- I am a Gypsy Prince -
by Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'

( Book 1 - Heir to the Throne )

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9. My burning question; 'baby stiffness'; and catching a pig.

    I entered our caravan, where my Mom immediately started to clean my dirty face and hands.
This time, I let her do as she liked, without making too much of a fuss about it.
I had another, and certainly more important, thing on my mind!
After she was satisfied and teasingly kissed my nose, I kissed her back before going to our living room.
I crawled onto my Dad's lap, kissed him, and tried to melt into his strong and safe arms.
    Then, I asked him my burning question:

    "Dad? Why don't girls have any peckers, as we boys always pee through? Did girls lose their own peckers some day? And, should I be careful not to lose mine? How can I protect it, because I am way too used to it and don't want to miss it!"

    Involuntarily, my hands went to my own small pecker and covered it, as if wanting to protect it...
My Dad saw it and started to bellow with laughter, almost squashing me between his strong arms.
My Mom entered our living room and looked at me with curious eyes; but then she started to laugh too...
I didn't think I had asked them anything stupid, so I waited patiently until they calmed down.
I HAD to know the truth about boys and girls!

    Finally, my parents' laughing ceased; and my Dad asked me:

    "Boy, you certainly are one of a kind! Didn't you have a close look at a girl, when she squatted down or sat on the ground to pee?"

    "Yes, of course I did! I looked at Biny, when she sat down with open legs. But, her pecker seems to be totally gone! It only left a pink cleft behind; with crumpled lips around it, a small hole in its center, and a funny bluish pimple at its top...
"I certainly don't want to look like her! I want to stay a boy, and grow a huge penis like yours."

    Again, both my Dad and my Mom started to laugh.
Had I really asked them such a funny question? I still didn't see how it could be this hilarious...
    My Dad ruffled my hair, kissed the top of my head, and told me:

    "Okay, my dear son. I promised I would always talk to you as if you were a grown-up; and I will do it now as well.
"I will try to explain the differences between boys and girls to you, although you might be a bit young to understand everything...
"Basically, boys and girls are having the same organs. Only, where boys have them on the outside, girls carry them inside their bodies.
"It is as if a pecker is folded inside out, thus creating the girl's small hole. The top of her little pecker is what you called her 'bluish pimple'.
"Does this make any sense to you?"
    I had to think my Dad's new and very interesting information over first; and went to our windows to stare outside...
In the dusk, a few men were raking our campfire, carefully discarding its ashes and burnt out cinders.
My Big Friend, Michail, was talking to my Grandma; proudly carrying his little sons in his arms.
A few others sat together on our benches, having some small talk and laughing while keeping their voices down.
Everything was quiet and peaceful, as it always was in our secluded camp.
This was my home, and I felt blessed to be living here!

    Now, back to what my Dad had told me; about a girl having the same organs, but they were inside her body...
I imagined pushing my little pecker inside my belly, thus creating a small inward hole. This did make sense!
Then, my little sack would crumple and look like two folded lips, as I had seen on our girls!
But, what about my two little beans, which would once grow into the huge balls all our men had in between their legs...
Would a girl have the same two balls, but were they growing inside her belly?
Let's ask my Dad...

    During the next hour, my parents patiently answered all my questions.
They told me how all the organs are basically the same, but the man's outside penis is the woman's inside vagina.
The man's balls are the woman's ovaries, creating little eggs every month, to make new babies if necessary.
The man's prostate is the woman's womb, where the baby grows for nine months, until it comes out of her vagina...

    "What is a 'prostate'? That is what Jonno's father complained about, when he couldn't pee any more..."

    My Dad explained it to me, but now I had a zillion other questions that popped up into my bright mind:

    "When you and I cuddle and feel good, now and then we get a stiffy. Does a girl get a stiffy too, and how?"

    "Harry, my son, you are one out of a million! Yes, a girl can have a stiffy too; only it's a very small one, called her 'clitoris'."

    I decided to have a closer look at a girl soon, to compare her very small 'clitoris' to my not so very big pecker...
And, I felt VERY relieved to know that I couldn't turn into a girl, by involuntary losing my penis...

    I started to yawn, hopped off my Dad's lap, and let my Mom put me to bed.
Of course, I slept without a diaper, feeling much happier in my birthday suit!
I really belonged to the grown-ups now.
Feeling dead tired after visiting our woods and swimming in our lake, I slept almost immediately.


    The next morning, my body felt as stiff as a dead tree, and I started to grunt...
Of course, I wasn't used to the strolling through our woods, the climbing along the ravine, and the swimming in our lake.
Gritting my teeth, I hobbled to my parents' bedroom; where I crawled onto my Dad's stomach, to be held and pitied...
However, my Dad only shook his head, laughed at my complaints, and called it 'baby stiffness'!

    I was MAD at him for calling me a 'baby', and started to punch his stomach.
Since yesterday, I was a Big Boy; and I had folded my own snare and set up my own trap!
My own snare, and my own trap...
Suddenly, I was in a tremendous hurry, and begged my Mom to have my breakfast immediately.
I couldn't wait to enter our woods and have a look at my trap!
What, if I hadn't caught my first animal, and my snare was still empty?
Or, what if I had caught a rat?
Oh no... Please, let it be a small marmot, or maybe nothing, but NOT a rat...

    I wolfed my healthy breakfast in a hurry, and almost choked while gulping down a glass of milk.
This time, my understanding parents allowed me to leave our table early, and I bolted outside...
Come on, where was everybody?
Lazy slackers... Let's go!

    Slowly, our yawning group gathered around our campfire, until finally everybody was present.
The older boys disappeared into the winding path, and we all followed them, forming a long and twisting line.
Again, we entered our huge clearing, where we waited until everybody else was present.
To my surprise, this time, I didn't feel the smallest and most vulnerable little runt any more!
The soft moss under my feet felt really nice; and it was as if the huge cathedral already welcomed me!
Had I really grown up this much, in only one day? Wow!

    My new friend, Misha, tried to take my hand again; but I refused politely.
Maybe, I would need his helping hand when we entered the steep ravine full of boulders and cracks, but not now!
Misha looked a bit dejected, and I could see him pout... but I turned around and tried to lead the way.
None of the other kids needed a reassuring hand, so why should I?
The others promptly followed their little leader towards the ravine, chuckling at my eagerness...

    After following the steep ravine and crossing the dangerous stream, we reached the rectangular clearing.
Here, we waited again, until everybody else had joined us safely and unharmed.
Then, Joc went into the same shrub from yesterday; to have a look at his trap.
To his disappointment, his snare was empty; and he set up a new trap along another animal track.
We walked a bit further, and Biny returned from her trap, triumphantly carrying a fat marmot.
She put it into our string bag, set up another trap, and we went on.

    One by one, all the kids looked after their snares, gathered their animals, and set up their new traps.
Just like yesterday, more and more marmots and other small animals joined the steadily growing pile in our string bag.
Six-year-old Jonno had caught a big frog, causing lots of laughter...
He looked disappointed, let the frog escape into the bushes, and clumsily set up another trap.
I was sure I would have done it much better, but wisely kept my mouth shut.
Who knows what would be in MY trap...

    Finally, all the kids had emptied their snares and set up their new traps, except for me.
Now, we were on our way to our last trap, set up on a small hill, being MY trap...
I was nervous, and hesitantly followed the others from a small distance...
What would be in my snare?
Would my trap be empty?
Where were those rats...

      A screeching sound caught our ears, and everybody halted and perked their ears up.
For a moment, we were silent, trying to determine from where the sound came...
    They, everybody jumped up and started to cheer:

    "A pig! A PIG! We've caught a pig! We've caught a real pig!"

    All my friends stormed towards the screeching sound, and gathered around MY trap.
Still cheering loudly, they stared at a screeching animal that desperately tried to get away from all the noise...
I followed them at a much slower pace, until I was able to look at my own trap...
My snare was holding a huge, fat, ugly, and loudly screeching PIG!

    The huge beast stared at us with watery eyes, in vain trying to free itself from my snare.
Fortunately, I had attached my wire to a very sturdy branch, using a special and really effective knot!
I was sure that most other knots wouldn't withstand the strong muscles of this enormous animal...
Fortunately, the beast had chosen MY snare, by putting its thick neck into it.
My friends were now speechless, silently and open-mouthed staring at my huge pig...

    After a while, the pig gave up its struggling, and just stared at us...
Misha stepped towards me and threw his arms around my small waist; nearly breaking my ribs.
    With a proud voice, he told me:

    "Little man, you DID it! The first time you set up your trap, you've caught an enormous PIG. It's unbelievable..."

    He took a sturdy branch with a heavy end from the ground, and hesitantly handed it to me:

    "Now, try to hit your pig directly behind its ears, with all your force..."

    I nodded, and hesitantly took the heavy branch into both trembling hands.
What should I do now? I didn’t want to cause the animal any unnecessary pain!
I had never killed a pig before; so, maybe, I should practice first, before I tried to hit the huge beast behind its ears?
I looked around for a usable thing to practice on, until I found an old and rotten stump.
This thing could be a good dummy, being soft and having the correct format and height!

    I started to hit the stump with my branch, aiming directly behind a darker spot that represented the pig's ears.
Every time, I was able to hit the spot a bit more accurately and with more force.
My friends looked at my ministrations curiously, while the pig wriggled around and stared at us with suspicion...

    After a couple more hits, I thought I would be able to hit the beast exactly where I wanted.
I went back to my pig; while the others kept a safe distance from my swinging branch...
First, I waited patiently, until the wriggling pig had turned itself into the right position.
Now, I took a deep breath, strained all my muscles, and swung the branch towards the pig with all my might!

    The branch swished through the air, while I steered all my muscle force into its heavy end.
Fortunately, its end hit the pig exactly where I intended it, directly behind its ears.
My branch broke into two halves from the impact, with a loud cracking sound.
The pig fell down onto the ground with a dull bang, shuddered, and was dead!

    For a moment, everybody looked very surprised, clearly not expecting me to kill my pig this effectively...
Then, a pandemonium of loudly cheering voices broke loose!
All my friends started to dance around me; ruffling my hair and slapping my shoulders.
To their utmost surprise, I had killed my first pig using only ONE blow, doing it like an old trapper!

    The oldest and most experienced boys fabricated a sledge from a couple of branches.
They tied the heavy pig onto it, and attached a couple of pulling ropes.
In triumph, we all started to drag our sledge, with my pig on it, to our camp...
Of course, I led the way, proudly pulling the longest rope!

    This time, I felt so proud of myself...
It nearly suffocated me, and I had to force myself not to cry from happiness...
I had caught a real PIG in my first snare, being our smallest runt...
I WAS a valuable part of our kids group!

    A couple of grown-ups saw us coming, and immediately called the others:

    "Look at them! They've caught an enormous PIG in their snares! Wow, and it's a fat one too. Who did it?"

    "Our little Prince did it, and he killed it using only ONE blow, like an old trapper!"

    "Really? That's almost unbelievable! Such a small runt, using only one blow? The little imp..."

    Many men helped us carry my pig towards our small butchery, next to our parking lot.
Working together, they put our sledge upright, to be able to open the pig and clean it out.
More and more people showed up, looking at my enormous pig in awe...
Nearly everybody slapped my shoulders, ruffled my hair, and congratulated me with my fat catch.
They all praised my excellent trapper skills, making me blush over and again...
Had I really done such a special thing?
I, the smallest runt in our group of kids?

    My Big Friend, Michail, nearly squashed me in his enormous arms, while he congratulated me abundantly.
Then, he took a sharp knife, and showed me how to skin and prepare my pig without making too much of a mess.

    For a long time, I helped him opening my animal, tapping its blood, and cleaning out all the internal organs.
To my surprise, we were able to use almost everything of my valuable pig!
Its leather skin, its edible organs, all its tendons, its blood and intestines to make smoked sausages...
I never knew that a pig could be such an utilizable animal!

    Jaspi seemed to know a lot about anatomy, from a book his Dad once bought him as a present.
From him, we learned lots of new things, about how the body of a pig is functioning and how all its organs are called.
Jaspi also told us that the inside of our own body looks nearly the same way...
All that blood, and all those organs and enormous lengths of intestines, are in MY body too?

    At last, we had cleaned my pig out; and I had put lots of carefully selected and nicely smelling herbs into it.
A couple of strong men attached it to a sturdy pole, and hung it over our campfire to roast.
They raked the fire, and started to turn my pig around and around, smearing it with its own lard and my fresh herbs mixture.
Now, everybody who had helped us went inside their caravans, to wash the blood and smear from their bodies.

    My parents were very curious about how I had caught my pig; and they asked me to tell me everything about it.
Vividly, I told them how I had folded and attached my snare, using a very effective knot nobody else had ever shown me.
I also told them about my vague memories of being a little trapper, helping my Dad setting traps and roasting our animals, using some herbs to refine the taste.
Then, I told them how I collected my herbs, and how they always talked to me and let me know how they wanted to be used...

    Finally, my Dad lifted me onto his lap and proudly ruffled my hair:

    "Harry, Harry; you certainly know how to make an impression! I am also sure you will have many more surprises in stock...
"But, now be grateful that this pig chose YOU today, and thank its spirit in your mind."

    Huh? Should I thank my pig, for choosing me, and not one of the other kids?
Did that pig really offer itself to me?

    After a while, I saw that my Dad could be right...
I thanked the pig in my mind; telling it we were grateful for its meat, skin, and other valuable things such as lard and tendons.
To my surprise, I thought I heard its spirit answering me in my head, saying 'you are welcome' in return...
Or, did I make up its faint voice, because I wanted to hear it?
I wasn't sure, but being thankful certainly felt great!

    I hopped off my Dad's lap; and went back to our campfire, to look after MY roasting pig.
One of the men turned the pole around and around, while another man brushed more lard and herbs onto the huge animal.
The other kids started to roast their own animals on stakes, smearing them with my herbs and a bit of oil.
I went to the brushing man and took over; and, from now on, I was brushing my own pig, to let it brown nicely.

    The smaller animals were ready first, and the kids sliced them into chunks and offered everybody a tasty piece of meat.
Soon, a couple of hungry grown-ups gathered around our campfire, gratefully helping us with the eating.
All the time, they talked with affection and deference about such a little runt, killing an enormous pig using only one blow.
They had me blush over and again...

    Finally, my huge pig was ready to serve a real feast meal to our community.
A couple of grown-ups divided the pig into chunks, and divided the chunks into smaller slices.
Everybody got a slice of my roasted pig; and we devoured it with a mouth-watering frenzy, nearly swallowing our fingers.
My pig tasted more than delicious, and all the people took second helpings and complimented me with the excellent taste.

    Michail helped us with the dividing, looking at Misha and me with pride and love in his eyes.
He sliced a chunk of my pig into smaller parts, and let his little sons chew on their own small slices of pig...
They munched on them with beaming eyes and streams of fat dribbling from their little chins!
Misha helped Michail wipe their small faces carefully; with a few tufts of clean grass.

    At last, we all were stuffed to the brim; burping loudly, to thank the pig's spirit for offering its nice meat.
A few men gathered all the remaining meat, to dry it and use it as a reserve during the upcoming weeks.
Now, a couple of mothers took their little kids to their caravans, to wash them and put them to bed.
This time, my Mom and Dad did not take me to our caravan, as they used to do before...
I didn't need a diaper any more; so, from now on, I belonged to the grown-ups!
From now on, I was allowed to join them around our campfire, until I was too tired and decided to go to bed myself.

    I looked around with a proud face, while all the little 'diaper kids' were tucked in.
Now, I really was a Big Boy!
I was dead-tired from all the adventures of the day, but didn't want to leave our own group until the sleep forced me.
I BELONGED to our group now!



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