- I am a Gypsy Prince 2 -
Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of many 'books with a message'

' Book 2 - Our Lucky Mascot '

(This is the SECOND book of my famous sequel 'I am a Gypsy Prince')


18. A weird gadjo man; sweetie; an enormous amount of money.

    For the third time in a row, some tall gadjo man walked past our bench.
I had already seen him at the central market, furtively staring at me while Misha and I were begging.
After he saw me looking back at him curiously, he even winked at me before averting his eyes...
What did this man want from Misha and me?
Would he try to steal our food or money?

    I had a better look at the man, and immediately got a strange feeling in my Inner Self.
It told me that I shouldn't trust this stranger and be very cautious; but he was not after our money...
Behind my back, Misha sat more upright, while he protectively put his arms around my shoulders.
Obviously, my friend felt the same strange feelings of caution!

    The fourth time around, the man suddenly stopped, in front of our bench.
First, he looked around furtively; as if he was afraid someone else might see or hear him...
Then, he sat down, very close to us, trying to smile reassuringly.
    A moment later, he whispered, barely audibly:

    "Boys, do you want to earn some money? Please, follow me."

    He stood up, and beckoned us to follow him towards one of the side streets...

    At first, neither Misha nor I moved, because we didn't trust this weird stranger!
Yet, I was relatively sure he wouldn't try to steal anything from us, or want to cut our throats...
I looked up at the man and stared into his eyes, trying to detect his real intentions.
Then, I felt even more confused!
This man wanted to... and I wasn't sure... to... CUDDLE me?
This was very weird; but there was something else to it that I didn't understand...

    By now, the man's eyes stared back at me hungrily, as if they saw some sort of a prey.
Unconsciously, he licked his lips, while a few beads of sweat formed on his forehead...
Never before had I experienced such a strange feeling; as if this man wanted to eat me alive!
How weird...
Could he be a 'cannibal', as in some sort of a creepy story?

    After a moment, the man turned towards Misha, while he whispered:

    "How much money, for letting me look at your little brother?"

This stranger wanted to pay Misha some money, just to let him LOOK at me?
But, the man WAS already looking at me; staring at me a lot more intensely than any other man had ever done before!
Now, I felt really confused...
What the heck did this gadjo stranger want from us?

    A moment later, Misha's arms left me; while my friend slowly rose from our bench.
First, he looked the man over from head to toe, appraisingly, and almost provocatively...
    Then, he asked the man, with a sly smile on his face:

    "How much do you want to pay for him?"


    "Are you crazy? He's a virgin, and this is his first time! Besides, he is very soft all over, and an absolute joy to play with."

    I was an absolute joy to PLAY with?
Was that what the still hungry looking gadjo man wanted to do; play some game with me?
Maybe, the man would try to stare me down, by looking at me this intensely...
Well; then, he would be in for a surprise!
Or, was this another part of our begging?

    I looked at Misha questioningly; and my friend looked back with a smile and even winked at me!
Now, I was sure we were still begging, and that Misha wanted me to partake in it.
Okay, my friend could count on me!
I looked up at the man, showed him my most innocent puppy dog face, and smiled broadly.
I even tried to produce some tears, but didn't succeed...

    This time, I thought the man almost got a heart attack from sheer excitement!
He started to tremble all over, while he breathed heavily and again licked his lips.
    With a flushed face and a hoarse voice, he told Misha:

    "I want him! Fifty?"

    "Two hundred; and that's only for feeling him up and nothing more. You will have the time of your life..."

    "That is too much, for such a small boy. One hundred is enough!"

    "You are insulting my brother. Now, it's raised to two hundred and fifty! One more insult, and it will cost you three hundred."

    Again, I showed the man my most seducing smile, this time copying him by licking my own lips...
However, inwardly, I started to doubt.
What was that 'feeling up' Misha was talking about?
And, why would this strange man 'have the time of his life'?
What was this man going to PAY Misha such a huge amount of money for?
Was this still a part of our begging?

    After I smiled seducingly at the strange man and licked my lips, I thought the man would faint.
He started to breathe heavily, while his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets!
Sweating, and still trembling all over, he worked a thick wallet out of his pocket.
Hastily, he counted a huge pile of money flaps; and handed them to Misha, with trembling hands.

    Misha recounted the gadjo money flaps carefully, a total of two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Lei.
Then, he nodded, while he put the pile of money into his now bulging back pocket.
Again, he winked at me; silently telling me everything was okay and that I just had to trust him.
    Next, he told the still sweating man:

    "Don't forget that all our friends will be here to rescue us immediately, if necessary! Now, where do you want us to go?"

    Suddenly being in a tremendous hurry, the man beckoned us to follow him towards a small side street...


    Hesitantly, I rose from our bench, grabbed our paper bag, and took Misha's hand.
Although I did my utmost to look confident, my Inner Self didn't feel at ease at all...
I was sure I could trust Misha, because he was my best friend and would never let me down.
But, where were we going, following this stranger into a small and ugly looking street?
Weren't we supposed to be begging at the central market?
And, what exactly was 'feeling up'?

    On our way, Misha suddenly snatched an old broomstick from a huge pile of litter.
Now, I felt a lot more confident about our rather vulnerable situation!
My friend seemed to know exactly what he was doing.
And, now, we were able to defend ourselves, if necessary; by pushing Misha's broomstick into the gadjo man's mouth...
Or, did this work only on nasty wolves and other dangerous predators?

    A moment later, the man stopped, while he pointed to a closed restroom door.
First, he looked along the street cagily; as if he wanted to be sure we really were alone...
Next, he opened the door, listening for any inside sounds before he entered the restroom.
He looked around swiftly; to be sure all the stalls were empty, before he beckoned us to join him.

    Misha and I followed the man into the small restroom, but we stopped inside the doorway.
I sniffed the air cautiously, and almost threw up because of the stale smell that wavered towards us!
Why did this weird gadjo man want us to follow him into such an unhealthy environment?
Things were becoming stranger and stranger...

    The man went straight to one of the dirty looking and stinking stalls, and opened its door.
Then, he turned around, and beckoned me to go inside!

    Suddenly, I started to feel very unsure.
Why would any weird gadjo man want me to enter such a stinking stall?
Would he now want to 'feel me up' and 'have the time of his life', because that is what he paid Misha for?
And, I certainly didn't want to pee here, or empty my bowels, while the man stared at me...
I was NOT going to enter that stall, not even for two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand money flaps of LEI!

    Again, the man pointed to the open stall, while he told me with a shaky voice:

    "Come on, sweetie, and be a good boy! You know we have a deal, and I've already paid for you..."

Did that man really call me a 'sweetie'?
That word was only for girls!
Now, I started to be angry at the man, and stubbornly decided that enough was enough.
I didn't want to play that weird man's crazy gadjo games anymore!
I wanted to go home, or resume our begging at the central market.
My part of the deal was over, being paid for or not!

    Resolutely, I turned towards Misha, planning to take his hand and drag him back to the central market.
We were in this gadjo town to beg, and not to play weird games with gadjo strangers in stinking restroom stalls.
This weird stranger could go 'feeling up' himself, whatever it meant!

    However, Misha shook his head furtively, using his eyes to try to tell me something important...
Sensing what he wanted, I stretched my aura out towards him, trying to read his thoughts.
To my surprise, I effortlessly entered his mind to read his intentions!
He had already opened up to me, hoping I would understand what he wanted me to do.
Now, he showed me his pictures, trusting that I would understand them...

    A moment later, I nodded my consent, while sending him my own thoughts:

    'Yes, my friend; and I think you have cooked up a really clever plan!'

    I turned back towards the still impatiently waiting gadjo man, as Misha had asked me to do.
This time, I offered the man my broadest smile, while I pointed towards the open stall...
Immediately, the man started to sweat even more, again licking his lips.
    Laughing inwardly, I told him with my sweetest voice:

    "Please, sir, after you!"

    For a moment, the man looked confused, while he hesitated...
Maybe, he sensed that Misha and I had something totally different on our minds?
Then, his eagerness won over his initial prudence!
    He stepped into the stall, turned around, and told me with a shaky voice:

    "Come in, sweetie, and let me have some fun..."

    However, before he finished his sentence, Misha already jumped towards the stall door!
He slammed the door shut with a loud bang, while he triumphantly grinned at me.
Next, he took the broomstick, and adeptly slid it across the door handle, thus locking the door effectively.

    Misha and I started to dance around each other, while we cheered loudly!
Together, we strolled towards the exit, with our arms around each other's waists.
Today, we played and won some weird gadjo 'game' over an even weirder gadjo man, and thus earned a lot of money.
We could be very proud of ourselves!

    Behind our backs, the weird gadjo man in vain tried to open the blocked stall door.
With a frustrated voice, he started to curse, loudly telling us to open the door immediately, or else...
Next, he kicked the door forcefully, and groaned because he injured a couple of toes.
Again, he cursed and shouted at us.
Then, he started to sob and beg for mercy!
The big crybaby...


    Feeling in an excellent mood, Misha and I left the stinking restroom.
We shut the entrance door, leaving the still begging and crying gadjo man inside.
Secretly, I hoped it would be a very long time, before somebody else found the man and removed the broomstick.
I didn't like the thought of the now undoubtedly murderous man, angrily chasing us around the town...

    Misha tried to squash my ribs from sheer enthusiasm, while he chuckled:

    "Wasn't that easy, sweetie? Again, your innocent eyes performed their magic!"

    "Please, don't call me 'sweetie'! That's weird, and only for girls... But, now, I want to know what 'feeling up' is! What game did that man want to play with me?"

    "Well... This gadjo world seems to be full of very weird grown-ups, who all want to abuse sweet little boys like you...
"And, 'feeling up' means they want to feel your little pecker and play with it. They are even willing to pay huge sums of money for their strange pleasures."

    "Huh? Why would any grown-up ever want to do such a crazy thing? Can't they go play with their own peckers?"

    "Next time, I will ask them... But, this time, that man offered us an excellent opportunity to get a lot of money out of his crazy habit!"

    "From now on, if one of our own grown-ups accidentally touches me there, I will ask him to pay!"

    Misha started to bellow with laughter, while we walked across the suburb towards our waiting caravan combination.
Of course, we didn't dare return to the central market and resume our begging!
What if that angry gadjo man freed himself too fast, and found us?
Besides, I carried our still halfway filled paper bag, while Misha's back pocket literally bulged with money!
We surely had done enough begging for today.

    On our way back, we playfully kicked small pebbles across the street and towards each other.
Fortunately, the gadjo kids were nowhere to be seen; or they had resumed their playing elsewhere.
The streets were empty, except for a few older gadjo's who didn't pay us any attention.

    Soon, we arrived at the outstretched gray pavement from where we started our first gadjo adventure...
For the last time, I turned around, to look back at the crazy gadjo town with its many streets and houses.
I was sure I would remember this town for the rest of my life!

    Together, Misha and I crossed the thick shrubbery, and entered our waiting caravan.
Inside the caravan, Michail, Pietro, and Jonno's father were seated around the small table, lazily playing some game of cards.
They looked surprised, because we were the first returning couple and very early.

    Michail greeted us, while he curiously looked at the halfway filled paper bag I carried:

    "Hi, Misha and Harry. You are back soon! Did you have any luck today?"

    Before I could answer, Misha started to empty his back pocket onto the table.
A moment later, the deck of playing cards was totally covered below a wagon load of whirling money flaps!

    For a moment, all the grown-ups remained dead silent...
Then, Michail pulled me towards his chest, protectively putting his arms around me.
   Suspiciously glaring at Misha, he hissed:

    "That is quite a lot of money! Has this to do with our little Prince? I surely hope you haven't..."

    "Of course not! I feel offended by your insinuations, thank you very much. But, today, Harry is our Lucky Mascot! Just listen to our unbelievable story..."

    We sat down around the money-covered table, while the grown-ups sorted out and counted all the money flaps.
In the meantime, Misha and I told them everything about our strange adventures in the gadjo town, taking turns.
Vividly, I pictured how that gadjo child abuser first started to yell, then kicked the stall door, and finally cried and begged for mercy...
Misha explained why we decided to return early, because we didn't want to take any risk of meeting that man again!

    After counting all the money, and neatly piling it up, Michail beamed:

    "Boys, you really did an excellent job. With all this money, we are now able to buy everything we need for at least the upcoming winter!
"And, Harry, I am sure that Misha is right. You ARE our Lucky Mascot; and thank you very much for helping us out like this."

    I started to blush, and didn't know where I should look.
Everybody around me seemed to think that I had done something very special...
Only, I still hadn't the faintest idea about what I had done to 'help out'...
But, being our 'Lucky Mascot' certainly felt great!

    After some time, our other kids showed up and entered the caravan, a pair at a time.
Some of them carried paper bags with gadjo foods, while others had gathered some money.
Michail put all our money away, into his enormous leather billfold.
Next, we put all our food together; and each of us got a couple of tasty gadjo goodies to munch on.

    Then, Misha and I had to tell our unbelievable story for the second time...

    After our stomachs were filled to the brim, the five smallest kids followed Michail to his truck.
All the other kids stayed in our attached caravan, accompanied by Jonno's father.
Again, Pietro helped us climb towards the backseat, by pushing us up.
Of course, I retook my place on Pietro's lap, again enjoying my unrestricted view outside!
Michail started the engine, and adeptly drove our truck-and-caravan combination back onto the highway.

    We were on our way back to our own secluded camp, feeling rather tired but also very happy.
Again, I sat glued to the front windshield, staring outside at all the interesting gadjo things that passed by.
It felt good, to go home, after a day's hard work!





I wish you lots of Love in your life, and Profound Peace in your heart.

Harry AnderS, Dutch psychotherapist and writer of 'books with a message'