- I am a Gypsy Prince -
by Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'

Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot

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This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince'.

1. Winter; teaching little Dimi how to ride; and refurbishing a bike.

    In the first book of my series, (I am a Gypsy Prince 1 - Heir to the Throne); I told you how my beloved people and I celebrated my fifth birthday.
I grew up in a secluded place in our vast Rumanian forests, surrounded by huge mountains with their sparkling snow-clad mountaintops.
My parents, our King and Queen, the Leaders of all Gypsies on Earth, were very proud of their extremely bright little Prince and Heir to the Throne.
I looked like my Mom, coming from a Northern country, having blond hair and bright blue eyes; while all my friends had dark hair and brown eyes...

    Being an 'old soul', I also seemed to have a 'sixth sense', which let me feel the energies around me and read the minds of other people.
My Dad teasingly called me 'our new Wise Boy'; and I was proud of my title, although we also had our own very powerful Wise Woman.
My Inner Self was sure I had an important task to fulfill on Earth, but my too witty brain was always in the way and confused me with all its 'buts' and 'ifs'.
For the time being, I was only a five-year-old little 'brainiac', with an insatiable curiosity and way too big a mouth...

    After we celebrated my fifth birthday, life in our secluded Gypsy community retook its harsh winter routine.
Nearly every day, our grown-ups drove their cars with attached snow chains to a 'gadjo' town, to look for some work and earn a little bit of money.
When they succeeded, they bought us some nourishment, so that we were able to fill our always-hungry stomachs.
Otherwise, we had to wait until we found a few putrid carrots, forgotten nuts, or caught a stray hare or early marmot to roast it over our campfire.
Our vice Leader, Michail, had reserved some leftover money from our begging; but he was very strict, and used it only for real emergencies.

    Fortunately, this year, our winter ended early, and the thick snow blanket was already turning into dirty pools of mud.
However, we had to wait until all the snow was gone, before our grown-ups would allow us to enter our surrounding woods and set up our animal traps.
Our snow-covered mountain paths with all their hidden cracks and treacherous potholes were still way too dangerous!
Besides, nearly all the animals were still in hibernation, also waiting for spring to arrive.

    We all waited impatiently, until finally the still very cold mountain wind would quit and nature would wake up.
Then, the marmots and other animals would immediately start breeding again; and, once again, we would catch them in our snares.
We missed our daily portion of nourishing meat; of course roasted over our glowing campfire, and spiced by my tasty herbs as our little Chief Cook...
In the meantime, we kids spent out time playing hide and seek, building rickety snow forts, and surviving muddy snowball wars.

    As our growing little Heir to the Throne, my beloved people had given me my first official birthday present.
Now, I was the proud owner of a beautiful small mountain bike, painted in our own Royal black-and-golden colors, and provided with lots of extra gadgets.
Our technical man, Pietro, had refurbished it to perfection; and our Vice King and my Big Friend, Michail, had sanded and painted it until it sparkled in the sunlight.
I didn't know where they found it, but its saddle was exactly low enough for me to sit on my bike with my feet touching the ground!
It was the smallest mountain bike we had ever seen in our camp, and I LOVED it.

    Fortunately, a few older friends had taught me in advance how to ride, by letting me use their own much bigger bikes.
Because I couldn't reach their too high saddles, I had to stand on the pedals; which helped me tremendously in keeping my balance all the time.
Now, while riding my own small mountain bike, I was able to slip in the muddy snow and spray huge fountains of snow onto my onlookers, without ever falling!
Of course, I used the same technique Pietro taught me on our repaired snow scooter, of pulling up and using my brakes at the same time.
Although I was the smallest boy in our kids group who had his own bike, I also was one of the fastest bikers, because of my minimal weight and relatively strong muscles.
It was a lot of fun, as a five-year-old 'little runt', to be able to outrace many bigger boys and girls!


    During last summer, another small Gypsy boy, our three-year-old little Dimi, had joined our growing group of 'diaper kids'.
Immediately, he turned out to be very good at playing hide and seek; and he was the first kid ever I couldn't find easily during our game!
Dimi was the only kid who equaled me in making ourselves almost invisible, because he was very small and could wriggle himself into impossible narrow places.
He was also able to sit or lie absolutely still, without moving at all or making any sounds that could give him away...
After I finally found his hiding place, and he showed me his beaming face and sparkling eyes; we hit it off immediately, and liked each other at first sight.

    Dimi was firmly built and had a normal posture for his age; while my lithe but relatively strong body refused to grow and remained a bit too small for a five-year-old boy.
However, Dimi's bright spirit certainly equaled mine; and both of us were very intelligent, now and then acting a bit naughty, while he had a profound sense of humor.
Within a few days, Dimi turned out to be a real little devil, acting as a much older kid, and always trying to have some more fun.
He was always in an excellent mood, with his built-in sun; and I thought we would easily become best friends.
We only had to wait until he would be dry during the night, and our grown-ups would allow him to join our kids group into our woods, to set up his own trap...

    I had already taught little Dimi how to fold a snare; just like my own fourteen-year-old friend, Misha, had taught me how to fold mine in advance.
Dimi picked things up very fast, while he showered me with zillions of questions about our woods, ravines, and all the small animals we caught in our traps.
Just like I had been, he was extremely eager to set up his first trap and catch his first animal!
He couldn't wait until he finally would be allowed to join my friends and me into our woods...

    Immediately after I got my official birthday present, Dimi asked me to teach him how to ride a bicycle.
He pleaded that my little mountain bike was the only one small enough for him to reach the ground...
Of course, I promised to help him; because I liked him very much, and I already started to feel like his older brother or bigger friend.
I even had a faint recollection of once being Dimi's Dad and raising him, during one of our past lives...
Although I wasn't sure about him once being my own son, it really felt as if we had known each other for ages, and now were reunited!


    Today, I was in my 'training mode', teaching myself how to ride my little mountain bike with even more confidence.
For a long time, I crossed around our camp at top speed, now and then using my brakes to slip in the muddy snow, without ever falling.
My onlookers kept a safe distance from me and scowled when I showed up, because I tried to spray them with muddy snow every time I passed by...
However, they all loved their impish little Prince very much, and never reacted angrily.

    After I finally stopped, little Dimi raced towards me with his beaming face and sparkling eyes, while he shouted:

    "Harold, I am sure you are the best biker in our camp! I want to be exactly like you, once I have my own bike and know how to ride it...
"Next month, I am finally four years old; and my Mom promised me to look for a small second-hand one, if she can earn enough gadjo money to afford it.
"Do you still want to teach me how to ride on your bike? Then, we could ride together, after I have mine..."

    "Well... okay. Let's first go inside to drink some water; and, then, I will teach you how to ride on my bike."

    "Yesss! Do you want to come with me? I am sure my Mom will like you very much, and you can eat with us if you want. I only hope my Mom has enough leftovers from yesterday..."

    "Then, let's go to your caravan, and ask your Mom."

    Dimi's Mom turned out to be very friendly; and she invited me in immediately.
For a moment, Dimi and I helped her in her kitchen, trying to prepare something healthy from a few scant leftovers.
Then, we both raced to my caravan; to ask my Mom for a couple of potatoes, a clove of garlic, and three eggs from our own small stock.
I collected some tasty herbs, and we raced back to Dimi's caravan, to help his Mom prepare a more decent meal.

    Fortunately, Dimi's mother already knew that I was our Chief Cook and always prepared our own meals.
Therefore, she let me use her sharp kitchen knife to slice my herbs; while Dimi looked at my ministrations wide-eyed and open-mouthed.
His Mom had never allowed him to touch such a dangerous knife, because she thought he would be way too young!
Again, Dimi told me he wanted to be exactly like me and develop the same skills I had...
However, his worried Mom admonished him to wait for at least another couple of years!
She wanted to keep him in one piece for as long as possible, preferably with all ten fingers intact...

    Twenty minutes later, we sat down and savored our tasty meal.
Dimi's Mom complimented me with its excellent taste, while Dimi almost swallowed his own fingers in his enthusiasm!
They never knew I could be such an excellent chef, and that I would be able to make such a wonderful meal out of almost nothing...
At last, we burped loudly, to thank our food spirits for their healthy nourishment.


    Half an hour later, I tried to steady my mountain bike, using both hands, while little Dimi enthusiastically mounted its saddle.
His small feet barely touched the ground; while I desperately tried to keep my moving bike from falling over...
Would I really be strong enough, to teach my small friend how to ride?
    I decided to give it a try, and told Dimi:

    "Now, put your feet onto the pedals, and push them around."

    Dimi did as I told him, but he immediately started to pedal with all his might!
My bike jumped out of my hands, and it swayed from left to right like some inebriated alcoholic...
Then, it fell to the ground with a dull thump.
Dimi disentangled from its frame with a surprised face; and he needed a moment to comprehend what had happened.
Then, the little devil started to shriek with laughter!

    After I saw that Dimi was unharmed, I raced to my bike and looked it over for any visible defects...
Fortunately, both my bike and Dimi were still in excellent condition.
I heaved a deep sigh of relief, while I already thought about what to do next...
Obviously, I was not strong enough to teach Dimi how to ride all on my own!
Maybe, I should ask my friend Misha to help us, or one of the other boys...

    My Dad had watched our antics from behind our caravan windows, with a big grin on his face.
Now, he left our caravan, and offered to help me teach Dimi how to ride on my bike.
    Hesitantly, trying to spare my feelings of pride, he told me:

    "Harry? Maybe, you are still a bit young for such a grown-up task... What do you think, shall I try to help you?"

    Of course, I immediately agreed; because, this time, my Dad was absolutely right.
My body was way too small, and my muscles still lacked the necessary strength, to steady my bike while Dimi rode on it...
Feeling grateful, I stepped aside and left Dimi to my Dad.

    My smiling Dad held my bike in place, while Dimi mounted its saddle and put his feet onto the pedals.
Immediately, Dimi started to pedal again; while my Dad trotted after him, desperately trying to keep my bike in balance.
I followed them at a small distance; chuckling inwardly at the funny sight of such a little boy on such a small bike, accompanied by a panting grown-up.

    Suddenly, I realized how the other grown-ups were seeing ME, the littlest runt on the smallest bike, racing around our camp at top speed, pestering them with muddy snow...

    An hour later, my tired Dad slumped down onto the steps of our caravan, wheezing and panting.
At the same time, little Dimi raced around our camp on my mountain bike; with a beaming face, and all on his own!
His eyes sparkled with joy, while he tried to steer the bike through the muddy curves as fast as he could...
He even tried to copy my trick, of slipping in the snowy mud while using the brakes at the same time.
Indeed, he really succeeded in producing a nice spray of wet snow towards our onlookers!
Now, my friends scolded him, instead of me...

    At last, Dimi was too tired, and stopped next to my Dad and me with screeching tires.
My Dad told him he was a very fast learner and could be really proud of himself!

    However, our still frowning friends told us they were not too happy to have such a second 'brainiac' in our camp.
Having one such a little daredevil around them had been more than enough...

    Of course, I felt very proud of my little friend; who presumably once had been my own son, in one of our past lives!
And, I really hoped he would soon have his own small bike, so that we could ride together.
For the time being, we would alternately use my mountain bike, so that he could train himself some more...

    From now on, Dimi and I were always together; and our biker friends started to give us funny nicknames.
Teasingly, they called us 'black and white', because of Dimi's very dark hair and my own blond complexion...
We didn't mind at all; and, after some time, we even started to respond to our shared nickname!

    At the same time, more and more people started to call me 'Harry' instead of 'Harold'.
Well... I didn't mind; and finally decided that the name 'Harry' suited me better than 'little cookie'...
Ultimately, 'Harry' was the name I had chosen myself; when I was still little and couldn't pronounce the too difficult 'd' after the sound 'Harol'.


    Three weeks later, Pietro told me he wanted to talk to me, but preferably alone...
Little Dimi and I were taking turns on my bike, trying to outrace the other bikers on a difficult cycling track we had set out.
Pietro waited patiently, until it was Dimi's turn to take my bike and give the track a try...
    Now, he beckoned me over, and asked me:

    "Harry? Do you want to help me refurbish a small bike? Only, you have to keep it a secret from your little friend..."

    "You really found a bike for Dimi's fourth birthday? Yes, of course, I want to help you! Just give me a moment to tell him..."

    I waited until Dimi returned from our cycling track, and decided to bring my news a bit mysteriously:

    "Dimi? I am sorry, but Pietro and I need to do something very important. Do you mind being on your own for some time, until we are ready?"

    "Why? What are you going to do? Can I help you?"

    "No, you cannot help us. It's a secret; and, as our Prince, I am not allowed to tell anybody about it until it's done. Not even you!"

    "Why not? I thought we were friends? And, you know that I can keep a secret..."

    "Yes, I know; and, of course, we are still friends! But, I already promised not to tell anybody. And, you can use my bike while I am away."

    "Thank you; but it's more fun when we are together! When are you coming back?"

    "I think very soon. Only, just wait until I show up, and don't go looking for me! In the meantime, you can use my bike all the time."

    "Okay, thank you; but I will miss you terribly..."
    Dimi went back to our racing track, showing a pouting face; and I followed Pietro to our spare caravan.

    There, I looked in awe at a real small children's bike that would be very suitable for my little friend!
Only, you could see it was a used one, and it needed a lot or work to make it a bit more presentable...
Pietro and I started immediately to remove its rusty handle bar and wobbly wheels, to be able to clean all its parts.

    In the meantime, Pietro explained that all our grown-ups had collected some money, to be able to buy little Dimi's bike.
Normally, they never did such a thing; but Dimi was a special case, because he was the best friend of their own little Prince...
Everybody turned out to be very fond of their own 'black and white' boys; and they all had donated a little bit of money from their own poverty.
Unseen, Michail and Pietro had been to a gadjo town; where they bought the small bike at a local market.

    Soon, Pietro and I had renewed all the ball bearings, and put new tires around the rebalanced wheels.
Next, we carefully sanded and painted its frame, using the sparkling bright blue color Michail had mixed for us.
Then, Pietro copied the golden striping from my own mountain bike onto Dimi's blue birthday present!
We were sure he would like that very much.

    When we were ready, Pietro looked at me and started to bellow with laughter.
Still hiccupping, he told me I looked like a little Indian warrior, having my face and hands painted in sparkling blue and gold...
He took me to his own caravan; where he scrubbed me with thinner and yellow soap until all the sticky paint was gone.
Now, I looked more like a cooked lobster...

    After I arrived home, my sniffing Mom told me I smelled of paint and thinner; and I had to take a shower immediately!
I tried to protest and told her that Pietro had already washed me, but she didn't listen to my complaints.
Muttering, I did as she told me; but I asked my chuckling Dad to help me wash.


    Five days later, little Dimi showed up from his caravan and sauntered to our circle of wooden benches, followed by his parents.
Today was his fourth birthday; but he didn't look very happy...
Obviously, he thought that everybody had been too poor to buy him a birthday present.

    Immediately, all our friends crowded around him, to hug him or ruffle his hair.
Our grown-ups went to him, and congratulated him and his proud Mom and Dad.
They all told him they loved him very much, and wished him a very happy birthday!
Then, they retreated, and waited.

    Poor little Dimi didn't know what to say, and he almost started to cry...

    I had waited impatiently, until everybody had congratulated my little friend.
Now, I mounted Dimi's beautifully painted birthday present, and raced up to him from behind our caravans!
    I stopped in front of him, with screeching tires, and told him:

    "Dimi, everybody in our camp wants to give you this birthday present; because you are my best friend, and we all love you very much!"

    I smiled at my little friend, put his bike onto its kickstand, and beckoned him to try it out...

    For a moment, little Dimi seemed to be totally overwhelmed, while he stared at me and at his new bike...
Then, he started to cry openly, for the first time since we were friends.
He wrapped his small arms around my waist, and buried his head into my chest, sobbing loudly...
Obviously, he liked our birthday present very much!

    I wrapped my arms around my little friend, and held him close...
A moment later, I started to cry too, from my own powerful emotions.
Now, I realized how much I already loved him, again feeling as if I could be his Dad...
He really felt as if he was my own little son!

    After some time, somebody offered us a couple of tissues.
Now, we disentangled from each other, dried each other's eyes, and blew our noses.
Then, we looked around, both of us suddenly feeling a bit bashful...

    However, everybody around us looked at their 'black and white' couple with happy faces and lots of love in their eyes!
They all beckoned us to mount our bikes and drive around our camp.
Fortunately, nobody seemed to think we were crybabies...

    Misha brought me my own mountain bike, while Dimi proudly mounted his new birthday present.
Riding together, we raced around our camp, cheering loudly and trying to outrace each other.
This was exactly what we had promised to do, as soon as Dimi would have his own bike!
He looked at me with a beaming face; and I looked back at him and smiled back.

    Now, everybody in our camp started to encourage us, telling us to race faster.
A couple of our friends teasingly stepped in our way, trying to slow down their 'black and white' couple...
How could we tease them back?

    Dimi and I looked at each other; and we had a little conversation without words.
Both of us nodded at the same time, while reading each other's mental pictures...
Now, we knew exactly what we had to do!

    At top speed, we raced up to our friends, who hastily tried to scurry away...
In unison, we used our brakes, and sprayed a beautiful spray of muddy snow onto them!

    Our surprised friends scolded us and gave us the finger, while they tried to wipe the snow from their clothes.
At the same time, everybody else started to laugh at them and cheer at us...
Sweet revenge!



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