- I am a Gypsy Prince -
by Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'

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( Book 1 - Heir to the Throne )

4. Crawling; walking; talking; and a wandering question mark.

    A few weeks after I taught myself how to say my first words, I found out how I could move around on our couch.
First, I sat upright; and pushed one side of my body up, by using one hand against the couch.
Then, I wiggled my hips, until I shifted a few inches towards the place where I wanted to be.
Finally, I sat down, rested for a moment, and pushed myself up again, to shift a little bit further...
However, this was very tiring, and I decided to find a better and faster way to move around.

    Unfortunately, my small legs weren't strong enough to stand up and walk, like the grown-ups did when they wanted to move...
Couldn't there be another way of moving, which was more appropriate to my still too immature body?
Experimentally, I let myself fall onto my back; but, now, I wasn't able to move at all.
My body only wiggled from left to right, while I tried to push and pull it with my arms and legs...

    After a lot of thinking, I decided to try out something totally different.
I pushed my still lying body up on only one side, at the same time forcefully kicking my legs...
Unexpectedly, I rolled onto my stomach; from where I only had to tilt my head to look around.
Hey, that was fun! And, I could easily roll my body back, by pushing and kicking our couch again!
I tried it out a couple more times, rolling over and over, again and again, having lots of fun...

    Suddenly, I fell off the couch, and bumped my head against the floor, with a loud thump!
OUCH! That hurt! I started to cry from the sudden shock...
Immediately, my Mom raced towards me, with a worried face, to rescue me and comfort me.
However, I already gritted my teeth and stopped my crying.
Of course, this had been my own fault, for not paying any attention to where I had been rolling!
Now, I was paying the price for my lesson, with a swelling lump on my head...
No problem. It was a bit painful, but I would survive.

    I smiled at my Mom, to let her know I was okay and wanted to go on with my experiments.
However, she looked rather wary, and obviously thought about restricting my freedom, to prevent any more accidents...
But, I didn't want to be restricted! I wanted to experiment with moving around quite a lot more!
How could I convince my Mom I would be more careful from now on, and that she didn't need to worry about me?
Of course, I could try to tell her what I had planned to do; but I was sure she wouldn't understand me...
Maybe, I could try to manipulate her motherly feelings for me?

    I looked at her, offered her my biggest smile, and told her the words I had practiced many times before:

    "Mommy? I luvv you!"

    My surprised Mom got tears in her eyes; and she kissed my forehead a couple of times!
At the same moment, I was sure that I not only tried to manipulate her, but I also MEANT what I had said!
I really loved my Mommy, and with REAL love!
I put my small arms around her neck, and pushed my face against her teary cheek.
    At the same time, I tried to send her my pleading thoughts:

    "Mom, please, don't restrict me, because I need to experiment; and I will really be more careful from now on!"

    After a moment of silence, and still having tears in her eyes, my Mom asked me:

    "Will you really be more careful from now on? I don't want to bring my little Harry to a hospital..."

To my delight, my Mom had really picked up my thoughts, and she answered my unspoken question!
I looked at her with beaming eyes, smiled at her, and nodded my head as a promise.
She smiled back at me, put me onto our couch, and asked me to sit still and wait...
Then, she dragged our table out of the way, thus creating a lot of room for me to move around safely!
Yes! THAT was a very good idea!
She took me from the couch and laid me down onto the floor, which fortunately had a thick rug and was very clean.

    I was elated, and immediately restarted my experiments of finding a usable way to move around.
First, I rolled myself onto my stomach with ease, as I had been practicing before I fell off the couch.
Then, I folded my arms and legs, so that they disappeared under my body.
I planted my hands and my knees onto the floor, and tried to push myself up from the rug...
Suddenly, I was on all fours, feeling elated, proudly looking up at my still watching Mom!

    Smiling from ear to ear, I tried to move towards her.
A moment later, I fell over onto my back, because I forgot to keep my balance.

    Of course, my Mom started to laugh at my surprised face... but she also urged me to go on!
Obviously, she knew something I did not know... but it felt as if I was doing exactly the right things.
Again, I rolled myself onto my stomach, folded my arms and legs under my body, and pushed myself up on all fours.
Carefully keeping my balance, I looked up at my smiling Mom again.
This time, my body only wobbled a little bit; but I kept my balance, feeling proud of myself.

    Because my arms were much longer than my thighs, I sat rather upright and was able to look around easily.
This was even more fun than sitting upright on our couch!
Now, how would I be able to move around; sitting on my knees, and supporting my body with my arms?
I thought about it, and decided to try something out...

    Carefully, I tried to shift my arms and legs back and forth, because it felt natural to do so.
Alas, this didn't work. My body lost its balance, and I fell over and landed on my back again!
Feeling a bit disappointed, I started to think, sensing I was on my way to discover something really important...
What would happen, if I didn't move all four limbs at the same time, but shifted them only one by one?

    I rolled onto my stomach, pushed myself up on all fours again, and placed only one arm forward...
Then, I placed my other arm forward; and it felt totally natural to let one knee follow, and then the other one.
Feeling elated, I saw that my whole body had moved a couple of inches; while I was still on all fours, and in balance!
YES! This worked! I seemed to be able to move forward, by just shifting one limb at a time...

    Ten seconds later, I crawled across our floor; using my newly found discoveries, and feeling very happy!
Using all my concentration, I moved faster and faster, rhythmically moving my arms and knees back and forth...
Suddenly, I bumped my head against a wall; and fell down with a confused face.
Ouch! That hurt! What had gone wrong?
Oh yes, of course!
I had been too busy moving my arms and knees correctly; and therefore forgot to look where I went...
Again, I gritted my teeth, paying the painful price for this important lesson.

    Ten minutes later, I had taught myself how to steer my body around all the corners, at an astonishing speed.
Look at me! I was crawling around on our floor, all on my own!
I looked up at my Mom, and she showed me an enormous smile from ear to ear.
She was VERY proud of her little boy!

    An hour later, my Dad came home; and, of course, I sat ready to greet him!
He entered our living room, and almost stumbled over my small body, because I crawled towards him at lightning speed.
    With an astonished face, he lifted me off the floor and took me into his arms:

    "My son, again I am truly amazed! Are you really crawling on the floor, all on your own? How is it possible...
"Harry, you are a real super boy; and now I wonder about what will be your next surprise!"

    He put me back onto the floor, and sat down to enjoy looking at me...
Again, I started to race around our living room, to demonstrate my new ability.
Then, I saw one of my pillows on the floor; and I decided to help my Mom with tidying.
    I took the pillow in one hand, towed it towards my Dad on one arm and two knees, and told him:

    "Daddy? Up!"

    Of course, my Dad immediately understood what I wanted him to do.
He took the pillow out of my hand, and ceremoniously placed it back onto our couch!
    Then, he stared at me for a long time, until he finally uttered:

    "I always thought that little children started to crawl around and keep their balance after they were at least five months old...
"I also thought that most children couldn't talk properly and know the correct words before they were almost a year old...
"Now, I am looking at my own son, who is exactly three months and three weeks old... and he crawls around and talks to us!
"Who are you? Our Wise Woman told me our Ancestors are with you, and that you have an important task to fulfill on earth.
"Is that why you are so precocious and extremely clever? Has it to do with your 'gifts' as well? I feel blessed, to have you as my son!
"I only hope I will be able to nurture and educate you properly, without making too many mistakes..."

    I pulled myself up at his trousers, until he lifted me onto his lap and put his safe arms around my small body.
Yes, that was what I wanted! It always felt good, when my Dad cradled me in his arms and kissed my head.
    I looked up at him, offered him a beaming smile, and told him:

    "You good Daddy! I luv you."

    Again, my Dad tried to crush me in his strong arms, looking very happy...
A moment later, we both sat on the floor, playfully rolling a plastic ball towards each other.
    Every time the ball escaped, I crawled after it, and threw it back to my Dad with a proud face:

    "Daddy, get it!"

    At last, I felt too tired, and let myself slump down onto the floor to have some rest...
My Dad carried me to our couch, sat down, and lifted me onto his lap.
He let himself fall backwards, and I draped myself all over him and put my nose in his left armpit.
He put his arms around my body, and stroked my back until I became a bit drowsy and closed my eyes.
A few minutes later, we both were in a sound sleep, snoring in unison!


    From this day on, I crawled around everywhere in our caravan, and nothing was safe for me.
I was extremely curious, and tried to have a look and a feel at every interesting thing I could reach or touch...
My parents had to remove everything from my sight that could be opened, put into my mouth, or demolished!
From now on, they couldn't leave me alone for a moment, unless I was in a deep sleep...
Fortunately, they loved me dearly, and never complained about their perhaps a bit too nosy little son.

    From time to time, my parents had to fulfill an important task, because they were our King and Queen.
Then, they always asked my Big Friend, Michail, to take care of me until they were home again.
I loved these times, when I could be together with my Friend, and romp with him or play little games!
Michail was never tired of rolling our ball towards each other; or stacking my pillows until the heap fell apart.
We always had lots of fun, and Michail never complained.

    Now and then, his girlfriend accompanied him, but I was sure she didn't really like me...
Maybe, she was a bit jealous of all the attention Michail and I were paying each other?
She never helped me; and always left everything to her boyfriend, even changing my diaper.
I certainly didn't protest, and always crawled towards Michail when I needed or wanted something.
Michail didn't protest either; and he even told his girlfriend to shut up after she complained too much!
She stomped out of our caravan with an angry face, and slammed our door shut with a loud bang...
Michail just laughed, and told me she always made it up to him after a day or so.
I thought she acted a bit 'childish', but wisely kept my mouth shut...

    Both my Dad and Michail tried to help me with speaking, by letting me repeat the too difficult words.
This helped me tremendously; and soon I had an extensive vocabulary and was able to make myself perfectly clear.
I seemed to have an excellent memory, and never forgot any new words they taught me.
Within a few months, I even tried to debate with my parents or with my Big Friend!
They teasingly told me I seemed to be a little bit 'pigheaded'; but I just laughed at them and tried to tease them back.

    Suddenly, I found out how I could walk around and keep my balance, all on my own.
Many times, I had tried to stand up and take a few steps, holding myself against our couch or onto my Dad's trousers.
However, every time I tried to walk, I lost my balance, stumbled over my own feet, and fell down again.
One day, I started to think about it, and decided to look at how other people were walking...
NOW, I saw what I had done wrong all the time!
The others didn't keep their feet behind each other, but they stepped them next to each other...
Ten minutes later, I walked around!
Or, to say it more correctly, I toddled around on my wobbly legs.

    Immediately, a fascinating new world opened up to me, full of interesting things and sudden surprises.
My proud parents took me outside our caravan, to let me discover some more of our secluded Gypsy world.
Enthusiastically toddling around, I looked in and under everything, trying out all the things that possibly could move or open.
My worried mother followed me desperately, trying to stop me from eating mud or putting living ants into my mouth...

    Then, just when she didn't look, I grabbed a burning branch from our campfire.
I nearly burned my hands at its beautifully glowing end; and threw the branch far away with an angry yell!
OUCH! This lesson was a VERY clear one. I HAD to be a lot more careful!
I gritted my teeth, while my Mom put my hands into cold water until the burning sensation subsided.
From that time on, I stayed far away from anything that glowed or felt hot!

    Soon, I forgot my painful experience and went on exploring my new world, albeit a lot more careful.
Racing around, I tried to have a closer look at all the interesting things that were calling my immediate attention.
I had the fun of my life, and ran around everywhere, closely followed by my still worried Mom.
At last, she saw that I really acted a lot more careful than before, and relaxed somewhat.

    Then, I tried to climb the steps to one of the neighbor caravans, and promptly fell off them!
Of course, I started to cry; not from the pain, but only from the sudden surprise.
My again worried Mom tried to comfort me, but I was already on my way to look at another interesting object...
    My Dad laughed at my Mom, and told her to let me have a bit more freedom:

    "Our son has to learn from his experiences, and he is certainly clever enough not to make the same mistake twice."

    Two minutes later, I fell off the steps to the next caravan, and landed upside down!
This time, I had a swelling lump on my head; but who cares...
I had FUN, and was already on my way to another interesting object.
This time, my disappointed Dad kept his mouth shut...

    At last, I felt too hungry and dead tired, and begged my Mom to feed me and put me to bed.
Of course, she happily obliged.


    Another thing I learned extremely fast was talking, of course with the invaluable help of my Dad and Michail.
Soon, my tormented listeners teasingly told me I looked more like a wandering question mark!
I just couldn't stop talking and asking them all my burning questions...

    The words I loved and used most, were 'why' and 'what', closely followed by 'how come'.
My curiosity was insatiable, and my extremely bright brain wanted to understand everything.
    Many times, I drove my parents, Michail, and all the others in our camp, to despair:

    "Why does my Mom have blue eyes and blond hair, and how come most others have brown eyes and dark hair?"

    "That is because your Mom comes from a far away country. Your Dad brought her here a few years ago."

    "What is a 'country'? Why did my Dad bring her here? How come I look like my Mom and not like my Dad?"

    "Please, go ask your Mom and Dad about this. They will undoubtedly know all the answers..."

    My parents told me about other countries, where other people were living under different circumstances...

    "When are we going to the 'other countries'? I want to see them all!"

    "Maybe, after a couple of years, when you are old enough to travel with us..."

    "Why am I not old enough to travel now? You always tell me I am a big boy!"

    My parents laughed at me; and told me to be patient.
They tried to cuddle me and ruffle my hair, but I was a bit angry and stomped away.
Why did I have to wait until I was old enough? I wanted to discover the 'other countries' NOW!
I was very bright, and able to understand everything they told me, so why did I have to wait for so long?
Just wait, until I am old enough to travel all by myself...



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