."

    Fortunately, my Dad seemed to be reassured, although he clearly didn't understand my words.
He lifted me out of my bed, went to our couch, took me onto his lap, and put his safe arms around me.
I nestled into his arms with a deep sigh of content, tried to melt into his strong chest, and felt wonderful.
I loved my Dad with all my heart; and I was sure he loved me too!

    After a few minutes, I started to move my arms and legs again, wanting to train my muscles some more.
At the end of my arms and legs were interesting things, called 'hands' and 'feet', and I was able to move them as well!
This time, I concentrated on only one thing, called a 'foot'; which I moved back and forth, following it with my eyes.
With a little help from my 'hands', I pulled my foot towards my face, until my 'big toe' suddenly touched my mouth.
Remembering how I loved to suck on my Mom's soft things, I opened my mouth, and pushed my big toe into it.
That felt wonderful! Immediately, I started to suck on my toe with all of my might!
Although it didn't resemble my Mom's soft and yummy 'breast'; it surely could do as a substitute...

    My Dad looked at what I was doing, saw me sucking on my big toe, and started to bellow with laughter!

    His sudden and unexpected sound took me by surprise; and I flinched and let my big toe flip out of my mouth.
I looked up at my Dad with a shocked face, didn't understand what happened, and started to cry...
    Immediately, my Dad apologized for his behavior, even looking a bit ashamed:

    "Sorry, my boy, for laughing at you, but I didn't want to scare you. You were just such a funny sight, and I couldn't help it."

    I stared at my Dad in wonder; and forgot to cry, while something very important started to dawn on me...
To my surprise, I was able to understand quite a lot of my Dad's words, even without sensing their energy!
Until now, I had merely sensed the energy of the spoken words, and thus felt what they meant.
Now, my extremely bright brain seemed to remember the words, putting them together into a meaningful sentence!

    I felt on cloud nine, and wanted to tell my Dad about my important discovery...
Alas! Again, the only things that came out of my mouth were small air bubbles and a lot of saliva.
'Understanding a person' and 'talking to a person' seemed to be two totally different abilities!
I would still have to learn quite a lot more, to be able to have a proper discussion with my parents...

    My Dad cleaned my mouth with a napkin, while trying to understand what I did:

    "What do you want to tell me, with your wise eyes? Did you really try to speak? You are only a few weeks old...
"However, it looks like you already understand most of what I'm telling you... Am I right?"

    I tried to shout: "YES!", but knew he would again not pick up my words.
Again, my mouth produced only some more saliva and little air bubbles...
Yet, my Dad's eyes brightened, while he seemed to pick up the energy of what I tried to tell him!
    He pulled me into an enormous hug, while he promised me:

    "From now on, I will pretend you can understand me; but I surely hope I am doing the right thing..."

    Immediately, I tried to look as enthusiastically as I was able to muster, to encourage him!
From this day on, my Dad started to talk to me as if I were a grown-up, thus unwittingly helping me quite a lot.
Soon, I understood almost everything he told me, and that helped me tremendously in developing my bright brain!

    My Dad told my Mom about his promise; but he couldn't convince her, and she continued to baby-talk to me.
I wasn't really mad at her; but I hated being belittled or treated as a little baby, and tried to respond indignantly.
However, she only laughed at my angry face, kissed my nose, and told me she loved me anyway...
Women... they will never understand us men!

    Soon, all our friends and acquaintances were stunned to see my extremely fast development.
They visited our caravan often; and all of them wanted to see and hold me, their little Prince...
I LOVED being taken out of my pillows, and cuddled on a warm lap or in two safe arms.
I always immediately started to smile, and that caused them to smile back at me and 'love' me even more.

    From the first day on, I had discovered that smiling caused them to 'love' me more than crying did!
When I cried, mostly to develop my lungs, they seemed to feel a bit uneasy, and soon left me to my Mom or Dad.
Therefore, every time I wanted them to take me out of my pillows, I offered them my broadest smile!
Maybe, I acted a little bit 'manipulative'... although, at that time, I didn't even know the word...

    Of course, I knew the difference between the kind of 'love' they used, and REAL love.
REAL love was what radiated to me from my parents, Michail, my grandmother, and a few others who really cared for me.
Their love made me feel all warm and mushy inside; and, with them, I felt absolutely safe and cared for.
With them, I could cry whenever I felt the urge to expand my lungs, without any fear of being rejected!

    From the first day on, I HATED being belittled, or treated as a small child.
Didn't my visitors see I was an 'old soul', temporarily living in this too small body, waiting until I would be big enough?
They didn't need to use those silly childish words, because I was able to sense what they really thought anyway!
Just wait, until I've learned how to use my voice...

    Again, a few visitors wanted to see me, using the silly words that made me so angry.
I felt frustrated, stopped my smiling, stared at them, and let my eyes send them my message...
    They didn't understand why I didn't smile any more, and reacted surprised:

    "Look at the little sweetheart! Why does he look so angry all of a sudden? His eyes are shooting daggers...
"Hey, you little tinywiny; now give me a proper smile, as you did before. Come on, gugugugu..."

    I knew what I had to do to teach them a lesson... I pooped my diaper!
Within a few seconds, my visitors sniffed the air, and didn't 'love' me any more.
See? They didn't REALLY love me.
My Mom took over, cleaned me up, and tenderly attached another warmed diaper.
SHE did!

    A few weeks later, I suddenly discovered that I seemed to use two different kinds of crying.
The first kind of crying, I seemed to use when I felt bored and wanted to have my parents' attention.
    Then, they only smiled at me, and told each other:

    "Listen to our little Harold. He is developing his lungs."

    The other kind of crying, I seemed to use when I felt hungry, had soiled my diaper, or really didn't feel too well.
Then, immediately, they were there for me; to look after me, clean me up, or call for the Wise Woman to heal me!
How did they know the difference?
I tried out several different ways of crying, but couldn't find the correct way to catch their immediate attention...
Now, I felt frustrated, and cried from anger because I couldn't find the right way to manipulate them.
    My parents just laughed at me, and grinned at each other:

    "Listen to our little Harold! He seems to be frustrated, but that helps him develop his lungs."


    From the first day on, I was able to sense all the different energies around the people who visited our caravan.
Soon, I was able to recognize them by their specific auras, at least from the people I loved most.
I could clearly distinguish my Dad's energy from my Mom's, from my Grandmother's, or from Michail's.
Many times, I felt their auras preceding them towards us, even when they only planned to pay us a visit...
I felt their energy enter our caravan, at least ten seconds before they actually opened the door!

    At first, my parents didn't understand why I suddenly became excited ten seconds before somebody I liked came in.
However, after a while, they got used to my strange abilities and accepted them.
Often, my Mom went to the door, to open it and let our stunned visitors in, even before they actually reached our caravan!
    Of course, many visitors reacted very surprised, and asked:

    "How did you know I was on my way to pay you a visit?"

    "Little Harold told us, by getting excited. We think he has a clairvoyant ability."

    "That is very special! Do you think he will become our new Wise Man?"

    "It will certainly be of great help when, in the future, he is our new King."

    I always felt ecstatic when the man I liked most of all, besides my own Dad, visited us.
Michail was a really HUGE man; always wearing his inseparable fur coat, unless the weather was extremely hot.
His powerful energy immediately filled our caravan and engulfed everybody inside, including me.
I LOVED to sit on my huge friend's lap, and to be cuddled in his strong arms!

    Again, I felt Michail's well-known aura enter our caravan, long before he opened the door...
Of course, I started to fidget in my pillows, trying to hop up and down and make enthusiastic sounds.
    My Mom saw my excitement, smiled, and went to the door to open it:

    "Hi, Michail, come in! Didn't you bring your betrothed with you?"

    Michail shook his head, and sat down on our couch that moaned under his heavy weight.
At the other end of the couch, I still fidgeted in between my pillows, desperately trying to get his attention...
My Mom smiled, lifted me from my pillows, and put me onto Michail's enormous lap.
Yes, that was what I wanted!

    Michail folded his arms around my small body, and tenderly held me against his huge chest.
I tried to let myself melt into my Big Friend, and enjoyed the safe feeling of his strong arms around me.
I loved that man with all my heart, and with REAL love!
He chuckled at seeing my beaming face, and bent over to kiss my forehead.
His big mustache tickled my nose and made me sneeze, but I loved even that!

    Now and then, Michail brought his girlfriend, and then I had to sit on her lap too.
However, SHE didn't radiate the enormous power and love I so cherished in my Big Friend.
Mostly, I offered her my smile first, and then started to fidget while staring intently at Michail...
That always helped.
She felt a bit turned down; and soon put me onto Michail's lap, with a sour face.
Michail certainly didn't disapprove; and I had what I wanted!
Maybe, I really was a bit manipulative? Hmm...

    Today, after some cuddling, Michail laid me back in between my pillows; to be able to drink his coffee.
However, that was not to my liking! I wanted to sit on his lap and have his strong arms around me some more!
Feeling frustrated, I started to kick at my pillows, desperately trying to free my way towards my Big Friend.

    A moment later, I had all my pillows out of the way and onto the floor.
Next, I tried to push my body towards my Big Friend, who looked at my ministrations with curious eyes.
Groaning with the effort, I pushed my hands down next to my body, thus lifting myself up from our couch...
Suddenly, I sat upright, just like all the others were doing, leaning onto the back of our couch!
    With a proud face, I looked around; now smiling from ear to ear, and trying to tell them:

    "Do you see that? I am SITTING, just like you do, and I did it all on my own!"

    My Dad stared at me in amazement, as if he couldn't believe his own eyes...
Michail had a broad smile on his face, and he seemed to be very proud of his little friend.
    My Mom looked at me with a stunned face, while she exclaimed:

    "LOOK! Our little Harold sits upright, and he did it all on his own! Wow, what a special boy is he...
"I think it's time to bring him to our Wise Woman, to be read and let us know who he is in reality."

    Hurriedly, she left our caravan, to tell my Grandmother and our Wise Woman about my extraordinary achievement...

    All at once, I was the day's hero!
Everybody wanted to look at their proudly sitting little Prince, congratulating my very proud parents and me.
For the first time, somebody ruffled my blond hair, and l immediately LOVED the funny feeling.
I still do.

    Now and then, I wobbled and fell down; but, immediately, I pushed myself upright again!
Every time I did it, it was a bit easier; until I learned how to balance my still very immature body.
Nearly all our visitors assured me that I was the fastest learning baby they had ever seen...
I basked in their praising words; but, at the same time, I also doubted them a little bit.
Was I really THAT special?


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