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Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot

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(This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince')

12. My Ancestor Friend wants me to be our youngest real trapper.

    Soon, we entered our camp, and parted to go to our own caravans.
However, nobody was home; and I drank some water, and washed my face and hands.
Next, I went outside again; and sat down on our wooden bench, to wait for my parents to show up.

    A moment later, little Dimi left his game of hide and seek and approached me:

    "Harry, are you ready with orientating? Please, can you now teach ME how to do it?"

    "Yes, I am ready. And, no, I cannot teach you yet, because you have to wait until you are allowed to enter our woods."

    "Oh yeah..."

    Dimi looked a bit sad; and I put my arms around his small frame and pulled him onto my lap.
Again, he really felt as if he could be my own little son!
It also felt completely natural, to have him on my lap and cradle him.
    Wanting to help him overcome his sadness, I told him:

    "I know how you feel; because I waited a long time myself, until I no longer wet my diaper at night...
"Today, I am too tired; but, next time, I will try to teach you a few things in advance. Okay?"

    "OKAY! You really are my best friend! When can we start?"

    I chuckled at Dimi's eagerness, and kissed the top of his head.
I really wanted to make him happy, and thought about teaching him a few things about the sun and our shadows...

    Then, my parents showed up; and I eased Dimi off my lap and raced towards my smiling Dad!
I jumped up at him, and he caught me adeptly in his strong and safe arms and held me close.
    Octopussing myself  against his broad chest, I told him:

    "Dad, Misha finished my teaching; but he told me that our Wise Woman wants to test me. Shall we ask her to do it now?"

    "Well... let's wait until everybody else is present and we have had some proper dinner first. Okay?"

    "Okay. I only hope she will not think I am still too young to be a real trapper..."

    A moment later, my other friends showed up from our woods, carrying lots of fat marmots and other small critters.
Immediately, I left my parents and raced to our surrounding bushes, to gather lots of nicely smelling herbs!
Our friends hadn't forgotten Misha and me, while we were training in our woods; and, every day, they provided us with fat slices of their own meat.
From now on, everything would return to normal, and Misha and I would again catch our own animals...

    Soon, we all sat around our campfire, talking to each other while savoring our tasty meal.
Of course, I started to tell my friends about all my adventures with Misha as my teacher.
Wisely, I left out the part where our Ancestor talked to me and told me to pretend to be a shaman...
I didn't want my friends to put me onto a pedestal, instead of seeing me as just another small kid.

    Finally, we divided the last slices of meat, and I went to our own caravan to wash my hands.
Of course, my Mom immediately wanted to wash my face and comb my hair as well!
However, this time, I let her do as she liked, without fussing too much about it.
I really wanted to make a good impression on our Wise Woman...

    After I looked good enough in both my Mom's and my own eyes, we left our caravan.
To our surprise, our Wise Woman already sat on her own wooden bench, waiting for us!
Obviously, she had sensed we were planning to pay her a visit; just like I always sensed somebody planning to visit us...
She smiled when she saw us; and patted the bench next to her, to allow us to sit down.

    Hesitantly, I sat down near the far end of her bench, looking at my feet...
However, the Wise Woman immediately told me to sit down close to her!
Well, okay, then let's face my ordeal and get it over with...
I left my safe place, and planted myself down next to her, ignoring the chuckles of my Dad.
How had HE reacted, when he was only a small boy and had to visit our Wise Woman?

    The Wise Woman stared at me for a long time, while her piercing eyes tried to burn deep holes into my very core.
Her stare made me feel a bit uneasy; but I didn't waver and just stared back at her!
My Dad had told me to always be proud of myself, and I WAS proud of myself!
Even our Wise Woman couldn't change that.

    Finally, her face softened, and she told me:

    "My little shaman, I am proud of you! Only very few people in our camp are able to withstand my stare for such a long time, and you are one of them!
"I know that you feel ready to be a Real Trapper; and, in my heart, I am sure you already possess much more than the necessary abilities to be one...
"However, you are only five-and-a-half years old; and that makes you the youngest kid ever to apply to be tested.
"Are you absolutely sure you are ready; and are you really willing to take on all the responsibilities that come with being such a young real trapper?"

    "Yes! I am absolutely sure I am ready; and I will do the best I can to always act responsibly, although I know that I am still a very young kid..."

    "Then, please, would you allow me to ask our Ancestors for their advice first?"

    "Yes, of course! I am sure they know what is best for me; and, please, greet my Spirit Friends from me."

    Our Wise Woman nodded, closed her eyes, and went into a deep trance.
Everybody around us was silent, and waited patiently until she would come back...
They had seen such a trance many times before, and knew it was necessary not to disturb her while she was away.
The smallest kids were already in bed; and we all knew we could rely on the other kids, like our very curious looking little Dimi.
I was sure that Dimi would soon shower me with zillions of questions about 'going into a trance'...

    After a few minutes, the Wise Woman woke up from her trance, and asked for a glass of water.
Then, she needed a few more minutes, to recover and be able to tell us what she had learned.
    Finally, she turned towards my parents and me, and started to explain:

    "My little shaman, I am very impressed, and still need to recover some more. I didn't know you had also befriended our beloved King of Ancestors...
"He seems to be very fond of you, and asked me to greet you back from Himself and from all the other Spirit Friends who are with you and protect you.
"I told him about my doubts, because I was afraid you would be way too young to take on all those responsibilities...
"However, your Ancestor Friend is adamant about His decision: You are absolutely ready to be tested, in spite of your age! And so be it."
    For a moment, everybody around me was dead silent, obviously feeling very impressed...
Then, they all started to applaud, pat my shoulders, and ruffle my hair!
Had I thought I didn't want my friends to put me onto a pedestal?

    In the meantime, our Wise Woman rose from her bench, went to her own caravan, and disappeared inside.
Soon, she returned, now carrying a black scarf and a small leather pouch.
She put the scarf and the pouch into her lap, and waited patiently until everybody around us calmed down.
After all my friends were silent again, she told me to sit down, next to her...
Then, she blindfolded me, using her black scarf.

    Suddenly, I didn't see anything around me but only pitch dark!
For a moment, I felt confused and disorientated, not knowing what our Wise Woman expected from me...
Then, I started to feel around for all the surrounding energies, trying to switch on my Inner Vision.
A moment later, my Inner Eye opened, and I stared in wonder at all the different aura colors around me...

    Hey, this was FUN!
Although I had often felt all the different energies around me, I had never really looked at them with my Inner Eye.
Now, I tuned into our Wise Woman, and was almost blinded by her very powerful white and violet aura!
Next, I tuned into little Dimi, and was surprised to see the same aura colors, only they were much softer and less powerful.
Would Dimi be an upcoming shaman as well; or could he be our new Wise Boy?

    Our Wise Woman started to speak, and I concentrated on her voice:

    "Please, stretch your hands out, and try to feel the energy of my magic pouch."

    In her white and violet aura, I saw a small colorful ball, vibrating and strongly radiating all the various colors of a rainbow!
I felt how she put the powerful ball into my hands; and I almost fainted from the sudden energy wave which washed all over me.
Clearly, I sensed several extremely strong energy sources, bundled together into a whirling and twisting center of magic power...
Immediately, I closed my aura; so that I would be protected and able to look around again without losing myself!
Was I again remembering my own past life as a powerful shaman, used to working with these same powerful energies?
I was also sure that I once possessed such a bundle of energy myself, containing several magic attributes and powerful gemstones!

    After a few seconds, the Wise Woman took her magic pouch from my hands, while she told me:

    "Now, I am going to hide my pouch, someplace around our camp. Please, wait here until I come back."

    The Wise Woman rose from our bench; and I curiously followed her aura with my Inner Eye.
I kept my aura connected to hers, and sensed how she tiptoed away and hid her magic pouch in the bushes across our camp.
Then, she rounded our campfire from the other side, and tiptoed back to my parents and me.
    Now, she sat down next to me, and asked me:

    "My little shaman, please, bring me my pouch! And, don't remove your blindfold until I tell you to do so..."

    Well, this was VERY easy to do!
Still using my Inner Eye, I could clearly see the magic pouch, radiating its many whirling colors.
I rose from our bench, and walked straight towards the colorful pouch in a beeline...
However, suddenly, I felt the warmth of our campfire, clearly being in my way!

    I stopped, sensed where our campfire was, and carefully avoided it.
Then, I concentrated again on the magic pouch, which still pulled at my energy.
I grinned inwardly, while I walked straight to the dense bush where I sensed our Wise Woman had been.
Now, I only had to find her small pouch...

    For a moment, I grabbled around at the damp earth beneath the bush.
However, I didn't feel anything but empty nutshells and fallen leaves...
This clearly didn't work.
I had to use my shaman abilities again!
I stopped my efforts, straightened my back, and concentrated on the magic pouch...
Yes, there it was!
Again, I could clearly see the colorful pouch with my inner eye.
I reached for it, and triumphantly took it from the branch where our Wise Woman had put it, cleverly hidden behind a small bird's nest.

    Immediately, I turned around and started to go back.
I rounded the warmth of our campfire, but couldn't find the energy of our Wise Woman.
Where was she?
I sensed around...
A moment later, I chuckled aloud, shaking my head in disbelief.
Did our Wise Woman really think she could trick me like this?
My Inner Eye clearly saw her, sitting on a far away bench, silently waiting for me...

    I trotted towards her, still blindfolded, and performed a deep bow.
Then, I offered her pouch to her; without any hesitation putting it exactly into her outstretched hand!

    At the same moment, everybody around us started to cheer and applaud.
Obviously, they had held their breaths, hoping I would be able to accomplish my difficult task...

    The Wise Woman took my blindfold away, so that I was able to look around.
For a moment, I squinted at the suddenly very bright daylight...
Then, my proud Dad scooped me from my bench and took me onto his shoulders.
In triumph, he carried me around our camp, obviously being very proud of his little shaman and real trapper!

    Next, my Mom took me into her arms and almost squashed me, having tears of pride and joy in her eyes.
Michail tried to crush my ribs, while he congratulated me with my achievement.
Misha took me onto his back and horsed me around our camp, while all my friends followed us and cheered at me.
Little Dimi jumped up at me, and spontaneously offered me a big kiss on my cheek.
Biny kissed me twice, on my mouth, telling me she loved me and wanted to be my friend forever, making me blush fiercely...

    Finally, everybody calmed down and fell silent.
Now, our Wise Woman motioned me to sit down again, next to her on her own bench.
For a moment, I hesitated...
Had I done something wrong?
Or, did she think I still wasn't good enough to be a real trapper?

    However, she smiled at me and ruffled my hair, while she told me:

    "My little Shaman and Real Trapper, I want to sincerely congratulate you with your well-earned new status in our Gypsy community!
"Although I still had a few doubts before I tested you; I now confirm what our powerful Ancestor already told me: you ARE ready!
"Now, you are the youngest Real Trapper we have ever had, plus a recognized and confirmed powerful Shaman, plus a very prolific aura-reader.
"From now on, you are allowed to enter our surrounding woods and dense forests all on your own, without any supervision.
"I only want to ask you one important thing: Please, act responsible, and always be VERY careful, because your small body IS only five years old."

    This time, I really didn't know what I should do or say...
I crawled onto my Dad's lap, buried my head into his broad chest, and started to cry.
Was I now crying from my way too strong emotions, or only from sheer happiness?
I wasn't sure, but decided that I was NOT a crybaby and was still very proud of myself!

    A moment later, little Dimi offered me a huge packet of tissues, without saying a word.
I looked at him, and saw little fun lights in his small dark brown eyes, while he tried to suppress his snickering...
Then, we both started to shriek with laughter, soon accompanied by the bellowing from many others around us.
It felt really good, to let go of all our built-up tension like this!

    My proud parents thanked our Wise Woman abundantly, for testing me.
Next, they thanked a suddenly very timid looking Misha, for teaching me how to orientate in our woods.

    Finally, they asked Michail to prepare a Big Feast, to celebrate my new status in our community!

    Soon, everybody around us was busy setting up tables and preparing snacks.
Of course, I helped them prepare our snacks, by spicing them with several nicely smelling herbs.
Little Dimi hopped from table to table, trying to help everybody at the same time...

    Our violin players started to play their beautiful songs full of joy and happiness.
Again, everybody approached me; congratulating me, slapping my shoulders, or ruffling my hair.
They all told me they were very proud of their little Prince, little Cookie, little Badger, and now little Shaman and little Real Trapper...
They made me blush again and again; until I finally beckoned Misha, and we escaped into the surrounding bushes.

    Again, Misha and I had another deep and honest talk.
I told him about my fear that he would feel jealous of all the attention everybody suddenly paid to me...
However, Misha soon convinced me that he had learned quite a lot from our first honest talk.
Now, he was convinced that we both had our own unique qualities, and we both could be very proud of ourselves!
He was still our most experienced Chief Trapper; and I was now our youngest Real Trapper and upcoming Shaman.

    Feeling very good, we put our arms around each other's shoulders and strolled back to our camp.
Immediately, we dived towards all the tasty snacks and inviting goodies...



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