- I am a Gypsy Prince -
by Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'

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( I am a Gypsy Prince ; book 1 - Heir to the Throne )

3. Our Wise Woman; past lives; Daddy,Mommy,Harry,luvvy.

    The next morning, my parents dressed me into a small black-and-golden garment, which once belonged to my Dad.
Wearing it for the first time felt very strange; as, up to now, I wasn't used to wearing any clothes other than my diaper. Of course, I protested with all of my might, wanting my parents to remove the too clammy and itchy things immediately!
However, this time, they didn't even listen to me; while they helped each other with dressing into their own similarly colored garments. Today, we HAD to wear our Royal colors; because my parents were our King and Queen, and I was our Heir to the Throne...

    Finally, my Dad took me into his arms, kissed my still angry face, and explained:

    "My precious son, you will have to wear your Royal garment today, because your people want to SEE you are their Prince! Please, could you stop being angry, and behave as the future King you are? Don't disappoint your beloved subjects..."

    I looked at my Dad in surprise; while I immediately suppressed my childish anger, by forcing a huge smile.
For the first time, I understood that being a Prince was not only a lot of fun, but also brought quite a lot of responsibilities! Although my still too immature brain didn't grasp the full extent of this revelation, my Inner Self KNEW I had been a Leader before...
Thus, in my heart, I knew how a real Aristocrat should behave! Even a tiny one, like me...
    I bowed my head in submission, and mumbled:


    My Mom gasped, stared at me in disbelief, and exclaimed:

    "Janov, you were RIGHT. Harold DOES understand you! Look at him! He switches from anger to a smile in a flash, just like that... How is that possible, for such a small child... And, did I really hear him say 'Dad'? I cannot believe my own ears..."

    She shook her head in utter confusion, and looked at me with a totally new expression on her face.
Well, I supposed she would have to get used to many more surprises in our future...
After all, I WAS a very special child!

    Suddenly, I sensed the powerful aura of my Big Friend, planning to visit our caravan; and I started to fidget and jump up and down.
My Dad smiled at my sudden over-enthusiasm, and opened the door to let our mutual friend and Vice King enter.
    Michail, already clad in his own black-and-golden garment, looked us over from top to toe, and chuckled:

    "Sorry, I seem to be in the wrong caravan! The people I'm looking for, usually don't dress this refined."

    "Well, look at yourself! I almost forgot how you look without your inseparable fur coat... But, today, you look good!"

    Michail grinned, while he reopened the door and guided my parents and me to the circle around our campfire.
We sat down on our own Royal wooden bench; and I looked around at all our colorful caravans in sudden surprise...
Vaguely, I remembered the second day of my life, when my Dad had taken me to this same circle of wooden benches. Then, everything had been covered in white snow, while I was wrapped in a warm and cozy plaid that left only my face free.
Today, all the snow was gone; and the colorful world I saw this time, differed quite a lot from the first one I had seen!
This was only the second time I was outside, and I looked around curiously at all the abundant colors...

    Today, my Dad didn't throw me high into the air; but he sat me on his lap and put his strong arms around me.
I always loved that feeling, which reminded me of the warm and cozy womb I had been living in for nine months. I felt safe and protected; and looked around at all the people that showed up in the circle of caravans around our campfire.
Many of them approached us, greeted my parents and Michail, and ruffled my hair, before sitting down on their own benches.
Lots of naked children were frolicking around, chasing each other around our campfire, now and then curiously looking at me.
I smiled at them, and they smiled back at me immediately!

    Finally, all the grown-ups sat down on their own wooden benches, proudly wearing their beautifully colored garments.
All the children stopped their playing; and climbed onto the inviting laps of the grown-ups, to be held and feel loved.
My Big Friend, Michail, sat next to us; but he seemed to be totally caught up with his girlfriend, and had no time for me!
They were whispering little words, kissing, and smiling at each other; and seemed to forget where they were.
I tried to catch Michail's attention, by fidgeting and making sounds that again created lots of air bubbles around my mouth...
Alas, my Big Friend didn't even see me; and I started to loathe the woman who had so easily caught all his attention.
I am sure I was a bit jealous; although, at that time, I didn't even know the word...

    Two violin players took their instruments, and started to play a tender melody full of sadness and longing.
Soon, the beautiful sound tore at my heartstrings; and I felt like crying, but desperately tried to repress my sobs.
I didn't want to be a nuisance, or to disturb the heartwarming atmosphere...
My Dad looked at me, saw my tears, wiped them away, and started to rub my stomach to relieve my tension.
That helped. My sobbing faded away; and I looked up at my Dad and smiled, to let him know I was okay...
Now, I saw that he had tears in his own eyes too, and I loved him even more.
I was sure my Dad and I were kindred souls!

    After some time, the violin players let their music fade away; and they returned to their benches.
Now, my Grandmother rose from her own bench, to greet us and make her announcements.
She looked around the circle, making eye contact with everybody, until her eyes rested on me.
She smiled at me; and I recognized her, smiled back, and tried to stretch my arms out towards her...
    Many people around me reacted astonished, whispering to each other:

    "Look, our little Prince already responds to his Grandmother! Wow, what a special child is he... Just look at his bright blue eyes!"

    My grandmother raised her hand, patiently waiting for the whispering to calm down.
Soon, everybody was silent again and started to listen to her.
    Looking at my parents and me, she announced:

    "Today, our beloved little Prince and Heir to the Throne, Harold Janovski Romani, shows up in our circle for the second time; this time to let our Wise Woman read his past lives and future, as we always do when a child sits upright for the first time.
"His father, our beloved King, Janov Nikkinsky Romani, is one of us; and his mother, our beloved Queen, Maria Soren, coming from a Northern country called Sweden, has proven to be one of us before we accepted her and she married my son.
"Once we are sure our little Prince is one of us too; meaning he has been a Gypsy before, in one of his past lives; he will have the status of Royal Prince and will be raised accordingly.
"Now, our Wise Woman will look into the soul of our little Prince, and share her findings with us. So be it."

    My Grandmother bowed towards my parents and me, and sat down again on her own bench.
My Dad rose from our Royal bench, and bowed towards his Mother and ex-Queen to show her his respect.
Next, he carried me to our Wise Woman, bowed, and handed me to her...

    The Wise Woman put me onto her lap, while she stared at me with her piercing eyes.
The intensity of her stare made me feel uneasy, and I started to cry from the sudden discomfort.
I didn't want to be left with her!
I wanted to sit on my Dad's lap, and feel safe in his arms!
Where was my Dad?

    After a moment, the Wise Woman turned me around on her lap, so that I sat across her legs.
She covered my eyes with one hand, and put her other hand against the back of my head.
Then, she started to hum, making a sonorous and monotonous sound...
Within a few seconds, an intense energy radiated from her hands, numbing me and making me drowsy.

    Suddenly, I felt totally at ease and safe, when I recognized the sonorous sound and what it did to me!
Feeling very surprised, I stopped my protest, and let myself drift into a deep trance.
I recognized the intense energy that engulfed me; and I was sure I had used this same energy myself many times before!
As a powerful shaman and healer, I had helped many people; letting them remember their past lives and curing their traumas...
Now, our Wise Woman was helping me remember my own past lives.

    Soon, my awareness left my little body and entered our timeless Eternal Realm, immediately feeling AT HOME.
Here was where I belonged, and to where I would return after I had performed my Earthly duties and redeemed my Karma!
Now that I was freed from the impediments of my material environment, I remembered who I was, and why I was back on earth.
Vaguely, I saw my Ancestors and my Spirit Friends; but they only sent me their love while telling me to go on.
A next time, we would be together and talk; but, for now, I was only here to have a look at my past lives...

    The Wise Woman changed her humming; and I traveled backwards along my timeline, until I saw my last life on earth.
Suddenly, I remembered my last Dad; and how he raised me all alone after my last Mom died in childbirth.
We were trappers; living in a vast forest with steep ravines, trading our pelts in nearby villages for food and equipment.
From a very young age, my Dad taught me how to set a trap, sneak around, and roast animals using carefully selected herbs.
I grew up happy and carefree, until an enormous grizzly bear killed my Dad, me, and our closest neighbor and dearest friend.
I was absolutely sure we would meet each other again in my present life, maybe sooner than I thought...

    The Wise Woman changed her humming again; and I traveled deeper backwards along my timeline, until I saw another life.
Immediately, I recognized my trapper Dad; but, in that life, he was our Gypsy King, and I was our vice King and his best friend.
I also recognized our circle of caravans around our campfire; proving that I had been living in this same community before!
Then, I recognized our dear trapper neighbor, and a couple of other kindred souls I would soon meet and befriend again...

    The humming changed into a high-pitched sound; and I propelled forward along my timeline until I saw my future.
I was able to see my Cosmic Plan; and knew I had to overcome a very difficult time in my early youth, to fulfill my Karma.
A new Dad would prepare me to be a good Gypsy Leader; and we would work together and train many other people.
Then, I would marry a nice girl, have my own son, and raise him to follow our footsteps and help us.
After I finally left our Earthly plane, I would lead our steadily growing group of kindred souls from within the Eternal Realm.
Working closely together, we would help our poor and distracted Earth become a somewhat safer place to live on...
All the time, my Ancestors and Spirit Friends would be with us; to protect us and help us wherever they were allowed.

    The humming faded away, everything became a blur, and my awareness returned into my small body.
My too immature brain felt very confused, and my numbed body felt strained and started to tremble all over.
Fortunately, our Wise Woman asked my Dad to take over; and he thanked her and took me onto his lap.
He cradled me, sent me his energy, and tenderly rubbed my stomach; until I burped, felt a lot better, and started to smile.
My confusing memories faded away, until I couldn't remember anything of what had happened during my trance.
I started to look around again with curious eyes, and fidgeted enthusiastically when Michail smiled at me...

    Our Wise Woman needed a few minutes to recover; and then she told us:

    "Our little Prince has proven to be one of us. Two lives ago, he has been our vice King, in this same community!
"After his sixth year, he will have a difficult time. However, he will come through, surrounded by many kindred souls who will help him.
"Our beloved Ancestors and many powerful Spirit Friends are with him; and they will protect him and show him the way...
"My beloved Royal Prince, welcome again into our Gypsy community, and we will raise you according to your Royal status!"

    The Wise Woman sat down, and our violin players took their instruments and started to play a joyful melody full of hope and glory.
All the people rose to their feet and went to my parents, to congratulate them with their now officially recognized Royal Prince.
Then, they smiled at me and congratulated me, by kissing my forehead or tenderly ruffling my hair.
At first, I loved all their well-meant attention, until I became too sleepy and closed my eyes.
Immediately, I drifted into a sound sleep, being dead tired from all the strange sensations...


    A couple of hours later, I woke up in my small den, lying in between my pillows.
My diaper felt itchy, and I started to fidget and tried to call my Mom, wanting her to help me.
Desperately, I tried to make some sounds, at the same time willing my throat and lips to form the word 'Mom'...
Indeed, I succeeded in making a sound that resembled the word, but not loud enough for her to hear me.
Feeling frustrated, and angry with myself for still being unable to talk, I started to cry...

    A second later, my Mom showed up and took me out of my bed, chuckling:

    "My poor boy, did you soil your diaper again? Come here, and let Mommy help and feed you..."

    I looked at her, took a deep breath, and tried to copy the new word I hadn't heard before:

    "Mmmm... Mmmmom... Mmmmommmmmy..."

    My Mom nearly let me slip out of her arms from astonishment, while she exclaimed:

    "You can TALK! You really can talk! Boy, you ARE a special child. Just wait until your Daddy hears about it..."

    I smiled at her, and copied the new word as well, this time mumbling a bit clearer:

    "Ddddadddy... Mmmommmy... Dddaddy... Mmommy..."

    My Mom was elated, and danced around the room with me in her arms!
Almost humming from happiness, she changed my soiled diaper and fed me with her yummy nourishment.
Then, she put me onto our couch, in between my pile of pillows.
Immediately, I started to kick the pillows onto the floor, because I wanted to have my freedom.
I turned around and pushed myself up until I sat upright, proudly leaning against the back of our couch.
From here, I could overlook our living room, following my Mom with my curious eyes wherever she went.
All the time, I trained myself in speaking, until the words sounded exactly like my Mom had pronounced them.
My beaming Mom bubbled over from pride, kissing me again and again!

    After some time, a very well-known aura approached our caravan, clearly planning to be with us.
I started to jump up and down from happiness, almost fell off my couch, but regained my balance at the last moment...
Within ten seconds, the man I loved most in the world, would enter our caravan!
    Enthusiastically, I exclaimed the word my Mom had taught me:


    My Mom smiled at my beaming eyes, and asked me with some doubt in her voice:

    "Yes? Is Daddy coming home? I still don't know how you can be so sure, now and every time again..."

    Ten seconds later, our door opened, and my Dad entered our caravan!
He shucked his shoes, entered our living room, winked at me, and kissed my Mom.
At the same time, he smiled at me when he saw my sparkling eyes and enthusiastic face...
    I offered him my broadest smile, while I hopped up and down and repeated the new word:

    "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

    My Dad nearly stumbled over his own feet, while he came up to me in utter surprise:

    "My precious Harold, you can already call me 'Daddy'? Did your Mom teach you how to say it?"

    "Daddy. Mommy. Har... Harol... Harol...t..."

    No, this word still didn't sound correct; and I tried it again...
How could you pronounce the word 'Harold', with a 'd' at the end, without breaking your tongue over it?
I tried it again, but again I couldn't couple the sound 'Harol' to the following 'd' as it should be.
What now? I tried it again and again...
Suddenly, I found a possible solution!
    Showing an enormous grin from ear to ear, I asked my parents:


    My Dad almost crushed me in his strong arms, while he exclaimed:

    "Boy, you are one out of a million! How old are you? According to our calendar, you should be only two months old...
"I think you must be the fastest developing child in the whole universe; and I LOVE you! Could you say it again?"
    "Harry, Daddy, Mommy... luvvy you!"

    This time, I was sandwiched and nearly crushed in between my Dad AND my Mom, both getting tears in their eyes.
They only let me go after I started to groan and pant, desperately wrestling to get some fresh air.
However, I didn't mind at all...


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